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    (Black) El Dorado man arrested in connection to murder (of White man)
Brian SmithCurtis LumseyEL DORADO, Ark. - An El Dorado man has been arrested for what police say is the town's first murder this year. Thirty-seven-year-old Curtis Lumsey is charged with killing 27-year-old Brian Smith of Crossett. Police say it happened around midnight Friday at a home on W.1st Street. They found Smith lying in the front doorway with two wounds. One on the upper left shoulder and the other in the abdomen. "It's tragic, you know, we nearly went two months before we had our first one, and anytime you have a homicide, it's a tragedy for all sides," Captain Kevin Holt, El Dorado Police Department said. "Not only the victim but the suspects." - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Man pleads guilty in chain reaction crash that killed (White female) bicyclist in Oakland
David WitherspoonDavid Witherspoon with ring in noseSusan HicksA Beltzhoover man pleaded guilty Tuesday morning to involuntary manslaughter and other crimes in the death of a bicyclist in Oakland in 2015. David Witherspoon, 50, will be sentenced before Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge David Cashman May 18 in connection with the death of Susan Hicks. Ms. Hicks, 34, of Friendship, was an assistant director at the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Russian and East European studies. Assistant district attorney William Petulla said Witherspoon was driving with a suspended license when he struck a car in Oakland on Oct. 23, 2015. The crash pushed the car that Mr. Witherspoon hit forward, pinning Ms. Hicks, who was on a bicycle, between two cars. Mr. Petulla said a blood test showed that Mr. Witherspoon had synthetic cannabis in his system, and had the case gone to trial, a doctor would have testified that Mr. Witherspoon had an “altered mental status” and was “intoxicated.” In addition to the involuntary manslaughter charge, Witherspoon also pleaded guilty to being involved in an accident involving death, drug violations and a summary driving violation. - (Black-on-white)

    Hearing-impaired (White) man shot four times after not understanding (parasitic black domestic terrorist) gunman's (ebonic) demands
Joel Rivera (L) Antonio ThomasJohn KellyMILWAUKEE — A violent trio of criminals has been terrorizing innocent people and businesses across the city. They even shot a man who is hearing impaired because he couldn't understand what they were saying, authorities said. John Kelly was taking out money at an ATM just down the street from his south side home when he was approached by two people. "I wasn't quite sure what was going on it was a total surprise," Kelly said. Kelly said he couldn't understand what Joel Rivera, 29, and his girlfriend were saying to him because he's hearing impaired. Then all of a sudden he was down on the ground bleeding from four gunshot wounds. "They'd would make a decision to try and kill me for a couple of hundred dollars," he said. According to court documents, after shooting Kelly just three days before Christmas, Rivera, his girlfriend, and Antonio Thomas, 24, went on a rampage, robbing businesses all over the city at gunpoint. They hit up family-owned Taqueria Los Gallos on the city's south side. Surveillance video showed Thomas pointing a gun in families' faces, including children. Owner Francisco Hernandez said he was fearful for everyone's lives. - (Black-on-white)

    Low-life scum cowardly black parasite tries to rob a BLIND WHITE man - Video helps link suspect to attempted armed robbery
Harry PalmoreMatthew HartmanNEW ORLEANS -- Police have linked the attempted hold-up of a legally blind man in Mid-City to a suspect already in custody for a string of brazen armed robberies. Harry Palmore, 29, has been booked with the attempted armed robbery in the Jan. 24 hold-up of Matthew Hartman. Hartman was using his cane to walk to work at 8 a.m., when police said Palmore jumped out of a stolen car and pointed a gun at Hartman’s chest, demanding his wallet. The gunman can be seen racking the slide of his semi-automatic pistol in an attempt to fire at Hartman at point-blank range. Even more stunning is what happened next: Hartman strikes the would-be robber three times with his cane, at one point hitting him on the wrist and almost causing him to drop his gun. With that third whack of the cane, the robber can be seen retreating back into the car and driving off. Hartman said it was pure instinct that led him to resist the gunman by lashing out with his cane. “I just said no and decided make a stand for myself,” Hartman said. “Split reaction, immediately.” Watching the video of the attack, including a clear sequence of the gunman racking the slide of his semi-automatic pistol, made Hartman realize how close he came to getting shot at point blank range. His sister, Liz Hartman Lawson, is still shaken by what could have happened had the gun not misfired. Days after the would-be robbery, a detective called Hartman and told him that his suspected robber had been caught after pulling two similar hold-ups. Hartman shuddered. He realized he had seen Palmore on the news: He was the suspect captured during a dramatic arrest in which a second man, Arties Manning, was fatally shot by police. - (Black-on-white)

    Black Man killed by officer not a suspect in armed robberies, but did have gun that he raised at undercover Officer
Arties Manning IIIThe New Orleans Police Department acknowledged Friday that a man fatally shot by a plainclothes officer during an armed robbery investigation last month did not play a role in any of the robberies that had sparked a police stakeout. An internal investigation has concluded that Arties Manning III was not involved in the hold-ups that led a special NOPD team, called the TIGER unit, to descend on the man's New Orleans East apartment complex on the night of Jan. 24. However, police still maintain that Manning raised a gun at Officer Terrance Hilliard, who was in civilian clothes as part of an operation seeking to arrest another man, before Hilliard opened fire in response. Hilliard, a seven-year veteran, hit Manning three times and killed him.

    Black Pizza delivery driver made up abduction for faster response on stolen car
Marcus FletcherA carjacking victim is accused of lying to investigators about a missing boy in Philadelphia because he wanted to "watch the police work harder." Marcus Fletcher, 22, was arrested and charged with false reports.

Philadelphia police say a man made up a story that he had been carjacked with a child in his vehicle because he wanted police to work more urgently to find the car.

    (Black) Suspect was holding his (white) 'girlfriend' hostage at knifepoint - SWAT team terminates dark suspect
Christopher CarterChristopher CarterAmber WeathersKENT - Officials have identified the suspect involved in a Kent apartment standoff as 27-year-old Christopher Carter. Police were called to the Villages at Franklin Crossing apartment complex to check for a “suspicious person" around 12:30 p.m. Sunday. When officers approached the man, he barricaded himself inside of the building’s basement laundry room while holding a woman captive with a knife. After roughly seven hours of negotiations, officials were able to safely rescue the woman around 9 p.m. Carter was shot and killed by police. The victim has been identified as 23-year-old Amber Weathers. Police say she was not injured. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Black female Witness testifying in court assaults photographer
Octavia MooreA hostile witness headed into court to testify in an alleged wrongful-conviction case balked at taking the stand Tuesday — and later angrily swatted and chucked her phone at a Post photographer. Octavia Moore was set to testify in Brooklyn Supreme Court. Outside court, Moore attacked freelance photographer R. Umar Abbasi, who was on assignment for The Post. She was issued a ticket for disorderly conduct.

