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    Live-in Black Boyfriend Faces Charges After White 4-Year-Old Dies After Alleged Beating
 Michael McDaniel4-year-old Layla MaloneA 4-year-old has died following an assault Wednesday. Officers found 4-year-old Layla Malone unresponsive at a home around 5:45 p.m. Wednesday. Investigators said she was beaten to death. Relatives say Layla's face was swollen and bruised. Her great uncle says Layla was home with 28-year-old Michael McDaniel because the child had an eye infection and her mother could not take her to daycare. McDaniel is Layla's mother's boyfriend. "Burn in hell, and I'll see you there. Then you've got to deal with me," said Richard Miller. Miller is furious and heartbroken. He sobbed when doctors pronounced Layla dead a day after she was found. "The sweetest little thing, a light in the family, happy - the light is gone now. It is just gone. It will affect this family the rest of our lives," said Miller. Police arrested McDaniel Wednesday and took him to the Franklin County Jail on a charge of felonious assault. Additional charges will be considered after the autopsy is complete. Miller describes more bruises and hand prints on her body... and the scan of Layla's brain showed even more heart wrenching damage. "They could not differentiate the different lobes of her brain, it was just basically mush. He beat her so bad," added Miller. - (Black-on-white)
  • $1 Million Bond Set For Man Accused Of Fatally Beating 4-Year-Old Girl
    Malone's relatives said McDaniel, who is the live-in boyfriend of Malone's mother and was supposed to care for the girl, should now be charged with murder. "I don't know if he hit her or picked her up and slammed her on the wall," he said. Malone sustained, "Multiple skull fractures, retinal hemorrhaging, and multiple bruises about her body." McDaniel and Malone's mother were high school friends who just recently reunited. He said he believes they've been living together for a few months.

Dangers of interracial dating

    Black boyfriend pleads guilty to murder of girlfriend's White 10-year-old son, gets life in prison
Eugene W. MaysChristi Melisha Stewart,Mark Ethan Alexander StewartKANNAPOLIS, NC - A man charged in the April murder of his girlfriend's 10-year-old son pleaded guilty to murder in court Thursday. Eugene W. Mays, 39, pleaded guilty to first degree murder in Cabarrus County court, and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Mays was arrested in April after investigators found 10-year-old Mark Ethan Alexander Stewart, and his 32-year-old mother, Christi Melisha Stewart, during a welfare check. The 10-year-old was dead. His mother was injured, and was taken to a hospital. Mays was located along Forbes Road in Gastonia around 2 a.m. the next day. He was arrested on outstanding misdemeanor warrants for unrelated charges and later charged with first degree murder in Mark Stewart's death. According to the coroner's report in court Thursday, the 10-year-old endured 63 injuries. The boy suffered 11 stab wounds, 25 cutting wounds and 27 blunt force trauma injuries. They said they believe the child was attempting to stop the violent attack against his mother. "It is extremely brutal and heinous, and we can only imagine the horror that little boy went through that evening. Frankly, I think he's a hero," the District Attorney said. "Unfortunately he lost his life protecting his mothers." - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Black man convicted in murder of White store clerk set ablaze sentenced to death
Nancy HarrisSEE IT: Texas jury watches shocking video of black robber setting White clerk on fire, killing her DALLAS — A Garland man convicted in the death of a store clerk set ablaze and left to die was sentenced to death Friday. A jury convicted Matthew Lee Johnson, 38, of capital murder on October 30. Surveillance video captured footage of Johnson walk into a Garland convenience store, pour lighter fluid over 76-year-old Nancy Harris and set the fluid on fire. Harris, known as "grandma" to customers, burned for more than two minutes before a police officer spotted her and put out the fire. She died at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas less than a week after she was violently attacked. "It will never be over," said Scott Harris, one of Harris' sons. "We still have to live with the fact that our mother is gone and she was taken from us in a horrific way." - (Black-on-white) - (Burned Alive!)

    2 Black Teens Sentenced In Death Of White Fort Campbell Soldier
Giovanne Treymane JohnsonRakeem Rashan JonesTaylor HotzoglouCLARKSVILLE, Tenn. - A judge has sentenced two Tennessee men convicted of murder in the killing of a Fort Campbell soldier who was giving them a ride home. Judge John H. Gasaway sentenced Giovanne Johnson and Rakeem Jones, who are both 19, to life plus 25 years in the slaying of 22-year-old Spc. Taylor Hotzoglou. The soldier was shot multiple times on April 28 in Clarksville after giving the two teenagers a ride. He was found by a passerby dead in his car. A jury convicted the teens in September of second-degree murder, felony murder and especially aggravated robbery in the death. - (Black-on-white)

    Black cell phone thief drives off with White owner's foot in door, arrested
James MarcquezJacob KwierantFRANKLIN, Tenn. - A young man was dragged across a parking lot after a Craigslist transaction to sell a Smartphone went "terribly wrong". The incident happened on Halloween when Jacob Kwierant, 22, says he was selling cellphone to a man who answered his Craigslist ad. The alleged thief has been identified as 26-year-old James Marcquez. He was arrested earlier this week. Kwierant says Marcquez was holding the phone, seated in his car, pretending to talk to his wife when he suddenly began to drive away. Kwierant says he had one foot up on the door jam, wedged under the seat. "He pulled off and drove off with my foot stuck in the car, and I had to hold on to the door and he dragged me maybe 200 feet through the parking lot. I hit my head hard when I landed." - (Black-on-white)

    Black thief caught on camera steals donations for sick child, pays for gas
Black donations thiefMESA, AZ - Donations earmarked to help an employee's sick daughter were stolen from the counter at an AM/PM gas station in Mesa, but the thief was caught on camera. Jean Levine says her daughter is sick and has to use a wheelchair to get around but her daughter's home does not have a wheelchair ramp. Levine and her co-workers set up a donation jar at the front counter. Video from security cameras shows a man walk into the Mesa convenience store and hide a jar full of donations in his clothing. "It's wrong," Levine said. "The [donors] are trying to help." She says he not only robbed the store of donations for her family but he also stole hope.

    Interracial Boise duo forced women into prostitution
Derrick W. Hicklen and Gypsie Akers Two Boise residents face a long list felony charges after police say they forced at least a dozen local women into prostitution. Boise Police detectives arrested 44-year-old Derrick W. Hicklen and 28-year-old Gypsie Akers on felony warrants earlier this week. According to police, Hicklen and Akers coerced and persuaded more than a dozen local women into multiple incidents of prostitution, which included holding women in hotels where they were forced to perform sexual acts for money. Akers is accused of taking the money the victims earned. Hicklen is also accused of performing several sexual acts upon women without their consent, in some cases after drugging them so they could not object. Police say Hicklen photographed the crimes.

