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    Convicted Teen Showing Behavior Problems * Nate can't control anger
Nathaniel AbrahamPONTIAC, Mich. -- A teen who was convicted of murdering a man with a rifle shot at age 11 is exhibiting behavior problems in custody that could disqualify him from going to a halfway house, a judge ruled. Oakland County Probate Judge Eugene Arthur Moore on Tuesday ordered Nathaniel Abraham, now 19, to adhere to a treatment program and improve his behavior, attitude and respect for authority at the W.J. Maxey Boys Training School, where he is being held. Abraham was convicted of second-degree murder in the 1997 shooting death of Ronnie Lee Greene, 18, outside a convenience store in Pontiac. - (crime)
Ref:  Boy killer pleads guilty to breaking and entering * Appeals court upholds Nathaniel Abraham's sentencing as a juvenile

    Baby Rape Suspect Caught
Romelio ZapetaCINCINNATI -- A man was arrested and charged with raping a 7-month-old girl. The girl's mother discovered the man, a friend of her husband, committing the crime in their home in the 2800 block of Warsaw Avenue in Price Hill. Romelio Zapeta fled by climbing out a bathroom window. Police caught him about 35 minutes later.  Zapeta is being held on $50,000 bond. - (sharpshooter) - (crimeCitizenship status of suspect not reported







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    Brooklyn: White man shot in possible bias attack by a group of black men who yelled racial taunts - (reader link) - (Black-on-White)

    Two Marines were robbed at gunpoint early Saturday morning at a Jacksonville motel by six black males - (-88-)

    Hillsborough man accused of molesting two girls
Trenton JohnsonTampa, Florida – Police have arrested a man they say molested two girls on Sunday. Twenty-eight-year-old Trenton Johnson was arrested Sunday evening on charges of molesting a 10-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl earlier that day. Johnson is currently being held at the Hillsborough County Jail with no bond. - (White Boy) - (crime)

    "Animal" arrested for violent sexual assault outside Tampa bar
Amos Busby A DNA match leads to an arrest in a brutal sexual attack and kidnapping. The lead investigator in the case calls 34-year-old Amos Busby “an animal.” Busby is accused of grabbing a woman as she left the Green Iguana Bar on Westshore Boulevard last month. She was beaten and sexually assaulted for more than three hours. Busby is a convicted felon and was working at a Tampa construction site. He's charged with sexual battery and kidnapping. - (Brewski) - (crime)

    Inmate charged with 1983 Kilbourne murder
Edward Kithcart Patricia KilbourneA recent break in a 22-year-old Syracuse murder case is followed by an arraignment. 47-year-old Edward Kithcart is now charged with the murder of Patricia Kilbourne. The murder dates back to 1983.   Patricia Kilbourne was found smothered to death in her Syracuse apartment in 1983. Kithcart is currently behind bars for sexual abuse, but he was transported to Syracuse to be arraigned on two counts of second-degree murder.  Penny adds her mother's murder left her with nothing except the believe that she's healthy and happy in heaven. The first charge of second-degree murder relates to smothering, while the second relates to rape or attempted rape. Kithcart and Kilbourne had lived in the same apartment building. - (aryan_barbarian, Brewski) - (crime) - (Black-on-White


  • Culture follows race
    If a typhoon with the strength of Hurricane Katrina had devastated Tokyo, Sydney, or Honolulu there would not be widespread looting, armed gangs roving the streets, or people taking pot shots at helicopters trying to evacuate people.  These are predominantly Caucasian or Northern Asian cities.  The vast majority of people would still act in a civilized manner even if the police had difficulty getting around.  New Orleans, on the other hand is two-thirds black, along with the majority of the city administration and its police force. - (Panzerlist)




    Two charged in S.D. Food Bank inquiry - Charity operators accused of taking groceries for poor
Jose Alanis Two charity operators who collected hundreds of tons of donations from the San Diego Food Bank were charged yesterday with multiple counts of grand theft and forgery. They are accused of stealing food and other groceries meant for the poor. The San Diego City Attorney's Office filed criminal complaints against Jose Alanis who ran the Apostolica Fuente de Vida ministry, and Zeev Buchler, who operated a charity called Chabad Chai, two subjects of a report  that examined widespread mismanagement and theft at the county's largest hunger-fighting organization.  Rabbi Josef Fradkin said yesterday that Chabad of San Diego had "absolutely no knowledge of (Buchler's) alleged activities."  Chabad of San Diego put Buchler in charge of a food bank account it opened in the late 1980s to assist Russian immigrant families. But the program has been inactive for more than a decade, Fradkin said. - (ACRU)


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    Mau Mauing America - by Seán Carroll
Mau MausNew Orleans lootersIt’s a daily crap shoot to figure which colored gang will get its ass kissed first by race pandering white politicians. In many places it’s usually the Amerinds. (A sovereign and noble race of drunks). But, judging by news reports, the past few days it happens to be the Negro savages pillaging New Orleans. Although you’ll never hear the race pimps in the print media, the talking heads or talk show hosts (Limbaugh, Hannity or Hedgecock in particular) mention the word "negro," the photographs and video footage of black savagery speak for themselves. Even by CNN and NPR standards, these beasts are definitely not Norwegians. But mark my words, before this is over Wolfowitz, Perle, Chertoff, Rove will be investigating Irish nuns for shooting at relief helicopters. - (Commentary

    The dark side of black people by Jamaican Black Commentator Leighton Levy  

    THE SPIN AND WASH CYCLE - (Homeless Jack on New Orleans) by H. Millard © 2005
"Well, New Orleans just went through a spin and wash cycle, man," said Homeless Jack. "The big Swastika in the sky came roaring in. That's the way nature works. We have cleansing events that come along every so often. It's completely natural. Sometimes it's water, sometimes it's wind, sometimes it's shaking, and sometimes it's fire. In fact, these things are going on all the time, but every so often we have a bigger event than usual or we have one in an area that is different than we've come to expect. When we can't hold 'em back we run around like the ants we are and bitch and moan and act like its the end of the world. - (Commentary) - (H. Millard index)    

(conducted by Constantin von Hoffmeister in August, 2005)
1Constantin von HoffmeisterPavel Vladimirovich Tulaev. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? Please tell us something about your activities in Russia.
First of all, I would like to thank you, Mr. von Hoffmeister, for organizing this interview. Let us glorify the gods of our race. Let them protect our meeting. What can I shortly tell you about myself? My complete name is Pavel Vladimirovich Tulaev. I was born in Krasnodar (southern Russia) in 1959, and I was educated in Moscow. Now I am well known as a publisher (editor-in-chief) of THE ATHENAEUM, a Russian New Right international review.

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