    (Black) Man named Pickles accused of exposing himself at McDonald's before assaulting officer
Alexis Pickles(obscene monkey)AUSTIN, Texas — A man is facing charges after police say he assaulted an officer after exposing himself at the McDonald's at 7950 Burnet Road in north Austin. According to an affidavit, Austin Police received a call on Wednesday morning around 10:30 a.m. about a man walking around inside the restaurant exposing himself. Employees had asked him to leave and he refused. When officers arrived, the suspect--later identified as 38-year-old Alexis Pickles--had left the McDonald's and was outside at the bus stop with his pants around his ankles and his groin-area exposed.

    (Black) Teacher who used students to date hot relatives gets job back
Terrell WilliamsA married Brooklyn teacher who pestered his students for dates with their hot relatives can return to the classroom thanks to an appeals court — but he still isn’t satisfied. PS/MS 282 gym instructor Terrell Williams was initially booted by the city Education Department in 2013. But he won a new hearing because a judicial panel said last September that he “did not violate any specific rule or regulation” by using his classes as his own personal Tinder.


    After being deported in 2007, Mestizo was arrested twice in Denver. Then he killed a White woman
Norlan Estrada-ReyesKarina PulecThe man accused of killing a young Denver lawyer in an October hit-and-run collision had been deported in 2007 only to return illegally to the U.S., where he was arrested twice before the deadly crash, authorities say. Norlan Estrada-Reyes, 27, who was born in Sulaco, Honduras, had twice been accused of crimes in Denver, including driving under the influence. After a 2013 arrest, he posted bond and was released before U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement reached him. In the other case, in 2014, ICE was not aware of his arrest. Then, on Oct. 30, police say he was behind the wheel of a full-size Ford pickup truck that struck and killed 28-year-old Karina Pulec as she was crossing the street at East 13th Avenue and Broadway, dragging her 50 feet. Pulec died at the scene. The pickup was found less than a mile away, unoccupied though still in drive.
    Ever VallesThe other Denver case involves Ever Valles, 19, who was released from the Denver jail in October after immigration officials flagged him as an enforcement priority. Police say on Feb. 7 that Valles, a known gang member, and another 19-year-old were involved in the fatal shooting of 32-year-old Tim Cruz during a robbery at a light rail station. Valles, a Mexican citizen, has been charged with first-degree murder.

  • Boston Parking Officer Accused Of (allegedly) Making "Racial" Monkey Comment - black woman thought she was being referred to
    Webly AlfredBOSTON – The Boston Transportation Department is investigating after a confrontation between a woman and parking officer. Webly Alfred says she was parked in a loading zone on Newbury Street, Saturday, when she saw a female parking officer giving someone behind her a ticket. Alfred claims she told the officer that she was going to move, but then, the officer made a comment that smacked of discrimination. “She says, ‘Well I’m writing you a ticket because monkey see and monkey do,’” Alfred said. Alfred, who is black, said she asked the white officer if she looked like a monkey.

    Texas Pre-School Fires Female Hijab Muslim Teacher Suspended Over ‘Kill Some Jews’ Social Media Post
Nancy SalemA pre-school teacher in Arlington, Texas who was discovered to have encouraged social media followers to “kill some Jews” has now been fired, a day after The Algemeiner reported on her suspension. A spokesman for The Children’s Courtyard told The Algemeiner on Wednesday that Nancy Salem — among 24 anti-Israel activists at the University of Texas, Arlington (UTA) exposed by covert campus watchdog group Canary Mission for expressing racist and violent thoughts online — “no longer works for our company.” Salem — an activist with the UTA chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine and a supporter of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement — used her now-disabled Twitter account to post such remarks as: “How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Not enough…HAHAHAHA.”


(Israeli surnamed) Couple accused of scamming $1M from Atlantans arrested in Conn.
Eliahu Shetrit and Ayelet EllituvATLANTA -- Two fugitives accused of bilking metro-Atlantans out of more than $1 million have been arrested in Connecticut. Just over a year ago, Chief Investigator Brendan Keefe revealed how Eliahu Shetrit and Ayelet Ellituv somehow have been able to stay one step ahead of the law and one step ahead of their many creditors while living in luxury. Bobbi Livnant from Dunwoody is a jeweler and said Shetrit stole more than $200,000 worth of diamonds from her under the guise of a legitimate business deal. Sandy Springs Police arrested them two years ago, but a Fulton County judge released them on bond. A reporter found the couple in New York City, living in a $1.4 million high-rise apartment with $1 million dollars hidden from creditors, all the while claiming they were bankrupt. "I would like to see them in jail,” Livnant said. “They should not be able to enjoy the luxuries of free people."


  • Straight (black female) WNBA star: Lesbian culture broke my spirit - Women's National Basketballers should be LESBIAN NBA
    Candice Wiggins was a college star at Stanford, the third pick of the 2008 WNBA draft and a 2011 champion. And at the mountaintop of her basketball career, her sexuality marred the moment. There is a “very, very harmful” culture running throughout the WNBA, she says, which saw her get bullied during her eight-year career because she is heterosexual. Wiggins, who last played in the league in 2015, said she retired prematurely to leave a league that she estimated — wildly — is 98 percent lesbian, and which is played in such isolation that it weighs on the people on the court.
  • Romans 1:26 - Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.


  • College Board to Boost SAT Security Globally
    Fu ManchuIn 2015, federal prosecutors in Pittsburgh charged 15 Chinese citizens in a conspiracy to have impostors take the SAT and other college entrance tests in Pennsylvania as far back as 2011.

Steven Goldstein
  • Leviticus 18:22 - Never have sexual intercourse with a man as with a woman. It is disgusting.
  • 1Ki 14:24 - And there were also sodomites in the land: and they did according to all the abominations...


