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    BLACK Man charged in 2015 sexual assault at Robbins assisted living facility
Charles BryantROBBINS, Ill. -- A 57-year-old man has been charged in a sexual assault at a Robbins assisted living facility two years ago, the Cook County Sheriff's Office said Sunday. The sexual assault occurred at an assisted living facility in the 13800-block of Utica Avenue on June 13, 2015, the sheriff's office said. The 58-year-old victim told police that another resident at the facility held her down and sexually assaulted her. After the assault, the victim ran out of the room and notified the staff. In November 2016, the sheriff's office reopened the investigation. DNA results received this year tied the suspect, Charles Bryant, to the victim, the sheriff's office said.

    BLACK Man arrested after standoff in connection with rape
Christopher Moore BOONE COUNTY - Columbia Police arrested Christopher Moore Sunday night after a standoff that began in the afternoon, according to CPD. The standoff happened on West Cunningham Drive just north of Columbia city limits. CPD obtained a search warrant for an apartment on West Cunningham Drive. They say they called out to the suspect but he did not respond, so they entered the premises and took him into custody. The department began their investigation Sunday morning around 3 a.m. in connection with a home invasion on Old 63 North. Police said Moore broke into a woman's home and used a gun to force her to have sex with him. Moore faces charges of felony rape, felony sodomy, armed criminal action, burglary, tampering with evidence, domestic assault and more.

    (Worthless "Sad sack" Negro rapist cursed with Ebonic name 'Trealon Raheem') ARRESTED by Fort Worth Police
Trealon Raheem Clark FORT WORTH -- Police have arrested a man they say attacked and sexually assaulted a woman as she left work in downtown Fort Worth. Trealon Raheem Clark has been charged with forcible rape. His bond is set at $20,000. During the early morning hours of Aug. 6, police say a female employee of a business was attacked near 500 Burnett Street in downtown Fort Worth while she was leaving work at a local club.

  Bill Cosby - black rapist

    Florida Teen Killed in Drug Rip-Off, 3 BLACKS Arrested
3 blacks arrested for murderPANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. – A 16-year-old Arnold High School student was killed in what homicide investigators are calling a drug rip-off. The homicide victim has been identified as 16-year old Jason Ian Price. The incident happened shortly after midnight Sunday at the CVS on Highway 98 near the Hathaway Bridge. Deputies said in a news release they have arrested three people, 18-year-old Rodney Jones, 24-year-old Gertavious Montrez Canada and 21-year-old Demarcus Giddens. All three men are from Auburn, Alabama. Jones and Canada are charged with felony murder and armed robbery. Giddens is charged with an open count of murder and armed robbery. Investigators said they believe Giddens did the shooting.

    (Defiant-nostrilled) BLACK Arrested After Shooting Vehicle, Crashing Car, Going Home and Then Returning to Crime Scene
Timothy ShowellA man accused of shooting at a parked vehicle in Newark, Delaware was arrested when he returned to the crime scene after being driven home by a family member, police said. Timothy Showell, 27, allegedly fired multiple shots into an empty parked vehicle on the 200 block of Barwell Lane in Newark Sunday at 1 a.m. Showell then fled in his own vehicle but lost control and crashed into another parked car on the 100 block of McCormick Drive, according to investigators. Police say a relative then picked Showell up from the scene of the crash and drove him home.

Neanderthals were a wide-nostrilled descendant of human beings.

    Chelsea Slashing Leaves Victim Hospitalized; Search On For BLACK Assailant
black slasherPolice said the suspect fled west on 29th Street. He is described as a black male, 25 to 30 years old, standing about 6 feet 6 inches tall, and was last seen wearing blue clothing, red sneakers and black gloves.

  • BLACK Man Dressed As Woman Attempted To Abduct 13-Year-Old Boy
    PHILADELPHIA –– Philadelphia police are investigating an attempted abduction in South Philadelphia. It happened near 24th Street and Snyder Avenue on Sunday around 1 p.m. Investigators say a man in a black Ford Explorer approached a 13-year-old boy and told him to get in the car. The teen refused and the man drove away. Police say the man was wearing a black dress, a wig and pink lipstick. The suspect is described as a (TRANSVESTITE) black male, between the ages of 30 to 40.

  • DARKEST AFRICA: Suspect in murder of Swiss couple arrested in Kisauni
    The bodies of Werner Borner Paul, 70, and Marriane Hornel were found in the area by pedestrians on Sunday morning.
  • DARKEST AFRICA: Men in South Africa court on cannibalism charges
    Four men have appeared in a South African court facing charges of cannibalism after one allegedly walked into a police station declaring he was "tired" of eating human flesh. When questioned further, the man produced part of a human leg and hand. Police then accompanied the man back to a house in KwaZulu-Natal where more body parts were found. Four men, two of them traditional healers, were arrested and charged with murder and conspiracy to murder.



