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    After guilty verdict in second murder trial, (black) defendant attacks officer and spits on prosecutor
Damien InmanDamien Inman Mary Alice StuttsA jury once again found Damien Inman guilty of the robbery, murder and kidnapping of 75-year-old Mary Alice Stutts in Dillon in 2009. Jurors began deliberations at 6 p.m. Wednesday and reached a verdict around 3:30 p.m. on Thursday. A jury convicted Inman in 2010 in this same case and sentenced him to life without the possibility of parole. But the South Carolina Supreme Court reversed the conviction and ordered Inman a new trial last year saying the Circuit Court improperly granted a motion and committed a legal error by denying Inman his right to challenge a juror during jury selection in that 2010 trial. After the verdict was announced Thursday, there was a scuffle between Inman, officers and a prosecutor. Inman swung at an officer and was taken down by other officers. His sister somehow made her way past officers to get to Inman and was arrested. Inman then spat on Deputy Solicitor Kernard Redmond and Dillon County Sheriff Major Hulon. A deputy received minor injuries from being cut by the handcuffs in the struggle to restrain Inman.
Inman and two other teenagers went to Stutts' home on August 17, 2009 asking for a drink of water. Stutts directed the teens to the outside faucet. "She tried to help three men with water on a hot day. And what did she get in return for that? Death, a brutal senseless death," said Daniel. The teens hit Stutts with a gun and threw her in the trunk of her car, Daniel said. He added they drove around in Stutts' car with her screaming for help in the trunk. The teens turned up the volume of the radio to drown out Stutts' cries for help, Daniel said. He said they killed her and left her body on a dirt road in Dillon County. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Man accused in chase, deadly crash faces judge
Matthew Edmonds Donna NiblockLaDonna RogersJohnnyINDIANAPOLIS — A man accused of leading police on a chase then later causing a deadly crash was in court Friday morning. The initial hearing was held for Matthew Edmonds. Police say they pursued Edmonds on Monday after he shoplifted from the Beech Grove Wal-Mart. According to police, minutes after officers called off the chase in the Fountain Square area, Edmonds crashed into a truck, killing a 63-year-old grandmother and seriously injuring her daughter and grandson. They are both recovering from surgery. - (Black-on-white)
  • Victims’ family speaks out on fatal crash after police chase
    INDIANAPOLIS — Side-by-side with her family, outside the hospital where her nephew was in critical condition, Renita Ingersoll tried to stay strong. Ingersoll is the daughter of Donna Niblock, the 63-year-old woman who was killed in a crash Monday morning. Officials said a shoplifting suspect who was trying to get away from police crashed and killed Niblock and severely injured Niblock’s daughter and 11 year-old grandson. “You don’t think you’re going to get a call and go to a hospital and find out that your mom’s dead,” Ingersoll said. “Now we have to worry about my sister’s emotional recovery, not just physical recovery.” Now a memorial sits at the corner where the crash happened, reading “R.I.H. Donna. Gone but not forgotten.” The family says Niblock’s daughter, LaDonna Rogers, is expected to recover. Her 11-year-old grandson Johnny was still critical Tuesday. “We’ve all been praying. We just hope that everyone prays with us,” Ingersoll said.
  • GoFundMe set up for services for woman killed in 3-vehicle crash in Fountain Square
  • loving memory of Donna Niblock

    (White) Family thanks officers who stopped attack on grandmother, granddaughter by naked black rapist
Andre BurtonTucker DavisGWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Family members of a woman and teenager beaten in a home invasion visited the police department Friday and thanked the officers who stopped the attack. Tucker Davis, 14, was spending the night at her grandparents' house in Lawrenceville when police said Andre Burton, 32, broke into the home around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday. According to police, Burton punched and kicked Davis and her grandmother, Phyllis Davis, 73, as he demanded money, car keys and a laptop from them. "That's a really scary moment for the family, for anybody really," said Officer Daniel Bennett of the Gwinnett Police Department. "It's such a good feeling to be able to help somebody." Davis dialed 911, but was unable to speak to the dispatcher. Officers tracked the call to the home and immediately went inside. They tazed and arrested Burton, who was naked and covered in blood and sweat. Wendell Davis, Tucker's grandfather, called his wife a hero for her efforts to protect Tucker from harm. - (Black-on-white)
  • Naked black man beats teen, grandmother in home invasion
    A teen and her grandmother survived a horrific break-in at their Lawrenceville home. The 911 call is chilling. Gwinnett County Police say 32 year old Andre Burton, an invader who was naked, had snatched her away from the phone. Upon arrival, police found a broken window in the back and a piece of patio furniture just through the broken window in the kitchen. There was a lot of blood on the window and floor. Police say Burton broke in through that window already naked and the grandmother discovered him in her granddaughter's room. Police say he brutally beat both of them; at one point throwing a printer and dresser at the two. The responding officers found Burton covered in blood, sweat and water. He was standing near the bathroom shower and beating the 14-year-old teen and her 73-year-old grandmother, who was unresponsive.

    15-year-old White teen prostitute (victim of black pimp) runs away again
Avian Marquan JacksonDestiny SouzaKiera MedinaDELRAY BEACH -- One of the teen girls involved in the sex crime investigation has vanished again. Destiny Souza, 15, walked away from a temporary housing facility Friday around 7 p.m. in Delray Beach, while waiting to be transferred to a different facility. The Delray Beach Police Department labeling the teen endangered because authorities believe her current mental state and vulnerability pose a threat to her physical and mental well-being. According to police, the teen was last seen wearing a white tank top, black shorts and sandals. She is described as a white female, 5’5”tall, with blue eyes and black hair. This all began last week when the two teen girls walked away from Sailfish Splash Park. Police found the two teens Thursday when one of the teens was run over by a car during a drug deal. Police identified the driver as Avian Marquan Jackson and found the other teen in a hotel. Police say Jackson sold the girls for sex and drugs at the hotel. - (Black-on-white)
  • Mom of teen who went missing hopes her daughter recovers
    Fifteen-year-old Kiera Medina is in the hospital after she was hit by a car. The other teen, 15-year-old Destiny Souza (was) being questioned by police. "This person she’s become, I don’t even know who I’m talking to," said Souza's mom, Desiree Ridgley. "And it’s because she got wrapped up with the wrong people and drugs. It seems like overnight she’s become this other person."
  • Police: Missing girls sold for sex and drugs
    LANTANA -- The man found with two 15-year-old girls who had been missing for nearly a week is now facing criminal charges in their disappearance. Avian Marquan Jackson, 22, has been charged with lewd and lascivious battery and procure person under age 18 for prostitution. Police said the two girls ran away from the Sailfish Splash Water Park in Stuart last weekend.The girls got a ride from Jackson to a hotel in Stuart last Saturday. Jackson said he had sex and smoked weed with both girls while at the hotel. One girl said they also did heroin and had sex with Jackson as a way to pay for the drugs. Police said one of the girls stepped out of the car when another man pulled out a gun in a robbery attempted. Police said Jackson threw the car in reverse and ran over one of the teen girls as he sped away, leaving her "bloody and injured."
  • Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks.

