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    Missouri cop was badly beaten before shooting Michael Brown, says source
Michael Brown gangster gang-signDarren WilsonDarren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer whose fatal shooting of Michael Brown touched off more than a week of demonstrations, suffered severe facial injuries, including an orbital (eye socket) fracture, and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun, a source close to the department's top brass told FoxNews.com. “The Assistant (Police) Chief took him to the hospital, his face all swollen on one side,” said the insider. “He was beaten very severely.”

According to the well-placed source, Wilson was coming off another case in the neighborhood on Aug. 9 when he ordered Michael Brown and his friend Dorain Johnson to stop walking in the middle of the road because they were obstructing traffic. However, the confrontation quickly escalated into physical violence, the source said.. “They ignored him and the officer started to get out of the car to tell them to move," the source said. "They shoved him right back in, that’s when Michael Brown leans in and starts beating Officer Wilson in the head and the face. The source claims that there is "solid proof" that there was a struggle between Brown and Wilson for the policeman’s firearm, resulting in the gun going off – although it still remains unclear at this stage who pulled the trigger. Brown started to walk away according to the account, prompting Wilson to draw his gun and order him to freeze. Brown, the source said, raised his hands in the air, and turned around saying, "What, you're going to shoot me?"

At that point, the source told FoxNews.com, the 6 foot, 4 inch, 300-pound Brown charged Wilson, prompting the officer to fire at least six shots at him, including the fatal bullet that penetrated the top of Brown's skull, according to an independent autopsy conducted at the request of Brown's family. Wilson suffered a fractured eye socket in the fracas, and was left dazed by the initial confrontation, the source said. He is now "traumatized, scared for his life and his family, injured and terrified" that a grand jury, which began hearing evidence on Wednesday, will "make some kind of example out of him." - (Black-on-white)

    White Philadelphia Police Officer Shot - Released From Hospital; Police ID Black Suspect
David EllisStephen KorpalskiPHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia police officer was shot in the city’s Tacony neighborhood early Tuesday morning. The officer was taken to Albert Einstein Medical Center in stable condition with a deep graze wound to the left side of the head. The injured officer has been identified as 15th District Officer Stephen Korpalski, a 14 year veteran of the force. Police responded to a report of a person with a gun shortly before 12:45 a.m. Tuesday to the 6400 block of Ditman Street. The suspect, who has been identified as 29-year-old David Ellis of Philadelphia, was spotted by officers. Police say Officer Korpalski and his partner were working in full uniform, operating a marked police wagon when they attempted to stop the suspect. “Officer Korpalski got out of the car to confront the individual. The individual turned and fired a round at Officer Korpalski. Officer Korpalski yelled to his partner that he had been hit. He suffered a graze wound to the left side of his head.” Even after he was struck, Korpalski returned fire, Ramsey said. “He did an incredible job there under some very difficult circumstances.” - (Black-on-white)

    Third black pleads guilty for 2011 Lewisville murder of White man
Julius SmithTyrone Negale JenkinsMarkell Hardy Trevor KronbachJulius Smith, the final suspect in the 2011 murder of a Lewisville resident, pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to 17 years in prison. Smith entered his guilty plea July 25 in a Denton County court. The other suspects in the murder had already been sentenced. Tyrone Negale Jenkins was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole in June. In April 2013, Markell Hardy was tried for murder, but it resulted in a mistrial. Before Hardy’s case came before another judge and jury, he accepted a plea bargain for a 40-year prison sentence and pleaded guilty to murder. The three men were convicted for the murder of Trevor Kronbach. On Dec. 20, 2011, Kronbach was found shot to death inside his apartment in the 1900 block of Lakeview Circle. Lewisville police originally responded to a call of “shots fired” the night Kronbach was murdered. Sgt. Bill Wawro and Rob Feagins, who were both detectives at the time, responded to the scene. The detectives, along with other investigative personnel, were able to identify the suspects, and one was arrested that same day. Warrants were issued for threeother suspects and, on Christmas Day 2011, the remaining three suspects were located and arrested in Mississippi. There were four original suspects, but police did not bring a case on the fourth. - (Black-on-white)

    Police: White Man Robbed And Stabbed By Pack Of Black Teenagers In Baltimore City
black thugblack thugblack thugblack thugSal SchittinoBALTIMORE – A 24-year-old man is listed in critical condition after being robbed and stabbed multiple times by a group of teenagers. Early Monday morning around 4:20 a.m. officers were called to the 1200-block of Wall Street for a reported stabbing. When officers arrived they located 24-year-old Sal Schittino suffering from multiple stab wounds to his body. A preliminary investigation revealed that Schittino was attacked by four black males between the ages of 16 and 18, who had been riding on mopeds. One of the suspects got off his moped and approached the Schittino. After assaulting Schittino, the suspect took his wallet and personal belongings. Schittino was transported to a local hospital, where he is listed in critical condition. The victim is a graduate of Loyola Blakefield High School and played basketball at Washington College. Anyone with information is asked to call 410-396-2499. - (Black-on-white)

    White Livonia woman carjacked, bitten by young black boy at knifepoint outside library
young feral black carjackerAlexbitten by feral blackLIVONIA, Mich. - School is just around the corner and rather than brushing up on some history, one child made some of his own. Late last week, 24-year-old Alex spent a couple hours at the Livonia Civic Center library. "When I walked into the library I saw someone on their phone when I was walking in," she says. "I didn't think anything of it." When she walked out, she noticed the same kid again. "As I approached my car, I felt a tap on my shoulder," Alex says. "They said give me your keys, and I thought it was a joke." Alex saw a younger black boy holding a kitchen knife. "He was right behind me, and I said, 'No," she says. "I had my laptop bag and I turned around and hit him in the face with it. ... When he got hit in the side of the head, he stepped back, dropped the knife and I repeatedly swung my bag at him." Alex says she fell backwards on the curb, and that the boy got on top of her and he bit the keys out of her left hand. She started screaming for help but the suspect fled in her 2009 black Saturn Vue. - (Black-on-white)



    Pastors: Black man claiming to be peacekeeper actually escalating things in Ferguson
Malik Zulu ShabazzMany African American church leaders told News 4 a man pretending to spread messages of peace is actually escalating violence in Ferguson. Pastors are pointing the finger at Malik Shabazz, the former leader of the New Black Panther Party, and many church leaders want him to leave Ferguson. “I am upset with a certain group of them that are rebel rousers. We know them by name. Last night was the scariest night of my life,” said Pastor Mike Robinson. Robinson said there is growing concern over Shabazz and what he is doing in Ferguson.