Israeli flag

  • Texas: Guatemalan smuggler nabbed with 60 illegal immigrants stuffed inside broccoli truck
    Border Patrol agents rescued 60 illegal immigrants this weekend who were stuffed inside a refrigerated truck trailer — kept at 49 degrees — carrying broccoli, in the latest instance of a shocking smuggling attempt. Agents in Texas nabbed the truck at a checkpoint after a dog alerted on it. They found the migrants lying on pallets of broccoli covered with “a thin sheet of ice.” The migrants were offered medical assistance, but all of them declined. The driver, a Guatemalan, was arrested for alien smuggling. The 60 migrants included 22 Guatemalans, 17 Mexicans, 13 Salvadorans and eight Hondurans — each of the four countries that make up the bulk of illegal immigration across the border.




  • Finland names DEMONIC MUSLIM suspect in stabbings that killed 2, wounded 8
    HELSINKI – A court in Finland has named the suspect in a stabbing rampage that killed two and wounded eight as 18-year-old Moroccan Abderrahman Mechkah, who is being treated in hospital after police shot him in the leg to subdue him in the south-western city of Turku. According to court documents released Monday, regional police have requested the detention of Mechkah, a Moroccan asylum-seeker, on suspicion of murder, attempted murder, and terrorism crimes. The regional court in Turku also said that four other Moroccans "are suspected of participation in the murders and attempted murders committed with a terrorist intent." Police investigators said they are exploring possible links to last week's extremist attacks in Spain, where the main suspect at large is Moroccan, as were most of his known accomplices.
  • 99% of Moroccans are MUSLIMS - less than 1% are Christian, Jewish and Baha'i DHIMMI - (2nd class muslim slaves)
  • Islamic Evil Simplified - Coming to Grips with the Islamic Threat


Confederate flag

Confederate flag


  • JPMorgan pledges up to $2 million to fight racism, support human rights
    The sum includes $500,000 each to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League "to further their work in tracking, exposing and fighting hate groups and other extremist organizations," Peter Scher, head of corporate responsibility wrote in a memo to employees that was provided to Reuters by the company.


  • How Hate Groups Forced Online Platforms to Reveal Their True Nature
    Facebook banned a range of pages..... Reddit banned..... Twitter suspended an unknown number of users.....
    The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi site that promoted the march and celebrated its fatal outcome, was banned by the domain registrar and hosting service GoDaddy, then hours later by Google’s hosting service, then lost access to SendGrid, which it had used to deliver its newsletter; PayPal cut off the white nationalist Richard Spencer’s organization, which later lost access to its web host, Squarespace; Airbnb removed the accounts of a number of Charlottesville attendees before the event, and released a statement saying that ‘‘violence, racism and hatred demonstrated by neo-­Nazis, the alt-right and white supremacists should have no place in this world’’; by Wednesday, Spotify was even expunging ‘‘white supremacist’’ music from its library.


  • Crowds for Rent
    The Celebrity Airport Greeting Experience This experience will make everyone at the airport stop and immediately think that you are someone they should know. We will send a crowd (you can choose the crowd size) to the airport of your choice with signs custom made for your arrival. The crowd will consist of paparazzi, fans and reporters to greet you at the exit of the airport as you pass through the security gates or follow you to security as you leave for a trip. You will turn the heads of travelers, security, airport staff, and everyone around you as your adoring fans clamor for your autograph and attention. We can arrange a town car service with a driver or a luxury car of your choice (e.g. Bentley, Rolls Royce, etc.) as an additional component to make this experience all the more special. All the photos taken during the event will be sent to you at no additional charge. This service is the perfect way to start off a trip or a one-of-a-kind surprise gif for out of town guests.


    BLACK Teen acquitted in death of (WHITE) Hoover veteran now charged with rape
Michael 'Mike' Gilottirape victimACharleston Everett Wells Bessemer teen acquitted in the 2016 murder of a Hoover veteran and father of two is in trouble again. The Bessemer Cutoff District Attorney's Office on Friday charged 18-year-old Charleston Wells with first-degree rape. In May, a jury found Wells - then 17 - not guilty in the death of Mike Gilotti, but did find him guilty of nine counts of breaking and entering a vehicle. Assistant District Attorney Lane Tolbert said that Wells has been charged with rape by forcible compulsion. The charge relates to a rape reported by a female, who was 21 years old at the time, on Sept. 11, 2015 in Bessemer, he said. At the time the attacker was reported as being unknown, he said. Bessemer police submitted DNA collected in the case to the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) and the DNA came back as a match to Wells, Tolbert said. Bessemer Cutoff Circuit Judge David Carpenter has set a $500,000 bond for Wells, Tolbert said. Gilotti was shot to death about 4:55 a.m. on Jan. 5, 2016 just outside his home in the 5500 block of Park Side Circle in Hoover's Lake Cyrus subdivision. He was heading to the gym for a morning workout when police say he encountered one or more suspects breaking into his car. According to the affidavit used to secure the murder warrant against Wells, his wife, Heather Gilotti, heard two gunshots and then heard a vehicle "with a large engine" pulling away from the scene. Gilotti collapsed on his doorstep. He was later pronounced dead on the scene. - (Black-on-white)