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black) female robbers accused of carjacking attack with concrete
Rajanae WalkerKANSAS CITY, MO - A Kansas City waitress is recovering from an attack on the West Plaza in which she says a woman stole her car by lobbing a piece of concrete from the curb along the sidewalk. She said it all started with two women asking for gas money, then those women attacked when they got no for an answer. Rajanae Walker, 17, who lists an address in south Kansas City, is now charged with first-degree accessory to robbery. A police statement submitted in support of the charge says Walker told them, “She needed a car to go see her 14-year-old brother, so she took one from a white lady on the Plaza.” The two victims called for help at 11:30 p.m. on Thursday. The charging documents detail the victims' accounts as follows: Samantha Nofsinger-Smith was dropping off a co-worker, Jamie Murphy, at a condo complex after finishing their work shift. Two women got out of a car with what looked like two to three other people inside. The women asked for gas money and to borrow a cell phone. Nofsinger-Smith and Murphy declined. That's when one woman grabbed Murphy by the ponytail and began kicking and punching her while the second demanded her purse. Soon after, the second robber picked up a piece of concrete from a damaged curb and threw it at Nofsinger-Smith, hitting her in the shoulder. The robber then punched and kicked her while demanding her car keys, with the victim gave up. Two men in the area heard the victims screaming and scared off the two robbers. The first got into the car she arrived in and drove away. The second drove away in Nofsinger-Smith's car. At 11:34 p.m. police spotted Nofsinger-Smith's stolen car at Cleaver II Boulevard and Highway 71. They stopped the car and arrested Walker, who was the only one inside. The victims were unable to identify her in a lineup. Police said Walker waived her Miranda rights Friday morning and admitted to taking the car, but denied the physical assault and did not give enough information to identify the second suspect. - (Black-on-white)

    Man accused of holding knife to throat of Ypsilanti woman in attempted sex assault charged
Steven HamielA 26-year-old Detroit man is now facing charges after he allegedly broke into an Ypsilanti home and held a knife to a young woman's throat in an attempted sexual assault. Steven Daryl Hamiel was charged June 6 with first-degree home invasion, criminal sexual conduct-assault with intent to sexually penetrate, assault with a dangerous weapon and larceny in a building. He is accused of breaking into an Ypsilanti home around 6:40 a.m. June 4. The house was occupied by two 21-year-old women. One woman said she woke up partially unclothed and a man next to her in bed holding a knife to her throat, according to police. He was reportedly naked from the waist down, police said.

    (Black) mom accused of punching baby had earlier contact with county
Peek GaddisThe 4-week-old infant boy whose mother is accused of cracking his skull with punches to the head is in foster care with a sibling, authorities said Friday, and the county's child-welfare agency is investigating the assault. Peek Gaddis, 22, of Colerain Township is in the Hamilton County Justice Center charged with second-degree felonious assault. Hamilton County Job and Family Services is investigating the incident, said spokesman Brian Gregg.



Hispanic Barber who slashed customer's throat with straight razor is sentenced to ten years in prison
Daniel Roberto FloresDaniel Roberto FloresTimothy VaughnA California barber who slashed a customer's throat with a straight razor was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Daniel Roberto Flores, 22, who was arrested and pleaded guilty to attempted murder for the October 2014 incident, was sentenced in court on Thursday. Victim Timothy Vaughn, 33, a U.S. Navy petty officer who worked as a medic, said he is not happy that Flores will back in society one day after he serves his time. - (Drudge)


    Brooklyn bodega worker gets 15 years for filming (Arabic?) boss light a homeless black man on fire
A Brooklyn bodega worker who used his cellphone to film his boss lighting a homeless man on fire was sentenced Friday to 15 years in prison. Lorenzo Fonerin, 23, was convicted of assault in March for standing by as Suliman Ahmed doused (severly mentally ill) Tasheen Hand, 38, with lighter fluid while the mentally ill man slept on a sidewalk in East New York on Sept. 3, 2012. Ahmed allegedly kicked a flaming book of matches onto Hand’s back while Fonerin shouted encouragement, the video shows. Hand was burned over 30 percent of his body. - (Burned Alive!)



Israeli flag



  • Class Project Turns into Racial Firestorm at Clearview Regional High School
    MULLICA HILL, NJ - What started off as a class project on community and police relations has turned into a social media firestorm involving sit-ins, letters from the police union and the good intentions of a well-respected teacher being questioned. Students at Clearview Regional High School were doing a class project on humanities that included information on police brutality including a collage featuring a silhouette with raised hands and the words, “Hands up, Dont shoot.” When the police union found out about it they wrote a strongly worded letter calling the display "misleading" "offensive" and a ridiculous display and asking for it to be removed.


Chimps get protection from US medical researchers
Jane GoodallThe new rules were proposed two years ago following a request by primate specialist Jane Goodall.


Dangers of interracial dating



    (Black) man gets up to 25 years for unprovoked attack on (White victim who) remains in wheelchair, needs feeding tube
Jesse DownsRodney McCray Roberto HilerioSALEM, Mass. —A Haverhill man who beat another man so severely that the victim is still in a wheelchair, cannot use his right arm, and eats through a feeding tube nearly two years later has been sentenced to up to 25 years in prison. Rodney McCray was sentenced Tuesday after he was convicted in Salem Superior Court of assault and battery with dangerous weapons and causing serious bodily injury. Prosecutors say the August 2013 attack on Jesse Downs on a Haverhill street was completely random and unprovoked. They say McCray and an associate kicked and punched the now 32-year-old Downs and slammed his head to the pavement. The other man involved in the attack (Roberto Hilerio) has pleaded guilty. - (Black-on-white)

    Cop-shooter found guilty of attempted murder
John ThomasCraig BierA cop-shooter was found guilty of attempted murder of a police sergeant in Queens Supreme Court on Thursday. John Thomas, 27, shot decorated NYPD Sgt. Craig Bier after the cop approached him on the corner of 107th Avenue and Union Hall Street on the night of Aug. 8, 2012. Thomas, who has 11 prior busts, fired four times at Bier during a foot chase, hitting him in the legs. He later turned himself in. Bier has received 65 medals over his 15-year career with NYPD. Thomas’ sentencing is set for July 29. He faces 40 years to life in prison. - (Black-on-white)

