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    Scissor-wielding black madman gets 23 years behind bars
Julius James GrahamL to r: James Fayette, Jennifer Lipps, Ben Loehnen, Deanna Koestel, Luke FayetteA scissor-wielding psycho who stabbed five people in Riverside Park — including a toddler and his ballet-dancer dad — was sentenced to 23 years behind bars on Tuesday. “This is one of the most frightening types of cases I have ever seen.This was a completely random attack. These are the crimes that people fear the most. The lives of the people will be changed life long. This is not something you forget,” Judge Charles Solomon told the 44-year-old Julius James Graham in Manhattan Criminal Court, where several victims read statements about the grisly October 2013 rampage. James Fayette — once a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet — was in the park with his 18-month-old son when he heard screams from a female jogger who had been stabbed in the neck. “Completely unprovoked, Julius chased me down from behind as I yelled no. He slashed my son’s arm twice. He plunged his blade into my chest two times,” Fayette said in a statement. He said if it were not for a good Samaritan who came by, “ripping Julius off of me, I would have been killed and he would have had a clear path to my son.” The madman had first stabbed jogger Deanna Koestel in the back and then turned the broken scissors on Ben Leohnen, who was walking his dog, cops said. “I was left on the ground with blood gushing out of my back and my arm,” Koestel said in court. - (Black-on-white)
(White victims pictured - L to r: James Fayette, Jennifer Lipps, Ben Loehnen, Deanna Koestel, Luke Fayette )

    Black Teen gets 26 years for role in murder of (White) Tacoma man in condo garage
Andrew BoydJeremy BennettLawrence HowseLawrence Howse’s birthday is later this month. The man everyone knew as “Larry” probably would have wanted to celebrate his 56th with a day of fishing followed by a family get-together featuring barbecued salmon and crab. Instead, his brother David Howse said Wednesday in Pierce County Superior Court, the family will mark the occasion in a solemn fashion. “I will celebrate it by putting flowers on my brother’s grave,” David Howse told Judge Garold Johnson. He spoke during the sentencing hearing of 19-year-old Andrew Boyd, who was convicted of first-degree murder for his role in Larry Howse’s death. The Tacoma man was fatally shot Aug. 31, 2013, in the garage of his Stadium District condominium building. Boyd and his co-defendant, Jeremy Bennett, showed “a callous indifference for human life” when they ambushed Howse, whom they didn’t know, and robbed and shot him, leaving him to die on the concrete floor. - (Black-on-white)

    Official: (Black) ex-convict suspect in Cary murder didn't know (White) 72-year-old victim
Dwight Anthony BlountLuciano Mariano AndiaCARY, NC -- Officials in Cary say they don't believe the man arrested in connection with the death of a 72-year-old man knew the victim. Wake County Assistant District Attorney Howard Cummings said Monday the motive for the crime appeared to be a robbery. The body of Luciano Mariano Andia was found just before 7 a.m. on Saturday in a car in the parking lot of a Dollar Tree at the corner of High House Road and Highway 55. A spokesperson for Dollar Tree said Andia was employed at the store. His death was later ruled as a homicide after investigators said Andia appeared to have sustained injuries that caused his death. The suspect, 53 year-old Dwight Anthony Blount, is in custody. In a 911 call released early Sunday, a caller reported Andia was shot. Blount has a long criminal record dating back to the early 1980s. - (Black-on-white)

    (White) Man brutally beaten by black in Ladue; mother demands justice
Darrian JohnsonBrandon PudlowskiLADUE, Mo. - A mother is demanding justice for her 21-year-old son who was beaten and left unconscious near a home in Ladue on May 3. Police said Darrian Johnson, 21, stomped on Brandon Pudlowski's head and punched him repeatedly in front of a house on Barnes Road, off Clayton Road. Charlene Timmermeier has spent the last ten days by her son's side at Mercy Hospital in Creve Couer. "He had blood all over his face and his mouth, and foot marks on his chest,” Timmermeier said. Witnesses allege the attack came after Pudlowski, of O'Fallon, Missouri, tried to defend his female friend from derogatory remarks made by Johnson. Johnson has been charged with assault in the first degree resulting in a serious physical injury. - (Black-on-white)

    Cops shoot (crazy black) hammer-wielding suspect in Midtown
David BarilPolice on Wednesday shot the hammer-wielding maniac who randomly attacked four people during a bloody rampage around Manhattan, law enforcement sources said. The bearded suspect, identified as 30-year-old David Baril, was in critical but stable condition at Bellevue Hospital. Around 10 a.m., two Midtown South cops were leaving the scene of an unrelated assault at 38th Street and Eighth Avenue when they recognized Baril as the madman who attacked four people on Monday. As they approached the suspect, Baril turned around, pulled out his hammer and “violently started swinging” the claw end of the tool at Officer Lauren O’Rouke at 37th Street and Eighth Avenue. She began backing away into the intersection and fell down. Her partner, Geraldo Casaigne, fired at Baril four times, striking him twice.

    (White) Mother, (White child) and mixed-race son killed by (black) ex-boyfriend Michigan murder-suicide
James Jackson2-yr-old KeyonCecelia WoodsJames WoodsOSCODA COUNTY, Mich. - "She said 'Mom I love you very much, I've got to go," said Nancy McMaster. That was Friday night and the last time McMaster would talk to her daughter, Cecelia Woods, who had recently moved her family from the Detroit area to Oscoda County in northern Michigan for a better life. But later that night, police say James Jackson of Detroit attacked Cecelia using a dog leash to strangle her and then, her two boys. Jackson, 39, then killed 3-year-old James and Jackson's own son, 2-year-old Keyon. Then using that same dog leash, Jackson took his own life. Neighbors discovered the gruesome scene after they spotted him hanging from a TV antenna outside the mobile home. "I don't understand how you could choke the life out of a child, your own child," McMaster said. " This isn't the first time Jackson attacked Woods. Records show in 2013 in Detroit. He woke her up, tried to strangle her by hanging her in a closet. She managed to escape and Jackson was charged for that crime, but served less than a year and was released from prison just a few months ago. "She believed in second chances and everyone could change," McMaster said. "She grew up without a father wanted her kids to have one." She says Jackson, a parole absconder, convinced Cecelia to let him move into her place. They were not together. In fact, Cecelia was dating someone else and still married to the father of her other three children. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Windermere man at center of alleged rapes investigation left country, sources say
Darryl PattersonORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A Windermere man at the center of a series of alleged rapes is no longer in the country. Darryl Patterson is accused of attempted sexual assault on a woman who offered to drive him home from a function they were attending in April. Police said they believe Patterson tried to sexually assault the woman after giving her shots of Fireball whiskey that might have been laced with a drug. The woman told authorities she became nauseated and semiconscious.