    (BLACK) Man Convicted of Lighting (WHITE) Military Nurse on Fire and Attacking Her as She Screamed, ‘I Knew This Would Happen’
Katie BlanchardKatie BlanchardKatie BlanchardClifford CurrieA Kansas man was convicted Tuesday of attacking a military nurse with a razor blade and setting her on fire with gasoline at the hospital they both worked at. Clifford Currie faces up to 20 years in prison after being convicted of assault with attempt to commit murder for the 2016 attack at a Fort Leavenworth military hospital, Kansas District Court Clerk officials said. On Sept. 7, shortly after 5 p.m., Currie, a civilian who worked in an administrative capacity at the hospital, entered Army Lt. Katie Blanchard’s office with a plastic bottle in his hand containing gasoline. He doused Blanchard, his boss, with the gasoline and then set her on fire, and used a razor blade to cut her, a federal criminal complaint states. He later ran to his office to grab a pair of scissors to stab her with and put his foot on Blanchard’s throat to hold her down, but a witness pushed him away. While Currie was being restrained by military colleagues, Blanchard, covered and blood and badly burned, screamed, “I told you this would happen!” - (Black-on-white)

    (LGBT-Queer dirty deviant black) teacher charged with 26 counts of indecent liberties turns himself in - touching several YOUNG BOYS
Taji BrownCHARLOTTE, NC - An elementary school teacher in Charlotte who is accused of inappropriately touching several young boys and assaulting them during a camp that he held at his home over the summer turned himself in to police Saturday. Taji Brown, 29, was wanted for 26 warrants, which include 13 counts each of indecent liberties with a child and indecent liberties with a student. According to the Police Department, Brown turned himself in Saturday. Brown is a 5th-grade teacher at Billingsville Elementary School. Charlotte-Mecklenburg School officials said earlier in August that Brown, who has been with CMS since 2011, was currently suspended with pay. Brown's home was searched by police on August 7. Police said Brown had been arrested by the Mobile Enforcement Team and charged with two counts of indecent liberties with a child and two counts of indecent liberties with a student. Investigators said they were aware of 7-8 juveniles who attended Brown's summer camp but said they were working to learn whether more boys took part in the camp. An investigation into Brown began in late July when a 10-year-old boy told his mother that Brown inappropriately touched him in the shower while he was spending the night at Brown's home. On Friday, police say three more alleged victims came forward.


    Cops ID BLACK Negro POS suspect who raped 12-year-old at gunpoint
Malcolm LugoPolice released a Facebook photo of a 20-year-old man they say raped a 12-year-old girl at gunpoint in the Bronx Sunday night. Malcolm Lugo is believed to have pulled a gun on the young girl as she was walking near Weeks Avenue and East 173 Street in Concourse Village shortly before 11 p.m., cops said. He then ordered the girl into an alley, where he sexually assaulted her, according to investigators. Rev. Raul Escudero of International Christian Church of the Savior on Weeks Avenue told the Post on Sunday that police brought the young victim and her “distraught” mother to the church to examine surveillance footage after the attack. “When they saw the video they were crying. She’s 12 years old. Her life is already marked,” Escudero said.

black thief

    (Colored) Teen was protecting (black) mom from wasted (black) ex-boyfriend in deadly fight: lawyer
  • Petition to spare teen who killed mom's attacker picks up steam
    Stanley WashingtonLuis MouxLorena SesmaA Virginia woman is fighting to block manslaughter charges filed against a Bronx high school student accused of killing a man who was attacking the 18-year-old’s mom. Monique Santiago, 45, of Virginia Beach, was so moved by the story of Luis Moux that she created the change.org petition, which has garnered over 23,000 signatures. “We all know murder is wrong, but I kept picturing in my mind and if I was being beat up and my son heard the commotion, he would have not called 911,” she said Thursday. “He would have protected me first.” Moux, a football player who attends Progress High School for Professional Careers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, was in his bedroom at 4:30 a.m. Aug. 14 when his mom Lorena Sesma began arguing with her ex-boyfriend Stanley Washington in the hallway of her University Heights apartment, officials said.

