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    Pizza delivery drivers kidnapped, one raped by (rutting) negro
black suspect MONTGOMERY COUNTY — Two female pizza delivery drivers were kidnapped, one of whom was raped, in two separate incidents and now a Dayton man is facing multiple felonies for the alleged crimes. D'ablo McConnell, 19, was indicted by a grand jury Monday on four counts of kidnapping, two counts of rape and single counts of attempted rape, assault and aggravated robbery. McConnell allegedly kidnapped a victim at gunpoint in Dayton on Oct. 17.  The teen then was accused of forcing the victim to drive him in her car to the area of Taywood Drive, where he allegedly raped her,

    (black) man sexually assaulted teen multiple times as punishment
black suspectA 19-year-old man, indicted on multiple rape, gross sexual imposition and kidnapping charges, knew his victim.
Zaren Wiesenborn sexually assaulted the victim on at least five occasions over the last few years, the victim told investigators. “(Wiesenborn) admitted he liked feeling the power of control over (the victim) and he would do these actions as a punishment toward her for aggravating him,” detectives said.  Wiesenborn’s next court appearance will be an arraignment hearing April 10. He remains in the Montgomery County Jail with bond set at $200,000.  A 19-year-old Dayton man was indicted on several charges after he was accused of kidnapping and raping a 17-year-old girl.

    Dallas, Bossier City police believe rape cases by rutting mandingo may be related
black suspectPolice in Dallas and Bossier City are investigating whether multiple sexual assaults in both cities may be connected to the same person. Dallas Police said their suspect is a black male between 16 to 19 years old, stands 5-foot-8 tall and weighs 140 pounds. He was in the Bossier City and Shreveport area in March and April, but police said he is currently in Dallas. The suspect is also accused of assaulting three women in Dallas over the past two months. According to the Dallas News report, in each case, a man knocked on a door and either asked the victim for money or said he was looking for work. “The man then forced his way into each victim's home, flashed a weapon and sexually assaulted them,” the report states.

    Winning lottery ticket leads to arrest of alleged Palatine bank robber
black suspectPALATINE, Ill. (WLS) -- An alleged bank robber was caught because of his good fortune. The holdup took place at the Chase Bank at 1131 E. Dundee Road in Palatine last Friday morning. The FBI says that during the heist, a winning lottery ticket fell from Dexter Riley's pocket. Investigators found out it had been sold at a gas station a day earlier, along with four other winning tickets. Last Tuesday, one of those tickets was cashed at a gas station in Deer Park. Police used surveillance video from that gas station to track down the suspect. In addition to be charged in the bank robbery and Riley was also charged with misdemeanor driving on a revoked license.

    Search for loose pants butt-crack bandit in Northeast Philadelphia
black suspectPHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The loose pants bandit is on the loose. Philadelphia police and the FBI are looking for a suspect whose pants were falling down when he robbed the M and T Bank on the 6500 block of Castor Avenue. The holdup happened Thursday at 2:15 p.m. in Northeast Philadelphia.


  • LI man allegedly mocked, fired for Italian heritage sues
    He apparently watched “The Sopranos” too often.

    A car service exec allegedly lambasted an Italian-American sales rep because of his heritage, likening Italians to gangsters and mobsters and telling the Long Islander to “take the spaghetti out of your ears,” when he complained, according to a lawsuit.

    Former car service exec Ronald Velocci claims in a Brooklyn federal suit that his boss, Addison Lee Group CEO Timothy Rose, repeatedly commented on his ethnicity and age — calling him a “Guinea” — before firing him unjustly in October 2017.

    When Rose allegedly told Velocci to get clients “laid” in order to get them to buy Addison’s business platform, Velocci protested, only to have Rose mock him, “We got a Guinea here with, what is that, a moral compass?”

    Velocci filed a complaint with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Rose then allegedly called other car service companies in a bid to get Velocci blackballed.

    “What he did was disgusting, mocking my client for his ethnicity,” said Velocci’s lawyer, Jonathan Tand.

