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last ammended 11 Nov 1999...
Draft Program of the Northern California Republic
(Phase I: under Federal and Mexican occupation)
  Foreign Policy positions:
  0. Stop US involvement in unconstitutional terrorist 'war' against Yugoslavian civilians
  1. Bring all US troops back to the US territory, 
  2. Withdraw from NATO and other military treaties.
  3. Withdraw from UN; deport UN from US territory.
  4. Withdraw from NAFTA, withdraw from the IMF and all other economic treaties.
  5. End all federal foreign aid.
  6. End unconstitutional terrorist bombings of various foreign countries without a formal
      'declaration of war'.
  Domestic Policy positions:
 A. Try Clinton and company for war crimes and treason 
  B. Support Pat Buchannan in Republican Y2K primary
  C. Do NOT support 'son-of-a-bush-read-my-lips' Jr. who will win the Republican nomination.
  1. Stop legal immigration (exceptions to be detailed later) 
  2. Defend the border against illegal invasion.
  3. Deport all illegal aliens.
  4. Abolish public schools and all Federal aid to, or influence on, any educational organization.
      Short of that end all busing, desegregation, quotas and return to local control of tax-funded 
  5. No automatic citizenship to children of foreign nationals, illegal aliens.
  6. End all affirmative action and racial quotas.
  7. People should have the right to hire, fire, rent to, do business with, associate with
      or not associate with whomever they chose based on their discrimination, morality or whim. 
  8. Restore the US Constitution of 1860 (exceptions to be detailed later).
      Abolishing personal income tax, etc.
  9. append U.S. Taxpayers Party 1996 National Platform for particulars.
10. voluntary racial separation of prison inmates to prevent cruel and unusual punishment
11. abolish all 'hate crime' (thought crime) laws and 'enhancements'.

(Phase II: as an independent republic) - "under reconstruction"

The Purpose of this web site is - "toward a new nation"...
Revised: 11/18/1999

Create a model of a news website with news that's interesting to me.
Perhaps others might create news pages with a similar filter
for their own local areas, states, regions and nations.
Then I could link to them and not try to cover the whole planet in detail.
Provide an informational resource to those interested in controling
immigration, eliminating preferences and freeing tax slaves.
Also, see if there is any potential consensus amongst various groups
toward recreating a new ethical constitutional republic and nation.
(California is pretty much lost at this point but perhaps it can be recovered in the future.)
Will Ohio farm boys (and girls, and others) volunteer for the armed services in the year 2020
to take back Disneyland, Hollywood, and Watts
from an occupying army
of Mexican-Marxist guerrillas?
Or will the "usa" rather give land for peace and watch TV? 
Purpose item 1
Originally, based on information and concepts from
Voices of Citizens Together   and   Civil War Two,

that Mexico has been invading and occupying (mostly) the US Southwest and
the "Imperial" US-NAFTA-NATO-UN-IMF-NWO government is promoting this,
and whether it might be possible to salvage or rescue a portion of Northern California.

At first I was naive enough to think it would be
a simple matter to draw the line about the 35th parallel
which would preserve the central valley of California
and build something like the
"Great Wall of China" or the "Maginot Line"
across the mountains north of Los Angeles...
The Great Wall of California - North of Los Angeles, Mexico someone being informed that they have cancer of the big toe
and says, "sure, Doc, chop her off - whatever it takes"
and the finds out the cancer has spread throughout the body...

just about every US state now has lots of illegal immigrants,
Red Chinese nationals have been infiltrating across the Canadian border,
and our "Commander in Chief" is busy protecting the Middle East from Iraq...
(to be continued...)

Purpose item 2
Additionally, as an exercise in the Free Speech mentioned in the Constitution
(you don't know if you have a right until you try to use it).
See relevant article: "Everything but the News!"
posted by Citizens for Better Government.

Incidentally, despite all this business about 'free speech'
unless you personally OWN your own internet service provider
any web site can be shut down or have anything deleted at any time.
The fine print of my ISP's contract for my web site states:
2.2. EarthLink reserves the right, without any obligation to do so, to:
(i) review any material stored in your Web Space including, without limitation, any and all files to which other users have access and
(ii) edit or remove any material that it believes may be unlawful,
or that which is not in compliance with the standards set forth herein. 

Since this is totally arbitrary - it would tend to inhibit the
posting of anything which seemed marginally questionable.

So we do all have a Constitutional right to free speech
as long as it does not disturb the neighbors or anyone
that might complain to the Internet Service Provider.

