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    New Zealand: Logan Herewini was last week jailed for five years for several violent attacks on his six-week-old baby,
which continued after she was taken to Whangarei Hospital with a suspicious broken leg on April 30, 2004.
- (Another Angry White)   

    Canada: Edmonton police under fire for racist e-mail
"the author advanced his theory on how aboriginals should be dealt with by police. The e-mail was racist, discriminatory, disgusting and offensive"
Some members of the city's aboriginal community say police officers need sensitivity training. - (rodlaw) - (Canada)




Many Hawaiians believe a catalog of all living Hawaiians, estimated at 400,000 worldwide, is the key to founding a nation
The Akaka bill, which Congress is scheduled to take up later this year, is aimed at fending off race-based lawsuits questioning the legality of Native Hawaiian programs and entitlements.







    New Zealand: Maori church arsonist jailed - had "al Qaeda" tattooed on the back of his neck
Francis Shaw, 38, was found guilty in February of burning the church down with two others who died before the case came to trial. Shaw, who defended himself at the trial, claimed he had done it because the Anglican Church had betrayed Maori. - (another angry white)


    Kennewick Man scientists lobby against bill - Legislation would let American Indian tribes claim ancient remains





Red Lake Indian reservation: Funerals to Be Held for Shooting Victims of 'neo-goth' zombie fan on Prozac
Three victims of the Red Lake High School shooting will have traditional Ojibwe funeral, intended to prepare the soul for a four-day journey into the afterlife. The ceremonies, not freely discussed with outsiders, often includes a "spirit dish" to nourish the departing soul and rouge for a blush on the cheeks of the beloved. The other six victims and the shooter will be remembered with Christian-based services that will have some elements of Ojibwe tradition.


  • Hate crime shocks Paiute reservation
    Letters threatened to ''kidnap, rape and dismember'' young girls aged 5 to 9 - signed 'KKK'. The threats are believed to be retribution for the death of a white liquor store manager, Dave Pettet, 48, who was allegedly shot by tribal member Wayne Bengochia in an alcohol-related incident four days before the letters were found. Begochia, 48, was charged with homicide and is awaiting trial. Stafford said it appeared that the author of the letter was trying to create racial tensions by exploiting Pettet's death as a crime against white people; ironically, Pettet was once married to an American Indian woman with whom he had two children.
  • Tribe Sues National Science Foundation




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  Aboriginal News: Reaffirmation of Nationhood of the Dalungbara Aboriginal People
· The Dalungbara Aboriginal People bring to the public attention that we reaffirm our nationhood, including all our traditional land prior to British invasion. · Our nationhood has never been surrendered. · We claim all of our traditional land as cultural heritage and as sacred. (more at link)

Lyall Sempf has seceded from the invalid Commonwealth of Australia.

"A citizen has every right to form a new nation, or join a new nation."

15 Sep 2004 Bora of Dalungbara - The Dalungbara Aboriginal People
         Our motto: Learn together, live together.


[Reader notes] "Clarification needs to be made on your site.
Maori are not the aboriginal people of New Zealand.
They exterminated and ate them all."
Reference links: New Zealand History - and - "Ancient Celtic New Zealand "

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Bora of Dalungbara - The Dalungbara Aboriginal People
         Our motto: Learn together, live together.

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New Zealand
New Zealand European 74.5%
"other" European:          4.6%, 
Maori:                           9.7%
Asian and others:          7.4% 
Pacific Islander:            3.8%
United States

White (not 'Spanic'):                      71.8%
"'Spanic'" origin:                            11.5%

Black                                            12.8%

Asian and Pacific Islander:               4.0%
American Indian, Eskimo and Aleut:  0.9% 

British Isles origin 40%
French origin        27%
other European     20%
European total:            87%
"Other", mostly Asian: 11.5%
Amerindian:                  1.5%,
Caucasian:              92%, 
Asian:                       7%,
Aboriginal and other:  1% 
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 * Did early hunters exterminate mega fauna in America?
   What no one is saying is: Did the ancestors of the modern Native Americans wipe out the 
   game? Political correctness and Rouseauian romanticism aside, the answer is "Yes." 
 * Safari with the Hadzabe:
   The Hadzabe will eat anything that moves. Elephant, giraffe, lion--you name it...
   The modern world has found a variety of uses for leftover hunter-gatherers.
   Time and again, they have taken up urban positions as bums, criminals, or alcoholics.
The Ignoble Savage By Thomas S. Garlinghouse
Bashers of Western civilization wax nostalgic over an imagined Golden Age, when Noble Savages, uncontaminated by capitalism, enjoyed peace, harmony and environmental balance. In reality, prehistoric peoples waged incessant, brutal wars and hunted vast numbers of animal species to extinction - perhaps even the woolly mammoth and other great Ice Age creatures of North America.

Charles Dickens on 'The Noble Savage' Reproduced from New Nation, no. 1

The Noble Savages.

Rousseau and the noble savage myth. 

The Shadow of the Noble Savage:
Headhunting and Ritual Cannibalism 
in Seventeenth Century New England.


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