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(Black) Palmdale man found guilty in torture, murder of (black) girlfriend's (White) 2-year-old son
Anthony WilsonAnthony WilsonBrandon WilliamsRosie Lee WilsonRosie Lee WilsonPALMDALE, Calif. — A Palmdale man on Friday was found guilty of first-degree murder and torture in the death of his girlfriend's 2-year-old son. Brandon Williams, 27, refused to exit his jail cell before the verdict was announced. He had admitted to hitting Anthony Wilson in the head five times before the boy was hospitalized in August 2014. The victim remained in a vegetative state for more than a month before he died. The child's mother, 23-year-old Rosie Wilson, was tried on the same charges as her boyfriend. Closing arguments in her trial were given Friday. "If she would have taken Anthony to a doctor, if she would have called the police, if she would have called DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services, if she would have called her mom, Anthony wouldn't have died - and you all know it," said Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Hatami. Rosie Wilson's defense was that she was a special education high school dropout, she didn't witness any blows, and that she was afraid that DCFS would take custody of Anthony, as they had with her other child. "Rosie's an immature mother. She's a bad mother. She's an unfit mother. She displayed poor judgment, but she's not a murderer," said defense attorney Erin Dixon. The prosecution pointed to wrenching evidence, showing bruises on the toddler's genitalia. Attorneys said Wilson tried to cover them up with makeup and baby powder. - (Black-on-white)
          (I have no idea how the black/colored woman got the White baby boy - was he adopted?, kidnapped?)


    Darkest Africa: Young South African student was 'raped, stabbed and strangled to death' after carjacking
Hannah Cornelius Hannah Cornelius Vernon Witbooi, 32, and/or Geraldo Parsens, 26.black rape-killerblack rape-killerFour men have been arrested after a young student was allegedly raped, stabbed and then strangled to death in a brutal carjacking in South Africa's Western Cape province. Hannah Cornelius was with a friend, Cheslin Marsh, when they were attacked in the leafy university town of Stellenbosch. Two men were arrested by police the next day, following a high speed car chase involving the Volkswagen Golf which police said was stolen from Miss Cornelius. Two more suspects have since been arrested. Stellenbosch University students Miss Cornelius, 21, and Mr Marsh, were together in her car in the early hours of Friday morning when they were hijacked by four men. Mr Marsh was forced into the boot of the car and Miss Cornelius was put in the back seat and the attackers drove them 11 miles to the Kraaifontein suburb of Cape Town. There, Mr Marsh was allegedly pelted with bricks but managed to escape over a wall. He was found by resident Averal Fortuin, who told News24 “he was barefoot and covered in blood”. Mr Fortuin said Mr Marsh told him: “If I hadn’t jumped over the wall, I would have been dead.” Mr Marsh suffered head injuries and a broken arm and remains in a Cape Town hospital. Miss Cornelius was driven to another location and raped, stabbed and strangled, according to reports. Her body was found on a road outside of Kraaifontein. The car was allegedly used to conduct a robbery in another town. Video footage captured the police chase which led to the arrest of two of the suspects, Vernon Witbooi, 32, and Geraldo Parsens, 26. “It's inexplicable; flippin' animals,” her uncle, Dries Cornelius said. - (Black-on-white) - (Africa)

    17-Year-Old Wanted in Denver Homicide Among 2 Teens Arrested in Torrance Home Invasion: Police
Timothy Paul Anderson Tim Anderson murdered by Blake in Denver and his mother Cristine Singh73-yr-old home invasion victimPoloTwo suspects, including a 17-year-old with an outstanding murder warrant in Colorado, were arrested Monday night following a home invasion in Torrance, according to police. Officers were called around 10:40 p.m. by the 73-year-old victim's neighbor, who noticed two men entering the woman's residence and thought it was suspicious. When police arrived, they heard screaming coming from the home; two people then ran outside, D'anjou said. One of the suspects was taken into custody at gunpoint in front of the house, but the second suspect managed to flee. About 90 minutes later, police found the second individual hiding in the victim's garage and he was taken into custody. The Denver Police Department identified the 17-year-old as Dmarco Jaquise Blake and confirmed he had been wanted in connection with a homicide that occurred on May 15 . The Los Angeles Times identified the second suspect as an 18-year-old Colorado resident who wanted there in connection with a robbery. A neighbor described the woman as "elderly," and said she had recently lost her husband. - (Black-on-white)

    Police Arrest Man in Sexual Assault Case Near Sparks Marina
Robert CofieldSparks Police say they have arrested a man in connection with a sexual assault near the Sparks Marina early Monday morning. The alleged incident happened in the 300 block of Howard Drive just after 4:30 a.m. Police say 62-year-old Robert Cofield of Washoe County was ultimately charged with one count of Sexual Assault and booked into the Washoe County Jail. The investigation is continuing.

