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  ARCHIVE for 14 October 2015

    (Black) Suspect charged with murder after (White) man dies from blow to head at Moccasin Bend
Leviticus AveryKevin Eric GreenA 38-year-old father of three who was attacked while in a common area at Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute on Oct. 7 died Sunday, and the man suspected of attacking him now faces a murder charge. Police say Leviticus Avery, 37, hit Kevin Green in the head with an object just before 7 a.m. on Oct. 7 in a day room at the psychiatric hospital. Avery, an inmate at the Hamilton County Jail at the time of the attack, was arrested for vandalism and aggravated assault in July. His criminal history in Hamilton County includes at least 37 charges dating back to 1998. Police added a first-degree murder charge to the list after Green died from his injuries on Sunday. Green's wife, Heather Green, said her family is still coming to grips with his death. "We're heartbroken and grieving," she said. "He will be missed." - (Black-on-white)
  • Leviticus 24:17 - "'Anyone who takes the life of a human being is to be put to death.

    (White) Victim's family speaks after (black) accused serial killer indicted
Robert Rembert Jr.Jerry RembertMorgan NeitzelKimberly HallCuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty calls him a "serial killer." 45-year-old Robert Rembert Jr. of Cleveland, has been indicted by a grand jury for the aggravated murders of four people -- one of which dates back to 1997. Rembert was previously convicted and served six years for the December 1997 murder of Dadren Lewis. Now, prosecutors believe Rembert murdered again in 1997 and three more times right up until a few weeks ago. "Parents, you got to hug your children because you never know when it will be the last time," Robert Thomas said while back tears. It's the gut-wrenching, raw heartache of a father who didn't know he was hugging his daughter, 26-year-old Morgan Neitzel, one last time when he dropped her off on September 18 on Cleveland's east side. The next day he went to pick her up, she didn't answer the door. Her car was gone. Police found Robert Rembert with Neitzel's car in Medina September 21. Just the day before, she had been found shot to death in the head in her own bed. Her roommate, 52-year-old Jerry Rembert, had also been shot in the head and killed there. "Little did we know they were in that home," Michelle Thomas, Nietzel's mother said. Now, a grand jury has indicicted Rembert in their Nietzel's murder and Jerry Rembert's murder, as well as the death of Kimberly Hall in June and Rena Mae Payne in May 1997. So, Robert Rembert is now indicted in four additional murders after being released for killing Dadren Lewis in Cleveland in 1997. "Senseless. Not just the lives he took, its the carnage he left behind," Robert Thomas said. Victim Jerry Rembert was Robert's cousin. Nietzel was the mother of this accused murderer's 3-year-old nephew. - (Black-on-white)

    Berserk black ex-footballer who used machete to hack White jogger to death had history with police
Thomas JohnsonDALLAS — Police have identified the man stabbed to death during a jog Monday at White Rock Lake. Authorities identified the victim as 53-year-old David Stevens. The 'suspect' Thomas Johnson In 2012, he disappeared from Texas A & M. A few days later, he was found rambling on the streets of Dallas "was talking about his religious beliefs." Police believed he was on drugs and determined he was a danger to himself and others. He was taken to a mental hospital for evaluation. Since then, he's been in and out of trouble. In court records, his aunt says that last year he broke into her day care in Duncanville and stole her car. Johnson was also arrested in the last year for drug possession. Now he's accused of using a machete-like knife to stab a man to death. Police say he then borrowed a man's cell phone to call 911 and confess to the crime. An arrest affidavit says he told police "he left a man lying on the ground with sword in his head." - (Black-on-white)


    Black African Terrorist from Nigeria - Lee University Social Media Threat Suspect Identified, Charged And In Custody
Olayinka OpasoLee University student Olayinka Opaso, from Nigeria, 18, confessed on Tuesday to a senior Lee University official about his involvement in the Yik Yak post describing potential threats to Lee University students. Opaso was immediately placed into custody by the campus security director, Matt Brinkman. Mr. Brinkman transported Opaso to the Cleveland Police Department where Opaso was interviewed by Cleveland Police Department investigators, Lieutenant Robert Harbison and Detective Cody Hinson. Action taken by Lee University personnel to have extra police presence on campus brought attention to the matter, thus leading to the suspect's confession.

    Black female shooting suspect put feces in White cell * Black female inmate deposited feces into Evi Quaid’s jail cell
Veronica LewisEvi QuaidSOUTH BURLINGTON Vermont corrections officials say a woman jailed on an attempted-murder charge put feces into the cell of Evi Quaid, wife of actor Randy Quaid. The spat involved Veronica Lewis, 31, of Worcester and Evi Quaid, 52, at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility in South Burlington on Sunday, officials said. Michael Touchette, the Corrections Department’s director of facilities, said Tuesday the two women had no physical contact, and Quaid was in her cell. He said Lewis used a food chute into Quaid’s cell to toss human excrement. Lewis is charged with shooting a firearms instructor in the face in June. Lewis has denied a charge of attempted first-degree murder of Darryl Montague, 48, of Westford after Vermont State Police said she shot the firearms instructor three times June 29. State police said last month Lewis is expected to face an unrelated charge of aggravated assault arising from an attack on a mental-health worker at the South Burlington prison. - (Black-on-white)

  • White partner of (black killer) Christopher Dorner accuses LAPD of racial discrimination - (Drudge)
    LAPD Sgt. Terie Evans' life has, for nearly a decade, been interlinked with that of a man who became a notorious killer. Evans had been accused by her then-partner on the force, Christopher Dorner, of kicking a mentally ill man. When that claim was found to be untrue, the department stripped Dorner of his badge. His subsequent rage led to a homicidal rampage across Southern California in 2013 that Evans helped to end by identifying him to authorities.