Third teen charged as adult in Bevo Mill hammer death
Juan Carlos Fabian-LutzZemir BegicST. LOUIS, Mo. -- A third teen was charged as an adult in the beating death of a Bevo Mill man in late 2014. Court records show Juan Carlos Fabian-Lutz, 16, is facing first-degree murder and armed criminal action charges. Zemir Begic, 32, was found unconscious with apparent injuries to his head, abdomen, face and mouth in the 4200 block of Itaska at 1:15 a.m. on November 30, 2014. Police say Begic was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased. According to police, Begic was in his vehicle when “several juveniles” approached his car and began damaging it. When Begic exited his vehicle the teenagers yelled and struck him with hammers. Following the assault, the teenagers fled the scene on foot. Police said Fabian-Lutz and a 15-year-old boy were located a short-time later and placed in the custody of juvenile authorities. They had been charged with first degree murder under the juvenile system, but Fabian-Lutz's charges were upgraded Tuesday. Two other (black) teens were already facing adult murder charges. Darrion Johner, 16, and Robert Mitchell, 17, were arrested after the attack.







    Tacoma police: (White) Drive-by victim may have been shot by black gangster thugs for wearing gang colors
Brandon MorrisAlexander KittTACOMA – A Pierce County mother grieves for her only son who was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting last week. The suspected shooter made his first appearance in court on Friday afternoon. Prosecutors said 23-year-old Alexander Kitt is the gunman and he may have been trying to retaliate for an earlier shooting, but investigators say the victim may have been shot by mistake. “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how I’m going to go on without him,” said Brandon’s mother, Elladell Morris. “He took care of me, he took care of his grandmother.” Brandon Morris, 19, was shot near South 45th Street and South Puget Sound Avenue in Tacoma on May 1. - (Black-on-white)

    WANTED: Police ID ‘person of interest’ in weekend homicide
Malcolm G. QueridoRobert BullardPROVIDENCE, R.I. — Police are on the hunt for a North Providence man wanted in connection with not one, but two, homicides. Police say Malcolm G. Querido is a person of interest in this weekend’s homicide on Camden Avenue. Police say Kareem Barnes, 40, was found shot to death early Saturday morning inside his home at 149 Camden Avenue. Police said Querido’s also wanted in connection with a homicide on Allston Street, which occurred Sept. 7, 2014. In that case, investigators believe Querido fatally stabbed in the chest Robert Bullard, 38, of Medford, Mass. - (Black-on-white)
  • Medway murder victim's sister pleads for help
    MEDWAY, Mass. -- The sister of a Medway murder victim speaks out for the first time about the brother she lost, and the man who allegedly killed him. But for months, that suspect has been able to elude police. This was a vicious murder. It happened in Providence, R.I. back in September. The victim's name is Robert Bullard.

    5 (Black) Teens Charged, 2 Others Arrested In Dundalk Man’s Beating Caught On Tape
Richard FletcherAntoine LawsonSamtoya WilliamsAndrew AllenYahkeem WheatleyMya Stewart

DUNDALK, Md. — More arrests Tuesday in the brutal beating of a Dundalk man. Seven suspects, including five teens, are now charged in the April assault that put a 61-year-old man in a medically induced coma. The five teens are being charged as adults: A photo of Richard Fletcher with broken eye sockets, a broken nose, broken ribs and a brain bleed were taken after the attack. Cell phone video shows a group of teens surrounding Fletcher, screaming at him, then pounding him, kicking him again and again until he dropped to the ground. That footage, and others like it, helped police make arrests. Seventeen-year-old Antoine Lawson was indicted last week on charges of attempted murder, assault and robbery. Seventeen-year-old Samtoya Williams was charged with assault and robbery. More serious charges for 15-year-old Andrew Allen, charged with attempted murder and related charges, along with 15-year-old Yahkeem Wheatley, also charged with attempted murder, and 15-year-old Mya Stewart, originally charged as a juvenile. She is now charged as an adult with attempted first degree murder and other charges. Investigators say Fletcher saw two girls fighting on top of his car. When he went outside to ask them to stop, dozens of teens turned on him. Detectives also issued an arrest warrant for 20-year-old Keenan Holloway and they arrested a seventh suspect, a teenager,. - (Black-on-white)

    Jacksonville Police arrest two (blacks) after black-on-White pack attack is caught on video
Derrick TatumDeverick TatumWhite victim of black pack attackJACKSONVILLE – Two people are in custody, and more arrest are expected after a video surfaced capturing an attack a local Taco Bell. Several more arrests are expected in the near future and at this point the department has identified most of the participants in the assault. The first two subjects were charged with Assault Class A which means that bodily injury occurred during the assault. At least one other suspect will be charged with the same offense and others will be charged with Disorderly Conduct. Derrick Tatum, age 18 of Jacksonville and Deverick Tatum, also 18 and of Jacksonville were arrested, arraigned and charged with Class A Assault. Jacksonville Chief of Police Reece Daniel has released a statement: Despite a seven second video that has gone viral that purports to show several black males stomping and hitting a lone white male at a local restaurant our department did an initial investigation prior to talking to the media. "People need to know that this is not Ferguson, Chicago or any other place. It is Jacksonville Texas." - (Black-on-white)

