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    BLACK Suspect arrested after allegedly killing (White) man, carjacking multiple people in Cleveland
Jared PlesecJared PlesecWilliam Ted JonesCleveland police say a male suspect was arrested Saturday morning after he allegedly killed a man and carjacked several other people. Officers responded to the Euclid Beach Villa apartment complex on E 156th St. and found 21-year-old Jared Plesec fatally shot in the head. Authorities say the suspect (later identified as 27-year-old William Ted Jones) fled the area and attempted to carjack a woman at a nearby gas station. She drove away, but shots were fired at her. Jones then allegedly carjacked a man and drove the vehicle to the E 55th St. marina, where he carjacked a third victim and shot her in the leg. Lakewood Police say he carjacked two more people and drove through a garage door at the Marine Towers apartment complex before being taken into custody on Lake Ave. around 9:40 a.m. Cleveland Metroparks police also confiscated a gun found near Detroit Ave. Jared Plesec was a 2014 graduate of Villa Angela-St. Joseph and had worked at the Salvation Army in Collinwood for several years. He was a Bible study teacher there. Friends describe him as smart, sweet and full of faith. They say he would want them to forgive his killer. - (Black-on-white)

    Accused cop-killer Travis Boys deemed competent after feces-eating episode
Travis BoysDaryle HollowayNearly three hours into his mental competency hearing Thursday (Nov. 30), Travis Boys caused a half-filled New Orleans courtroom to catch its breath when he said he needed to use the restroom. This time, it was a false alarm. Flanked by four guards, Boys left and then returned quickly to his stoic posture at the defendant's table. But less than two months prior, the 35-year-old accused cop-killer had sickened the courtroom after returning from a bathroom break during an Oct. 18 jury selection for his upcoming trial for murder of a New Orleans police officer. That day, Boys retook his seat after the break, unfurled a paper towel and picked out a handful of feces, which he proceeded to smear on his face and eat.

    Black Entertainment: Hip-hop mogul found guilty again for hiring hitman to kill pal of 50 Cent
James "​Jimmy Henchman" RosemondFormer entertainment manager James “​Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond has been found guilty for a second time of hiring a hitman to kill a pal of rapper 50 Cent. ​Just after 8 p.m. Tuesday, a Manhattan federal jury convicted Rosemond, who once repped stars like S​​ean Kingston and Mike Tyson, on four counts of murder-for-hire, each of which carries a life sentence. Rosemond, the founder of talent management company Czar ​E​ntertainment, was already serving two life sentences tied to separate drug and gun convictions, so a not guilty verdict would not have freed him from life in prison. Still, he has long maintained that he never intended to kill Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher in 2009, and that he only hired men to shoot at Fletcher for his role in roughing up Rosemond’s 14-year-old son amid a long-running feud between 50 Cent’s G-Unit and a rapper Rosemond represented.

    (Black) Mugger fractures Brooklyn woman's face after following her home
nigger muggerA Brooklyn woman’s face was pummeled by a mugger who followed her home and snatched her purse, police said Friday. The 63-year-old victim was walking inside her Morgan Ave. building in Greenpoint when the creep followed her inside and attacked her around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, cops said. Surveillance footage from outside the building shows the thief’s lookout standing outside and at one point, looking directly at the video camera.

    Jiggaboo disemboweled brudah-in-law on CTA bus
Darnell R. ScottAn Englewood man stabbed his brother-in-law at least 25 times on a CTA bus, partially disemboweling him in front of other riders, prosecutors said Saturday. A judge denied bail for Darnell R. Scott, 37, who is accused of stabbing his 50-year-old brother-in-law numerous times with a 2-inch pocket knife as the two rode the No. 63/63rd Street bus Thursday around 6:30 p.m. The victim suffered numerous wounds to his abdomen, arms, legs, neck and the back of his head before the bus came to a stop in the 300 block of West 63rd Street, according to Cook County prosecutors and police.

    Negress postal worker accused of stealing check from mail meant to buy wigs for kids with cancer
Shanae Bingham(black Grinch)COPLEY, Ohio - A Copley, Ohio mail carrier is facing a felony charge and is off the job, accused of stealing a check meant for a non-profit that designs wigs for kids with cancer. Shanae Bingham, 23, of Akron is charged with theft. Copley police said Bingham is expected to turn herself in next week.

    'A threat to the community:' erectus negro sex offender arrested 32 times
(obscene monkey)Oscar RowellDELRAY BEACH, Fla. — A local convicted rapist and registered sex offender is now back behind bars, just hours after being released from jail. Oscar Rowell, 59, has been arrested 32 times on a number of charges and has served time in prison. Anne Margo Cannon, a Delray Beach resident, has had enough. "I am here because this man is a threat to the community," she said. "I am afraid my children and other children might be exposed to his indecent behavior in public or that someone might get hurt." Roswell has been arrested twice in just two days. "It is my observation that the delray beach police department is spending a tremendous time trying to protect people from being his next victim," Cannon said. Delray Beach detective Joseph Hart attended Rowell's first appearance for a trespassing charge. The day before, he was accused of exposing himself in public. "This was on the public beach in front of several people playing volleyball," Hart said. Hart told the judge why he believes Rowell is a danger to the public.


Israeli flag

Israeli flag


Legendary (jewish) (LGBT-Queer) opera conductor James Levine molested teen (boy) for years
James LevineLegendary Metropolitan Opera conductor James Levine molested an Illinois teenager from the time he was 15 years old, sexual abuse that lasted for years and led the alleged victim to the brink of suicide, according to a police report obtained by The Post. The alleged abuse began while Levine was guest conductor at the Ravinia Music Festival outside Chicago, a post the wild-haired maestro held for two decades. The alleged victim came forward to the Lake Forest, Ill. Police Department in October 2016 to detail the molestation, including times when Levine would masturbate in front of him and kiss his penis, according to the report. The alleged victim informed a former Met Opera board member of the alleged abuse in 2016 and she alerted the Met’s general manager, yet Levine continued to wield his baton.

  • James Levine - wiki
    James Levine was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, to a Jewish, musical family: his maternal grandfather was a cantor in a synagogue, his father was a violinist who led a dance band, and his mother was an actress. He began to play the piano as a small child. At the age of 10, he made his concert debut as soloist in Felix Mendelssohn's Piano Concerto No. 2 at a youth concert of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.



  • American (Airlines) Begins Dealing With (alleged) Racial Bias
    American Airlines has pledged to improve its handling of passenger complaints tied to racially biased treatment and revise the way it trains staff on such matters. The announcement comes after a meeting this week between the airline’s CEO Doug Parker and NAACP President Derrick Johnson.