    Queer Black Memphis pastor indicted for child pornography
Demarcus SmithMEMPHIS, TN - A Memphis pastor has been indicted on child pornography charges. Investigators said Demarcus Smith, 32, coerced a boy to take pictures of himself engaging in sexually explicit conduct and send him the pictures. Smith is a pastor at Oak Hill Missionary Baptist Church in South Memphis. He's also a member of the Baptist Ministerial Association. Investigators said he coerced the boy between August 2014 and May 2015. "It's sickening. It's extremely sickening, not just for the community’s sake, but to the bible itself,” said Lakisha Davis. - (Black fags)

    Queer Black Fag sends Friend Request to Boy He Allegedly HomoSexually Assaulted
Jermarro DantzlerA 37 year-old has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a 15 year-old boy in the bushes of the vacant American store parking lot in the 6700 block of Brown Deer Road. He was identified when the suspect sent a friend request to the boy. Police reports identify him as 37-year-old Jermarro Dantzler. The boy said he was walking home when Dantzler approached him holding a gun. The boy thought he was being robbed, instead he was pulled into the bushes, strip searched, and brutally assaulted. On July 19 that assault went on for almost 10 minutes, there was no one nearby to help. Dantzler threw two twenty dollar bills at the teen before running off. The boy thought he'd never see his attacker again until a month later a shocking friend request showed up on his Facebook page. Police tracked down Dantzler, and DNA tests matched the teen’s rape kit. - (Black fags)

    Baltimore Co. Man Faces Child Porn, Sexual Abuse Charges
Kenneth SmithRANDALLSTOWN, Md. — It’s one of the most disturbing child porn cases investigators say they’ve ever seen. Police believe Kenneth Smith had sexual contact with at least one young child and say he could have had many more victims. There were thousands of images of young children being sexually victimized. “It’s disgusting, treacherous. It’s the devil’s work,” said one. Police believe Smith had a sexual encounter with at least one child, most likely more.

    Baltimore Man (with ring in nose) Arrested For Sexually Assaulting a Minor
Jamaica Lewis BALTIMORE — On October 13, 2015, Baltimore Police Department detectives arrested 36 year-old Jamaica Lewis for sexually assaulting a minor. The 16 year-old victim spoke with detectives after going to an area hospital for treatment. Lewis gave his young victim alcohol before assaulting her.

    Hutchins PD: Man rapes ex-girlfriend, stabs her husband
Gerald PerkinsHUTCHINS, Texas - A man who was recently released from prison allegedly attacked his ex-girlfriend and her current husband in Hutchins on Tuesday morning. The violent incident happened about 3 a.m. at a home in the 500 block of Breneman Boulevard. Police believe 46-year-old Gerald Perkins went to his ex-girlfriend’s home and stabbed her current husband. Then he sexually assaulted her and stabbed her as well.

    2 teens charged in rape of a 14-year-old girl
Kadeem Hall and Gavin Gordon Two Chili teenagers have been charged in connection to a rape of a 14-year-old girl. Kadeem Hall and Gavin Gordon and , both 16, are charged with first-degree rape for allegedly raping the girl at an apartment in Chili. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office reports that the alleged victim and a friend were walking in the area of Chili Garden Apartments when they met Hall and went back to his apartment. The alleged victim's friend left the apartment a short time later and then Gordon arrived, according to police. Police said the girl told police that she was forcibly raped by both suspects. Hall and Gordon, along with another teen, Raymond D. Harris, were charged in July with second-degree assault, a felony, and two counts of second-degree attempted robbery. The status of those charges was not immediately known.

  • Black caregiver (with African name) raped blind, deaf, mentally disabled woman
    RENTON, Wash. - A 20-year-old male nursing assistant at a Renton home for the developmentally disabled has been arrested and charged with raping a blind, deaf, 65-year-old woman with severe mental disabilities who lives there. Samuel Kiranga Njuguna, 20, of Auburn was arrested in September after he attempted suicide and then fled to Las Vegas, according to court documents. All male employees at the facility except Njuguna voluntarily provided DNA samples, but none of those matched the DNA on the condom. When police tried to contact Njuguna, they discovered that his mother had kicked him out of the house and he no longer lived there. Police then learned he had gone to Portland. When contacted by phone, Njuguna agreed to meet investigators at the Renton police station, but he never showed up, according to court records. Police then located Njuguna's sister, who told investigators her brother had attempted suicide, then fled to Las Vegas and was admitted to a psychiatric ward at a hospital there. Police located Njuguna and obtained a DNA sample from him, which matched the DNA found on the condom in the trash.

  • Police searching for black serial rapist in Memphis
    Memphis police are investigating three separate rape incidents that appear to be connected. The suspect is described as a black male in his mid-20s to early 30s, standing 5’5”-5’7” tall and weighing 140-150 lbs. Police said the man has a stock build, a high-top fade haircut and he has worn various clothing that includes a racing jacket with an M&M emblem.

  Bill Cosby - black rapist

    Woman, man arrested in Columbus following argument over $60
Marquis Jerrellrenee DavisAndrews Frank ScottA man and woman both of Columbus were arrested Tuesday on Fort Benning Road after a heated argument that involved paying $60 for sex. Marquis Jerrellrenee Davis, 29, was charged with prostitution while Andrews Frank Scott, 52, was charged with pandering. They were both booked into Muscogee County Jail.
  • Panderer vs Pimp - What's the difference?
    As nouns the difference between panderer and pimp is that panderer is one who panders while pimp is a person who solicits customers for prostitution and acts as manager for prostitutes; a panderer.

    Black Sports: Lamar Odom, former NBA player and ex-husband to Khloe Kardashian,
Lamar OdomMonica Monroe (left) and Ryder Cherry was reportedly rushed to a Las Vegas hospital after being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel.
Tragic former NBA star-turned-reality star Lamar Odom had “virtually every drug imaginable” in his system — and track marks on one arm — when he overdosed at the Las Vegas-area Love Ranch brothel. The ex-LA Lakers star remains unconscious and on a ventilator at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas after his five-day sex-and-drug binge at the brothel.