    Prosecutor: No charges for (White) officer in Tony Robinson case
Tony T RobinsonOfficer Matt Kenny of the Madison Police Department will not face charges in the March shooting death of biracial teen Tony Robinson, Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said Tuesday. "I conclude that this tragic and unfortunate death was the result of a lawful use of deadly police force and that no charges should be brought against Officer Kenny in the death of Tony Robinson Jr.," he said. "My decision will not bring Tony Robinson Jr. back," Ozanne told reporters. "My decision will not end the racial disparities that exist in the justice system, in our justice system. My decision is not based on emotion. Rather, this decision is based on the facts as they have been investigated and reported to me."
    Wisconsin police officer fatally shoots (mixed-race) African-American teen, sparking protests
Tony RobinsonTony RobinsonSuspect and white motherAndrea IrwinProtests erupted in Wisconsin's capital overnight after a police officer fatally shot an African-American teenager who authorities said attacked him. The 19-year-old was shot after allegedly assaulting police who were responding to a scene at a Madison apartment Friday evening, said Mike Koval, the city's police chief. While the chief indicated the officer acted in self-defense, that didn't stop protesters from hitting the streets. Chief: Suspect 'assaulted my officer' The incident started when authorities got a call that a man suspected in a recent battery had gone to an apartment, Koval said. Shortly before that call, another one had come in, saying the same suspect was "jumping in and out of traffic, dodging cars," according to the police chief. When a responding officer went to the apartment, he heard some commotion and forced his way in, he said. "Once inside the home the subject involved in this incident -- the same one allegedly out in traffic and that had battered someone -- assaulted my officer," Koval said. After that, according to the chief, "The officer did draw his revolver and subsequently shot the subject."

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    Skate park shooting was self-defense, police say
Jaquise LewisA month and a half after a shooting at Los Altos Skate Park left one person dead and six injured, police told a news conference Friday afternoon that the man who shot and killed a 17-year-old at a Northeast Albuquerque skate park did so in self-defense. Police said cellphone video of the encounter shows that the teen who was shot and killed, Jaquise Lewis, was one of the shooters firing at the skaters. However, they do not believe he was the first one in his group to fire shots. The fight began after members of one group asked to borrow a couple of skateboards from the other group. The first two skateboards were returned, but when someone asked for the third back, a fist fight broke out. It turned into a gunfight. Police said there was no indication the shooting was race-related or gang-related. Lewis was under house arrest after being charged with negligent use of a deadly weapon and unlawful carrying of a handgun by a person under 19 in early March, according to his order of release.
  • Fatal skate park shot possibly fired in self-defense - May 08, 2015
    Seven people ended up being shot, including 17-year-old Jaquise Lewis. Lewis died in the parking lot, according to police. Another man was paralyzed and five others were hurt in the ordeal. Lewis was one of the first to start shooting.
  • Skate park shooting victim’s memorial burned - March 24, 2015
    A day after family and friends of gunned down teen left a memorial in his honor, someone has destroyed it, heightening some racial tensions.

    Black Man Gets 60 Years in Prison for Beating (white) Girlfriend to Death
Matthew PughAlexandra Marie DucsayThe man found guilty of killing his former girlfriend, a 26-year-old aspiring actress and musician from Milford, has been sentenced to 60 years in prison for her murder. Matthew Pugh, 42, was sentenced Monday in connection with the death of Alexandra Ducsay. Ducsay's mother found her body, badly beaten, in the basement of her Milford home on May 19, 2006. An autopsy revealed that Ducsay died of stab wounds and multiple blunt force trauma injuries to her head. Judge Denise Markle called Pugh beyond rehabilitation in rendering her sentence. "After today, I'll never think about Matt Pugh again," said the victim's brother, Matthew Ducsay. Pugh, a convicted drug dealer who dated Ducsay before he went to prison in 1998, was arrested in September 2012 on charges of murder and first-degree burglary. He was convicted in March of this year.

Dangers of interracial dating

    Hammer-wielding black savage attacks two women in Union Square: NYPD
black hammer attack savageUNION SQUARE, N.Y. — Police are searching for a man wanted for bashing two women with a hammer in Union Square and who may be connected to a third such attack in the area. A photo of the alleged attacker was released midday Tuesday. Earlier in the day, police sent out a sketch of a possible culprit but later said to disregard that image, replacing it with a grainy surveillance photo. NYPD said the man began his rampage about 7:30 p.m. Monday when he took out a hammer from inside a bag and hit a 28-year-old woman on the head. The victim was sitting on a bench in Union Square Park. About 10 minutes later, he slammed a hammer on a 33-year-old woman, attacking her from behind near 44 West 18th St. and leaving her with a scalp wound, police said. - (Drudge)

    Black HIV carrier Poses As Police Officer To Rape Teen Girl In Lancaster, Authorities Say
Joseph Kenneth CornettLOS ANGELES — A 41-year-old man accused of posing as a police officer was charged Monday with kidnapping and raping a 15-year-old girl as she walked home from school. Prosecutors say Joseph Kenneth Cornett committed the crime knowing he was HIV positive. Lancaster police say the attack happened Wednesday after Cornett approached the victim and arrested her for jaywalking. He then took her inside an abandoned mobile classroom near Lancaster Boulevard and 40th Street and sexually assaulted her.

    Man charged in attempted sexual assault on CTA Red Line
Ronald Sparksblack rapistAuthorities filed charges against a South Side man accused of trying to sexually assault a woman on a CTA Red Line train on the North Side. A 27-year-old woman told police she was riding a southbound Red Line train between the Fullerton and North/Clybourn stations at 5 a.m. Sunday when a man tried to assault her, according to Officer Janel Sedevic, a spokeswoman for the Chicago Police Department. Police arrested a suspect early Monday morning after sending out a community alert Sunday evening that included surveillance photos. Police said the man, 34-year-old Ronald Sparks, was spotted on a CTA train smoking a cigarette and was confronted by a private security officer.





