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    (White female) State Lawmaker's Niece SHOT IN FACE - Wounded in Vista Shooting, Bond Denied for (black male) Suspects
3 of 4 nigger shootersDenise MasseySouth Carolina Representative Leon Howard says his niece, 26-year-old Kristie Logan, was among the eight victims South Carolina Representative Leon Howard says his niece, 26-year-old Kristie Logan, was among the eight victims Columbia, SC - South Carolina Representative Leon Howard says his niece, 26-year-old Kristie Logan, was among the eight victims of Saturday's shooting in Columbia's Vista district. Howard revealed that fact Sunday morning while at a bond hearing at the county jail for three of the suspects charged in connection with the shooting. During the hearing, John Bates Jr. and Keveas Gallman, both 28, were denied bond. Bates is facing seven counts of attempted murder, while Gallman is facing one count on that charge. The two are also facing other related charges. Jarvis Tucker, 26, was given $250,000 bond for the one charge he's facing, accessory after the fact. A fourth suspect, 22-year-old Maleik Houseal, was wounded in the shooting and is still receiving treatment at the hospital. He's facing weapons charges, but no counts of attempted murder. Howard, who represents part of Richland County, said his niece was hit in the knee by a bullet. - (Black-on-white)

    (Racist black female) attack suspect caught on video calling old man a ‘white honky’
racist black sowGranpa SimpsonPolice have released video of a woman who roughed up an 80-year-old man on a city bus while making anti-white statements earlier this month, authorities said. The suspect got into an argument with the man on an MTA bus near the East 30th St. and 1st Ave. around 6:30 a.m. Sept. 3. When the elderly man got up to change his seat to get away from the woman, she shoved him into a pole and shouted “Fu–ing white honky.” The assault caused the man to stumble and cut his leg on the edge of one of the seats, officials said. The woman then left the bus. She is believed to be in her 40s or 50s and was last seen wearing a red jacket. The man was treated by EMS for a minor injury to his leg. The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident. - (Black-on-white)

    BLACK Fort Bragg soldiers charged in deadly NC parking lot shooting
Ferris Brown, Javier Rashad Johnson and Daivon Tahjai ChambersDareon Tyrese CookTwo Fort Bragg soldiers and a third man have been arrested and charged with murdering two men they allegedly were trying to rob in a North Carolina restaurant parking lot. Fayetteville Police Department announced Satureday the arrests of 20-year-old Ferris Brown, 19-year-old Javier Rashad Johnson and 19-year-old Daivon Tahjai Chambers on charges of first-degree murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery. Brown and Johnson are active-duty soldiers at Fort Bragg. Brown is with the 1-17th Calvary Regiment; Johnson is with the 2-504th 82nd Airborne Division, according to police. Chambers is from Fayetteville. All three men were jailed without bond and it's not known if they have attorneys. They were accused of killing 18-year-old Dareon Tyrese Cook and 32-year-old Jonathan David Goodman who were found in a parked car on Sept. 5 as officers conducted security checks. Cook was pronounced dead at the scene. Goodman died at a hospital on Sept 7. Their car was parked outside a Smokey Bones restaurant in Fayetteville.

    Slidell sex-beast convicted of molesting 8-year-old girl
Latroy O. SimmonsSLIDELL, LA. - A Slidell man faces up to 99 years in prison after a jury found him guilty of molesting an 8-year-old girl in 2014. A jury found 26-year-old Latroy O. Simmons guilty Friday of molestation of a juvenile, District Attorney Warren Montgomery reports. Investigators say Simmons was staying with the girl's family one night in 2014 when he molested her. Montgomery said the girl was awakened when Simmons grabbed her legs. He then continued touching her until a noise startled him and the girl ran into the bathroom. The child had problems emotionally and in school for two years until she told her mother what happened. The Slidell Police Department investigated the case. Assistant District Attorneys Blair Alford and Luke Lancaster prosecuted it. Simmons is scheduled to be sentenced on November 2 and faces between 25-99 years in prison.

    Obscene sex-beast subhuman found guilty of indecent exposure on a bus
(obscene monkey)Arnold Rashad WalkerFORT WORTH — A Fort Worth man with a history of indecent exposure arrests was sentenced Wednesday to 180 days in jail for exposing himself in May to a woman on a bus operated by the T. Arnold Rashad Walker, 36, is also facing charges of indecency with a child and sexual promotion of a child under the age of 14 in Hood County, according to jail records. Can't we send these people somewhere where we don't have to see them?

  • UK: Girl, 14, raped in 'horrendous' daytime attack in Greenwich park
    Black RapistA 14-year-old girl was raped in broad daylight during a "horrendous" attack in a public park. Investigators said the teenager was assaulted in a secluded area of Avery Hill Park in Greenwich, southeast London, between 9am and 1pm on Monday 4 September. Officers have released CCTV images of the man they want to speak to in connection with the incident. A police spokesman said: "The attacker is described as a black male believed to be in his 20s, of slim build, with short black hair and a moustache. - (UK)

    Hispanic mom allegedly shot to death by BLACK 'baby-daddy' (sperm-donor) boyfriend
Luz Cuza (left) and Robert Rodriguez A 30-year-old woman was shot and killed by the father of her child early Sunday in Queens, police sources said. Luz Cuza was shot in the head as she sat on her stoop near the corner of 147th Street and 133rd Avenue. in South Ozone Park just after 2 a.m. Her boyfriend, Robert Rodriguez, 30, fled the scene after the shooting but was later captured by police. Charges against him are pending, officials said. Ray Garcia, the victim’s brother, said he paid the couple a visit around 1 a.m. where he saw his sister outside and her boyfriend loading a gun in the doorway. Garcia said Rodriguez was known to carry a firearm and often bragged about it, so he was not immediately alarmed by the sight of the weapon.
she was brain dead because the bullet went in her eye and out through her brain.”

    Black woman (named 'LATRINA') police say assaulted Overland Park detectives during shoplifting arrest faces four charges
Latrina NewsomeOVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Johnson County prosecutors filed three felonies and one misdemeanor count against a Mississippi woman who is accused of shoplifting and then injuring three detectives who tried to arrest her and another man on Friday afternoon. Court documents say Latrina Newsome, 40, is charged with three counts of battery on a law enforcement officer and one count of theft for allegedly taking less than $1,500 worth of property from an Overland Park store in the 11500 block of W. 95th Street. The three detectives were hospitalized. "Once the officers tried to detain them, a fight ensued. Three of our officers were injured, one was pepper sprayed," Officer John Lacy said. "The officers were transported to a local hospital, they will be okay, one will be held overnight for observation." The male suspect was chased, but officers lost sight of him at the southwest corner of 95th and Quivira. He's described as a large black male between the ages of 19 and 22, he's 6-foot tall with a thin build and was wearing blue jeans and a red & white plaid shirt. There's been no word on whether he's been arrested yet. - (latrine)
  • AFRICA TOILETTE FOUNDATION - The U.N has proclaimed August 28th as Africa Toilet Day.
  • Zululand: This little child covered in human feces was saved out of a long drop or outside toilet where it had been discarded by its mother!