    A tragic tale of 2 families that ended with molestation and murder
Leeton Jahwanza ThomasLisa Scheetz and her 16-year-old daughter Hailey Lisa Scheetz and her three daughters were frequent visitors at Leeton and Donna Thomas' home, just a five-minute walk around a corner from the home the Scheetzes lived in on Spring Valley Road in a rural area of East Drumore Township. Social media accounts show the two families' children sitting together on a sofa. In a few photos, Lisa Scheetz, 44, is seen hugging one of the Thomases' sons, who she calls "my little dimple dumpling," during a breakfast out at a restaurant. In another photo on Mrs. Thomas' Facebook account, one of the Scheetz daughters, in her pajamas, is curled up with a pillow. But by 2014, the families' friendship came to an end, when Scheetz told police that two of her daughters had told her that Leeton Thomas had sexual contact with them. Thomas was charged with felony sexual molestation charges, and released on $5,000 bail. Early Thursday morning, Thomas broke into the Scheetzes' basement apartment and stabbed Lisa and her oldest daughter, Hailey, 16, to death and critically injured Scheetz's 15-year-old daughter. Authorities say that Thomas killed them in retaliation or to silence them for accusing him of sex crimes. Thomas, whose nickname is "Pie" and who will be 38 Saturday, came to Lancaster from Jamaica, where he and his wife met, said Donna Thomas' grandmother, Beulah Absher, of Quarryville. The two have three children and also were raising a child from Donna Thomas' first marriage, she said. For a time, Thomas had worked as a handyman. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial friendships

    Canada: RCMP arrest black Somali man in Amanda Lindhout kidnapping, gang-rape and torture
Amanda Lindhout Ali Omar AderRCMP have arrested a Somali man allegedly involved in the 2008 hostage-taking of Canadian freelance journalist Amanda Lindhout. Ali Omar Ader, a Somali national, was arrested in Ottawa on Thursday for his alleged role in the kidnapping of Lindhout and Australian photographer Nigel Brennan. Lindhout and Brennan were taken hostage in Mogadishu in August 2008 and held for 15 months. The RCMP did not say how Ader arrived in Canada. - (Black-on-white) - (Canada)
  • Beaten, starved, gang-raped, horrifying story of woman who was held hostage with her boyfriend in Somalia for 15 months' Fearing that they may be killed, the pair decide that their chance of survival will improve if they convert to Islam. They are immediately put in separate rooms where the torture continues. Finally, they were freed in November 2009 after 460 days in captivity after their families scraped together thousands of dollars and begged for their lives.
  • A House in the Sky is a 2013 memoir by Amanda Lindhout, co-written with journalist Sara Corbett. It recounts Lindhout's experience in southern Somalia as a hostage of teenage militants from the Hizbul Islam fundamentalist group.

    White Woman Involved In McKinney Pool Fight Suspended From Job
Just yesterday, Penny Wrenn wrote about the White woman who initiated the melee that went down at the McKinney, Texas pool party. The incident that caused people to call the police in the first place was a fight that broke out with Tracey-Carver-Allbritton and a young African American girl. If you’ve seen the video, Allbritton is punching pulling the hair of a young girl. According to The Daily Kos, Allbritton and another woman were confirmed to have made racist comments that led to the pool party taking a violent turn. Though much of the attention has been directed at Officer Casebolt; after some investigation and interviews from party attendees, people started asking why the woman who was fighting wasn’t questioned by police or arrested. Social media users did some research and found that Allbritton worked for Bank of America. After the video surfaced, an action group Dallas Communities Organizing for Change launched a Twitter campaign asking Bank of America to take action against this woman. And it seemed to work. Bank of America conducted a investigation and found that Allbritton works for CoreLogic a Bank of America vendor that provides financial profiles to the the larger branch before making mortgage lending decisions. - (Black-on-white)

    Black man convicted of raping a 9-year-old relative
A 32-year-old man has been convicted of raping a 9-year-old relative several years ago at a home in Frayser, Shelby County Dist. Atty. Gen. Amy Weirich said Friday. Travis C. Smith, who was then 28, faces up to 25 years in prison with no parole when he is sentenced July 24 by Criminal Court Judge Glenn Wright. The girl told investigators that Smith twice had forced sexual intercourse with her in October 2010 and that he threatened to beat her if she told anyone. She said that in May 2011 in the living room of the home, Smith began rubbing her back and kissing her. When the victim’s mother walked in and asked what he was doing, Smith ran into the bathroom.

    2 Carteret County men arrested in 1987 rape, kidnapping
Etharay Jefferson and Jerry Cornelius JonesBEAUFORT, N.C. —Two Carteret County men have been charged in the 1987 rape and kidnapping case of a then 13-year-old. Local media outlets report the case was re-opened after nearly 30 years and authorities say 62-year-old Etharay Jefferson and 65-year-old Jerry Cornelius Jones were indicted this week in the assault of the girl. District Attorney Scott Thomas says the victim was found in a field near West Carteret High School. A charge was filed shortly after the incident, but the victim required extensive treatment and rehabilitation so the charge was dismissed.

    Paradise Lakes' sexual battery suspect arrested
Michael BrownLutz, Florida -- Pasco Sheriff's deputies tweeted out Friday afternoon that they have arrested the suspect wanted in two attempted sexual batteries at Paradise Lakes Resort on June 9. Detectives say Michael Brown got into Paradise Lakes Resort without registering with the office as a guest and went to the pool/bar area. He then left the pool area and came into contact with two female residents at separate times. Brown reportedly tried to sexually batter both women, but ran off due to their screams.

    Supervisor Tasked With Monitoring Boys Accused in Gruesome Chinatown Rape Arrested
Denzel ThompsonThe supervisor tasked with monitoring three teenage boys at a now-closed home for troubled youth has been arrested for allegedly lying about checking on the 16-year-olds, who are accused of dragging a barely conscious 33-year-old woman from a Manhattan Internet cafe into the street and raping her in the stairwell of a nearby building, police said. Denzel Thompson, formerly with Boys Town in Brooklyn, was arrested at his home Thursday on charges of lying on official documents, authorities said.