    Former Oklahoma death row inmate linked to another death through DNA
Lois Arlene Jones John Paul WashingtonJohn Paul Washington was on death row for a 1984 murder of a Tinker Air Force Base airman but his conviction was overturned in 1992. He has been confined most of the two decades since then at the state mental hospital in Vinita, considered too mentally ill to be tried again for that crime. On a hot summer day in 1982, vacationing widow Lois Arlene Jones decided to go sunbathing in her bikini in the backyard of her mother’s southeast Oklahoma City home. Her mother went to work, telling police later Lois had been in a good mood. The mother, Mary Stewart, returned that afternoon to find Jones’ sunburned body in the bathtub — the water still running, police reported. Jones, 57, from East Dubuque, Ill., had been raped and strangled. Three decades later, cold-case investigators have a suspect — a former death row inmate now confined to the state mental hospital in Vinita. - (Black-on-white)

    Black man accused in Mother's Day stabbing of his white ex-girlfriend collapses in court
Yuland StanfieldChristine SanturriPROVIDENCE - A man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend on Mother's Day in East Providence collapsed in court Monday. Yuland Stanfield was charged with first-degree murder and two counts of violating a restraining order. He fell to his knees and began wailing during his arraignment in Providence District Court. Police said Stanfield stabbed to death his ex-girlfriend, Christine Santurri, in front of the victim's daughter in her East Providence home Sunday. Police said Santurri had recently obtained a restraining order against the suspect and went to the police station on Friday to report he had violated that order. The East Providence police had issued an arrest warrant for him prior to the stabbing. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Jury Finds (black) Jordan Clemons Guilty Of 1st-Degree Murder of his (white) girlfriend
Jordan ClemonsKarissa KuncoPITTSBURGH – A Washington County jury has found Jordan Clemons guilty of first-degree murder. This morning, the defense conceded Jordan Clemons killed Karissa Kunco, but argued that he is guilty only of third-degree murder because he did not display the willful deliberate premeditation necessary for a first-degree murder conviction. The defense called Clemons’ actions, like using her father’s debit card to buy an Xbox, erratic and not the actions of someone in their right mind. The prosecution also argued that slitting her throat from ear-to-ear showed willful deliberate premeditation. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black) HIV+ man charged in kidnap, rape in Lancaster
black AIDS rapistLANCASTER – An HIV-positive North Carolina man is facing nine felony charges and eight misdemeanors in connection with the May 6 kidnapping and sexual assault of a girl in Lancaster. Joseph Kenneth Cornett, 41, was charged with kidnapping to commit rape, assault with intent to commit rape, kidnapping, lewd act upon a child, false imprisonment, sexual penetration by foreign object, attempted forcible rape, assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury and attempted unprotected sexual activity by one who knows himself to be infected by HIV. Cornett is also charged with misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance (PCP) and seven counts of resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer. Cornett pretended to be a law enforcement officer in order to lure a 15-year-old girl into his vehicle.

    Hattiesburg Police Officers Killed, 4th Suspect Arrested
Cornelius ClarkUPDATE - 28-year-old Cornelius Clark, the 4th suspect in the shooting deaths of two HPD officers, has been arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. Clark was a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the shooting.

    Prince George’s sheriff’s deputies fatally shoot man in school parking lot
Lionel YoungLANDOVER, Md. - Authorities in Prince George's County say sheriff's deputies shot and killed a man after he rammed a deputy's vehicle. The county sheriff's office announced Monday morning that the shooting occurred Sunday night in Landover. Officials say deputies pursued a truck driven by a domestic violence suspect to Nalley Road. Prince George’s deputies say the suspect, identified by his family as 35-year-old Lionel Young, rammed their cruiser with a pickup truck before they opened fire. Young, who was allegedly armed with knives, was killed in the parking lot of Cora L. Rice Elementary School. He was in the car at the time of the shooting. That's when officials say two deputies fired at the man, striking him. Officials say the man died at the scene.

    Report: Naked Sen. Smith confronted ex before shooting
Virgil SmithDetroit — State Sen. Virgil Smith told police his ex-wife stormed into his house and assaulted his girlfriend before he did “the most stupid thing in his life” — opening fire at the ex-wife’s Mercedes Benz with a rifle — according to a police report obtained by The Detroit News. He was naked when he met her at the front door, the senator’s ex-wife claims in a second police report, beat her with his fists, chased her outside and shot at her four or five times.

    Whitewater man gets life in prison in attempted murder case - raped 12-yr-old and slit girls' throats
Larry ShannonELKHORN—As Larry Shannon was sentenced to life in prison for the sexual assault of a girl and abduction of two other children, he stared at the ceiling and smirked. It was a demeanor not unlike what people saw during the four-day jury trial in February that resulted in the Whitewater man being found guilty of 12 violent offenses in October 2012. He was convicted of tying up two girls for hours after slashing their necks with a kitchen knife, sexually assaulting the oldest girl and leading law enforcement on a high-speed, two-county chase. “The court believes justice would not be served unless this defendant is locked up for the rest of his life,” Judge David Reddy said Friday.

    Man Arrested In Brutal Crawford-Roberts Rape Case
Yancey MurphyCRAWFORD-ROBERTS - An Uptown man has been charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman. The attack happened early Sunday morning, as the victim was leaving a bar. According to the criminal complaint, 45-year-old Yancey Murphy wrapped a belt around the victim’s neck and dragged her into the bushes. The bushes, and a concrete landing, were connected to a vacant church on Vine Street in the Crawford-Roberts neighborhood. The complaint went on to say Murphy punched and kicked the victim before smashing her face into a brick wall. The victim was repeatedly raped for the next few hours, and police say she was in and out of consciousness.

    Wanted: M/22 5’9” 140lbs in connection with a rape in the Bronx on 5/4
black rapistblack rapist

    Cleveland felon accused of abducting woman, attacking her in vacant building
Robert D. CloudCLEVELAND, Ohio — A Cleveland man with a criminal history spanning nearly a quarter-century is accused of abducting a woman and attacking her inside a vacant building. Robert D. Cloud, 46, is charged with first-degree felony kidnapping. Cloud on May 1 grabbed a woman by the hood of her sweatshirt and forced her into an abandoned multi-unit house. Cloud forced the woman to sit on a box spring and he refused to let her leave. He demanded the woman have sex with him but she refused. Cloud slammed her face against a wall and punched her face, causing one eye to swell shut, court records say.

    Sexual predator wanted in New Smyrna Beach rape caught in Dallas
Kareen Walshad McNealA rapist and sexual predator wanted by New Smyrna Beach police in the sexual battery of a child under the age of 16 was arrested in Texas. Kareen Walshad McNeal, 34, was caught on Friday near Dallas. Records show McNeal was convicted in 1999 for rape and kidnapping in Miami-Dade county and is a registered sexual predator.