    Black felon wanted in 3 rapes walks free from prison; later arrested by NOPD in traffic stop
Sherman HamptonA convicted felon wanted in three rapes dating back to 1992 was allowed to walk free from prison in August despite three active warrants for his arrest. He is only behind bars now after a chance encounter with New Orleans police. Sherman Hampton, 59, was arrested Tuesday after an officer saw him riding a bicycle the wrong way down a Central City block. But he never should have been on the street, officials have confirmed.

    Bayonne black man's charges in crime spree include lewdness with girls, shoplifting, stealing phone
Dexter BellA Bayonne man faces a slew of charges after police say he went on a four-day crime spree that included asking two pre-teen girls for a kiss while fondling himself. Dexter Bell, 24, has been charged with criminal sexual conduct, lewdness, shoplifting, obstruction of justice, aggravated assault, resisting arrest and theft. Bell stole a cellphone from a woman and posted nude photographs of the woman on Facebook. On Tuesday, Bell approached the children’s playground of the YMCA and asked for a kiss from two children, ages 11 and 12, and from two counselors working at the YMCA. While asking for the kiss, Bell had his hands down his pants and was fondling himself. On Wednesday, Bell asked to use a man’s iPhone, then ran away after grabbing the phone. On Thursday, Bell was arrested after he tried to steal a set of headphones and a phone charger from a Metro PCS store on Broadway. When stopped by a responding officer, Bell told the officer “F*** you” and fled the store.





(Asian) Pinkberry co-founder guilty of beating homeless man in Los AngelesYoung Lee
A co-founder of the popular frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry has been found guilty of beating a homeless man with a tire iron in Los Angeles. City News Service reports that 49-year-old Young Lee was convicted Friday of assault with a deadly weapon. Lee, who is no longer affiliated with Pinkberry, was taken into custody and is scheduled to be sentenced 14 January. Prosecutors said Lee confronted the homeless man in June 2011 because Lee thought the transient had disrespected his wife by showing her a sexually explicit tattoo. The homeless man was struck twice in the head and suffered a broken arm before witnesses stopped the attack.


  • Right Wing’s Surge in Europe Has the Establishment Rattled
    As right-wing populists surge across Europe, rattling established political parties with their hostility toward immigration, austerity and the European Union, Mikkel Dencker of the Danish People’s Party has found yet another cause to stir public anger: pork meatballs missing from kindergartens. (pandering to Muslim migrants)

    2 White women killed when black man speeds through Kosciusko roadblock
Nickholas Gerard Jackson,Erica HolifieldKOSCIUSKO, Miss. —A Sallis man faces multiple charges after allegedly running a Kosciusko police roadblock on Saturday, striking a vehicle and killing two people. The Mississippi Highway Patrol said Nickholas Gerard Jackson, 31, drove through the driver's license checkpoint at the junction of Mississippi Highways 12 and 35-19 and collided with a car. Officials said Erica Holifield, 16, died in the crash. Her stepmother, Chassie Holifield, 33, died later of her injuries. One other person was hurt, investigators said. A 3-year-old in the car was not injured. Jackson is charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, failure to stop a motor vehicle when directed by police, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving and disregard for a traffic device. - (Black-on-white)

    2 (cowardly blacks) charged with kidnapping (White) cancer patient from St. Louis County hotel
Marcus Pratt-Pegues, 24, and Eunique Cooper, 21Thomas M. NedichAuthorities have filed charges against two suspects accused of kidnapping a man with cancer from his hotel room in Bridgeton. Marcus Pratt-Pegues, 24, and Eunique Cooper, 21, were each charged Thursday with kidnapping and first-degree burglary. According to authorities, the suspects kidnapped Thomas M. Nedich, 63, from his room at America’s Best Value Inn around 1:30 p.m. Monday. Pratt-Pegues threw a chair through the window and demanded money from Nedich, who suffers from brain cancer and cannot walk. Nedich refused and the suspects took him from the room. The suspects kept him overnight and took him to the bank the next day. Nedich was found safe Wednesday morning. - (Black-on-white)

    Black boy that set fire to white person confused about gender is confirmed to be a black boy - to be tried as an adult in hatecrime
Luke Fleischman (AKA Sasha Fleischman),OAKLAND, Calif. -- The 16-year-old charged with a hate crime for intentionally setting the clothing of another high school student on fire will be tried as an adult. The victim, Luke "Sasha" Fleischman, is recovering from surgery at a San Francisco burn center. As they left the courtroom after a briefing hearing, the family of 16-year-old Richard Thomas said Thomas is not a "hateful person," as the charges against him might indicate. - (Black-on-white)
    Ref: VINELINK: Offender Name: RICHARD ALLEN THOMAS Offender ID/CDCR#: 1814909
Date of Birth: 07/02/1997 Age: 16 Race: African American Gender: Male

    Execution date set for black convicted killer
Kareem JacksonThe Ohio Supreme Court set a Jan. 21, 2016, execution date today for Kareem Jackson, convicted of two execution-style slayings in 1997. Jackson, 39, was sentenced to death for both the murders of Terrance L. Walker and Antorio Hunter during a drug robbery at an apartment in Clinton Township in northeastern Columbus on March 25, 1997. He originally was sentenced to death in 1999, but his execution was postponed by appeals, which are now exhausted. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien requested the execution date. Court records show Jackson shot his victims in the head through a seat cushion while they were begging for their lives. The robbery netted $45 and a small bag of marijuana.

    Black man charged after police said 2 woman raped near Johnson C. Smith University
Frederick SullivanCHARLOTTE, N.C. — University officials refuse to answer why they failed to notify students and staff at Johnson C. Smith University about two alleged rapes near campus just days apart. Last Friday, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officers arrested Frederick Sullivan, a construction worker, and charged him with multiple counts of rape, kidnapping, sex offense, communicating threats and assault. Investigators said the 23-year-old female victim, who is not a JCSU student, was dropping Sullivan off at that address, which is a construction site across the street from JCSU. Officials said Sullivan then attacked the woman and raped her, injuring her to the point that she had to go to the hospital. According to police records, Sullivan raped a 21-year-old woman that police said he at the same location on Oct. 26.