    FBI: Teen's rape in Greece apartment posted to Facebook
Shahmell RobinsonA Rochester man allegedly sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl — an attack federal authorities say was posted on Facebook. Shahmell Robinson, 21, faces state rape charges as well as a federal charge of sexually assaulting the 14-year-old for a video. The FBI, Rochester and Greece police collaborated on the investigation. A friend of Robinson filmed the sexual assault with a telephone camera, Brian Tucker, a Rochester officer who works with the FBI, alleged in an affidavit filed Monday. Another person allegedly posted the video to her Facebook page.

    Black receives life sentence for stabbing his extranged wife to death
Tony BurrellA Lewisville man recently pleaded guilty in the 2011 stabbing death of his estranged wife. Tony Burrell entered a plea of guilty for capital murder and was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. Burrell was arrested in September 2011 on capital murder charges for the stabbing of his wife Charlice Manning, 40. The two had been estranged for a few months. Police also charged Burrell with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for stabbing Manning’s juvenile daughter.



  • Australia: Joyce slaps down 'China invasion' comment
    A day after Clive Palmer stoked controversy by describing the Chinese as 'bastards' and 'mongrels' who shoot their own people, his party's senator for Tasmania said she supported her leader's comments about 'China's military capacity and threat to Australia'. 'If anybody thinks that we should have a national security and defence policy which ignores the threat of a Chinese communist invasion - you're delusional and got rocks in your head,' Senator Lambie in a statement on Tuesday.
  • Clive Palmer 'mongrel' comments irresponsible, says Chinese embassy
    The Chinese embassy in Australia has attacked as “absurd and irresponsible” comments by Clive Palmer in a tirade on live television in which he referred to Chinese “mongrels” who shoot their own people. “It’s not true, it’s false,” he said, accusing the Chinese of wanting to take over Australian ports and control Australian resources. “I don’t mind standing up against the Chinese bastards and stopping them from doing it,” he said. He then called the Chinese “mongrels,” and when the audience reacted he said: “I’m saying that because they’re communist, because they shoot their own people, they haven’t got a justice system and they want to take over this country.”



    Black Man accused in Maggie Daniels' death indicted on murder, sex assault
Sharman OdomMaggie DanielsCATAWBA COUNTY, NC - A man accused in the death of a popular Catawba County teacher has been indicted by a grand jury in her death. Sharman Howard Odom was indicted Monday afternoon by a Catawba County Grand Jury in the death of Margaret "Maggie" Elizabeth Daniels on June 27. Odom was indicted on charges of murder, first degree sex offense and kidnapping. The 18 member Catawba County Grand Jury was presented with evidence by investigators from the Newton Police Department and the State Bureau of Investigation. Odom was arrested earlier this month, charged with murder. Daniels' body was found inside her apartment five weeks ago, on June 28. A search warrant obtained on Monday shows the struggle took place inside Daniels' apartment in Newton. "The day that Daniels body was discovered," says Chief Donald Brown, "Odom had taken a selfie picture of himself that showed scratches on his face." Odom didn't answer any questions as police took him to jail, but he had a smile on his face the whole time. Odom lived near Daniels in the same apartment complex. - (Black-on-white)

    Beaten homeowner turns tables on intruder and kills black suspect, according to Jacksonville police
Marquise Trevel YatesFoster and Pam CokerBruised and bloodied by an intruder, a Jacksonville man and woman exchanged gunfire with the invader and put an end to an assault early Friday at their home. The two were hospitalized, but a child there was unharmed and the suspect is dead, police said. The dead man has been identified as Marquise Trevel Yates, 21, whose last known address was in the 6100 block of Arlington Expressway. The adults were apparently just waking up when they heard a “loud noise” of someone breaking in the back door on Seabrook Cove Road, said Sgt. Michael Paul. “They had become involved in a scuffle with him inside,” Paul said. “The homeowner was able to retrieve a firearm and the suspect of the robbery is deceased at the scene.” - (Black-on-white)
  • Suspected robber killed by homeowner
    According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, the man, 21-year-old Marquise Trevel Yates, broke into a home on Seabrook Cove Road, off Arlington Expressway, about 6:30 a.m. and threatened the homeowner, 50-year-old Foster Coker, at gunpoint. Police said there was a struggle between Yates and Coker, but Coker was able to get away. Coker retrieved his personal firearm and exchanged gunfire with Yates. Coker's wife, Pam, also fired her personal handgun at Yates, who died at the scene. “If we had not had a gun in our home, we would be dead,” Pam Coker said from the hospital Friday. “I'm convinced of that. That guy was strong and he was not going to stop. Nothing was going to stop him.”
  • Couple traumatized after killing intruder, daughter says - Man, 21, had served three years in prison for aggravated assault
    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The man who was killed in a home invasion in Arlington on Friday morning had been released from prison in April. Marquise Yates, 21, served close to three years for aggravated assault. The daughter of the man and woman who shot and killed Yates during that home invasion said her parents are traumatized and can't go back home. It's been several days, and Amber Olsen still can't stop shaking thinking about an armed intruder going after her parents and her 7-year old son, Mason. Anyone who'd like to help Foster and Pam Coker with medical bills, new furniture, or a new place to stay, can go to the gofundme.com account in their name: www.gofundme.com/d4avbw.