    3 (blacks) bond out of jail following Mother's Day melee at Red Lobster
Left to right: Edward Merritt, Artrez Coppins, Corey Turner and Tommie MullinsCOLUMBUS, GA – Three of the four men accused of beginning a fight inside a Red Lobster bonded out of jail Monday. Artrez Coppins, Edward Merritt, Tommie Mullins and Corey Turner were all arrested following a sour turn to Mother's Day thanks to a brawl at a restaurant in Columbus. According to the Columbus Police Department, as one family was leaving the Red Lobster on 13th Street on Sunday afternoon around 3 p.m., a group of males came in and jumped on one of the guys who was with the group leaving the restaurant. It is believed the group of males assaulted the victim because they believe he may be involved in the 2014 Gleason Avenue shooting that killed Robert Brooks. The victim was holding a 14-month-old baby at the time of the assault, and the two men trying to save the baby from the melee were also assaulted.

    (Black) Teen Killed, 3 Men Hurt in Shooting After Mother's Day Motorcycle Blessing Event in Newark
A 15-year-old boy was killed and three other men were injured when shots were fired after a motorcycle blessing event for Mother's Day attended by 1,000 people in Newark, officials say. Shots were fired at 7:45 p.m. near 19th Avenue and South 16th Street in Newark, just a few blocks from the headquarters of the Newark Knights Motorcycle Club, which was holding the event Sunday, according to the club's website. - Newark, NJ demographics Black or African American 52.4%
  • "White flight" from Newark to the suburbs, which started in the 1940s accelerated in the 1960s.
    The 1967 riots resulted in a significant population loss of the city's middle class, many of them Jewish, which continued from the 1970s through to the 1990s. The city lost about 130,000 residents between 1960 and 1990. From the 1950s to 1967, white population shrank from 363,000 to 158,000, its black population grew from 70,000 to 220,000. The percentage of Non-Hispanic whites declined from 82.8% in 1950 to 11.6% by 2010. The percentage of Latinos in Newark grew between 1980 and 2010, from 18.6% to 33.8% while that of Blacks decreased from 58.2% to 52.4%.
  • Google search "majority black cities"

    Shots Fired Following Large Brawl In Darby Borough
black shooterPolice in Darby Borough, Delaware County are searching for a man who fired multiple shots following a large brawl while dozens of children were outside playing in the neighborhood. Police say the incident started with a large fight involving a number of adults with baseball bats, and then a man pulled a handgun and fired six rounds close to where about three dozen children were playing in the street.

    (Black) Teen busted in subway explosion is son of MTA worker - April 8, 2015
Keyshawn BrownThe vandal busted for an explosion at a Brooklyn subway station is the son of an MTA worker, law-enforcement sources told the Post. Keyshawn Brown, 16, was arrested Thursday for allegedly tossing an MTA metal sign box onto the tracks at the Nostrand Avenue station — creating a loud boom and smoke when it was hit by a C train.

    Prosecutors: Parolee used fists, hammer to hold woman in car overnight
James DemusA Chicago man is charged with aggravated kidnapping and domestic battery after using his fists and the threat of a hammer to keep a woman he was dating in his car overnight last month, prosecutors said Saturday. James Demus, 32, was arrested Friday after a routine traffic stop led police to discover there was an active warrant and investigative alert out for him. The evening of April 19, Demus slapped, punched and attempted to hit his 'date' with a hammer, not permitting her to leave the car he was driving, Assistant State’s Attorney Justin Goldfarb said.

    North Side Man Charged With Stabbing Mother To Death During ‘Domestic Dispute’
Jerome JacksonA North Side man has been charged with fatally stabbing his mother during a domestic dispute Tuesday afternoon in West Ridge. Jerome Jackson, 24, was charged with one count of first degree murder in connection with the May 5 stabbing death of his mother, 53-year-old Jerren Jackson, according to a statement from Chicago Police. About 4:20 p.m., Jerren Jackson was stabbed to death in the 6200 block of North Bell, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office. She lived on the same block and was declared dead at the scene. Jerome Jackson, also of the 6200 block of North Bell, is scheduled to appear in bond court Thursday.








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    Two Mississippi police officers dead after shooting during routine traffic stop; three suspects in custody: reports
Marvin Banks, Joanie Calloway and Curtis Banks Benjamin DeenAuthorities early Sunday morning arrested two brothers and a woman in connection with the fatal shootings of two Hattiesburg police officers, who were killed in the line of duty during a routine traffic stop Saturday night. Forrest County Coroner Butch Benedict confirmed the deaths of officers Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate. The officers were taken to Forrest General Hospital, where they died shortly after arriving. Authorities arrested Curtis Banks, 26, and Marvin Banks, 29, and Joanie Calloway, 22, early Sunday morning. They were taken to Troop J of the Mississippi Highway Patrol, where they were to be questioned by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation. Marvin Banks and Calloway have been charged with two counts each of capital murder, and Curtis Banks is charged with two counts of accessory after the fact to capital murder. The shooting marks the first police slay in Hattiesburg since 1984 — a town nearly evenly split between white and black residents.

    Female Arizona prison guard sexually assaulted by black male
Fernandes MastersA female officer with the Arizona Department of Corrections was sexually assaulted in April, according to a DOC spokesman. Fernandes Masters, 31, is accused of sexually assaulting the officer on April 13 at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Yuma during a meeting with Masters in an office, Department of Corrections spokesman Andrew Wilder said Saturday. The officer called for help and was treated on site before being taken to a local hospital for further evaluation and later released, according to Wilder. Masters is currently serving a life sentence for first degree murder, and a search on the Department of Corrections website shows 24 "disciplinary infractions" against him, including previously assaulting an inmate in 2009.

    Watch: (Feral black) Teens Attack Yemeni Migrant Gary Gas Station Employee
black thugGARY, Ind. –– A bold attack on an employee at a gas station in Gary Thursday night was captured by the store’s surveillance camera. It started as teenagers playing around then quickly turned violent. The employee remains hospitalized and police are searching for the attackers. The video shows employee Yahya Alkalap walking to the entrance of the Clark Gas Station on Grant Street, where he works. Within seconds, he’s surrounded by a group of young men. One dressed in a bright yellow shirt and green walking shorts uses his left arm to punch Alkalap in the head, knocking him to the ground. Saleh Mohamad, the owner of the gas station, says Alkalap suffered a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain and a swollen eye.

