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    Black demon and his defiled white sex pal) arrested after (White) reserve police officer dies in hit-and-run
black suspect and his white whoreWhite victimZACHARY, La. (AP) - Two people have been arrested in connection with the death of an undercover police officer who was hit by a truck in Louisiana. Baton Rouge area news outlets report that the victim was 41-year-old Christopher Lawton. Lawton, who was killed Monday night, was a reserve police officer and a firefighter in the city of Zachary.

Authorities report that 33-year-old Albert Franklin of Zachary faces charges including first-degree murder and hit-and-run; 30-year-old Ashley Chaney of Baker faces an obstruction of justice charge.

East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said the officer who was killed was working undercover with another Zachary police officer searching for a suspect wanted on felony drug charges. Lawton was struck by a U-Haul truck driven by a feeling suspect outside a Walmart in Baker. - (Black-on-white)

     Law enforcement rages over parole of black killer of White cop
black suspectNYC officers Gregory Foster and Rocco LaurieNews that cop-killer Herman Bell has been granted parole was met with outrage in New York on Wednesday, with a senior law enforcement official calling it a “disgrace.” “Bell has never expressed sincere remorse for these premeditated assassinations of two cops,” the official fumed.

“He has also never genuinely admitted that what he did was illegal and immoral when he shot (NYPD Officer Joseph) Piagentini 22 times.”

Bell, now 70, finally admitted in 2012 that he was one of a three Black Revolutionary Army members who lured Piagentini and Officer Waverly Jones into an ambush with a bogus 911 call in 1971 and opened fire.

As the wounded Piagentini begged for his life, Bell finished him off with the cop’s own gun.

“Herman Bell, who committed the most barbarous and heinous crimes in killing three police officers and who showed absolutely no compassion to Joe Piagentini, who pleaded for his life saying he had two small daughters, should have never been granted parole,” Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association president Pat Lynch raged in a statement.

“We are disgusted, offended and extremely angry with this parole board’s decision.”

Even former Parole Board Chairman Bob Dennison, who now advocates for inmates, denounced the decision. “I’m shocked. A cop killer like this should never be released. This was a cold-blooded killing of a uniformed officer,” said Dennison, who headed the panel from 2004 to 2007.

    Indianapolis WM restaurant owner, 57 in critical condition trying to stop negro dine-and-dasher
black suspectWhite victimINDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - The owner of a popular Indianapolis restaurant was seriously hurt trying to stop a man who was about to run out without paying. Metro Police say the suspect was about to "dine and dash" while on a blind date at Acapulco Joe's around 2 p.m. Tuesday. The owner, 57-year-old Grant Redmond, saw it happening and tried to stop him.  The manager also said she had surveillance video of the incident. As of this writing, that video has not been made public, but police say it shows a black man wearing a dark shirt with white writing on the front, a short cut fade, possibly khaki pants and white shoes. - (Black-on-white)

  • Police search for suspect after owner of Acapulco Joe’s critically injured in attack by customer
     he tried to leave without paying after his card was declined. That card turned out to be stolen, police say.
    Owner Grant Redmond was trying to stop him from “dining and dashing,” when the customer attacked him outside. Employees say the suspect hit Grant so hard he knocked him unconscious. "The guy continued to hit him even after he was unconscious," said the victim's partner Bob Plank. He is in critical condition in the ICU after he had emergency brain surgery.
    "They said without the surgery he would die," said Plank.

    (The evil black sex beast)  pulled her into a dirt lot. She screamed, 'Help. Stop. Rape'
black suspectA Greenville man appeared before a circuit court judge in Horry County on Tuesday and was ordered to nine years in prison years for attempting to sexually assault a woman in Myrtle Beach.
Tony Nevail Myers, 36, was convicted of first degree assault and battery, a trial done in his absence days before his final arrest on March 6, according to prosecutors. Circuit court judge Steven John unsealed Myers' sentence and ordered him to serve nine years in prison on Tuesday. He will not receive credit for time-served since his March 6 arrest as he was a fugitive from justice. On May, 27, 2012, Myers walked with the victim, who he just met through a mutual acquaintance, near 8th Avenue North and Lumber Street in Myrtle Beach, said senior assistant solicitor Mary-Ellen Walter. After the victim "rebuffed" Myers' advances, he grabbed her around the throat and dragged her behind a construction trailer in a dirt lot, Walter said.

    (black) Philadelphia Deputy Sheriff Charged With Indecent Assault Of Co-Worker
black suspectPHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Authorities have arrested a 42-year-old Philadelphia Deputy Sheriff on charges of indecent exposure and assault. According to police, a 43-year-old woman told investigators that on Oct. 27, 2017, Stephen Postell, her immediate supervisor, parked a vehicle under a bridge around 16th and Westmoreland Street and indecently assaulted her. The woman said she fought off Postell and he stopped the assault. The woman also told investigators that Postell sexually assaulted her while at their workplace during another occasion. Postell was arrested on Friday on charges of indecent exposure, indecent assault and simple assault charges.

    Pretentious black thief stole an Oscar trophy for Best Actress from a White woman - pretended that it was 'his'
black suspectWhite victimThe man who stole Frances McDormand's Oscar shot a video of himself with the award just minutes before his arrest. We've obtained video of Terry Bryant holding McDormand's award for Best Actress, telling everyone who'd listen that the award was his. Bryant even asked other attendees if they wanted a photo with Oscar.Bryant was arrested for felony grand theft Sunday night after grabbing McDormand's Best Actress award right off her table at The Governor's Ball. We're told McDormand alerted security at the event when she noticed her Oscar was missing, who then tracked Bryant down and contacted the police. Lucky for Frances, she was quickly reunited with her Oscar. After the party, McDormand's rep said, "Fran and Oscar are happily reunited and are enjoying an In-N-Out burger together."

    (Black Fag) groped and tried to kiss boy after punching him: cops
black suspectA pervy creep punched, groped and tried to kiss a teen inside a Bronx park, police said. “Don’t tell the police,” the man told the 14-year-old boy around 7 a.m. on Tuesday, according to cops. The boy was inside St. Mary’s Park behind St. Mary’s Recreation Center on St. Ann’s Avenue when the stranger approached him from behind and punched him. The man then ß, who pushed him away. Undeterred, the attacker grabbed the teen’s crotch and buttocks, and then ran off, authorities said. The victim chased him through the Mott Haven park to Jackson Avenue and East 149th Street, where he lost sight of him. The boy suffered bruising but did not need to be taken to the hospital.

    (Queer black faggot) black) accused of buying gifts for teen BOY in exchange for engaging in sexual acts
black suspectA 23-year-old man bought gifts for a teen boy in exchange for him to engage in sexual acts, a police detective testified in Recorder’s Court Tuesday. Marquis Jamal Parks of Columbus faces five counts of child molestation, aggravated sodomy and four counts of enticing a child for indecent purposes. Judge Julius Hunter ordered Parks held without bond and bound all charges to Muscogee Superior Court. Cpl. Mark Scruggs of the Special Victims Unit said police were called to a home in the Carters Acres neighborhood near South Lumpkin Road on Oct. 8 2017 on a domestic dispute. An officer talked to Parks about a nude photo of a 15-year-old boy on a cell phone.

    (Low-down Nword-negro Charged With Killing, Dismembering "Transgender" Male Whore - GUILTY
black suspectblack suspectPHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It was swift verdict Tuesday in the trial of a Philadelphia man charged with the gruesome murder of a transgender woman 5-years-ago. The jury took thirty minutes to convict 44-year-old Charles Sargent guilty of first degree murder for the 2013 stabbing and dismembering of Diamond Williams. Sargent told jurors he didn’t deny killing Williams, but said it was in self-defense after the pair got in a fight, when he said he realized the victim was anatomically a man.

