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Aborigine leader warns on welfare
AboriginesA prominent Aboriginal leader has called for a radical overhaul of Australia's benefits system to help native communities escape from poverty. Noel Pearson has warned that a reliance on state handouts has caused psychological harm in many settlements.  Some economists have insisted that Aborigines may have to leave their impoverished homelands to break free of the so-called welfare trap. Many black Australians live in poverty and are permanently unemployed.  

  • Lobbyist charged with defrauding tribes
    Michael Scanlon, partner of lobbyist Jack Abramoff, was charged Friday with conspiring to defraud Indian tribe clients of millions of dollars in a scheme that lavished golf trips, meals and campaign donations on a member of Congress.  
  • Indians Vow to Protest in Colombia
    BOGOTA, Colombia -- Indians who have seized control of 18 large farms vowed Friday to stage protests across the country after land reform talks with President Alvaro Uribe ended without any agreements.




  • Two Maori activists cleared of charges
    Two members of a self-styled Maori security force have been cleared of demanding money with menaces from a Gisborne motelier. After a depositions hearing at Gisborne District Court, JPs found Sue Wyliam Nikora, 69, who calls herself the "Prime Minister of the Sovereign Government of Aotearoa", and Elijah Matenga, 32, had no case to answer.


    New Zealand: Police blame Maori gangs in toddler abuse case
Harley Mac Wharewera, 19, admitted he beat a toddler and forced him to eat dog faeces. He and Kane Jeremy Tawa were associated with the Manga Kahu chapter of the Black Power gang.

    Canada: Aboriginal veterans begin journey of remembrance to the battlefields of Europe 

    Mitsunori Keira, head of the citizens' group Yaiyukara-no-Mori, which works to preserve Ainu culture,
criticized Internal Affairs and Communications Minister Taro Aso who has called Japan a "one race" nation

    New Zealand: Top Maori artist Paratene Matchitt, 72, charged with sexually violating a woman  


    County Threatens to Take Baby Because Dad is a Sex Offender - (and Indian Chief)
DaiShin WolfHawk
, who is unemployed, said he lives about 20 miles from the home Melissa shares with her father. He says he is the chief of the Unole E Quoni, an American Indian tribe, which he says has 175 families in eight states, but is not recognized by any state or the federal government.  

  • Fake Maori backs race-row colleague - (another angry white)
    Former Ngai Tahu whakapapa unit boss Terry Ryan, the man exposed as a fake Maori, has thrown his weight behind a Ngai Tahu employee imprisoned for a racially-motivated assault.   Court documents obtained by the Sunday Star-Times reveal Ryan wrote a letter of support for Wade Anthony Osborn, a whakapapa unit historian who broke a Pakeha work colleague's jaw. - (Editor note: 'pakeha' is a NZ racist term for 'white')


    Australia: Tribunal to tackle ‘Nigger’ name case
QUEENSLAND: An Aboriginal activist’s long battle to have the word “nigger” removed from a Queensland sporting stadium grandstand is set to go before the state’s anti-discrimination tribunal. Academic and author Stephen Hagan has fought for six years to have the ES Nigger Brown sign at the Toowoomba Athletic Oval taken down, saying the word “nigger” denigrated Aboriginal and dark-skinned people. Mr Brown, who died in 1972 aged 74, was a Caucasian Australian believed to have earned the nickname because of his extremely fair complexion or because he had a penchant for using “Nigger Brown” shoe polish. - (spardeous)  

  • British Museums to Return Human Remains
    LONDON -- The British Museum and eight other leading institutions plan to return human remains to indigenous communities abroad, according to a new British law. Culture Minister David Lammy said the change was a "response to the claims of indigenous peoples, particularly in Australia, for the return of ancestral remains."

  • Australia: Oxfam slams indigenous land reform
    PLANS to allow traditional owners to lease out entire towns on Aboriginal land in the Northern Territory have been criticised by a major aid organisation.The Federal Government wants to allow Aboriginal communities in the Territory to offer 99-year leases on their land to help boost their economic prosperity and raise the level of home ownership. But Oxfam Australia said the changes are unnecessary and fail to address the real needs of indigenous Australians.  

    Mother in Custody Fight for Unborn Child
Expectant mother Melissa WolfHawk worries about losing her baby boy to the county child welfare agency, which has threatened to seek custody after his birth to protect him from his father, a convicted sex offender. At issue is her relationship with her husband of three years, DaiShin WolfHawk (aka John Joseph Lentini) , who served more than a decade in New York state prisons for rape, attempted rape, sodomy and attempted sodomy in a case involving two teenage girls. She also is fighting for custody of the couple's other child, a 21-month-old girl currently living with another family in Maryland, and believes some of her problems have been motivated by prejudice against American Indians. WolfHawk describes himself as the chief of an American Indian tribe.  