"Free Speech" is useful in a dictatorship
to keep track of those to pick up later. After all, talk is just talk
unless it is inciting a riot
or organizing an armed insurrection
or embarrassing to the dictator.
- Baron Von Bärim-Holz

Likewise, we have the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms
as long as we keep them locked up away from children
and don't try to 'bear' them without a concealed carry permit
or a hunting license in specific seasons and places.

Purpose item 3
To discuss what, if anything, might be done about the general situation
of the World and the United States going to hell
beyond contacting your Congressional representatives.

a. are any congressional representatives influenced by letters, faxes or emails?
or can they only be influenced by thousands of dollars of  'donations'?

b. if congress only represents paid interests then is it cheaper
to buy them off or to raise the money to buy a replacement?

c. is it cost effective to bribe congress-persons?
For example: if you bribed congress to lower taxes
how many years would it take to have a net (bribe + tax) cost
lower than the current projected rates adjusted for inflation.
But then, like a protection racket, you would have to
keep on paying every year to new representatives.

No, this does not seem like a very promising solution.
It seems like there must be really 'big money' involved
like for example paying a $500,000 campaign contribution
to receive a $10,000,000 government contract.
Or investing $2,000,000 in campaign contributions
to receive highest-tech classified military satellite technology
for which taxpayers have invested billions of dollars.
There has to be a real return on investment within
the term of office of the politician.

Can ordinary tax-paying citizens afford
to pay more to bribe congress with contributions
when they are already tax slaves for 50% of their income.

Well, if somebody already worth some millions
only had to put out one million dollars
to get a tax loophole next year that would
save several million over a few years
then that would make sense.

d. does it make any difference at all if the Supreme Court and Federal Judges
decide they do not like the laws that you have bribed congress to pass?

e. if the entire economy is destroyed by high taxes and "free trade"
and there is no more working class to pay taxes then won't the
government collapse anyway, to be replaced by some other sort
of dictatorship besides the one we have now?

x. to be continued...

Update 11/30/99:
 * That 'giant sucking sound' may be the estimated 37 million abortions in US since 1973.
   remember: Migrants only take the jobs that dead american babies will not do.

11/29/98: Can you direct me to statistical sources for the current and projected US, European, Aus-NZ birthrates for non-hispanic whites compared to what the figures would be without abortions for the same groups?

Also, with a tentative birthrate of 1.8 children/couple - how many years to extinction?

Please repond to  -  thanks.


Web site Updates: 1999
11/30/99: added first New Nation News website content poll New NNN website poll
11/27/99:  Pretty much finished up 3rd major web site redesign and overhaul

1st was 'home page' with mostly links to other sites since 8/22/98
2nd was New Nation News set up to host Oregonians for Immigration Reform since 10/15/98
this '3rd phase' put in page header links to all new topic pages including
Aboriginal News
Bias Lawsuits in the News
Kennewick Man News
News from the Confederacy - Established July 16th, 1999
which evolved from an 'overflow' of news items on the USA page.

The redesign put a relatively consistently formatted new header over the old page headers
and moved the 'news tickers' from the top of the page down to the 'page 1' heading for faster loads.
Also put in new counters for NNN-pages as the old ones had gone dead or were inconsistent.

The NNN Index 'homepage' has become active with breaking news items - rather than just pointing to the other 10 main pages and a few immigration links.  This evolved from when I went on vacation a while ago and added the USA-page topical search engine table to the bottom of the index page.
After I got back I started adding a few 'top stories' to the index page and then it sort of took over.
Now, I'm more often copying headline-links from the index to the other ten topic pages.

Current (approximate) hit stats are:
28,567  New Nation News (about 18 pages not counting archives) 
10,221  New Nation News Index: 
13,491  Original home page: Northern California Republic
  1,434  News from the Confederacy 
   157    Oregonians for Immigration Reform: home page only since 11/1/99 
(however, the whole OIR sub directory has gotten 5,009 hits so far this month from search engines).

Current popularity ranking of NNN pages this month is:
Index: 2078, usa 1056, confederacy 619, commentary 586, invasion 454 books 414, world 350, socal 342, south africa 247, norcal 246, links 219, impeach 190, northwest 172, kennewick 100 - (the rest are below this month)
This 'popularity' feedback may influence which pages I spend the most time on...
on the other hand, the pages I spend the most time on may create the most interest.
So, if I was going to drop or turn over any pages to an 'assistant editor' - current candidates would be: ABORIGINAL and
BIAS LAWSUITS (any volunteers?) or are there already web sites out there for these topics?

Yesterday had a record number of total hits to the total NNN web site including OIR of 2,295.
I think there may be some new links to NNN but I haven't found them yet, it may take the search engines a while to 'snapshot' and index the newly linked pages.