    Disney employee arrested in failure to disclose HIV status to partners
Alcid JeanORLANDO, Fla. - Orange County deputies say 44-year-old Alcid Jean had sex with women and never told them he had HIV. He's facing five counts of an unlawful act referencing sexual transmitted disease. He went before a judge Friday morning for his first appearance. He told the judge he will hire his own attorney. According to the arrest warrant, Jean is employed with Disney. The report says he was arrested at his job Thursday. The address for his place of employment is listed as Disney's Old Key West Resort. A representative with Disney said Jean has been placed on unpaid leave pending the outcome of his charges.




    Person of interest named in shooting death of Hermiston man - Police would like to talk with 'Tyree', an African American
Tyree HoufmuseHERMISTON, Ore. - Police have named a person of interest in the shooting death of a 38-year-old Hermiston man. On Saturday, Hermiston police responded to a report that James John Cragun had been shot at 525 SW 13th Pl. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators would like to speak with Tyree Houfmuse, 34, who is allegedly involved with the incident. He is an African American male who stands 6-foot-1 and weighs between 200 and 240 pounds. He several tattoos including a rose on the left side of his neck. In 2014, Houfmuse was accused of shooting a man outside a bar in Kennewick. He claimed self-defense and was relieved of an assault charge, but he was found guilty of unlawful possession of a firearm This most recent shooting appears to be an isolated incident and police do not believe there is any further danger to the public.

    Marquis Dixon, teen behind movement to change NY law, arrested for third time - Cause célèbre became poster child for blacktivists
Marquis DixonALBANY, N.Y. – A then 14-year-old who became the face of the raise the age of criminal responsibility campaign has been arrested for the third time. Now 19, Marquis Dixon is accused of threatening his mother with a knife. Police say it happened around 1:00 a.m. Saturday. No one was hurt in the incident. Dixon was originally arrested in 2014 for stealing a pair of sneakers and was sentenced to nine years behind bars. That sentence was reduced to one to three years time served. After his first arrest, Dixon became the poster child for youthful offenders. His attorneys arguing that he should have been charged as a youthful offender, not an adult. With support from his mother, Dixon won that appeal. Now, raise the age is a reality in New York, increasing the criminal age of responsibility as an adult to 18-years-old. One month out of prison Dixon was arrested on a parole violation. In April, Dixon was in trouble with the law again. He was accused of passing a fake $20 bill. Dixon is on his third arrest just seven months out of prison.

unruly negroid passenger   ‘Unruly’ NEGROID Passenger Kicked Off Vegas-To-Chicago Flight, Tackled After Running Back On
CHICAGO — An apparently drunken Southwest Airlines passenger ran screaming onto a Chicago-bound flight in Las Vegas, after having been kicked off the plane, and he was zip-tied to a seat until police arrived. Cell phone video of the incident on Flight 3630 shows an airline employee pinning the man to the floor of the plane at McCarran International Airport around 7:30 p.m. Pacific time Monday. Passengers said the man earlier had been holed up in the restroom while the plane was at the gate until employees kicked him off the flight. After he was kicked off, the man ran back onto the plane, and a crew member tackled him and pinned him down. Southwest Airlines said the passenger was being unruly, and appeared to be intoxicated.

    Black Sports: Black teen arrested in drive-by that killed Carter High football player a day after graduation
Jeremiah RobinsonA teenage murder suspect has been arrested in a drive-by shooting that killed an 18-year-old and wounded two others early Sunday near an Irving convenience store. Numerous tips led to the arrest of 17-year-old Jeremiah Robinson, the alleged shooter. He faces a charge of murder in the death of Ledajrick Rajae Cox and is being held in the Irving Jail. Bail is pending. Police have identified two other suspects, but they haven't been arrested, so their names were not released. The shooting happened about 1:40 a.m. Sunday. Three men with gunshot wounds were taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital for treatment. Cox died from his injuries, police said. Cox graduated Saturday from Carter High School, where he ran track and was a wide receiver on the football team. He was also named homecoming king and prom king.

  • Naked black African from the Congo found partially decapitated at apartments in SW Houston
    Byiringiro MupenziHOUSTON, Texas — "I heard someone say help." Manar al Quraishi heard pleas for help coming from the parking lot of his southwest Houston apartment complex just before 2 a.m. When he looked outside, he saw a naked man who was nearly decapitated. The victim had a massive wound on his neck. "I see a person on the ground, and face up, and no clothes," al Quraishi said. Police said the attack may have happened in the victim's car. Evidence tags mark what appear to be blood stains on the back door. The car was taken by police to search for clues, hoping it will lead to the person who committed this murder. The victim lives in the complex, but not near the murder scene. A family member has identified the victim as 25-year-old Byiringiro Mupenzi. He was originally from the Congo, and has lived in the U.S. for four years.

two nigs and a wig   Diverse and integrated Trio Tried To Rob Fayetteville Gas Station
Fayetteville AR —Kenneth Dorn, 20, Immanuel Foust, 19, and Tevis Maxwell, 18, were arrested in connection with aggravated robbery and aggravated assault.