    Devil-spawn spanic gangster Michael Mejia assassinated White police officer in Southern California - 'five fast facts'
Michael MejiaOfficer Keith BoyerA “known gang member” with a history of arrests for drugs and violence who had recently been released from jail has been identified as the suspect who fatally shot a Whittier police officer and wounded a second officer during a shootout following a traffic crash, police say. Michael Mejia, 26, was also shot but survived. Police said Mejia had previously killed his cousin in a separate shooting in East Los Angeles, just hours before the attack on Whittier officers, the Los Angeles Times reports. Officer Keith Boyer was killed, and his partner, Officer Patrick Hazell, was wounded in the shooting Monday in the California city. Hazel was in stable condition Monday night. Boyer, a 27-year veteran of the department, was the first officer killed in the line of duty in Whittier since the late 1970s and only the third to be fatally shot in its 100-year history.

    Hispanic Pair receives lengthy prison terms in Bank of the West robbery
Jaime Ramos and Pablo RuvalcabaMisty Holt-SinghSTOCKTON — The final public criminal chapter in one of the most shocking events in Stockton's history was written Tuesday morning in a San Joaquin County courtroom. Jaime Ramos and Pablo Ruvalcaba, who previously pleaded guilty to their roles in a bank robbery and hostage taking 2½ years ago that left hostage Misty Holt-Singh and two accomplices dead, were formally sentenced by Judge Bernard Garber.

    2 (black) brothers, woman arrested in Saturday's High Point murder of (White) man at his Army Navy surplus store - weapons stolen
3 black killersJack Carter LittleHIGH POINT — Police today arrested three people in connection with Saturday’s killing of a High Point businessman. Police arrested brothers Kemione Grady, 18, and Larento Grady, 23, and Shirley Harrington, 24, all of High Point in connection with the death of 65-year-old Jack Carter Little. A customer found Little, of 1905 Wakefield Place shot about 1:50 p.m. in his business, Whetstone Surplus, an Army Navy surplus store at 1222 S. Main St. Numerous weapons were taken from the store. An exact list is not yet available. The U.S. Marshals Office, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are helping with the investigation. The ATF took out search warrants that led to the arrests, according to High Point police Capt. Mike Kirk. Kirk said some of the stolen weapons were recovered, but he did not know how many. - (Black-on-white)

    Demonic black man tortured 3 of 4 homicide victims – (2 of the victims were White)
Winston Bernard Black JrAnn Marie Dozier GilkersonJames David Gough JrPORTSMOUTH -- He is charged with killing four people on three days in two cities, according to court documents. But to Winston Bernard Black Jr.’s accomplices, it isn’t so much the number of people he killed, it’s how he killed them. Court documents say one of Black’s alleged victims was stabbed more than 100 times in her home, and the other two were gruesomely slain in bathtubs for little or no reason. Black, 35, is awaiting trial in Portsmouth and Henrico County circuit courts on four counts of murder and a host of other crimes. Black worked with a violent drug ring in Port Norfolk – a group whose membership includes at least three convicted murderers. Other members included Brian Townes and Keonte Key. A fourth member is identified in the transcripts by the street name “Life” (aka) Cameron Lamar Parker, who is incarcerated in North Carolina for murder. Detectives suspect members of the group killed at least nine people over the years. The three Portsmouth killings for which Black is charged happened in the span of about three months. Samuel L. “Jersey“ Martin was found dead on Nov. 14, 2011, in Cradock; James David “Scooter Dave“ Gough and Ann Marie Dozier Gilkerson were found dead in two locations on Feb. 7, 2012, in Port Norfolk. Black’s fourth murder charge stems from a June 10, 2016, homicide at the Motel 6 on Williamsburg Road in Henrico. Walter Adams, 20, was shot to death, and another man was seriously injured. - (Black-on-white)
  • Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    Wilmington, NC WF cyclist, 24 slaughtered negroid hit-and-run * Worthless black man accused of killing White woman in hit-and-run
Jamell RolandApril Marie Daugherty WILMINGTON, NC — The man charged with killing a cyclist then leaving the scene of the crime had his first appearance in court today. Jamell Roland of Wilmington is charged with felony hit-and-run in the death of April Marie Daugherty, 24, on Jan. 20. According to the police report, a 2002 Mercedes hit Daugherty while traveling west on Shipyard Blvd. Daugherty was thrown from her bicycle. The car continued to drag the bike down the road. Police found the car abandoned at Cobblestone Apartments. A judge today raised Roland’s bond from $75,000 to $500,000. - (Black-on-white)

    Arrest warrants issued for (black) ex-boyfriend 'baby daddy' suspected of kidnapping (white) Streator woman
Clarence MerritteKayla StrattonSTREATOR, Ill. - Arrest warrants have been issued for a man suspected of kidnapping a woman in LaSalle County, police said. Kayla Stratton and her 11-month-old son disappeared on Friday. The child has been found and is safe, but Stratton remains missing. Police are now looking for the baby's father, Clarence Merritte. The LaSalle County State's Attorney's Office has issued arrest warrants for Merritte on charges of unlawful restraint, driving while license revoked, domestic battery and aggravated assault. The LaSalle County Sheriff's Office said a man forced a woman into his car after ramming the woman's car from behind and running her off the road at the end of East 1st Street on Friday. The male driver of the suspect vehicle then took a woman and child from the crashed vehicle and forced her into his car. The suspect's car was found a few blocks away, the sheriff's office said. A family member said Stratton had dyed her hair black the day she went missing. Police say about 10 p.m. Sunday, Streator police received a phone call from the baby's grandmother, who told them a friend of Stratton's had found the baby outside her home. The friend then called the grandmother. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Interracial couple, black man, white woman Sought In Series Of Wallet Thefts In Manhattan Bars
miscegenous pickpocket coupleNEW YORK — Police were searching Monday for fa man and woman who stole wallets from people in bars, restaurants and other spots in multiple Manhattan neighborhoods, and made fraudulent charges and withdrawals with their credit and debit cards. The thefts happened between Oct. 14 and Dec. 24 of last year in Greenwich Village, the East Village, Kips Bay, Union Square and Chelsea.