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police arrested a black last week in connection with two rape cases from the 1990s.
black suspectCHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police arrested a man last week in connection with two rape cold cases from the 1990s. According to CMPD, cold case detectives used DNA evidence to identify 56-year-old Warren Lee Caldwell as a suspect in the rape of two teenagers. He is charged with two counts of second-degree rape, common law robbery and one count of first-degree kidnapping. Detectives said Caldwell’s victims were 17 and 18 years old at the time of the assaults.

  (Muslim terrorist antichrist) ‘Turned his back on America’: Former Winnipeg student sentenced to 45 years in al-Qaida bomb plot
Muslim POS Former University of Manitoba student Muhanad Mahmoud al Farekh, convicted by a jury last September of conspiring to kill American soldiers in a bomb plot, tried to convince a federal judge in Brooklyn, N.Y., Tuesday that he was now opposed to violence. “Violence — especially when it is inspired by religion — is foreign to everything I believe in,” he wrote in a letter read aloud by his lawyer. 
But U.S. federal prosecutor Richard Tucker told the court that al Farekh, 32, a U.S. citizen born in Houston, Texas, was “unshakably committed” to violent jihad and should be sentenced to life in prison, Reuters reported.

  Cowardly POS Muslim terrorist antichrist Teen accused of fatally stabbing boy, injuring 2 others 'because of his Muslim faith'
PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - A 17-year-old boy fatally stabbed another boy and wounded two others during a slumber party in a South Florida home, telling police he did it "because of his Muslim faith," Palm Beach Gardens police said. Corey Johnson, 17, faces charges of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder in connection with Monday morning's triple stabbing at the BallenIsles Country Club.  Police said officers arrived at the home and found Elaine Simon and her 13-year-old son, Dane Bancroft, suffering from stab wounds. They were taken to St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach to be treated for their injuries. Officers then found Jovanni Brand dead on the floor in an upstairs loft. It was his 13th birthday.

Johnson made the decision to kill Elaine, Dane and Jovanni in their sleep." Police said Johnson went to the loft where Jovanni was sleeping, stabbed him multiple times and cut his throat. "In his statement, Johnson advised he stabbed the victims because of his Muslim faith," Brashear wrote in the affidavit. Johnson also felt Dane "made fun of" his Muslim faith, the affidavit said. Just before the attack, Johnson was reading the Quran from his phone "to give him courage to carry out his intentions," the affidavit said.

Israeli flag


  • Dean disputes white professor's statement on black students
    PHILADELPHIA –  A white University of Pennsylvania law school professor who said she has never seen a black student graduate in the top quarter of the class has been removed from teaching required first-year law courses.

    Law school dean Ted Ruger said professor Amy Wax spoke "disparagingly and inaccurately" about the performance of black students during an interview with Brown University economics professor Glenn Loury on the "downside of affirmative action" last year.

    "I don't think I've ever seen a black student graduate in the top quarter of the class, and rarely, rarely in the top half," Wax said at the time.

    Wax also claimed that the University of Pennsylvania Law Review has a racial diversity mandate, suggesting that black students had not earned their places. Speaking about black law students at Penn and peer schools, she went on to say that some of them shouldn't even be attending college.

13  March 2018

    Georgia will FINALLY execute evil black serial killer of elderly White women
smiling nigger serial rape-murdererWhite victim Forty years have passed since heinous serial killings of seven older women in 1977 and ’78,
and Gary’s appeals have been thoroughly reviewed and rejected, she wrote:
“It is time for the state to be allowed to carry out its lawful sentence of death.”
"It is absolutely clear that Carlton Gary is indeed the Columbus Stocking Strangler.”
While the prosecution argued that Gary raped nine elderly women and killed seven of them in Columbus, Ga. between 1977-78, he was convicted in 1986 of raping and strangling just three—and the jury voted to sentence him to death. Now, the 67-year-old death row inmate is slated to receive the state’s 49th lethal injection for the rapes and murders of Florence Scheible, Martha Thurmond and Kathleen Woodruff, on March 15 at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson at 7 p.m. Gary, known as the infamous “Stocking Strangler,” has exhausted all his appeals for a new trial. - (Black-on-white)

  • Over the course of six months, between 1977-78, evil had a stranglehold
    on the affluent Wynnton neighborhood in Columbus, Ga.

    Women, between the ages of 55-89, became the target of nine rapes and seven strangulation deaths—sparking fear and sense of terror in the prosperous suburb.

  • Sept. 11, 1977 | Gertrude Miller
  • Sept. 16, 1977 | Mary "Fern" Willis Jackson, 59
  • Sept. 16, 1977 | Jean Dimenstein, 71
  • Oct. 21, 1977 | Florence Sheible, 89
  • Oct. 25, 1977 | Martha Thurmond, 70
  • Dec. 28, 1977 | Kathleen Woodruff, 74
  • Feb. 11, 1978 | Ruth Schwob,
  • Feb. 12, 1978 | Mildred Borom, 78
  • April 20, 1978 | Janet Cofer, 61

  • Serial Killer: Carlton Gary “The Stocking Strangler”

  • White Victims Before 2000
    "Remember when scrolling down, this is only a few of those Whites who met death at the hands of the sadistic and criminal black race. The liberal media has been hiding White victims and black violent behavior for decades. It’s estimated to be 1500 to 2400 per year, or over 103,000 White Americans to have been brutally murdered by blacks since 1972. Think about this when they scream “black lives matter!”
  • (NNN Editor note: - I only started New Nation News in 1998 - so the NNN archives only go back about 20 years
    which was why I was not able to find previous NNN postings and images on this 'classic' black-on-White case.)

    Spanish boy Gabriel Cruz 'strangled' (by evil black nanny) on the day he went missing
black suspectWhite victimAn eight-year-old boy, whose disappearance received nationwide attention in Spain, was strangled on the same day he went missing, local media quote an autopsy as saying. The body of a Gabriel Cruz was found in the boot of a car being driven by his father's partner on Sunday. Ana Julia Quezada, 43, has been arrested. She had regularly appeared at rallies to find the boy. Gabriel went missing in the southern province of Almeria on 27 February. After a missing person's alert went viral, a search involving over 4,000 police and volunteers was launched. On Monday, investigators took Ms Quezada to key locations in their inquiry. She is alleged to have hidden the boy's body at a family property in the village of Rodalquilar, but was caught by police trying to move it elsewhere.
On Monday, Gabriel's mother, Patricia Ramirez, appealed for calm in a radio interview.She said she had always suspected Ms Quezada was behind her son's disappearance, but that justice should be allowed to take its course, denouncing messages of hate directed at the suspect. .  - (Black-on-white)

    (black) Negro held 18-year-old UMSL student at gunpoint and homo raped him
black suspectST. LOUIS COUNTY - A 23-year-old man is in custody after a student at the University of Missouri St. Louis reported being raped early Sunday morning. Devonta Bagley has been charged with one count of first-degree sodomy or attempted sodomy, one count of first-degree burglary and two counts of armed criminal action. He was taken into custody on Tuesday. According to St. Louis County police, the victim, an 18-year-old man, woke up to a stranger standing in his room. Bagley then held the victim at gunpoint and sexually assaulted him. The incident occurred at the University Meadows apartments.

    Negro caregiver indicted for homo rape of Manchester autistic man has 'life-threatening' STD
black suspectMANCHESTER — A potentially life-threatening sexually transmitted disease has been identified as a deadly weapon in an indictment issued in connection with the rape of an autistic man.

According to a police affidavit, Sterling Jordan, 39, of Manchester was the live-in caregiver of a 26-year-old man, who called his mother right after being attacked. She notified police and said her son has the mental capacity of a 15-year-old.

Jordan, of 39 Mead St., has been charged with reckless conduct with a deadly weapon, a Class B felony. He also faces felony rape charges.

    (black) Suspect Wanted For Rape In Brooklyn
black suspectPolice said the suspect wrapped a belt around the woman’s neck and slammed her to the ground. He then punched and kicked her in the face repeatedly, knocking out some of her teeth, and then raped her, according to police.
The woman managed to get away when police said a garbage truck entered the lot. The suspect fled westbound on Halsey Street. The victim was treated at a nearby hospital. Police have released a surveillance video of the suspect. They describe him as black man between the age of 25 and 30, about 5’2″ to 5’5″ tall and 115 to 120 pounds with medium-length dreadlocks with multi-colored rubber bands.