    Jury awards black woman $250K after cops chained her to hospital bed
A jury awarded a Brooklyn landlord $250,000 after she sued the city for an arrest that left her shackled to a hospital bed for 17 days. Karen Brim alleged that the NYPD roughed her up in the stairwell of her Flatbush building in 2012 as they pursued four teens who had been hanging out on the roof. The officers chased the kids into Brim’s building as she was mopping a hallway, she claimed in a federal lawsuit. Brim told the police the kids were visitors, not trespassers, and the officers claimed Brim hit one of the cops with a broom. Brim ended up in Kings County Hospital, where she was handcuffed by her wrist and ankle to her bed for more than two weeks as she awaited multiple surgeries before her arraignment.
Her attorneys, Marshall Bluth, Gerald Cohen and Joshua Fitch, collected $375,000 in fees.

  Bill Cosby - black rapist




  • 18 (antichrist) House Republicans Have Co-Sponsored Sharia Law Resolution against America!
    Tell Congress to Reject Sharia Law House Resolution 257!
    Eighteen Republicans in the House of Representatives have co-sponsored a "hate speech" resolution that calls for prosecution of any American who insults a Muslim. House Resolution 257 is an endorsement of Sharia law speech codes in America. The resolution was written by a Muslim attorney who is on the US government's terror watch list for his close ties to the Taliban and Al Qaeda. This resolution was passed in the dead of night by the US Senate on a cowardly voice vote and now it is inching toward passage in the House -- which is why we must mount a fierce opposition to it immediately.


Double amputee Orthodox jew in wheelchair featured photo on headline "These handicapped New Yorkers are behind hundreds of lawsuits"
Zoltan HirschFive New Yorkers in wheelchairs are behind nearly 400 lawsuits brought against small businesses for lacking handicap access. Such legal claims have been criticized as part of a “cottage industry” of “serial plaintiffs” who target mom-and-pop establishments for quick cash settlements. But others see the suits as helping enforce the American with Disabilities Act. Zoltan Hirsch, 37, a double amputee from Brooklyn, is hell on wheels for those who fail to make their establishments wheelchair accessible. Since 2010, he has filed suit against 195 businesses ranging from a Soho eyeglass shop to Brooklyn bodegas to a Hell’s Kitchen restaurant.

    Psyco sexually-confused knife-wielding (LGBT-QUEER) campus pride leader killed by police at Georgia Tech
Scout Schultz - I'm bisexual, nonbinary, and intersex.Georgia Tech police shot and killed the president of the Pride Alliance student group Saturday night in full view of dorm residents. Police encountered Scout Schultz, a 21-year-old computer engineering student who identified as neither male nor female, in a parking lot outside the dorms after someone called 911 to report “a person with a knife and a gun,” according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Schultz didn’t appear to be holding a gun in video recorded from a window above the parking lot, as the campus was placed on lockdown shortly before midnight. But the student was armed with a knife, the bureau wrote in a statement — and video shows officers repeatedly telling Schultz to drop the weapon as the student advances. “Come on man, let’s drop the knife,” an officer with his gun drawn says in the graphic video. But Schultz walks toward him. “Shoot me!”
  • Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. - (Proverbs 16:18)



  • Lipscomb U cuckold president invites negros into his home, apologizes for cotton stalk centerpieces
    productive black workers - (taking a break) NASHVILLE - The Lipscomb University president issued an apology to the college community on Friday after centerpieces in his home were deemed offensive by students. Randy Lowry invited African-American students to his home for dinner this week to chat about their experience at the university, according to a Facebook post. Some of the students who attended shared their concern about material used for centerpieces which contained cotton stalks.


  De Blasio

  • Studies show that asian american women have the highest std rates - (Can't be.... isn't it black faggots?)
    Fu ManchuOver the course the study, Hahm unmasked some myths common about Asian Americans. She said, “There’s a perception that Asian Americans in particular aren’t practicing sexually risky behaviors. But we found that Asian American young women are at risk of high STDs. For instance, Asian American women had a higher prevalence of STDs than White women in both 1995 (10.4% vs. 7.7) and 2001 (13.5% vs. 8.3%). The incidence of STDs (not diagnosed with STDs in 1995, but developed STIs in 2001) among Asian American women was also higher than that of White women." Hahm suggested that...“Asian and Pacific Islander women also have broader interracial dating patterns than Asian American men. This might explain why these women are exposed to higher rates of STDs.”

Dangers of interracial dating

    "Crazy" Negro gets life without parole for execution of White Houston Deputy Darren Goforth
Shannon J. MilesHarris County Sheriff's Deputy Darren H. GoforthHOUSTON - Shannon Miles has pleaded guilty for the murder of Deputy Darren Goforth. Miles will serve life in prison without the possibility of parole. The guilty plea was part of a plea deal that the prosecution, defense, sheriff, and Deputy Goforth’s family say they’re happy with. It's a sentence the prosecution says is still harsh and just, while also sparing the Goforth family from a trial and allowing them to move forward. Miles pleaded guilty to repeatedly shooting and killing Deputy Goforth at a northwest Harris County gas station in August 2015. Wednesday's hearing lasted just seven minutes. After Miles pleaded guilty, his attorney told the judge he’s confident his client is competent. He said he and others on the defense have had several conversations with him since Miles’ was sent to a state mental hospital. This plea marks the end of an emotional two years for the families of everyone involved in this case, especially Deputy Goforth’s widow, Kathleen. She spoke publicly for the first time after the hearing. "He loved our kids. I'm so grateful for the memories they have of him and I hope to always honor that, as that is what they need. And it's what Darren deserves," Kathleen Goforth said.
Prosecutors say Miles’ longtime mental illness weighed heavily on both their team and Goforth’s widow. They also said getting their chances of getting a death penalty conviction on someone with severe mental illness was “almost zero”. “I can kill a drug-induced crazy guy, and frankly, that’s what I thought I was getting when I started. It’s different when you have a true mental deficiency, and Kathleen is such an amazing person. It weighed heavily on her, it weighed heavily on all of us. It played a large part but not the only part," said Special Prosecutor Brett Ligon. Miles’ motive is still a mystery in this case. "Due to the severity of his mental illness, he is episodal psychotic, he has no memory of the day, that day of his life even," said Anthony Osso, Miles' defense attorney. - (Black-on-white)
    We can almost assuredly assume that the 'MOTIVE' in this black-on-white execution was BLACKTIVIST BRAINWASHING by the left-media.