  • Negroid groups demand University of Chicago pay slavery reparations
    The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA) held a “Rally for Reparations” in front of Levi Hall, the University’s main administrative building, on Tuesday morning urging the University to make amends for what they view as “its founding ties to slavery,” according to Kamm Howard, national male co-chair of N’COBRA.


    Remains of missing (white female) Army veteran, dog found in shallow grave - black ex-husband suspect
Dalen Payne WareJulia JacobsonJulia Jacobson's innocent box terrier "Boogie" - killed by niggerSearchers recovered the bodies of a missing Army veteran and her dog in the southern California desert Friday, the woman's brother told a local news station. Fox 5 San Diego reported that the remains of Julia Jacobson and her box terrier, Boogie, were found in rural Riverside County. Ontario, Calif. police said a cadaver dog helped discover the shallow grave containing the bodies just south of Interstate 10. Julia Jacobson and Boogie had not been seen since Sept. 2. Her SUV was found near her San Diego home with her keys in the ignition less than a week later. Detectives said forensic analysis of the car led police to conclude that she had been murdered. Jacobson's ex-husband, Dalen Ware, was arrested at his home in Phoenix on Oct. 13 and faces a murder charge. Ware's attorney told The San Diego Union-Tribune in an email that he showed investigators "the place he had buried" Jacobson without the promise of a plea bargain. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    "Rehabilitated" Negro Whose Sentence Was Commuted by Gov. Gregoire Now Facing Kent Murder Charge
Stonney RiversChristine GregoireDavid CabreraIn her final days in office in 2013, former Gov. Christine Gregoire commuted the life sentence of a man now charged in connection with the shooting death of a 24-year-old man at a Kent motel earlier this month. Stonney Rivers, 50, was charged last week with first-degree murder and is being held without bail, court and jail records show. Rivers, who was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of his third strike in 1995, had his sentence conditionally commuted and was released from prison in January 2015, court records say. He served two years on community supervision, which ended in January. Rivers is accused of fatally shooting David Cabrera in the face during a drug robbery at a Kent motel on Nov. 2, charging papers say. He is also charged with second-degree assault for pointing a gun at Cabrera’s girlfriend and threatening to kill her, say the charges. If convicted, Rivers would again be subject to a life sentence, the charges say. - BLOOD ON HER BLEEDING HEART
- (Black-on-white-Hispanic)
  • Kent Police still searching for man who fatally shot Federal Way man - November 8, 2017
    Kent Police continued to search Tuesday for the man who fatally shot a 24-year-old Federal Way man during a dispute last week. David Cabrera died Nov. 2 from a gunshot wound of the head, according to the King County Medical Examiner’s Office.
  • Funeral expenses for David Cabrera
  • Pro Queer Christine Gregoire From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A landmark gay civil rights bill failed in the 2005 session but subsequently passed in the 2006 session. It was primarily responsible for expanding the scope of protected classes to include sexual orientation and gender identity in cases of discrimination. The bill was signed by Gregoire on January 31, 2006. She also signed a law on April 21, 2007 granting same-sex couples domestic partnership rights.
  • 2 suspects arrested, charged in deadly Kent motel shooting
    KENT, Wash. - Two suspects have been arrested in connection with a deadly shooting at a Kent motel, including one suspect who was released from prison after former Gov. Chris Gregoire commuted his life sentence for previous crimes. As investigators worked on the case, corroborating information they received, they were able to identify the two suspects involved as 50-year-old Stonney Marcus Rivers and 47-year-old Theneious Swafford.

    Woman suing Amtrak in Montana for being raped by a racist n*word black sex beast negro boogie man
Charles Henry Pinnerrape victimA North Carolina woman is suing Amtrak after she was violently raped on the passenger train by an employee as it passed by Wolf Point in 2015, alleging the carrier had the responsibility to protect her from employees such as her assailant, who had a long and "egregious disciplinary record."
After passing through Chicago, the three sisters had planned to stop and spend several days in Glasgow to meet with the woman's nephew and tour around eastern Montana. But before arriving in Glasgow on April 19, an Amtrak employee entered the woman's sleeping car, locked the door and violently raped her. The attack was so brutal that a sexual assault examiner in Washington State was able to document and photograph the bruising and bite marks on the woman's body after she reported the rape several days later. The train employee, 59-year-old Charles Henry Pinner, was a resident of Detroit and worked as a sleeper car attendant at the time, his third job on the railroad since being first hired. Amtrak had records of Pinner's employee misconduct from 2000, specifically incidents of hostility against white women, when he told a female co-worker, "You're the typical garden variety type, and that's a typical Anglo-Saxon trait," and on the same day told another, "I have no trouble strangling a white woman." - (Black-on-white)

    Black Manhattan sex trafficker pimp 'animal' whines about ‘insane’ jail term
Michael LambpimpA convicted sex trafficker who targeted vulnerable runaway teens from the Covenant House blew up in Manhattan court Friday after being sentenced to as much as 18 years in prison — insisting he is “not an animal” and doesn’t deserve such a long jail sentence. “That sounds really crazy. That’s insane. That’s murder numbers,” Michael Lamb, 36, said after he was sentenced to between six and 18 years in the slammer by Manhattan criminal-court Judge Ruth Pickholz. Lamb was convicted in June of targeting homeless and runaway teens from the Covenant House, a homeless shelter in Manhattan, and then coercing them to participate in a sex-trafficking and prostitution scheme that spanned both New York and New Jersey.

    Extreme N*gger Violence in Small Canadian Town--66 Carjackings
Black Brothers facing 66 charges in Ajax carjacking cases
Trenell Ottley, 24, and his brother (left) Trevell OttleyAJAX — Two brothers, who live in the north Ajax neighbourhood where multiple carjackings occurred, are now facing a combined 66 charges for these and other violent incidents. Trenell Ottley, 24, and his brother Trevell Ottley, 21, both of Hesketh Road in Ajax, have been charged in connection with nine incidents, including: • Seven incidents involving carjacking, attempt carjackings and robberies of people in or near their vehicles in north Ajax, spanning from Oct. 12 to Nov. 16 • The robbery of a taxi driver near Ajax Downs Casino on Nov. 28 - (Canada)

    Video shows black punks robbing White car salesman at gunpoint
niggerniggerTwo punks brazenly robbed a Bronx car salesman of his pricey bling during a gunpoint heist executed in broad daylight and captured on surveillance video. The crooks posed as customers and were chatting with the 20-year-old employee at NYC Motors in Morrisania on Nov. 28 when one of them whipped a firearm out from his waistband, according to video released by police Friday. The gunman then pointed his weapon at the stunned victim and demanded he hand over his $7,000 Cuban-link chain. His accomplice then yanked the jewelry from the man’s neck. “He reached to his waist and took a gun out. Then he was telling me, ‘Take it off, take it off!,'” the victim told The Post. “My chain was tucked in. I don’t know how he knew.” The first suspect is a described as 5-foot, 5-inches tall with short braids.