Dangers of interracial dating

    This (black African immigrant) cabby scored a rent-free Chelsea apartment for life
Oltimdje OuattaraAn immigrant cabby scored the deal of a lifetime — a Chelsea pad for free until he dies — thanks to an obscure provision in the city’s rent-stabilization law. TLC-licensed driver Oltimdje Ouattara hit the apartment jackpot after he began renting a room for $48 a night at an illegal hostel called the Chelsea Highline Hotel at 184 11th Ave. in August. ...because the official listed rate on his illegal room was “$0.” Building owner Chelsea Skybox LLC closed down the hostel, ensuring others can’t follow suit. Lawyers for Chelsea Skybox LLC, which is controlled by Israeli developer John Leitersdorf and his partner, John Jacobsen, did not return messages.

    Victim of nightclub shooting got a ride with ‘gunman,’ sister says
Dalone JohnsonThe suspected gunman in a nightclub shooting that killed a young mom drove her to the Manhattan hot spot for her birthday celebration, the victim’s devastated sister told The Post. Walikque “Grace” Faussett, 24, befriended career criminal Dalone “Smack” Jamison, 26 — who was arrested on Tuesday — about a month ago. He shuttled her everywhere in the same BMW he used to speed away from the bloodshed outside Motivo early Monday.

  • Police ID UK Tourist Killed In Miami Beach Hit & Run by Black
    Twenty seven year old Andrew James Hamilton, who was visiting from the United Kingdom, was struck by a speeding car on Collins Avenue at 11th Street. Hamilton was in the crosswalk when he was hit. The impact was so severe his body ended up half way down the block. “He flew up in the air because he got hit in the corner and was in the middle of the block,” Simpson said. After he hit Hamilton, the driver ran away, leaving three women behind in the car. “Initially he was wearing all black. He had black pants and a black shirt. He is a black male with short cropped hair and a witness observed him removing that black shirt to wipe blood from his face and that shirt was left somewhere,” said a Miami Beach Police spokesman.

  • Blactivists Occupy Baltimore City Hall; Oppose Commissioner
    "All night, all day, we will fight for Freddie Gray!" the blactivists chanted. "No justice, no peace!"
    In addition, they are asking police to be "more tolerant of minor law breaking," such as the throwing of water bottles, "when deciding whether to escalate the use of force."



(Hispanic) Man to die Wednesday in brutal killing of (White) Dallas cop
Licho EscamillaKevin JamesA man who killed a Dallas cop 14 years ago is scheduled to die for the crime Wednesday. Licho Escamilla, 33, killed Kevin James on Nov. 25, 2001, outside a Dallas nightclub. James, 34, was working off-duty security at the club. He had just gotten married the month before his death. Retired Dallas police Maj. Scott Bratcher, who was James’ supervisor and friend, and a few other Dallas officers will make the trek to Huntsville for the execution. Escamilla’s death warrant is effective at 6 p.m. “It’s way overdue for him to be executed,” Bratcher said. James became a Dallas cop in 1995. But when James, who aspired to buy his new wife a home, was working an off-duty job, he encountered Escamilla, a 19-year-old laborer. Just three weeks earlier, a warrant had been issued for Escamilla, a known gang member, in the shooting death of a West Dallas neighbor. James and another officer ran to Escamilla’s aid to keep other men from attacking him. Instead, Escamilla shot James’ arm and gun first. He hit the other officer in the hand. Both were in uniform. Then, while James lay on the pavement, Escamilla walked up and shot James three times in the head. A jury took only 33 minutes to convict Escamilla of capital murder in James’ slaying. After the jury sentenced him to death, Escamilla threw a pitcher of water at the jury. “He is evil, and we need to do everything we can to protect society from people like that.”Dallas Police Association vice president Frederick Frazier called Escamilla “an animal” who “doesn’t deserve to share the same air we do.”

  Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic






  • The Moral Disarmament of the White Race - by Henry Köselitz
    As the rising tide of color threatens to sweep away the foundations of Europe, the question arises how did things come to this? Why have the political, religious, and cultural elites of Western Europe and the United States decided in favor of policies which will reduce their native populations to a minority in their own homelands? - (Commentary)



    Father of (White) woman who was beaten and sexually assaulted (by black man) at apartment complex speaks
Cameron Dwayne MayBarbi JalanivichJACKSON COUNTY, MS - Danny Jalanivich, of Jackson County, broke down as he remembered the moment he saw his daughter right after she was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted. Jalanivich says he "lost it" when he saw her battered and swollen face. Barbi Jalanivich was attacked while working at the Dominion Apartments in Ocean Springs last month. He's revealing her identity to show the pain the crime has brought to Barbi and the family. He is also asking the community to support a golf tournament on Oct. 24 to raise funds for Barbi. - (Black-on-white)
  • Police name suspect in Ocean Springs attack
    OCEAN SPRINGS, MS - Ocean Springs police have named a suspect wanted in connection with the attack on a woman at an apartment complex. Police are looking for Cameron Dwayne May, 24, of Biloxi. Detective Captain William Jackson said May is wanted for the crime of aggravated assault from the September 10 attack at the Dominion Apartments. Investigators report the victim was severely beaten and sexually assaulted while working in an office at the apartments. May is believed to be driving a white 2004 Chevrolet Suburban with Mississippi tag HIL460. Police warn he's considered to be armed and dangerous.
  • Benefit golf tournament for Barbi Jalanivich set for Oct. 24 at Hickory Hill
    All proceeds from the event will go to Barbi Jalanivich and her daughter, Kya, to offset medical and living expenses.
  • Psalm 140 - Deliver me, LORD, from evil people, preserve me from violent men