    (BLACK) Man charged in shooting deaths of his white girlfriend Boston, and a (White) male motorcyclist on I-93 - his father wounded
Lance HollomanMichaela GingrasScott Stevens JrScott Stevens JrBOSTON — A man was charged in connection with two fatal shootings that claimed the lives of a woman in Dorchester and a motorcyclist on Interstate 93 this week. Lance Holloman, 30, was charged with murder, armed assault with intent to murder, and other offenses for allegedly shooting Scott Stevens Jr., 32, and his 54-year-old father as they rode their motorcycles southbound on I-93 near the Neponset Avenue exit Sunday at 5 p.m. Stevens, a resident of East Taunton, died of his injuries at Boston Medical Center on Wednesday; his relative is expected to survive.
Holloman is also charged in the fatal shooting of (his white girlfriend) Michaela Gingras. The 24-year-old resident of Manchester, New Hampshire, was found with fatal gunshot injuries several hours after the I-93 shooting inside a residence on Santuit Street in Dorchester. She was pronounced dead at the scene late Sunday night. Holloman was arrested by Franklin Police on three outstanding warrants following a motor vehicle collision early Monday morning. One of the warrants charged unlawful possession of a firearm for a May 31 incident in which he allegedly directed another person to throw a loaded handgun from a vehicle while fleeing a traffic stop; Holloman evaded police but a warrant issued for his arrest. - (Black-on-white)

    (BLACK) Mother, son arrested in fatal Labor Day hit-and-run crash - that left a young White father, National Guard member dead
Christopher Walthall and his mother SonyaDemosthenes Kostapapas JrDemosthenes Kostapapas JrCLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Police have made two arrested in the death of a Florida man struck and killed in Clayton County while riding his scooter on I-75. Christopher Walthall and his mother Sonya were taken into custody for the death of 31-year-old Demosthenes Kostapapas Jr. who was riding along I-75 near Bob White Trail when he was struck. He soon died at the hospital. Armed with a piece of the car's body, investigators worked diligently for days to solve the case until they finally narrowed down the exact make, model, and color of the suspect's vehicle. Speaking with dealerships, investigators learned that the car was taken to Hennessy of Southlake for repairs in Christopher's name. In his confession, he later admitted to being the driver during the fatal crash on I-75. He has since been charged with first-degree vehicular homicide, improper lane change, leaving the scene of an accident and driving on a suspended license. Additional warrants were taken out for Sonya who is the registered owner of the vehicle - and the mother of the suspect. She was charged with tampering with evidence and insurance fraud. The warrants were obtained based on her involvement in the case pertaining to the car's repair. Kostapapas was an Army National Guard member and a new father. In a previous interview his mother said she wondered if he would have survived had the driver stopped to help. - (Black-on-white)

    BLACK man indicted on manslaughter charge in killing of his (white) girlfriend
Marquil BrooksKelly CocagnCOVINGTON — A Kenton County grand jury indicted Marquil Brooks, 23, Thursday on one count of manslaughter in the shooting death of Kelly Cocagne, 30. Prosecutor Rob Sanders said Brooks turned himself in. Sanders said Brooks and Cocagne were in a relationship and lived in the same home where Cocagne was shot last month.

Covington police would not confirm what led up to the shooting and Sanders said the details about Brooks cleaning the gun is "not consistent with the police investigation." - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Black man and new? white female fornicater convicted in beating of the black guy's older female fornicater who they beat and locked up
Aaron Wesley JenkinsKimberly Renee MarkhamA Roanoke man was convicted of beating a Roanoke woman with whom he shared a residence. Aaron Wesley Jenkins, 32, pleaded no contest to abduction and malicious wounding. Roanoke Circuit Judge Charles Dorsey found Jenkins guilty. Jenkins was the second of two defendants convicted in the case. Jenkins lived in the apartment with the victim. On March 16, he brought another woman inside, Kimberly Renee Markham, and they beat the victim and dragged her inside a closet. Police, alerted at 12:40 a.m. to screams coming from the apartment unit, knocked but got no answer. After forcing open the door, officers found Jenkins and Markham engaging in sex in a bedroom and found the victim in the bedroom’s closet. Markham pleaded no contest last month to malicious wounding. The victim, age 55 at the time of the incident, was treated at a hospital for injuries to her head, hand, back and chest and released. She was later hospitalized and spent time in intensive care as a result of complications from the attack, but survived.

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black) Anniston High School teacher arrested on sexual abuse charges
Shedrick Bernard LongANNISTON, Ala. — A teacher at Anniston High School has been taken into custody on sexual abuse charges, according to Sgt. Kyle Price with Anniston Police. The Calhoun County DA’s office issued warrants on a charge of 2nd-degree sexual abuse, and a charge of sexual contact with a student under 19 as a school employee against Shedrick Bernard Long, 46.

    More students come forward with sex crime allegations against black former substitute teacher
Lamont Barrett CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools substitute teacher at Rocky River High School was arrested after he was accused of sex crimes involving a student. Lamont Barrett 31, was suspended two weeks ago and was fired Thursday. Mint Hill police officers now say they have spoken with more students who have come forward with allegations against Barrett. Mint Hill police charged the former substitute teacher with seven counts of indecent liberties involving a student. Police said on Thursday there was one victim. Records show the abuse happened during school hours and inside a classroom. Barrett was hired in March of this year. He only worked at Rocky River High. Officers are asking parents to talk with their children to find out if they encountered Barrett.

    Black Cleveland man stabbed after being found naked atop girlfriend's 12-year-old daughter - charged with rape
suspectCLEVELAND, Ohio -- A Cleveland man faces felony charges after his girlfriend found him sexually assaulting her 12-year-old daughter and stabbed him several times at a West Side home, records say. Troy Parks, 31, is charged with rape and gross sexual imposition in the incident that happened Tuesday. The mother of the victim has not been charged with any crimes. The mother told police that she stabbed Parks six times after she found him naked on top of her daughter around 2:30 a.m. The girl told investigators that Parks had also touched her in the past. Police asked a judge to hold Parks on a high bond due to fears of retaliation against the victim and her family. Police also asked the judge to issue a no contact order between Parks and the victim. Parks suffered five stab wounds to his chest and one in the back of his head. Officers found "lots of blood on scene" when they went to investigate.
  • VINELINK: Ohio: Troy Parks: Offender Name: PARKS, TROY Age: 31 Location: Cuyahoga Co. Jail Race: African American

    black suspect(obscene monkey)MIDDLETOWN, Del. —Police in Delaware are searching for a serial flasher. Over the course of the last few months, police believe the same man exposed his genitalia to women. Police say the suspect has been linked to at least four incidents, three of which occurred in downtown Middletown. The suspect is described as a black man in his late teens to early 20s, with a short crew cut style hair cut and medium complexion.