    (Black serial rapist) B. Cosby Yelled At Outside Courthouse, Aims To Block Accusers But Show Settlement To Jury
It is unclear when the judge will rule on the request to have the 19 women take the stand.

12  March 2018

    (Black) Man charged in connection to Fairborn hotel shooting
black suspectWhite victim Prosecutors have approved a charge of murder and aggravated robbery for Michael McLendon, 24, of Dayton, after he was accused in the shooting death of Andrew Day at the Fairborn Hampton Inn last week, according to the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office. McLendon remains in the Fairborn City Jail on a $1 million bond. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Suspects In Shooting Murder Of (black) Officer Robert Wilson III Have Hearing Rescheduled
 Ramone Williams, 26, and Carlton HippsPolice officer Robert Wilson IIIPHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A hearing has been rescheduled for two suspects accused of murdering a Philadelphia police officer. (Black) brothers Carlton Hipps and Ramone Williams had their hearing rescheduled on Monday. They have been charged with the March 5, 2015 shooting murder of Officer Robert Wilson III.

  • Judge OK's Death Penalty (for two blacks) in Philly Police Officer Murder Case

  •     (black) New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty to Student's Birthday Party Shooting
    Darren WinninghamDarren WinninghamA man has admitted to shooting and killing a woman while they were gathered for a birthday party at his New Jersey home. The Burlington County Prosecutor's Office said Monday that Darren Winningham pleaded guilty last week to first-degree aggravated manslaughter in the shooting death of Nikita Cross in April 2016. Winningham, 44, will be sentenced to 10 years in prison at sentencing next month. Law enforcement officials said several people were gathered at Winningham's house for a birthday party on April 23, 2016 when the shooting occurred. Cross, 35, died a short time later at the hospital.

        (black defiler) Accused of Posing as Maintenance Worker Before Sexual Assault Arrested
    black suspectA man accused of sexually assaulting a woman inside her Arlington, Virginia, apartment after posing as a maintenance worker has been arrested after nearly 10 months on the run, police say.
    Allen Lowe, 25, of Washington, D.C. was arrested and charged with abduction with intent to defile and malicious wounding, Arlington police anilernounced Monday.  The assault occurred May 7, 2017 at The Atrium apartment complex on Key Boulevard, in the Rosslyn neighborhood.

        (black) EMT busted for choking, raping 10-year-old girl in Queens
    black suspect An off-duty FDNY EMT is accused of choking and raping a 10-year-old girl early Sunday in a Queens home, police said.
    Frantz Petion, 25, is a friend of the victim’s family, according to cops, who said the girl was sleeping in the home on 202nd St. in Hollis at 1:20 a.m. when Petion grabbed her by the throat and assaulted her. The child reported the alleged attack and cops arrested Petion at 3:20 a.m. on rape, strangulation and child endangerment charges. The EMT has been suspended without pay for 30 days — the maximum allowable penalty, FDNY spokesman James Long said.

    • (Black) EMT accused of raping girl allegedly snuck into her room while she slept
      Disturbing details have emerged surrounding the alleged rape of a 10-year-old girl at the hands of an off-duty FDNY EMT — including how he snuck into the child’s attic bedroom and assaulted her while she was sleeping, officials said.
      Frantz Petion, 25, is accused of attacking the victim at a birthday party in Queens on Saturday night.

        (obscene black monkey) Man accused of exposing his Negro genitals to young girls in Union
    black suspectblack suspectUNION, S.C. (WSPA) - A Union man is accused of exposing himself to two girls.  Kennedy Jamar Garrett, 28, has been charged with two counts of indecent exposure. Warrants state Garrett exposed his genitals to an 11-year-old and 13-year-old. On March 5, a police officer responded to a report of a suspicious person trying to give money to kids on Lipsey Street.
    Two girls told an officer that a man yelled at them to get their attention before pulling out money and prompting them to follow him, but the girls didn’t follow him. The suspect began rubbing on his genitals and pulled down his pants exposing himself, according to a police report.  Garrett was arrested Saturday.


        (Black) "Alleged" pimp  arrested after tip from his own mother
    black suspectA suspected sex trafficker was turned in to police by his own mother after she learned he was pimping out one of her students, authorities said. Sean Hayes, 50, of Milwaukee, approached a 17-year-old girl at a bus stop in August 2017 and told her that she would make a great model for a business he ran called Shining Stars Adult Entertainment. The next day, the teen, who had been living at a group home, had sex with Hayes before getting into the sex trade from August through October, using the alias “Honey” while making trips to Green Bay, Chicago and other cities,

        (black) Suspect killed by Gulfport officer after stand-off with police
    black suspectGULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A suspect wanted in connection with a shooting earlier this year has died after a stand-off with police that lasted more than four hours. It began Friday night just before 10 p.m. while police were trying to arrest a suspect wanted for a shooting that happened in January. According to police, Marvin Ray McMillian barricaded himself inside a home on Cleveland Avenue, refusing to come out. Authorities say Gulfport SWAT officers and negotiator units tried for four hours to end the stand-off. After McMillian fired shots at officers, they returned the gunfire, striking him. He died from his injuries at the scene of the shooting. No officers were injured.  

        Several (feral fatherless black) Juveniles Caught On Video Damaging Construction Equipment
    black suspectPolice say the juveniles were climbing on the excavator and throwing stones at the windows, causing nearly $1,000 worth of damage.

    Police describe the suspects as four black males and one white female.

        Trump: "Maxine Waters A Very Low I.Q. Individual"
    black suspect"Mexican" CA AG Becerra: Trump Should ‘Be Careful If He Ever Finds Himself in a Dark Alley with Maxine Waters’

        Shootings at Chicago gang members' funerals getting 'out of control', police say

        Congrats Hollywood, you honored #MeToo with an Oscar to an accused black sports rapist - "Kobe Beef Dark Meat Predator"
    black suspectTo mark the first post-Weinstein Academy Awards, Hollywood gave a credibly accused rapist an Oscar.
    Kobe Bryant was roundly applauded upon winning Best Animated Short for “Dear Basketball,” essentially a valentine to himself. He thanked his wife, Vanessa, who stood by him as he was criminally charged with raping a 19-year-old girl in 2003.

        Hispanic Alien Orlando Tercero accused of killing (white female) nursing student ex flees US for his native Nicaragua
    White victimPolice in upstate New York on Monday named a 22-year-old nursing student at Binghamton University as a person of interest in the killing of his former girlfriend and schoolmate.

    According to investigators, Orlando Tercero, a US citizen, fled to Nicaragua before the body of 22-year-old Haley Anderson was discovered at an off-campus house on Friday.  Anderson, a senior at the public research university, was a few months away from graduation before she was found dead at a residence located on Oak Street during a welfare check, police in Binghamton said.

        Hispanic Man Sentenced to 3 Years in Death of Hispanic Toddler in NJ Fire
    A man who acknowledged tossing lit matches in an apartment, sparking a fire that killed a toddler and damaged dozens of buildings in New Jersey, has been sentenced to three years in prison. Edwin Diaz, 20, was sentenced Friday in Hudson County on a reckless manslaughter plea in the March 2017 death of 1-year-old Eddie Gonzalez Jr., the Jersey Journal reports. Diaz said he was in the Union City apartment with the boy's father and they were lighting matches and tossing them on a cousin sleeping on a couch, which caught fire. Diaz apologized in court, saying there isn't a day he doesn't think "of the innocent child we lost that night." The boy's father pleaded guilty to the same charge and was sentenced earlier to five years.