    Hispanic Former Univision Arkansas Host Victor Hugo Alvarez-Real Faces Rape Charge - accused of raping a 7-year-old girl
Victor Hugo Alvarez-RealFAYETTEVILLE — A former Univision Arkansas host is accused of raping a 7-year-old girl, according to Washington County Circuit Court documents. Victor Hugo Alvarez-Real, 35, of Springdale faces one charge of rape. Formal charges were filed May 15 and a warrant was issued Thursday (May 25) according to the Washington County prosecutor’s office. The victim said Alvarez-Real molested her multiple times in 2016, according to court documents. In a statement released Saturday (May 27), Pinnacle Media LLC / Univision said Alvarez-Real left the company in January.



  Israeli flag

Robert Kenneth Kraft   Degenerate New England Patriots sponsoring Gay (LGBT-Queer-Faggot) Bowl 17 in Boston this October
Earlier this year Patriots owner Bob Kraft joined the league at its annual scholarship dinner which honored a local (LGBT-Queer-Faggot) high school athlete. - (Is he a 'secret Sodomite'? - or just working for Satan?)

  • Alleged (LGBT-Queer) gang rape of (LGBT-Queer) disabled man in Sacramento park investigated - (Drudge)
    four men approached and exposed themselves to him. Steven Greyeyes-Clouse said he tried to get away by fleeing into the bathroom, but an older man followed him in and threatened him with a knife. All five men then joined in and forced themselves on him, choking and beating him until he blacked out. Greyeyes-Clouse said he is autistic and has cerebral palsy. He said he lives with his husband not far from the park. One of the men, was described as a Hispanic man in his 50s.





    Chinese National Fears Deportation after Allegedly Assaulting Waitress
Jiguang YangA foreign national fears deportation after security footage purports to show him assaulting a waitress at the restaurant he cooks for in Columbia, South Carolina. Jiguang Yang, a 68-year-old Chinese citizen, can be seen on surveillance footage allegedly yanking the ponytail of Cristina Surina, pulling her to the ground, after she merely questioned the food that he had made, according to the Daily Mail.

Dangers of interracial dating

    UPDATE: (Black female) Daycare worker charged with murder in death of (White) 8-month-old girl
Leah WaldenReese BowmanWhen 8-month-old Reese Bowman was found unresponsive Tuesday at her day care center, a staffer told Baltimore police she had fed the baby, wrapped her in a blanket and put her down for a nap. Video cameras at the Rocket Tiers Learning Center told a different story, police say. Footage uncovered the next day showed 23-year-old Leah Walden covering the baby with "excessive blankets," which fully covered the child's head, said Criminal Investigations Chief Stanley Brandford. She was also seen "violently snatching the child out of the crib with one arm, swinging at the baby as if she was slapping her, and placing pillows over the baby's face," Brandford said. "Watching that video is disturbing," he said. "Reese Bowman, in my opinion, was tortured."

    (Black) Sayreville man in custody in Old Bridge murder of (White) man walking his dog
Earl Allayne JrViktor YashchyshynViktor YashchyshynViktor YashchyshynThe Sayreville man sought in a brutal attack and murder is in custody, Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew C. Carey and Old Bridge Police Chief William Volkert said Saturday. Earl Allayne Jr., 20, of Parlin, was apprehended after a foot pursuit by an Old Bridge police officer led them into the Glenwood Apartments where the attack took place. The suspect fled from officers and hid in a utility room on the premises. Area residents were taken to a safe area and, after about 15 minutes, Allayne surrendered to authorities. Allayne is charged with felony murder and robbery. It is believed that after randomly attacking the victim, the assailant attempted to kill the victim’s dog by swinging the dog around by the leash. The dog slid out of his collar and returned home without its owner. The 51-year-old male victim, Viktor Yashchyshyk (aka Yashchyshyn), was attacked on May 24 and was knocked unconscious, suffering a skull fracture, broken jaw and was missing some teeth. A 911 call was received when another person walking a dog found the unconscious victim a block from his home. Yashchyshyk was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick in critical condition. He was pronounced dead at 8:30 a.m. May 26. - (Black-on-white)

    Wanted (black) man found, charged with murder in (White) Conway man's death
Jamar Freddie WilliamsJason Bradley SmithConway, S.C. — A wanted man has been found and arrested in connection with the killing of a Conway man on March 18, 2017. Jason Bradley Smith, 31, of Conway, was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds along Johnson Shelly Road, outside of Conway. According to a police report, he was found lying in the road with his pants down, shirt up and shoes in the road nearby. His wallet was also found on his person. Police have been looking for Jamar Freddie Williams, 21, of Myrtle Beach, in connection with Smith's death since at least April 20, 2017. On Sunday, Horry County police announced in a tweet that Williams had been arrested. According to the Horry County Sheriff's Office website, Williams is charged with simple possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct, and murder. - (Black-on-white)