    (Black) Mom charged with murder of 2 young children competent for trial
Claudena Marie HeltonThe 30-year-old Dayton mother accused of killing two of her children has been ruled to be “presently competent to stand trial” after the judge reviewed a psychiatric report, but reports about her plea of not guilty by reason of insanity were not finished. Claudena Helton was to be in court Friday in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, but her appearance was continued after an in-chambers meeting of attorneys.

    Black Sports: North Carolina Man Sues Negro Eagles Lineman Fletcher Cox for Seducing Wife
Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher CoxA North Carolina man has filed a lawsuit against a Philadelphia Eagles player who he says seduced his wife. The Charlotte Observer reports Joshua Jeffords, of Huntersville, filed a lawsuit against Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox in Mecklenburg County Civil Court on Nov. 22. The 26-year-old Cox is being sued for alienation of affection. He has yet to respond to the lawsuit. Jeffords said in the filing that he learned in September of text and Snapchat messages between his wife and Cox, including explicit photos and discussions of having children together. He says his wife met Cox during a work trip to Pennsylvania in April and she moved there in October. - (Black Sports)

    BLACK Child Care Agency Employee Accused Of Inappropriate Behavior With 2 Female Students
(obscene monkey)Darrien GloverBALA CYNWYD, Pa. — A worker with a Main Line child care agency is charged after Lower Merion Police say he exposed himself to two female students. Darrien Glover, 24, of the Montgomery Early Learning Center, has been arrested and charged with corruption of minors, indecent assault of a person younger than 13 years of age, open lewdness and other crimes. Police say Glover exposed himself to the two victims, separately, over the course of months at Cynwyd Elementary School. Glover allegedly tried to get at least one of the students to touch his privates.

    BLACK Pennsylvania Man Accused Of Forcing Women To Be His ‘Sex Slaves’ After Meeting Them On Dating Sites
Seth MullBETHLEHEM, Pa. — A Pennsylvania man is accused of forcing women to be his “sex slaves.” The Northampton County District Attorney’s Office announced Friday that 30-year-old Seth Mull of Hellertown was arrested and charged with rape, strangulation assault, false imprisonment and other related charges. Mull was arrested on Oct. 28 by Bethlehem police after responding to a welfare check call of a woman at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel.

    (LGBT-Queer dirty deviant black) faggot Karate Instructor Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 3 Boys
Evan Burgess PHILADELPHIA — A karate instructor from Montgomery County is accused of sexually assaulting three boys. Prosecutors say 26-year-old Evan Burgess assaulted the boys during sleepovers at his home and during out of state trips for karate tournaments. Burgess spent several years as an instructor at De Stolfo’s Premier Martial Arts Studio in Plymouth Meeting. The owners fired him last May after the boys’ parents reported the alleged incidents.

    2 coonvicted in crap video targeting PIT police
Rashee BeasleyPITTSBURGH — Two men have been convicted of charges in western Pennsylvania including witness intimidation and conspiracy in connection with a rap video posted online that authorities said urged people to kill Pittsburgh police officers. Twenty-two-year-old Rashee Beasley and 19-year-old Jamal Knox are scheduled for sentencing Feb. 6 in Allegheny County court. The video, pulled from YouTube after police began investigating it in November, praises Richard Poplawski, who was convicted of killing three city officers in April 2009. The lyrics include the line, "Let's kill these cops 'cause they don't do us no good" and names specific officers who patrol the area where Poplawski lived.

    Fourth suspect arrested in Rock Hill murder investigation - (three nigs and a wigger)
Johnte Kaheem WilliamsLeft to right: Donovan Allen, Isaiah Hemphill, Shaun Welte (Credit: Rock Hill Police Department) Justin PenlandROCK HILL, SC - A fourth suspect has been arrested in connection to a Rock Hill murder that took place in October. Rock Hill police say Johnte Kaheem Williams was arrested Tuesday afternoon for the murder of Justin Penland. Williams was the last person police were searching for in this case. Williams was taken into custody during a traffic stop on Patriot Parkway in Rock Hill. He has been charged with murder, attempted armed robbery, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, and possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Justin Penland was found in his car on Oct. 26 in the 2300 block of Eden Terrace in the Mallard Creek Apartments complex with multiple gunshot wounds.
  • Three men arrested in connection to shooting death of Rock Hill man
    ROCK HILL, SC - Three men have been arrested just weeks after a Rock Hill man was fatally shot while driving and crashed into an apartment building, police said. Isaiah Hemphill has been charged with murder, possession of a firearm during commission of a felony, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and attempted armed robbery. The two others involved, Donovan Allen and Shaun Welte, are both charged with accessory after the fact to murder, and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.
  • Father of 2 shot, killed in Rock Hill
    ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Police in Rock Hill are investigating after a man was shot and killed Thursday evening. According to police, officers responded to a call around 9 p.m. involving a car accident in the 2300 block of Eden Terrace. Upon arriving at the scene, police found the driver had suffered a gunshot wound. The victim, 26-year-old Justin Penland, was transported to CMC Main for treatment but died. “He was so kind. He would give you the shirt off his back to anyone in need," said Penland's fiancee Stacie Woge. She said Penland leaves behind two young daughters.
  • Remembering Justin Penland
    The fiancé of Justin Penland, who police say died after being shot is trying to put the pieces back together.
    Together for eight years - raising their two daughters.
  • Justin Penland Rock Hill, South Carolina 1991 - 2017
  • Justin Penland is on Facebook.
  • Medical help needed for daddy of 2 - (gofundme)
    Jul 25, 2017 - Justin Penland needs your help today! Medical help needed for daddy of 2 - Hurt from a huge fall from a roof trying to earn a living for my daughters ages 6 and 4 ! No medical insurance and bills continue. I worked a consistent job for 6 yrs and was laid off 2 months ago , I took a labor job to make ends meet ...