    Newly Hired (BLACK) Fort Smith Police Employee Resigns After Being Charged With Misconduct
Harold Rochon FORT SMITH — The newly hired Fort Smith police deputy director of administrative services, Harold Rochon resigned from his position. Rochon had been employed for a week. According to city administrator Carl Geffken, last Friday, Rochon spoke with Police Chief Nathaniel Clark and mentioned that an issue surfaced in Detroit and that it could result in criminal charges. According to assistant Wayne County prosecutor Maria Miller in Detroit, Rochon is a former Detroit police official and has been charged with misconduct in office. Rochon was arraigned Tuesday in court and was released on a personal bond of $3,000, according to Miller. Miller stated Rochon is accused of having Detroit officers build a deck at his home during work hours. Rochon is scheduled to go back before a judge for a probable cause hearing on Sept. 19, said Miller, and before a judge on a preliminary examination on Sept. 25.
  • Former Detroit police captain accused of ordering on-duty officers to build deck at his home - September 13, 2017
    Rochon is also the subject of a lawsuit by a Detroit police detective who said the former captain ordered him to take an early vacation and stop an investigation of Kwame Kilpatrick while he was mayor. The alleged misconduct happened in 2015. Rochon resigned in April 2016, ending a 30-year career with the department.
  • Kwame Kilpatrick - Wikipedia He resigned as mayor in September 2008 after being convicted on felony counts, including perjury and obstruction of justice. Kilpatrick was sentenced to four months in jail after pleading guilty, and was released on probation after serving 99 days.

    (Black) Ohio mom accused of pulling gun on student in middle school parking lot
Mary ThomasMAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio – An Ohio mother faces charges after she allegedly pulled a gun in a middle school parking lot. Mary Thomas was charged with inducing panic, inciting to violence, aggravated menacing, contributing to the delinquency or unruliness of a child, and falsification. The incident happened last week outside Milkovich Middle School in Maple Heights (southeast of Cleveland). Thomas has a 12-year-old daughter at the school. Other parents said the girl got into a fight with another female student. The next day, Thomas came to pick up her child and pulled the gun. They said Thomas’ daughter later went on social media and a gun could be seen in the picture. "They seen her reaching into her purse. She pulled it out. And they're like, ‘She got a gun, she got a gun,'" the mother of one child there said. "She pulled it out of her purse and started cocking it," another parent said. Thomas has a permit to carry a gun. Thomas also told police she was hit with mace in that school parking lot. The older sister of another girl said she pulled out the mace after Thomas showed the gun.






Asia Thomas

    (white) Woman attacks her (black) husband after he 'barges in' to her bedroom while she was 'pleasuring herself' because he thought another man was inside
Flavia Higgs, 42, hit her husband Garrett  
  • Flavia Higgs, 42, hit her (black) husband Garrett when he 'barged' in to her bedroom
  • The pair sleep in different rooms at their Port St Lucie home in Florida 
  • He thought there was another man in her room when he heard her moans
  • The 43-year-old used a screwdriver to unlock her door and break in 
  • Flavia 'jumped up', hit him in the face and then called 911 while they argued

Dangers of interracial dating


    "White-Hispanic" Racist manspreader (ALLEGEDLY) assaulted (black) woman on subway: cops
black female suspectHispanic suspectA racist manspreader assaulted a woman on the subway because she asked him to give her a bit more room to sit down, police said Saturday. The 34-year-old victim was seated inside a northbound E train on Tuesday at around 5: 10 pm when the man sat down, partially on top of her, police said. When she asked him to move for a moment so she could readjust herself, he shouted: “Just because you’re African American, you think you can go on your Kanye West rant, you black b***h,” according to cops, who have released an image of the suspect.
The matter escalated even further when both passengers left at the 7th Avenue stop in Manhattan. When she grabbed the man’s backpack to confront him, he punched her in the shoulder and spit in her face again, and then fled back onto the train, police said.

  • (White female) Former OC Teacher Found Stabbed To Death In (92.1% black) Jamaica
    SANTA ANA — Jamaican authorities are investigating the mysterious murder of an Orange County woman who traveled to the country last week. Heidi Muth, a former Mission Viejo fourth-grade teacher, was found dead in an upscale neighborhood in Montego Bay, Jamaica Sunday. Her body had multiple stab wounds on her back. Muth’s brother said the 67-year-old woman, who lived with her adopted son, went to Jamaica last week alone and that no one knew about her trip. He says she went there to meet someone, though it’s unclear whom she was meeting and why. A jogger found her body on a dirt track.



  • Roman Catholic Pennsylvania Priest Gets Jail Time for Child Porn Possession
    Monsignor John Stephen MrazA Roman Catholic priest in Pennsylvania caught with child pornography by someone helping with his computer is going to jail. The Morning Call of Allentown reported 67-year-old Monsignor John S. Mraz apologized and was sentenced Thursday to six to 23 months. He'll have to register as a sex offender for 15 years. He pleaded guilty in June to possessing child pornography and related offenses. Court records say authorities began investigating Mraz last year, after a member of his church discovered a file link named "naked little boys." Mraz was formerly with St. Ann Catholic Church in Emmaus, and was once chaplain at Lehigh University in Bethlehem. He's also a former teacher at Central Catholic High School in Allentown.


Confederate flag

Confederate flag

Confederate flag
  • Marine accused of trespassing during Confederate rally to be discharged - (There is no 'free speech')
    BURLINGTON, N.C. – One of two U.S. Marines charged with trespassing during a rally at a Confederate monument in North Carolina is being discharged from the Corps. The Times-News of Burlington reports public information officer Capt. Joshua Pena said Camp Lejeune-based Staff Sgt. Joseph W. Manning is being processed for discharge based on his arrest on May 20.