3 November 2018

    (White) Roseville bowling alley employee speaking out after violent assault by two black subhumans with hair-trigger rage
2 black men facing charges in connection with assault

black suspectWhite victimblack suspectROSEVILLE, Mich. - What was supposed to be a special day turned into a birthday one man will never forget -- for all the wrong reasons. Andy Rosenmayer, 28, who was attacked while working in a Roseville bowling alley, is speaking out for the first time since he was brutally attacked by two customers. negro primatives.  Rosenmayer needed seven staples to his head after the group used near deadly force to attack him by picking up a 10-pound bowling ball and throwing it at his head. "It's cold, heartless, it's a different mindset to even do something like that," he said. 
Rosenmayer said the group of friends were in the bowling alley for a last hurrah. "They were all celebrating. One of their friends was going to jail for five years the next day. They were doing things that were out of line, I thought they were sneaking liquor in," he said. "I was asking them to leave, saying, 'you guys gotta go,' and six came up asking for a refund for their games."   "They did leave me laying from the ground, bleeding from my head."  - (Black-on-white)

  • 2 arrested in Roseville bowling ball attack
    Two people have been arrested in connection with an incident in which a bowling alley employee was struck on the head with a bowling ball, Roseville police said Monday. Branden Moore, 31, of Clinton Township was arraigned in 39th District Court on single counts of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder and interfering with a crime report — committing a crime/threatening to kill or injure, both 10-year felonies.

    (black) Killer, 58, starts online dating in London after he was deported back to Britain following 38 years in an American jail for strangling his (DEFILED WHITE) 14-year-old girlfriend
Dempsey Hawkins Susan JacobsonA murderer who strangled his 14-year-old girlfriend before stuffing her lifeless body in an oil drum is searching online for women to date in London - after serving 38 years in an American jail.  Dempsey Hawkins, 58, who was deported back to Britain following his time in jail, has been approaching women on the social networking site One woman who was contacted by Hawkins under the alias Dempsey Louis, claims he was 'terribly forward' and did not mention his past conviction at all.   London-born Hawkins, then aged 16, killed beau Susan Jacobson on Staten Island, New York, in May 1976. Hawkins had been dating Susan for about a year at the time of the attack, but she had been ordered to break the relationship off by her parents after she was forced to have an abortion.

Her boyfriend could not dare to think of Susan being with someone else and decided that if he couldn't have her, no one else could either.
During a phone interview from behind bars in 2011, he later admitted: 'It was a warm day. 'With the arm of the shirt, I put it around her neck, as if to kiss her, and I just started squeezing it. Her hands went up to the shirt and I just looked away and just kept squeezing the shirt.'
Dempsey is now enjoying a new life in Cambridge and working at a Mexican restaurant in the city.  - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    Police reveal sex extortion plot tied to (white female) U of U student’s death (at hands of her evil black ex-boyfriend)
black suspectnigger loverSALT LAKE CITY —  University of Utah Police Chief Dale Brophy revealed new information Thursday about the death of 21-year-old student-athlete Lauren McCluskey, including details of a sexual extortion/blackmail plot against her. (Why would a 21-year-old white woman have anything to do with a 37-yr-old black n*word?)

According to Chief Brophy, McCluskey reported that someone had threatened to post compromising photos of her and the black Rowland online unless she met a monetary demand. McCluskey told police she transferred $1,000 to an account in hopes of keeping the photos private and protecting her reputation.

  • BLACK sex fiend committed suicide after he murdered his defiled white female ex-'girlfriend'
  • In 2004, Melvin S. Rowland admitted in court that he had attempted to sexually assault a teenage girl. At a parole hearing eight years later, he said he had forced her to have sex, and that he had done the same to two other women. Four years after that, as he moved in and out of prison, he talked about hurting a parole agent.  On Monday night, Rowland shot and killed 21-year-old University of Utah student and heptathlete Lauren McCluskey, the campus police chief has said. Rowland, 37, died by suicide hours later at Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church in Salt Lake City. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    Three vicious black demon thugs stalk random man into subway, stab him repeatedly: cops
black suspectHalloween was a horror for a Bronx man after three strangers followed him into a subway station an stabbed him repeatedly, police said Saturday.

The trio approached the 19-year-old victim as he walked into the Norwood-205th Street D train station near Bainbridge Avenue around 9:25 p.m., chased him and then knifed him multiple times in the stomach and upper right arm before taking off, police said.