    Black man gets 10-year sentence for gun charge in shooting of (White) USC student
Michael Juan SmithMartha ChildressCOLUMBIA, SC - The man who fired shots in Five Points, striking and paralyzing a University of South Carolina student, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Michael Juan Smith appeared in Federal Court in Columbia for a sentencing hearing on the federal weapons charge in connection the shooting on Oct. 13 in Five Points. Prosecutors said Smith fired one or two shots that night. In court, they showed surveillance video of Smith in the area, the shooting and Martha Childress falling to the ground. Childress and her family left the courtroom unable to watch the video. They said he knew the calls were recorded and made statements including, "It's not like I killed that *****," and they said he questioned whether Childress was paralyzed. Additionally, prosecutors said in court that during one call Smith said, "The press is making a big deal about it because she's white." - (Black-on-white)

    Bond denied for black accused in Five Points stray-bullet shooting that hit White co-ed
Ryan EllisonCOLUMBIA, SC - The man accused of firing the bullet that critically injured an 18-year-old University of South Carolina student in Five Points early Sunday morning has been denied bond. Michael Juan Smith, 20, of Columbia appeared before a judge Monday morning to answer to charges of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, and possession of a stolen pistol. Smith will remain incarcerated. The 18-year-old woman, who was not the intended target, remains in critical but stable condition, according to Columbia Police. Attempts to identify the woman were difficult, but after digging through social media, we discovered a trending topic called #PrayForMartha. Digging further, we were able to identify the victim as Martha Childress. Smith was shooting at two unknown black males he was having an argument with. The bullet missed the intended targets and traveled into a crowd of people waiting for taxi cabs, according to the report. Childress was hit in the ribcage and immediately collapsed. She was transported to Palmetto Health Richland Hospital in critical condition. Ryan Ellison, 17, of Irmo was charged with public disorderly conduct in connection with the night's events. An incident report states Ellison was using profane language and was grossly intoxicated while walking with Smith.- (Black-on-white)

    Black family of black man shot by police in a Walmart after he was waving a rifle at customers want video - White woman died as result
John CrawfordAngela WilliamsJohn Crawford III was shot in the Dayton suburb of Beavercreek. Police said Crawford, 22, waved an air rifle at customers and was fatally shot by officers when he wouldn't drop it.

    Bad Seed: Bali slaying: Police files show biracial daughter abused late white mother repeatedly
Heather, age 9, James and Sheila MackIn the years before she would be implicated in the beating death of her mother on the resort island of Bali, Heather Mack was accused of locking her mother in a closet, stealing thousands of dollars from her, punching and biting her repeatedly, and once pushing her to the ground so hard that she broke her arm, according to newly released police reports. Yet Sheila von Wiese-Mack remained reluctant to press charges or have her daughter admitted to a hospital for mental health treatment, according to the Oak Park police reports, which date from 2008 to 2013. Indeed, in late 2012, von Wiese-Mack refused to allow a police officer to photograph a bruise on her wrist that she said was from her daughter biting her. She told an officer that, while she knew her daughter needed help, she didn’t want her arrested because she didn’t think jailing her ultimately would help. Last Tuesday, von Wiese-Mack's badly beaten body was found stuffed in a suitcase that had been left in the trunk of a taxi at a luxury hotel in Bali. Heather Mack, 18, and her 21-year-old boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, were arrested the next day and will stand trial in her death, according to Indonesian authorities. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Black-on-white domestic violence victim: ‘He could have killed me’
Kira Pettery and black manKira Pettery's 'baby-daddy' and biracial offspringKira PetteryKira PetteryLAFAYETTE, Ind. – After she said she was punched repeatedly in the face by her ex-boyfriend, an Attica woman is now speaking out about domestic violence. “I feel scared. I feel very scared,” said 22-year-old Kira Pettery. “I believe that if I wouldn’t have gotten away that night so easily, I believe he could have killed me.” Pettery said she can’t stop thinking about the night she thought she was going to lose her life. She met with her ex-boyfriend in Lafayette Monday to talk about their daughter. That’s when she said he got angry and started hitting her. “As I looked up at him, I had asked him and begged him to stop,” Pettery said. “I begged him to stop and he had a smirk on his face.” After dating for more than two years, Pettery said this was a new side of the man she once loved. “He was my best friend, my lover, the father of my child and to take it to this extreme to know that he could physically beat me the way he did and smile with a smirk on his face is very sickening,” she said. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    State Supreme Court reverses lower court on convictions of triple murderer
Randal RushingRandal RushingDustin E HintzLeslie R. CollierRandal Rushing handcuffed a woman, tied her handicapped son’s hands with a shirt, restrained his feet with a computer cable and bludgeoned their relative to death within earshot. On the same morning of July 17, 2008, Mr. Rushing threatened to kill the pair at gunpoint if they were not quiet, showed his ex-girlfriend the body of her 2-year-old son’s father when she returned to the Scranton home, tied her hands with a neck tie and restrained her feet with a belt. The state Supreme Court ruled on Monday that when Mr. Rushing restrained and threatened his ex-girlfriend Samantha Hintz along with Cynthia Collier and Matthew Collier, Mr. Rushing kidnapped the trio — on the same morning he brutally stabbed two other men to death. The ruling reverses a state Superior Court ruling from last year that threw out kidnapping and second-degree murder convictions in Lackawanna County Court. - (Black-on-white)
  • Death penalty dropped from triple-murder case - September 14, 2010
  • Judge rules triple-homicide suspect's statements can be used at trial - February 2, 2010
    Rushing, 27, is facing a possible death sentence, if convicted, in the murders of 20-year-old Justin Berrios and brothers Dustin Hintz, 22, and Leslie Collier, 16. All three were murdered July 17, 2008, at 1604 S. Irving Ave., where Rushing lived with his former girlfriend, 19-year-old Samantha Hintz and her family. Using carpentry hammers and knives, Rushing beat and stabbed the three victims to death before stealing video game consoles, video games, jewelry and several debit cards.
  • According to investigators, four other people inside were spared but had been tied up inside the house. They have been identified as Samantha Hintz, 19, her two-year-old son Tristan Hintz Berrios, her mother, Cynthia Collier, 43, and her brother Matthew Collier, 21. Police did confirm Rushing had had a relationship with Samantha Hintz, however Justin Berrios was the father of her daughter. 07-18-2008
  • Affidavit details survivors’ horrific accounts (accused "had fun")
  • Dustin E Hintz obituary
  • LESLIE R. COLLIER obituary