    Sheriff: (Black) Man suspected of murdering 76-year-old white grandmother was recently released from NJ prison
Alice TollisonJames HeywardColumbia, SC - Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott says the man accused of killing a 76-year-old woman earlier this week had been released from prison just a few months ago. Lott announced the arrest of 42-year-old James Heyward on Tuesday in the death of Alice Tollison. On Sunday, Lott said Heyward broke into the woman's home on Edgewater Drive and got into a struggle with her. He then strangled the woman and tied up her eight-year--old granddaughter, deputies say, before ransacking the home and stealing jewelry. After he left, the granddaughter was able to get to a phone and call 9-1-1. Officers were able to track him down using prints at the scene to a room on Crestwood Road that he was renting with his wife. Heyward had known Tollison in the past, Lott said. - (Black-on-white)

    Crazed black ex-footballer charged with 'random' machete attack on a (White) jogger
Thomas JohnsonThomas Johnson was angry Monday about his situation in life, police said. The former Skyline High School Raiders star and Texas A&M was out of football and out of his home. And police say he took out his rage on a jogger he hacked to death at random Monday morning in northeast Dallas. Authorities said Johnson, 21, admitted to detectives that he used a “large bladed knife” to kill the unidentified jogger just before 8 a.m. on the White Rock Creek Trail. “It appears Mr. Johnson picked this victim at random. Absolutely random,” Deputy Chief Rob Sherwin said. “He just attacked him. … It’s just very unusual. It’s quite shocking.” Johnson walked away from the scene and asked a man a few blocks away if he could use his cellphone to call 911, according to an arrest warrant affidavit. Another man had also called 911 and said he saw a man in a hooded sweatshirt hit a jogger several times in the head with a sword. The victim, who was not carrying identification, died at a nearby hospital. He remained unidentified early Tuesday. Sherwin said he is white and between 25 and 35. Police ask that anyone who might know the victim’s identity contact them. - (Black-on-white) - (Black Sports)
  • Psalm 140 - Deliver me, LORD, from evil people, preserve me from violent men

    (Black) Teen Hit-and-Run Driver Who Struck (White female) Temple Student Gets ONLY 11 ½ to 23 Months in Prison
Rashan “Robert” RobertsRachel HallThe teen driver who fled the scene after hitting a Temple University student learned his fate Tuesday. Rashan Roberts, 18, was sentenced to 11 ½ to 23 months in prison as well as five years probation. Roberts waived his preliminary hearing back in May and admitted in court in July to running over 22-year-old Rachel Hall and then fleeing the scene back on April 29. Roberts only had his learner's permit when he struck Hall, who was riding her bicycle near Temple University. He was charged with leaving the scene of an accident. Roberts surrendered to police May 6 after his parents contacted authorities and told them their son was driving the 2012 Mitsubishi Galant that struck Hall. Hall, a star Temple lacrosse player, was critically injured and continues to recover in a rehab facility. Family and friends have set up a website to accept donations to help with her care.

    Incoherent black man shoots White gas station clerk in face and stomach - over nachos? - (not a robbery)
incoherent nachos shooterincoherent nachos shooterWhite victim of crazy black nachos shooterINDIANAPOLIS - A man working at a Speedway gas station at the intersection of East 71st Street and North Keystone Avenue was shot around 1:15 a.m. Tuesday. Seven hours later, police arrested a 27-year-old man in connection to the shooting around 8 a.m. Tuesday. A family member watched the news and called to turn in the suspect. He was arrested at the Colonial Square Apartments in the 5700 block of Renn Lane. Officers cautiously ordered the suspect out. On the second attempt, he slowly came out with his hands up at which point officers then handcuffed him and took him in for questioning. Police say the suspect entered the store and began a conversation about nachos with the employee. The employee told police the suspect was incoherent and acting strangely and that the suspect then left the gas station and later returned with a gun. The employee was shot in the face and the stomach. He was taken to St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis in critical, but stable condition.His condition later changed to serious Officers say they are uncertain about a motive and do not believe the two men know one another. The victim is able to talk to police and will also be used to positively identify the suspect.. “We don't know what the mental capacity of this individual was," said IMPD Officer Christopher Wilburn. "I can say after speaking with officers on scene that he was very incoherent from what we have been able to understand." - (Black-on-white)
  • Psalm 140 - Deliver me, LORD, from evil people, preserve me from violent men

    2 (armed blacks) lured White man and his 72-yr-old father in Craigslist ambush - jumped them but blacks got shot
Christian LoganTorry PescheJon Vanderwiel BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Two men have been charged after police say they ambushed a father and son during a Craigslist transaction in Battle Creek earlier this week. Christian Logan, 23, and Torry Pesche, 19, have been arraigned on armed robbery charges in connection to the incident. Logan was arraigned in court Friday afternoon on two counts of armed robbery and one count of a felony firearm charge. Police said it’s alleged that Logan had a gun with him Tuesday evening. Pesche faces the same two counts of armed robbery, but was arraigned from the hospital Thursday and remains in stable condition. Police said 42-year-old Jon Vanderwiel and his father, 72-year-old Robert Vanderwiel, drove to Battle Creek’s Urbandale neighborhood Tuesday evening for a meeting to buy a classic car they saw on Craigslist. When they arrived, police said the father and son were jumped by Logan, Pesche and a third individual. Jon Vanderwiel has a concealed pistol license and shot Logan and Pesche, who both ran away, but were later arrested and hospitalized with serious injuries. - (Black-on-white)
  • Craigslist attack 911 call: ‘I shot 2 people’
    Vanderwiel told a dispatcher that he was knocked to the ground and his son was hit. Jon Vanderwiel is licensed to carry a concealed weapon and fired his gun at the suspects, wounding two of them. Vanderwiel and his father suffered some injuries during the encounter. Jon Vanderwiel told a dispatcher that he had “mace in the eyes” and that he was “whacked in the head” and “bleeding like crazy.”
  • Second man arraigned in Craigslist robbery