    Black man charged with rape and Involuntary Deviant Sexual Intercourse
 Victor StampsSwatara Township Police have charged a man with rape after a badly beaten victim showed up at Hershey Medical Center. Officers were contacted by the hospital on November 6th in reference to an assault victim that was being treated at their facility. Responding officers spoke with the victim, who told police that the victim had been assaulted by Victor Stamps. Stamps was taken into custody on November 7th by Harrisburg Police Officers. Stamps has been charged with Rape, Involuntary Deviant Sexual Intercourse, Unlawful Restraint, False Imprisonment, Aggravated Assault, Sexual Assault, and Aggravated Indecent Assault.

    Inmate charged with exposing himself in court
Cordell Zebedee FieldsCordell Zebedee Fields, 56, was charged in Tulsa County District Court with a single count of indecent exposure, according to court filings. Prosecutors allege on Oct. 24 that Fields "lewdly expose(d) his person and private parts in a public place where there were present other persons to be offended and annoyed," court documents said. Fields is also accused of shouting expletives to a judge prior to exposing himself, documents said. Fields was already in custody complaints of assault and battery on a detention officer, transfer of bodily fluids on a government official and threatening a violent act.







    Jury selection underway in Onslow County (black-on-white) murder trial
Nickey YatesLinda HulsmanJACKSONVILLE, N.C. - An Onslow County murder trial started Monday. Investigators say 22-year-old Nickey Yates strangled Linda Hulsman over prenoscription drugs. Yates faces charges of first degree murder. Hulsman died three years ago. She was 56-years-old at the time. District Attorney Ernie Lee says this is the oldest pending murder case in Onslow County. Jury selection kicked off in Superior Court. The trial is expected to last all week. "If he's innocent, God will take care of it. If he's guilty, God will take care of it. So either way, if he don't get punished, he'll have to answer to the man above," said Crystal Farrior, Jacksonville resident. - (Black-on-white)
  • Hulsmann died of strangulation
    The Onslow County Sheriff's Office says Linda Hulsmann died from strangulation. , Hulsmann and Yates, the man accused of her murder, were close acquaintances. Friends of the victim say Yates had been doing handyman work for her. “He knew she had prenoscription drugs, that she needed for her condition and he wanted them in a bad way,” said Albert Hanniger.

    Appellate court: Retry Stanley Liggins for 1990 (black-on-white) rape-murder of 9-year-old girl
Stanley Liggins Jennifer Ann LewisThe promise made to child murder victim Jennifer Ann Lewis still stands: No matter how many times Stanley Liggins appeals, Mary Maxwell-Rockwell will be there. Liggins, now 51, has twice been convicted in the 9-year-old Rock Island girl's murder. Jennifer's smoldering body was found in a garbage bag in the schoolyard at Jefferson Elementary, Davenport, in 1990. She had been sexually assaulted and strangled. After a Scott County jury found him guilty of the murder in 1993, the Iowa Supreme Court overturned the conviction on a technicality. He was again found guilty in a change-of-venue trial in Dubuque in 1995. On Wednesday, the Iowa Court of Appeals reversed the second conviction. "I guess, any time you hear there's a chance ... there's that little shadow of a doubt where you know this could happen," Mary Maxwell-Rockwell said of the reversal Wednesday. She is a family friend who sat through both trials on behalf of Jennifer's parents, Sheri and Joe Glen, who were not permitted in the courtroom. "If this goes to court five more times, I'll go five more times. "I made the promise to Jennifer the day she died that I would see this through. If Liggins wants to drag it out another 30 years, I'll be there — from start to finish. "I am not ever going to let Liggins think for one minute that little girl's life means any less today than it did the day he took it. He will not do this to another child." - (Black-on-white)
  • Liggins Gets Third Trial In Rape-Murder Of White 9-year-old Rock Island Girl
    A Rock Island man convicted twice of killing a nine-year old girl in Davenport will get another trial. That is thanks to a court ruling made because of new evidence. It's been more than 20 years since Jennifer Lewis was murdered. But Wednesday, an appeals court ruled that new evidence warrants a new day in court for the man convicted of the crime. That evidence is that all those years ago, evidence was actually suppressed in the Stanley Liggins trial. Twenty-three years later the case still stirs strong emotion. It was a brutal crime Nine-year old Jennifer Lewis was raped and strangled. Her body was then set on fire and found in a Davenport school yard. Devastating to her community and her family. Her mother, Sheri Glenn, asking at the time, "Why? What did we ever do to you? Why did you do that to Jennifer?" Police arrested then 28-year old Stanley Liggins. The Scott County Attorney charged him with first degree murder, taking the case to trial in 1993. Prosecutors made a case against the man Jennifer's parents once called a friend. A man with a criminal record that included a child molestation conviction. Liggins claimed he didn't get a fair trial, that the all-white jury was out to get him and was forced into a guilty verdict. He said, "I feel like 90-percent of it was race."

    Community Fundraiser Held In Honor Of Aimee Willard - (raped and murdered by black)
Aimee WillardArthur BomarPHILADELPHIA — Seventeen years after Aimee Willard, a beloved college student and athlete from Delaware County was abducted and murdered, her family is working hand-in-hand with residents in the North Philadelphia neighborhood where her body was found in 1996. Willard’s mother, sister and other family members are joining with members of the Hero Community Center at 17th and Tioga to sponsor a Coat and New Toy Drive for the upcoming holidays. - (Black-on-white)

    D.C. police make cold case arrest in 1984 New Year’s Day rape and murder
Joe Anthony Barber District of Columbia police say they’ve made an arrest in a cold case slaying of woman who was found raped and killed on New Year’s Day 1984. Police arrested 55-year-old Joe Anthony Barber of Woodbridge on Tuesday, and charged him with first-degree felony murder in the stabbing death of 43-year-old Rachel Cox. Barber has a previous conviction in the brutal rape of a young girl in Southeast Washington, and is on the Virginia sex offender registry. Now he’s charged with a nearly 30-year-old homicide.

    Ninth (black) Man Charged In Videotaped Rapes Of 3 Girls
Michael McChristonCHICAGO – A ninth man has been charged with taking part in the videotaped sexual assaults of two teenage sisters and another 16-year-old in a moving van on the West Side. Michael McChriston, 20, was ordered held in lieu of $500,000 bail Wednesday for the Oct. 19 attack. The rapes were videotaped on a cellphone camera, authorities said. McChriston, who is also known as Michael Washington, also was identified in a photo array by two of the victims, Assistant State’s Attorney Kingsley Sawyers said. McChriston lives in the 5700 block of West Race and was arrested in Maywood on Tuesday. Also charged in the incident are Fitzpatrick Durham, 18; Kelvin Pryor, 17; Sadarius Price, 17; Joshua Grayer, 18; Denzel Clay, 19; Ramel Stevens, 20; Maurice Johnson, 17, and Vanburen Robinson, 18.