    A 14-year-old BLACK MUSLIM Somali refugee raped two Utah women in 2011. Six years later, a judge gives him probation instead of prison time.
Mohammed Ali Mohammed“I was a monster,” now-20-year-old Mohammed Ali Mohammed tells judge.
As he stood at the courtroom podium Monday morning, his hands and legs shackled together, 20-year-old Mohammed Ali Mohammed admitted he did “very, very horrible things” six years ago. At age 14, the Somali refugee sexually assaulted two women at knifepoint on consecutive nights in Salt Lake City. He attacked one woman who was standing outside of her home, and, on the following night, broke into another woman’s home and assaulted her there before demanding she go to an ATM and withdraw $400 for him. “I was a monster,” Mohammed said Monday in 3rd District Court. “I didn’t know what I was thinking. I was a very stupid kid.”
One victim told the judge that she is “terrified” at the thought of Mohammed being out on the same streets where she lives. The woman, who was assaulted inside her home, asked for the strictest sentence that the judge could impose, saying that she has to live with flashbacks and fear every day. “He did adult crimes,” she told the judge tearfully, “and should have an adult sentence to match what he did.”
He has a “kind and gentle soul,” said Robert Crawford, a branch president for The (Satanic) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, - SEND THEM ALL BACK
  • Judge Vernice Trease gave the filthy black african nig the opportunity to do just that, opting to sentence Judge Vernice TreaseMohammed to five years of probation instead of a term at the Utah State Prison. Judge Trease has served on several committees including the Utah Commission on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in Criminal and Juvenile Justice System

    Woman suffers seizure, wakes up to "unlawfully present" wetback sexually assaulting her at bus stop
Francisco Roberto SanchezGERMANTOWN, Md. — A disabled woman's trip to her local 7-Eleven morphed into a terrifying experience when a stranger sexually assaulted her during an unforeseen medical emergency. The victim, whom ABC7 is not identifying, told police she had just purchased a pack of cigarettes at the 7-Eleven along the 12800 block of Clopper Road in Germantown. It was around 11:30 p.m. While walking home, the woman suffered a seizure, causing her to collapse onto a bench at a Ride On bus stop. It's unclear how long the woman was unconscious, but when she came to, she realized an unknown man had one of his hands down her pants. That man, who police have since identified as Francisco Roberto Sanchez, 41, of Germantown, allegedly ripped his hand away and fled on foot once the victim awoke. The woman told police her attacker was a Hispanic man with short dark hair, dark mustache, wearing a white tank top and dark-colored basketball shorts.
According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Sanchez is "unlawfully present" in the United States. ICE has since lodged an immigration detainer against the Mexican national. In 1999, U.S. Border Patrol agents encountered Sanchez in Lukeville, Arizona - a small border town roughly 150 miles southwest of Phoenix. Sanchez, who also uses an alias of Javier Torres-Pantoja, was sent back to Mexico at the time. ICE says it's unaware of when the 41-year-old returned to the U.S.

    Hispanic Carjacker Joshua Colon pleads guilty to running over Brooklyn dad Phil Dellegrazie
Joshua ColonA carjacker who fatally ran over a beloved Brooklyn dad has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder charges in exchange for 15 years to life in prison. Joshua Colon copped to killing 63-year-old Phil Dellegrazie in April 2016, after the 25-year-old hopped in the ironworker’s waiting truck and sped off. The father-of-three jumped in another car and chased Colon, eventually catching up to him at a stoplight and jumping out of his vehicle to try and wrestle the man from his car. Colon​ ​–​ ​who has 30 prior arrests​ ​– shoved Dellegrazie, who fell under the car, and then drove the truck over his body as he sped off through the streets of Greenwood. He was picked up later that night. His son, Anthony Dellegrazie, had jumped in his own car to chase the thief, and came upon his father’s mangled body in the street.


  • FOREIGN (Paki) School janitor arrested for molesting teacher - (descendant of Ghenghis Khan?)
    A school janitor was arrested on Thursday for allegedly molesting a teacher at the Brooklyn elementary school where they both worked – and then four other women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct, police said. Kasim Khan, 32, was picked around 11:30 a.m. at Public School 222 in Marine Park after the 46-year-old teacher reported that he rubbed his genitals on her buttocks inside a school classroom on Tuesday just before 4 p.m. when no one else was around, according to authorities.




    Viking Settlements in Greenland: Exact Opposite to Climate Fraud Theory

  • VIETNAMESE Ex-NSA employee pleads guilty to taking classified info home
    A onetime National Security Agency employee pleaded guilty on Friday to illegally taking home classified documents that were apparently later stolen from his personal computer by hackers working for the Kremlin. Nghia Pho, 67, of Ellicott City, Md., pleaded guilty to one count of removal and retention of national defense information in federal court in Baltimore, an offense that carries a sentence of up to 10 years behind bars. - FULL coverage


    (white) Sisters killed on south side previously called police about domestic disturbance
Darrel Jackson, 29, killed his "wife" Mallory OpelMallory 'Mudshark' and innocent White sister MeredithINDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department just released new information regarding the investigation into the murders of two sisters on the city’s south side. Mallory Opel, 27, and Meredith Opel, 20, were found dead in their home in the 4500 block Stone Mill Drive around 5:30 p.m. on Friday. IMPD says Mallory's negro husband, 29-year-old Darrel Jackson, is the suspected killer. Police say Jackson killed the two women before he fled to his hometown of Jonesboro, Arkansas and killed himself. Police say Darrel and Mallory had a history of domestic issues. Officers had previously been called to their home, however, they would not disclose how many times. Most recently, officers responded to a call about a domestic disturbance, and they provided information about how to file a protective order. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    (White) Detroit woman says she was groped, urinated on (by black monkey man pervert) while shopping
Embra Middleton(obscene monkey)White female victimTROY, Mich. - A woman said she was groped and urinated on while she was shopping at Kohl's in Troy. Twenty-three-year-old Embra Middleton has been charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct for allegedly rubbing against several women last Wednesday. One of those women told 7 Action News she is always on alert when walking through the mall parking lot, but never imagined she'd be assaulted while inside the store shopping. She asked us not to share her name. "I just felt disgusted, like he had totally violated me," she said. A breast cancer survivor who had a double mastectomy and recent reconstructive surgery, she was shopping for new bras when Troy Police say Middleton assaulted her. "I felt him kind of grind against my backside and kind of like grab me, groping me from behind," she says. "At first, I was in shock and confused." She said he then urinated on her back. - (Black-on-white)

    (white female) College senior, 21, (with at least one Negro lover) shot dead alongside highway in Texas
  • Authorities in a Dallas suburb are investigating their first murder in 17 years after a college student was found fatally shot in her car on Sunday 
  • The dead body of Amanda Clairmont, a 21-year-old senior at the University of North Texas, was found with gunshot wounds near a highway in Corinth 
  • She was found unresponsive inside her car in a vacant parking lot on a service road alongside the I-35E highway at around 6am on Sunday 
    Amanda Clairmont and darkieAuthorities in a Dallas suburb are investigating their first murder in 17 years after a college student was found fatally shot in her car on Sunday. The body of Amanda Clairmont, a 21-year-old senior at the University of North Texas, was found with gunshot wounds near a highway in Corinth. Clairmont was a business major at UNT, according to WFAA-TV. She was found unresponsive inside her car in a vacant parking lot on a service road alongside the I-35E highway at around 6am on Sunday. Bobby Baughman attached a collage of images showing him and Clairmont together. 