    Detroit PD source says Mich. Sen. Virgil Smith fired shotgun shots after arguing with girlfriend
Virgil SmithDETROIT - A Detroit Police Department source tells Local 4 that officials are investigating a shooting at Michigan senator Virgil Smith's home in Detroit. The source says Smith got into an argument with his girlfriend and fired several shots with a shotgun, hitting her 2015 Mercedes Benz. It happened in the 18000 block of Wexford Avenue in Detroit. The Domestic Violence division is handling the investigation, which began Sunday morning, the source says. Smith has not been arrested, and police have been unable to contact his girlfriend.

    Black mother arrested in case of baby found in trash compactor
Antwonetta Jones SLIDELL, La. -- A 22-year-old woman who had hidden her pregnancy from family and friends has been charged in the death of the child, whose body was found in an apartment complex trash compactor Monday. Antwonetta Jones was booked with second-degree murder. Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith said Jones delivered the baby in a bathtub and that a short time later it began choking and died. He said Jones told them she got scared and when the child stopped breathing, she put her in a box and brought it to the trash compactor.

    Allentown baby, allegedly thrown in river by black mom, dies
Johnesha PerryALLENTOWN, Pa. -- The 1-year-old baby boy, who police say was thrown into an Allentown river last weekend at the hands of his own mother, has died. Baby Zymeir Perry died Saturday at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest. The incident happened around 1:40 p.m. Sunday, May 3rd at the Hamilton Street Bridge. Police say this appears to have been an attempted murder-suicide. The child's mother is identified as 19-year-old Johnesha Perry. Witnesses told police that they saw Perry push a stroller with her 1-year-old onto the bridge. That's when witnesses say she kissed her baby boy and then pushed him over the railing. The child then fell more than 50 feet into the Lehigh River.

    Black Mom charged with strangling infant son: ‘I don’t deserve to live’ - “the devil made me do it,”
Latisha FisherThe evil mom charged with smothering her 1-year-old son to death in a midtown burger chain’s bathroom last month told cops shortly after her arrest “I don’t deserve to live. Am I going to get life in prison?” Latisha Fisher asked a detective hours after the alleged killing inside of 5 Boro Burger March 30. ”I don’t deserve to live. That was a baby.” Fisher, who was arraigned on one count of strangulation, sobbed as prosecutors described the tragic incident. The worker had found Fisher, “sitting on the closed toilet seat, crying and rocking the child.” the baby was foaming at the mouth and his eyes rolled back.” Fisher, 35, allegedly told police, “the devil made me do it,” and demonstrated how she suffocated little Gavriel Ortiz-Fisher by cupping her hands over the boy’s mouth to stop his crying.

    Black mother indicted on 2nd-degree murder charge, faces life in prison after allegedly killing 2-year-old daughter
Candice SmithA 22-year-old Baton Rouge woman who police say admitted to shoving her 2-year-old daughter against a shower wall was indicted on a second-degree murder charge in the child’s Dec. 29 death. The East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office ruled the death of Da’Laijah Smith a homicide after finding she died of severe blunt-force injuries to her head, neck, chest and stomach. The child also suffered rib fractures, and abrasions and contusions on her arms and legs. She was found unresponsive at the Beechwood Drive home where the mother and daughter lived. Candice Smith told police she forced her child against the wall and the child hit her head.

    Feticide: Beatings killed unborn baby, police say
Tyson Dewayne CheavisA 36-year-old man from Gibson is accused of attacking his girlfriend multiple times, causing the death of their unborn child, authorities said today. Tyson Dewayne Cheavis, of 188 Jimmy's Trailer Court, confessed Tuesday to hitting his 27-year-old girlfriend despite being aware of her pregnancy, Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Jerry Larpenter said. The multiple injuries she sustained over several weeks, which included bruises, swelling and unconsciousness, ultimately led to the baby's death, the sheriff said in a news release. A hospital exam revealed the child had no heartbeat.

    Suspect charged in brutal murder of his girlfriend's 5-year-old son
Sherrick WashingtonHOUSTON – Capital murder charges have been filed in the brutal murder of a 5-year-old boy. Sherrick Washington, 26, is charged with killing his girlfriend's son on Sunday, May 3. Washington repeatedly threw Amarie Daniels against a wall, a refrigerator and furniture, according to court documents. The child wasn't breathing and a woman was performing CPR when Harris County Sheriff's deputies arrived at the northwest Harris County apartment. Amarie was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital by Life Flight, but doctors weren't able to save him.

    Former SEC football player charged with murder in Gwinnett
Steven Terrence SingletonGwinnett County police have charged a former Southeastern Conference football player with murder in connection with the death of a 4-year-old boy. Steven Terrence Singleton, a former football "standout" at Buford High School and college player at both LSU and South Carolina, was booked into the Gwinnett County jail. The 26-year-old was being held without bond on charges of felony murder and first-degree cruelty to children. Arrest warrants accused Singleton of “inflicting fatal brain injuries” against a youngster named Tye Hardin on Saturday.

    (Black) Boyfriend arrested for killing his girlfriend's toddler in Lanham
Joshua RileyLANHAM, Md. -- A Prince George's County man was arrested for killing his girlfriend's toddler, according to police. Joshua Riley, 29, of Lanham, Md. has been charged with first degree murder, second degree murder, child abuse and other related charges, police said. Police say 23-month-old Anthony Winfrey was in the care on April 9th, when his mother came home from work and found him unresponsive. Winfrey was taken to the hospital for treatment. He he died. on April 15. Riley lived at the home and was in a romantic relationship with the mother.

    Huber Heights Man Indicted on Murder Charge in Death of His Girlfriend's Toddler
Dionte R. EvansHUBER HEIGHTS -- A 22-year-old Huber Heights man faces murder, manslaughter, assault and endangering charges following the death of a 21-month-old boy. Dionte R. Evans is accused of killing his girlfriend's child April 8 while he was watching the boy. The Montgomery County Coroner's Office determined the child, Keyontae R. Ellis-Bell, died as a result of blunt force trauma. Keyontae's mother called 911 when she had returned home from work and found her son not breathing. Evans was indicted on two counts of murder, one count of involuntary manslaughter, one count of felonious assault and two counts of endangering children.