    16-Year-Old Found Dead In Fire Was ‘Sexually Assaulted, Strangled’
Adonay Dixon and John ChildsBALTIMORE – A promising high school student’s life cut short—killed in a crime that’s horrified the city. Now police say they’ve tracked down the two men who sexually assaulted and strangled 16-year-old Arnesha Bowers and then lit her home on fire.16-year-old Arnesha Bowers knew her attackers and they used her cell phone records to track them down. Inside a burning home, investigators found the body of 16-year-old Arnesha Bowers — bound, sexually assaulted and strangled. “I can only imagine what the last moments of Arnesha’s life were like. It had to have been pure hell,” said Major Stanley Brandford, Baltimore Police Department. Now police say these are the two men who killed the teen — 23-year-old Adonay Dixon and 20-year-old John Childs.

    Man arrested in two Fairfax County hotel sexual assaults
Drew Wendell EasterFAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. -- Fairfax County Police have made an arrest after a disturbing set of hotel room sex assaults. Drew Wendell Easter, age 31, is behind bars, facing serious charges—including rape, abduction with intent to defile and strangulation. Drew Wendell Easter, 31, was arrested Wednesday evening. While the assaults are not life-threatening, the assaults are significant, causing significant injuries to the victims," said Officer Roger Henriquez of the Fairfax County Police Department. Easter met his victims on backpage.com and arranged for sexual encounters in upscale hotel rooms: The Crowne Plaza in McLean and the Hyatt Place in Herndon. The women are prostitutes and after their transaction was complete, Easter allegedly turned violent.

    Search Continues For Black Sexual Predator In Carson
black sex pestCARSON — Deputies Friday continued to search for a man wanted for molesting and annoying several female victims during in two separate incidents. Around 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday, a man walked behind three 14-year-old girls. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the suspect talked with the girls to get their attention. When they turned around, the man exposed and touched himself. The victims ran to a nearby home and reported the incident to deputies. About an hour later that same day, a man followed an 18-year-old woman to her home located near 213th and Dolores streets. When the victim reached her front door, the man once again exposed himself. Detectives described the suspect as an African American man who has a light complexion,

    (Black) 22-Year-Old Stockton Pimp Accused Of Using Facebook To Lure Women Into O.C. Sex Trade
black pimpSANTA ANA — A 22-year-old Stockton man is behind bars after being accused of using Facebook to lure women and girls into the sex trade. In all, prosecutors say, Allen Kahrion Jackson got nine women and four girls to become sex workers. He was charged with 10 felony counts of pandering by procuring, four felony counts of human trafficking of a minor, three felony counts of pandering with a minor over 16 years old by procuring, one felony count of unlawful sexual intercourse and one felony count of pandering with a minor over 16 years old as an inmate in house of prostitution. If convicted on all the new charges, he faces a maximum sentence of 33 years and 11 months in state prison. Jackson was previously charged Feb. 23, with two felony counts of pimping and two felony counts of pandering. He faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in state prison for those charges. Jackson is being held on $100,000 bail and must prove the funds are from a legal and legitimate source before posting bond. The defendant is accused of having a sexual relationship with one of the girls.

    Man Charged In Stabbing Outside Art Institute
Michael Wims JrAn Ashburn man has been charged with stabbing another man in the neck near the Art Institute. Michael Wims Jr., 29, was charged with one count of aggravated battery causing great bodily harm after he was identified as the man who stabbed a 57-year-old man in the neck about 4:35 p.m. Thursday in the 200 block of South Michigan Avenue, police said. Wims and the other man were arguing when he pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the neck, police said. He was listed in critical condition early Friday at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

    Dad, uncle of slain Brooklyn boy plead guilty to armed bank heist
Scott Avitto (left) and Nicholas AvittoScott Avitto (left) and Nicholas Avitto, the father of Prince Joshua Avitto, pleaded guilty to a bank robbery. The father and uncle of a Brooklyn boy who was stabbed to death in an elevator last year pleaded guilty to a 2012 armed bank heist Thursday in Brooklyn federal court. Nicholas Avitto, 57, and his brother, Scott Avitto, 54 — who were personally consoled by Mayor de Blasio at the child’s funeral — entered a Sovereign Bank with an accomplice, demanded cash and left with $8,197. The crime took place two year’s before Prince Joshua Avitto, 6, was killed.
  • 'Brooklyn Ripper' accused of stabbing two young children in an elevator is now threatening cops and hospital staff on psych ward
    Daniel St. HubertA recently released convict accused of stabbing two children in an elevator has been threatening police officers and hospital staff on a psychiatric ward, it has been claimed. Daniel St. Hubert, 27, was charged on Thursday with the murder of Brooklyn six-year-old Prince Joshua Avitto. He also allegedly stabbed P.J.'s friend Mikayla Capers, 7, in the attack. Police have said St. Hubert is also a suspect in the Wednesday stabbing of a homeless man on a Manhattan subway platform and the fatal stabbing of 18-year-old Tanaya Copeland a week ago,
  • Mom of boy slain in elevator by ‘Brooklyn Ripper’ sues city - May 7, 2015
    NEW YORK — The mother of a 6-year-old who was stabbed to death in a public housing elevator sued the city saying officials let blatant security risks linger before the attack on her son and a 7-year-old friend. Daniel St. Hubert was arrested in the stabbing death of Prince Joshua Avitto in June 2014.

    Rachel Dolezal, NAACP leader, lying about being black, mother says
Rachel DolezalRachel Dolezalwith her black husband KevinThe head of the U.S. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) chapter in Spokane, Wash., is facing questions about whether she lied about her racial identity, with her family saying she is white but has portrayed herself as black. Rachel Dolezal would not answer questions about her background in an interview. Dolezal's mother, Ruthanne, said the family is Czech, Swedish and German, with some native American roots. Ruthanne Dolezal said her daughter began to portray herself as African-American eight or nine years ago after the family adopted four black children. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating


Black Judge: Probable cause for negligent homicide for 2 (White) officers in shooting of (black boy) Tamir Rice
Ronald B. Adrine(Black) Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Ronald Adrine has released his findings in the review of the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice (with toy gun) by Cleveland Police Officers Frank Garmback, 46, and Timothy Loehmann, 26. It means that charges have NOT been filed and that these are merely findings by a judge of the accusations made against the two officers. It will now be up to the prosecutor -- either the county or the city prosecutor -- to assess his findings. - (Black-on-white)


Black Sports: Former Footballer Brandon Spikes faces four charges stemming from an alleged hit-and-run Brandon Spikes
Former New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes faces four charges stemming from an alleged hit-and-run incident that injured three last weekend and precipitated his release from the team. Police said that before fleeing the scene Spikes told the vehicle's onboard assistance service he had struck a deer. A man, a woman and their 12-year-old son in the Nissan were treated for minor injuries.