  • 2 Shot at NJ Turnpike Rest Stop, Troopers Talk to Rapper

  • BLACK Man Attacks Clerk With Knife At Center City 7-Eleven
    nigger kniferPolice say when the man was told the price of the additional cigarettes he pulled a large knife from his pants pocket and attempted to stab the clerk in the head. Police were looking for the suspect who is described as a black man, 45 to 50 years old, 6' tall with a thin build and a beard. Investigators say he was wearing a dark shirt with a white vertical stripe down the sleeves, blue jeans and black and white sneakers. Police believe the suspect may be homeless.

  • Darkest Africa: Elderly Swiss couple found murdered in Kenya's Mombasa city.
    The couple, who appeared to be between 60 and 70 years old, were found wrapped in a blanket near a local nightclub on the outskirts of Mombasa.
    In 2014, Russian and German tourists were robbed and murdered in Mombasa in two separate incidents. Police later shot dead two suspects they said had been behind the murders.



    Black sex-beast Negro rapes an 80-year-old woman
Joshua SimpsonA 21-year-old man was indicted this week on charges of raping an 80-year-old woman. Joshua Simpson is charged with several counts in connection with break-ins and assaults at the Chatham Village Condominiums located at Park Avenue and Lynnfield Road, according to the office of the Shelby County District Attorney General. Simpson is accused of stealing money, vehicles and jewelry. He was arrested August 9 after he fled police and crashed a stolen car, the prosecutor's office said.


    Illegal Alien Mestizo Gets 40 Years in Prison for Getting His Pre-teen Daughter Pregnant
Natalio Vitervo-Vasquez ToltecA judge sentenced a Mississippi man who entered the U.S. illegally to 40 years in prison for getting his daughter pregnant. Natalio Vitervo-Vasquez pleaded guilty to Friday morning to sexual battery with a child under 14-years-old, WDAM reports. Prosecutors say the girl, who was 11-years-old at the time, went to a medical center where it was determined she was pregnant. Officials say she would have conceived the child at ten years of age. She told prosecutors that Vitervo-Vasquez “touched her and gave her something to drink” after taking her to a hotel room. She also told officials that the drink he gave her “made her sleepy.” She gave birth to a baby boy with multiple birth defects in November 2016. The baby died in surgery. Vitero-Vasquez, who prosecutors say was deported twice, did not have a social security number and could not read or write.


Illeterate Mestizo accused of trying to carjack three New Mexico football players - (gets mangled)
Angelo Martinez ALBUQUERQUE – Police arrested a suspected carjacker who apparently made a poor choice of potential victims. Albuquerque officers booked 20-year-old Angelo Martinez after the attempted robbery last week. The players said they saw Martinez hanging around the Loma Linda Community Center football field, but had no idea who he was, according to KOAT. When they walked to their car, one of the players said Martinez was “acting sketchy as if he was trying to get in.” Several members of the team finally agreed to give him a ride, but said he kept changing his mind about his destination. After the football players finally pulled over in front of a hom Martinez allegedly pulled out a gun and ordered them out of the car. The men got out, but when they saw Martinez fumble with the gun, one of the players got back in the car and struck him in the face. The rest of the football players then jumped on Martinez and restrained him until police arrived. The gun wasn’t real, but Martinez was also carrying a knife and a note reading “Give me the keys to your wip[sic] and a[sic] nobody get heart[sic]. I know where you live so don’t make me kill.” - Wazza wip? More acronyms for mystery wip. - AH HA! - Urban Dictionary: Whip

"When the steering wheel was first put into use in automobiles, it was called the "whip". The whip is what you used to control the horses on a stagecoach, hence the analogy. Many years later, various hip hop artists noticed that the Mercedes-Benz logo resembled a steering wheel. They then proceeded to use the old term "whip" to describe any Mercedes-Benz vehicle. The term has now been generalized to classify any expensive automobile.
Explore Pimped Out Cars, Ronald Mcdonald, and mo
* "Ghetto Whip"

  • 2 More (Hispanics) Charged in Death of Man Gunned Down in Front of Daughter
    Twenty-three-year-old Brandon Lee Eanes and 23-year-old Sasha Vargas are charged in Lehigh County with criminal homicide, robbery, burglary and conspiracy in the Aug. 13 killing of 39-year-old Jermaine Taylor. Facing the same charges is 20-year-old Waldemar Rivera. Twenty-nine-year-old Isaac Navarro is charged with homicide and conspiracy.
  • Alleged MS-13 Gang Members Arrested in New Jersey: FBI
    Federal officials say two alleged members of the MS-13 gang have been arrested in New Jersey. The FBI announced Friday that fugitives Jose Manuel Romero-Parada and Willians Ernesto Lovos-Ayala were apprehended in Galloway Township.