    Israeli flag


    • LESBIAN Then-coach found guilty; jury recommends 184-year sentence
      ORANGE — A former youth softball coach was found guilty Monday in Orange County Circuit Court of sexual abuse of two former players on numerous occasions over a 25-year period. A jury of eight men and four women deliberated for about three hours before finding Cathy Smith Rothgeb, 57, of Stanley, guilty of 30 of 34 charges, including five counts of forcible sodomy, four counts of aggravated sexual battery, eight counts of child cruelty, eight counts of taking indecent liberties with a child and five counts of object sexual penetration. One victim was 9 years old when Rothgeb starting molesting her during a five-year span starting in 1990, according to trial testimony. According to testimony during the weeklong trial, Rothgeb molested her first victim several times a week until the girl was 15.  The second witness was in a sexual relationship with Rothgeb until her college years,




       11  March 2018     

        Neighbors heartbroken after Lake Gaston home invasion, kidnapping, fatal fire - 76-year-old White woman burned alive by blacks
    black suspectblack suspectWhite victimWhite victimLittleton, N.C. — A 76-year-old Warren County woman died Friday in a house fire that was the culmination of a day of terror for her and her husband, authorities said. When firefighters arrived in the Wildwood neighborhood along Lake Gaston, they discovered a deadly crime scene.
    Authorities said two masked intruders burst into a home on Mulberry Court in Littleton Friday morning and kidnapped Nancy Alford. One of the intruders drove her to a State Employees' Credit Union branch in Roanoke Rapids and forced her to withdraw money from an ATM, while the second intruder stayed in the home with her husband, John Alford, Warren County Sheriff Johnnie Williams said.

    John Alford is a minister at Sanford Memorial Baptist Church in Brodnax, Va. Nancy Alford was driven back to the house on Lake Gaston, where the intruders beat up her husband before setting the home ablaze with the couple tied up inside, Williams said. John Alford was able to escape and was airlifted to Duke University Hospital for treatment. His wife didn't make it out of the burning house, however.

    Shelly Thompson and other neighbors found John Alford and had to keep him from going back into the burning home to save his wife.
    "He was all swollen up. He was bleeding from his nose," Thompson said. "He was trying to go back in for his wife."  - (Black-on-white) - (NNN Burned Alive!)

    • Wife of Va. minister dead after Lake Gaston home invasion
      WNCN reported that police have not released suspect descriptions, and that the State Bureau of Investigation and the State Highway Patrol are assisting in the investigation. The sheriff said only that the suspects are believed to be two black males, but they both had their faces covered during the crime.

        Family identifies (White) man found shot on Bolton Avenue (by blacks) as Joseph Roy
    black suspectsWhite victimALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Family has come forward and contacted News Channel 5 telling us the man who was found shot to death outside of the Bolton Avenue Community Center on Thursday afternoon was Joseph Roy. According to his brother, David, many people knew Roy by his nickname, "The Hammer." Roy was a father of four and also had several stepchildren according to his brother.

    The Alexandria Police Department received a tip about Roy's body being found near the bus stop in front of the community center around 2 p.m. A portion of Bolton Avenue was closed as police investigated. - (Black-on-white)

    • (Black) Suspects in Bolton Avenue shooting arrested
      ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - The Alexandria Police Department has arrested two people for the murder of Joseph Roy on Bolton Avenue last Thursday. Demarcus Scales, 33, and LaToshia Thomas, 32, were arrested without incident on Saturday. Both will be charged with second degree murder. APD also wanted to thank the community for keeping an eye out for the suspects.

        (Black) Man charged with biting trooper's ear to have treatment
    White victimblack suspectELYRIA, Ohio - A man accused of biting off part of an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper’s ear has been found currently not competent to stand trial. A judge in Lorain County this week ordered mental-health treatment for 44-year-old Cornelius Carey Jr. and set a September hearing to reassess his competency for trial.
    Carey has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to charges including assault and resisting arrest. A message was left for Carey’s attorney Friday. The Jan. 11 confrontation occurred after Trooper Lance Deshuk spotted Carey walking in the middle of road near LaGrange, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) west of Cleveland. Authorities say Carey became confrontational, hit Deshuk in the face and then bit him before Deshuk managed to subdue him. - (Black-on-white)

        black sports: Disgraced (black) NFL player Aldon Smith is being held on $30k bond after turning himself in to police
    for 'biting his (white) fiancee's wrist and fleeing the scene'

    black suspectblack suspectFormer Oakland Raiders defensive end Aldon Smith turned himself in to San Francisco police on Tuesday after an alleged altercation over the weekend in which he is said to have bitten his fiancee's wrist and fled the scene before officers arrived. He was booked on misdemeanor charges of willful infliction of corporal injury, assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, false imprisonment and vandalism (less than $400). Smith is being held of $30,000 bond.  The Raiders released the previously-suspended Smith on Monday after he checked himself in to a rehabilitation facility in the wake of the alleged incident.

    Smith's "fiancee" Shawna McKnight told TMZ that her family checked him in to that treatment facility, but added that she fears for Smith, who has been arrested for DUI on several occasions. - (Black-on-white)

        (black) Man admits to homicide; says he beat (white?) woman with metal pipe, stabbed her as she ‘begged for her life’
    black suspectwhoreMILWAUKEE -- Prosecutors say a man admitted to beating and stabbing a woman before wrapping her body in sheets and dragging it to a shed behind his home. He then walked into a police station and told officers he committed a homicide. Prosecutors say it happened after a dispute over how much money would be paid for sex acts.

    John Gillum, 29, of Milwaukee faces one count of first degree intentional homicide and one count of second degree sexual assault in connection with the beating death of Morgan Huennekens, 19.  He said he'd "killed a prostitute at his home," placing her body in a shed in the backyard. He said while with Huennekens, he "lost control and killed her with a knife and pipe."

    Huennekens' body was located wrapped in blankets on the floor of the shed -- with two belts wrapped around her. - (Black-on-white)

    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

        (black) Man suspected of killing (white) 23-year-old woman arrested in Missouri
    black suspectParris StampsAshlyn Higgins & somethingAshlyn HigginsOMAHA, Nebr. (WOWT) - Omaha Police said the man wanted in the shooting that killed a 23-year-old Ashlyn Higgins has been arrested in Kansas City, Missouri.  Taliaferro Thompson, 20, was taken into custody on Wednesday in a joint collaboration of the Metro Area Fugitive Task Force along with the US Marshals Kansas City Task Force. A warrant for his arrest was issued in July. Thompson is facing charges of first degree murder, two counts of use of a firearm to commit a felony and first degree assault. Ashlyn Higgins, 23, and her boyfriend, Parris Stamps, 27, were shot in the early morning hours of January 26. They took private transportation to the hospital but police believe the shootings happened near 28th and Ruggles. Higgins died in the hospital.  - (Black-on-white)

    • (White) Omaha woman previously pimped by black boyfriend was shot dead with her current black druggie boyfriend
      The 23-year-old woman who was fatally shot early Thursday was a teen math whiz whose life spiraled after she hung out with the wrong people, her mother said. Kathy Higgins said her daughter, Ashlyn Higgins, bounced from school to school, then was pimped out in California by a controlling boyfriend. Over the last year, she said, Ashlyn was sporadically dating Parris Stamps, a man Kathy didn’t approve of.  Stamps and Ashlyn were together when they were shot in northeast Omaha  Higgins, 23, was treated for her wounds, but she died. Stamps, 27, was being treated for a gunshot wound and was expected to survive, police said. Kathy Higgins said she thinks the shooting may have stemmed from a drug deal. 
    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

        Sheriffs speak about foiled murder, robbery plot in Port St. Lucie - (by "Doo Doo",  Alger Lee and Martiavious)
    black suspectblack suspectblack suspectPORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - A two year plot to rob an armored bank car and murder the drivers stopped in dramatic fashion on I-95 in Martin County last week. Law enforcement said three men are accused in a two-year plan to steal $4 million from an armored Loomis truck in Port St. Lucie and kill two guards. The take down occurred on February 20 but the FBI and local agencies are just now releasing new information into this federal investigation.
    Deputies arrested Daryl Canady, Alger Lee Ellison and Martiavious Leon Williams. Canady -- also known as “Doo Doo” -- was the alleged mastermind of the plot unknowingly worked with a tipster who was secretly working with the FBI.

