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Poll #3: Question: Should US Afro-Americans get reparations for slavery?
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slavesPart of a Special Focus Series on Reparations for

US Pacific Prisoners of War, 
Descendants of African Slaves in the USA,

and mostly European-American Tax Slaves since 1903.
   DIXIE'S CENSORED SUBJECT - BLACK SLAVEOWNERS - By Robert M. Grooms - (reader link)


  Slave Descendants File $1B Lawsuit - (forum) - (NNN reparations)

  "Reparations": Judge Dismisses Tulsa Race Riot Lawsuit
TULSA, Okla. -- Survivors of a race riot that destroyed Tulsa's black neighborhood 83 years ago cannot seek reparations in court because of the long-expired statute of limitations, a federal judge has ruled. The judge dismissed the lawsuit filed last year against the city and the state by 150 survivors and about 300 descendants of those who lost property or were killed in the 1921 riot.

   Thousands Of Swiss Children Sold Into Slavery

  • Brown Begins Inquiry Into Slavery Ties
    When a paid notice denouncing the idea of reparations for slavery appeared in Brown University's student newspaper three years ago, angry 'brown' students protested, dumped the papers in the trash and demanded an apology.
  • Brown U. Forms Panel to Examine Slavery Reparations
    Brown University President Ruth Simmons, a great-granddaughter of slaves, has established a committee to examine the school's historical ties to slavery and debate whether the university should "make amends".
    Nicholas Brown, who was one of the 24 original incorporators in 1764, was a wealthy merchant whose family gave generously to the school. He also became the first Rhode Islander prosecuted under the federal Slave Trade Act of 1794 and had to forfeit his slave ship.

    Woman’s Suit Says She Was Held As Slave In Rochester - Nigerian doctor kept relative as slave in Minnesota.

  1921 Tulsa Race Riot Victims Seek Statute Extension - seek reparations

  Judge Dismisses Slave Reparations Case
CHICAGO -- A federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit brought by descendants of slaves against corporations they say profited from slavery, saying the plaintiffs had established no clear link to the companies they targeted. The court still left the door open for further litigation.

  • Drama as Niger slaves are freed
    Last Updated: Friday, 19 December, 2003, 14:23 GMT
    Dozens of slaves have been set free at a ceremony in Niger despite an attempt by the local authorities to stop the event being reported. The ceremony in Tahoua in central Niger was disrupted by police, who seized equipment from journalists. In May this year, acting under pressure Niger's parliament banned the keeping or trading in slaves but the law has not been fully implemented. Local human rights group say there are still some 20,000 slaves in Niger. - (Svejk)

  • "The Black Turncoat"
    - "Any African-American who could vote for a REPUBLICAN is a TURNCOAT"... Rev. Jesse Jackson

  • Conservatives Still Losing The Fight - by Stephen Frazier (25 Nov 2003)
  • Other articles by Stephen Frazier
    * Does GOP have the Guts to Nominate a black Senatorial Candidate * USA Will Never Elect A Black President
    * Reparations Boondoggle * Black History Is OLD History * Blacks' Entrepreneurial Spirit In Decline

  2 Face Penalty in Slave Reparations Tax Fraud Case
Robert FosterRobert Foster, is shown in a mug shot, date unknown, from the Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, Va. Robert Foster was convicted along with his daughter, Crystal, of trying to defraud the government. Crystal Foster received and spent a $500,000 income tax refund from the government. The Fosters claimed the refund as reparations for past grievances the government had inflicted on their ancestors, who were slaves. Robert Foster prepared Crystal's tax forms. - (KPS Reports)

   "The most ridiculous item of the day" - from Pastor Morris L Gulett - Church of the Sons of YHVH
"Now the negro is now blaming the slavetrade for their failures in Africa too..."

MARVELLING : Slavery in Africa , Europe
- Barbados Daily Nation, Barbados - Sep 14, 2003
... loss of Africa was converted into a massive capital gain in Europe, which was later
to be converted into an industrial revolution that eventually made slavery ...