Dangers of interracial dating

    Interracial couple charged $700 per week for racist graffiti on their home
Heather Lindsay and her common-law husband Lexene CharlesSTAMFORD, Conn. –An interracial Connecticut couple refuses to cover up a racial slur that was spray painted on their garage door until authorities conduct a thorough investigation – even though the “blight” is costing them a $100-a-day fine. The N-word was written on the couple’s garage door over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend, but so far, no one has been arrested for the crime.
  • (Interracial) Stamford couple faces possible arrest for refusing to remove racial graffiti
    STAMFORD, Conn. – A Stamford couple whose garage door was vandalized with a racial slur on Martin Luther King’s birthday, is now facing a possible arrest for not removing it. Heather Lindsay and Lexene Charles were sent a blight notice from the city. The couple claims that if their neighbors can’t sleep at night due to racism, we will stay awake with them. The couple is holding a news conference with the Stamford NAACP to call for the Stamford Police to assure that all people in the city are protected, that a police officer be assigned to stand guard at their home, and for the city to apologize for being insensitive for sending them a blight notice. The couple has lived in the home since 1999.

Dangers of interracial dating

    Four (blacks) Charged In Liberty City Gang Rape Of Woman
4 black gang rapistsMIAMI – Four people are in custody, charged with the gang rape of a woman in Liberty City. The 30-year-old woman reportedly met with 21-year-old Kadrian Spencer at a fast food restaurant on NW 62nd Street where she reportedly agreed to pick up drugs for him and his friends. Later that night Spencer – along with 22-year-old Amos Currie, 24-year-old Davares Rowe and 28-year-old Kortney Ellis – allegedly picked the woman and her 4-year-old son up and drove them to the convenience store where she was to pick up the drugs. The dealer was late, so the woman and her son were driven to an apartment. Once there, they forced her into a bedroom where Ellis allegedly hit her with a stool several times and sexually assaulted. Ellis then told Spencer and Currie to “do their thing” and each of the men went to the bedroom and raped her. Currie allegedly pistol whipped her while he was sexually assaulting her. The woman was then taken to another room where two of the men raped her again. The men then drove to an area near Crandon Park where they forced her and son out of the car, but not before taking her wallet and phone.

    Belleville black man charged with multiple counts of sexual assault
Kiante M. BrooksBELLEVILLE, Ill. – A Belleville man has been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault, police say. On Feb. 16, The St. Clair County State’s Attorney Office charged 22-year-old Kiante M. Brooks with multiple counts of Criminal Sexual Assault, Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse, and one count of Providing a Minor with Alcohol. Police said the victim told authorities the abuse occurred over several months. Brooks and the victim were closely acquainted, authorities say.

    Chickasaw man arrested for rape of two women
Roger McCrearyMOBILE, Ala. — On Thursday, August 25, 2016, at approximately 2:30 a.m. a woman tells police an unknown male subject armed with a knife forced her to unwanted sexual contact. Through the course of the investigation officers later linked Roger to this case. On the night of Thursday, February 02 another victim stated Roger McCreary forced her into an unwanted sexual contact. Rogers is currently in custody at Mobile Metro Jail where his status is listed as pending.

    2 arrested in burglary, looting of Oroville business during evacuations
Teran WashingtonOROVILLE, Calif. - The Butte County Sheriff's Office arrested two men who were seen running away from the Golden Feather Market with a shotgun during the Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway evacuations. According to deputies, on Sunday, around 7:00 p.m., the Butte County Sheriff's Office received a report of two people, armed with a shotgun, running away from the Golden Feather Market located at 751 Oro Dam Boulevard West. At the same time, Butte County Sheriff's Deputies were working to evacuate the residents of Oroville. Deputies responded to the Golden Feather Market and found the front glass door has been shot out. Prior to deputies arrival, the suspect, a man and a juvenile, fired a shot into the front glass door, entered the business, and began grabbing items.
Neighbors in the area, who saw the men inside the storm attempting to steal items, confronted them. The suspects dropped the items and ran from the store. While the evacuation order was in place, Butte County Sheriff's detectives continued their investigation process. The suspects were identified through surveillance video from the Golden Feather Market as Teran Washington, 25, of Oroville, and a 16-year-old male juvenile. A search warrant at the home on Cherry Lane resulted in the discovery of the shotgun used in the burglary, as well as a butane honey oil lab.

    (Black) 76-Year-Old DC Woman Thomasine Bennett Beat (black) Boyfriend To Death With Bat: Police
Thomasine Bennett and Walter Mack ClarkA 76-year-old woman repeatedly beat her 63-year-old boyfriend with a metal baseball bat over the course of a day and a half, she told police after they found the victim unconscious and bloody in a closet in a northeast D.C. home, according to court documents. The suspect, Thomasine Bennett, met officers responding to a report of trouble shortly before 1 p.m. Friday and told them her boyfriend was in the back and made her smoke the street drug "love boat" the previous night, according to court documents. She showed them to a hallway closet barricaded with a board and removed the board and opened the closet to reveal Walter Mack Clark unconscious, unresponsive and naked in the fetal position with his hands bound. - (Drudge)

    Crews Rescue (black) Suspected Drug Dealer From NJ Cliff After Chase
Anthony LoraA suspected drug dealer became trapped on the side of a steep cliff in New Jersey Monday night as he ran from police following a drug sting, authorities said. Anthony Lora, 22, was left hanging on for dear life as rescuers scaled the jagged cliffs of the Palisades to reach him. Police say Lora was selling drugs, including cocaine and ecstasy, to undercover officers in a stairway off Hudson Terrace in Fort Lee around 5 p.m. At some point, he took off and ran into Palisades Interstate Park, which lines the western side of the Hudson River just north of the George Washington Bridge.

    Black suspect in fatal shooting at QuickTrip arrested in S.C. - deadly discombobulated disrepect over hot dog bun leads to death
Leroy CopneyJilani BakhariLeroy Copney and his alleged accomplice, Jilani Bakhari standing in front of the hot dog display “looking discombobulated,” Joyner said. Andrew Spencer, who was in line behind Copney, reached around him to take a hot dog bun, a move that Copney took as disrespect. When Spencer, 30, walked out of the convenience store, Copney was waiting for him, officials said. They got into an argument. Spencer’s friend, Quintin Heard, who was with him that night, told the AJC that moments later, Bakhari or Copney started shooting. Spencer was shot in the heart, Joyner said.