$2 million bond set for (black) suspect in fatal stabbing of his elderly White grandmother
Isaiah ZellersChesney ShawA man accused in a fatal stabbing appeared before a judge for the first time on Monday. Isaiah Zellers, 22, is charged in the death of Chesney Shaw, 71, according to Cincinnati Police. Officers arrived at the 700 block of Grand Avenue on Saturday to find Shaw dead from her injuries, police say. Zellers was taken into custody at the scene without incident. He remains in the Hamilton County Justice Center on a $2 million bond. Neighbors said Zellers is Shaw's grandson. - (Black-on-white)


Dangers of interracial dating

    Black boyfriend arrested in connection to fatal house fire that left his white girlfriend dead
Edward AllenAmanda KorkoszBATON ROUGE, LA — Authorities have in custody a man they say is connected to a fatal house fire, claiming the life of a 32-year-old woman. Edward Allen, 35, of Baton Rouge, was arrested on charges of false communication of a planned arson after a witness identified him as the boyfriend of Amanda Korkosz, 32, who was killed in a fatal house fire. According to the witness' statement to police, on the morning of May 25, she saw and heard Allen say he was going to set his girlfriend's house on fire if she put him out again. The witness told police on the next morning, May 26, she saw Allen walking in a fast pace and saying Korkosz "snuck" [punch] him and put him out. Later on at about 4:25 a.m. Baton Rouge Fire Department was dispatched to Henagen Ave. on a house fire. Korkosz, the estranged girlfriend of Allen, was later found dead in the house. Fire investigators learned while on the scene BRPD was dispatched to the same residence just two hours prior for a dispute but Allen left before they arrived. According to the probable cause report, the witness gave a detailed description of Allen. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Black arrested for Miami Beach shooting - Offical calls for end of "Black Beach Weekend" tourist promotion - just not worth black crime
Dontavious JohnsonMIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Miami Beach police have arrested a 25-year-old man suspected in a Saturday afternoon shooting, police said. Dontavious Johnson was arrest Saturday night. Police said Johnson was standing on a corner at Sixth Street and Collins Avenue with a semi-automatic handgun, before he opened fire on an occupied taxi. The male passenger then left the taxi and fled on foot, police said. Video surveillance captured Johnson chasing the victim into a liquor store, police said. A Miami-Dade School Broad officer witnessed the incident and ordered Johnson to surrender, but police said he fled. Johnson was later taken into custody and confessed, police said. The victim has not been identified.

    (Black African Sudanese refugee) Mother jailed for murdering children by driving into Australian lake
Akon GuodeA mother who killed three of her children by deliberately driving them into a lake in Australia has been jailed for at least 20 years. Akon Guode, 37, killed one-year-old Bol and four-year-old twins Hanger and Madit in Melbourne in 2015. Another child, six-year-old Alual, was also in the car but survived. - Does NOT look Aborigine - must be an African migrant





Tiger Woods   Tiger Woods arrested for DUI * Tiger Woods Blames Medications For His Arrest On DUI Charge
Tiger Woods was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence early Monday near his home in Jupiter, Florida, according to an online Palm Beach County Police report.

Dangers of interracial dating





Israeli flag

Israeli flag
  • NYC: Brooklyn Man beaten with hula hoop after standing up for tiny Jewish couple
    the one guy starts screaming at them, ‘I will knock that beanie off your head!'” the frazzled 48-year-old said as he was escorted away from the Transit District 4 Station by paramedics. “I stepped in and I was like ‘Back up’ and the guy just turned on me and said, ‘I will f–k you up! I will f–k you up!'” the Fort Greene resident and fellow street performer explained. - (very complicated news story)


Confederate flag


  • Immigration report by Texas Republican sparks physical altercation from "Sanctuary" Democrats on House floor
    Democratic members of the Texas Legislature reportedly assaulted and threatened a Republican colleague over his call to immigration authorities, prompting the GOP lawmaker to say he’d defend himself with deadly force if the Democrats followed through on their threats. Rep. Matt Rinaldi, Irving Republican, said the altercation began when he called Immigration and Customs Enforcement in response to repeated disruptions of the day’s proceedings by illegal-immigrant demonstrators over a bill targeting sanctuary cities.
    • Texas legislators scuffle after Republican calls immigration agents
      Hispanic suspectRepublican Matt Rinaldi accused a Hispanic Democrat of "threatening his life" and said another Democrat had assaulted him. The Republican released a statement in which he accused Representative Poncho Nevarez of saying he would "get me on the way to my car" and said Ramon Romero had assaulted him while other Democrats had had to be held back by colleagues.