  • New York Upper East Side Guggenheim museum bans ‘rowdy’ (black) Brooklyn high school
    Just last week, First Lady Michelle Obama pleaded for art institutions to be more welcoming of kids from all backgrounds. Some workers at the Guggenheim suggested the ban may have been a knee-jerk reaction to racist stereotypes. “It was pretty much the first . . . group of black kids I have ever seen there,” said Asha Walker. “This is the first time since I have been there that there are a majority of black students . . .





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  • Italy's increasingly rare babies
    In 2014 there were fewer babies born in Italy than at any time since 1861. Italians say the economic conditions are not good enough to have large families, and many are having no children at all. - (EU)


    (Black man) should get death penalty for CarQuest double murder (of White men) in Baton Rouge
Randy Leo ChaneyEdward GurtnerLee Turner Jr.Lee Turner Jr., 25, should be executed for murdering two people at a CarQuest auto parts store in Baton Rouge in 2011, a jury determined Friday. It took a little less than 2 hours for the jury of 10 women and two men to decide Turner should die for the deaths of Edward Gurtner, 43, and Randy Chaney, 54, on March 27, 2011. All three were CarQuest employees: Turner was newly hired when he robbed the store on Airline Highway and fatally shot the men. A row of Turner's family members sobbed as the sentence was read, and one young man collapsed in tears between the benches and had to be escorted from the courtroom. Turner said nothing, but could be seen wiping his eyes. Turner will be formally sentenced by a judge in August. - (Black-on-white)

    Black fags: Man gets 25 years in prison for molesting Warren boy
Duane JohnsonA 19-year-old Hazel Park man was ordered serve 25 years in prison for sexually assaulting a 6-year-old boy while baby-sitting him in the victim’s Warren home. Duane Johnson, who the defense claimed had the mentality of an 8 to 12-year-old, was sentenced to the mandatory term, up to 61 years, because he was over age 17 and the victim was under 13. Johnson was convicted in March of one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct following a jury trial in front of Visiting Judge Thomas Brookover in Macomb County Circuit Court in Mount Clemens. Johnson, who resided with the boy and his parents, was accused of sodomizing him in his bedroom about Oct. 1, 2012, while they were wrestling and the boy’s parents were grocery shopping.

    Police Hunting Waffle House Masturbator
Emanuel WilliamsA Waffle House employee who was videotaped by a fellow worker masturbating inside the open Georgia restaurant is being sought by police on an arrest warrant charging him with public indecency, cops report. Emanuel Williams, 36, is wanted in connection with the incident Monday afternoon in the dining room of a Waffle House in Macon, according to police. - (Drudge)


(White female) Utah teen convicted for fatal highway crime spree with (Hispanic) boyfriend 'Jose'
Jose Angel Garcia-JuareguiMeagan GrunwaldMeagan GrunwaldUtah County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Cory WrideDeputy Greg SherwoodMeagan Grunwald had tearfully testified that she feared for her life as she drove her boyfriend for a fatal crime spree, but she was still found guilty all but one of a dozen felony charges she faced. The Utah teen accused of aiding her murderous boyfriend by driving him 50 miles while he shot at sheriff’s deputies, killing one and critically injuring another, was convicted early Saturday morning of all but one of the 12 felony charges she faced, including aggravated murder. Meagan Grunwald, 18, is scheduled to be sentenced July 8 and faces life behind bars for her deadly, drug-fueled drive. Grunwald was with her boyfriend Jose Angel Garcia-Juaregui, 27, on a snowy day last January when he learned his parole board had issued a warrant for his arrest. When the two were stopped in their pickup truck by Utah County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Cory Wride, who got suspicious when Garcia-Juaregui gave him a fake name, the boyfriend shot and killed Wride. Grunwald drove them away, and when they were spotted hours later by Deputy Greg Sherwood, she raced off again as her killer lover shot at the deputy, hitting him in the head and send him to a hospital for three weeks. The Bonnie and Clyde crime spree ended only after police destroyed the couple’s tires with spike strips, then did the same thing to a vehicle they jacked from a mother driving with her child. As the couple tried running for police, Garcia-Juaregui was fatally gunned down.

  • Citizenship status of dead Hispanic, Latino and/or Mexican felon not reported - ed.

Dangers of interracial dating


Roberto Martinez-Marinero Admits Killing Mother, Throwing Brothers In River And Dumpster: Police
Roberto Martinez-MarineroPolice in Nebraska are searching for a missing 5-year-old boy after they said his brother confessed to throwing him in a river after killing their mother. Roberto Martinez-Marinero, 25, turned himself in to Omaha police on Thursday night, a day after the body of his mother, 45-year-old Jesus Ismenia Marinero, was found in a ditch. Investigators said he confessed to killing his mother, and to putting his 11-month-old brother in a nearby dumpster. The baby was recovered unharmed and reunited with family members. The suspect's 5-year-old brother, Josue Ramirez-Marinero, is still missing. Police said Martinez-Marinero admitted throwing the boy into the Elkhorn River. The Omaha Police Department is conducting a ground, air and water search along the river, with help from the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, according to Omaha.com.



BSO employee guilty of extorting Boca Raton doctor she met on married dating website
Debbie O'Flaherty-LewisBenjamin HarowFORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A Broward Sheriff's Office employee accused of extorting a Boca Raton doctor whom she met on a website promoting infidelity was found guilty Thursday. Jurors returned a guilty verdict in the extortion trial of Debbie O'Flaherty-Lewis, 48, after less than two hours of deliberations. During the trial, Dr. Benjamin Harow testified that he met O'Flaherty-Lewis on the dating website AshleyMadison.com. Ashley Madison bills itself as "the world's leading married dating service for discreet encounters." According to a BSO arrest report, O'Flaherty-Lewis "maliciously threatened the victim over the phone and text messages" and threatened to expose his affair "if she was not paid $7,000." Instead, the 43-year-old doctor went to authorities.