Dangers of interracial dating

    Black Woman, 18, accused of raping a 19-year-old at knifepoint is sentenced to five-years probation
Lestina Marie Smith and 25-years on the sex offender register after she cuts a deal with prosecutors
An 18-year-old woman from Michigan accused of raping a young man at knifepoint earlier this year was given five years probation and 25 years on the sex offender registry, it was learned on Monday. Lestina Marie Smith, of Saginaw Township, was sentenced on Monday, MLive.com reported. Circuit Judge Andre R. Borrello handed down a sentence after Smith pleaded no contest to one count of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, a 15-year felony. Borrello also ordered Smith to undergo sex offender treatment.

    Black Apex man charged with raping ‘physically helpless’ woman
Lanious Hume IIIAPEX, N.C. — An Apex man is accused of raping a woman while she was “physically helpless,” according to an arrest warrant obtained by CBS North Carolina. Lanious Hume III, 25, of the 2000 block of Jerimouth Drive, was arrested Monday night and is charged with one felony county of second-degree forcible rape and two felony counts of second-degree forcible sex offense.

    McDonald's manager getting serious reward for tipping off cops to serial killer
Howell Emanuel Donaldson IIIA McDonald's manager in Tampa stands to earn “every penny” of a $110,000 reward after providing information leading to the arrest of accused serial killer Howell Emanuel Donaldson III, police say. Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan confirmed the news during a press conference on Friday, following reports that Delonda Walker — the manager at the McDonald’s in the Ybor City neighborhood of Tampa — might not be entitled to the entire reward amount. Walker first tipped off police on Tuesday, after Donaldson, a 24-year-old co-worker, left his gun in her possession, The Tampa Bay Times reports. Police say they were later able to link the gun to a wave of killings in the Seminole Heights area between October and November.

    (Black) Woman, man charged in Cleveland shooting that killed 12-year-old Jordanian boy, injured 5 teens
Larissa HarisCLEVELAND, Ohio -- A man and woman are charged in connection with the Friday shooting that killed a 12-year-old boy and injured five others. Larissa Harris, 21, and Marvin Harris, 18, are both charged with charged with aggravated murder. She was arrested about 9 p.m. Tuesday and has been in the Cleveland City Jail since. Marvin Harris has not yet been arrested. They are siblings, according to court records. Court records say both fired gunshots in the shooting that killed 12-year-old Abdel Bashiti, a 7th-grade student at Parma's Hillside Middle School. Abdel was helping his father at his business, #1 Beauty Supply and Linen, on Buckeye Road and East 116th Street.

    DC removes 100 sets of remains from (African American) funeral home
WASHINGTON - The D.C. Attorney General's office said investigators have removed 100 sets of remains from the Austin Royster Funeral Home. At least a half dozen families struggled with the funeral home even as they were mourning their loved ones, investigators said. Bounced checks, foul odors, and mishandled bodies are among the allegations against the Northwest D.C. funeral home.



    Decapitated MS-13 victim stabbed 100 times, heart ripped out of chest
Miguel Angel Lopez-AbregoAztec sacrificeA man murdered earlier this year by the MS-13 street gang was stabbed more than 100 times, decapitated and had his heart torn out of his chest and buried with him, Maryland authorities said Wednesday. Montgomery County Police said one of the alleged killers, 19-year-old Miguel Angel Lopez-Abrego, was arrested Nov. 11 in North Carolina. Lopez-Abrego, known as “Timido,” has been charged with first-degree murder and was ordered held without bond after his first court appearance.


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    New DNA technology used to generate (BLACK) suspect sketch in murder of (White) woman Sherry Black
Sherry Blacknigger killer suspectSOUTH SALT LAKE Utah - A new lead in the unsolved murder of Sherry Black was announced Thursday. Police say they sent off blood evidence found at the scene that did not belong to Sherry Black to a lab specializing in a new DNA technology. The lab called Parabon NanoLabs uses a technology called "Snapshot" to extract DNA and produce a report and composite sketch of the person involved. In this case, they used the DNA to reverse engineer what the suspect would look like. They are able to determine ancestry, hair color, eye color, skin color and face shape. Police are able to use that information to narrow the suspect list and generate leads. At the Thursday after press conference, Sherry Black's daughter spoke about finding the suspect. "As has been said, seven years ago to the day, my mom Sherry Black was brutally murdered," said Heidi Miller. "The person who killed her is still out there. It's been way too long. We need to catch that person so he can't hurt anybody else." To date, there's been no arrest despite clues left behind by the suspect. At the crime scene, police said he left behind a belt and blood. That DNA has failed to produce a suspect. - (Black-on-white)

    Police Arrest Black Suspect in Deadly Shooting of (White) Pennsylvania Officer
Mammy Accused of Helping N*word Evade Capture

Rahmael Sal Holt"Mammy"Tavon Jamere HarperBrian ShawTips from informants helped lead law enforcement to the man accused of fatally shooting a rookie police officer, and the suspect's mother is accused of helping him evade arrest during a four-day manhunt, officials said Tuesday. A SWAT team arrested Rahmael Sal Holt, 29, at a Pittsburgh home early Tuesday after a four-day manhunt, officials said. He is accused of killing New Kensington Officer Brian Shaw during a traffic stop Friday night. - (Black-on-white)