Takuma Sato Becomes First Japanese to Win the Indy 500

Takuma Sato  
  • WWII Homefront: Anti-Japanese
  • Thank You, Sweetheart, for the 'Jap Skull': Portrait of a Grisly WWII Memento
    That Japanese troops committed stomach-churning atrocities of their own in the 1930s and 1940s—burying prisoners of war alive or using them for bayonet practice; the mass slaughter and rape of civilians; torturing and executing captured Allied airmen; and on and on—is well documented. In light of those brutal excesses, mailing a single skull to a stateside sweetheart might seem an almost innocent, if rather grisly, undertaking.

  • Veterans: Think About This On Memorial Day - (Incog man)
    This is what the NWO globalist rats are doing to America, Veterans!
    Don’t you think it’s now time to fight for the America of your Forefathers and not some stupid BS going on in a Foreign Land?

    BREAKING: Eight people dead in shooting spree (by worthless unstable black), including (White) deputy
Willie GodboltWilliam DurrLINCOLN COUNTY, Miss.- Agents of the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the shooting deaths of eight people, including a Lincoln County deputy. Investigators said 35-year-old Willie Godbolt is responsible for the killings, and is being treated at a Jackson hospital for a gunshot wound. The shooting spree began with a domestic call at 2871 Lee Drive in Bogue Chitto around 11:30 p.m Saturday. Four bodies, three females and the deputy, were recovered there. A second crime scene was located at 1658 Coopertown Road in Brookhaven, the bodies of two juvenile males were located there. A third crime scene was located at 312 East Lincoln Road, a male and a female were recovered at that location. The deceased deputy has been identified as 36-year-old William Durr. Durr was a two year veteran of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department and a four year veteran of the Brookhaven Police Department. - (Black-on-white)

    Primative black Accused Of Trying To Sexually Assault Woman Inside McDonald’s Bathroom In Brooklyn
black rapistNEW YORK — A man allegedly tried to sexually assault a woman after locking her inside a McDonald’s bathroom in Brooklyn. Police said the suspect followed the 22-year-old victim into the restroom of the eatery near Rockaway Parkway and Conklin Avenue in Canarsie around 2:30 p.m. Friday. He then allegedly locked the door, pushed the woman against the wall and pulled his pants down. Police said the woman screamed and the man calmly walked away.

    O Canada: Black Man arrested for kicking woman near Eaton Centre: police
Toronto police have arrested the man who allegedly kicked a woman near the Eaton Centre on May 19. The unprovoked attack reportedly happened near a church behind the mall, in the Trinity Square area, around 9 a.m. Police said a 32-year-old woman was walking near the church when the man allegedly ran up behind her, jumped in the air, and kicked her to the ground. Toronto man Oshae Geddes, 30, was arrested in the Queen Street East and Goreway Avenue area in Brampton on Friday. He has been charged with assault.

    PETITION: Arrest a young (black) woman for animal cruelty.
Jonasia SimpsonvictimEarlier this week, around or on the day of May 17, 2017, a young woman (around 15 years old) put her family's pet turtle in their microwave, cruelly and inhumanely putting it to death for no reason other than that she was bored. Her mother, was made aware of the atrocious and horrendous act, and instant of taking action or disciplining her daughter, she laughed and supported her daughter's actions.







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    No bail for homeless black parasite predator in brutal stabbing murder of White mother of 2
Andrea UrbanDominic SandersCHICAGO — Bail was denied Saturday for the man charged with killing a 51-year-old woman more than three weeks ago in her west suburban Hinsdale home. Dominic Sanders, 30, was charged with first-degree murder, home invasion and armed robbery in connection with the death of Andrea Urban, according to the DuPage County state’s attorney’s and sheriff’s offices. At 3:37 p.m. May 4, officers responded to a home in the 700 block of Town Place after dispatchers received a 911 call about an unresponsive woman, Hinsdale police said. Officers found Urban, a leukemia survivor and mother of two, lying dead on the kitchen floor with apparent knife wounds to her head and neck, authorities said. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black NIGERIAN) Nursing assistant charged following death of (elderly 98-year-old White female) patient
Hakim OgunkunleEdna Daisy WarrenA nursing assistant is facing multiple charges in connection with the death of a 98-year-old patient that triggered a probe by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The GBI claims Certified Nursing Assistant Hakim Ogunkunle was responsible for causing injuries that led to the death of Edna Warren, a patient at Newnan Health and Rehab. It has charged him with aggravated battery and exploitation and intimidation of an elderly person. More charges could result from Friday’s autopsy after the findings are turned over to the local district attorney’s office, according to Public Affairs Deputy Director Bahan Rich with the GBI. The incident occurred on Tuesday when Newnan Health and Rehabilitation reported to the Newnan Police Department that Warren had sustained a broken leg following physical contact with Ogunkunle. - (Black-on-white)