15 September 2017 - Archived - (click at left for full coverage)

New Nation News - Archives

    BLACK Hate crime killer (of White man) sentenced to 25 years in prison
Lashawn MartenJeffrey Babbitt A homeless schizophrenic who fatally slugged a retired train engineer and punched two other strangers in Union Square because they were white was sentenced Tuesday to 25 years in prison. Justice Melissa Jackson gave Lashawn Marten the maximum term after he was convicted at trial of manslaughter as a hate crime and other raps for the senseless attack on 62-year-old Jeffrey Babbitt in Sept. 2013. “The evidence was most compelling,” the jurist said in Manhattan Supreme Court. “You targeted people because of the color of their skin.” She continued, “When you are off your medications, you are a danger to society, and you’re a powder keg that is ready to ignite.” The deadly outburst occurred after he had lost several games of chess, according to media accounts. Marten, 44, yelled that he would “f—k up” the next white person he saw just before striking Babbitt so hard he bashed his head into the pavement and his skull cracked open. The unhinged man then slugged a 19-year-old who tried to help the dying man. A second passerby, who was knocked unconscious by Marten when he rushed to Babbitt’s aid, choked up Tuesday as he read a statement in court. - (Black-on-white)

    2 BLACK men arrested for kidnapping, raping Ole Miss student
Kendrick Norwood (L) Charles Prince (R)Margaux HuffOXFORD, MS ——Panola County Sheriff's Department arrested two men accused of kidnapping an Ole Miss student. District Attorney said 28-year-old Kedrick Kevon Norwood and 34-year-old Charles Roger Prince have both been arrested and charged with one count of kidnapping and rape. Oxford Police Department said the woman and a friend received a ride around 1 a.m. Sunday from two men they did not know. The men picked up the women at Oxford Square. "These two people showed up and said 'Hey, do y'all need a ride,' and they [the women] got in the car with them," Hildon Sessums, captain of the Oxford Police Department said. After riding around for an hour, one woman stayed in the car while her friend got out. The friend who got out, later became worried about her friend. "She was worried about her friend because she had tried calling her and she wasn't answering her phone, so that's when we got involved with the sheriffs department," Sessums said.
Police said the woman was taken to a house in Panola County that morning and was held against her will. Panola County Sheriff's Department received a tip around 10:30 p.m. Sunday that she was there, and deputies were able to get the woman to safety and took the two men into custody. The Clarion Ledger reported both men were on parole at the time the crime occurred. - (Black-on-white)
  • Two female Ole Miss students missing - feared kidnapped * Police searching for missing Ole Miss student Margaux Huff
  • Oxford Police Department Release Statement on Kidnapping Victims
    The Oxford Police Department Released a statement detailing the events surrounding the two kidnapped females. The statement is below in its entirety. On September 10, 2017, at approximently 1:11 am, Margaux Huff and a friend received a ride from two black males who they did not know. After riding around for about an hour Margaux and her friend got out of the vehicle but Huff got back in. Margaux Huff was taken to a house in Panola County early that morning where she was held against her will. At approximently 10:30 pm that night a tip came in with a possible location of where Margaux Huff was at. The Panola County Sheriff’s Department made contact with Huff and got her out safely. Two black males are in custody at the Panola County Sheriffs Department. We will refer to them for the names and charges of the suspects since it occurred in their jurisdiction. We would like to thank the Panola County Sheriffs Department for their efforts in assisting in this joint investigation.

Dangers of interracial dating

    Black Subway slasher gets five years for attack on elderly woman
Damon KnowlesThe unhinged man who slashed a 71-year-old woman’s face on a Manhattan subway train last year was sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison. Damon Knowles, 22, previously copped to first-degree assault for the Jan. 25, 2016, attack in exchange for the lenient deal struck with prosecutors in Manhattan Supreme Court. The deranged slasher was caught after his girlfriend’s grandmother recognized him from surveillance video released by the NYPD. He told cops that he had slashed the elderly woman with a razor as the D train pulled into the Broadway-Lafayette station because he felt threatened, according to a criminal complaint. The victim needed 30 stitches to close the gash on her face, court papers say.

    (LGBT-Queer dirty deviant black) accused of sex crimes with boys, impersonating officer arrested at USC
Anthony BriggsCOLUMBIA, S.C. – A Chesnee man accused of sex crimes with minors who thought he was an officer is in trouble again. Anthony Briggs, 22, was arrested by University of South Carolina Police on campus while allegedly armed. Police say they also found a sheriff’s deputy badge on Briggs. Police responded to a report of a suspicious person at the Strom Thurmond Center around 7 p.m. Tuesday. Police found a semi-automatic handgun, Taser, ammunition and a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office badge on Briggs. They also reportedly found 10.6 grams of a substance that appeared to be marijuana. In June, the S.C. Law Enforcement Division charged Briggs with several crimes including criminal sexual conduct with a minor, two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, disseminating obscene material to a minor and impersonating a law enforcement officer. Authorities say the victims are between the ages of 12 and 14.

    (Black) Man gets 15 years for child sex crime in Abbeville
George Anthony ClarkABBEVILLE, SC — George Anthony Clark, 44 was found guilty of third degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor Wednesday afternoon by an Abbeville County jury. Circuit Judge Donald Hocker sentence Clark 15-years, the maximum allowed by state law on the charge of third degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor. Judge Hocker also ordered Clark be monitored by GPS and listed on the sex offender registry for life. Solicitor Stumbo of the Abbeville County Sheriff’s Office said, “There is simply no room in our society for predators like George Anthony Clark and we will continue to stand up and fight for those who have fallen prey to them,”

    Negro monkey wanted for indecent exposure at Tallahassee gas station arrested
Antwan Jenkins(obscene monkey)TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - A Tallahassee man is facing additional charges after being accused of touching himself in public multiple times at a gas station. Antwan Jenkins was charged on Thursday with indecent exposure. According to a probable cause affidavit, officers were called to the Marathon/BP gas station at 2315 Capital Circle NE about a man who was seen touching himself at the store. The employee said that she was cleaning the restrooms when she saw Jenkins sitting at the tables outside the restroom. When she came out again, he was touching himself. The employee says that when she confronted the man, he told her he was "upset with the government." The document says the employee then saw Jenkins "clean up," and believed he left the store. However, when she finished cleaning the women's restroom, she saw Jenkins doing the same thing, this time with his pants down.

