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Occasional commentary-rant
on News and Life in the 'Global Village'


September 19th, 1998
on the limits of 'white flight'...

a note on the new Northern California Republic Flag

Between the dynamics of "White Flight"
(an expensive relatively short-term solution) to avoid the immediate
threat and reality of murder, rape, theft, noise, graffiti, drugs and beggers
of urban welfare centers and forced Federal integration with and taxes for
support of drug addicts, sex-offenders, homosexuals, early parolees,
Section-8 welfare renters, illegal immigrant-refugees from Mexico,
Central and South America, Haiti, Cuba, Africa and  Asia,
Euro-Americans that can escape will be driven further
and further 'into the hills' until the last survivors
will prefer to take their chances on
an ice floe in the Arctic ocean,
slowing melting from the
'Global Warming'
of third world
 accused of racism,
bigotry, bad manners, or self-interest.