    2nd (BLACK) suspect arrested in Colleton County triple homicide (of WHITE family) denied bond
La Shay AikenKenneth Markeith ChisolmMiller family victimsCOLLETON COUNTY, S.C. —– The second person arrested in connection with a triple murder in Colleton County was denied bond on Friday. La Shay Aiken, 19, of Walterboro is charged with 3 counts of accessory after the fact of murder, attempted armed robbery and 1st degree burglary in connection to the deaths of 46-year old Phillip Miller, 52-year-old Lori Miller and 13-year-old Vincent Miller. The three were shot and killed in their home earlier this month, a 9-year-old girl was also shot but she survived. Aiken was arrested in Aiken, South Carolina on Thursday. Authorities believe she knowingly ran from the Walterboro area. Arrest records show Aiken is accused of driving Kenneth Chisolm away from the scene in her own car. Bond was denied in a hearing for 19-year-old Kenneth Markeith Chisolm. He is charged with three counts of murder. - (Black-on-white)

    Looks like cheap black parasite had sex with white prostitute then shot her for her money
Frederick Knight JrJessica NewcombMobile, AL —No bond was given Friday morning to a 27-year-old man, who is accused of murdering a 21-year-old woman at a hotel in west Mobile after a sexual encounter. Frederick Knight Jr. had on clear framed glasses as court officers walked him to the podium in front of Mobile District Court Judge George Hardesty. Three female relatives of Knight sat in the rear of the court, nervously shaking. Knight's hearing was for first-degree robbery and murder charges, in connection to the death of Jessica Newcomb. State prosecutors said that their initial findings were that Knight allegedly had a sexual encounter with Newcomb and then pulled a firearm on her. They said he shot Newcomb, took the money she had and fled the Budget Inn Hotel located at 156 West Interstate 65 Service Road. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Man faces 96 years for robbery, assault of 71-year-old man
Victor Martin71-year-old White victimMEMPHIS, TN — A man faces 96 years in prison after investigators said he attacked a 71-year-old man who was passing through Memphis. Victor Martin, 44, was convicted of beating, robbing, and burning the Pennsylvania man’s car in November 2015. The incident happened when the 71-year-old man pulled off I-240 in Midtown around 7 a.m. on November 4, 2015, to get a cup of coffee. After asking Martin for directions, he brought him a cup of coffee. Officials said Martin then pulled out a pistol when they two became locked in a struggle. The victim finally escaped after a flurry of punches and pistol-whips. The man was taken to the hospital with a severe laceration above his eye, a broken nose, and other fractures that required surgery. His glasses and hearing aid were both broken. The man’s car was found shortly after on fire in an abandoned house. Wedding presents, antique shotguns, large wagon wheels, drinking glasses from France, a train set from the 1950s, and clothing were all inside the car and burned. Martin was taken into custody that day. Police recovered some of the man’s property, including a large collection of sports cards. Martin is convicted of especially aggravated robbery, attempted especially aggravated kidnapping, and setting fire to personal property of another. - (Black-on-white)

    UPDATE: (White) Virginia State Trooper dies after Mosby Court shooting; (black convicted felon) in custody
Travis A. BallMichael T. WalterA Virginia State Police special agent has died after he was shot Friday evening after approaching a vehicle parked on the wrong side of the street in Mosby Court. The trooper, Michael T. Walter, succumbed to his injuries shortly after 5 a.m. today at VCU Medical Center. State police said a Richmond man, Travis A. Ball, 27, is in custody after an overnight search by local, state and federal law enforcement agents. Ball was apprehended at a home in Northumberland County shortly after 6 a.m. and is being held without bond. He was charged on warrants obtained Friday on one count of malicious wounding, use of a firearm in a felony and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Police said additional charges are pending. - (Black-on-white)
  • Remembering Special Agent Michael T. Walter
    Walter, 45, had been with Virginia State Police for 18 years, according to Col. Steven Flaherty, superintendent for Virginia State Police. Born in Philadelphia, Walter was also a U.S. Marine. He previously worked at VCU Medical Center and for Capitol Police. Flaherty said Walter is survived by his wife and three children -- a 14-year-old son, a 9-year-old son and a 6-year-old daughter. He was also a youth wrestling coach.
  • Slain agent leaves behind wife and 3 children
  • Slain VSP special agent founded wrestling club for disadvantaged kids

    2 black suspects face murder, kidnapping charges in connection to missing Hispanic Uber driver
James Aaron Stevens and Diontray Divan Adams"pair of spades"CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Two men who were arrested in connection to a missing Uber driver are now facing kidnapping and murder charges. James Aaron Stevens, 20, and Diontray Divan Adams, 25, face charges in connection to the disappearance and death of 44-year-old Marlo Johnis Medina-Chevez. Medina-Chevez’s body was found Thursday in a wooded area of Rock Hill with the hands and legs bound with duct tape, . Medina-Chevez, 44, was reported missing at 10:47 a.m. Sunday after he never returned home.