The victim was rushed to St. Barnabas Hospital, where he was listed in stable condition after the unprovoked Oct. 31 incident, cops said.
Each of the attackers are believed to be around 20 years old, according to police. One wore a black hooded sweater under a dark green jacket, dark pants and was last seen holding a knife on his right arm. The second wore a light gray hooded sweater and black pants, and the other was seen wearing a black hooded sweater and black pants.

    4 (black) Suspects Arrested In Delaware Human Trafficking Case, Police Say
black suspectsLAUREL, Del. (CBS) — Four suspects — three men and a woman — have been arrested in Delaware in connection with a human trafficking case, Delaware State Police announced Friday. Police, in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security began investigating the case on Wednesday, when troopers were dispatched to the Relax Inn at 30702 Sussex Highway for a report of a woman being held against her will and being forced to perform sex acts. Three suspects were taken into custody at the Relax Inn Wednesday without incident: 25-year-old David B. Goodwin, 27-year-old Kevonne L. Murphy and 38-year-old Lakeya N. Aldridge. A fourth suspect, 30-year-old Joshua Lankford,  was taken into custody

    8 (7 negroids & 1 spanic) Charged In Multi-County Drug Trafficking Bust
black suspects - 1 spanicNORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) – Montgomery County officials announced the multi-agency dismantling of a large drug trafficking scheme that was distributing heroin, cocaine, and other illegal drugs in Montgomery, Philadelphia and Chester counties. Eight leaders of the organization were arrested on Nov. 1. Those arrested included George King, 50, Foster B. Moore, 47, and Richard Rivera, 42, all of Philadelphia; Jeron Boggs, 28, Marcellus Bowie Sr., 49, John King, 54, and Romelle McClellan, 29, all of Norristown; and Larry Baird Jr., 60, of Phoenixville.

    (obscene rutting black throwback) Monkey accused of exposing himself to Lyft driver during ride in Joliet
black suspectJOLIET, Ill. -- A (black) man has been charged with exposing himself to a Lyft driver Wednesday.  Valentino D. Rivera, 19, of Bolingbrook, was arrested Thursday at Joliet Junior College.  Police responded to a 911 call from a Lyft driver who said that a man she had picked up at the college, identified as Rivera, had taken off his pants and was exposing himself and speaking obscenities to her near Weber Road on I-55, according to Illinois State Police. State police and Joliet Junior College police were able to identify Rivera Thursday and take him into custody without incident.

     Black dad convicted of beating baby daughter to death— on Father’s Day
black suspectA Brooklyn man has been convicted of beating to death his 16-month-old daughter during a Father’s Day visit.
Jurors late Wednesday found Shaquan Taylor guilty of second-degree murder for the June 18, 2017, killing of tot Nylah Lewis. The 20-year-old Coney Island man faces up to life behind bars for the heartless slaying.
The child’s mother, Tammy Lewis, testified she’d dropped her daughter off for holiday time with her dad, but then received an afternoon text saying Nylah was having trouble breathing.

The 16-month-old was in a coma for five days before she died. Doctors said she’d suffered a fractured skull, loss of oxygen to the brain and bruising all over her tiny body.

    (Black female) Ex-crack-whore, Ex-Assemblywoman sentenced to 6 months for Sandy scam
black suspectDisgraced former Brooklyn Assemblywoman Pamela Harris will serve just six months behind bars for defrauding the federal government, a judge ruled Wednesday. Harris showed no emotion as Brooklyn federal court judge Jack Weinstein finally delivered the sentence — after twice pushing back the date saying he needed more time to consider her fate.

Though prosecutors asked Harris serve more than 3 year behind bars, Weinstein told the gallery he felt the hardships Harris had faced throughout her life, and her genuine remorse for her theft, merited a lesser sentence.
“She has suffered extraordinarily harsh and repeated blows,” the 97-year-old jurist said of the ex-pol’s personal history, which includes domestic abuse, homelessness, the death of her daughter, and prostituting herself to support a crack cocaine addiction. “

    Mom of slain Hispanic Bronx teen shouts ‘killer’ (in Spanish) at accused murderer in court
Asesino!Leandra Feliz shouted in Spanish at Kevin Alvarez, one of the 14 reputed Trinitarios gangbangers accused of butchering her innocent 15-year-old son outside a Bronx bodega in June.

