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Our interest in the fate of European South Africans is in part to see our own future as a minority in the UN-US
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South Africa Homeland pages courtesy "Homelands"
To the British Empire - Rhodesia and South Africa were only colonies
that could be returned to the jungle if not profitable
but to most South Africans of European descent
and to the Boer   -  this is their Homeland.
Freedom Front
Volkstaat Council

South African Web Sites of Interest
SOUTH AFRICA TODAY - A REGULAR UPDATE - (archive through 4/98)
SA Exiles Homepage
The South African Military History Society
Rhodesia & South Africa Military History

Commentaries on Situation in South Africa
Short of Congressionally approved military aid
to establish a European Sanctuary in south africa.
The US at least owes unlimited priority immigration
to white South Africans subject to "ethnic cleansing" 
as reparations for past US aid to Mandela and ANC.
From Kurt Saxon's Website
Relative to 'Reparations'
The Slave Trade In The Congo Basin
Part 2 The Congo Basin Slave Trade
Part 3 The Congo Basin Slave Trade
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