Sgt. Qiana Brown

    Brutal beatdown of Bangladeshi deliveryman by savage black parasites caught on camera
black thugsA man and woman pounced on a food deliveryman in a Bronx building lobby earlier this month, violently beating him to the ground and robbing him, graphic surveillance video released by cops Tuesday shows. The duo demanded money and then attacked the 21-year-old, who was described by police as being Bangladeshi, around 11 p.m. Feb. 2 at 2802 Olinville Ave. in Allerton as he made a delivery, cops said. The man hit the deliveryman in the face repeatedly before the woman yanked at his shirt and pulled it over his head. Both of them kicked the man in the face and body, forcing him to the ground.

  • 3 Black Suspects Wanted After Man Is Punched In Throat, Robbed: Philly Police
    suspectsuspectsuspectPHILADELPHIA —Police are searching for three suspects who attacked and robbed a man over the weekend in Philadelphia. It happened in the 200 block of South Camac Street around 1 a.m. on Feb. 18. Police say the 30-year-old victim and another person were walking along Camac Street when he was punched in the throat by one of three suspects. During the incident, the suspects allegedly took the man’s iPhone valued at $700. The man suffered minor injuries, police say. The first suspect is described as a black man in his 20s, standing 5’9″, weighing 150 lbs, wearing a tan jacket over a dark colored hooded sweatshirt with a design on the front, dark colored pants and shoes. The second suspect is described as a black man in his 20s, weighing 140 lbs, wearing a light blue puffy jacket over a dark colored hooded sweatshirt, gray pants, and dark colored shoes Police describe the third suspect as a black man in his 20s, standing 6’0″, weighing 170 lbs, wearing a gray jacket over a dark colored hooded sweatshirt, dark colored pants and tan boots.



    Trade Jobs Better for 'Inner City' Kids Than College: Pennsylvania Senator
Pennsylvania's Senate Education Committee chairman is being criticized for saying minority students from "inner city" public schools would do better in vocational careers than in college. Republican Sen. John Eichelberger said during a town hall last week that minority students are being pushed toward college and are dropping out. He says they'd succeed in a less-intensive track. Eichelberger, who's white, tells The Philadelphia Inquirer that he blames failing urban school systems, not skin color, for minority students dropping out of college.


    Man charged with break-in, rape
Bernardo P. LopezA man faces rape and burglary charges after police say he sexually assaulted a woman. Wilson police were dispatched to the 1200 block of South Tarboro Street on Sunday regarding a sexual assault that had previously occurred, according to police. When officers arrived, they spoke to a woman who said she had been sexually assaulted by a person known to her, police said. After conducting an investigation, police arrested 28-year-old Bernardo P. Lopez of Wilson. He is charged with second-degree rape and first-degree burglary in connection to the incident, police said.

    Fremont man, 24, charged with rape, domestic violence
Isaac CruzGREEN CREEK TOWNSHIP - A Fremont man faces two first-degree felony rape charges after a woman alleged he sexually assaulted her over the weekend. Isaac Cruz, 24, was arrested when Sandusky County Sheriff's Office deputies were called to a home at 1:23 a.m. Saturday on County Road 212. Cruz was also charged with domestic violence after he allegedly shoved the woman who claimed he sexually assaulted her, according to Sandusky County Sheriff's Office Major Nick Kotsopoulos. Evidence was collected at the scene and while questioning Cruz, Kotsopoulos said the 24-year-old made statements that corroborated what the alleged victim said.

    Intruder rapes woman at knifepoint in North Highlands; suspect arrested
Intruder rapes woman at knifepoint in North Highlands; suspect arrested Deputies arrested a man they say entered through a window of a North Highlands home early Tuesday and raped a woman at knifepoint. Sacramento County sheriff’s officials said an intruder entered the victim’s home about 3 a.m. Wednesday. The 48-year-old woman was asleep inside her home with her two children. The intruder, armed with a knife, sexually assaulted the woman. At one point during the assault, the woman was able to ask a relative via text to call 911. Deputies responded and entered the home. Authorities say they found David Ross Hamilton, 28, of North Highlands. Hamilton, a stranger to the woman, was taken into custody.

  • Jenna Jameson goes on rant slamming Muslims and defending KKK
    Jenna Jameson has gone off on yet another anti-Muslim Twitter tirade, and this time she also bizarrely defended the Klu Klux Klan. The ex-porn star’s rant started on Tuesday after she tweeted claims about the existence of “Muslim rape gangs.” When other users fired back, she called them “sympathizers” and continued to double down on what she said was a “Muslim rape epidemic.” “I disagree with absolutely everything they represent, and I am utterly unafraid to express my opinion,” Jameson tweeted. The hours-long rant then took another another strange turn when Jameson — who converted from Catholicism to Judaism after her engagement to Israeli jeweler Lior Bitton — defended the Klu Klux Klan. “Do the klu klux klan follow a religion that orders the death of apostates? When was the last time we saw a klan member blow up infidels?,” she tweeted. The star, who is due to give birth in April, has lashed out at Muslims before. In January, she drew fire for tweeting that Islam “promotes child rape, female genital mutilation, butchering non believers and polygamy.” Meanwhile, in December she got into a social media tiff with former KKK leader David Duke.


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    Asian Man charged with rape; 16-year-old describes forced prostitution, drug use in Jungle
Nghia H. NguyenSEATTLE – A 47-year-old man was arrested and charged with rape, and a 16-year-old runaway from New Jersey described a horrifying life of rape, forced prostitution and drug use in the Jungle homeless encampment in Seattle, according to court documents. Nghia Nguyen, aka “Asian Mike,” was charged with second-degree rape. He also had two outstanding felony warrants when he was arrested. Police said they found the girl in a tent in the Jungle in early January after receiving a tip. She said she ran away from home at the end of November, came to Seattle on a Greyhound bus, and soon found her way to the Jungle. The girl said she stayed with several people over the course of the ensuing weeks, many of whom raped her and forced her to sell herself. Somewhere along the way, she began using heroin. She said she was passed from tent to tent, and eventually she was sold to a man who also raped her with a friend. From there, she said, she ended up with Nguyen. She said Nguyen gave her a place to stay, food, and crystal meth and crack cocaine. She said Nguyen wouldn’t let her use heroin any more. The girl said Nguyen threatened to kill her on at least one occasion, and said he’d blow off her knee caps if she ran away and tried to come back. The girl said there were six other girls, one of whom was 13, staying in the same area of the camp. Police said they found one other girl, a 14-year-old runaway from Idaho, who said Nguyen also raped her, and a 16-year-old who is also a possible victim.