Dangers of interracial dating



N.J. man convicted in murder of woman who was found strangled by keyboard cord
Harry J. NeherSabrina BullockA Woodbury man was convicted of murder today after a three-week trial in the 2012 strangling death of a city woman, the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office announced. A jury found Harry J. Neher, 35, guilty after about three hours of deliberation today in the murder of Sabrina Bullock, 41, on Dec. 29, 2012. Authorities discovered Bullock's body in a donation shed behind Neher's S. Broad Street apartment on Dec. 30, 2012, after family had reported her missing. Images displayed in court during the trial showed Bullock face down in the shed with a computer keyboard perpendicular to the ground propping her up with the cord wrapped around her neck.


Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black thug) Thomas Johnson III found guilty of top charge in (White) Officer Daryl Pierson's death
Rochester Police Officer Daryl PiersonThomas Johnson IIIThomas Johnson III has been convicted by a jury on the top charge in the death of Rochester Police Officer Daryl Pierson. Johnson gunned down Officer Pierson on Hudson Avenue last September. Friday afternoon, a jury found Johnson guilty of aggravated murder, attempted aggravated murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon. As we have reported, the case boiled down to one question -- was Daryl Pierson acting as a police officer when he chased Thomas Johnson III? Today, a jury said yes, Pierson was acting a police officer. The defense had argued that Johnson did not commit a crime before the shooting that evening so Pierson should never have been chasing him. Thomas Johnson III is guilty on six counts. The jury says he intentionally killed Rochester Police Officer Daryl Pierson that September night and also tried to kill his partner Officer Michael DiPaola. Now, Johnson will spend the rest of his life behind bars. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Man charged in alleged assault of (White) 69-year-old Metro rider gets anger management, curfew
Elijah SmithAlbert LangebergWASHINGTON - The man charged for allegedly assaulting a 69-year-old man at the Eastern Market Metro station on April 24 will enter an anger management program, wear an electronic device and be placed under a curfew. Elijah Smith, 19, appeared in court Friday and was released by a judge after he waived his right to a preliminary hearing, his attorney said, which opened the door for a future plea deal. Smith was arrested and charged with felony assault for allegedly punching and hitting Albert Langeberg, a Metro rider. The alleged assault was caught on surveillance video. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Man who fatally stabbed (white) girlfriend had record
Derrick R. AllenShelly LaBineGREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. - A man who Clay County deputies say stabbed his girlfriend to death in front of her 14-year-old daughter Wednesday night before he died in a car crash while fleeing the scene had spent time in prison. Shelly LaBine, 43, was stabbed about 6:30 p.m. in the St. Johns Landing Apartment the couple shared in Green Cove Springs. The Florida Highway Patrol said the victim's boyfriend -- 39-year-old Derrick Allen -- died a few minutes after the stabbing when he was ejected after losing control of LaBine's BMW SUV while taking a curve on Russell Road at a high rate of speed. The vehicle struck two mailboxes and a fence before overturning on some small trees in the front yard of a home. Allen, who troopers said was not wearing a seat belt, was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital Clay County Campus, where he died. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black) Suspect, 18, Arrested In Hit-Run That Left (White female) Temple Student Critically Injured
Rashan “Robert” RobertsRachel HallPHILADELPHIA — Police say an 18-year-old has been arrested in connection with the hit and run of a Temple University student. Investigators say Rashan “Robert” Roberts is facing several charges. Rachel Hall, a 22-year-old Temple University senior, was struck while riding her bike near campus on April 29th. Hall, from Mullica Hill, New Jersey, remains hospitalized, but her family says her condition is improving. According to investigators, Roberts only possessed a driver’s permit, not a driver’s license. Investigators said he told them he “panicked” and fled the scene after striking Hall. Roberts faces charges of “fleeing the scene of an accident that causes serious bodily injury” and driving without a license. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) St. Louis man charged in (White) student’s death appears in court
Michael GordonTaylor ClarkCLAYTON, Mo. — A St. Louis man made his first court appearance Thursday on charges he killed a 19-year-old Illinois college student whom he had contacted about buying a sports car advertised on Craigslist. Michael Gordon, 24, remains held at the St. Louis County jail in lieu of $1 million bond. He didn’t enter a plea and a judge set another hearing for May 18. He is charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the death of Taylor Clark, a sophomore engineering student at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville. - (Black-on-white)

    Parents Of At-Risk Teens Weren’t Warned After Sex Assault by black sexual predator
Ashanti Lymonvictim's motherMINNEAPOLIS – The mother of a teenager who says she was sexually assaulted says her daughter’s attack should have been prevented. Ashanti Lymon is charged with criminal sexual conduct in her case, and in another one. Lymon previously pleaded guilty in a similar case, but was allowed to stay in a program for at-risk teens. Lymon was charged with rape of a teenage girl last year. He was 18. He’s also charged with sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl the same year. “She is having a really hard time with it,” the girl’s (White) mother said. Ashanti Lymon “would grab her breasts, put his hands down her pants.” The girl met Lymon at TreeHouse in Bloomington. It’s a faith-based organization that caters to at-risk teens. Lymon pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl “in a van used for transportation for a program called Treehouse in Bloomington.” The day after he pleaded guilty in May 2014, he was accused of sexually assaulting the second victim, and later the third. - (Black-on-white)

    (White) Cab driver shot in attempted robbery decries plea deal for black thugs
Jarvis Williams, 18 and Quincy LovetteFrank O'GradyFrank O'GradyNORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- A cab driver who suffered gunshot wounds in an attempted robbery in February is criticizing a plea deal for his alleged assailants. The shooting occurred during 62-year-old Frank O'Grady's first fare of the morning. Two men ambushed O'Grady, who says he thought he was picking up a customer. One of the men fired six shots into O'Grady's cab and struck him twice. He fled to a nearby truck stop to get help. Three months later, O' Grady says he is still recovering from his injuries. Police eventually arrested the two suspects, 19-year-old Jarvis Williams and 18-year-old Quincy Lovette, for another robbery. The pair faced attempted murder, robbery and conspiracy charges, but O'Grady says they took a plea deal that removed the attempted murder charge. O'Grady says Williams and Lovette will likely receive less jail time. O'Grady said he found out about the plea deal in court Tuesday. The suspects will only face robbery and conspiracy charges, and they won't face a trial. “I think it's terrible. I don't think the (district attorney's office) did their job,” O'Grady said. “How could you get shot at six times, but it not be attempted murder?” - (Black-on-white)

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  • The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States
    black rapistIn the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man. What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.
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