Dangers of interracial dating

    Black Criminal Said ‘Kill Me Now’ Before Officers Shot, Killed Him
black criminal - "suicide by cop"ST. LOUIS - A 23-year-old man is dead following an officer-involved shooting in North St. Louis. It happened around 1 p.m. at Riverview and McClaren. According to St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson, the victim was acting erratically, pulled out a knife, and would not respond to the officers’ commands to back up and put the knife down. Dotson says the man said, “Shoot me, kill me now!” He was shot by two officers after he came within 3 to 4 feet of them, holding the knife. The shooting took place just a few miles north of Ferguson, Mo., which has been in a state of unrest since the officer shooting of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown.
  • African-American shot and killed by St. Louis Police
    According to the St. Louis police chief, the suspect was involved in an incident earlier in the day at a convenience store, where he is accused of walking out with two energy drinks and a package of pastries without paying.
  • St. Louis City police shoot, kill (black) knife-wielding suspect
    The shooting happened around 1 p.m. Tuesday at McLaran and Riverview. Police say the suspect tried to rob the Six Star Market convenience store with a knife. Chief Sam Dotson said the store owner let the man leave the store. A St. Louis City Alderwoman witnessed the man walking erratically around and called police.

    Black father shot 3-year-old in head, slashed her throat
Frederick MillerPRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, Md - The murder of a 3-year-old girl at the hands of her own father left many stunned over the weekend. On Monday, Prince George's County police said Frederick Miller shot his daughter in the head before being shot and killed by police, but it's not clear why Miller abducted his daughter. Just after 1 p.m. Saturday, police spotted Miller's car on Branch Avenue after getting a number of calls to 911 reporting that the 38-year-old father had just abducted his 3-year-old daughter after shooting the child's grandfather and great-grandmother. Chife Magaw said officers exchanged gunfire with Miller twice before he was fatally wounded. The little girl was found dead inside the car, and her throat had also been slashed. He said ballistics tests show the gunfire that killed the little girl did not come from any of the officers who opened fire at teh scene. "After consultation with the medical examiner, there is no one else who could have killed this baby girl other than her father."

    Black grandmother, 63, shoots unarmed black seven-year-old grandson after mistaking him for an intruder in the night
Linda Maddox A grandmother has shot her seven-year-old grandson after mistaking him for an intruder. Tyler Maddox remains in critical condition after 63-year-old Linda Maddox shot him once in the upper body at her home in Tampa, Florida around 1am on Tuesday. She had been looking after Tyler and his twin brother overnight at the house at 6505 Alta Monte Drive and, after their father Reginald went to work, they headed to bed. She grabbed a loaded .22-caliber revolver she keeps by the bed and fired one shot in the dark towards the door, she told Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies. But seconds later she heard the screams of her grandson and realized she had shot him.




Immigration case dropped for driver in death Forest Grove girls - Illigal migrant only gets probation for killing two little White girls
Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, Mario Echeverria,Anna Dieter-Eckerdt, 6, and Abby RobinsonPORTLAND -- An immigration judge has dropped the deportation case against Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, the woman who struck and killed two Forest Grove girls playing in piles of leaves. "Ms. Garcia-Cisneros was released from ICE custody Aug. 14 after an immigration judge dismissed her case," said Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Andrew S. Munoz.. KXL radio first reported the news of the decision. Munoz referred further questions to Department of Justice officials. Garcia-Cisneros, 19, was found guilty Jan. 15 on two counts of failure to perform the duties of a driver. She was sentenced to 3 years probation and 250 hours of community service in a courtroom packed with the victims' emotional friends and family. She was released from the Washington County Jail within and taken into federal custody on an immigration hold. On Oct. 20, stepsisters Anna Dieter-Eckerdt, 6, and Abby Robinson, 11, were alone in the street, playing in a leaf pile when Garcia-Cisneros drove through it, felt a bump and kept going. On Friday, when the girls' family members spoke in court, there was not a dry eye in the room. Her boyfriend, 18-year-old Mario Echeverria, was sentenced to 13 months in prison for hindering prosecution after the crash. Instead of going to police, investigators said he took the SUV to a car wash to destroy evidence.



Illegal immigrant accused of operating fake ID mill in Texas
Andres Ramos MarreroNacogdoches County, Texas — An illegal immigrant has been detained and is on a Homeland Security hold after it was learned he was making fraudulent identification cards in Nacogdoches County. Andres Ramos Marrero, 45, was arrested by deputies executing two search warrants Friday afternoon at a trailer home on County Road 522. The suspect is accused of making several different forms of fake IDs: Social security cards, residential alien cards, Mexico identification cards Texas ID cards and Texas driver license. According to Nacogdoches County Sheriff Jason Bridges, an ongoing investigation into fraudulent identifications cards led investigators to identify the main target of the investigation. His department had received complaints about fraudulent cards and had recovered some of over the last several months.  - (Invasion!)


Stop the invasion!


  • Police Arrest Hispanic Delaware Man For Alleged Assault On Police K-9
    suspectBEAR, Del. – Police have arrested a 30-year-old man from Delaware after he allegedly assaulted a police K-9 early Sunday morning. The incident began around 1:40 a.m. after troopers responded to the scene of the Las Palmeras Restaurant and Night Club in Bear, Delaware, for the report of a man with a gun. Upon arrival, authorities were contacted by a male victim who said the suspect, identified as Carlos E. Garcia-Antonio, had pointed a handgun at him after confronting him in a parking lot.
  • Citizenship status of suspect not reported - ed.