    Egyptian Uber Driver Ahmed Elgaafary Charged With Allegedly Raping Unconscious Passenger
mud suspect The alleged sexual assault happened on Feb. 10, when  Ahmed Elgaafary, 26, picked up the victim at the Valley Forge Casino at approximately 2:20 a.m. The victim was visibly intoxicated. She reported that she did not remember anything from the Uber ride, but when she woke up later that morning, she had a bad feeling that something may have happened. The victim woke up and noticed bruises on her legs and forehead and discovered dirt under her fingernails. She also told police that a bra was the only thing she was wearing when she awoke. The rape kit indicated that his sperm was identified on the victim’s vaginal swab. DNA samples from both the victim and defendant confirmed that Elgaafary had sexual intercourse with the victim without her knowledge or consent.     SEND THEM ALL BACK!


  • New York City: Another inmate bailed out by Kennedy charity skips court date
    (Female) Ralphie Myree, 25, arrested in June for robbing a Chelsea sex shop at knifepoint, never bothered to appear in Manhattan Criminal Court Wednesday, prompting a judge to order a warrant for her arrest. “OK the time is 4:04 pm. Parole revoked, warrant ordered,” Judge Marisol Martinez Alonso said after waiting hours for Myree. Myree’s public defender left at 12:30 p.m.
    Now RFK will be forced to forfeit the $50,000 it paid to free her on Oct. 2.
    On Tuesday, a Brooklyn judge ordered the arrest of RFK bailee Tamika West, 44, after she failed to show.

2 November 2018

     Black bus driver that slaughtered a White bicyclist only gets 30 days in jail !!!!
black suspectWhite victimThe shattered widow of a CitiBike rider fatally struck by a Coach USA bus poured her heart out in court describing her family’s anguish Thursday as a judge sentenced the driver to the maximum — of just 30 days in jail. Sasha Hanegby, who lost her husband June 12, 2017, when Dave Lewis slammed into Dan Hanegby, sobbed as she recounted the devastating loss.
“How does a mother sit her children down and tell them their father will never return?” she asked in Manhattan Criminal Court, tears streaming down her face. “My heart breaks when my children ask why their father can’t jump down from the sky and hug them,” she said of the 7 year old and 4 year old she shares with her late husband. She last saw Hanegby, 36, when he headed out the door that morning to his bank job at Credit Suisse.
“Had I known, I would have tried to hold on to that moment a little longer,” she wistfully told Judge Heidi Cesare. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Rapper arrested for forcing (White) female cheerleader student, 20, into prostitution’ before she mysteriously vanished 
black suspectnigger loverAN aspiring rapper has been charged with sex trafficking a university student who vanished last year and is still missing. Ishi Woney, 23, was charged in a New York federal court yesterday with exploiting former cheerleader Corinna Slusser, 20, and one other woman and forcing them both into prostitution. Corinna has been missing for more than a year after becoming involved with a rapper who has been charged with sex trafficking.
The FBI is still searching for Corinna, who studied marketing at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and vanished in September 2017 aged just 19, reports The New York Post. US Attorney Geoffrey S Berman said: “Woney engaged in a vile form of exploitation, using force and other coercion to compel young women to engage in paid sex for his enrichment.”
Woney allegedly forced at least one woman to engage in sex for money in The Bronx and other places.
He brought online ads promoting prostitution which featured that victim and Corinna, authorities said.
The other female called Woney “daddy” in social media messages, according to reports. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)
Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    Hartford police make arrest in May murder
black suspectHARTFORD — Police have arrested a Hartford man in connection with the murder of a woman in May.
On May 23, police were called to  101-103 Enfield Street for a report of shots fired and a person down in the street. Police found Lydia Tirillo, 44,   lying in the middle of the street with several gunshot wounds. She was taken to Saint Francis Hospital where she died of her injuries.
On Thursday, police arrested Byron Perry, 26, of Hartford. He is being held on a $1 million  dollar bond for the charges of Murder, and Carrying a Pistol without a Permit, as well as an additional $25,000.00 bond for the charges of Possession of Narcotics and Interfering with Police. He is expected to be arraigned Friday. Police said the victim and suspect were known to each other. The incident is believed to have stemmed from a dispute between the two. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    Interracial couple arrested in death of woman found tied up in Phoenix motel
black suspectblack suspectWhite victimA man and woman were arrested on suspicion of killing 29-year-old Tiffani Selleys, who was found bound in a Phoenix motel room earlier this week. Mario Morris, 43, and Samantha Vasquez, 53, were booked into a Maricopa County jail. Selleys was found dead Monday in a Phoenix motel after she and her boyfriend were tied up during a fight with visitors.  About 7:55 a.m., police officers responded to a Knights Inn Travelodge and found Selleys badly beaten and bound by duct tape and extension cords, court records say.  Selleys was pronounced dead.  According to the 38-year-old boyfriend, the couple had been occupying the room for a few days and invited Morris and Vasquez to stay in their room.  Morris and Vasquez accused Selleys of stealing money and drugs and bound up Selleys and the boyfriend.  The boyfriend was able to free himself and call 911 after the suspects left. He said he and Selleys were in a fight with the suspects in the motel room.
- (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating
Hook up with a black man - he is going to commit a crime and you are going to get arrested with him.