    Black man returned to face rape charges - the victim was 9 years old
Brent Austin MiolenA Cleveland man and member of the U.S. Army was returned to Bradley County to face charges of two counts of rape of a child. Brent Austin Miolen, 20, of 1620 Lee St., was booked at the Bradley County Jail Wednesday, after waiving extradition from El Paso, Texas. Miolen had been taken into custody following the Aug. 16 indictment. The incident reportedly occurred on April 13, and the victim was 9 at the time, according to Sgt. Evie West, Cleveland Police Department public information officer. “(Miolen) was a member of the United States Army and was stationed in Ansbach, Germany,” West explained. “Detective Andy Ratcliff contacted the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division at Fort Bliss, Texas, and was provided contact information to the Army’s CID office in Ansbach, Germany.” West said Ratcliff and Army investigators worked in conjunction throughout the investigation, which resulted in the grand jury indictment. Miolen was escorted by the Army back from Germany to Fort Bliss, where he was placed in custody. “Once the indictment was handed down by the grand jury, Detective Ratcliff contacted the CID office at Fort Bliss, where they immediately released Miolen into the custody of the El Paso Sheriff’s Office,” West added.

    Black Man sentenced to life for Valdosta rape of a 74-year-old woman
Armaster McEadyVALDOSTA — Armaster McEady was sentenced to life in prison Friday for rape, burglary and aggravated battery on a 74-year-old woman. Southern Circuit Judge James Tunison sentenced McEady in Lowndes County Superior Court. The judge sentenced McEady to life on the rape conviction, 10 years on the burglary count and 20 years for aggravated battery, all to run concurrently. McEady will not have an opportunity for parole for 30 years, the judge said. McEady had nothing to say in his defense prior to being sentenced to life in prison. In August, a Lowndes County jury found McEady guilty after 12 minutes of deliberation. The victim's face and body were severely beaten and she had clear signs of rape April 26, 2015, when she was admitted to South Georgia Medical Center, according to court testimony. Her right eye was swollen shut and two of her right ribs were fractured, a witness testified during the August trial. DNA testing linked McEady to the crime.

    BLACK Male Accused of Urinating on Woman & Raping Her
Quinton FisherFAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- A Springdale man was arrested on Tuesday after police say he urinated on a woman and raped her. Quinton Fisher, 24, was booked into the Washington County Detention Center and faces charges of rape, first-degree false imprisonment, third-degree domestic battering, aggravated assault and more. His bond has been set at $100,000. Police found the victim and noted she appeared to have been involved in a disturbance. The victim told authorities she had been held against her will by Fisher. Over the weekend, Fisher took her tablet away (her only means of communication with family and friends) and raped her. It states he urinated on her, choked her, dragged her by the hair, and forced her to go with him to multiple locations. On two occasions, Fisher forced her to take sleeping medicine. The victim told police he threatened to burn her house down with her child in it if she screamed. So, she didn't scream out of fear for her child. She was finally allowed to leave when an unnamed man intervened and spoke to Fisher, telling him not to make the victim cry. It states when police found her, she had scratches and bruises on her collar bone. A search warrant was executed at Fisher's home, and inside police found what appeared to be blood on the carpet, the odor of urine, sleeping pills, marijuana and the victim's underwear.

Tomiere Harris   Police arrest BLACK serial Glasgow Park groper who exposed himself, grabbed women walking
A 19-year-old Southbridge man was charged in connection to a number of unlawful sexual contact incidents which occurred in Glasgow Park, New Castle County Police announced Tuesday. According to authorities, Tomiere Harris inappropriate touched women on three separate occasions and exposed himself to a fourth while she was using a portable bathroom. Between October 2016 and September 2017, Harris allegedly: 
  • grabbed a 43-year-old woman while she was walking through parkland (Oct. 2016) 
  • opened the door and exposed himself to a woman using a portable bathroom (Nov. 2016)
  • inappropriately touched a 59-year-old woman walking through the parkland (July 2017) 
  • inappropriately touched a 43-year-old woman walking through the parkland (Sept. 2017)

    Police searching for murder suspect considered "armed and dangerous"
Leonard Ardell Durham IVCOLUMBUS — Columbus Police are searching for a man accused of murder in west Columbus. An arrest warrant was issued for Leonard Ardell Durham IV Monday. Police say the 35-year-old should be considered armed and dangerous. Investigators say Durham shot and killed 27-year-old Devon Durr on South Richardson Avenue on Sunday, August 27th. They believe the shooting happened after a dispute between the two. Durham reportedly fled the scene in a cream-colored Cadillac. If you have any information or see Durham, police are asking people to call them immediately.

    2 men beaten on Vegas Strip, search for (black) attackers underway
pack of 5 niggers and a white whoreLAS VEGAS — Police are searching for a group of suspects involved in a violent attack on Las Vegas Boulevard in Aug.. Officers said they located two male victims suffering from a variety of injuries at about 6:15 a.m. on Aug. 25 in the 3600 block of South Las Vegas Boulevard. The men were walking through a retail shopping area at that location when a woman took property from one of the victims, according to Metro. An altercation then took place between the parties that led to a group of five men following the victims and beating them at a nearby location.

    Philadelphia NAACP Expresses Outrage Over Dropped Charges In Amtrak Case - NAACP - "fighting for black criminals"
Griffin CampbellPHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP held a news conference Thursday morning to express outrage over a judge’s recent decision to dismiss all criminal charges against Amtrak engineer Brandon Bostian. Bostian was at the controls when Amtrak Train 188 derailed on Frankford Curve in 2015. Eight people died and hundreds more were hurt in the incident. A Philadelphia judge on Tuesday ruled state prosecutors did not present enough evidence against Bostian to sustain criminal negligence charges, and dropped the case. NAACP leaders say the justice system unfairly allowed the white engineer to go free for an accident, while a black contractor was found criminally liable and convicted for the deadly salvation army collapse in 2013. Griffin Campbell, the contractor, is currently serving a 15 to 30 year sentence. The NAACP is working toward getting him a new trial.


  • St. Louis DAMNED BLACKTIVIST terrorist protests move to upscale neighborhood - 13 arrested
    Protesters have moved to the upscale Central West End section of St. Louis, where a large group is marching through streets chanting as people look on from restaurants and the windows of hospitals lining busy Kingshighway. The group is attempting to march onto Interstate 64 via a nearby entrance, but a large contingent of police is blocking the path. The trendy neighborhood includes Missouri's largest hospital, Barnes-Jewish, along with the Washington University Medical School, St. Louis Children's Hospital and dozens of tech firms.

  • Former St. Louis Police Officer Is Acquitted Of Murder In Anthony Lamar Smith Case
    A judge has acquitted former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley of first-degree murder in the shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith in late 2011. The verdict over Smith's killing has been highly anticipated — and it prompted protests outside the courthouse. "Stockley, who is white, then shot Smith, who was black, five times through the driver's side window.
  • City braces for RACIST BLACKTIVIST protests - (RIOTS and LOOTING are 'traditional')
  • Businesses, schools close in downtown St. Louis - fearing blacktivist black riots and looting
    Activists were gathering downtown to protest the verdict and officials were concerned about the potential for unrest. Several schools also closed early and postponed events scheduled for Friday. And an Alzheimer's Walk scheduled for Saturday in downtown St. Louis was postponed.