    (Black) Suspect ID'd in September homeless camp murder (of White man)
Brandon WilliamsPolice have identified a suspect in a September 21 deadly stabbing in a northeast Las Vegas wash area. Authorities are asking for the public’s assistance locating 34-year-old Brandon Williams in the connection to the crime. Williams is transient and also goes by the name of “Seven”. Las Vegas police said they were called to the area near east Owens and Sandhill Drive shortly after 2 p.m. where they found the man who died later at University Medical Center's trauma center. Williams was seen chasing the victim prior to fatality stabbing him in the neck. - (Black-on-white)
  • Friend of homeless man stabbed to death: 'I was just in a panic' - 9/21/2015
    A Las Vegas woman says she held her dying friend after he was attacked Monday afternoon in a homeless camp. The stabbing occurred just before 2:10 p.m. near Owens Avenue and Sandhill Road. The victim was taken to UMC, where he died. Metro Homicide Lt. Dan McGrath says a piece of glass was used to stab the victim, a white man in his 50s, in the neck. Police say the suspect is a black man in his 40s with a medium build. He is 5-foot-9, 180 pounds and has facial hair. Detectives believe the suspect is also homeless.

    Court Rejects Appeal (of black man) in Shooting of (White) Wilmington Officer
Frederick GrayJustin WilkersThe Delaware Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from a man serving life in prison for shooting a Wilmington policeman in the face during a traffic stop. Frederick Gray was convicted of attempted murder in the 2013 shooting of Patrolman Justin Wilkers. Gray argued on appeal that the trial judge erred in allowing a statement Gray's mother gave to police into evidence. He also argued that the judge should have declared a mistrial after prosecutors did not turn over potentially exculpatory evidence about inconsistent statements made by Wilkers' partner until after the trial had started. The Supreme Court rejected those arguments last week, saying Gray's mother gave a voluntary statement, and that the late-submitted evidence was contradicted by other evidence and given to Gray's attorney before he cross-examined Wilkers' partner. - (Black-on-white) - (Blue lives matter)

    Rotting corpse of white woman that lived with black man discovered due to odor - black comitted suicide
Stephen Andrade and Sue HutchinsonMANCHESTER – The body of a missing city woman was found Sunday night hidden behind a fake wall in a closet of her own apartment at 169A Calef Road, authorities said. Sue Hutchinson, 57, had been missing since Sept. 30 as was her roommate, Stephen Andrade, 36. Six days later, Andrade was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a Motel 6 room in Tewskbury, Mass. Statements made by Andrade shortly before he killed himself indicated he'd killed Hutchinson, concealed her body and fled. On Sunday, police detectives and firefighters went to 169A Calef Road after members of Hutchinson's family reported a strange odor in the building. They searched various areas throughout the building before detectives eventually found a crawl space hidden behind a false wall panel inside a closet in Hutchinson's apartment. They removed the wall panel in that closet and discovered a woman's body, believed to be Hutchinson's, concealed inside. A positive identification will not be made until after an autopsy Tuesday. Hutchinson's daughter reportedly dated Andrade, but had ended their relationship. Andrade, however, continued on as Hutchinson's roommate. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Interracial couple arrested in connection with duffel bag murder investigation - victim was 71-years-old woman
Jamar Webb, left, and Veronica Houck. LAS VEGAS - Two people have been arrested in Louisiana in connection with the discovery of a body inside a water meter vault in Las Vegas last month, according to police. The body of 71-year-old Young Suk Sanchez, of Las Vegas, was found by a worker Sept. 22 inside a duffel bag that was found in a vault that houses water meters near the intersection of Boulder Highway and Nellis Boulevard. According to Las Vegas Metro police, 23-year-old Veronica Houck and her boyfriend, 33-year-old Jamar Webb, were arrested by authorities in Minden, LA, on Oct. 8, in connection with Sanchez’s death. Police said Houck is believed to have been acquainted with Sanchez. Houck was charged with murder, robbery, kidnapping, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit robbery and conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Webb was charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, possession of a credit card without the owner’s consent and two counts of fraudulent use of a credit card. The couple is awaiting extradition to Las Vegas. Detectives have said they believe Sanchez’s body was placed in the vault within a month of when it was found.

Dangers of interracial dating


(Black female) "Kool-Aid" released after questioning in homicide case
TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:
Demico Ilene MartinJefferey Alexander

  • Police questioned and released Demico Ilene Martin
  • She was wanted for questioning in the death of Jefferey Alexander
  • Alexander was found dead in an alley
  • Martin goes by the name “Kool-Aid”
  • Alexander's family said Martin was the on-again-off-again "girlfriend" of their loved one.
  • Police identify man found in alley - Oct. 5, 2015

Dangers of interracial dating

  • 1 Corinthians 6 - Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body?
    For it is said, "The two will become one flesh."

    (Black) Inmate guilty of trying to sexually assault prison guard
Fernandes Masters An Arizona inmate already serving life without parole will get an additional 11 years in prison after pleading guilty to trying to rape a guard, according to a plea agreement obtained Monday by The Associated Press. The deal shows Fernandes Masters pleaded guilty Friday to attempted sexual assault and had four other felony charges dropped. Masters kissed and fondled the Yuma prison guard and tried to have intercourse with her during an April 13 meeting in an office, according to the indictment charging the 31-year-old.

  Bill Cosby - black rapist

    Police: DNA analysis leads to arrest in 2012 rape case
Anthony Marcus EdmontsonPolice said further TBI analysis of the limited evidence earlier this year led to the development of a DNA profile, three years later. The information was entered into the national Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), and the agency received a hit. Anthony Marcus Edmontson, 32, became a suspect.

    (Black) Naked man - foaming at the mouth - accused of attacking woman in Walnut Hills pleads not guilty
Alegria WashingtonAlegria WashingtonCincinnati police have identified a naked man accused of attacking a woman with a knife in Walnut Hills Monday. Alegria Washington, 27, who authorities said spent time in a New York prison for attempted murder, pleaded not guilty to felonious assault and criminal damaging during his arraignment at the Hamilton County Justice Center. A witness recorded Washington as he stood naked at the corner of Gilbert Avenue and William Howard Taft after allegedly attacking a woman with a knife.Several people called 911 claiming that a man with a bloody knife was banging on cars, yelling and foaming at the mouth. Police said that Washington ran up to a woman who lives in the neighborhood, attacked her with a knife and ran off.