    He raised his step-granddaughter like his own; now she's accused of killing him over her negro baby-daddy
Alexandria Heath and her POS black boyfriend, Romaine JirdonThomas HeathThomas Heath raised Alexandria Heath like she was his own child, even though she wasn't. He called "Allie" his daughter. She called him dad. But Friday, she and her n*word boyfriend killed him, according to Buffalo police. The 17-year-old was actually Heath's step-granddaughter – a daughter of his estranged wife's daughter from another relationship. In recent months, the teenager caused him more and more grief, a friend of Heath said. In the last few years, Allie started associating with individuals that Heath wasn't particularly fond of. But Heath kept his heartache private, said Bill Zimmerman, Heath's friend for more than 20 years. Heath, who worked as a welder and pipefitter and was a cancer survivor, kept working to be a good parent and kept loving Allie, Zimmerman said. "He just had a heart as big as the sun," he said. Authorities have accused Alexandria Heath and her POS black boyfriend, Romaine Jirdon, 19, of killing the 58-year-old in the father's 459 W. Ferry St. apartment where the 17-year-old also lived. Heath was found beaten and stabbed to death. Allie and her boyfriend each face a second-degree murder charge and were being held without bail in the Erie County Holding Center. They're due back in Buffalo City Court on Wednesday. Allie is pregnant (with illegitimate mixed-race spawn), and one neighbor said Heath strongly objected when Jirdon tried to move into the apartment about a week earlier. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Top Black Democrat John Conyers settled wrongful dismissal case in 2015 over sexual misconduct: Report
Marion Brown Deanna MaherJohn ConyersObama and ConyersRep. John Conyers, D-Mich., the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee and the longest-serving current House member, allegedly settled a wrongful dismissal complaint in 2015 after a former employee accused him of firing her for not yielding to his “sexual advances.” According to affidavits signed by four former staffers, three of which are notarized, Conyers on multiple occasions made unwanted sexual advanced to his female staff, Buzzfeed reported Monday. - (Black-on-white)


  • (BLACK) Pa. Man Accused Of Pouring Scalding Water On Man With Cerebral Palsy
    suspectDoctor: Victim Suffered Second-Degree Burns Over 20 Percent Of Body
    HARRISBURG — A Pennsylvania man is facing felony charges after being accused of pouring scalding water on a man with cerebral palsy. Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced Thursday that 26-year-old Akeem Nixon, of Erie, Pa., was charged with neglect of a care-dependent person and aggravated assault, both first-degree felonies. According to the Office of Attorney General, Nixon was employed as a direct support aide at the Lakeshore Community Services, a residential home for intellectually disabled persons.
  • Vinelink PA: Offender Name: NIXON, AKEEM Age: 26 Location: Erie County Prison Race: African American


(BLACK) Colorado pimp gets 472 year sentence for child sex trafficking
Brock FranklinBrehannah LearyARAPAHOE COUNTY - A man convicted of sexually exploiting women as a pimp will spend the rest of his life – and then some – in prison. In a sentencing hearing Tuesday afternoon, Arapahoe County Judge Peter F. Michaelson sentenced the man found guilty of running a child prostitution ring to 472 years in prison. That is more than four times the minimum required sentence - and the largest sentence brought down for a human trafficking case in the country. Brock Franklin was indicted in 2015 by a grand jury for allegedly using drugs and violence to control young girls, often forcing them into lewd acts as part of a child sex trafficking ring. Four others have already been sentenced for their involvement in the human trafficking ring. Prosecutors said Franklin preyed on young women and girls who were vulnerable. In his trial, a jury heard from eight of the nine victims in the case. - (Black-on-white)


    GERIATRIC 86-year-old black female Robs Bank At Gunpoint
Emily CoakleyPHILADELPHIA — An 86-year-old woman has been arrested after police say she robbed a bank at gunpoint in University City on Tuesday afternoon. University of Pennsylvania police responded to a robbery call at the TD Bank at 3735 Walnut St. around 2 p.m. on Tuesday. The staff at the bank told officers the woman, identified as 86-year-old Emily Coakley, demanded $400 while displaying a gun.


    Disgusting Egyptian gymnastics doctor pleads guilty to sexual assaults
 Dr. Larry Nassar McKayla MaroneyLANSING, Mich. — A sports doctor accused of molesting girls while working for USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University pleaded guilty Wednesday to multiple charges of sexual assault and will face at least 25 years in prison. Dr. Larry Nassar, 54, was charged with molesting seven girls, mostly under the guise of treatment at his Lansing-area home and a campus clinic. All but one of his accusers were gymnasts. He faces similar charges in a neighboring county and lawsuits filed by more than 125 women and girls. Olympic gymnasts Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney and Gabby Douglas are among the women who have publicly said they were among Nassar’s victims. –– A

  • Cops nab Chinaman accused of vandalizing mosques
    Police have arrested the man who allegedly vandalized two Brooklyn mosques earlier this month Moy Hu, 37, was picked up by cops Wednesday morning after he vandalized a car near 61st St. and 8th Ave. in Sunset Park. He was later connected to the vandalism at the two mosques in the same neighborhood, police said.



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  • And yet another FAKE HATE CRIME (racist graffiti) by NON-white
    School officials in a Missouri community were making plans Tuesday to discipline a “non-white” student whom they said had confessed to writing a racial slur and the phrase “White Lives Matter” on a mirror inside a girls’ restroom at a high school. Parkway schools Superintendent Keith Marty said in a statement Tuesday that the revelation that a non-white student was involved was surprising, but it did not “diminish the hurt” caused by the incident at Parkway Central High School in Chesterfield. "The behavior was wrong and the student will be held accountable for this serious act according to our student discipline policy," said Marty, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. - (Hatecrimes)




    BLACK Jones faces murder charge in death of (White) bail bondsman and White cabdriver Ricky Lillie
Curtis Cortez JonesRicky LillieJonathan James WieselerA black man charged in the slaying of an Iowa City cab driver earlier this year now faces a new murder charge in the death of an Iowa City bail bondsman who was found shot to death in his office seven months ago. Curtis C. Jones, 41, of Mount Pleasant will face a first-degree murder charge in the death of Jonathan Wieseler, police and prosecutors said at a news conference Monday announcing the charge. Jones is already in jail facing a first-degree murder charge in connection with the death of Iowa City cab driver Ricky Ray Lillie, 46, in June. He is set to face trial on that charge on April 9, 2018, in Scott County. Jones was out on parole, released last fall seven years early following an armed robbery conviction. He was paroled even though he had been deemed a high risk to commit more violence, according to state records. Wieseler, 34, was found dead in his office at Lederman Bail Bonds on April 23. His death was ruled a homicide. An Iowa City police complaint states that between 10:20 and 10:32 p.m. on April 22, Jones shot Wieseler in the head with a small caliber firearm, killing him. - (Black-on-white)

    Black Tampa Serial Killer arrested, to be charged in string of Tampa murders
Howell Emanuel Donaldson IIIRonald Felton3 victims of black serial killerTampa police said Tuesday night they had arrested a 24-year-old man and that he would be charged with murder in four shooting deaths in the Seminole Heights neighborhood that had stoked fears of a serial killer in the area. Howell Emanuel Donaldson III, 24, will be charged with four counts of first degree, premeditated murder in the killings of Benjamin Edward Mitchell, Monica Caridad Hoffa, Anthony Naiboa and Ronald Felton, Tampa police chief Brian Dugan said in a press conference Tuesday. Donaldson was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon at a McDonald's after another employee said he handed a gun to a manager, who then reached out to an officer in the building, CBS affiliate WTSP reports. "When I think I found out there was a gun, and when we looked at his description, it was a little more than what we really had," Dugan said. "It just felt right. I kinda had a feeling that we were going to get a break." Investigators are still determining Donaldson's connection to the neighborhood, Dugan said. - (Black fags)