  • HISPANIC SCUM Sicko arrested for trying to rape 11-year-old girl in park
    Hispanic suspectCops arrested a man in the Bronx Thursday night after he tried to rape an 11-year-old girl riding her bike in a neighborhood park, police said. Javier Lopez-Bautista, 44, stopped the child inside Saint Mary’s Park on Saint Ann’s Ave near 146th Street at about 8:30 Thursday night and started peppering her with questions. She tried to walk away but he grabbed her by the arm, saying she could not leave and pulling down her pants, officials said. The creep then ordered the girl to her knees and exposed himself. - SEND THEM ALL BACK
    • Citizenship status of suspect not reported - ed.

  • Indian court grants woman divorce over lack of home toilet
    The woman's lawyer told the AFP news agency that the judge said forced open defecation was a form of torture.
    Even where toilets have been built, many do not use them, despite the spread of diseases associated with faeces.
    Last year, Unicef estimated that about half the population of India do not use toilets.

  • Julian Cadman​​, a British-Australian national, victim of attack in Spain, authorities say
    mad muslim Spanish authorities say they have positively identified three more victims of the van attack in Barcelona, including a 7-year-old boy who has been missing since the rampage Thursday. The boy was one of the 13 people killed when a van swerved through a pedestrian walkway in Barcelona's Las Ramblas district, the Catalonia region's emergency services said Sunday. Nacho Solano, a spokesman for the Catalan government's emergency services, confirmed that the child was Julian Cadman, an Australian with dual British nationality.

Israeli flag



Confederate flag

Confederate flag

  • (White Hispanic) Student who attended white power rally leaves college over death threats
    Nicholas Fuentes, an 18-year-old student who attended the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., this past weekend, said that he’s received death threats for months over his conservative viewpoints — enough for him to decide it’s time to leave Boston University. Fuentes said he made the decision to abandon his Political Science degree a month ago after being constantly threatened over his conservative views. He said no longer felt safe on campus, and will not return for the fall semester. “We have basically been told that it is a crime to be born a white male.” The student, who hails from a suburb of Chicago, is of Mexican lineage and contends that he and almost all other attendees did not go to the rally out of racist motivations, but rather most were like him and consider themselves to be “preservationists” staunchly against high levels of immigration.







  • Ezr 9:12 Now therefore give not your daughters unto their sons, neither take their daughters unto your sons, nor seek their peace or their wealth for ever: that ye may be strong, and eat the good of the land, and leave it for an inheritance to your children for ever.

    Suspect arrested in shooting death of Kissimmee officer; 'not much hope' for 2nd shot cop
Everett Glenn MillerOfficer Matthew BaxterSgt. Richard “Sam” HowardA Marine veteran has been arrested in Friday’s shooting death of a Kissimmee Police officer, and there is “not much hope” a second officer he’s accused of shooting will survive, Kissimmee Police Chief Jeff O’Dell said this morning. Police arrested 45-year-old Everett Glenn Miller Saturday morning on charges of first-degree murder, resisting arrest and carrying a concealed weapon, according to the Osceola County Jail. Officer Matthew Baxter was killed and Sgt. Richard “Sam” Howard was shot and is in grave condition, O’Dell said. The uniformed officers were investigating three suspicious people in the area of Palmway and Cypress streets about 9:30 p.m. Five minutes later, dispatchers received the first call reporting the officers had been shot. The officers did not have time to return fire. O’Dell said “it looked like they were surprised” by the gunfire. O’Dell said Miller fled to Roscoe’s Bar at 2344 N. Orange Blossom Trail, where he was later arrested. The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office recently took Miller into custody under Florida’s Baker Act, which allows involuntary commitment of people in mental health crises. Baxter, 27, was married to a fellow Kissimmee Police officer, with whom he shared three young children, O’Dell said. Howard, 36, has one child.

    Franklin Twp. Negro indicted for sex assault, punching victim
Michael DavisWOODBURY -- A grand jury has indicted a Franklin Township man on charges that he sexually assaulted a woman in June. Michael Davis, 50, of Piney Hollow Road, is accused of holding the woman down as he sexually assaulted her and striking her in the back of the head, according to a criminal complaint. The woman lost consciousness when she was hit, the complaint notes. Davis was arrested and jailed several days later in Salem County Correctional Facility and released in early July pending court proceedings, He was indicted this week on charges of sexual assault, aggravated assault and criminal restraint.

    BLACK monster confesses to fatally stabbing 6-year-old sister, 6 and 9-year-old cousins
Antonio WilliamsCLINTON, MD. - A 25-year-old man confessed to murder of his 6-year-old sister and his young cousins at his home in Clinton, Maryland on Friday. Police have charged 25-year-old Antonio Williams with the deaths of his sister, 6-year-old Nadira Withers of Brooke Jane Drive, as well as 9-year-old Ariana Decree and 6-year-old Ajayah Decree. The Decree sisters are from Palm Street in Newark, New Jersey. They are the daughters of the suspect’s mother’s cousin. On Friday, around 7:35 a.m, police were called to a house in the 6400 block of Brooke Jane Drive. Withers’ mother had just returned home from work and discovered the victims. The victims were suffering from stab wounds and pronounced dead on the scene. Investigation reveals Williams had sole care and custody of the children at the home overnight into Friday. He has confessed to killing the victims. Detectives are working to establish a motive in this case.