        OKCPD Announce Arrest Of (black) Home Invasion, Rape Suspect
    black suspectblack suspectblack suspect
    The Shadow knowsOklahoma City Police announce the arrest of a home burglary, rape suspect from a reported assault in northwest Oklahoma City.  02/26/18 Related Story: Husband Shot, Wife Sexually Assaulted In NW OKC Home Invasion Police report 20-year-old Donnyll Dailey was taken into custody Saturday morning in Greensboro, North Carolina by members of the United States Marshals Service Task Force.  02/26/18 Related Story: Police Release Suspect Sketches In NW OKC Assault, Shooting Dailey faces several charges, including burglary, shooting with intent to kill, rape, forcible oral sodomy, and kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon.

        (black) Woman charged with pushing stranger onto Red Line tracks in Rogers Park - because she was in a 'bad mood
    black suspectCHICAGO -- A woman was so upset this week that she decided she "wanted to kill someone," so she pushed a stranger onto CTA train tracks in the North Side Rogers Park neighborhood, according to Cook County prosecutors.
    Wilma Maxey, 57, was in a bad mood while riding a Red Line train Friday morning because she couldn't yet access money she had been expecting to receive, prosecutors said. Maxey's f'rustration turned into an attempt to kill a stranger about 6:45 a.m. when she got off the southbound train at the Morse stop at 1358 W. Morse, prosecutors said. She saw a 66-year-old woman walking on the platform, pushed her onto the tracks then sat down on a bench.

        (black) Voorhees man tried to arrange sex with 14-year-old
    black suspectPHILADELPHIA (CBS) — For the third time in two weeks, authorities in Camden County have arrested a man for attempting to lure a minor for the purpose of engaging in sexual activities.
    The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office says Curtis Woods, 27, of Voorhees, believed he was chatting with a 14-year-old girl he met online. However, authorities say he had actually been sending sexually explicit messages to an undercover detective. When Woods arrived at the agreed location in Runnemede on Friday in the middle of a snow storm, he was met and arrested by law enforcement officers.

        (black) with HIV arrested for spitting on first responder
    black suspectLOUISVILLE, Ky. — A Louisville man infected with HIV was arrested after spitting bloody mucus in an emergency responder's face and eyes. Roy Harraway, 28, was arrested Saturday on charges of wanton endangerment and assault. Emergency crews responded to a call of a man lying a roadway. According to the arrest report, Harraway became belligerent and began spitting at first responders. Harraway was transported to University Hospital, where it was discovered he is HIV positive, police said. The victim will be required to submit blood draws for the next several month and must take medication.

        Cops hunting armed (black) crooks in violent robbery spree
    black suspectPolice are searching for a pair of gun-toting crooks behind a stick-up spree that’s spanned two months and 10 stores across Brooklyn and Queens, netting over $16,000.

        Hispanic human sacrifice similar to ancient Aztec barbaric rituals: Murder suspect burned victim’s limbs on BBQ pit
    Jurors heard testimony Friday in the murder trial of the first of three defendants linked to a 2014 case in which authorities say the victim’s limbs were burned on a barbecue pit.

    Gabriel Moreno, 34, is the first defendant being tried in the case, the San Antonio Express-News reported. Co-defendants Daniel Moreno Lopez, 31, who is Moreno’s cousin, and Lopez’s girlfriend Candie Dominguez, 38, are also charged with murder and awaiting trial, the report said.

    They are accused of killing Jose Luis Menchaca, 35, who authorities say was beaten with aluminum baseball bats, suffocated with a plastic bag over his head, then dismembered and barbecued.

        All eyes turn to mud foreigner from India Harendra "Toadface" Singh as corruption trial nears
    mud suspect His friends simply call him "H," but the name Harendra Singh has been featured in news reports and court documents since his arrest in 2015 – just who is he? Singh is at the center of a corruption scandal that will reach new heights next week. Singh is scheduled to testify against the defendants in the federal corruption trial of former Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, his wife Linda and former Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto. “He’s the kickoff witness, he's the Big Kahuna, he's the one everybody's been waiting to hear from,” says Newsday columnist Joye Brown.


      Japanese woman Rika Shimizu indicted for allegedly sexually assaulting a bedridden 16-year-old exchange student
    multiple times at a boarding home she operates in Honolulu.   - (Drudge)

    10  March 2018   

        (Black) Trenton teen arrested in Lawrence fatal hit-and-run that killed a White man
    black suspectWhite victimLAWRENCE >> Authorities have charged a teenager they say was behind last month’s hit-and-run at a Lawrence gas station that claimed the life of Charles Nevius.

    Nasir Reed, 18, is charged with one count each of death by auto and leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident with a fatality in connection with the Feb. 19 hit-and-run at Quick Chek on Brunswick Pike. Authorities claim Reed was the man behind the wheel of a gray Nissan Altima that mowed down gas attendant Nevius when he tried to intervene in a car crash that happened moments before.

    Reed is alleged to have struck a silver Honda SUV before bowling over Nevius, who sustained injuries to his head and leg. He was taken to Capital Health Regional Medical Center where he later died.  - (Black-on-white)

        (Black) Gang members KIDNAP (White) cop during a 'routine' traffic stop
    and drive him a mile as other officers give chase in dramatic high-speed pursuit

    black suspectsWhite victimThree gang members have been arrested for kidnapping a cop during a traffic stop and driving a mile with him in the vehicle as his partners gave chase.
    Officer Brian Wallace stopped Cory Moody's white Ford Fusion in Marietta, Georgia, 7.30am Thursday because he smelled drugs in it. Moody sprinted back into the driver's seat midway through the traffic stop.  Wallace followed him and was dragged into the car where the driver placed him in a headlock.   Eyzaiya Moody and  Walter Gadson Jr were passengers in the vehicle.  As Wallace struggled with Moody, one of them put the car into drive.  Sergeant Brian Honea, who had been stationed at his patrol car, ran over to the men's car to try to pull Officer Wallace out.   He was however pushed to the side and left lying on the floor as the men drove off with the driver's door still open.
    A high-speed chase ensued and other officers joined the pursuit until the men came to a stop at a dead end about one mile away.
      - (Black-on-white)

        black sports:  O.J. discussed hypothetical murder accomplice in newly surfaced clip
    black suspect - (Black-on-white)
    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

        (black) 'domestic terrorist'  whose botched revenge plot against a cop killed a Queens landlord with a mail bomb
    black suspectVictor Kingsley — who was arrested Wednesday for trying to take out Officer Joel Crooms with an explosive device — got into a tense confrontation with Crooms while in court for a minor arrest in 2014, according to law enforcement sources.
    The heated debate between Kingsley and Crooms is believed to have caused the suspect to focus his demented outrage at the cop, sources said. The information about the origins of Kingsley’s twisted plot came to light as sources revealed to The Post that the deranged bomber was building other pipe bombs in his home and had a “hit list” of officials.

        (Black female) Philly Fire Captain (firebug) Accused Of Insurance Fraud Arrested On Obstruction Of Justice Charge 
     Yolanda StallingsPHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Fire Capt. Yolanda Stallings went running out of federal court and away from our cameras. Only CBS3 was there as the once-decorated ranking official in the paramedic unit was arrested Thursday and arraigned before a federal judge on an obstruction of justice charge. Sources say Stallings obstructed justice in an ongoing investigation, which has been a source of trouble for her, for more than a year. Eyewitness News uncovered Stallings is accused of setting fire to her Acura in Washington, D.C., in February 2016, along with two other people. A complaint outlines the details, filed in Superior Court in Washington, D.C. Documents show Stallings and her co-defendants torched her car and then filed an insurance claim for the loss of the vehicle, estimated at $18,500. Court records reveal the three defendants texted after the car was burned and claim filed.

