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    Australia: Aborigines must adapt: Mundine
Aboriginal people must embrace capitalism or risk being left behind in the modern world, a prominent indigenous leader says. Mr Mundine criticised Northern Territory Chief Justice Brian Martin, who handed a one-month jail sentence to a man who had anal sex with a 14-year-old who had been promised as his wife when she was four.

by H. Millard © 2005
Native HawaiiansWhat is the most essential and basic glue that binds living, and formerly living, and yet to be living individuals to other individuals whether they are animal or plant? Is it a piece of paper such as a constitution? Is it nebulous concepts such as "freedom" and "democracy"? Is it that they have occupied the same piece of land? No. Not one of these things is essential or basic. And none of them are very strong glue. What naturally glues together things that live or have lived or will live is having the same genome. In humans, this is usually expressed as being of the same race. - (Commentary) - (H. Millard index)

Today, nearly two baby girls are born for every baby boy at Aamjiwnaang First Nation, near Sarnia.   - (Canada)


  • Adoption Tussle With Tribal Council Ends - will not give baby to White couple
    IOWA CITY, Iowa -- An American Indian woman who battled with the Meskwaki Tribal Council over plans to allow a white couple in Indiana to adopt her son has decided to keep the baby. 
  • Spokane, WA - Two arrested in alleged hate crime
    The Spokane Human Rights Commission is decrying a violent attack on several Indian teen-agers last weekend by two men who claimed they were with the "KKK" and had painted swastikas on their chests. Jim Fry, 15, says two men he described as skinheads jumped him on a Spokane River beach Sunday afternoon and then attacked his companions, who were huddling in a van. The two men have been arrested.

    New Zealand: Tongan protester threatens to blow himself up * "We are going to die for Tonga today, that's why we are here"
Property was damaged and punches were thrown at the King of Tonga's Auckland residence yesterday where a protester threatened to blow himself up with a device that looked like a bomb.
About 70 Tongans, including children, entered the grounds  on the invitation of the King's representatives to discuss their concerns about a month-long public service strike in Tonga. Police keep protesters from King

King Taufa'ahau Tupou IVHowever the protest turned ugly when they were refused a visit with King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV and a fight broke out among a small group of protesters and staff.  Police were called with two men removed to cool down and another arrested for wilful damage. Earlier, the lead protester Alan Taione had arrived at the entry of the residential grounds in a four-wheel drive vehicle draped with protest banners.  He opened the boot of his 4WD to reveal a bomb-shaped metal canister with a material stuffed into its mouth like a wick. Mr Taione, an Auckland motor mechanic, said he was going to sacrifice himself for the people of Tonga unless he got an audience with the King.  


    Australia: Aboribinal Black and white law clash over rape case  
To the Northern Territory now, where a legal decision which has taken into account customary Indigenous law has sparked outrage in the Territory’s Parliament. The case involved a 14 year old girl who was held for four days against her will, sexually assaulted by a 55 year-old man and beaten with a boomerang. The man was convicted, but the judge in sentencing the man expressed sympathy for him and jailed the offender for just one month.Under traditional customary law, a 55 year old respected elder at remote Yarralin in the Top End was allowed to have sex with a 14 year old girl. She’d been promised to him in marriage when she was four years old and her own grandmother had forced her to submit to her future husband but under Northern Territory law it was a clear case of aggravated assault and sexual intercourse with a child




    Minnesota: Red Lake Reservation celebrates festival
Jeff WeiseThe reservation has been reeling since 16-year-old Jeff Weise killed five fellow students, a teacher and an unarmed security guard at Red Lake High School after killing his grandfather and his grandfather's girlfriend at their home. He later killed himself.




  • Canada: Descendants of U.S. fur trader apologizes to natives near Tofino, B.C.
    B.C. - Descendants of a U.S. fur trader who burned a native village and kidnapped the son of a local chief 200 years ago have apologized for their forefather's actions. William Twombly, a direct descendant of Capt. Robert Gray, forged a new relationship with the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations by just saying sorry.

  • Senate to Vote on Hawaiian Self-Rule Bill
    It would grant Native Hawaiians the same rights of self-government enjoyed by American Indians and Native Alaskans, and would lead to U.S. recognition of a native governing entity. - (and more casinos?)


  • Nebraska: man arrested for suspected hate crime
    According to police, Brandon Hill, armed with a shotgun, approached a Native man who was smoking a cigarette outside a residence across from Hill's home. Police suspect Hill pointed a shotgun at the man and called him a racial slur.







Adoption Laws Frustrate American Indian
IOWA CITY, Iowa -- Kelly Buffalo, an American Indian from the Meskwaki tribe, believes her newborn son will have a better future if he is adopted by a white Indiana couple. Some in her tribe disagree



Indian Tribe Sues to Regain Land in Ohio



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  Aboriginal News: Reaffirmation of Nationhood of the Dalungbara Aboriginal People
· The Dalungbara Aboriginal People bring to the public attention that we reaffirm our nationhood, including all our traditional land prior to British invasion. · Our nationhood has never been surrendered. · We claim all of our traditional land as cultural heritage and as sacred. (more at link)

Lyall Sempf has seceded from the invalid Commonwealth of Australia.

"A citizen has every right to form a new nation, or join a new nation."

Bora of Dalungbara - The Dalungbara Aboriginal People
         "Our motto: Learn together, live togethe"


[Reader notes] "Clarification needs to be made on your site.
Maori are not the aboriginal people of New Zealand.
They exterminated and ate them all."
Reference links: New Zealand History - and - "Ancient Celtic New Zealand "

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Bora of Dalungbara - The Dalungbara Aboriginal People
         Our motto: Learn together, live together.

Genesis 1: 27  So God created man...  And the evening and the morning were the sixth day. bible

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CountryPopulationEthnic demographicsEuropean %Aboriginal %
New Zealand
New Zealand European 74.5%
"other" European:          4.6%, 
Maori:                           9.7%
Asian and others:          7.4% 
Pacific Islander:            3.8%
United States

White (not 'Spanic'):                      71.8%
"'Spanic'" origin:                            11.5%

Black                                            12.8%

Asian and Pacific Islander:               4.0%
American Indian, Eskimo and Aleut:  0.9% 

British Isles origin 40%
French origin        27%
other European     20%
European total:            87%
"Other", mostly Asian: 11.5%
Amerindian:                  1.5%,
Caucasian:              92%, 
Asian:                       7%,
Aboriginal and other:  1% 
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 * Did early hunters exterminate mega fauna in America?
   What no one is saying is: Did the ancestors of the modern Native Americans wipe out the 
   game? Political correctness and Rouseauian romanticism aside, the answer is "Yes." 
 * Safari with the Hadzabe:
   The Hadzabe will eat anything that moves. Elephant, giraffe, lion--you name it...
   The modern world has found a variety of uses for leftover hunter-gatherers.
   Time and again, they have taken up urban positions as bums, criminals, or alcoholics.
The Ignoble Savage By Thomas S. Garlinghouse
Bashers of Western civilization wax nostalgic over an imagined Golden Age, when Noble Savages, uncontaminated by capitalism, enjoyed peace, harmony and environmental balance. In reality, prehistoric peoples waged incessant, brutal wars and hunted vast numbers of animal species to extinction - perhaps even the woolly mammoth and other great Ice Age creatures of North America.

Charles Dickens on 'The Noble Savage' Reproduced from New Nation, no. 1

The Noble Savages.

Rousseau and the noble savage myth. 

The Shadow of the Noble Savage:
Headhunting and Ritual Cannibalism 
in Seventeenth Century New England.


Did Vikings beat Indians to ancient drawings?

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