    Black Sports: Ex-basketballer Lamar Odom Found Unconscious at Nevada Whorehouse
Lamar OdomLamar Odom is currently hospitalized after he became unconscious in Nevada. The former Los Angeles Lakers basketball star checked into Dennis Hoff's Love Ranch South on Saturday in the town of Pahrump, and was found unconscious in his room by a member of the staff Tuesday morning after days of partying. We've learned that staff immediately called 911 and followed the emergency operator's instructions to put Odom on his side when he began spitting up liquid. He was taking herbal Viagra during his stay at the ranch, however, it is not known if alcohol or drugs were in his room at the time that he was found. - (Black Sports)

    (Soulless black) Long Island Man Charged In Death Of Girlfriend's Toddler Faces Judge
Lord PardoHEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — A Nassau County man accused of killing a toddler faced a judge Tuesday morning. Lord Pardo, 26, said nothing as he was escorted to court from Nassau Police Headquarters in Mineola. He is charged with second-degree murder in the death of his girlfriend’s son, 19-month-old Mason Robinson of New Cassel, police said. Police said it was a deliberate act of murder. “It’s clear that the defendant has no soul,” said Thomas Krumpter, Nassau’s acting police commissioner. “He is truly a monster.

    Fort Worth woman jailed in death of infant son
Shakira BickerstaffFORT WORTH -- A Fort Worth woman who first said that her 10-month-old son died last year after falling off a bed is now accused in his death after confessing to investigators. Shakira Bickerstaff, 23, was arrested Tuesday afternoon in Arlington on a capital murder warrant. Bickerstaff was arrested days after she admitted to a Fort Worth detective that she shook her infant son, Lamont, hit his head on a table and then covered his mouth to get him to stop crying, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

    Daphne man charged with beating father to death with golf club
Brent Bolar DAPHNE, AL - Daphne Police are investigating a brutal murder where they said a man beat his father to death with a golf club. It happened Sunday afternoon, October 11, 2015 at a residence on Whispering Pines Rd. Police said the suspect called 911 saying his father needed help. When they arrived the victim was still alive, but later died at the hospital. There were only two people at the house at the time…the victim, 68 year-old Andrew Bolar and the suspect, Bolar’s adult son. They said the son isn’t talking. The call was made to 911 by 33 year-old Brent Bolar saying his father needed help. When police arrived, they found a grizzly scene.

    Ex-CPS chief Barbara Byrd-Bennett pleads guilty, tearfully apologizes to students
arbara Byrd-BennettFormer Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett faces up to about 7 1/2 years in prison after pleading guilty Tuesday to steering multimillion-dollar no-bid contracts to an education consulting firm in exchange for the promise of lucrative kickbacks and other perks.





2 (Hispanic) suspects arrested in killings of 3 (Hispanics) in Beeville
Felix Lee Perez, left, and Presciliano "Pres" MartinezBEEVILLE, TX -- Two men have been arrested and charged with murder in the fatal shooting of two men and a woman at a South Texas home. 23-year-old Felix Lee Perez was arrested without incident in a residential neighborhood on Beeville's south side. 36-year-old Presciliano "Pres" Martinez was arrested in a neighborhood west of downtown Beeville. The sheriff did not offer a possible motive for the gunfire Sept. 22 at a house in Beeville. The victims were identified as 33-year-old Barry Garcia, 18-year-old Marc Fuentes and 45-year-old Rosalinda Posada.

  • Citizenship status of suspects not reported - ed.


Dangers of interracial dating


    (Black) Levin Staffer Arrested for Allegedly Beating Gay Black Male Lover With Shovel - "Die dirty faggy"
Baltimore City Police arrested an aide to Rep. Sander M. Levin, D-Mich., at around 2:30 a.m. on Oct. 8 for criminal domestic violence charges. Tim Foster, a native of Henderson, Ky., brutally beat his male lover with a small black and red shovel, according to a police report obtained by CQ Roll Call, leaving the victim hospitalized with abrasions and bruises on his upper back, neck and torso. The dispute started around 12:30 a.m. inside a Northwest Baltimore home, when Foster, 32, got into a verbal argument with the 39-year-old black male identified as his boyfriend. Foster put his boyfriend in a choke hold and stated, “I want to kill you. Die dirty faggy,” the man later told police. Foster released him, then allegedly grabbed a stainless kitchen knife. As the boyfriend fled toward the stairs, Foster chased him and warned, “When you reach the fifth step, I am going to stab you.” Foster lunged at his boyfriend with the knife. But Foster’s wife “got in the way” and the knife then fell to the floor, the report states. - (Black fags)

    Suspect captured in death of (black male prostitute) — transgender woman jumped, robbed and shot
Pedro ReddingKiesha JenkinsAuthorities nabbed a man suspected of robbing and killing a transgender Philadelphia woman, Kiesha Jenkins, who “valiantly” fought back before being shot to death last week, police officials said. A tip led police to Pedro Redding, a 24-year-old arrested on Sunday morning who gave authorities an alleged confession implicating three more men in the 22-year-old's death. The group jumped the alleged sex worker to rob her after she got out of a car, Redding told investigators of the Oct. 6 slaying.
  • Deuteronomy 23:18 - You must not bring the earnings of a female prostitute or of a male prostitute into the house of the LORD your God to pay any vow, because the LORD your God detests them both.


  • Two (Whtie) Officers Were Shot; Wisconsin Store Liable for Gun Sale (to black criminals)
    Julius BurtonA jury late Tuesday awarded more than $5 million in damages to two police officers who were severely wounded with a pistol that a local gun shop sold to a straw buyer in 2009.One month after the purchase, the 18-year-old, Julius Burton, shot Officer Bryan Norberg in the face and Officer Graham Kunisch in the head and body, leaving him with brain damage and a destroyed eye. Badger Guns’ federal firearms license was revoked in 2011 because of repeated violations.