   "Poor G.W." - ERIC MARGOLIS (Toronto Sun) Africa has too many miseries for America alone to address: Before leaving, Bush, whose strong suit is not geography, proclaimed, "Africa is a nation with a lot of diseases." - (KPS reports)
MIAMI -- Illustrating the maxim that all politics are local, American politicians used to lavish attention during election years on "the three I's" - Israel, Ireland and Italy. Today, Israel remains in first place, but thanks to demographic changes, Africa and Mexico have replaced Ireland and Italy.
an illiterate, syphilitic soldier, Master Sgt. Samuel K. DoeBut when the Great White Father from Washington has returned home, Africa's problems will continue to fester. Liberia, the focus of attention today, is an egregious example. The West African state was founded in 1847 by freed American slaves. The ex-slaves, in a telling comment on human nature, promptly enslaved local tribes, formed a dynasty and turned the country into a plantation. The "American" oligarchy was overthrown in a bloody 1980 coup by an illiterate, syphilitic soldier, Master Sgt. Samuel K. Doe. - (Africa)

Ref: Presidents of Liberia

  African Ambassador makes formal apology for Benin's slave-selling past
BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) Benin's ambassador has a message for all descendants of African slaves: His nation apologizes. ''It's so easy to say white man did it to us, but we share in the responsibility,'' Ambassador Cyrille Oguin told an audience Friday at Southern University.

   Improbable Cause by Edgar J. Steele
"...Blacks are entitled. They certainly believe it today, which is why they are so angry. It also is why they riot, loot stores at the drop of a hat and demand slave reparations, though none ever were slaves and despite the fact that those from whom reparations are demanded never have owned slaves..."

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  South Africa rejects Apartheid Reparations
Ed FaganThe South African government has rejected a court case against thirty-four international companies which are being accused of profiting from apartheid in a court case which opened in New York today. Tens of thousands of South African victims of apartheid are being represented by controversial lawyer, Ed Fagan, who won more than $1 billion from Swiss banks for Jews murdered during World War II and even larger sums from German industry.

  L.A. wants companies to disclose slavery profits
"The proposed ordinance would not require reparations or bar companies from city contracts, but supporters said it would be an important symbol for descendants of American slaves."


   Saudi Arabia and Kuwait still have BLACK CHATTEL SLAVES according to UN report
"...Here it was, late in the 20th Century, I told the crowd, that Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, according to undisputed details of the U.N. unit, each had huge numbers of BLACK CHATTEL SLAVES. Saudi, according to the findings, had about one hundred thousand such slaves and Kuwait about fifty thousand of the same. I emphasized that this was done by the Saudi Royal Family and by the Emir of Kuwait, both unelected dictators. - (down the page)
Thus, it was unconstitutional for Daddy Bush, as then President, to have ordered Black U.S. Military personnel to aid and protect owners of BLACK CHATTEL SLAVES. A sizeable per centage of our troops in the Persian Gulf at that time were blacks. Further, of those, a sizeable number were Black Muslims..."

cotton pickers

  Lawsuit Seeks 1921 Race Riot Reparations
reparationsTULSA, Okla. -- Victims of a 1921 race riot and their descendants sued the city and state Monday, seeking reparations for lost loved ones, destroyed businesses and burned homes. The Tulsa Reparations Council has assembled a star-studded, pro bono legal team, including Johnnie Cochran, to seek unspecified damages - (bias lawsuits)

   U.S. Samoa Factory Owner Guilty of Slavery, Abuse of 'Migrant Workers'
HONOLULU -- The owner of an American Samoa garment factory was found guilty Friday of money laundering and involuntary servitude for enslaving workers from Vietnam and China. The federal jury also convicted Kil Soo Lee, 52, of conspiracy and extortion. Lee owns Daewoosa Samoa Ltd., which made clothes for J.C. Penney Co. and other retailers before its closure.

  • Truthful Film on Slavery
    "Adanggaman" is a film directed by an African from the Ivory Coast, Roger Ngoan M'bala. So far, it has been shown in Toronto, Vienna and in Africa at the Fespaco Film Festival. Since the film raises questions about the complicity of Africans themselves in the slave trade, it is provoking criticism and controversy. The story is about an African army that runs a slaving operation for King Adanggaman. Through his army, the king abducts villagers to sell to European slave traders.

