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     "Where do we draw the line?" 

Current Immigration-Invasion News
Stop illegal immigration
Deport criminal aliens
End 3rd-world immigration
No automatic citizenship by birth to non-Citizens.
Impeach pro-immigration Federal Judges
Currently, more than 2.7 million Mexicans
sneak across the border into the U.S. every year.

Center for Immigration Studies * Employer sanctions info

Voice of Citizens Together

Roy Beck's Numbers USA - (FAX Congress free)

Civil War Two

FAIR Federation for American Immigration Reform

U.S. Border Control


Mexico and the War on Drugs




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But appreciate some updated links from the Terry Anderson Show webmaster on 10 Aug 2002.
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Northern California Republic - Immigration Reform Links page 2

American Renaissance

California Coalition for Immigration Reform

The Social Contract Press

 Californians for Population Stabilization

BajaRat News Briefs

Oregonians for Immigration Reform

Project USA (anti-immig. billboards)

The Sierra Club (parody) Site


Diversity Alliance for a Sustainable America

Bay Area Coalition for Immigration Reform * 1997
"now part of"
Currently inactive web sites: although group may be active

Immigration Public Policy Center * 2/98

Irate American's Mexican Invasion Update * 2/98

GRIPS - Georgia * 10/98

Evangelicals For Immigration Reform * 5/98




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(some commercial immigration sites)

(political positions on immigration)

The American Immigration Center 

LA Law Offices of Carl Shusterman

Democratic Party "for america's latinos"

NY Law Offices of Jeffrey Gabel (AILA)

Libertarian Party           on immigration

(miscellaneous immigration links)

"Queer Immigration" - (really)

U.S. Taxpayers Party    on immigration

"Lesbian and Gay Immigration"

Australian's One Nation on immigration

"Nation of AZTLAN"

The Confederate Party   on immigration

The Brown Berets   -   Brown Beret's hatelinks

CA Senator Diane Feinstein      on Immigration

British National Party    on Immigration

HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

The "Invisible Empire"    on immigration




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Groups that seem to focus on environment and birth-control
rather than on the immigration-invasion 

Negative Population Growth {suicide?}

Die-Off {warning graphic and gross}

Population-Environment Balance

Sierrans for Population Stabilization

Carrying Capacity Network

(and some more immigration links)

(articles and speeches on immigration)

Arthur Hu's Pro-Immigration Answer Page

 Testimony of Harold Ezell Before the House

US Census Bureau: USA and World pop-clocks

Lamar Smith on Criminal Illegal Aliens in Utah

U.S.Immigration and Naturalization Services

M u lticulturalism by Louis Beam
...M u lticulturalism is likewise a financial tool used to socially and economically level a targeted population. When implemented, it becomes in fact a battle over scarce resources and shrinking economic opportunities, with government weighing in on the side of
cheap labour. A continual flow of impoverished workers is insured through immigration (both legal and illegal), who by working for less compensation continually drive wages down. For the vast majority of citizens the standard of living will not increase, but
rather constantly decrease. 
from "Our Illegal War" by Congressman Helen Chenoweth

...We could see "flare-ups" within our own nation as well - and the Kosovo precedent would justify military intervention by the "international community" to settle such conflicts within our own borders. Consider the case of the southwestern United States, a region referred to as "Aztlan," the mythical homeland of the Aztecs, by such militant groups as the "Brown Berets." Aztlan radicals have announced their intention to conduct la reconquista - the re-conquest - of that region through unrestrained illegal immigration, as well as subversion and violence. It is not difficult to foresee a future scenario in which the "international community" authorizes the use of military force in support of "autonomy" for Aztlan, in the same way that the war in Yugoslavia was launched in support of "autonomy" for an Albanian Muslim-dominated Kosovo...

Alien Nation
Books on the
Immigration Invasion




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Official Secret Handbook for Illegal migrants * 3/98 (was on Immigration Webring)
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Immigration Control Advocates *
American Immigration Control Foundation *
Border Solution Task Force *
The Biocentric Institute *