        (black) man seen on video dragging dead body from Detroit house charged with murder
    black suspect victimSurveillance video from a nearby car wash captured footage of a man dragging a partially clothed, apparently dead woman from an abandoned Detroit house in broad daylight on Feb. 26.  He left the woman, later identified as 57-year-old Annetta Nelson, of Detroit, near a vacant lot at the corner of Winthrop and Plymouth in northwest Detroit.  Detroit police officers in the area about 4:30 p.m. arrested
    Rudolph L. Henderson, the 43-year-old Detroit man now accused of killing Nelson. Nelson was strangled. Nelson may have been homeless.

        (black) New York woman charged after video surfaces of unattended 9-month-old crawling in busy roadway, police say
    black suspectMammyA woman from upstate New York was charged with child endangerment after a video surfaced showing her 9-month-old child crawling around a busy roadway.

    Ledrika Ford, 27, was charged on Friday with endangering the welfare of a child after a video surfaced showing her infant child crawling around a roadway, unaccompanied. The video posted on Facebook also showed several people attending to the child, according to a press release from the Utica Police Department.

        (Paraplegic man pulled from wheelchair, shot in buttocks during robbery by pair of worthless blacks
    black suspectsSOUTH CUMMINSVILLE, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati police say a paraplegic person was robbed and shot earlier this month. The victim was pulled from his wheelchair during the incident, they said.
    Authorities are trying to identify the woman and man in the photo associated with this story.  The incident took place Feb. 4 on the 1900 block of Elmore Avenue, near Wayne Playground.
    The victim was shot in the buttocks. police said.

        Woman punched and robbed of cellphone in Dover by two worthless black thugs
    black suspectblack suspectTwo people are wanted on charges they punched and robbed a 51-year-old woman at a Dover bus stop Thursday morning.
    Antonio Powell, 29, and 21-year-old Iesha Brown approached a woman who was at a DART bus station, located in the 500 block of S. Queen Street, shortly after 10 a.m., said Master Cpl. Mark Hoffman, a Dover police spokesman.
    "The suspects assaulted the woman, and continued to punch her in the head area while she was on the ground," Hoffman said.  The pair then took the victim's cell phone and fled on foot.

        (worthless black parasite) Woman, 32, Accused Of Squatting Inside Hunter College Dormitory
    black suspectNEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A 32-year-old woman is refusing to leave a Hunter College dormitory, but the school says she is squatting and wants her out. “Geography was my major,” Lisa Palmer said. Palmer hasn’t been enrolled at Hunter College in Manhattan in about two years, but she refuses to move out of the dorm.  “I think I should just stay and fight the case.” Earlier this week, the college filed a lawsuit against Palmer. It claims she dropped out in 2016 and despite numerous vacate notices, has racked up a staggering $94,000 in unpaid residence hall charges. The college, however, is asking the county sheriff or the city marshal to come and evict her.




    • ‘Let them call you racists’: Steve Bannon delivers rhetoric-filled speech to France’s National Front
      Former White House senior staffer Stephen K. Bannon addressed France’s far-right National Front on Saturday, heralding the global populist tide and attacking the “opposition party media.”

      Bannon’s surprise visit to the party’s conference in Lille — announced via Twitter late Friday — marked the most recent stop on a European tour that has already included Switzerland, along with Italy, where last week voters abandoned establishment parties and opted for a hung parliament dominated by right-wing, anti-immigrant populists.

      “I came to Europe as an observer and to learn,” Bannon said, wearing his typical rugged attire before a cadre of party elites dressed in suits.

      “What I’ve learned is that you’re part of a worldwide movement, that is bigger than France, bigger than Italy, bigger than Hungary — bigger than all of it. And history is on our side,” he said. “The tide of history is with us, and it will compel us to victory after victory after victory.”

        Albert Wong - cowardly Chinese killer of three unarmed White women: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
    Albert Wong - killer of unarmed women White victimsOfficials have named Albert Wong, 36, as the suspect in the Yountville Veterans Home of California shooting, where a gunman took three hostages after sneaking into a building on the Veterans Home grounds during a going-away party. He had previously been treated for PTSD at The Pathway Home, but had been asked to leave the program just a couple weeks ago. The facility is supposed to be a haven for veterans, with the Veterans Home helping veterans of all ages, from World War II to present day. Now, many residents are concerned that the tragedy will harm their loved one’s health, both psychologically and physically.


    Front Page for 9 March 2018 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

         9  March 2018   

        (White) Fairborn hotel clerk fatally shot identified; search for (black) suspects continues
    black suspectWhite victimblack suspectFAIRBORN, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Fairborn Police are searching for suspects after a man was fatally shot at the Hampton Inn on Paramount Place Wednesday night. Crews got to the scene around 7:20 p.m. and found the man with a gunshot wound behind the front lobby counter. He was transported to Soin Hospital by Fairborn medics, where he later died from his injuries. The victim has been identified as Andrew Day, 29.  Police are looking for two suspects, described as young black men who were wearing dark clothing and possibly fled in a white, late 90's Buick style sedan. - (Black-on-white)

        (White) Cab driver found dead in car; (black) Winston-Salem man charged with murder
    black suspectWhite victimA Winston-Salem man has been charged with murder after a cab driver was found dead in his cab early Thursday near Forest Park Elementary School.

    Calvin Lee Moore Jr., 25, of the 4200 block of Whitfield Road was charged with first-degree murder in the death of 49-year-old Richard Dorman Webb, Winston-Salem police said.

    Officers went to the intersection of Tower and Peachtree streets at 3:50 a.m. Thursday to investigate a report of a Classic Cab that was parked with a door open. They found Webb’s body inside the car. Capt. Steve Tollie of the Winston-Salem Police Department said Moore was Webb’s customer. - (Black-on-white)

        (Black) Man charged with attempted murder in 'heinous' beating of woman, 65
    black suspectWhite victimSAGINAW, MI -- The man accused in the "heinous" beating and robbery of a 65-year-old woman in her downtown Saginaw office building was charged Tuesday with attempted murder.
    Timothy Green, 34, was arraigned Tuesday, Feb. 13, on one count of assault with intent to murder, a life offense, and unarmed robbery, a 15-year felony. Green allegedly walked into the fourth-floor offices of READ Association of Saginaw County, a children's literacy nonprofit, beat part-time worker Kathy Rogers and made off with her purse, the felony court complaint stated.
    The attack, which Saginaw Police Detective Sgt. Matt Gerow characterized as "heinous" and "beyond brutal," occurred around 9:50 a.m. Feb. 6 in the Jefferson One building, 100 S. Jefferson Ave. Rogers was alone when the assault occurred. Officers found her three hours later, lying on the floor in a pool of blood, Gerow said. - (Black-on-white)

    • 911 recordings: How police found Kathy Rogers beaten in her Saginaw office
      SAGINAW (WJRT) (2/19/2018) - An observant person helped get police looking for 65-year-old Kathy Rogers on the day she was brutally beaten inside her downtown Saginaw office. Saginaw County 911 Central Dispatch received a report of a suspicious situation around 10 a.m. Feb. 6. A caller had witnessed a black male dump bloody items into a dumpster, including a purse and wallet, behind the Saginaw Public Schools office at 550 Millard St. A police officer went to the dumpster, which is just a few blocks from the Jefferson One building, where Rogers was assaulted. A search of the purse lead to the identification of Rogers, who lives in the Birch Run area.