Thank you for your interest.

- "New Nation News Editor and Web Administrator"

11/18/99: cleaned up format for New Nation News home-index page.
5 Septempber 1999 * had some Windows 95 registry problems last week and installed Win 98 hoping to clear it up but have spent the last week reinstalling programs and reorganizing. I found that the Norton Utilities previously installed which I could not uninstall have been a problem and still can't get all the traces out of the registry. Trying the McAfee utilities which seem to have their own problems.
Web site Updates: 1999
15 May 1999 * my 11 new FastCounter counters stopped working.
                I either overloaded their 500 hit a day limit
                or was disabled for some other reason.
                So I'm switching to the WebTracker counter for New Nation News
                although this will not give me the individual page counts that I was looking for.
9 May 1999 * finished moving main NCR news pages to
                       checking and updating links.
                       Installed individual Link Exchange page counters on main news pages.
ICOM update: The Better Business Bureau of Placentia California sent me a letter
        "Although we have tried to get a response to your complaint from the company in the hope of reaching a mutually acceptable resolution, they have ignored our requests.  We are, therefore, closing our file.

Your unanswered complaint will become part of the information we report to the public on theis company for the next three years.

Note: I have also not received a response from (Internet Communications) on the real paper and postage stamp letter I sent in February requesting refund and acknowledgement of cancellation of service.  I have been using the webspace for news archives as long as it seems to work - but they have not set up the alternate new domain name and the email will not work. I will follow-up later to make sure they do not do the automatic credit card renewal in the fine print.
3 April 1999 * Northern California Republic web-counter breaks 10,000 - thank you.
                      New Nation News 3070.
3/24/99 * The Better Business Bureau, Inc. in Placentia, CA did send me a card ackowledging my complaint and said they forwarded my problem to and said to wait a month before following up. - although webspace is accessable recently, there has been no response to my letter asking to cancel service and give a refund and my alternate domain name has not been registered - no response at all from since 2/18/99.
2/18/99 * received a cut-and-paste response from; my two temporary urls are accessable again; the email said my internic domain registration has been resubmitted. 
2/17/99 * filed complaint with The Better Business Bureau, Inc. in Placentia, CA against Internet Communications of Los Angeles, CA for a refund of $167.95 charged for set up and one year web hosting of 25mb
2/14/99 * replaced dead links for  Constitution   |  and  |  Bible on all news page headers.
2/14/99 * still waiting for response from Icom on alternate new domain name.
                Both URL's from icom return "File Not Found".
2/5/99 * upgraded to Netscape Communicator 4.5
2/4/99 * still waiting for response from Icom on alternate new domain name.
{nnn 2000 * ncr 7391}
2/1/99 * I got a response from about them taking more than a month to register my new domain and they offered to register another name for 'for free' (whoop-de-do) I'll let you know how long it takes and whether anybody rips-off my new domain name before they get around to it.
1/27/99 * because of the poor service of "Internet Communications"
I have lost the new domain name that I requested a month ago.  It was snatched by
Net Atlantic. 
I do NOT recommend "Internet Communications"               as a 'web hosting service'.
updated 11/27/99[11/27/99 note: although I have never gotten any response from them, and never got the domain name requested, and never gotten the email transfer service, I have been able to use the host space for my archive files with only a few (days) interruption of access.]
On December 23rd, 1998, I was running out of room again and saw this ad for "25mb" for only
$8.50 a month and signed up with "Internet Communications"
(the offer always expires Tomorrow) - the new domain name has yet to be registered.
I sent various queries and did finally get one that was not an automated response on 1/20/99
that confirmed that "Your domain name has not been registered." and asked me to fill out the form again - which I did am still waiting for the setup which only took a week when I registered through Earthlink last October.  I sent out 'customer satisfaction queries' to about a dozen other ICOM customers that I located through a web search and got two responses.  One said that I took him about a month to get set up and another said it only took two days because he registered with INTERNIC himself.  Also the first response said that it usually took a week or two to get a response from   So I'll see how this turns out, but at this point I do not recommend ICOM.
There was one unsatisfied customer that recomended not doing business with them on the NewsGroups. 
     One other factor that may be a factor is that INTERNIC has posted a notice that:

     Customer Advisory: Some of Network Solutions' customers have recently
     experienced service delays. We thank you for your patience and want to assure you
     that we are actively working on improvements in processing your registrations. 
         What's happening: Abusers have hit our system with fraudulent registrations,
          causing system processing delays. 
         Who's affected: Recent users submitting applications. 
         What you should do: If you have recently submitted a registration and not
          received an acknowledgement, please have patience and do not resubmit the application. 
         When should you see improvements: Improvements are already in place, and
          our customer support staff is working around-the-clock to process your
          registration requests. You should see improvements shortly. 
          Network Solutions is also communicating with its ISP channel partners to
          make them aware of the situation. Network Solutions is investigating the
          source and methods of system spammers and will take action to minimize their impact. 