    Sandy Springs police search for (black) rape suspect
Terry Marquis HicksSANDY SPRINGS, GA - Sandy Springs police are searching for a rape suspect. Authorities say Terry Marquis Hicks, 40, brutally assaulted a female victim after leaving the Taboo 2 bar on Nov. 4. According to police, Hicks caused the victim severe injuries, including a broken jaw. Police say Hicks has no established home but was last seen possibly driving a dark brown 1998 Honda Accord with Georgia tag PPB-6347. Anyone with information on Hicks is asked to call the police.

    Baltimore Police Catch (Black) Suspected Serial Rapist; Link Him To 3 Attacks With DNA
Nelson Bernard CliffordBALTIMORE — City police say a serial rapist is off the streets. Investigators linked the suspect to three separate attacks but say there may be more victims. The list of charges against Nelson Bernard Clifford, 33, is long. Baltimore detectives say he’s responsible for three different rape cases throughout the city. Police say the first rape happened in early November in the 3700-block of Greenmount Avenue. In that attack, police say Clifford climbed through a woman’s window at night and raped her at knifepoint while her two children were in the next room. It happened again a few days later, this time in the 700-block of Lennox Street. It happened a third time in the 900-block of Harlem Avenue last month. This time, police say he used an ice pick to threaten the victim.

    (Black) suspects identified in Fayetteville robbery, rape
(L-R) Cortese Davis, Paul SmithFayetteville police have identified two suspects in a robbery and rape that happened last weekend. Police are looking for Cortese Davis of Spring Lake and Paul Smith of Dunn. Two men walked into the Advance Auto Parts store on Owen Drive in Fayetteville last Saturday, robbed it then took the workers in the back. They held them at gunpoint while a female employee was raped. A similar crime happened in Lumberton Saturday at another auto parts store but no sexual assault occurred. Davis and Smith are considered armed and dangerous.

    Memphis Black Gets 49 Years In Prison for Child Rape
Rickey Bell A Memphis man convicted of repeatedly raping and sexually abusing a young girl over a five-year period has been sentenced to 49 years in prison. Rickey Bell lived in the same house with the girl and began abusing her in 2007 when she was seven years old. Bell, 48, continued to rape and sexually abuse the girl until August of 2012 when she confided in a school counselor who then notified police. He was convicted last month in trial. The judge sentenced Bell to 25 years in prison for rape of a child and 12 years each on aggravated sexual battery and rape, all to be served consecutively with no parole. Bell also was sentenced to six years in prison on each of two counts of sexual battery by an authority figure.

    Suffolk (black) man arrested for having sex with teenager
Vincent Nathanial SmithA 41-year-old Suffolk man has been arrested after allegedly engaging in sexual acts with a minor. Police say Vincent Nathanial Smith was seen engaging in sexual acts with a 16-eyar-old girl in a car in the 1200 block of Kansas St. on Tuesday. Illegal narcotics were also found, police said. Smith was arrested and charged with solicitation of prostitution from minor less than 16, contributing to delinquency of minor, indecent exposure, carnal knowledge of a minor and cocaine posession.

    Tulsa Black Man Sentenced To 17 Years In Prison For Child Sex Trafficking
Tarran Brinson A Tulsa man was sentenced to 17 years in a federal prison for the sex trafficking of children. Prosecutors said 24-year-old Tarran Brinson used social media to lure underage girls into the sex trade. He was convicted of conspiring to recruit, entice, transport, provide, and obtain girls under the age of 18 years knowing and in reckless disregard of the fact that the girls would be caused to engage in commercial sex acts. One of the victims was just 14 years old.

    (Black) Former Grand Rapids Schools parapro found guilty of two counts of criminal sexual conduct
Kevin DengelGRAND RAPIDS, MI – Convinced he would be found not guilty, Kevin Dengel on Thursday asked for one more chance to plead his case to the jury that found he had inappropriately touched two eighth-grade girls. Instead the former Grand Rapids Schools paraprofessional was led away by court deputies to await sentencing on Dec. 2 on two counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. The Kent County Circuit Court jury deliberated about two hours before returning its verdict on Thursday, Nov. 7. Over three days, the jury heard from the young victims who were 13 when they said Dengel touched their breast and buttock when they were students at Sherwood Park Global Studies Academy. One of the victims said Dengel walked up behind her on two occasions and touched her buttocks during school hours, once apologizing and telling the girl “My hand has a mind of its own.” The other girl said Dengel leaned his shoulder into her breast while walking down the crowded hallway on one occasion, and on another raised his hand to touch her breast.

    Wichita Sex Trafficking Arrest Leads To Riley County Runaway
Chivas TaylorA 25-year-old registered sex offender is behind bars accused of sex trafficking. Wichita Police found him Wednesday, saying he'd been staying in a hotel with a teenaged girl who they say ran away from Riley County in late September. Motel owner Paul Batka says the suspect, Chivas Taylor, had been staying there for at least four weeks, but he didn't know there was a 16-year-old runaway here with him. Police got a tip the girl was at the hotel. When they found her, they say they discovered Taylor was prostituting her out for sex.

    (Black) 18-Year-Old in Custody for Attempted Rape in Ely Blanche High School Bathroom Stall: Police
Toby DuncanAn 18-year-old is in custody after police say he attempted to rape an underage girl in a high school bathroom stall. Toby Duncan is being held without bond on charges of sexual battery, lewd battery on a victim under 16, lewd molestation on a victim over 12 and false imprisonment. Duncan grabbed the victim as she was walking down a hallway at Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach and forced her towards the boy's bathroom. When she resisted he picked her up and carried her into the bathroom against her will. Inside, he pushed her into a bathroom stall and attempted to pull her pants down while touching her inappropriately. The victim was afraid because Duncan had allegedly been violent with other students in the school, police said.

    Black Cop Charged With Molesting Girl, And Later, Her Daughter
Allen Hall A veteran Chicago Police officer has been charged with molesting a minor girl years ago, and similarly attacking the victim’s 3-year-old daughter late last month. Allen Hall forced his first victim to masturbate him while he was in his bed at his Austin home when the girl was 13. The girl told her mother what had happened, but authorities were never contacted at the time of the incident, which took place in either 2005 or 2006. Between 2007 and 2009, Allen also allegedly touched the girl’s breasts and groin in exchange for gifts. Then, two weeks ago, Allen molested his victim’s toddler after he drove them to a currency exchange in the 5100 block of West Madison. When the older victim, now 21, went inside to make a purchase, Allen allegedly made the 3-year-old touch his penis.