    (LGBT-Queer dirty deviant black) 58-year-old Suffolk man arrested in connection with rape of boy
Samuel JohnsonPolice arrested a 58-year-old man in connection with the forcible sodomy of a boy. Samuel Johnson is being held at Western Tidewater Regional Jail without bond. The incident took place Feb. 14, police said. Johnson has been charged with two counts of forcible sodomy of a victim under 13 years old, two counts of object sexual penetration with a victim under 13 years old, four counts of enticing another into a dwelling house with the intent to commit a felony, and two counts of aggravated sexual battery.

    (Black) Man Arrested Following Years Of Sexual Abuse of little girl
Darnell NutterLEXINGTON, Ky. — A man was arrested Friday night after police say he sexually abused a minor for years. According to an arrest warrant, Darnell Nutter, 49, allegedly sexually abused and raped a minor between 2001 and 2005. During that time, his victim was between the ages of 9 and 13 years old. The victim, now in her 20's, told police Nutter would force himself on her and force her to sexually touch him while her mother was at work. Nutter is facing a number of charges including rape and sodomy of a victim under the age of 12

    Heartless coon artists swindle 65-year-old lady out of nearly $30K
2 coon artists"All Coons Look Alike To Me"Two cold-hearted con artists swindled a 65-year-old Brooklyn woman out of nearly $30,000, police said on Friday. One of them, a woman, approached the victim on Nostrand and Church avenues in East Flatbush on May 11 and started to talk about a “charitable’’ donation she wanted to make — but for some unexplained reason could not. The woman’s accomplice, a man, joined the conversation, and the two swindlers convinced their mark that they needed proof that she could make the donation for them — by showing them her own cash. They drove to her home nearby, where she gave her two new friends $28,000 that they “blessed.’’ In return, they presented her with a bag they said contained her money plus the “contribution.’’

    Murder charges after bicyclist beaten up dies 2 weeks later
Leonard Cleon Pocknett JrLeonard Cleon Pocknett IIIWILMINGTON, N.C. — A father and son have been charged with murder after police say the man they beat while riding a bicycle earlier this month died. Wilmington Police said in a news release the charges against 43-year-old Leonard Pocknett Jr. and his 16-year-old son were upgraded after the bicyclist died Friday night. A 911 caller told police that a SUV followed 58-year-old Gregory Gineman and another man as they rode their bicycles just before midnight May 10. The caller says a man beat Gineman with his fists until he was unconscious and bleeding. The first police officer on the scene reported the victim wasn't breathing. Police haven't said why the father and son beat Gineman, and the 911 caller said he didn't know either.

    Wife killed outside home was trying to leave ex-con (Hispanic/Dominican) husband
Gabino GenaoIveliss Alvarado-GenaoA Maryland mom visiting Brooklyn for a Memorial Day family reunion was gunned down on a Coney Island sidewalk, killed by the estranged hubby she tried desperately to escape by by moving to another state, police and family members said. A manhunt was on Saturday for armed ex-con Gabino Genao, who police said fled after he fired a single shot into Iveliss Alvarado-Genao’s head, as she stood in front of her aunt and uncle’s home on West 36th Street, near the gated community of Seagate. Witnesses overheard Genao — who has a rap sheet with 15 prior arrests — arguing with his wife at around 11:15 p.m. Friday — just before the gun went off.

    Crazy tatooed-neck Burmese passenger charged after attempting to bite flight attendant before jumping off plane in North Carolina
Tun Lon SeinA 22-year-old man is charges after he allegedly attempted to bite a flight attendant before opening an aircraft door and jumping to the tarmac below in North Carolina. According to a complaint filed in federal court, American Airlines Flight 5242 to New Bern was holding just off of a taxiway at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, with the fasten-seatbelt sign illuminated, when Tun Lon Sein allegedly got out of his seat and attempted to open the main aircraft door. A flight attendant stood up and immediately told Sein to return to his seat while two other passengers got up to help, the complaint said. Sein then allegedly attempted to bite the flight attendant in his effort to move toward the nearby galley service door, according to the complaint.


    Female Ex-Substitute Teacher Who Had Sex With Student in Cemetery Gets More Time Behind Bars
Kelly AldingerA former substitute teacher who acknowledged having sex with a 17-year-old student in a car parked in a Pennsylvania cemetery has been ordered to serve more time behind bars. Fifty-year-old Kelly Aldinger of Pen Argyl was originally sentenced to three to 23 months in Northampton County jail after pleading guilty to institutional sexual assault. A prosecutor said she was also troubled that the sexual encounters began when the teen was 15, not 16 as previously believed. The two were caught having sex at Easton Cemetery a year ago.