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    (Pure evil black serial sex fiend predator) suspect accused of kidnapping, raping, killing and burning body of (White) woman
Markius Rashad YearginHenrietta CrawfordGREENVILLE, SC - The Greenville County Sheriff's Office said a sexual assault suspect is now facing charges in connection with a woman's homicide. Deputies identified the suspect as 28-year-old Markius Rashad Yeargin. Yeargin is charged with murder, kidnapping and obstructing justice after 34-year-old Henrietta Crawford's body was found behind a Waffle House on Fairmont Avenue. The coroner said Crawford's remains were located in a wooded area, severely burned and decomposed. Yeargin is accused of violently killing Crawford after kidnapping her between Oct. 20 and Nov. 6. He is also accused of burning her body to destroy evidence. Yeargin was arrested later in November in connection with a sexual assault on Fairmont Avenue on Oct. 17. Deputies said Yeargin used a knife to coerce a victim into sex. He also reportedly sexually assaulted a second victim at gunpoint in October. He is currently being held at the Greenville County Detention Center and is awaiting a bond hearing on Tuesday morning. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Woman charged with first-degree murder in Ashland Walmart shooting (death of White woman)
Brittany WigginsAshley FrickeASHLAND, VA - An arrest has been made in the shooting death of a 25-year-old woman in an Ashland Walmart parking lot. Brittany Wiggins, 24, faces first-degree murder charges in the shooting death of Ashley Fricke. Fricke, 25, of Woodford, was found shot dead inside a car in the Walmart parking lot in the 100 block of South Hill Carter Parkway around 11 p.m. Saturday. Police said a verbal fight between Wiggins and Fricke may have led to the shooting. Officers say Wiggins was captured on surveillance video at the Walmart. Wiggins also faces charges of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and shooting into an occupied vehicle. She is being held at Pamunkey Regional Jail. - (Black-on-white)

    (Retarded-looking evil black mouth-breathing predator) arrested in West Palm Beach fatal shooting (of White man)
Javon CharlesNicholas Edward OlsonA 21-year-old man was arrested in the February fatal shooting of a man in West Palm Beach, according to city police. Javon Charles, 21, faces charges of first-degree murder with a firearm, robbery with a firearm and possession of a firearm by a felon. On Feb. 7, 31-year-old Nicholas Olson was found shot in a blue Mustang parked along Alpha Street, just south of South Australian Avenue and east of Interstate 95. Charles was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshals Service at his home in West Palm Beach Monday morning, according to police. - (Black-on-white)

    (LGBT-Queer dirty deviant black) Harlem Choir Teacher Jailed For Sexually Abusing Students, DA Says
Darnelle WattsDarnelle WattsMANHATTAN — A Harlem choir teacher was sentenced to up to life in prison Wednesday for sexually abusing two students at the elementary school where he worked, prosecutors said. Darnelle Watts, 29, abused the 10 and 12 year old boys at Promise Academy II between September 2014 and June 2015, according to the Manhattan District Attorney's office. “As a choir teacher and after-school aide, this defendant worked with children each and every day and there is cause for concern that there may be additional victims in this case,” District Attorney Cyrus Vance said. Watts, who is 6-foot-2 and 245 pounds, worked at the Harlem charter school from 2013 to 2015 and abused the younger boy, who was one of his students, on and off school grounds, according to prosecutors and jail records. He abused the older boy only at the elementary school, prosecutors said. He was convicted of predatory sexual assault against a child, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child last month, prosecutors said.

    $1.5M bail set for (LGBT-Queer dirty deviant black) Arbor View athletic director facing child porn charges
Roger BrownArbor View High School’s athletic director had his bail set Tuesday at $1.5 million in his child pornography case and now faces additional charges, including first-degree kidnapping. According to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday, Roger Brown had taken in a 16-year-old possible runaway from Utah. Prosecutors allege that he plied the boy with alcohol and drugs to seduce him into performing sex acts. The complaint charges Brown with multiple counts of sex acts involving a pupil age 16 to 17 and use of a minor age 14 or older as the subject of sexual portrayal. It also alleges two new victims, in addition to the boy who reported that Brown had asked him for photos.

    Police: One black arrested, one wanted in connection with rape near Middle Tennessee State University
Antoine L. Gore Jr.One man is in custody and another is wanted by police following an investigation by the Murfreesboro Police Department into an allegation of rape. Antoine L. Gore Jr., 20, of Kings Lane in Murfreesboro was arrested Wednesday, Feb. 15, and charged with one count of aggravated rape. A second suspect, Deshon Webb, is wanted by police in connection with the investigation. Gore and Webb are accused of raping an intoxicated 18-year-old woman at a friend’s “house warming party” at a student housing complex. “Evidence showed that the victim became extremely intoxicated,” Roberts said, adding the victim was almost unconscious and taken into a bathroom where she was assaulted. According to records from MPD, witnesses told police the victim “was lying across the toilet, impaired with her pants down to her ankles” with Webb and Gore.

    Montgomery black arrested on multiple rape, robbery charges
Decarsio ShortsMONTGOMERY, AL - A Montgomery man has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of rape and robbery, according to the Montgomery Police Department. Decarsio Shorts, 20, was taken into custody Friday after an investigation indicated he sexually assaulted and then robbed two victims on Valentine's Day and then assaulted another victim on Friday. Shorts arranged to meet the victims, who lived out of state, through social media. Once the victims met Shorts, they were sexually assaulted and robbed.

    Police: Black Man sexually assaulted woman in Iowa City
Alexander K. IversonIowa City police have arrested a man who is accused of sexually assaulting a woman last month. Police received a 911 call at about 12:20 a.m. on Jan. 16 for a report of two people having sex between houses in Iowa City. The caller heard crying and told police the sex did not sound consensual. When officers arrived, they found Alexander K. Iverson, 32, with his belt unbuckled and trying to pull a woman's pants down. The woman had a laceration on her head. Video later recovered by police shows the woman falling down and being helped up by Iverson before the two left a bar together. The woman has no memory of being at the bar or meeting Iverson. The woman's phone was discovered near the scene of the alleged assault.