    Carjacking victim tells police he was kidnapped at gunpoint by pack of worthless black parasites, forced to empty bank account
suspectsuspectsuspectKANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro man says a group of teens used a gun to force him into his car near Interstate 29 and Barry Road, and made him drive around the Northland to empty his bank account. The victim told police he and a friend saw a movie at the theater last Wednesday night then rode together in one car to eat at a Waffle House. When he was dropped off in the lot-- he noticed a young black male near his car who pulled out a black handgun, put it up to his stomach and told him to get in the car. The victim said the man got in the passenger seat and two more black men got in the backseat and ordered him to drive. The victim told police the men made him drive, took stuff out his wallet, took pictures of his ID, and made him withdraw all the money he had in his account at Platte Valley Bank. They took him back to his car in the AMC parking lot where they left and got into an older SUV, like a Jeep Cherokee, or something similar. The victim said they stole the hat and rain jacket he was wearing and also took his phone charger. He gave police a couple of things the suspects left in his car. He told officers he heard them talking about being from Oak Park or Park Hill and they all looked like they were in their late teens.



    NIGERian BLACK Bride sues American Airlines for $3.4MILLION claiming flight attendant intentionally stained her wedding gown
A Boston woman has filed a lawsuit demanding $3.4million plus interest, costs and attorney's fees after alleging that an American Airlines flight attendant destroyed her wedding dress as she was travelling to her ceremony.
Yewande Oteh claims she 'suffered severe diarrhea, dehydration and depressive symptoms' after a flight attendant went into an overhead bin and dumped red wine on her wedding dress in court papers filed by her mother in United States District Court, District of New Jersey. She also claims that she remained 'physically and emotionally ill over the next week' and was unable to enjoy her Jamaican wedding, which took place back in August 2015.

  • Far-right group sees anti-migrant sea mission as a success
    PARIS – A far-right European group has hailed as a success its bid to stop humanitarian organizations from rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean, but ended its trouble-plagued voyage stranded at sea. Operation Defend Europe came to an abrupt end this week after more than a month at sea in the chartered ship C Star, but said Saturday that Malta refused to let it dock. The vessel was unable to dock in Sicily earlier and Tunisia banned it from its shores.


Confederate flag


  • Dear Fellow Patriot, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) wants to destroy the America we know and love by granting amnesty to millions of criminal aliens who were shielded from deportation by Barack Obama as well as the extended family members of those aliens.

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    EXTREMELY TATTOOED BLACK sentenced to 75 years in prison for murder of WHITE delivery driver
Peter HutchingsTerri WilliamsMark MillerINDIANAPOLIS -- Peter Hutchings Jr. was sentenced to 75 years in prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to the November 2015 murder of delivery driver Mark Miller on the east side. Hutchings appeared before Judge Lisa Borges to enter his plea of guilty to murder and being a felon carrying a handgun. He also accepted a habitual violent offender enhancement, which added 20 years to what otherwise would have been a 55-year sentence. Miller, 27, was working as a driver for China King and was making his last delivery of the night when he was shot and killed in the 2200 block of Windsong Drive. Hutchings’ girlfriend at the time, then-17-year-old Terri Williams, was also charged and agreed in September 2016 to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery and carrying a handgun without a license. A sentencing hearing for Williams was scheduled for September 27. - (Black-on-white)

    (Droopy-eyed killer black) Man charged with murder in stabbing of (WHITE) woman behind strip mall
Frank Walker IIIDiana N. Stillwell PEMBERTON TWP -- Authorities have identified and arrested a man they believe stabbed a woman to death behind a shopping center last month. Frank Walker III, 41, of Wrightstown, was arrested Friday and charged with the murder of 29-year-old Diana Stillwell, according to the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office. "No one deserves the violent end that Diana Stillwell tragically met," Prosecutor Scott Coffina said in a statement. "Today, we are gratified to be able to take this first step towards bringing some measure of justice to Diana and her family." Stillwell was found stabbed to death at the strip mall near the intersection of Pemberton-Bowns Mills and Juliustown roads on July 13, authorities said. Police arrived on the scene after a pedestrian reported hearing a woman screaming behind the shops. A second man, 32-year-old Darren DeCarlo of Pemberton Township man, was charged last month for providing false information to officials on the night of Stillwell's murder, authorities said. He faces a charge of obstructing the administration of law, according to the prosecutor's office. - (Black-on-white)