  • Pepper spray deployed as police, protesters face off - LIVE VIDEO at 12:38pm PST
    St. Louis - blacktivists protest because white officer not lynched for shooting black criminal...
    ST. LOUIS -- Protesters gathered at the steps of the Carnahan Courthouse in downtown St. Louis Friday morning and continued to march throughout the city. The protests come after a judge found former St. Louis officer not guilty of murder in the 2011 shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith. The St. Louis Police Department tweeted Friday afternoon that officers on buses attempting to leave the area were blocked by demonstrators at Tucker and Spruce. The tweet also said rocks were being thrown at the buses. Less than 10 minutes later, the police department tweeted that agitators were also throwing water bottles at officers. The demonstrators were then ordered to disperse. Police also said they deployed pepper spray at Tucker and Clark. One arrest has been confirmed. Around 11 a.m., one protester was taken into custody at Washington and 14th after damaging a police vehicle. He was charged with Destruction of Property and Failure to Obey.

    Cell phone video shows Columbus officers kicking and punching (black) criminal
Timothy DavisCOLUMBUS — A cell phone video circulating on social media shows Columbus police kicking and punching a suspect during an arrest inside an east side neighborhood market. Court records show police charged 31-year-old Timothy Davis with resisting police. Davis has a criminal history that includes multiple charges of resisting arrest and assault and there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The criminal complaint says Davis “tensed up to fight” after being told he was under arrest. “Officer grabbed a hold of Mr. Davis and he pulled away. He then took an officer to the ground, fighting and biting officers.”

  • Kid Rock gloats over Sharpton kid’s bust
    Al SharptonAshley SharptonHenrietta HippoKid Rock, who has been feuding with Al Sharpton, was gloating Sunday over the arrest of the reverend’s daughter. The performer retweeted The Post’s story of Ashley Sharpton’s weekend arrest on charges she struck a cab driver and stole his keys, adding, “These ‘activists’ are such nice people . . . not.”The move comes after Sharpton’s National Action Network’s Detroit chapter announced plans to protest at a series of Kid Rock’s upcoming concerts and appearances in the city because he raises the Confederate flag onstage. “Why is he retweeting this stuff?” Sharpton groused to The Post on Sunday. Sharpton said Kid Rock “added fuel to the fire” and that NAN still plans to protest.

  • (BLACK MALE) Teen Posts Death Threats, Racial Slurs Against (black and Hispanic) High School Students on Instagram
    BuckwheatStudents at West Chester East High School in Chester County were on high alert on September 11 after death threats and racial slurs aimed at freshmen were posted on social media. “I feel bad for ya’ll,” a teen posted on a now-deleted Instagram account Sunday night. “Because ya’ll think it’s a joke. Each and everyone on sic those n****** will be killed tomorrow.” Other posts from the account threatened specific students, the majority of them black or Hispanic, and included racial slurs. West Goshen Police announced they found the student responsible for the threats. They say the teen is a 14-year-old black male. He will be charged with terroristic threats, harassment and cyber harassment of a child.

  • Chaos Erupts At Philadelphia City Council Meeting As BLACKTIVIST Protesters Arrested - Council members threatened
    black female protester (Ferguson)PHILADELPHIA — Protesters turn a Philadelphia City Council meeting into chaos on Thursday morning. Several Black Is Back demonstrators disrupted the session shortly before noon, protesting police-involved shootings. Organizers say they want the council to pass a bill that allows the black community to control policing in their neighborhood. “This is not us asking you. This is us demanding that this happen. It’s going to turn a nice little bourgeois City Council meeting into a revolutionary occupation,” said protester Megan Malachy.


    Black pervert Zookeeper accused of secretly videotaping female co-workers 'legs' - hiding under a picnic bench
Atu Marshall He took care of wild animals at the Prospect Park Zoo — but he acted like a pig to his female co-workers, a new lawsuit charges. Brooklyn zookeeper Atu Marshall secretly shot cellphone footage of the women from under a picnic bench, “holding his camera so that the lens is facing outwards towards the legs of the female employees,” according to Manhattan federal court papers. The plaintiffs — fellow wild animal zookeepers Tierney O’Neal and Justine Wilber — are suing the zoo, claiming that when they reported Marshall’s creepy behavior, their managers failed to discipline or even reprimand him.

    New details on case of toddler left out in storm
Angelo MitchellJASPER, Fla. – Arrest records reveal new details on what led up to a 19-month-old being left outside during Tropical Storm Irma. The little girl’s father, 36-year-old Angelo Mitchell, is charged with child cruelty, accused of abandoning the toddler in the storm. According to the arrest report, the girl’s mother called police early Monday to the family’s home near the corner of 11th Avenue and Martin Luther King Drive in Jasper. She told investigators Mitchell left the house with the toddler in his car at about 11 o’clock the night before. The mother told investigators when Mitchell came back to the house about two hours later, he didn’t have the little girl with him. He told the toddler’s mother he’d left her at the house and never had her, according to the arrest report. Officers and deputies searched the area and used a tracking dog to try to find the child, but came up empty. Under questioning by investigators, Mitchell insisted his daughter was safe, was never with him, and must be with a family friend.

The arrest report says Mitchell admitted having several drinks while his daughter was in his care, and officers could smell alcohol on his breath and person. Officers arrested him on child cruelty charges while the little girl was still missing. Monday morning, around 11:30, a passerby discovered the child, lying in the yard of a home about 400-500 yards from her house. The sheriff says the 19-month-old suffered the whole night through the storm, exposed to the wind and rain, and was purple in color. Witnesses tell WCTV the child was also covered in scratches and bug bites.