        (Black) Man, 35, breaks into Wyoming governor's home with a hunting knife and sets off the fire alarm before he is arrested
    black suspectWhite victimA man with a hunting knife has been arrested for entering the Wyoming governor's residence and setting off a fire alarm.  Antoine Lewis, 35,  entered the home of Republican Governor Matt Mead in Cheyenne at 1.30am on Tuesday. The Wyoming Highway Patrol said Lewis set off the fire alarm before hiding inside a bathroom until authorities found him. Lewis was taken into custody and will be charged with aggravated burglary and criminal entry, police say.   - (Black-on-white)

        1 (black) arrested for murder of (white) couple he was 'doing meth' with in motel n double homicide at Kissimmee motel
    black suspectWhite victimsKISSIMMEE, Fla. - An arrest was made Thursday in connection with a double homicide at a Kissimmee motel, deputies said.  Jerry Thompson Jr., 38, and Ginger Lynn Freebold,  34, were found shot to death Wednesday in a room at the Roomba Inn on West Irlo Bronson Highway.  Damon Session, 24, has been named as a suspect. Deputies said he was identified as a suspicious person in the area while they were investigating.  Session told deputies he and the victims were doing drugs when an argument ensued and he shot them, deputies said. "If you're buying drugs or selling drugs, people will kill you to get what you have," said Gibson. "This is an argument that might have gone bad. This is a drug deal gone bad. Two people lost their lives for drugs. It's senseless." Sessions told deputies he knew the victims through a mutual friend. - (Black-on-white)

        Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

        (black) killed fiancee's (promiscuous white) sister during 'rough sex' at motel
     A Houston man confessed to killing his fiancée’s sister during rough sex at a motel with the future in-law, police said. Jason Farmer, a registered sex offender, appeared in court Monday on manslaughter charges in the death of 23-year-old Angela Montante.  Police said the pair reportedly checked into the America’s Inn and Suites near Beechnut on Thursday afternoon and became involved in a sexual encounter that turned fatal. Farmer, 34, told investigators he choked Montante mid-coitus until she started to panic. He claimed he immediately stopped, but her body went limp three to five minutes afterward, according to authorities. More than 24 hours later, Farmer placed a 911 call and led authorities to her body in the motel room.   - (Black-on-white)
    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

        (black) Man who went for paternity test with ex accused of killing her, leaving baby by road
    black suspectPHOENIX – A man whose ex-girlfriend wanted him to take a paternity test is charged with her murder after allegedly admitting he killed her and set her body on fire.
    Antwaun Ware
    is held on $1 million bond in the death of 21-year-old Jasmine Dunbar.
    According to the police report in the case, at just before 10 p.m. on March 3, police found an infant girl alone in a car seat on the road in 49-degree temperatures. Along with the baby, police found one adult shoe, a diaper bag and a wallet with Dunbar's ID inside. Police contacted Dunbar's godmother who said Dunbar had a 7-month-old daughter and that earlier that evening she had said she was going to meet Ware to get him to take a paternity test. The paternity of the child "was in question," Phoenix police Sgt. Jonathan Howard said Thursday.

        (black) Teen charged with manslaughter in (black female) student's gun death at Ala. high school
    black suspectBIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- A 17-year-old has been charged with manslaughter in the gun death of a senior at Huffman High School Wednesday in Birmingham, Ala., the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office announced. Michael Jerome Barber is also facing a charge of certain persons forbidden to possess a pistol for bringing a pistol to the campus and "recklessly causing the death" of Courtlin Arrington, 17.

    Officials initially said two students had been shot in the incident, which they called an accident. District Attorney Mike Anderton confirmed to Crimesider that Barber was the person injured at the school. reports Barber is a student and is being held in Birmingham City Jail following his release from the hospital hours after the shooting.   Anderton called the shooting "reckless," but wouldn't say whether he believes it was accidental or intentional. He also wouldn't speak to the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

        (droopy-eyed black) Arrested in Connection With 2 Sexual Batteries at UCLA; Police Seek More Victims
    black suspectA man has been arrested in connection with two sexual batteries that occurred at UCLA last month, officials announced Thursday. Paris Carter, 28, was arrested on suspicion of sexual battery, false imprisonment and possession of a loaded firearm, Lt. Kevin Kilgore said during a news conference. Police linked Carter to the attacks and believe he may have victimized more people. The 2nd victim, also a UCLA student, was walking home when she was chased by a man who caught up to her, restrained her and touched “the intimate parts of her body,”

        (black) Suspect wanted for breaking into home and assaulting woman
    black suspectBOSTON - The Boston Police Department is seeking the public's help in identifying a suspect wanted  for breaking and entering and indecently assaulting a woman in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood. According to police, the crime happened at around 6 p.m. on Saturday.  Upon arrival, officers spoke to the victim who stated a male suspect entered her apartment and indecently assaulted her.  The suspect is described as a black male with short hair, wearing a dark-colored shirt, light-colored pants and sneakers.

        (Brown slug) Chester Police Officer Charged With Assault Had Job Despite History of Alleged Sexual Misconduct
    black suspectA woman who investigators say was groped and forcibly kissed by a Chester police officer is speaking out as questions arise regarding why the officer had the job despite his history of alleged sexual misconduct.
    Carla Kirksey was in tears while speaking to NBC10 about Chester police officer Albert Dion Ross.
    "I'm not crying because I'm scared," Kirksey said. "I'm crying because I'm mad. Because he took advantage of the situation." Kirksey said she first saw Officer Ross in August of 2015 when they rode an elevator together in the city building that houses the Chester Police Department. While in the elevator, Ross allegedly groped and forcibly kissed her.
    "Instantly, pulled my boob out," Kirksey said. "And kissed it and sucked it. And come up from here and kissed my mouth! And I'm just shocked. I'm stunned. Nobody ever expects that to happen."

        Woman kidnapped outside Minneapolis apartment, gang raped
    black suspectblack suspectblack suspectA woman was taken at gunpoint from outside her Minneapolis apartment and driven to a rural area near Scandia, Minn. last October before being raped by at least three men, running barefoot into a wooded area a short time later in an attempt to escape, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday.

    Now, following a DNA test that matched him to the incident, 23-year-old Deonte Darnell Lawson is facing seven charges for criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping and vehicle theft. 17-year-old Darrius Freeman was also charged in a juvenile petition with a bevy of similar counts, while police say they've already identified the third man.

    "This was a horrendous ordeal for the young woman and she rightly feared for her life,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said. “She showed great courage and cleverness in finally escaping."

        Sketch released of alleged rape suspect wanted for attacking 13-year-old
    black suspectSTONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. - A suspect is wanted for the alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl along railroads tracks in Stone Mountain. DeKalb County Police said it happened Friday, February 23 on South Stone Mountain Lithonia Road, at Walker Road, along the railroad tracks.
    The suspect is described as a black male in his early twenties, 5 feet 5 inches tall, with a short afro. He was dressed in all black clothing. Police provided a sketch of the suspect.

        Black Brute wanted for mugging (White) teen girl
    black suspectA creep manhandles a 16-year-old girl as he rips off her cellphone, disturbing police video released Wednesday shows.
    The unidentified man walked up to the teen, grabs her and throws her down as she was walking near Batchelder Avenue and Avenue V in Sheepshead Bay on Monday around 3:15 p.m., police said.
    The attacker tussles with the teen on the ground, yanks her iPhone 6S from her hand and runs off.
    Police described the man as being 16 to 20 years old and 5-foot-8 to 5-foot-10 tall.

        (black) Delaware Couple Accused Of Making Threats Against Son’s School
    black suspectsDOVER, D.E. (CBS) — A Delaware couple is facing charges after allegedly making threats at their son’s school. Police say Vanessa Alston and Nathaniel Hampton showed up to William Henry Middle School in Dover Tuesday questioning where their son was. Officials say both parents were shouting profanities and Alston threatened to kill. They were taken into custody after officers noticed they appeared intoxicated and smelled like marijuana. Police say their son was on a field trip.

        (Black actress)  says there was something ‘sinister’ about (black serial rapist) Bill Cosby while filming ‘The Cosby Show’

        (Hispanic) restaurant worder accused of repeatedly urinating in female co-worker's water bottle after she rejected him
    A baker at a Minnesota Perkins restaurant is accused of urinating in a co-worker’s water bottle up to 15 times after she refused his romantic advances and told him she only wanted to be friends. Police in Minneapolis learned of the alleged act in October after the woman told them she was being harassed by Conrrado Cruz Perez and that her water bottle repeatedly tasted like urine over the past few months. Cruz Perez, 47, has been charged with two counts of adulterating a substance with bodily fluids and is set to appear in court again March 28. 