    White female Shooting victim remembered by friends, coworkers as always smiling - after she was shot in back by black at intersection
black devilChelsie Lynn KirschtenJACKSON, Miss. — A woman was shot and killed Thursday night while sitting in a car that was stopped at a red light, police said. Chelsie Lynn Kirschten, 23, was at the intersection of Fortification and State streets along with a female friend just before midnight when police said a man came up to the driver's side of the car and shot Kirschten in the back and ran away. Police said the shooting appears to be random. Nothing was stolen and the shot was fired through the closed window of Kirschten's white Pontiac G6. The gunman didn't say anything and walked away after the shooting, Cmdr. Tyree Jones said. “We’re still in the preliminary stages. We’re not sure if they know one another or if there is any type of affiliation, but based on preliminary indications, this just seems to be possibly an individual just walked up to the vehicle and fired a shot,” Jones said. Kirschten drove down the street after she was shot, police said. Her car came to a stop at Fortification Street near the Interstate 55 exit. She died at the scene, police said. Jones said the passenger in Kirschten's car described the shooter as a black man wearing dark-colored clothing, possibly with a hood. Kirschten had just started taking classes this week, and according to a coworker, had planned to leave her job at Twin Peaks in Jackson in two weeks. A manager at the restaurant said she had taken another job, but said that Kirschten was a joy to work with. - (Black-on-white)

      Federal judge delays sentencing BLACK MUSLIM TERRORIST who plotted US attacks
Abdirahman Sheik MohamudCOLUMBUS, Ohio – A federal judge has delayed a sentencing hearing after saying he wants to know more about the state of mind of an Ohio man who admitted he plotted to kill military members in the U.S. Judge James Graham also wants more information about the process that Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud (ab-dee-RAH'-mahn shayk moh-HAH'-mud) went through before becoming a U.S. citizen in 2014. Mohamud was in court Friday to be sentenced when the judge raised the questions about the case and eventually postponed the hearing.

Maria Chappelle-Nadal   Secret Service investigating posts by (black female blacktivist terrorist) Missouri state lawmaker
Maria Chappelle-Nadal  



SENILE black female pol Maxine Waters accuses (black conservative) Ben Carson of being ‘white-wing nationalist’ - (Drudge) - (images)


    BLACK beast wanted by Horry County police in connection with rape of 13-year-old girl
black rapistHorry County police are searching for a suspect after a 13-year-old girl reported in late July that a man lead her away from the Conway-area road she was walking down and sexually assaulted her. The victim, who is a 13-year-old girl, was walking in a neighborhood in unincorporated Conway area when a man came up to her, grabbed her by the hand, and took her to a nearby field where he allegedly raped her. The police report is heavily censored, but states the suspect told the victim to leave the area and not tell anyone. The victim, who was reporting the incident with a grandparent, also went to a hospital. Horry County police released a sketch drawing of the black suspect.

    Police: (Black) Mundelein High coach/aide sexually assaulted teen girl at school
Patrick K. AlexanderAn employee at a north suburban high school school sexually assaulted and abused an underage female student earlier this year, according to police. The Department of Children and Family Services notified police on July 31 that an employee of Mundelein High School may have engaged in sexual acts with a female student the previous month, according to Mundelein police. A subsequent investigation found the girl, between the ages of 13 and 17, had entered into a relationship with an employee at her school, police said. Details of the relationship were discovered through interviews and a review of phone records. Investigators believe the sexual acts happened at the high school between January 1 and July 15, police said. School administrators cooperated with investigators after being made aware of the allegation. Patrick K. Alexander, 25, of Vernon Hills, surrendered to police on August 9, police said. He was charged with three counts of criminal sexual assault and four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, all felonies.

    Hammond police issue alert after woman, girl raped by black beast within 2 weeks of each other
black devilIn both incidents, the victims were out walking when a suspect approached them, forced them into an alley and raped them. The suspect in both cases was described as a young black male, 5'7" to 5'10" with an average build, police said. The suspect was wearing a dark hoodie and shorts in both instances and investigators believe the same person could be responsible in both crimes.