    (rutting mouth-breathing black) Winston-Salem man charged in Davidson County rape
black suspectblack suspectWALLBURG — A Winston-Salem man was arrested on rape charges on Wednesday.
Tevin Lamont Tuttle, 24, of 383 Thomas School Road, is charged with first-degree forcible rape.
He is accused of breaking into a house on Rolling Green Drive in Wallburg on Oct. 27 and assaulting a woman, the Davidson County Sheriff's Office said. The woman was then forced into her bedroom and raped.

    (rutting black) Apple Valley sex offender stopped from assaulting girl on bus by driver, passengers, deputies say
black suspectblack suspectA bus driver and several passengers helped to stop a registered sex offender, who authorities said, had attempted to sexually assault a young girl on the bus on Halloween. Antoine Ryans, 42, of Apple Valley was arrested on suspicion of attempted lewd acts on a child, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. Apple Valley station deputies received a call Wednesday, Oct. 31, that a Victor Valley Transit bus driver had to pull over at Apple Valley Road and Highway 18 due to a passenger being inappropriate with several women and girls.
The man, later identified as Ryans, a registered sex offender living in Apple Valley, made several sexual statements to a young girl on the bus before approaching her and “attempting to contact her for sexual gratification,” the statement said.
That’s when the driver and passengers stepped in, officials said.

    (rutting black) Ex-Parkway teacher and coach gets five years for statutory rape of student
black suspectCLAYTON • A former Parkway teacher and coach was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison after admitting to charges of statutory rape, sodomy and sexual abuse of a middle school student. Ronald “Ronnie” L. Smith Jr., 43, of the 2000 block of Painted Leaf Drive in Maryland Heights, taught industrial technology at Parkway South Middle School and coached girls basketball and football at Parkway South High School. He was sentenced by Presiding Circuit Judge Gloria C. Reno. Smith pleaded guilty in September to three counts of statutory rape, one count of statutory sodomy and one count of sexual contact with a student by a teacher. Charges said he had sexual contact with a female student from 2015 to 2017.

    Rutting black from KENYA, Africa was supposed to help residents at a Shoreview group home, but he sexually assaulted one
black suspectA Mounds View man who worked the overnight shift at a group home is accused of sexually assaulting an adult resident with the mental capacity of a 6-year-old, authorities say. Lawrence Nyakundi Mokaya, 41, was charged Wednesday with one count of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, according to the criminal complaint filed against him in Ramsey County District Court. The charge alleges that Mokaya’s actions caused personal injury to the 24-year-old woman.

