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  Aboriginal News: Reaffirmation of Nationhood of the Dalungbara Aboriginal People
· The Dalungbara Aboriginal People bring to the public attention that we reaffirm our nationhood, including all our traditional land prior to British invasion. · Our nationhood has never been surrendered. · We claim all of our traditional land as cultural heritage and as sacred. (more at link)

Lyall Sempf has seceded from the invalid Commonwealth of Australia.

"A citizen has every right to form a new nation, or join a new nation."

15 Sep 2004 Bora of Dalungbara - The Dalungbara Aboriginal People
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  Man charged with trying to sell old skull of a Hawaiian native born 200 years ago


  Judge bars tribes from Kennewick Man case
A federal judge has barred Northwest Indian tribes from further participation in the Kennewick Man lawsuit by ordering the case limited to government defendants and the scientists who want to study the ancient skeleton.
- (svejk) - (NNN Kennewick Man news)

  Ota Benga: The Story of the Pygmy on Display in an American zoo
Ota BengaOta Benga, or Otabenga, pictured above, was an African Forest Person, said to be of the Bachichiri, a family of "Bushmen" originally living in the forests along the Kasai River in what is now Zaire. He was captured in a raid by the Baschilele, who were said to have killed his family and burned his house, then turned him over to the Zappo-Zap, a tribe of African natives loyal to King Leopold II, of Belgium, absentee owner of the Congo Free State. He was held captive until acquired by Samuel Phillips Verner, a Missionary-Explorer from South Carolina who was looking for "Pygmies" who would come to be exhibited at the St. Louis Exposition of 1904.
Ota's caretakers transferred him to the Bronx Zoo where he was made into a sensation as an exhibit of evolution, residing in the primate house with an Orangutan as a roommate. - (forum)

  South Dakota: Eugene Hollow Horn Bear charged with attempted rape


  Taiwan Aborigines Protest Remarks
Outspoken Vice President Annette Lu said Friday that a vanished race of "black pygmies" -- not the current tribes -- were the first to live here 10,000 to 20,000 years ago. She suggested that the aborigines should leave Taiwan and search for new land in Latin America.




   Africa: Congo pygmies 'exterminated' - cannibalized
Ugandan PygmyThe International Criminal Court is being urged to investigate "a campaign of extermination" against pygmies in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Minority Rights Group International say they have gathered evidence of mass killings, cannibalism and rape. Congolese regard them as "subhuman" with some believing their flesh can confer magical powers. Horror: "There have been systemic rapes and killings on a huge scale," One witness they spoke to survived the late night massacre of an entire village. He said that everyone was shot and hacked to death and the huts were burnt. - (NNN Darkest Africa)

  Africa: Kalahari bushmen fight eviction - More than 200 bushmen from the Kalahari desert
are taking the Botswana government to court over their forced eviction from ancestral land.



  • British Columbia: Tribe halts killer whale rescue
    Ray Lowsey 's Original Whale MaskAttempts to rescue a lost whale in Canada are causing conflict between biologists and a small Indian tribe who say the whale is the returned spirit of a former chief. They tell the story of their chief who on his deathbed three years ago promised to return as a whale. - (NNN Canada)


New Zealand Maoris march to defend beaches
Maori protesterAbout 10,000 mainly Maori protesters have marched through the New Zealand capital against plans to nationalise the country's beaches and seabed.

Indigenous people say such a law would infringe their ancestral rights and customary ownership of seaside land.

  Maori healer accused of sexually violating a woman with a potato
Christopher Tuaupiki's name suppression was lifted. He operates a private practice as a tohunga (healer).
He has previously worked at Waikato Hospital's Maori mental health unit. The charges relate to alleged incidents between May 2003 and February this year involving the use of a potato and herbal infusions on two women.
 - (William of the White Hand)

  Drunken Vinnie Red Star, 24, a Crow tribal member has Rape charge reduced to assault
He was charged with breaking into four dorm rooms on Oct. 4 and sexually assaulting two students.
"I don't really remember anything that night because I was so intoxicated, Red Star added that he didn't believe he would get a fair trial in Bozeman, "because I'm a different color and have a different sexual orientation."
Ref: Vinnie Red Star, 24, a Crow tribal member from Pryor, said starting college was "pretty exciting."