        (Mud) Woman wanted for beatdown on grandmother in subway station

      O Canada: Queer Islamic school teacher accused of homosexually molesting young male student in Scarborough
    A teacher at an Islamic school in northeast Scarborough faces accusations that he removed a young boy from class and molested the child. Toronto Police alleged Wednesday that the crime happened Feb. 16 and involved a 10-year-old at The Islamic Foundation of Toronto — located on Nugget Ave. near Markham Rd., just north of Sheppard Ave. E.

    The boy “was taken from school grounds …by a man who was a teacher at the school,” Const. Jenifferjit Sidhu alleged Wednesday. According to the accusations, a man drove the  victim to a location, near Neilson Rd. and McLevin Ave. — about two kilometres away. “The man HOMO sexually assaulted the boy and afterwards returned the boy to school,” Sidhu alleged.

    Saleh Momla, 24, of Toronto, is charged with one count each of sexual interference and sexual assault.   - (Canada)

    Israeli flag


    • (Black female) Nurse who found photo of noose on locker gets $3.8M payout
      HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A nurse who found a photo of hangman's noose taped to her locker at a Hawaii hospital has been awarded a $3.8 million payout. A Circuit Court jury on Wednesday awarded the money, one of the largest damage awards in state history. Ellen Harris was a registered nurse in the intensive care unit at the Queen's Medical Center when she reported that patient safety was being jeopardized.  - (Bias Lawsuits) "I had a dream - of retiring a millionaire from a racial bias lawsuit."



    8  March 2018 

        (black) man Man charged with rape, sex offenses involving 12-year-old girl
    black suspectA Winston-Salem man was being held on a $1 million bond following his arrest Tuesday on charges including statutory rape, indecent liberties and other offenses involving a 12-year-old girl.
    Joseph Dion Mashack, 39, of the 3600 block of King Hill Drive was charged with the following offenses, all felonies: two counts of first-degree statutory sex offense, one count of statutory rape of a child by an adult and three counts of taking indecent liberties with a child. Police said the multiple offenses of sexual contact with the girl occurred during the summer of 2017, as early as June 25.


    Israeli flag

    7  March 2018 

        (White) Clinton officer, 30, shot dead (by black man) responding to 911 call of woman screaming
    black suspectWhite victimUPDATE, 10:50AM | The Missouri Highway Patrol identified the suspect in last night's deadly shooting as 37-year-old Clinton, Mo. resident James E. Waters.
    CLINTON, Mo. — A Clinton police officer died and two other officers were hurt in a shooting at a home in the small Missouri town late Tuesday evening. Ofc. Christopher Ryan Morton died in the shooting, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The 30-year-old had been with the department, then returned to the force after a shooting last year killed Clinton police officer Gary Michael.
    When police arrived at the home, Sgt. Lowe says a man fired at the responding officers from inside. The officers then returned fire and went inside the home. When they went inside, the suspect shot and killed Ofc. Morton and hurt two others. Around 12:10 am, the Highway Patrol SWAT team went into the home and found the suspect dead. It is not yet known if the suspect died as a result of the gun battle with police or if it was self-inflicted. - (Black-on-white)

        Authorities Seek Help ID’ing 2 (black) Men in Killing of (White) Vet During Attempted Robbery in Lancaster, Offer $30K Rew
    black suspectblack suspectWhite victimDeputies sought the public's help Tuesday in identifying two men connected to the fatal shooting of a veteran during an attempted robbery in Lancaster, offering a $30,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. In a news conference, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department released images from surveillance video showing two suspects authorities described as black male adults.  They're seen wearing sweatshirts with cinched hoods that concealed their faces.

    The men intended to rob the gas station convenience store on the 44400 block of Division Street at around 8:30 a.m. on Feb. 19, Lt. Joe Mendoza said. After entering the store, one of them allegedly used a handgun and fatally shot the upper torso of John Ruh, a 61-year-old U.S. Marine veteran working as a cashier at the store.

    Ruh was a beloved fixture in the neighborhood where he worked, according to deputies and his family. Lt. Mendoza said he often helped out customers who couldn't afford merchandise. - (Black-on-white)

        UPDATE: 2nd person arrested for murder of Leslie Clements; Kayla Thursby picked up in Tuscaloosa
    black suspectNegro loverWhite victimCULLMAN -  A second person has been arrested and charged with the September 2016 murder of 33-year-old Leslie Clements.
    Kayla S. Thursby was arrested in Tuscaloosa on an unrelated warrant early Tuesday evening. She is now charged with murder and first-degree theft of property. Thursby was transported back to Cullman by the Cullman Police Department (CPD) Tuesday night. Jerome Flanigan, 36, who, along with Thursby, was a suspect in the Clements’ case for some time, was arrested Sunday night and charged with murder, first-degree theft of property and second-degree arson.

    Clements’ body was found in an apartment in the 1000 block of Fuller Street, on the southwest side of the city of Cullman, on Friday, Sept. 16, 2016. Authorities declared the death suspicious, and the body was sent to Huntsville for autopsy. That same day, Flanigan and Thursby were identified as persons of interest by the CPD.

    In two bizarre twists to the case, on the day Clements’ body was found, the childhood home of Jerome Flanigan was set on fire in the town of Colony. The Cullman County Sheriff’s Office investigated the fire, which was on County Road 33.

    The next day, Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016, George Lamar Flanigan, then 38, the brother of Jerome Flanigan, was found with a gunshot wound to his abdomen. He was transported by ambulance to Cullman Regional, where he was treated and released. The CPD identified the shooter as Ronald McLaughlin. According to a statement from the CPD, McLaughlin was cooperative with the police and the shooting appeared to be self-defense. The Cullman County District Attorney's Office declined to press charges. - (Black-on-white)

        Judge: (black) Man accused of fatally stabbing (white) woman at DeWitt motel deemed competent
    black suspecthad negro 'boyfriend'SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- A Syracuse man accused of stabbing a woman to death in front of a DeWitt motel in November was deemed mentally competent. Keith J. Lobdell, 58, is charged with second-degree murder, third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, third-degree aggravated criminal contempt and first-degree burglary, according to Onondaga County sheriff's deputies.

    Lobdell is accused of stabbing 61-year-old Rena Tindell to death on Nov. 28, deputies said.  Lobdell was arrested twice in May 2017 for assaulting Tindell. Lobdell got out of jail on Nov. 3 when Tindell posted his $200,000 bail, deputies said.
    Lobdell appeared in Onondaga County Judge Matthew Doran's court Wednesday morning. Doran received the results of Lobdell's mental competency exam, which found Lobdell to be competent to proceed in court. - (Black-on-white)

    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

        Images of dead pregnant (white) wife on cellphone lead to murder charge for (black) husband
    black suspectblack husbandMarion County sheriff’s detectives on Monday arrested a man on second-degree murder charges after, they say, multiple photos of his dead wife were found on his cellphone.

    Vincent LaSara Terry, 47, was arrested in the death of his wife, Chrystal Anette Terry, 41. He had previously said that she walked away from their home on the night of Dec. 21.

    After a relative reported on Jan. 8 that she had not returned home, Vincent Terry was called to the Sheriff’s Office, where he told deputies she had left their home, leaving behind her personal items, and that no one had heard from her since that time.

    Because Chrystal was pregnant and needed daily medications, which she did not have with her, the agency declared her to be missing and endangered. MCSO Major Crimes detectives conducted a search of the couple’s home and found a .22 caliber rifle and 53 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition. Vincent Terry is a convicted felon and is not allowed to possess any firearms or ammunition.

    Detectives also conducted a search of Vincent Terry’s cellphone, on which they found multiple photographs of Chrystal Terry’s dead body, according to an arrest report. The photos — which apparently had been deleted from one location on the phone — showed a nude woman’s body with trauma to her face, a lot of blood on the upper part of the body and a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

    Detectives said the small amount of blood coming from the wound indicates she may have been shot shortly before or after she died.
    Tattoos in the photos matched those belonging to Chrystal Terry. - (Black-on-white)

    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

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