    (Unarmed) White man who died after Grand Rapids playground beating by pack of blacks was 'defenseless,' records show
Robert Kelly (left) and Donmard WhiteScott Simersonblack killerblack killerGRAND RAPIDS, MI -- Court documents show a 24-year-old Grand Rapids man was "defenseless" when he was kicked in the head during an attack at the Sibley Elementary School playground in May. Scott Simerson died on Sunday, Aug. 10. Police said he suffered multiple head injuries in the attack allegedly carried out by two juveniles and two older teens. Bystanders took cell phone video of the attack, Grand Rapids Police Lt. Pat Merrill said. Police said Simerson was watching two teenagers on the Sibley Elementary playground when a conflict developed with another group of teens. The attack on Simerson was not provoked, police said after the incident. Prior to Simerson's death, Donmard White, 17, and Robert Kelly, 18, were charged with assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder. White pleaded guilty to the charge in late July and is scheduled to be sentenced in September, while Kelly awaits a jury trial, court records show. Two juveniles, ages 15 and 16, are also held on assault charges connected to the crime. Police wrote in court records that White and Kelly allegedly kicked Simerson in the head when he was down, "inflicting a serious head injury." Simerson was a new father and engaged to be married at the time he was attacked, friends said. - (Black-on-white)

    $1 million-plus bond after two officers, 10-year-old girl shot in Charlotte
Brandon Jamorris BrewerCHARLOTTE, NC - The man accused of shooting a 10-year-old girl and two police officers in north Charlotte Sunday afternoon has been transferred to the Mecklenburg County jail. Brandon Jamorris Brewer was arrested Sunday and was questioned about the shootings until he was transferred to jail. Officers Kevin Stafford and Eric Bojaj were injured when they were shot along the 400-block of Kingville Drive on Sunday afternoon. Officers were initially called to the report of a domestic incident. A woman called 911 and advised that her boyfriend tried to attack her. When they arrived, the officers could not find the woman who called police. Officers say a 10-year-old girl was also injured when the shooter, later identified as Brewer, went to the home looking for the woman that lived there. He reportedly shot the girl in the face.

    Attack on Philadelphia Park Ranger by black thug caught on tape
black stomperA Philadelphia Park Ranger is recovering after he was beaten and kicked while working in Love Park Friday evening. Philadelphia Police say the 35-year-old ranger radio-ed his supervisor after seeing several young men skateboarding in the park. When the ranger approached the skaters and told them they weren’t allowed to skate there, one young man refused to leave and began swearing at the ranger and threatening him. The video shows that person then wrestling the park ranger to the ground. The assailant continues his attack by stomping on the ranger and repeatedly kicking him in the head, and then spitting on him. Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says this guy stomping on the head of a defenseless man is another example of the street thugs cops have to deal with on a regular basis: “They don’t care and, you know, if a cop takes hit guy into custody and scratches him once, then it’s police brutality. Look at what we’re up against. These are the very people that we have to go up against on a daily basis. They just simply do not care.”


Two blacks sought in kidnapping, rape of 19-year-old woman in New Orleans
black rapistblack rapistNEW ORLEANS, LA. – Two men jumped out of a car, kidnapped a woman and brought her to a wooded area where they raped her before letting her go in the 2600 block of Augusta Street in Kenner early Sunday, according to police. Subject #1, the passenger, is described as an African-American male, brown complexion, late teens to early 20's, approximately 5'7" in height, approximately 170 pounds, thin build, having a thin mustache, and a short faded haircut. He was armed with a black semi-automatic handgun and last seen wearing a blue button down shirt with dark colored shorts. Subject #2, the driver, is described as an African-American male, brown complexion, approximately 6'0" in height, approximately 200 pounds, muscular build, and a dreadlock hairstyle described as black on top and bleached on the ends. He was last seen wearing an orange shirt and gray sweat pants.

    Police: Black man kicks officer, pepper-sprays Jupiter Wal-Mart employee
Velmando WilliamsA 19-year-old West Palm Beach man pepper-sprayed a loss-prevention officer and kicked a police officer in the face after trying to steal a stereo speaker from Wal-Mart. Velmando Williams tried the leave the Indiantown Road store early Friday with the speaker, valued at about $100, hidden in his pants when the loss-prevention officer tried to stop him. Williams then allegedly sprayed the man with the pepper spray and ran. When he was in the police car, Williams started kicking the windows and banging his head on the glass. The officer tried to stop him, and Williams allegedly kicked the officer three times, threatened to kill him and spit at him.




Three injured in knife attack by intoxicated man at Grand Central Station: cops
Ivan DeleonIvan Deleon, 38, of Queens pulled out a folding knife and lunged at three men after he stumbled out of a Bronx-bound No. 4 train, bumped into a small child and sparked a fight, cops said. One man was stabbed in the stomach and taken to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition, but he is expected to survive. Deleon threatened, "Get the f--- out of the way or I'll kill your kids,"



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    74-year-old unarmed White female victim in violent purse-snatching speaks out - video
    Police search for cowardly criminal black men who slammed and unarmed 74-year-old White woman to ground, snatched purse
Charlotte Dunaway attacked by feral blackferal black attackersCharlotte DunawayCharlotte DunawayOCOEE, Fla. — Ocoee police are searching for three people they said knocked an elderly woman to the ground at a busy Publix and took off with her purse. Charlotte Dunaway, 74, is in the hospital with a severe head injury, a broken clavicle and a broken shoulder. “She is very dizzy, very sore, but the main thing is that the neurologist has said the bleeding outside of her brain has stopped,” said Dunaway’s daughter, Scarlett Root. The victim was walking into the Publix on Silver Star Road Friday morning while the store was packed with customers. Surveillance video shows the woman walking into the store with a grocery cart when three men walked out of the store, slammed the woman to the ground and snatched her purse. - (Black-on-white)

    Neighbors react after evil black animal - suspected serial rapist - indicted for Port Wentworth murder of White woman
Torrey Scott Nadine LockwoodLisa Marie Lico PynnPORT WENTWORTH, GA - People in Port Wentworth are still in shock after learning on Wednesday that Torrey Scott has now been charged with raping and killing a soldier's wife. The indictment handed down on Wednesday described how Scott raped and then strangled 33-year-old Lisa Pynn in her Port Wentworth home in January. Scott was living next door to Pynn, staying with his girlfriend when the crimes happened. Scott is also the suspect in the rape of two Savannah State students and a Candler Hospital nurse. Now, Scott faces murder charges, and people in Port Wentworth are shocked. "Knowing that someone that evil lives across the street from you, it is even more frightening to find out," said Melanie Leysath, who lived across the street from Scott. Pynn's six-year-old son found her body and tried to get help, but it was too late. Scott's girlfriend, Nadine Lockwood, was also recently arrested for lying to police during the murder investigation. - (Black-on-white)