(White) Man said (his black) wife had been 'mocking' him before murder-suicide
Michael Augustine BournesArie Arlynn LeeANACONDA — A southwestern Montana man told an acquaintance that he shot his family and planned to kill himself because his wife had been "mocking him and riding him all day," law enforcement officers said. Anaconda-Deer Lodge Police Chief Tim Barkell on Tuesday released the names of those killed in the quadruple murder-suicide Sunday morning in a log cabin miles from any neighbors in the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest. The shooter, he said, was Michael Augustine Bournes. Bournes, 59, previously lived near Taos, New Mexico. His wife was Arie Arlynn Lee, 37. The children were identified as two boys — 5-year-old Augustine and 4-year-old Woodrow — and a 1-year-old girl, also named Arie. Police believe Bournes first shot his wife in the kitchen and his young daughter in her crib before he walked outside and shot the two other children about 20 feet from the cabin, Barkell said. All five died of single gunshot wounds to the head. Bournes carried the boys' bodies inside and laid them on a bed, placing their young sister's body in between the brothers, Barkell said.


Dangers of interracial dating


  • Fifth arrested in connection with Brooklyn ISIS plot
    (From l.) Akhror Saidakhmetov, Abror Habibov, Abdurasul Hasanovich Juraboev and Dilkhayot Kasimov appear in court in AprilFederal authorities have arrested a fifth man in connection with a group of ISIS sympathizers from Brooklyn who are charged with plotting to join the terror group and wage jihad on the United States. Akmal Zakirov was charged with conspiring to provide material support to the notorious organization by funding overseas-travel plans for several alleged cohorts, according to Brooklyn federal-court ­papers. His arrest follows the busts of Abdurasul Juraboev, 24, and Akhror Saidakhmetov, 24, both of Brooklyn, for plotting to join the group abroad. The feds claim the suspects planned to attack NYPD officers back home in New York City if their overseas gambit failed. Two additional associates, Abror Habibov and Dilkhayot Kasimov, were also arrested for helping raise travel funds.


  • House rejects Obama on trade authority
    ...a humiliating defeat for President Barack Obama inflicted by Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and dozens of union-backed lawmakers from his own party. Republicans command a majority in the House, and Speaker John Boehner and the GOP leadership worked in harness with Obama to pass the legislation. . - (Drudge)




    (Black) Man indicted in shooting of (White) cop in face
Demetrius BlackwellBrian MooreA Queens grand jury has indicted the ​man authorities say fatally shot a young cop in the face ​when the officer asked to see what was in his waistband. Demetrius Blackwell, 35, will be brought to Queens Supreme Court from jail at 2 p.m. Thursday to answer to the indictment, which charges him in the murder of Police Officer Brian Moore three ways, under three separate statutes. The top murder charge, aggravated murder, accuses Blackwell of intentionally killing a police officer in the line of duty. If convicted of that charge, Blackwell would be thrown in prison for life, without the possibility of parole. That sentence would be mandatory, meaning a sentencing judge would have no option to give him less. Finally, he is charged with the attempted murder of Moore’s partner, Police Officer Erik Jansen, who was sitting in the driver’s seat of the pair’s unmarked car as Moore, sitting in the passenger side in plain clothes but identifying himself as an officer, was shot through his open window.. - (Black-on-white)

    Jury returns verdict in Adrian Lester murder trial
Adrian LesterTielor WilliamsJoshua SchmittOMAHA, Neb. —A jury has found 19-year-old Adrian Lester guilty on all counts in connection with a 2014 shooting death. Lester, 19, was on trial for the murder of Tielor Williams, 18. Williams showed up at Methodist Hospital after the shooting at Gallagher Park last April. He died a short time later. On Wednesday, a jury returned guilty verdicts on all counts. Lester's attorney had argued that two witnesses identified another man, Dennis Brewer, as the actual gunman, but a jury acquitted Brewer after a trial in March. Prosecutors argued that the witnesses' identification pointed to Adrian Lester as the shooter. Sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 4. - (Black-on-white)
  • Second (Black) Suspect Sought In Gallagher Park Shooting Of White Men - Apr 24, 2014
    The 18-year-old Tielor Williams and 22-year-old Joshua Schmitt were shot at North 52nd Street and Northwest Radial Highway. They went to Methodist Hospital where Williams died a short time later
  • Black arrested in fatal shooting of White man at Gallagher Park - Apr 16, 2014
    Schmitt said there were eight to 10 people surrounding his truck, most of them were people he has never seen before. Schmitt wonders if the shooting was somehow a gang initiation. Omaha police said any information about whether the shooting was a gang initiation will likely be brought to light once the case goes to court.

    (White) Woman stabbed last month dies; Fort Worth police to seek murder charge (against black man)
Shelby Lashard WilliamsSarah Ann ChampionFORT WORTH A 26-year-old man jailed last month in the stabbing of a woman at a group home now faces a murder charge because she has died. Sarah Ann Champion, 47, was pronounced dead at 9:30 a.m. Sunday at John Peter Smith Hospital. Champion was hospitalized May 10 after police responded to a report of a stabbing at a group home in the 5000 block of Norma Street. Detective J.G. Kalbfleisch said Champion and the suspect, Shelby Lashard Williams, were residents of the home, which caters to mental-health clients. An argument broke out while the two were doing chores, which apparently prompted Williams to stab Champion with a knife, he said. Williams was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. With Champion’s death, Kalbfleisch said, he will pursue a murder charge. - (Black-on-white)

    Suspect sketch in Gresham shooting death released
black killerblack killerGRESHAM, Ore. -- A suspect sketch was released Thursday in connection with the May shooting death of a man in Gresham. At 11:23 p.m. on May 11, a caller told a 911 dispatcher shots were fired at 1815 NW 7th Place. Police said there was a marijuana grow operation at the home. Arriving officers found 25-year-old Erick Carnegie on the street dead. A medical examiner performed an autopsy and determined Carnegie died of gunshot wounds to the head and neck. A witness told police that while Carnegie was walking to the front door of the home, two people approached him from behind and forced him inside the house. He was shot and killed inside. Police released denoscriptions soon afterward of two men who they said were suspects in the case. Thursday they released a composite sketch of "suspect 2." Suspect 1: An African American man in his mid-20s, light-skinned, six feet tall, skinny build, wearing a dark hoodie, a bandana covering his face, and black shoes. This suspect was armed with a handgun. Suspect 2 (sketch shown): An African American man, unknown age, dark-skinned, 5-foot-8, 160 to 170 pounds, goatee, two-inch Afro, wearing a burgundy sweatshirt. This suspect was armed with a Taser. - (Black-on-white)
  • Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks.