    New Zealand: Man attacked by three Maori with own sword near home
A Mangere man who took a sword to stop a noisy fracas outside his home paid for it with his life, the High Court at Auckland was told.
Blair Graham Harvey was overpowered and attacked with the weapon which was stuck into his eye, almost to the back of the skull. He died three hours later in hospital, in the early hours of October 3 last year, from brain damage.  The three men accused of his murder are: - Sione Laungaue, 19, Siosifa Takamara Tupou, 19, and Sefanaia Tuituiohu Tupou, 21. All three had Mr Harvey's blood on their clothes - (-88-


    Native American Hatecrime: Navajo Woman Allegedly Dragged In Hate Crime by Sioux or Apache?
LAWRENCE, Kan. - When Crystal Pacheco, a Navajo tribe Native American, and her friend  began to walk back home, she said, a car pulled up with four other Native Americans inside. "They were like, 'Sioux up in here.'  I was like, 'Ain't that you?'  She said, 'No, Apache.'  I said, 'I'm Navajo." I feel like they were trying to kill me.  That's how I feel. I feel like they were trying to kill me."
- (White Boy)
- (hatecrimes)

    Canada: Idle aboriginal force has funding severed
They've been paid half a million dollars of taxpayers' money for more than a year to twiddle their thumbs. Now, Ottawa and Quebec are immediately suspending the salaries of 12 aboriginal peacekeepers until the fractured community of Kanesatake, west of Montreal, allows them in to do their jobs. - (Canada)  



    Canada: Aboriginal women fair game for predators amid public indifference  
The death and disappearance of aboriginal women has emerged as an alarming nationwide pattern, from western serial murders to little-known Atlantic vanishings.

    Canada: Nine elders of Tahltan First Nation arrested
VANCOUVER (CP) - Grandchildren cried as nine elders of the Tahltan First Nation were arrested for blockading their remote traditional territory and trying to bar a mining company from coming in to drill.   - (Canada)

    New Zealand's Maori Party Wins Four Seats  
WELLINGTON, New Zealand -- A new political party representing New Zealand's Maori won four of seven Parliament seats set aside for indigenous people in  elections dominated by an opposition party's vow to scrap Maori privileges. Don Brash, leader of the main opposition National Party, got a boost for his campaign after saying that if his party won power he would eliminate the seven seats that can be held only by Maori. He called that a form of apartheid, saying he would end all affirmative action programs for Maori.

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Native HawaiiansWhat is the most essential and basic glue that binds living, and formerly living, and yet to be living individuals to other individuals whether they are animal or plant? Is it a piece of paper such as a constitution? Is it nebulous concepts such as "freedom" and "democracy"? Is it that they have occupied the same piece of land? No. Not one of these things is essential or basic. And none of them are very strong glue. What naturally glues together things that live or have lived or will live is having the same genome. In humans, this is usually expressed as being of the same race. - (Commentary) - (H. Millard index)

  Aboriginal News: Reaffirmation of Nationhood of the Dalungbara Aboriginal People
· The Dalungbara Aboriginal People bring to the public attention that we reaffirm our nationhood, including all our traditional land prior to British invasion. · Our nationhood has never been surrendered. · We claim all of our traditional land as cultural heritage and as sacred. (more at link)

Lyall Sempf has seceded from the invalid Commonwealth of Australia.

"A citizen has every right to form a new nation, or join a new nation."

Bora of Dalungbara - The Dalungbara Aboriginal People
         "Our motto: Learn together, live togethe"


[Reader notes] "Clarification needs to be made on your site.
Maori are not the aboriginal people of New Zealand.
They exterminated and ate them all."
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Bora of Dalungbara - The Dalungbara Aboriginal People
         Our motto: Learn together, live together.

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New Zealand
New Zealand European 74.5%
"other" European:          4.6%, 
Maori:                           9.7%
Asian and others:          7.4% 
Pacific Islander:            3.8%
United States

White (not 'Spanic'):                      71.8%
"'Spanic'" origin:                            11.5%

Black                                            12.8%

Asian and Pacific Islander:               4.0%
American Indian, Eskimo and Aleut:  0.9% 

British Isles origin 40%
French origin        27%
other European     20%
European total:            87%
"Other", mostly Asian: 11.5%
Amerindian:                  1.5%,
Caucasian:              92%, 
Asian:                       7%,
Aboriginal and other:  1% 
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The Ignoble Savage By Thomas S. Garlinghouse
Bashers of Western civilization wax nostalgic over an imagined Golden Age, when Noble Savages, uncontaminated by capitalism, enjoyed peace, harmony and environmental balance. In reality, prehistoric peoples waged incessant, brutal wars and hunted vast numbers of animal species to extinction - perhaps even the woolly mammoth and other great Ice Age creatures of North America.

Charles Dickens on 'The Noble Savage' Reproduced from New Nation, no. 1

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Headhunting and Ritual Cannibalism 
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