    (Black) Albuquerque man accused of feeding neighbor’s puppy to pit bulls
Marvin RileyCharlie BrownBernadette SalazarA South Valley woman is terrified of her neighbor after she says he fed her puppy to a couple of pit bulls. The suspect, Marvin Riley, is in jail now and Bernadette Salazar hopes he stays there. Charlie Brown was a beloved little Shih Tzu that was found abandoned on the West Mesa six months ago. Riley got into an altercation with someone else on the block on Tuesday. Then for no apparent reason, deputies say he walked to Salazar's yard, grabbed her dog and did something outrageous. Riley threw the puppy into another neighbor's yard that had two pit bulls. The pit bulls killed it. "They tried to protect my dog, they tried to, but it just happened too fast," Salazar said of her neighbors who own the pit bulls. Deputies arrived and took Riley into custody. They say he admitted to killing the dog. According to the police statement, "Marvin laughed and stated that he likes to do stuff like that." Salazar and McMann are worried Riley will get out of jail soon. "A man like that has no business being here on this street," Salazar said.

    Stolen Car Pursuit Ends in Fiery Head-on NJ Wreck - 4 blacks captured
Richard D. Williams (left), Terrell Norris and Nakiah Burr A police chase of a stolen car in Newark ended in a fiery head-on crash early Sunday that injured two officers and a person in the car, police said. Several law enforcement agencies and a Newark police helicopter took part in the pursuit, which ended when the car crashed head-on into an unmarked Newark police vehicle. Four people in the car — Richard D. Williams, 39, of Newark; Terrell Norris, 28, of Newark; Nakiah Burr, 19, of East Orange; and a 16-year-old girl — were captured at the scene.

    Black Arsonist Sets Fire to Philadelphia Icon Famous 4th Street (Jewish) Delicatessen: Police
black fire bugSurveillance video captured a man torching an iconic Philadelphia eatery and police hope the public can help them find the arsonist. Famous 4th Street has been a favorite stop for Philadelphia political leaders, residents and visitors since it opened in 1923. The deli continues to be known for its Jewish delicatessen fare.

    (Black) Bus stabbing suspect back in custody again
Gregory DozierALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Albuquerque Police say 62-year-old Gregory Dozier has been arrested again after he violated his conditions of release. Dozier was originally arrested last week--accused of stabbing a man 25 times while riding a city bus. The entire altercation was captured on security footage. Police were able to track Dozier down--and arrested him last Thursday. His original bond was set to $100,000 but according to court records, Judge Cindy Leos said Dozier wasn't the aggressor in the fight. Although he had multiple prior arrests, the judge lowered his bond to $10,000 and made it unsecured, meaning Dozier was able to walk out of jail.

    (Black) Suspect arrested in shooting death of 11-year-old (black) Chicago girl
Antwan JonesCHICAGO — A 19-year-old Chicago man has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of an 11-year-old girl, one of three children shot in the city in recent days, Chicago police said on Wednesday. Antwan Jones, 19, was charged after turning himself into police late on Tuesday, Chicago Police Department Commander Brendan Deenihan told a news conference on Wednesday. Takiya Holmes, 11, was shot in the head on Saturday evening while sitting in the back seat of a van outside the Parkway Gardens housing complex on the city's South Side. She died on Tuesday morning.

    Black Boyfriend of Zymere Perkins’ mom pleads not guilty to murder of 6-yr-old
Rysheim SmithGeraldine PerkinsZyere PerkinsThe boyfriend of tragic Zymere Perkins’ mom pleaded not guilty Tuesday in the child’s broomstick-beating death. Rysheim Smith, 42, is charged with second-degree murder in the September 2016 death of the 6-year-old. Over a 15-month period, Smith is accused of repeatedly beating the tot with the broomstick. Smith allegedly beat him with sticks, threw him against a wall, hung him from a clothes hook by his shirt neck and then left him for hours without calling for medical help. The malnourished child had finger marks on his neck, broken ribs and injuries all over his body from horrific abuse.

    Colored boy mauled by dad’s pit bulls is in critical condition
Jeremiah RiveraA five-year-old boy was in critical but stable condition Saturday after being mauled by his dad’s two pit bulls in his Brooklyn home. Jeremiah Rivera’s mom said “he’s OK.” “Just his face has to get stitches,” said Latoya White, who said she was relieved her son seemed to be doing better. Last week one got loose, ran into the street and attacked a small poodle on a leash. “The lady had to snatch the poodle out that dog’s mouth,” the neighbor said. Neighbors described the dogs as “vicious.”

    Off-duty black female corrections officer fatally shot in car - her black ex-lover on trial
Keon RichmondAlastasia BryanA reputed Brooklyn gang member accused of killing his correction officer ex girlfriend fled the murder in his current gal pal’s car, prosecutors said Wednesday as he was indicted on second-degree murder charges. Keon Richmond allegedly pumped five bullets into Corrections Officer Alastasia Bryan as she sat in her car preparing to drive to Rikers Island for a shift. Richmond, 35, then sped off in current flame Shirley Mejia’s car, and hid it in a New Jersey auto shop where the plates were changed, prosecutors said.

"Traditional Healer"

    The Dark Side of the Civil Rights Movement
The dominant narrative of the civil rights movement is a story about selfless Whites fighting Southern injustice. Usually the movement is presented as made up of devout Christians and freedom fighters, struggling against the prejudices of ignorant Southern Whites. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is the civil rights movement was plagued by the same forces that plague any setting where Whites and Blacks intermingle: violence, theft, criminality, resentment, and sexual dominance...
Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the civil rights movement for White women volunteers was “the sexual test” (Rothschild, 1982, p. 137). Black male staffers used their position of power to force White women to have intercourse with them (Rothschild, 1982, p. 137). This was very common. Two volunteers described it as a “rite of passage before women could be considered serious workers” (Rothschild, 1982, p. 137). As one author reports “Every Black SNCC worker with perhaps a few exceptions counted it a notch on his gun to have slept with a White woman — as many as possible” (Watson, 2010, p. 230). What was the result of this racial fraternization? Venereal disease spread throughout the ranks of the SNCC and the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) (Watson, 2010, p. 230). . - (Commentary)

Tyree Carroll
  • "Natives are restless" - Blacktivists protest arrest of black man found with illegal drugs - (unarmed black bit two officers!)
    Black Man Beaten by Philadelphia Police Was Stopped Illegally: Judge - The judge said drugs police seized from Tyree Carroll cannot be admitted as evidence. A Pennsylvania judge has ruled that police illegally stopped a 22-year-old unarmed black man in Philadelphia before a dozen mostly white officers surrounded him and beat him in an encounter captured on video. Common Pleas Judge Kai Scott on Wednesday ruled that drugs police seized from Tyree Carroll cannot be admitted as evidence because the arresting officer wasn't legally permitted to stop and search Carroll. Scott rejected the argument made -- that since Carroll bit an officer, it didn't matter whether the initial stop was legal. The bite, the lawyer argued, gave police the right to arrest Carroll for assault.