    Black Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Charged With Assaulting Girlfriend
Marques NewsomeA lieutenant with the Philadelphia Police has been charged with assaulting his girlfriend. On Wednesday, Nov. 6th, Philadelphia police lieutenant Marques Newsome, a 16-year veteran of the department, was arrested for an incident that occurred on Oct. 27th in the 1300 block of North 57th Street.

    (Black) Shreveport police officer charged with felony, placed on leave
Patrick A. WilliamsA Shreveport police officer has been placed on administrative leave following his arrest on a felony charge of issuing worthless checks. According to the Shreveport Police Department, 23-year-old Patrick Williams was arrested Tuesday as a fugitive on an outstanding warrant. Williams joined the Shreveport Police Department in July 2012. Chief of Police Willie Shaw placed Williams on leave "as required by the rules and regulations of the Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board which states: 'When an employee is charged with a felony he shall, and if a misdemeanor he may, be immediately relieved of duty and placed on "departmental leave' for up to one week at full pay and with continuing seniority."

    (Black) Quincy Home Depot employee accused of stabbing co-worker in store aisle
Jamal BoydQUINCY, Mass. -- An employee at the Home Depot on Willard Street in Quincy is accused of stabbing a co-worker inside the store. Investigators allege a 36-year-old Jamal Boyd, of Mattapan, stabbed 37-year-old Corey Fredrick, of Cambridge, with a knife in aisle 13 of the home improvement store Thursday morning. They claim the men had an argument prior to the stabbing. Quincy police say Boyd, who worked at the store for a few months, left the store and ran into the woods, but returned to turn himself in after investigators called his cell phone. Boyd is charged with armed assault with intent to murder and assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon. Officers who responded to the scene described Fredrick's condition as "grave." He was transported to Boston Medical Center and rushed into surgery.

    Four black teens accused of attacking man on Milwaukee’s east side
Dontarrion Brown, Justin Goodwin, Latrell Katherine, Martis ShanksFour Milwaukee teenagers are charged with robbery as a party to a crime for allegedly attacking a man on the city’s east side. All four teens are students at Bradley Tech High School — three are on the school’s basketball team. The accused are Dontarrion Brown, Justin Goodwin, Latrell Katherine and Martis Shanks. The suspects knocked the man to the ground and continued to punch and kick him — and told him to empty his pockets.







    Ex-49ers Football Player Guilty of Domestic Violence Against Homosexual Sodomite Boyfriend
Former San Francisco 49ers lineman Kwame Harris was found guilty of misdemeanor domestic violence and battery. It all started when his boyfriend Dimitri Geier poured soy sauce on his rice.



    New Hampshire court upholds death sentence for cop killer
Michael AddisonMichael BriggsBOSTON — New Hampshire's top court on Wednesday upheld a capital conviction for cop-killer Michael Addison, but said his death sentence was still under review. Addison became New Hampshire's only death row inmate in 2008 and would become the first prisoner in the state to be executed in more than 70 years if his sentence is upheld. Addison, 33, was convicted of shooting a Manchester bicycle policeman, Michael Briggs, in 2006 as Briggs was trying to arrest him following a string of robberies and a gunfight. - (Black-on-white)

    The 78-year-old White man who was beaten in a home invasion by a black and Hispanic has died
Delor Cabral, a former sheriff, was critically injured while trying to help his tenant after two gunmen broke into the apartment. Cabral died Sunday morning at Rhode Island Hospital. - (Black-on-white)
  • Warrants issued for two men in home invasion that left elderly man in critical condition
    Wilbert RichardsonJoel ValdezDelor CabralThe Providence police have warrants for two men accused of viciously beating a 78-year-old man during an armed home invasion Saturday. Joel Valdez, 25, and Wilbert Richardson, 39, are wanted for the brazen attack at 122-124 Ontario St., detective Sgt. William Dwyer Jr. said. Two men forced their way into the third-floor apartment, where they pistol-whipped the tenant and then attacked his landlord as he tried to intervene. Delor M. Cabral, who owns the multifamily house, suffered severe head injuries and was in critical condition at Rhode Island Hospital's intensive care unit.
  • Delor Cabral Obituary
    Born in Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal on May 3, 1935 he immigrated to America at an early age and settled in Providence where he eventually opened Dean's Variety, worked as a Deputy Sheriff and ran for State Representative, he also served in the US Air Force Military Police. Dean will be forever remembered by those whom he loved and those that love him.

    Soldier says Nashville cabbie with "a Somali accent" told him to get out of taxi
Allen Pendley A Kentucky National Guard member says a Nashville cabbie told him to get out of a taxi Sunday after asking if he was in the Army. Allen Pendley said he was wearing his military uniform when he was picked up at the downtown Nashville Greyhound Bus station by a Yellow Cab driver, described as having what he considered "a Somali accent." The Guard member, who had just taken a bus back to Nashville after finishing drills in Kentucky, said he had gone several blocks through the downtown area before the cabbie asked him if he was in the Army. "I replied yes, and then he told me to get out without saying anything else," said Pendley, who said he takes Nashville cabs several times a week because he is a student at an area technical college. "I have never had anything like this ever happen to me when I have been in uniform. I think it's discrimination," he added.