    Black beast sentenced for mutilating ex-girlfriend's breasts with scissors
Tony LedbetterLINCOLN COUNTY, S.D. — A man convicted of aggravated assault for using scissors to with mutilate the breasts of his ex-girlfriend has been sentenced to 45 years in prison. Prosecutors had asked that Tony Ledbetter be sentenced to 30 years as part of plea deal, but on Tuesday a judge rejected the deal and sentenced Ledbetter to the maximum number of years allowed under the law. Ledbetter, 46, called 911 in October 2016 after assaulting the victim, who was pregnant with his child. The victim told police they were arguing when Ledbetter punched her, slammed her head on the ground, and tried to muffle her screams by placing a forearm on her throat and stuffing a blanket in her mouth. (Race of victim not reported)

    (LGBT-Queer dirty deviant black) Teen arrested in HOMO sex assault of boy, multiple Phila. robberies
nigger faggotEAST MOUNT AIRY -- Police have arrested an 18-year-old man who they say turned parts of Philadelphia into his stalking grounds. The teen was taken into custody late Tuesday night in connection to a sexual assault in East Mount Airy. The teen was arrested for forcing a boy down an alleyway on East Pleasant Street in East Mount Airy and sexually assaulting him. After serving search warrants at multiple addresses believed to be connected to the teenager, it was a jacket seen in home surveillance video that ultimately helped police link him to that crime and possibly others. Police say all the victims were young boys. - (Black fags)

    Flagler, Volusia sheriffs announce arrest of black droopy-eyed, drugged, sex beast ‘multi-county rapist’
Obtravies WatkinsAn Ormond Beach man with multiple convictions for sexual misconduct is now a suspect in multiple rapes in Volusia and Flagler counties, authorities said Wednesday. Volusia County deputies on Tuesday arrested Obtravies Watkins, 34, and charged him with kidnapping, sexual battery using force and driving with a suspended license. He was taken into custody at the Volusia County Branch Jail where he remained Wednesday morning awaiting his first appearance. Detectives are also working up arrest affidavits on Watkins for sex battery charges in Flagler.

    Woman who wandered away from friends in Raleigh was raped by silverback negro
Charles SingletonRALEIGH -- A search warrant alleges an intoxicated woman who wandered away from her friends in downtown Raleigh was raped after getting in a man's car. According to the court document, it happened November 26. The alleged victim got in the man's car in the area of 300 Fayetteville Street. The woman said she later woke up to find herself in the back seat with 63-year-old Charles Singleton on top of her raping her. She got out of the car and ran to a nearby gas station where she called a family member for help. The search warrant asks a judge to force Singleton to submit DNA evidence for matching with a sexual assault kit from the victim. It also shows the evidence was collected along with some of Singleton's clothing. Singleton is charged with second-degree forcible rape by the Raleigh Police Department.

    Negro threatened to rape and murder family at Houston church
Keanu RandolphHOUSTON, Texas -- Keanu Randolph, 20, is charged with retaliation, unlawfully carrying a weapon and resisting arrest-- but that may not paint a clear picture of what he's accused of, according to police officials. "He threatened not only to kill this deacon's 23-month-old daughter, but to rape his wife and kill that deacon all while carrying a loaded firearm," said Houston Police Union president elect Joe Gamaldi. Gamaldi is speaking out not only because of the serious accusations, but also the bond amount given to Randolph. The amount is $7,000. Randolph is accused of taking a gun into the church Sunday and threatening parishioners before making disturbing threats to the deacon, Gamaldi said. "He absolutely could get out at any moment and what bothers me is the proximity he lives from the church," he said.

    Mother fights off negro trying to assault her in a Royal Palm Beach park bathroom
Carlos AndresilROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla. - Parents are frightened to hear what a mother went through Sunday evening while at Commons Park in Royal Palm Beach. "It's a mother's worst nightmare." Another parent said, "Definitely scary to hear." Sheriff's deputies said the woman told them she was at the park with her 1-year-old child when they went to the restroom. When the woman walked out of the bathroom stall, a man was coming out of the stall next to her. She told detectives the man, 20-year-old Carlos Andresil, offered her money for sex, not once, but twice. When she refused, she told deputies the man grabbed her and pushed her into the stall. She said she fought back, screaming and hitting him. The woman and her baby, who was in a stroller escaped. She called for help. "Thank goodness she was able to get away and I'm glad that they apprehended him. Good for her for actually fighting him off. You always hope that that would be your reaction and outcome, really scary," a parent said.

    Two negros arrested in Wrightsville Beach on rape, kidnapping charges
Genell Stephenson and Harvey Fred Williams WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC - Two men were arrested at a party Sunday morning on Causeway Drive in Wrightsville Beach and charged with multiple crimes, including rape and kidnapping. According to online records, Genell Stephenson, 33, and Harvey Fred Williams, 35, have been charged with: two counts of second-degree rape two counts of second-degree kidnapping two counts of crimes against nature two counts of assault on a female...

    Cape Coral negro gets life in prison for August 2015 kidnapping, rape
Chunsi William VinesA 29-year-old Cape Coral man was sentenced to life in prison for an August 2015 rape. Chunsi William Vines, 29, on Tuesday received life for one count of kidnapping, 30 years for sexual battery by threatening use of force or violence and five years for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. In October, a Lee County jury convicted Vines on the charges following a two-day trial. Vines found his victim by responding to an advertisement placed on Backpage.com, a search engine for free classified ads. Vines met her at a home for sale in Cape Coral in August 2015 where he raped her, threatened her with a weapon and to drown her. When he filled the bathtub in the home with water, the woman was able to jump out of a window to get away. A second woman came forward after hearing about his arrest for that crime. She had been attacked by him in May 2015. He raped her too, threatened her with weapons and tried to drown her in a pool. She was able to cut through a screen to get to safety.

    Canada Groid in Raincoat sprays bleach on subway riders
Canadian groidA Toronto man is facing assault charges after he allegedly sprayed subway passengers with an unknown substance last week. The incident happened on a northbound train near Spadina station around 1:45 p.m. on Nov. 17, when an unknown man approached two passengers, police say. The man then sprayed the passengers, police allege. The liquid caused one of the passenger’s eyes to become red and irritated. The passenger was rushed to a hospital and was treated for exposure. Police released an image later that day of the man carrying a spray bottle and a green plastic bag. On Sunday, Tristan Anthony Miller, 26, was arrested and charged with two counts of assault with a weapon and two counts of administering a noxious substance.