'Gay' (queer) Vietnamese faggot homo raped a 17-year-old boy inside a spa
Tram Duong Ngoc NguyenCHICAGO — A 25-year-old man has been charged with criminal sexual assault after he performed a sexual act on a 17-year-old boy inside a spa in north suburban Niles Saturday. Tram Duong Ngoc Nguyen, of the 1500 block of West Wilson Avenue, was charged with a criminal sexual assault, a Class 1 felony, according to a statement from the Niles Police Department. At 7:15 a.m. Saturday, Nguyen entered a meditation room in King Spa in the 800 block of Civic Center Drive and found the boy taking a nap. The boy woke up several minutes later and found Nguyen performing a sex act, according to the statement. The boy pushed Nguyen off of him, and Nguyen ran out of the room. Officers were notified, and Nguyen was later located and taken into custody.



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    Key testimony from second of two (White) officers shot by the (black) man who pulled the trigger
Julius BurtonJacob CollinsBryan NorbergOfficer Graham KunischMILWAUKEE -- Key testimony Wednesday, October 7th in the case against Badger Guns. The second of two officers shot and seriously injured back in June of 2009 took the stand, as did the man who pulled the trigger. A jury must determine whether the gun shop is liable after allowing the sale of a gun to Jacob Collins -- who bought the gun for his friend, Julius Burton, who could not legally buy one himself. One month after the sale, Burton used the gun to shoot two Milwaukee police officers. Jacob Collins served two years in prison for buying the gun illegally. Julius Burton is serving 80 years in prison for the shooting. - (Black-on-white)

    (White) Student robbed, viciously beaten on Columbus campus (by three cowardly black males)
Shaun KaltenbachShaun Kaltenbachblack bruteblack bruteblack bruteCOLUMBUS, Ohio — A central Ohio student was severely injured after an assault and robbery last month, and investigators are asking for tips to help find the suspect. Shaun Kaltenbach had just finished classes at Columbus State Community College and was on his way home on the evening of September 14, according to Central Ohio Crime Stoppers. Just after 9 p.m., he was walking down Spring Street, near Talmadge Street, when he noticed three unknown males walking ahead of him. Shortly after crossing the street, Kaltenbach was attacked by the three suspects. The suspects viciously beat Kaltenbach about the head, face and body knocking him unconscious. He was later able to make it to a nearby residence where police and medics were called. He suffered several broken bones to the face, requiring reconstructive surgery. The suspects robbed Kaltenbach of his clothing, cell phone, keys, book bag, books and various forms of identification. The suspects are described as black males in their late teens to early 20s. One suspect is described as 6 feet tall, weighing between 140 and 150 pounds, with shoulder-length dread locks. - (Black-on-white)
  • Psalm 140 - Deliver me, LORD, from evil people, preserve me from violent men

    (White) Denver woman says (black) man who agreed to buy MacBook Pro online robbed her
black suspectbettalebettaleDENVER - She didn't want her face shown but her scars are visible. "I have road rash scrapes and bruises from him grabbing on to me," said a Denver robbery victim, who wanted to remain anonymous. She is sharing her story because she hopes no one else has to go through what she went through Friday. "I just didn't think this would happen to me, because he looked like a nice guy -- he was young," said the 19-year-old victim. The victim was trying to sell her MacBook Pro on OfferUp to save up for a new car that she would use to drive to work and school. User “Max Long” was interested in buying the laptop. The two set up a time to meet outside the 19-year-old victim's home. When the man arrived, he grabbed her laptop but refused to pay. The victim then tried to grab it back and the two began fighting. The man then ran to the car and handed the Mac to a female passenger. The victim ran after him to stop him from leaving. "I was holding his fists so he wouldn't hit me and was like honking the horn with my other foot,” said the victim. During the scuffle, the victim heard what she believes is Max Long's real name. "His girlfriend said, 'Let’s go, Corey,'” said the victim. He managed to throw the victim out of car, she said, and took off not just with her laptop but with her iPhone 6 too. The phone had fallen in the suspect's car during the fight. The victim's mother, Charlene Bettale, wants justice for her daughter. "Even if we don't get the items back, I want this guy caught," Bettale said. The suspect was a black man, believed to be driving a boxy, four-door green car with no license plate.The victim is trying to raise money to make up for lost items. To help out just head to her GoFundMe page. - (Black-on-white)
  • bettale fund
    We are trying to raise money for my daughter's car that she had been saving for until she was forcefully beaten and robbed infront of our house. The male is described as an African American male in his 20's, 6ft tall, thin build, goes by "Corey". He was driving a dark green box shaped car with a dealership plate tag, We believe he lives in Aurora, Co.

    Another black man kills the white woman that he got pregnant and had a baby with
Derrick Lamar LouisJessica Leigh Mock and a black loverJessica Leigh MockPALATKA, Fla. — Two people died Sunday in what police are calling a murder-suicide in Palatka County. Jessica Leigh Mock, 27, and Derrick Lamar Louis, 20, were both found dead in Louis’ family's driveway. A woman who lives nearby and wishes to remain anonymous said it was a somber scene. “It's really sad that this had to happen on the Lord’s day,” she said. Neighbors said they heard two or three gunshots around 10 a.m. Sunday. Investigators said when police got to Westover Drive, they found a gun and the couple inside an SUV parked in the driveway. Capt. Dominic Piscitello, of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, said investigators will figure out what happened Sunday morning. “We're looking at the circumstances surrounding the incident and we're going to put together the puzzle of what happened inside of that vehicle this morning,” Piscitello said. Investigators did not say who they believe to be the shooter. Louis’ mother said the two came over Saturday in a good mood. She said they were coming to visit before heading to work Sunday morning. She said the couple had been dating for two years and had a 7-month-old baby together, who she now plans to raise herself. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    UK: White woman gets screwed by black African lothario from Kenya
Judith Stillwell and her black African lothario loverIt’s a familiar story: a British grandmother falls for a smooth-talking foreigner on holiday and ends up handing over her life savings. But former teacher Judith Stillwell, 61, did not need to travel abroad to meet the Kenyan husband who eventually betrayed her trust. The divorced parish councillor met Ovi Elias, who told her he lived in London, on a dating website and thought she had found her soulmate. - (Black-on-white) - (UK)