    White victim in fatal Evansville shooting identified - shooter was black male
black killerEric Steven BrookinsPolice in Evansville are investigating the death of a man a witness said was shot following a verbal altercation with a man in a vehicle. Officers responded to a shots fired call near the intersection of Garvin and Walnut streets around 3:23 a.m. Police found a man lying in the street who was not breathing. Eric Steven Brookins, 24, of Evansville, sustained at least one gunshot wound to his upper body. He was pronounced dead at Deaconess Hospital. An autopsy by the Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Officer revealed Brookins died from a single gunshot wound to the heart. A person who was with Brookins told police that someone in a passenger car yelled at them as they were riding bicycles. The witness told police that Brookins and a man in the car got into an altercation before a gunshot was fired from the vehicle. Police have not said which direction the bicyclists were traveling. According to police, the weapon used in the shooting is a semi-automatic handgun. Authorities are working to identify the shooter. He was described as a black male. The witness described the vehicle as possibly a red Ford. - (Black-on-white)

    4 black gangsters pleaded guilty to lesser charges in killing of White female German tourist
 Mechthild Schröerblack killerblack killerblack killerblack killerSAN FRANCISCO — Authorities say that four men accused of killing a German tourist who was visiting San Francisco in 2010 have pleaded guilty to lesser charges. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Phillip Stewart, Delvon Scott, Raheem Jackson and Willie Eason, who had been indicted on murder charges, will serve between five and nine years in state prison after reaching plea agreements with prosecutors. The San Francisco District Attorney's office dropped the murder charges in exchange for guilty pleas on gun and assault charges in connection with the 2010 death of Mechthild Schröer, an elementary school rector from Hannover, Germany. Schröer was in San Francisco to celebrate her 50th birthday and 25th wedding anniversary with her husband, Stefan, when she was shot during an exchange of gunfire between rival gangs outside a comedy club on Aug. 10, 2010. - (Black-on-white)

    Cowardly criminal barbaric black teen charged in Phipps Plaza carjacking attack on White woman
Steven SpignerMichelle WingATLANTA — Police have arrested a teenager in the case of a woman beaten during a carjacking in the parking lot of Phipps Plaza. Atlanta police’s gang unit is working to identify the men seen in a surveillance video attacking a woman walking to her car. They have arrested 17-year-old Steven Spigner. Spigner is charged with four robberies going back to July 5, Lyon said. “In three of the four cases we charged him with, he assaulted a female before either stealing her car or stealing her property,” Lyon said. Michelle Wing was walking to her car outside Twist restaurant just after 11 p.m. Aug. 4 when she was attacked. “It's scary, very barbaric,” Wing said. “They ran up from behind me, like full-force run, and he didn't say anything, he just punched me in the face.” - (Black-on-white)

    Homeless Black Man Accused Of Groping 10-Year-Old At Bus Station
Willie HanfordNEW YORK — A homeless man is accused of groping a 10-year-old girl at the Port Authority Bus Terminal near New York’s Times Square. Port Authority Police say 44-year-old Willie Hanford grabbed the girl’s left buttock as she walked onto an escalator with her mother and sister around 6:30 p.m. Friday. Police say the girl screamed, leading her mother to follow the suspect until nearby officers cornered him in a Duane Reade drug store within the bus terminal. Police say the incident happened shortly after Hanford stole a purse out of a woman’s pocketbook on a nearby street corner.

    Trial to Begin Monday for (black lesbian) Cobbs Creek Abduction Suspect
Christina RegustersJury selection is scheduled to begin Monday for a woman accused of kidnapping a 5-year-old girl and then taking her to a home where she was sexually assaulted. Christina Regusters, 20, is charged with 15 crimes including two counts of involuntary sexual intercourse with a child, aggravated assault, kidnapping, corruption of a minor and unlawful restraint of a minor.

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  • Confessed hit man hired by rabbi to kill wife set for release before 20th anniversary of death
    CHERRY HILL, N.J. – A confessed hit man who was one of two people paid to kill a New Jersey rabbi's wife in 1994 is scheduled to be released from prison one day before the 20th anniversary of the victim's death. 40-year-old Paul Michael Daniels is scheduled to be released by Oct. 31 after spending more than 14 years in jail for the aggravated manslaughter of Carol Neulander in Cherry Hill. Daniels and Len Jenoff testified that they killed Neulander on orders from her husband, Rabbi Fred Neulander. Jenoff testified that Neulander wanted his wife killed so that he could carry on an affair. Neulander was convicted of murder and is serving a life sentence in prison.






  • Listen to Mike Brown’s VERY Explicit Rap Songs Featuring Drugs, Drinking and Murder
    Michael Brown gangster gang-signIn another blow to the “gentle giant” image that some would like to pin on the Ferguson victim Mike Brown, a cache of rap songs he left behind that contain pretty much what you’d expect out of modern rap – lots of boasting about murdering, taking drugs, drinking, and sex with hos. It appears that most of these were uploaded right before the tragic events that took his life. In one of the pictures provided by his family, a jar is shown filled with rap lyrics that he was working on. Here are some samples for you to listen to, but keep in mind there is VERY explicit language in the songs, and the lyrics I post below:

    Black with criminal history is suspect in murder of unarmed White man in front of a church and injuring White wife of victim
Daniel RobinsonWilliam DavitteJennifer DavitteColumbia County, GA - The man accused of murdering a Columbia County man, 55-year-old William Davitte, and then injuring the man's wife, Jennifer Davitte, has a criminal history. Daniel Robinson, 21, was arrested Friday morning in Jacksonville, Florida after police say he led them on a high speed chase. Robinson has been arrested at least 7 times in Florida, but he doesn't have any arrests in the state of Georgia. Columbia County Sheriff's Office investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what happened in front of Marvin United Methodist Church on Thursday night around 10:30 p.m.. "We have no idea why he was here, why he was in Columbia County, what he was doing here, who he had seen, who he was planning to see. I mean, all of those are unknowns right now. We hope to have those answers soon," Captain Steve Morris, of the Columbia county Sheriff's Office said. - (Black-on-white)
  • Reverend Stunned Over Deadly Shooting in Church Parking Lot
    William Davitte, 55, was gunned down in front of Marvin United Methodist Church on Thursday night. He died at the scene and his wife, Jennifer, suffered a head injury and was treated at Georgia Regents Medical Center and released. According to the Columbia County Sheriff's Office, the couple stopped by the church Thursday night to turn on the sprinkler system. That's when they were reportedly approached by a gunman who fired 3 shots at Mr. Davitte.

    Three men arraigned in Meade Street slaying of 79-year-old White man
Jimmie AllisonJimmie AllisonMarquise Antwan LoveKeanu Alexander BrownTakais Armon BrownFLINT, MI – Three men have been arraigned and are in police custody for the slaying of 79-year-old Jimmie Allison inside his Flint home on South Meade Street Friday night, Aug. 8. Marquise Antwan Love, 19, Keanu Alexander Brown, 24, and Takais Armon Brown, 28, were all arraigned Wednesday. The men have all been charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery, first-degree home invasion and felony firearm. Flint police responded to the shooting at Allison's home in the 500 block of South Meade Street Friday around 11:30 p.m. Allison was found dead inside from an apparent gunshot wound. "Within hours of the investigation we were able to locate and secure three suspects." Dixon said. Prosecutors say one of the defendants is the son of Allison's gardener, but did not say which one. - (Black-on-white)

    Torture charges reinstated against black Flint pair accused of brutally beating unarmed White homeless man to death
FLINT, MI -- A judge has reinstated torture charges against two people accused of brutally beating a homeless man to death outside of a shuttered Flint middle school. Genesee Circuit Judge Archie Hayman ruled Tuesday, Aug. 12, that he would reinstate torture charges against Peris Dorsette and Brandon Harris. The two are accused of killing 57-year-old Gary Nagy July 30, 2013, near McKinley Middle School, on the city's south side.

    20 years after home invasion, gang-rape and double murder in Denver, Andre Jackson faces trial
Andre Jackson, Samuel Sims and Jackie McConnell Jaqueline Collette GallegosDENVER - A man accused of home invasion that left two people dead 20 years ago is going on trial Tuesday. Andre Jackson was arrested and charged last year with with multiple counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder and sexual assault. Prosecutors said the crime happened back on June 12 in 1994. Three people were found attacked and tortured inside a home at 3234 Larimer Street. Two people died, one survived. Police said the lone survivor told them several intruders entered his home at around 3 a.m. and demanded valuables and attacked them. "This is the kind of horrifying case that cries out to be solved, even twenty years later," District Attorney Mitch Morrissey said in a quote provided by his office. District attorney spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough said the case was reopened as part of Denver's Cold Case Project and DNA evidence linked Andre Jackson, Samuel Sims and Jackie McConnell to the crime.
  • Denver: trial begins in 20-year-old home invasion slaughter of two
    Andre “Dre” Jackson faces multiple counts of murder and attempted murder in the deaths of Jacqueline Collette Gallegos, 28, and Nelson E. Swiggett, 42, and the stabbing of Mack Martinez. DNA evidence was used to win indictments of Jackson, Samuel “Sparky” Sims and Jackie “Bank” McConnell on multiple counts of murder and attempted murder. Sims and Jackson have also been indicted for sexual assault. The men had sexually assaulted Gallegos, slit her throat and stabbed her 15 or 16 times

    Black pair arrested in cane beating of unarmed Whites caught on video
Dorian Boyd and Natasha BoydUmmi Gunturk and Darren Kohn attacked by blacksATLANTA -- It was a video that made people cringe when they watched it. A man and woman were beaten after a suspect grabbed the man's cane and beat them with it. And it was all over a parking space. Two weeks after it happened, the suspect and his wife have been arrested, charged in connection with the assault. And that is a big relief to Ummi Gunturk. "It never made any sense to me and it will never make any sense to me," she said. Dorian Boyd, 39, is charged with Aggravated Battery, Robbery, Aggravated Assault and Batter. His wife, Natasha Boyd, 43, is charged with Parking Violation, Being a Party to Aggravated Battery, Being a Party to Aggravated Assault and Battery. Gunturk and her boyfriend Darren Kohn were parked at a pet store on Piedmont Avenue on August 2, 2014 when a car blocked them and two other cars in. Kohn was walking with a cane because he recently had reconstructive knee surgery. An argument ensued and police said Dorian Boyd grabbed Kohn's cane and started beating him and Gunturk. Gunturk suffered a contusion to her left arm. Her boyfriend Kohn suffered an injury to his knee and a fractured face. - (Black-on-white)

    Unarmed White woman chases down, captures pudgy black 'alleged' thief
Clara Vondrich and black thiefA dramatic photo captured the moment on Friday when a Brooklyn mugging victim became a crime fighter — as she busted the punk who allegedly snatched her cellphone and held him in a bear hug for the cops. Clara Vondrich, 36, was taking a business phone call while standing in front of a Williamsburg coffee shop on South Third Street at 1:20 p.m. when the teen approached her with two pals. The 13-year-old, whose name is being withheld by The Post because he is a minor, allegedly pushed her from behind, nearly knocking her to the ground. He ripped the phone from her hand and fled, said Vondrich and police sources. “I was all disoriented,” Vondrich told The Post. “My headphones almost came off. “I looked up and I saw him running with my phone.” Wearing a pair of thick wedges and a sundress, Vondrich chased after him. Hot on the kid’s heels, she pleaded with him to give the cellphone back. “I was screaming the whole time, ‘Get that kid!’ ” Vondrich recalled. “I finally said, ‘Yo, I’ll give you $200 for that. Just stop.’ ” Vondrich said the teen appeared to be out of shape and handed off the phone to his more nimble pal, who ran off. But she kept after the slow boy, who was huffing and puffing down Wythe Avenue during the five-block chase. The Wonder Woman grabbed hold of the teen at South Sixth Street and Wythe Avenue, wrapping her arms around his chest and pinning him against a car. “He was so pudgy and was slowing down, so that’s why I caught up to him,” Vondrich said, adding she felt sorry for the kid. - (Black-on-white)