    (Black) Man charged with shooting into vehicle - charged with sodomy of child less than 14 years old
Tyrell StatenA Kansas City man awaiting trial for a statutory sodomy has also been charged after shooting into the car where his fiancee sat in the passenger seat Tuesday morning in Independence. Tyrell Staten, 21, has been charged in Jackson County Circuit Court with unlawful use of a weapon, first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action after he got angry and fired multiple shots into the front of a car after stopping on Wilson Road near U.S. 24. Staten's fiancee was in the car but was not injured from the shots. According to court records, Staten was awaiting a May 15 start date for a trial after he was charged in November 2015 with first-degree statutory sodomy – deviate sexual intercourse with a person less than 14 years old. That alleged incident happened in November 2012.

Darrelle Revis

    Black Sports: Naked negro intruder shot by homeowner turns out to be ex-NFL player - arrested completely naked again
Stanley Wilson IIPORTLAND, Ore. — Former NFL player Stanley Wilson, II has been arrested while nude yet again, police say. The Woodburn Police Department said officers were called to a home in the 2000 block of Citadel Street around 2 p.m. The homeowner said Wilson drove up to the residence and started walking up to the garage. He was acting “erratically” and making alarming statements, so the homeowner closed the garage door. At that point, Wilson was still clothed. Authorities said Wilson then tried to get into the front and back doors of the home unsuccessfully. When police arrived, Wilson came out of a shed in the back yard while completely nude, according to authorities. He was then taken into custody without incident.

    (Black) Bryant Park shooter gets 25-year jail sentence
Corey DuntonThe gangbanger who shot two skaters at the Bryant Park ice rink over a Marmot jacket ordered one of his victims in court to “be a man” — and then was slapped with a 25-year prison sentence. In November 2013, Corey Dunton, 19, demanded that Javier Contreras hand over his $680 coat at gunpoint before shooting him four times, critically injuring him. A stray bullet struck passer-by Adonis Mera. At the time, Mera was a 14-year-old aspiring basketball player; now he is paraplegic living life in a wheelchair.

    Mestizo Hispanic Illegal Mexican alien Suspect in Denver murder was wanted for possible deportation
Ever VallesOne of the suspects accused of killing a man at a Denver light rail station was in custody in Denver and wanted for possible deportation by federal authorities when he was released from jail weeks before the murder. Ever Valles is currently in jail in Denver along with another man for the killing of Tim Cruz, 32, on February 7. He and Nathan Valdez were formally charged Friday for murder. The two also are accused of trying to rob Cruz. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had placed a detainer on Valles after Denver police arrested him in October 2016 for car theft and other charges. That means ICE wanted to be notified of any pending release because he was suspected of being in the United States illegally. “Ever Andres Valles, 19, a citizen of Mexico, was encountered by ICE via the Criminal Alien Program following his arrest on local charges in October 2016," ICE told FOX31 in a statement Friday night.


    Hispanic illegal alien Serial bride apologizes to the country for green-card scam
Liana BarrientosLiana BarrientosThe notorious Bronx serial bride apologized — to America — after a court appearance Wednesday, saying she could have “accidentally married a terrorist” and endangered the country. “I apologize to the American people because I could have put them at risk,” Liana Barrientos, who wed 10 men over 11 years as part of a green-card scam, told The Post. “I could have let people stay in this country who could have killed us,” the 40-year-old Barrientos lamented.





    Latina music teacher accused of having an “inappropriate relationship” with her male student
Marisa CazanaveThe married Marisa Cazanave, 33, and the teen both denied any sexual contact, but dozens of texts and e-mails found by the boy’s mom revealed the pair was in love and planned a rendezvous, the city’s Special Commissioner of Investigation reported. Cazanave denied having sex with the boy. “No, God no! That’s disgusting!” she cried. “I’ve never been inappropriate with any of my students.”




    (White) Teen killed in shooting was reportedly standing up for a friend
Philemon JacksonClyde Austin WeeksThe victim in Wednesday’s shooting at Eagles Landing Subdivision is described as a fiercely loyal teen who "loved those around him with all he had," and gave up his life while standing up for a friend. The victim, Clyde A. Weeks, 19, was killed after a fight outside a home on Jubail Drive, according to Hinesville Police. He leaves behind parents, grandparents, brothers, a young daughter and an unborn child. Hinesville police have charged Philemon Jackson, 21, with murder for the shooting, which occurred shortly after 5 p.m. Wednesday. Weeks and the friend had just left the Jubail Street home when a blue Dodge, allegedly driven by Jackson, pulled up across the street and he and Weeks’ exchanged words. At some point during the argument, in which it was claimed Jackson robbed the friend earlier, Jackson allegedly put a gun to the friend’s head and Weeks told him to put the gun down and settle the dispute like men. They fought, then the friend told Menges as he and Weeks began to run he heard four shots, turned around and saw Weeks on the ground. - (Black-on-white)

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    Countdown until Trump inauguration

    Community First Charity

Americans for America! We live in a day and age when so many are stuck living paycheck to paycheck, but still find themselves unable to make ends meet. That's why Community First Outreach is here. We offer a hand up to those in need. We have already done so much, but together we can do so much more. Every penny matters and every dollar counts. All donations go to those in need. Help spread the word! - (gofundme)





Black unemployment * Black illegitimacy * Black promiscuity * Black paranoia * Black victimhood * Blacktivist agitation by anti-White media

  Picking cotton
The 'Back to Africa' movement has failed * "Affirmative Action" has failed * Public school integration has failed
Those illegal aliens have taken all the jobs that African-American's won't do - they must resort to crime to survive because anything other than professional sports, the rap-music industry or politics would be demeaning and seem like "slave labor"

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