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black) Memphis officer killed in driveway after dispute with (black) neighbor
Terence OlridgeLorenzo ClarkA neighbor of a Memphis cop who was killed while off-duty has been arrested on a gun charge. According to WREG, 36-year-old Lorenzo Clark is also a neighbor of slain Memphis officer Terence Olridge, 31. Clark’s arrest is connected to Olridge’s death. The shooting occurred on the afternoon of October 11 in the Memphis suburb of Cordova. Olridge was off-duty at the time of his death.
  • (Black) Memphis officer killed in driveway after dispute with (black) neighbor
    A Memphis police officer — an expectant father — was fatally shot near his home Sunday afternoon, police said. Authorities identified the fallen officer as 31-year-old Terence Olridge, who had been with the department for a little more than a year. The cop was shot multiple times before leaving for work around 12:52 p.m., while attempting to break up a domestic dispute between his neighbors, a Blue Lives Matter Memphis group claimed. A male suspect is in custody, but his identity has not been released pending charges. The suspect's sister told WMC her brother was washing the car when he got into an argument with Olridge. Neighbors said they heard 15 gunshots.
  • Wisconsin Trial Against Gun Shop to Weigh Obligations of Dealers



Arrest made in homicide - Roommate of victim charged
Bonnie Ray Pier-DanzeyThe woman who called police Thursday morning stating she found her roommate lying on the floor in blood at a Bessemer home was arrested in connection with his death, police announced Friday night. The evidence gathered during the investigation led to the arrest of Bonnie Ray Pier-Danzey, 58, on suspicion of first-degree murder. She was booked into Pueblo County jail on a no-bond warrant. Police said evidence of blunt force trauma was found on the man, who is 60 years old.

    Police: Unusual items found inside (black female shoplifter's) vagina after arrest
Cherie SwindallOKLAHOMA CITY – Police say they found unusual items in an Oklahoma City woman while they were booking her into jail. Police were called to the Belle Isle Walmart after an employee noticed a woman allegedly place multiple items into reusable bags and then leave the store without paying for the items. The woman left the store with about $306 worth of items. Police then arrested the woman, 55-year-old Cherie Swindall, and transported her to the Oklahoma County Jail. Police say Swindall was in the process of being booked into jail when officers discovered she had hidden two lighters inside her vagina.

    (Black female) Suspect stole 7 pairs of Nike shoes from Algiers store, NOPD says
shoe thief

    Black Sports: Pennsylvania College Football Player Stabs Teammate With Corkscrew During Dorm Fight: Police
Marquis StewartA football player at Albright College in Pennsylvania has been suspended from school and jailed on attempted homicide and other charges for allegedly stabbing a teammate with a corkscrew during a fight at a dormitory. 18-year-old Marquis Stewart, of Bethlehem, was arrested after the incident around 2 a.m. Sunday in Crowell Hall. The victim, another freshman football player, 18-year-old Dhameer Madison, of New Castle, Delaware, was taken to Reading Hospital where he was in stable condition. - (Black Sports)

    (Black) Ore. teen "Cain" sentenced to 10 years in 71-year-old (white) great-grandmother's sledghammer death
Joda Cain and his dead white great-grandmotherHILLSBORO, Ore. - A 19-year-old Oregon man has been sentenced to a decade in prison his role in the sledgehammer death of his great-grandmother. Washington County Judge Rick Knapp said Tuesday he would have sentenced Joda Cain to more than 10 years if not restricted by sentencing guidelines. A jury rejected murder charges at Cain's recent trial, and instead found him guilty of manslaughter. Cain did not make a statement Tuesday. Jaqueline Bell, a retired utility company executive, was killed two years ago at her suburban Portland home. Prosecutors said Cain planned the murder and helped his cousin carry it out. - (Black-on-white)
  • Sledgehammer used in White Ore. Woman's slaying by black great-grandson - Nov 01 2013
    Joda CainJoda CainMicus WardJacqueline BellPortland, OR - Newly unsealed court documents in Oregon show a sledgehammer was used in the October slaying of a retired utility company executive. The records obtained by The Oregonian reveal 71-year-old Jacqueline Bell of Cedar Mill was killed with a sledgehammer, and that her body was found wrapped in sheets on her bedroom floor. Bell's great-grandson, 17-year-old Joda Cain, and his cousin, 19-year-old Micus Ward, have been charged with aggravated murder. They pleaded not guilty. Oregon State Police began pursuing the teens Oct. 5, after they were seen traveling through Eastern Oregon in Bell's Lexus. Records show investigators found blood in both the driver and passenger sides of the car. Bell was retired from PacifiCorp. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

  • 1Jo 3:12       - Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother.
  • 1 John 3:12  - We are not to resemble Cain, who was a child of the Evil one

    Georgia Parents 'Forgive' Sons Accused of Trying to Kill Them
Christopher Ervin and Cameron ErvinZachery Ervin and Yvonne ErvinThe parents of two Georgia brothers accused of trying to kill them, said outside court today that they forgive their sons and "love them unconditionally." The parents, Yvonne and Zachery Ervin, spoke out for the first time today since the alleged attack following a hearing for their sons at Gwinnett County Court. The couple's sons -- Christopher Ervin, 22 and Cameron Ervin, 17, -- are accused of drugging their parents and trying to blow up their home in Snellville, Georgia, according to the Gwinnett County Police Department. Their mother had called 911 on Sept. 5, "stating her children were trying to kill her and her husband," police said.

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