  De Blasio

    Valerie Smith, a white woman, said she converted her street from a “rodent-infested dump” into an oasis and will call a spade a 'NIGGER' :)
Valerie Smith"porch monkeys"Negro drinkingA woman running for the Village Board in Southampton, Long Island reportedly used the n-word in a call to police and claims she is entitled to use the racial slur because she is a “pioneer.” Valerie Smith, a white woman, told the The Southampton Press Friday that she converted her street from a “rodent-infested dump” into an oasis and frequently intervened in public disturbances, while calling people “n—ers.” “I came into this neighborhood colorblind,” she told the paper. “When you are a pioneer, like I am, it’s not easy. I’m the only white person who owns and lives on this street.” The local police chief told the paper that Smith called the department nearly 200 times. An audio tape revealed that during one call in August she claimed that “a bunch of ni—ers” were in front of her house “drinking Hennessy.” Smith told the paper in a phone interview that using the racial slur was not a big deal, adding that Eddie Murphy “made a career” from using it. She mentioned one instance where she scared away people loitering in front of her home. “I said, ‘You f—— n—ers!’ and they just dispersed,” Smith recalled.

Hindu cow god Golden Bull god of Wall Street

    Black Ex-resident convicted of killing (White female) director of the homeless shelter as she was running from his rape attempt
West SpruillWest SpruillWest SpruillAna Isabel CharleAna Isabel CharleA Bronx drifter was was convicted Thursday for fatally shooting a shelter director when she escaped his rape attempt. West Spruill, 41, now faces life in prison without parole for the attack on Ana Charle as she left work on April 27, 2015. It took jurors just two hours to return the guilty verdict. The homeless man–who left the Project Renewal shelter after becoming obsessed with the 36-year-old mom-of-two— laid in wait as she left work, carrying a piece of paper with her license plate number in his pocket. He cornered her in her car and ripped off her clothes, but she wriggled free–running naked down the street before he shot her twice in the head and once in the back. The deranged man ran, was but caught minutes later by cops. His DNA was found at the crime scene, prosecutors said. Spruill was convicted of first-degree murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon Thursday following a 4.5 week trial. - (Black-on-white)

    Evil-looking nappy-haired negro charged with murder of 69-year-old White woman
Linda TerryDeron MatthewsHOUSTON, Texas — A suspect has been charged in connection with the murder of a 69-year-old retired flight attendant in her Humble home earlier this week. Deron Matthews, 19, has been charged with capital murder. Authorities say they have also recovered the white Honda belonging to Linda Terry, which was missing when her body was discovered. Terry's body was found inside her Humble area home last Saturday, but it's suspected she was dead for several days. Her white Honda was missing. Thursday afternoon, officials released surveillance video that captured Terry's Honda being driven into a Citgo gas station at the corner of Scott Street and the South Loop. Additional surveillance videos show three men walking into several nearby stores. - (Black-on-white)

    Serial rape-murdering black arrested for RAPE and Murder Of (White) Woman Found Floating In Texas Lake
Reginald KimbroReginald KimbroMegan Leigh GetrumPLANO – Plano Police have made an arrest connected to the disappearance of 36-year old Megan Leigh Getrum. According to the Plano police, 23-year-old Reginald Gerard Kimbro has been charged with capital murder in the death of Getrum. Her body was found floating in Lake Ray Hubbard last month. Plano police Officer David Tilley says an autopsy shows Getrum suffered a fatal injury to her neck and that she had been thrown into Lake Ray Hubbard face down, meaning both injuries could have caused the death. Tilley said it appears Getrum had also been sexually assaulted. That meant there was DNA evidence. Kimbro is being held in the Tarrant County jail for the April 10th murder of Molly Matheson, who had been murdered near the TCU campus. When someone is arrested police get a DNA sample and put it into a database. That’s what apparently led police to Kimbro as a suspect in Getrum’s death, the DNA match. - (Black-on-white)

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    175 watermelons reported stolen; 2 blacks arrested
George Brooks III and Bernard Green"waddymelons"CULLEN, La. - The theft of 175 watermelons from a Cullen store over the weekend has resulted in the arrests of two Webster Parish men, according to a report in the Minden Press-Herald. Webster sheriff's deputies have charged George "Bubba" Brooks III, 43, of Cullen and George "Bubba" Brooks III, 43, of Cotton Valley each with one count of felony theft. Investigators zeroed in on Brooks after learning he was selling watermelons near a convenience store where five bins of melons were reported stolen. Brooks reportedly said he was told there were free watermelons on the dock, but he only took eight to 10, the newspaper reports. That led deputies to Green, who reportedly admitted to helping Brooks remove watermelons from the dock and into a truck. The business owner told deputies the watermelons were worth $1,750.






Black unemployment * Black illegitimacy * Black promiscuity * Black paranoia * Black victimhood * Blacktivist agitation by anti-White media

  Picking cotton
The 'Back to Africa' movement has failed * "Affirmative Action" has failed * Public school integration has failed
Those illegal aliens have taken all the jobs that African-American's won't do - they must resort to crime to survive because anything other than professional sports, the rap-music industry or politics would be demeaning and seem like "slave labor"

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