Web site Updates: December 1998
12/12/98 - ran out of room on so all September and August 1998
                pages are being archived.  Contact me at
                if for some unknown reason you have an interest in these pages.
12/11/98 2:30am - just a little bit too much stuff to try to cover...would really
take an entire newsroom staff... I guess I'll just have to be more selective or cut down the overambitious scope of trying to cover 10 topic areas...

NCR:  4742
NNN: 1019
12/10/98 - New Nation News had hit 1000 yesterday.

 - Moved the News Index news tickers from the top of impeach, invasion
and south africa pages to the bottom because the new ad for with the flashing black and yellow did not go with my page colors and was too distracting and the advertising portion of the ticker is much larger than the news-ticker portion. 

Was getting 'document contains no data' on NCR (old home) pages yesterday
and don't know if there was a problem with my server or with the firewall off-site.

12/07/98 - added "Iceman's Medicine Kit" to Books-etc page
             - added links to waterhouse paintings
12/06/98 - Please Note: this site has a 'link-exchange' only with
Tom Chittum's Civil War Two website.

Please do not send me any email for Tom Chittum
or Civil War Two

I've had some people link over here and get the two websites confused...

if you have any messages for Tom Chittum or Civil War Two
please post them on his CW2 Guest Book whose link is on this text

If you have accidently sent me some email that was really for "CW2"
please repost your message at the "Guest Book" link above, thanks - Mark S.

Thanks very much, I'm webmaster ONLY for the following websites:
any communication for the following areas may be addressed to::
New Nation News
Northern California Republic
Oregonians for Immigation Reform
(custodian only - not the author)

12/06/98 - Note: although I have been spending a lot of time on this site recently,
                I may have to take a break to take care of some business and may not
                be able to keep all ten different subject-topic-pages up to date.  If I find
                that one or more topics is being more adequately covered by somebody
                else, then I would be most happy to link to them and concentrate on 
                whatever is 'left-over' or whatever I feel I can add to the discussion.
                Otherwise, I guess I'll just rotate or ration my time between subjects.
                So drop by in a day or two if your page has not been changed or use
                one of the 'mind-it' services and only call 'missing persons' if no page
                changes for three days in a row without my notice - however there is
               always the possibility of a 'technical' problem like a disk-crash... 

12/06/98 - I just noticed that this website 'looks funny' using Internet Explorer
         I'll either see if I can fix it or post 'optimized for Netscape 4.06' on pages.

12/01/98 - trying to keep tables at top of page short to speed initial loading
             - trying different default font color

Web site Updates: November 1998

11/28/98 - added missing kids banner to USA page but removed it as it was coincidental with PC freeze-ups possibly due to banner applet in cache.

11/27/98 - submitted  * New Nation News
                to ten more search engines with
11/23/98 - moved all old news archives over to, which will keep
                 my original site under the 6mb limit for now.
                 Also, added new link to paintings on books-etc-page.
11/22/98 - got notice that I have exceeded my 6mb website limit.
                 I'll need to remove my news archives, relocate them, or zip them.

11/18/98 - added News Index tickers to Impeach, Invasion, and South Africa pages
                Saw this on Citizens for Immigration Reform (CIS)
                and it seems to work pretty well.
11/15/98 - posted new commentary; 
book review of "America's Man on Horseback"
                (which I read on vacation)

11/12/98 - back from vacation
11/05/98 - initial announcement that New Nation News website is hosting
           Oregonians for Immigration Reform website Archive.
11/01/98 - NOTE: web-master on vacation from 11/7/98 through 11/14/98
                  no news updates or email response during this time, thanks.
11/01/98 - continuing web-site reorganization, links and images may not work
                 until finished, especially on archive pages and commentaries.

Web News: 
12/04/98 Northern California Republic extends fraternal greetings to the new
Sierra Club (parody) site!