  Australia: Aboriginal Woman Puts Curse on Prime Minister John Howard
An Aboriginal woman clad in possum skins put a traditional curse on Prime Minister John Howard on Tuesday, apparently in retaliation for government plans to abolish Australia's top indigenous elected body.

  Aborigines Condemn Australian Government

  • Indian Killer Tribute Sparks Controversy
    MILFORD, Pa. -- Legend has it that frontiersman Tom Quick slaughtered 99 Indian men, women and children
    -- and lamented on his deathbed in 1796 that he didn't get to make it an even 100. - 'hatecrime'?

  NZ launches first Maori TV station!
"Tower of Babel"(rumored lesbian) Prime Minister Helen Clark said she hoped every New Zealander would treasure and nurture the Maori language and culture, which helped define the country to the world. The government-funded station aims to preserve the culture of New Zealand's indigenous people, who make up around 12.5% of the country's four million population. Half of the station's programmes must be in Maori, which is now spoken by fewer than a tenth of Maoris.



  • Former Jesuit Comments Criticized
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Roman Catholic Church officials are distancing themselves from comments by a retired Jesuit official who suggested that a priest's alleged abuse of native Alaskan boys wouldn't have much effect because their culture was "fairly loose" on sexual matters.

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Chief Opie Edwards - (c) 2004 by NNN
H. Millard

  Cannibal Victim's Relatives to Visit Fiji
Fiji cannibalThe Australian descendants of a Christian missionary eaten by cannibals 136 years ago will travel to Fiji this week, hoping to help lift a curse on the village where he was killed. Rev. Thomas Baker was murdered in 1867 at Nubutautau, a remote community high in the hills of the South Pacific island of Viti Levu. Residents say their community has had bad luck since Baker was consumed and they blame his avenging spirit.
Fiji villagers to say sorry for eating British missionary
- "We ate everything but his boots."

   Papua New Guinea: ''Witch' hacked to death
tribesmenPapua nativeA WOMAN accused of sorcery has been hacked to death and dumped in a river just outside Papua New Guinea's capital, Port Moresby. The woman's husband and son were also attacked at the weekend by rival tribesmen, who accused the family of practising sorcery. Many Papua New Guineans cling to ancestral beliefs in black magic and payback revenge attacks. Last week, tribesmen in the remote Western Highlands rampaged through a neighbouring village, raping women, killing pigs and destroying food gardens.


[Reader notes] "Clarification needs to be made on your site.
Maori are not the aboriginal people of New Zealand.
They exterminated and ate them all."
Reference links: New Zealand History - and - "Ancient Celtic New Zealand "

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15 Sep 2004 Bora of Dalungbara - The Dalungbara Aboriginal People
         Our motto: Learn together, live together.

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New Zealand
New Zealand European 74.5%
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Pacific Islander:            3.8%
United States

White (not 'Spanic'):                      71.8%
"'Spanic'" origin:                            11.5%

Black                                            12.8%

Asian and Pacific Islander:               4.0%
American Indian, Eskimo and Aleut:  0.9% 

British Isles origin 40%
French origin        27%
other European     20%
European total:            87%
"Other", mostly Asian: 11.5%
Amerindian:                  1.5%,
Caucasian:              92%, 
Asian:                       7%,
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   The Hadzabe will eat anything that moves. Elephant, giraffe, lion--you name it...
   The modern world has found a variety of uses for leftover hunter-gatherers.
   Time and again, they have taken up urban positions as bums, criminals, or alcoholics.
The Ignoble Savage By Thomas S. Garlinghouse
Bashers of Western civilization wax nostalgic over an imagined Golden Age, when Noble Savages, uncontaminated by capitalism, enjoyed peace, harmony and environmental balance. In reality, prehistoric peoples waged incessant, brutal wars and hunted vast numbers of animal species to extinction - perhaps even the woolly mammoth and other great Ice Age creatures of North America.

Charles Dickens on 'The Noble Savage' Reproduced from New Nation, no. 1

The Noble Savages.

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The Shadow of the Noble Savage:
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