    Police: (White) Deaf Poker Player Killed (by Black) While Trying To Buy 10 Pounds Of Marijuana In Las Vegas
Rufus Anthony Smith III Jonathan Cyril CollinsMinnesota-based poker player Jonathan Cyril Collins, a three-time winner of National Deaf Poker Tour events, was killed last month in Las Vegas, according to court documents made public this week. The 39-year-old Collins and his girlfriend drove to Las Vegas to meet with a man Collins knew only by first name to buy 10 pounds of marijuana, according to police. The couple apparently fell into a robbery attempt, which resulted in one of the suspects shooting Collins while he was in his car, authorities said. Collins’ girlfriend remained at the scene as the suspects fled. Collins died in his car from a gunshot wound to his chest. On May 28, police arrested Rufus Anthony Smith III, 27, on murder, conspiracy and kidnapping charges, according to the report. Authorities are still searching for the second man. - (Black-on-white)

    Man charged with raping a 7-year-old girl
Eric WootenMEMPHIS, Tenn. — Neighbors in a south Memphis neighborhood were on edge after learning a 7-year-old said she was raped in their apartment complex. The details were too graphic to share, but we do know Eric Wooten was charged with two counts of raping a child. His bond was set at $40,000.

    Man fakes kidnapping to rape young girl
Roosevelt WhitePAWTUCKET, R.I. – A Providence man is accused of raping a young woman and stealing her car. Police say the suspect, Roosevelt White, orchestrated a series of events to convince a 19-year-old that her boyfriend had been kidnapped and was being held for $10,000 ransom. White, 48, then allegedly drove the victim from Providence to a location in Pawtucket, where he then coerced the female into sexual acts. He then drove the woman back to Providence, dropped her off and stole her car. Police were able to track down White after officers spotted the victim’s stolen car.

    FIEND: New Rochelle Man Arraigned For Rape of a Developmentally Disabled Shoprite Employee
Fitton TelesfordWHITE PLAINS, NY -- Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore announced today that Fitton Telesford, 38, of 9 Seventh Street, New Rochelle, New York was arraigned on a 13-count indictment On Feb. 7, 2015 the defendant while inside a Shop Rite Grocery store located in New Rochelle, approached a female worker. The 39 year old woman is developmentally and physically disabled. She was employed there as a grocery store bagger. During her lunch break, Telesford, who identified himself under an assumed name told her he would take her out for a slice of pizza. Once in his car, the defendant drove her a short distance away to an indoor shopping center parking lot. He told her to get in the back seat of the vehicle. He then forcibly raped and sexually assaulted her.

    Police: Man choked, raped woman over birthday card
Michael S. LeePolice say a Springfield man raped and choked a woman after he saw a birthday card she received from another man. He then forced the woman to take a shower to get rid of the evidence, police say. Michael S. Lee, 34, was charged Monday with forcible rape and sodomy for an alleged attack that happened almost two years ago. A practically naked woman ran out to her apartment parking lot yelling for help in the early morning hours of Aug. 11, 2013, in Springfield. Witnesses told police a man — later identified as Lee — chased the woman out of the building and then fled in a black SUV.


    Copley Township man accused of sexually assaulting woman
Michael J. DavisCOPLEY TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A Copley Township man accused of sexually assaulting a 52-year-old woman is jailed on $100,000 bond. Michael J. Davis, 55, of Copley Township, is charged with rape and kidnapping, both first-degree felonies. The case was bound over Wednesday to Summit County Common Pleas Court. Davis is accused of drunkenly assaulting the woman about 2:30 a.m. Friday at her home. He shoved her, held her down, bit her and threatened her. Davis' criminal history dates back to 1971 and includes several prison stints.

    "I Stabbed Them, I Released Them": (black) East Haven Mom Charged With Her Children's Murder
LeRoya MooreAn East Haven, Connecticut, mother charged with the murders of her two young children is suspected of poisoning them, according to police. Police have obtained an arrest warrant and charged LeRoya Moore, 36, of Strong Street in East Haven, with two counts of murder and three counts of reckless endangerment in the first degree in connection with the deaths of her children, Aleisha Moore, 6, and Daaron Moore, 8.

    'Black Madam' gets 10 years after buttocks-enhancement death; silicone leaked, killing dancer
Padge-Victoria WindslowePHILADELPHIA – A madam who performed illegal "body sculpting" with low-grade silicone injections has been sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison after a London dancer died in Philadelphia. Padge-Victoria Windslowe told jurors during her spring murder trial that clients call her "the Michelangelo of buttocks injections." But prosecutors say she had no medical training and used deadly products on vulnerable women who wanted curves.

    Atlantic City school principal accused of stealing more than $10,000 from fundraisers
 LaKecia HymanAn Atlantic City school principal suspended from her job was criminally charged Wednesday with theft and official misconduct. Lakecia Hyman, 41, is accused of collecting and keeping more than $10,000 meant for fundraising accounts at the Uptown School Complex. Hyman was served summonses on the charges at her Egg Harbor Township home. She had been suspended with pay during the yearlong investigation. Hyman has been principal at the Uptown Complex since 2007 and was vice principal before that, according to Press of Atlantic City records. Hyman’s salary as principal in 2013-14 was $141,480.







New York City Council passes resolution urging clemency for Puerto Rican terrorist
Oscar López RiveraMelisssa Mark-ViveritoAt the behest of Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, the City Council rammed through a resolution Wednesday urging President Obama to grant clemency to Puerto Rican terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera. The resolution — approved by 41 of the 51 council members, with eight voting “no” and two abstaining — bizarrely paints the 72-year-old imprisoned and unrepentant leader of the terrorist FALN (Fuerza Armadas de Liberacion Nacional, Spanish for Armed Forces of National Liberation) as a “decorated Vietnam War veteran and community activist” who received a “disproportionate” 55-year prison sentence for his crimes. However, it fails to mention that authorities say Lopez Rivera conspired to transport explosives with intent to destroy federal government property and committed other related crimes — or that the FALN was deemed responsible for a reign of terror that killed six people and injured 130 others in at least 114 bombings. They includes the 1975 bombing of historic Fraunces Tavern in the city’s Financial District, which left four people dead and wounded more than 50 others, and a New Year’s Eve 1982 bombing at Police Headquarters that maimed three NYPD cops who tried to defuse the explosives.