    Court: Families can sue county after black morgue worker had sex with corpses
Kenneth DouglasCINCINNATI —A federal appeals court has ruled a lawsuit can go forward against officials in Hamilton County, where a morgue attendant sexually abused three female corpses. The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel on Friday said a jury might conclude the Hamilton County defendants, including the former coroner and morgue director, failed "recklessly and wantonly" to supervise the morgue attendant. They cited evidence that supervisors were aware Kenneth Douglas was drinking and having sex with live women while on the job. Douglas was convicted of gross abuse of a corpse. He's serving a pair of 3-year sentences. During his trial, Douglas testified that he was drunk and high on cocaine when he had intercourse with the bodies of Karen Sue Range, 19, who was stabbed to death in 1982; Charlene Appling, 23, a pregnant single mother who was strangled in 1991; and Angel Hicks, 24, a mother of a 1- and a 3-year-old. Hicks died of head injuries after being pushed out of a third-story window in 1991.

    Nearly 30-Year-Old Rape Case Solved
Dobie Dwayne Hunter FORT LAUDERDALE – Last fall detectives in the Broward Sheriff’s Office Special Victim’s Unit received a phone call from a woman looking for some peace of mind. The woman said that in 1985 she was kidnapped and raped repeatedly by two men. Her attackers were never caught and the woman wondered if advances in technology might lead investigators to an arrest. The woman had another reason for the call. Her daughter had recently turned 16 — the same age the victim was when the attack happened — and it had raised many emotions in her. Detective Michele McCardle went to work. She pieced together the evidence in the case and even found the victim’s rape kit and sent it to BSO’s Crime Lab for testing. McCardle said technicians received a match to a man named Dobie Hunter, a registered sexual offender.

    Ferguson police say Michael Brown fit denoscription of strong-arm robbery suspect
Michael Brown gangster gang-signDorian Johnson The black teenager who was fatally shot by a police officer in a St. Louis suburb, fit the denoscription of a suspect in a strong-arm robbery that happened minutes earlier, a suburban St. Louis police chief said at a Friday press conference at which the officer was publicly identified for the first time. Ferguson, Mo., Police Chief Thomas Jackson said that the robbery took place just before noon on Saturday at a nearby convenience store roughly 10 minutes before a police officer identified as Darren Wilson fired the bullet that killed Michael Brown. Police say that the shot was fired after a struggled touched off by Wilson's confronting Brown. Jackson said Wilson is a six-year veteran with no disciplinary action on his record. According to the police reports, Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, were suspected of taking a box of cigars from a store in Ferguson that morning.

    FBI warns New Black Panther leader in Ferguson inciting violence
Chawn KweliST. LOUIS, MO – The FBI is concerned members of the New Black Panther Party are in Ferguson and advocating violence against police. According to an alert from the St. Louis Division of the FBI the National Chief of Staff of the New Black Panther Party is in Ferguson. Chawn Kweli and other members of the NBPP are in town to respond to the shooting of Michael Brown. This is part of a Facebook status posted by Kweli , “This is the hour all the greats promised. If you die, die like a warrior. I’ll see you on the ground.”
  • This is not the first time the New Black Panther Party has sought to stir racial strife.
    Throughout the George Zimmerman trial, for example, the NBPP advocated violence against white people and placed a bounty on Zimmerman. As we reported in May 2012, King Samir Shabazz, the National Field Marshal for the New Black Panther Party, called for violence against white people on his national radio program. A month later, a New Black Panther Party leader using the name "General Taco" said members of the New Black Panther Party will hunt down and kill white people. “Once [white people] die, we should dig ‘em up, and kill ‘em again, bury ‘em, dig ‘em up, and kill ‘em again, and again, and again!” he exclaimed. So far, Obama's black Attorney General Eric Holder has taken no action against the organization.

    Black Man charged in Huntsville church pantry slayings now also facing unrelated rape, sodomy charges
Richard Burgin JrLouis Anthony Jackson and Terry Bradford Jackson HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- The man charged with fatally stabbing two brothers at a church food pantry in 2013 is now facing additional charges of rape and sodomy in an unrelated case. Richard Burgin Jr., 50, was charged today with first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy for alleged offenses on July 15, 2012, according to court records. The records provide no details, but Burgin's arrest in the May 21, 2013 stabbing deaths of of Anthony Jackson, 76, and Terry Jackson, 69, at the food pantry at West Huntsville United Methodist Church, came after the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences matched his DNA to a cup found near the crime scene, according to the Huntsville Police Department. - (Black-on-white)

    Bristol Police Arrest Black Man Accused of Helping Black Murder Suspect Get Away
Joshua DanielsAnthony JohneseBJoey Klettristol police have made a second arrest in connection with a murder at a party in January. A man arrested this morning is accused of assaulting someone who was trying to help the victim, then helping the murder suspect flee from police. The victim, Joseph Klett, 19, of Bristol, was killed in a stabbing during a party at 27 Irving Street in Bristol early on the morning of January 25, according to police. The man accused of stabbing him, Joshua Daniels, was arrested the next day in North Carolina. At 12:52 a.m. on Friday, Bristol police arrested Anthony Johnese, 23, of West Hartford, and charged him with assault in the second degree, hindering prosecution in the first degree and reckless endangerment in the second degree. Police said Johnese grabbed a liquor bottle and hit a man in the head who was trying to help Klett during that January party, then drove Daniels from Connecticut to North Carolina to evade police, police said. - (Black-on-white)

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