    Many in Greenville service industry relieved after black man arrested in White fellow server's death
Samuel Hawkins JrMisty Michelle JohnsonServers in Greenville’s bars and restaurants are like a community within a community, where everybody knows everybody, and after-hours parties and get-togethers are frequent, according to friends of Misty Michelle Johnson. Something went wrong after a visit by a fellow server in mid-September at Johnson’s pale-green rental house in a quiet neighborhood just off Interstate 385, police allege. Samuel Hawkins Jr., has been charged with murder in Johnson’s death, according to a warrant. Investigators say Hawkins and Johnson "knew each other". Hawkins, 33, had been “kicked” out of Johnson’s home the morning she was believed missing, Sept. 12, and later drove her car to his home, where it was found, according to an arrest warrant. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Black estranged husband gets 50 years for fatal shooting of his white wife in hospital parking lot
Ferdinand Glen SmithKaren SmithDALLAS — After pleading guilty to murdering his wife, Ferdinand Glen Smith faced friends and family in a Dallas County courtroom. Armed with a gun, Mr. Smith waited for his estranged wife, Karen Smith, in the parking lot of her work in January at UT Southwestern Medical Center. According to prosecutors, he opened fire on her as she walked to her vehicle. In a plea deal made with prosecutors, Mr. Smith agreed to a 50-year sentence. Sara Horton, the victim's mother, told reporters she felt justice was served. "I wish that you burn in hell for eternity," she said from the witness stand. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Warrant issued for black man in connection with death of White mother in front of 3-year-old
Johnny Lashawn ShipmanKristi DelaneyPolice in Mascotte have issued a murder warrant for a man who they said killed a 27-year-old mother in front of her 3-year-old. Johnny Lashawn Shipman, 36, is wanted for killing Kristi Delaney, whose body was found beaten and laying lifeless in her Mascotte home on Monday. He is Delaney's ex-boyfriend and father of the child. "He didn't want to let her go," said Delaney's mother, Sandra Delaney. "She didn't want to be with him. He was totally obsessed and he felt that if he couldn't have her nobody could." Officials said Kristi Delaney's 3-year-old daughter was in the house on South Bay Lake Road at the time of her death and ran down the street to her grandmother's house to tell her "mommy" was sick. "She just threw herself on the ground and was laying there like a dead person," said Sandra Delaney. "She said, 'Mommy's on the ground,' and that's when we just grabbed my granddaughter and went up there and that's when I found my daughter dead." Sandra Delaney said her daughter had been beaten with some kind of blunt object. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Black Burlington Man Gets Life Sentence For Killing White Wife
Chico NewmanCrystal M. Newman BURLINGTON, Iowa — A Burlington man proclaimed his innocence as he was sentenced to life in prison for the killing of his wife. 38-year-old Chico Newman blamed police and prosecutors before Judge John Linn imposed a mandatory life sentence for first-degree murder. Newman was convicted last month in the Aug. 9, 2012, shooting death of his wife, 32-year-old Crystal Newman, during an argument. He claimed she killed herself. Crystal Newman's sister, Emerald Johnson, read brief statements from the victim's children. The couple's 9-year-old son wrote, "I am mad at my Dad forever." - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Deployed black soldier watched stabbing attack by a fellow black soldier on his pregnant white wife
Corey Bernard MossRachel and Justin PooleRachel PooleA deployed soldier chatting with his pregnant wife on FaceTime watched helplessly Wednesday as a fellow soldier repeatedly stabbed the woman, according to several media reports. Pvt. Justin Pele Poole was in Southwest Asia as wife Rachel Poole, nine months pregnant with their child, started screaming. Pvt. Poole took to Facebook immediately to get help. “If u are seeing this message find out what ... hospital my wife is in and tell me the ... whereabouts of Corey Moss. He ... went to my house while I’m deployed and stabbed her ten today [sic],” he wrote. The El Paso, Texas, woman was stabbed in the face and on her body. She was also beaten, sustaining multiple fractures. She managed to yell out her attacker’s name — Corey Bernard Moss, a 19-year-old soldier who was training at nearby Fort Bliss. Moss’ rank could not be ascertained by deadline. The base’s police force soon located Moss and turned him over to El Paso police. He faces charges of criminal attempted murder. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    White 'Amish Mafia' actress beaten up by black rapper boyfriend who 'broke her nose, teeth and cheekbones'
Esther Schmucker and black boyfriendPolice have issued an arrest warrant for the rapper boyfriend of Amish Mafia star Esther Schmucker, who allegedly brutalized his actress girlfriend in an attack on Halloween, breaking her nose, teeth and cheekbones. Schmucker, who stars in the Discovery Channel TV docu-drama as the character 'Esther', has previously filed at least three protection-from-abuse orders against her boyfriend Imir R. Williams - who also goes by the stage name Mirkat and is from Strasburg - however she failed to attend any of the court hearings so they were dismissed. Now police are actively searching for Williams after Schmucker told them he repeatedly punched her in the face during an assault on October 31 at their home in Lancaster Country, Pennsylvania, where Amish Mafia is filmed. The criminal complaint against Williams - who is black, 6-foot-4 and weighs 210 pounds - states that the alleged assault occurred between 1 and 2 a.m. Thursday at the home he shared with Schmucker in the 200 block of North Decatur Street, Strasburg.

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Odds are black) teen on bus set fire to the kilt of sleeping white 'person' that is confused about its gender
Luke Fleischman (AKA Sasha Fleischman),assumed black suspectOAKLAND — Police have arrested a 16-year-old boy (that attends a black high school) who investigators believe intentionally set a person on fire aboard an AC Transit bus Monday evening. The victim is an 18-year-old who was sleeping on the bus, police said. - (Burned Alive!)
  • Oakland: 16-year-old boy suspected of setting 'person' on fire on AC Ttransit bus
    The victim, 18-year-old Luke Fleischman (AKA Sasha Fleischman), was in stable condition Tuesday at the St. Francis Memorial Hospital burn unit in San Francisco, his mother Debbie Fleischman said. Her (asexual offspring) is going to require massive skin grafting and a long recovery period, she said.
  • 16-year-old boy suspected of setting 'person' on fire on Oakland bus
    "My 'son' considers himself agender," Debbie Fleischman said. "He likes to wear a skirt. It's his statement.
    Police said it appears the suspect, a junior at Oakland High School, boarded the bus near the school and saw Fleischman sleeping in a rear seat and lit his skirt on fire.
  • Suspect's motive in bus fire unknown
    When officers arrived at the scene they found the victim, who was wearing a kilt, suffering from burns to his lower body.
  • Student Demographics for Oakland High School
    Black 29.61%, Hispanic 17.56%, Pacific Islander 1.38%, White 1.27%
  • UPDATE: Teen accused of lighting bus passenger on fire charged as adult
    The 16-year-old charged with a hate crime for intentionally setting the clothing of another high school student on fire will be tried as an adult. The victim, Luke "Sasha" Fleischman, is recovering from surgery at a San Francisco burn center. As they left the courtroom after a briefing hearing, the family of 16-year-old Richard Thomas said Thomas is not a "hateful person," as the charges against him might indicate. "He's a very good kid, very good kid," one family member said. "He was just joking around that's all." In the criminal complaint, the officer interviewing Thomas said, "During the suspect interview, the suspect stated he did it because he was homophobic."

    Black arrested for rape in Pine Bluff
Christopher D. HolderPINE BLUFF, Ark. - Pine Bluff police have a man in custody for rape. Police say Christopher D. Holder, 20, is charged for a rape that happened Wed. Oct. 30 at 9:30 a.m. at 1301 Commerce behind Belair Middle School at gunpoint.