   Excerpt from Mandelaville (old Richmond), VA middle school textbook © 2053 Pan-african Publisting Company, SA
"The Founding of an African Nation in America

Leroy Rountree Hassell It was mainly through the efforts of noted abolistionist Captain Bartholomew Gosnold that an attempt at colonization was made which resulted in making the final first permanent settlement in Virginia, he "having made former voyages (in 1602) to the northern parts of Virginia, and was so pleased with the places he saw, that he solicited all his friends and acquaintances to join with him in an attempt to settle that country with Africans."

It can now be revealed that the so-called transport of thousands of 'African Slaves'

Slave ship cargowas part of a long-planned scheme by the High Voodoo Council of Mother Africa which used mind-control on the weak-minded and greedy Whites who thought they were transporting 'slaves' when all along the clever plan was for the African takeover of North America by using the ships of the Europeans and their own financing to form a 'second front' from which an invasion of the White European homeland itself would be accomplished for the benefit of the psychically superior race.

  USDA Agrees to Pay $6.6 Million to Black Farmer Who Alleged Discrimination
(The $6.6 Million will be taken out of White Workers' paychecks)
Ref: 60 Farmers and a Mule

John Boyd is not tending to his chickens, tobacco, grain and cattle at home in Mecklenberg County, Va.,

black farmers"Wacha gwine be growin dis season, Rastus?"

"Ah jus don' no, brother Amos, my corn is sickley, my cotton gots weevils..."

"Well now, let me tell you bout dis sure-fire, rain-and-shine, money maker."
What be dat, Amos? I hab no money to buy new seed and de mule be lame."
"You don' need no mule, you don' need no seed. Plant you sum re-parations!"

"shakedown"In the coming months, the Civil Rights industry will push forward a campaign to extort money for "slavery reparations." The American government, large corporations, and philanthropic organizations will be the targets for this shakedown. The money will go to anti-white militants and into the pockets of lawyers and civil rights racketeers.


[Reader reports] "AOL hated this post and pulled it immediately ..they also warned me not to post it again."
The Truth About Slavery - (from the American Dissident Voices - posted on Stormfront)
"...By recounting and emphasizing again and again the real and imagined sufferings of Black people under slavery, the White student is made to feel that his ancestors were cruel, morally retarded, and evil. They are made to feel that they owe Black people a nearly infinite compensation, since, they are taught, Black people's problems today are the legacy of hundreds of years of slavery for which White people are responsible. They are taught that the relative prosperity which we enjoy today was achieved largely by exploitation of Black slaves..."

 Reparations Quote-of-the-day: Black "Activist Poet" Nikki Giovanni
"''I'm tired of all these Negroes running around saying they don't want it,'' she said.
''They don't have to take it, but the rest of us earned it..." - (TNB forum)


Aging Sons of Slaves Join Reparations Battle - (reader link)

Slavery payback proposal moves to forefront

Reparations lawyers eye Fla. decision
WASHINGTON - Lawyers now in the final stages of preparing to sue the federal government for wrongs done by slavery say their cause has been bolstered by a new court ruling that could overcome legal obstacles that could block their claims at the outset...The ruling was made, not in a case about slavery, but about the Holocaust. That lawsuit was filed by Hungarian Jews against the US government for its alleged role in taking their property after it was seized from them by Nazis in Hungary during World War II. - (reader link)


Bankers Sued for Slave Reparations - by Michael Collins Piper - (Ben YHVH)

Slave's Sons Sue For Reparations
filed last week in federal court in San Francisco against 12 companies that allegedly profited from slavery.
Timothy Hurdle, 83, of San Francisco, and his brother Chester, 75, of Elk Grove, filed the lawsuit


My anti-reparations appearance - by Gerald McManus - (Skinheadz)

There’s a great racial divide in the world and in America. Reparations isn’t just confined to the United States, Blacks living in every country on earth are claiming injury due to the slave trade. Apparently even the people who were left behind in Africa suffered just as badly as the ones who actually became slaves and were shipped around the world.

 moneyReparationists rally around getting paid for doing nothing
"There is no doubt that the continued subjugation of any race, which slavery was, is a reprehensible act. But the shakedown of America is equally sinful." - says black editor Donald V. Adderton