Israeli flag


  • NYC: Your next co-worker could be an ex-con
    Ex-cons will have a much easier time landing a job — and claiming discrimination if they don’t get one — under a measure approved overwhelmingly Wednesday by the City Council.






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    27 Years After Shooting White Man In Head - Raping His Wife - Black Man Released
Darwyn MintonRick MorrowDarwyn Minton, 54, is a free man tonight. His victim isn't happy. Minton served 27 years in prison after he severed a phone line, slipped into a home, shot a man three times and sexually assaulted his victim’s wife. During a March parole hearing he claimed he was no longer the same man that committed those crimes. “I realized that I had hurt someone very seriously,” he said. “And I don't feel good about that. I'm ashamed about what I have done.” His victim, Rick Morrow, said he wants the full story told. Morrow was the man who was shot in July, 1987. In previous interviews Morrow said he wasn’t sure he was going to survive. After being shot multiple times, once in the head, Morrow slipped in and out of consciousness. Morrow remembered that he had a gun near his dresser and somehow made it to the gun, eventually shooting Minton. The shot took off some of Minton’s fingers and hit his jaw. It also gave Morrow’s wife enough time to get Minton’s gun, and make it to the neighbor’s home with her two daughters to get police. These days Morrow no longer lives in Omaha. In fact, he never slept in the house where the worst night of his life unfolded. With Minton free, he’s asked that his current location is not disclosed. Morrow said he hopes that people understand that Minton is a dangerous man. - (Black-on-white)
  • Victim: Attacker Will Terrorize Again - Mar 05, 2015
    Rick Morrow's heart stopped beating that morning in 1987. At the time, his 5-year-old daughter Jessica didn't think she'd ever see her father again. “I remember hearing that he had died,” she explained. The family didn't know the intruder, who was later identified by police as 27-year-old Darwyn Minton. Minton shot Rick Morrow in the head – and said he planned to assault his wife and their two daughters before slitting their throats.
  • Omaha man denied parole 27 years after crimes - Feb 26, 2015

    Delivery Driver Dies After Being Shot Point-Blank at Yeadon Industrial Park
black killerThomas ChildsA delivery driver died after being shot at point-blank range outside a Yeadon, Pennsylvania warehouse Tuesday morning, the town's mayor said. Thomas Childs, 63 of Aston, was found by a co-worker next to a truck at Ridgeway Industries, part of the Yeadon Industrial Park, along the 6200 block of Baltimore Avenue around 3:45 a.m., Yeadon Mayor Rohan Hepkins said. The witness said he saw suspicious activity before finding the Childs' body, according to Hepkins. He provided a denoscription of the suspect to police. "He was cold bloodily executed at point blank range last night and he should not have lost his life," Hepkins said. Detectives from the Delaware County District Attorney's Office and Yeadon Police spent Tuesday afternoon searching Fernwood Cemetery — across the street from the shooting scene — looking for evidence. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Husband, Wife Accused in 2013 Yazoo Murder (of White Man) in Custody
Johnny Mack BrownShontina BrownRicky SaxtonAlmost two years after a 57-year-old man was killed, investigators have arrested a husband and wife in connection to a Yazoo County murder. In November 2013, Ricky Saxton was shot in the head in a Yazoo County field. Mississippi Bureau of Investigation officials say Shontina Brown, 23, was arrested in connection to the crime and is being held in jail in Yazoo County. Her husband, Johnny Mack Brown, 36, was the subject of a manhunt. Johnny Mack Brown is now in custody. He's been charged with capital murder, conspiracy to commit capital murder, armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and as a felon in possession of a firearm. Yazoo County Sheriff Jacob Sheriff confirms Brown's mother and aunt turned him in to police on Tuesday. He also said Brown and his wife confessed to the crime. - (Black-on-white)

    Danville police arrest black in deadly driveway shooting of White man
Evin Javahn Shawblack killerblack killerBennie Wesley SigmonDANVILLE, Va. - The Danville Police Department has made an arrest in connection to a deadly shooting that occurred last week. Police have charged Evin Javahn Shaw, 18, of Danville, Va., with first-degree murder. As we've reported, at 4:20 a.m. Thursday, June 4 officers responded to Rocklawn Place in reference to a person being shot. Upon arrival they found Bennie Wesley Sigmon, 48, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds in his driveway. Sigmon had reportedly went outside to confront three people who were trespassing on his property. Sigmon confronted the group and that's when police say Shaw shot Sigmon multiple times. Sigmon was transported to the Danville Regional Medical Center where he later died. Shaw and the other suspects fled the scene on foot before police arrived. - (Black-on-white)

    Atlanta cops charge three (black) men, one boy with Little Five Points murders (of two White men)
Chaitanyalila "Chay" KelseyJoseph HruskaCharlie BaldwinJacques AllenThomas Dozier14-year-old, who they said is being charged as an adultA stolen wallet and a good Samaritan helped two Atlanta detectives solve a double-murder case in Little Five Points, police Chief George Turner said Tuesday. “With tremendous investigative effort … we were able to take very small clues and get them to the point where we were able to arrest four individuals,” Turner said, praising Detectives Vince Velazquez and Calvin Thomas. Joseph Hruska, 33, and Chaitanyalila Kelsey, 32, were killed March 14 in the parking lot of the Vortex Bar & Grill at 468 Moreland Ave. Police say the shooting happened shortly after gunmen robbed two people in the nearby Virginia Highland neighborhood. Police charged Charlie Baldwin, 17, Jacques Allen, 17 and Thomas Dozier, 25 with murder and armed robbery charges. They did not release the name of the 14-year-old, who they said is being charged as an adult. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Jesse Matthew enters plea in 2005 sex assault, abduction case
Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr. Hannah GrahamMorgan Dana HarringtonJesse Matthew, who was charged with killing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, on Wednesday ceded that prosecutors have enough evidence to convict him of abduction, sexual assault and attempted murder in a different, decade-old crime, a Virginia prosecutor said. In a Fairfax, Virginia, courtroom, Matthew entered an Alford plea in connection with the 2005 case, which means he does not admit to a criminal act but acknowledges the prosecution has enough evidence to win the case. Fairfax County Commonwealth's Attorney Raymond Morrogh said he considers Matthew's action equal to a guilty plea. Morrogh said the prosecution couldn't have stopped Matthew from entering an Alford plea and no deal was made with the defense to secure a lesser punishment. "The defendant pled guilty to all of the charges, which means he faces the full range of punishment," he said. The victim flew from India, where she now lives, to testify. A law enforcement has said DNA evidence has also linked Matthew to the death of Morgan Harrington, a Virginia Tech student who disappeared in 2009. - (Black-on-white)