    Suspects in Miss. kidnapping of 6-year-old girl
Shamarius Ruffin Five people intend to plead guilty in a scheme to kidnap a 6-year-old girl from an east Mississippi elementary school but not the accused plot leader and son. The kidnapping was a plot to pressure the child's mother in a land deal. Shamarius Ruffin intends to change her plea to guilty at a hearing scheduled Nov. 6 in U.S. District Court in Jackson, Miss. The woman who authorities say orchestrated the plan, Jesse Mae Brown Pollard, and her son, Devonta Pollard, a former basketball player at the University of Alabama, are among seven people charged in the case.






Indian woman Hope Louise Tomahawk Whiteshield pleaded guilty in July to federal charges of child abuse
Hope Louise Tomahawk Whiteshieldand witness tampering in the June death of her step-granddaughter, who was just shy of 3 years old.
The Spirit Lake Indian Reservation woman who was awarded custody of infant twin girls despite a history of child neglect was sentenced Wednesday to 30 years in prison in the death of one of the children, who was thrown down an embankment.


    Asian-American couple accused of starving black adopted daughter to death - freed from Qatari jail as they await verdict
An Asian-American couple held in Qatar on child abuse charges since January have been freed from jail as they prepare their defense against charges that could see them both executed in the Persian Gulf nation. As of Wednesday, Matthew and Grace Huang are free to move about Qatar but cannot return home unless they are found not-guilty in a ruling likely to come in December. The Los Angeles natives are accused of starving their black adopted daughter Gloria to death so they could sell her organs. Gloria was adopted from Ghana at age 4.


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    Black man guilty of rape, aggravated murder in death of White Sandusky mother, 2 children
Curtis ClintonHeather Jackson3-year-old Celina and 18-month-old Wayne JacksonSANDUSKY, OH - A man accused of raping a young Sandusky mother before killing her hand her two children has been found guilty. A jury convicted Curtis Clinton on rape and aggravated murder charges on Monday. Clinton, 41, was accused of raping and killing 23-year-old Heather Jackson before also murdering her two children, 3-year-old Celina and 18-month-old Wayne. The same jury that convicted Clinton on Monday will return to the courtroom on November 12 to begin the penalty phase of the case. During the penalty phase, the jury will make a recommendation to the judge as to whether or not Clinton should be put to death for his crimes. The judge will then make a final decision about Clinton's punishment. - (Black-on-white)

    Black man, 24, accused of killing White girlfriend's 22-month-old daughter
Kyleann BurressTodd Howell JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A 24-year-old Jacksonville man is charged with murder in the death of his girlfriend's 22-month-old daughter. Todd Howell claimed he dropped Kyleann Burress on Saturday morning and tried to shake her to wake her up. The girl stopped breathing and was taken to a hospital, where she died Sunday from shaken baby syndrome. "It's sad and it's tragic, and it definitely serves as a reminder and a wake-up call to all single parents that they should be choosing their partners very carefully," said DCF spokesperson John Harrell. Police said the incident happened after Howell took the girl's mother to work. The two have been together for two months. "When we interviewed him, he actually denied doing anything wrong, but he said he was changing the child, and during the course of changing the child, he dropped the child and started shaking the child in order to revive the child." - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Black female suspect in murder of (White) 78-year-old man and near-deadly beating of wife
Shauna Burton Mel (deceased) and Jean Bain (in critical condition)RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. —The 36-year-old woman arrested on suspicion of beating a 78-year-old man and his wife in their Rancho Cordova home Sunday knew the victims so well she was often seen helping unload grocery bags with the victim, according to neighbors. Shauna Burton has been booked into Sacramento's main jail on suspicion of murder, assault, robbery, car theft and a probation violation. "We consider her an acquaintance of the victims but don't quite know the relationship," said Lisa Bowman, a spokeswoman for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. The man died from his injuries. His wife remains hospitalized in critical condition, Bowman said. Their identities have not yet been released. "We do not think this was a random act of violence," Bowman said. “He’s just a real kindhearted person and it’s going to be real strange not to see uncle Mel,” said the victim’s nephew Gary O’Connor (pictured at right). “You’re going to have to answer to a higher power one of these days, and I hope you get dealt with then,” said O’Connor.- (Black-on-white)

    A black New Jersey cop facing a possible life sentence for the racially charged road-rage slaying of a white driver
Joseph WalkerJoseph Harvey, JrJoseph Walker, 40, an 18-year veteran assigned to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, fatally shot Joseph Harvey, 36, during a confrontation on June 8 on I-97, just south of Baltimore. Walker cut Harvey off when both vehicles tried to make a left turn at the same place. The two drivers exchanged angry words as their cars swerved around each other on the shoulder of the road. Both eventually came to a halt, and Harvey, an unmarried truck driver, allegedly shouted racial epithets as he approached the officer’s van. Walker fired several shots from six to 12 feet away at Harvey, who was unarmed. Walker was charged with murder and is free on $1 million bail. He was suspended from his job without pay. - (Black-on-white)

-   Two sentenced in Canton woman’s burning death
LaFonse Dixon JrCeleste FronsmanZANESVILLE, Ohio — A judge sentenced LaFonse Dixon Jr. to life in prison without parole today for his role in the burning death of Celeste Fronsman. Muskingum County Common Pleas Judge Kelly Cottrill followed the sentencing recommendation the jury made on Oct. 22. The same jury found Dixon guilty on Oct. 17 of aggravated murder, aggravated arson and kidnapping. Dixon, 34, of Canton, could have received the death penalty. Cottrill called the case “horrific.” “Ms. Fronsman died a horrific death at your hands,” Cottrill said. “Your self-absorbed, anything-goes lifestyle led directly to her death.” Prosecutors said that on August 26, 2012, Dixon and two women drove Fronsman from Canton to Muskingum County, where they beat her, choked her and set her on fire. The brutality was retaliation. Prosecutors said Dixon thought Fronsman had snitched on his drug dealing. She lived for two more days after a motorist found her on Rt. 208 near Zanesville, wailing in agony and burned over 70 percent of her body.
Katrina CulbersonMonica Washington Katrina Culberson, 22, and Monica Washington,
25, who also were crack-addicted prostitutes who participated in the attack, pleaded guilty to aggravated murder, aggravated arson and kidnapping, and testified against Dixon. - (Black-on-white) - (Burned Alive!)