NCR:  4081
NNN:   350
Northern California Republic - Web Site Map
was retured as item number 19 from a GOTO.COM search
using search parameters "immigration" and "invasion".
12/01/98 Glenn Spencer's VCT invasion news website has been updated to confirm
video project and note that site may be updated after 12/15/98
11/24/98 Rumor:  Glenn Spencer is working on "invasion video"
and may reactive VCT site at some time in not too distant future.
 11/24/98 If you have missed Glenn Spencer's VCT invasion news recently
(which has not been updated since "Mexico won the California elections" 11/7/98)
the following site is in a similar spirit and even more outspoken: 
 [warning: language; graphics]
Irate American's Mexican Invasion Update

note: using the Alta Vista translator mojados translates to 'dunked'
"wetbacks" translates to espaldas mojados

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19 November 99
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(found back online linked to NNN-home)

11 November 99
NNN: 24544
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Baja: 2013
link found 11/112/99America's Privacy and Firearm / Gun Rights Page

link found 11/02/99Aw, Shucks!
contemporary news and links from the South
("HOT SITE" link to News From The Confederacy page)

link found 10/31/99New Homepage * SoCal Gal
"I'm a California gal... From back in the 50's..."

Links to New Nation News: (do not imply endorsement or association)
27 October 1999 Found link to News of the Confederacy from
The Southron Perspective Forum.
"God Save the South".

also noted that the American Nazi Party has copied the
Nationalist Observer's   -   "World's Largest White Racist Links Page"
as the "American Nazi Party Links"  - (which includes New Nation News).

26 October 1999
NNN: 22774
NCR: 13184
Home: 8089
Baja: 1913
Using "Google" search found link to Impeach Comments Page from
The Daily Republican Newspaper
"The Best Little Newspaper On The Web"

United States National Information Service
on "Reliable News Links" page.

5 September 1999
NNN: 19125
NCR: 12913
Home: 6067
Baja: 1492
Found link to New Nation News from
DARKSTORMCROW'S NEST  (this link gone as of 10/8/99)
(Asatru is the original, pre-kristjan religion of northwestern Europe.)
New Order Knights International (link to Balagot Page)
3 August 1999 Found new link to New Nation News using Northern Light Search: AMERICA'S FREEDOM MALL
(Patriots Corner)
25 June 1999 Thanks very much to Voices of Citizens Together/American Patrol
for courtesy links on items to New Nation News - Norcal Page.
26 May 1999 Acknowledging link to Oregonians for Immigration Reform
                        from the Oregon Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.
14 May 1999 The Nationalist Observer - "Magazine and e-zine of elite racism" has "World's Largest White Racist Links Page" accepted a link exchange although this site is probably #1 on the 'hatewatch' list.  Although I don't agree with the program, in the scope of reporting on racial conflict in the US this is definately part of the spectrum.  After receiving one email describing my site as "the most hate-driven, anti-American, white-supremacist, immoral site there is" - I guess I can't lose any similar browsers by this link.  
7 April 1999-4am Thanks very much to Voices of Citizens Together/American Patrol
for link to Oregonians for Immigration Reform.
(that went up a month or two ago)
Thanks very much to Center for Immigration Studies
for link to Oregonians for Immigration Reform.
(that went up a month or two ago)

7 April 1999-2am
ncr: 10274
nnn:  3118
Thanks very much to Beaufort County NOW
               ALTERNATE NEWS
                                 Joel Raupe Society links
for link to New Nation News.
(I had problem with "Liquid Motion Java Plug-in" on this page...)
7 April 1999-2am
ncr: 10274
nnn:  3118
Thanks very much to "I Love White Folks"
for link to Oregonians for Immigration Reform.
3/24/99 - 11pm
ncr:  9602
nnn: 2864
Thanks to California Coalition for Immigration Reform
for link to Northern California Republic News page and New Nation News 9/5/99.
2/12/99 - 1am
ncr:  7712
nnn: 2095
Thanks to whoever posted the New Nation News link on Right Magazine.
NCR:  4285
NNN:   618

Thanks very much to J. Orlin Grabbe
for link to New Nation News on his home page
". . . inspecting the global underbelly: privacy, money laundering, espionage." (noticed a big jump in traffic today)

12/04/98 and again to Irate American for bottom-page link
11/29/98 Thanks to Irate American's Mexican Invasion Update
for acknowledgement of links from 'mexcrime' email newslist.
11/24/98 Posting on Petaluma 'Latino' kidnapping linked by
Irate American's Mexican Invasion Update
10/9/98 Effective link exchange with iRESIST Patriot News ticker service
9/26/98 Thanks to Comments On The News for their link to this page.
Thanks to Tom Chittum for linking my
'Commentary' page on his Civil War Two web site.
(from a web search)
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Conspiracy Musings on Halloween, Halloween Related Conspiracies
My experience with Children of God/The Family, Part V
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