    "My comments about the issue of slavery reparations drew a huge email response, almost all from people insisting that it is right and just to force modern day people to pay for something that happened long before they were born. Let's get real here. Reparations is a cash-grab, nothing more. The slaves are all dead. So are the slave owners. So is the Confederacy.
    No amount of cash will undo what has been done. If you want to talk reparations, let's talk about the debt owed to the families of those union soldiers who died so that modern blacks would NOT be slaves. And let us not forget that it was Africans who sold other Africans (from rival tribes) into slavery in the first place. But nobody talks about suing Africa for reparations. Nor have the champions of slavery reparations made provision to exempt those modern day citizens who, like myself, are descended from abolitionists who ran the Underground Railroad. Reparations is just another pretext to grab money from someone else, history be damned..."

  • "Black author speaks solid truths about the absurdities of the repartions movement." - (reader link)
    Why Wait for Reparations? By William Raspberry

  • RAPE-A-NATIONS? JUST SAY NO! - by Michael "Savage"

  • Blacks gain little down on the farm - USDA fights claims after landmark deal - Some black farmers are now circulating a mock "Wanted" poster, describing Pires as a "snake in the reparations grass."

African-Americans rally in nation's capital to demand slavery reparations
"Motapa" of Houston, Texasgimme my reparations!Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan told the crowd.
"We cannot settle for some little jive token. We need millions of acres of land that black people can build." "We're not begging white people," said Farrakhan, one of several speakers at a rally organizers billed as "Millions for Reparations." ""We are just demanding what is justly ours." Those at the rally said it was time for action.
- (reader links) - (NNN-African-reparations)
- (Editor note: Crime is Extortion and RICO)

  • US blacks demand slavery reparations

  • Tickets for Back-to-Africa - (Crosstarlist)
    "Cable television-producer Rachael Dawson has embarked on a documentary about "reparations," the notion that Negroes should be paid because their ancestors had been slaves. The New York Times recently interviewed Richard Barrett on "reparations," in which Barrett stated that the focus should be on West Africa, where Negroes had been enslaved by their own people. "Let the descendants of the tribal chieftains pay the descendants of their own slaves," quipped Barrett. The newspaper killed the story..."


  • City wants slave insurers to come clean
    For an average $11-a-year policy, a slaveholder received $500 when a slave died
  • Slavery a growing problem in Sudan
  • Slavery reparation scam investigation
    A Georgia man is the focus of a federal investigation into whether he scammed African Americans out of money. He charges $150 to help you file a slave reparation claim he says could get you a $50,000 tax refund. IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti says "there is no provision whatsoever in the tax law that provides for any kind of refunds or reparation to African Americans for slavery. - (reader link)
 A Reason Why Those Blacks who Desire to Emigrate to Their Fatherland
Should Be Assisted
- (Editor note - need to turn off pop-up ad filtering to read this with Internet Explorer)
outraged blackBlack Purdue students want cartoonist dropped from campus paper
because of an editorial cartoon criticizing the idea of slavery reparations.
- (reader)

"money"IRS Erroneously Paid $30 Million in Credits for Slavery Reparations
WASHINGTON — A Treasury Department investigation has found yet another flaw in the embattled Internal Revenue Service — more than $30 million was paid to taxpayers for a slavery tax credit that doesn’t even exist. - (reader link)

  • Why a National Slavery Museum is a Bad Idea
    By Jared Taylor, Special to -- Promoters of a national slavery museum claim it would heal the wounds of the past. In fact, it would cause wounds in the present because continuing emphasis on slavery more than 135 years after emancipation has two purposes: to offer Blacks a ready excuse for failure and to make Whites feel guilty. - (reader links)
  • The Attitudes Of Blacks - by Fred Reed
    "...This explains the vast chasm that yawns between so many whites and the black mainstream. When blacks demand reparations, a white, acting in the European tradition of logic and analysis, is likely to point that he has never owned slaves, that blacks under 135 years of age have never been slaves, that he supported the civil rights movement of the Sixties, that his ancestors arrived in the US in 1923 from Poland..."

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that if any would not work, neither should he eat.
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