Black female Purse-Snatcher Caught Swiping Elderly White Woman’s Handbag in Grocery store
black female purse snatcherBURBANK — Police are searching for a purse-snatcher caught on camera stealing an elderly woman’s handbag while she was grocery shopping. The elderly victim put her purse on her scooter’s floorboard while shopping at the Ralph’s on Victory Blvd. in Burbank Tuesday morning. Security video shows a woman stalking behind her, striking as soon as the victim looks away. As the woman walks off, the victim appears to have no idea her purse is missing and continues shopping. The suspect left in a white sedan and dumped the woman’s purse, but kept her I.D., credit cards and money. Police describe the thief as between 20-30 years old and about 5-feet-6-inches tall. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Former New Jersey Trooper Admits Pulling Over Women to Ask Them on Dates: Attorney General
Marquice PratherA New Jersey state trooper has admitted to tampering with evidence and falsifying records to cover up his habit of pulling over women to ask them on dates, and has agreed to forfeit his job, authorities say. Marquice Prather, 37, who has been suspended without pay since his arrest last December, pleaded guilty Monday to charges of invasion of privacy, tampering with physical evidence and falsifying or tampering with records. Prather is permanently banned from public office or employment as part of the plea agreement, and the state will recommend that Prather will be sentenced to probation, the New Jersey attorney general's office says. Authorities say Prather would pull over female motorists without reason and would go through their cellphones, after asking them to unlock their phones. He'd go through personal information and photos, and in some cases, copied intimate photos and videos of the women, prosecutors say. He'd solicit the women to go on a date with him or give him their phone numbers.

Derrick Rollins   BLACK Haverford Township Murder Suspect Derrick Rollins Says Nothing, Seeks Private Attorney

    HISPANIC Man sought in 1962 ambush killing in San Antonio surrenders
Josie Martinez never knew her father, Joe Ovalle. A little after noon on Dec. 22, 1962, Ovalle, 26, and his son had just gotten home from Christmas shopping. As soon as the child went inside, Ovalle was shot three times, hit in the abdomen and chest with a .38 outside his home, near the garage. The self-employed sign painter was pronounced dead on arrival at Robert B. Green Hospital from a gunshot wound to the liver, according to his death certificate. On Wednesday, a suspect named decades ago by the man convicted in the ambush-style killing turned himself in to authorities after being on the run for 55 years.Pete Ortiz Jr., 75, surrendered in the 399th state District Court in the death of Ovalle.
Ortiz, who was indicted March 27, 1963, also on a charge of murder with malice, was said to have fled to Mexico.

  • New York State police sent to LI high schools to combat MS-13, other gangs
    Gov. Cuomo announced on Wednesday that a contingent of state troopers would be sent to Long Island high schools as part of a new initiative to help combat gangs such as the notorious MS-13. The Gang Violence Prevention Unit would consist of 10 state troopers who would be dispatched to 10 Suffolk County schools that are deemed “high-risk” for gang activity, according to the Governor’s Office.

  • Hispanic female Temptress Alexandra Martinez dodges jail for drugging, robbing wealthy men
    Alexandra MartinezA bottle-blond temptress dodged jail time Thursday and took a plea deal for drugging a string of wealthy men and stealing their Rolex watches and cash. Alexandra Martinez, 21, copped to one count of third-degree grand larceny in Manhattan Supreme Court in exchange for five years probation and restitution of $9,000.

    Suspect in Stolen San Francisco Police Gun Murder is an Undocumented Immigrant Who Was Being Tracked By ICE
Hispanic suspectOne of the three men charged with carrying out a murder with a police officer's off-duty revolver was wearing an electronic monitor issued by United States immigration officials. Data from that monitor confirms that the 18-year-old suspect was at the murder scene at the time of the slaying. Erick Garcia-Pineda entered a not guilty plea to a litany of charges, including allegations that he murdered 23-year-old Abel Ezquivel on the street in the San Francisco's Mission District early in the morning of Aug. 15. Two other defendants also denied the allegations, which include an allegation of murder during the commission of a robbery, which would trigger a term of life in prison without parole.
Garcia-Pineda is an undocumented immigrant and was wearing an ICE-issued electronic monitoring bracelet at the time of the slaying. Immigration officials did not immediately respond to NBC Bay Area's requests for comment. It is not clear why. Sources tell NBC Bay Area Garcia-Pineda was claiming asylum in the United States -- claiming he was being hounded by MS-13 gang members.

  • 14-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted by HISPANIC At Horeb Spring Park, Arrest Made
    Hispanic suspectWAUKESHA, WI — A sexual assault suspect at Horeb Spring park after the man reportedly assaulted a 14-year-old girl Thursday. Waukesha police responded to Horeb Spring Park just before 6:30 p.m. on a report of the apparent sexual assault. According to police reports, a Hispanic male wearing a gray shirt with black jogging shorts and a red backpack asked a 14-year-old girl if she wanted a beer. The report continued, stating that the suspect reached and touched her inner thigh, breast and lower back, and that the girl had to forcibly remove herself from the situation. The woman fled and called the police from on top of the hill near Summit and Hyde Park.

  • Fearful of Trump's America, mud asylum seekers from across the globe stream into Canada
    They are part of a surge of asylum seekers from Haiti, Sudan, Turkey, Eritrea and beyond who have been streaming into Canada in recent months, hoping for refuge they believe will be denied them in the United States. The largest share — about 85% of those currently arriving — are BLACK Haitians who lacked visas to enter the U.S. or overstayed the ones they had and now fear being sent home.

  • Fast Track to Citizenship Is Cut Off for Some Military Recruits
    In the last week, recruiters have rescinded contracts for an unknown number of foreign nationals who had signed up for Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest, or Mavni, a program introduced in 2009 to attract immigrants with certain language and other skills that are in short supply into the armed forces.




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    CNN, MSNBC, New York Times Totally Ignore Kansas ‘Kill All White People’ Murder Suspect
    Fredrick D. ScottSteven GibbonsJohn W. PalmerTimothy S. RiceMichael DarbyDavid LenoxA story about an African-American male who allegedly murdered multiple white men after once saying he wanted to “kill all white people” is being completely ignored by the liberal media. Fredrick Demond Scott, a 22-year-old black male, has been charged this week with the murder of Steven Gibbons and John Palmer, two middle-aged white males. Gibbons was reportedly found dead on August 14 of this year and Gibbons was killed in Aug. 2016. Scott is also a suspect in three other killings of white men. (RELATED: White Men In Kansas City Have Been Shot Dead By Possibly Racially Motivated Serial Killer) This comes after Scott reportedly once said that he wanted to “kill all white people.” Many media outlets appear to have completely ignored this story. As of publishing, CNN.com returns no results for “Fredrick Demond Scott,” the name of the alleged anti-white killer: - (Black-on-white)






Black unemployment * Black illegitimacy * Black promiscuity * Black paranoia * Black victimhood * Blacktivist agitation by anti-White media

  Picking cotton
The 'Back to Africa' movement has failed * "Affirmative Action" has failed * Public school integration has failed
Those illegal aliens have taken all the jobs that African-American's won't do - they must resort to crime to survive because anything other than professional sports, the rap-music industry or politics would be demeaning and seem like "slave labor"

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