    Mansion Murders: How Daron Dylon Wint, Accused of Killing Savopoulos Family, Was Caught
Daron Dylon WintA weeklong manhunt for the killer of a wealthy Washington, D.C., family and their housekeeper has ended with the arrest of a welder who once worked for the family's patriarch. The arrest doesn't answer all the unanswered questions, but here's a timeline of what's known so far. - (Black-on-white)
  • Police Searched Car Driven by Aide Who Delivered Cash to Murdered CEO
    Police investigating the killing of a wealthy Washington, D.C., family last month searched the car of a personal assistant who delivered $40,000 to the home before the murders, which was found parked a block away from the scene of the crime, police said in court documents released Friday.
  • Jordan Wallace: 5 Fast Facts
    Jordan WallaceCourt documents reveal that police are investigating the assistant of slain Washington, D.C., CEO Savvas Savopoulos, who admitted to police that he lied to them about the details of his delivery of $40,000 in ransom money to the Savopoulos’ home. The assistant, identified as 28-year-old Jordan Wallace, delivered the $40,000 in ransom money to the home in an upscale D.C. neighborhood on May 14, while police believe three members of the Savopoulos family and their housekeeper were being held hostage inside. The money was delivered just hours before the four victims were brutally beaten and stabbed to death... The 10-year-old boy was tortured by his killers as they tried to convince his father to give them the money they were looking for, police said. He was found in his bed, where he had been doused in gasoline and set on fire.
    1. Police Say They Are ‘Aware’ of a Connection Between Wallace & Wint
    2. Wallace Changed His Story When He Was Interviewed by Police After the Deaths
    3. He Texted a Photo of the Ransom Money to a Friend
    4. He Met the Family at a Go-Kart Track Where He Previously Worked
    5. Police Now Say Someone Forced Entry Into the Family’s Home
  • D.C. Mansion Murders: Police Looking at Assistant's Changing Story & Possible Connection to Suspect
  • DC quadruple-murder suspect Daron Wint flagged for deportation
    The 34-year-old, who was born in Guyana, moved to the US when he was 20. If convicted for the four murders, Wint could face deportation, but only after serving his sentence. The Savopoulos were laid to rest by two surviving teenage daughters last week, while Figueroa was sent to her native El Salvador.

    UK: Police watchdog investigates 19 incidents linked to murderer who killed mother-of-four then stayed the night because he'd missed his last bus
Marcus MusgroveJacqueline OakesThe police watchdog is investigating how the West Midlands force responded to 19 incidents concerning a mother-of-four and the man later convicted of murdering her. The Independent Police Complaints Commission is looking into a string of offences allegedly committed by Marcus Musgrove on Jacqueline Oakes, 51, before he finally battered her to death in January last year. It said Musgrove was accused of attacking and stealing from Miss Oakes, among other crimes, over a nine-month period from April 2013. IPCC Commissioner Derrick Campbell said: 'Our investigation is looking into how police handled the incidents and whether they identified and managed correctly risks to Jacqueline Oakes as a vulnerable woman.' Musgrove was jailed for life, and ordered to serve at least 18 years, after he was unanimously convicted of murder at Birmingham Crown Court last July. His trial heard he befriended the victim in April 2013 but quickly grew violent and controlling. Miss Oakes made a number of complaints to police but later withdrew them. Musgrove killed her at her flat in Edgbaston, Birmingham, after he was arrested over an earlier attack on her. He callously spent the night at the address because he had missed his last bus home. The 40-year-old, of Aston, showed no remorse during his two-week trial and tried to blame Miss Oakes by claiming she had been violent towards him. Passing sentence, Mr Justice Timothy King told him: 'This was a dreadful murder. Jacqueline Oakes was a beloved mother of four and was capable of showing great kindness, including to Mr Musgrove himself. - (Black-on-white) - (UK)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Chester Co. DA: Male Teacher At Private School For Boys Arrested On Homo Sex Abuse Charges
Matthew ScavittoMALVERN, Pa. – The Chester County DA says a teacher from a day and boarding school for boys located in Malvern has been arrested and charged with sexually abusing a (male) student. The male teacher, 31-year-old Matthew Scavitto, was reportedly arrested on June 9th. Officials say that from 2013-14, when Scavitto was a teacher, coach and dorm supervisor at the Phelps School, he engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a full-time boarding student. The student, who attended the school from 2011 through 2014, reported that the abuse began in 2013 and continued through the summer of 2013, when he and Scavitto were both at a camp in New Hampshire, and then throughout the victim’s senior year at the Phelps School.

    Black man punches, knocks out (White) bus driver over fare
Thomas CrumWhite bus driverALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —An unruly passenger was caught on camera attacking and knocking out a city bus driver this week. The man walked onto the bus and tried to pay, but his two bus passes were expired. The man refused to get off the bus and claimed he was an undercover Albuquerque police officer. The man asked if anyone on board had a dollar as the driver got on the radio to report the man for giving him problems. The man told the driver to close the door and drive the bus, using expletives in his command. The driver can be heard saying the man had a knife in the video. When the man tried to take over the bus, passengers tried to calm him down. The man appears to settle down in the video, but he then punches the driver, knocking him out. After the attack, the man fled, and Albuquerque police found him a couple of blocks away. Thomas Crum was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after the attack. - (Black-on-white)

    Assault by pack of feral black thugs at ‘First Fridays’ under investigation, (White) victim calls attack a ‘hate crime’
14-year-old White victimKevin Dawespack of black thugs (file photo)FLORENCE, Ala. – Police are investigating an assault that was reported during First Fridays in Florence. Investigators said 20 to 30 juveniles assaulted a Lauderdale County man and his 14-year-old son at Wilson Park. According to the victim’s wife who witnessed the attack, the group “was using slurs of race” while tasing her husband and beating him. Juli Dawes said her husband Kevin was trying to protect their son when they turned on him. She said the juveniles also shattered the windshield of her car, where she was waiting with her 4-year-old. “I’m not as ready to identify this as a hate crime, but we are considering all angles,” said Florence Police Chief Ron Tyler. “There are no set of circumstances that would ever justify an unprovoked attack by a group of thugs, and we will not allow any group to hijack the family friendly First Fridays event.” At last check, Kevin Dawes was meeting with a facial surgeon.  The 14-year-old son sustained minor injuries. - (Black-on-white) - (Hatecrimes)

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  • The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States
    black rapistIn the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man. What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.
  • Interracial Rape Statistics


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