    Police Seek BLACK Man Suspected in Fort Worth Sexual Assault
black rapistFort Worth police are asking for help identifying a person of interest in an alleged sexual assault earlier this month. At about 2:45 a.m. on Aug. 6, an employee of a downtown Fort Worth nightclub was leaving work and walking to her car when a man attacked and sexually assaulted her, according to police. The man, believed to be between 20 to 25-years-old, ran north to West 4th Street, east to Lamar, and north to West 3rd Street. He was also spotted running east in front of the public library before turning north onto Taylor Street. He had been seen loitering around in the area of the club earlier that night, police said.
  • Woman Attacked, Sexually Assaulted by BLACK After Leaving Work
    black rapistFORT WORTH — Police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a woman on Burnett Street as she was leaving work Monday morning. The attack happened shortly before 3 a.m. in the parking lot of a local club in Fort Worth. The suspect fled the scene and ran north to West 4th Street, ran east to Lamar, and ran north to West 3rd Street. He then ran east in front of the public library and turned north onto Taylor Street. Police said the predator was seen loitering around the area before the assault. He’s described as a black male in his 20s, 6 feet 1 – 6 feet 2 inches tall, with a thin build.

    NYPD releases photo of BLACK slasher wanted in subway slashing in Lower Manhattan
black slasherLOWER MANHATTAN, New York City -- Police have released surveillance images of a man wanted in connection with a subway slashing in Lower Manhattan Tuesday. The incident happened at about 4:45 p.m. near Sixth Avenue and Canal Street at the SoHo-Tribeca border. Police say the 44-year-old victim and a friend were walking down to the A/C/E platform at the Canal Street station when they accidentally bumped into the suspect, who was dressed in a trench coat. After a physical dispute ensued, the suspect pulled out a small pen knife and slashed the victim on his temple and wrist. After being slashed, the victim chased the suspect for blocks and threw a piece of plywood at him. The NYPD describes the suspect as a black male, 20 to 25 years old, 6'.2", 170lbs., and was last seen wearing dark clothing, fleeing towards 6th Avenue.

    (BLACK) Former Marine used rope to rape girlfriend, strangled and stabbed her dog to death
Anthony Russell JrCane Corso puppy named Primo - (image from Google)KENSINGTON, Md. — A 38-year-old former U.S. Marine is accused of raping his girlfriend and stabbing her beloved dog to death. Montgomery County Police have charged Anthony Russell Jr. with first-degree rape, third-degree sex offense, first-degree assault, second-degree assault and aggravated animal cruelty. Court documents allege Russell made a habit of battering and sexually assaulting his girlfriend who he started dating in March 2015. The couple lived in a basement unit at the Montgomery Century Condominiums along University Boulevard West in Kensington. On July 12, investigators explain the victim was walking her Cane Corso puppy, named Primo, within the condominium complex. Russell emerged from the unit and called for Primo to come to him. Moments later, he grabbed the leash and lifted Primo off the ground, effectively choking it. Once inside the condo he grabbed a knife and stabbed Primo. Russell's girlfriend witnessed the dog scamper away bleeding, with its internal organs in view. Primo was euthanized hours later at a local animal hospital due the severity of injury.

    BLACK Philadelphia Woman Accused Of Robbing, Biting Man
Tahara M. LewisPHILADELPHIA — A 30-year-old Philadelphia woman is facing multiple charges stemming from a domestic incident Saturday night in Carlisle. According to Carlisle police, Tahara M. Lewis was charged with robbery, theft by unlawful taking, two counts of simple assault, two counts of harassment and one count of disorderly conduct after an incident that occurred on the first block of Spring Garden Street at approximately 7:55 p.m. When the victim attempted to prevent her from leaving, she allegedly grabbed a large chef’s knife from the kitchen and raised it above her head as she approached him. The victim said he she bit him when he attempted to restrain her and showed police a bite mark on his chest. Police say the victim also had a cut on his head and an open wound on his elbow.

    Black Sports: Pennsylvania Boxing Legend Larry Holmes' Nephew to Face Charges in 2009 Murder
Jacob Holmes JrLarry HolmesThe nephew of a heavyweight boxing legend is facing charges in an alleged revenge killing in a crowded Pennsylvania bar more than eight years ago. Northampton County prosecutors said Wednesday they expect to charge 36-year-old Jacob Holmes Jr. with homicide in the March 2009 murder of 30-year-old Miguel Aponte Jr. in the Easton Cafe. It was unclear whether Holmes Jr. has an attorney. His father confirmed to NBC10 that Holmes Jr. is the nephew of former world heavyweight boxing champion, and Easton native, Larry Holmes.

    Black Sports: Black footballer Dimitri Patterson Injures 2 Police Officers Trying to Flee Courtroom
Dimitri Patterson Former Eagles cornerback Dimitri Patterson injured two police officers while trying to flee during a family court hearing on Tuesday, according to police, via The Miami Herald. Patterson, 34, appeared in Lawson E. Thomas Court Center when he was ordered by the judge to be taken into custody. At that time, he tried to run out of the door and tackled a female officer who fell and hit her head, while another officer suffered a wrist injury before Patterson was taken into custody. The female officer was taken to the hospital but later released. This isn't Patterson's first brush with the law. ESPN's Rich Cimini reported in 2015 that the Miami native was charged with felony child abuse.

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