  Dark Crimes

    COWARDLY worthless black n*word thieves make off with $10 after (3-against-1) mugging of White man
niggerThis is the moment three thieves mocked and pummeled a 56-year-old man in his Bronx building before snatching his wallet — which contained just $10, cops said Saturday. The robbers approached the victim in the lobby on East 169th Street and Third Avenue in Claremont Village at 2:40 a.m. Tuesday. The victim put up his fists — apparently preparing to fight his attackers — before one of the crooks grinned at him. Another suspect appears to mimic karate moves, taunting the victim — seconds before the first thief is shown coming up from behind and knocking him to the ground. They punched the man in the face and body before swiping the wallet, police said. - (Black-on-white)

    Negro top politician John Conyers settled wrongful dismissal case in 2015 over muh dik
John ConyersRep. John Conyers, D-Mich., the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee and the longest-serving current House member, allegedly settled a wrongful dismissal complaint in 2015 after a former employee accused him of firing her for not yielding to his “sexual advances.” According to affidavits signed by four former staffers, three of which are notarized, Conyers on multiple occasions made unwanted sexual advanced to his female staff, Buzzfeed reported Monday.

    Black Florida cop arrested after allegedly punching teen thought to be having sex with daughter, report says
Lowrie SimonA police officer in Florida, accused of punching a teenager, was arrested on Sunday and placed on paid leave from the department, news reports said. Lowrie Simon, 37, of the Opa-locka Police Department, wanted to talk to the 17-year-old boy he believed was having sex with his daughter. The alleged incident occurred at the boy’s residence in Pembroke Park, the Sun Sentinel said. After the teen disputed the relationship, Simon allegedly hit the teen in the mouth and chest, landing him in the hospital with a fractured jaw.


NYPD cops fatally shoot black man at center for mentally ill (GRAPHIC)
Cornell LockhartThe NYPD Wednesday released police footage that shows a 43-second long confrontation that ends with two Bronx cops shooting dead a knife-wielding man who they said had just stabbed two security guards in a home for the mentally ill, authorities said. The Nov. 13 encounter began when guards Kathy Hope, 48, and Michelle Sutton, 29, were stabbed at the Hughes House on Hughes Ave. and E. 178th St. in Tremont around 7:45 p.m., police said. Police arrived to find Cornell Lockhart, 67, in the lobby, waving his arms in a circular motion, and soon realized he had stabbed the two guards, an attack police later realized was captured on building surveillance video.

    BLACK POS accused of killing White female jogger details final moments of torture
Chanel LewisKarina VetranoThe family of Queens jogger Karina Vetrano broke down in court Monday as they for the first time watched her accused killer detail to cops the tortured final minutes of their daughter’s life. Cathie Vetrano let out an anguished moan in between sobs as she heard Chanel Lewis calmly confess to the brutal August 2016 beating, in which he broke her daughter’s teeth and kept beating her until she lost consciousness before strangling her. - (Black-on-white)

    Mammy pleads guilt to smothering 1-year-old son in burger joint - "de debbil made me do it"
Latisha Fisher"Mammy"Gavriel (Fisher)As her trial was set to begin Monday, a deranged mom pleaded guilty to smothering her 1-year-old son in a Midtown burger joint. Latisha Fisher, 38, copped to one count of first-degree manslaughter in exchange for 18 years in prison as part of a plea deal. The mom, who suffers from schizophrenia, faced up to life in prison if convicted of the top charge of second-degree murder. Fisher was arrested in March 2015 after she was discovered in the bathroom of 5 Boro Burger, holding her son, Gavriel Fisher, who was foaming from the nose and turning blue, authorities said. “The devil made me do it,” Fisher allegedly told responding cops. “I was afraid that someone was going to eat him,” she bizarrely claimed.

    Former UVA football coach and his wife suffered more than financial loss as victims in $10 million fraud case
Merrill Robertson JrMyrna and Danny WilmerTROY — Two years ago, Danny Wilmer looked forward to a peaceful retirement on 55 acres of rolling Piedmont with a pond, some woods and his modest brick house. Things have not turned out as planned for the former professional football player and longtime assistant coach at the University of Virginia. “My wife says she sees me up there crying, sitting on that porch a lot of times,” he said. Wilmer remains close to many of the players he coached and recruited over the decades, and some still visit his Hidden Lake Farm in Fluvanna County, just a half-hour drive from Scott Stadium. To Wilmer, they are all “my kids.” One of them, Merrill Robertson Jr., a former Cavalier linebacker, was convicted of taking Wilmer’s retirement savings in an investment scheme that dashed some of the coach’s dreams, put the ownership of his home at risk, and nearly stripped him and his wife of things they hold more dear than property. - (Black-on-white)

    Two more suspects charged in Cleveland car dealership killings
Jerome Diggs, left, and Andrew KeenerJoseph McAlphineMichael and Trina KuznikCLEVELAND, Ohio -- Two more suspects are charged in the April 14 slaying of a couple at their used-car business in Cleveland's Collinwood neighborhood. Jerome Diggs Jr., 23, and Andrew Keener, 24, both of Cleveland, are each charged with aggravated murder in the deaths of Michael Kuznik, 47, and Trina Tomola, 46, officials announced at a Monday news conference. A third suspect, Joseph McAlpin, 29, was arrested in June, and a grand jury later handed up a 25-count indictment against him, including charges of aggravated murder, aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary. He's also accused of shooting the couple's Rottweiler, Axel. - (Black-on-white)

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    (Racist black) Suspect in Kansas City serial trail killings (of White men) charged in new case
Fredrick Demond ScottSteven GibbonsJohn W. PalmerTimothy S. RiceMichael DarbyDavid LenoxWeeping AngelKANSAS CITY, Mo. – A suspect in the surprise-attackshooting deaths of two men in Kansas City, Missouri, is now charged in a woman's killing. Prosecutors on Friday charged 22-year-old Fredrick Demond Scott of Kansas City with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the shooting death of 64-year-old Karen Harmeyer of Grandview. The indictment didn't include details of the death but KCTV reports an officer was called in July to investigate a dead body. Once the officer arrived, witnesses told him about Harmeyer, who lived in woods behind a church. The officer entered the campsite and found her decomposed body inside a tent. Scott previously was charged in two killings and is a person of interest in three others. All those victims were older white men. Scott is black. The men were shot in surprise attacks, some near recreation trails. - (Black-on-white)




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