    Black teen arrested in Leo Street slaying of White Mich. man
Anthony BrownAllen R.LindemanDAYTON — A teenager is being held in the slaying of a Michigan man in a shooting that happened inside a Leo Street apartment. Anthony Brown, 18, is in the Montgomery County Jail on multiple charges after his arrest Wednesday. Brown is the suspect in the Oct. 26 death of 42-year-old Allen R. Lindenman, according to Dayton police. Lindenman was one of the victims in three unrelated shootings that weekend. The initial investigation revealed two men entered a Leo Street apartment and one fired two shots, hitting Lindenman in the chest and in the arm, police said. The victim was known to carry large amounts of cash and frequented pool halls. Police said the shooting was possibly a robbery attempt. - (Black-on-white)

    Four Charged With Murder of White Man in Rite Aid Killing
Jason McClayTariq Mahmud. Mahmud, David Wiggins and Rita PultroChristopher Parks and Ashaniere White A suburban Philadelphia judge has allowed murder charges to proceed against four suspects accused of taking part in the slaying of a Chester drugstore manager. Four suspects in the shooting death of 40-year-old Jason McClay of Broomall appeared Friday before a Delaware County judge. They are next due in court Dec. 3 in Media. Rita Pultro and David Wiggins are charged with first-degree murder. Tariq Mahmud and Christopher Parks face second-degree murder charges. All are from Philadelphia. Pultro and Wiggins are accused of entering a Rite Aid in Chester to rob it, then shooting McClay and fleeing the scene. Authorities said Parks was the getaway driver and Mahmud was a store employee who provided inside information about security procedures. - (Black-on-white)


Black charged with murder of 83-year-old White man during home invasion and arson
Terrance Hale Elizabeth "Betty" VasholzRaymond VasholzOMAHA, Neb. — Terrance Hale, 30, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Raymond Vasholz, 83. Hale broke into the Vasholzes home, demanded money and set fire to the residence on Feb. 7. "(Elizabeth Vasholz) heard a loud crash, the sound of glass breaking in the basement," When Elizabeth Vasholz went to the top of the basement steps that morning she recognized the man who had shoveled her walkway previously. Hale told the couple their home was on fire and demanded money before attacking them. Elizabeth fought back, but when she leaned over to check on her husband, she felt a couch cushion on fire being pressed on her back. She was naked after Hale had ripped off her shirt during the attack, Vasholz testified. The Vasholzes were taken to area hospitals, and Raymond later died from his injuries. - (Black-on-white)


    Attorneys Want Black Soldier Charged in Kidnap-Rape-Murder of White Woman Moved
Dwight Smith Marsha LeeAttorneys for a soldier accused of kidnapping, raping and killing a Wilmington woman are asking a judge to transfer him from the maximum-security prison in Smyrna to a prison in Wilmington, where they say he will receive better mental health treatment. The judge previously ordered that 26-year-old Dwight Smith be transferred to the medium-security Wilmington prison, but Department of Correction officials objected, saying that Dwight Smith has a history of aggression and would present a safety and security risk at Howard Young prison. But attorneys for Smith say his current solitary confinement is taking a toll on him both mentally and physically. - (Black-on-white)

    Black man. pleads guilty to murder of a White woman in 2010 - he murdered another White woman in 1995
Jeffrey Eldon Miles Sr.Angie Lynn DaleyKristy Dawn HokeJeffrey Eldon Miles Sr., 50, pleaded guilty to murder in general in Franklin County Court today in connection to an April 2010 killing. Miles was scheduled to go to trial next month for the stabbing death of Kristy Dawn Hoke, 29, whose body was found in Waynesboro. In exchange for the plea deal, the District Attorney said he would not pursue the death penalty against Miles. Miles was arrested and charged with criminal homicide on April 6, 2010, when he reportedly led local law enforcement officials to Hoke’s body, which had been dumped in a wooded area off of Ninth Street. Miles also has been charged with criminal homicide in the 1995 killing of Waynesboro teen Angie Lynn Daley. Charging documents indicate police found a notebook written by Miles that outlined the murder, and said he led police to her remains on a Waynecastle farm the day Hoke’s body was found. Miles is still awaiting trial in Daley’s murder. It has been postponed until January 2014. - (Black-on-white)

    Plea deal in black slaying of White couple results in life sentence without parole - (should have been hung)
Carissa Horton, 18, and Ethan Nichols, 21Jerard DavisDarren PriceOne of two black men charged with murdering a couple at a Tulsa park was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole as part of a plea deal that allows him to avoid a possible death penalty. Jerard Davis, 23, pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree "felony" murder linked to the Sept. 18, 2011, fatal shootings of Carissa Horton, 18, and Ethan Nichols, 21. Davis and Darren Price, 21, faced separate murder trials, with Davis' trial set to start next week. The bodies of Horton, an Oral Roberts University student, and Nichols, who worked at the Blue Bell Creamery in Broken Arrow, were found Sept. 19, 2011. Both had been shot in the head. (The two black suspects blamed one another). - (Black-on-white)

    Black arrested in Hayward killing of White man over dog sniffing
Dereak TurnerThomas CunninghamA Vallejo man has been arrested and charged with murdering a man in Hayward in 2009 after taking exception to one of the victim's dogs sniffing at his leg. Dereak Turner, 24, shot and killed Thomas Cunningham, 38, outside a liquor store on Nov. 24, 2009. Cunningham had been walking home with his 13-year-old daughter after buying some ice cream. Turner is being held without bail at Hayward City Jail. Alameda County prosecutors have charged him with murder and a gun enhancement. Cunningham and his daughter had gone to the store to get ice cream and were walking home when they encountered Turner, who asked Cunningham to hold back his dogs - a 1-year-old German shepherd and a smaller dog - as he passed. Both dogs were off leash but were not behaving aggressively, investigators said. Upset that the German shepherd had sniffed his leg, Turner exchanged words with Cunningham before shooting him twice with a handgun. The daughter ran inside the liquor store for help, and Cunningham later died at a hospital. - (Black-on-white)

    Black Spokane killer sentenced to 10 years for murder of (White) woman walking her dog
Sharlotte McGillAvondre GrahamSPOKANE, Wash. -- Accused killer Avondre Graham pleaded guilty to Second-Degree Murder in court. Police arrested then 17-year-old Avondre Graham in September 2012, three months after the victim was stabbed in broad daylight while walking her dog along Tuffy's Trail Victim Sharlotte McGill managed to give police a denoscription of her attacker in May 2012. She died a short time later. According to court documents, Graham admitted to investigators he hit McGill with a large rock and stabbed her to death. He will serve 123 months in prison, or a little over 10 years.. - (Black-on-white)

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