A therapist at the Shoreview-based group home became aware of the matter as she read a story to the woman about a father hugging his son last Thursday, charges say. “Lawrence does that to me,” the woman told the therapist, according to the criminal complaint. Concerned, the therapist started asking the woman more questions about her interactions with Mokaya and learned that he also kissed the resident, groped her body and digitally penetrated her, charges say.     SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    Missing (black) Durham man's death now investigated as homicide after sources tell police he was killed, body fed to hogs
DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- A case involving a Durham man who went missing in January is now being investigated as a homicide, according to a newly released search warrant. Charleston Goodman, who was 26 at the time of his disappearance, went missing on Jan. 28. As new witnesses have stepped forward, new information regarding what actually happened to Goodman is being revealed. According to the new search warrants, a witness said she may have seen Goodman's body in the back of a van. The search warrants also stated that a confidential informant told police that he or she had heard that Goodman broke into another man's apartment prior to his disappearance and stole two bricks worth of cocaine. According to the informant, that man kidnapped Goodman after being alerted to the break-in by surveillance video footage. The informant said Goodman's body was then believed to be fed to hogs. The informant was unaware of the exact location that may have taken place.

    Black female Harvard doctor accuses flight attendants of discrimination
black suspectA black doctor from Boston says she was racially profiled when flight attendants grilled her over her credentials while she assisted a sick passenger. Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford was on a flight home from Indianapolis on Tuesday when she noticed the woman next to her was hyperventilating. Stanford – who is a physician at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital – was already aiding the passenger when a flight attendant stopped by and asked Stanford if she was a doctor,

    Black Masturbating Monkey Suspect Arrested in Connection With 5 Indecent Exposure Incidents Targeting UCLA Students
black suspectA man was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of exposing his genitals and masturbating in front of several UCLA students over the past few months, campus police said. Anton Floyd, 40, is accused in at least five separate indecent exposure incidents that occurred between Aug. 30 and Oct. 30 near the university, in the area of Midvale Avenue between Strathmore Drive and Gayley Avenue, UCLA Police Lt. Kevin Kilgore said in an emailed statement. Floyd was taken into custody.

    Beauty shop robbery erupts into massive brawl by three black bitch thieves
black suspectsQUEENS (WABC) --Police are investigating a brutal beating inside a hair and beauty supply store in Queens. Authorities say three women were trying to steal $87 worth of wigs from the Hair and Beauty Salon store on Jamaica Avenue when an employee tried to stop them. It happened on Tuesday, October 23, at 2:50 p.m.
The suspects punched and kicked the employee before running away. The victim was not badly hurt.

The first suspect is described as a black woman, approximately 25 years old, with a medium build, dark complexion and short brown hair. She was last seen wearing a du-rag, black jacket with colored patches on the front, blue jeans and black work boots.
The second suspect had a dark complexion with a short black hair. She was last seen wearing a red jacket and black pants.
The third suspect had a dark complexion. She was last seen wearing a dark grey jacket, red hoodie, black hat and black jeans.

    Black Sports: Ex-NFL player arrested for slapping student in front of class
black suspectA former NFL player-turned-high school health teacher and assistant football coach was arrested Friday for assaulting the same student twice — and promptly resigned, police said.
Sheddrick Wilson, 44, who played wide receiver at LSU and for the Houston Oilers, allegedly assaulted the 16-year-old at Archbishop Stepinac HS during two separate occasions, court records show. Sometime in January or February 2017 while Wilson was teaching health class at the prestigious White Plains school, he ordered the victim, known only as “JM” in court papers, to the front of the classroom and asked him to remove his glasses, records show. Wilson then slapped “JM” in the face with an open hand in front of “several other students” causing a “stinging sensation” to his face and embarrassment, court papers say. The former baller sparred with the student, who’s now 18 and no longer attends the school, for using the “n-word,” Wilson’s lawyer Bruce Bendish told The Post.

    Arrest Warrant: (Black NIGERian) Man In Car Struck, Threw Officer 94 Feet
black suspectDALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – An arrest warrant obtained by CBS 11 Wednesday night provides new information about a Dallas Police officer critically injured while on the job Sunday. The officer was laying down flares on I-20 at Mountain Creek Parkway when police say Boniface Madubuko tried to drive around the scene. According to the arrest warrant, the officer was hit and thrown 94 feet. Sources tell CBS 11’s J.D. Miles, the officer is still in critical condition but he has no major damage to his brain or organs. Madubuko, 57, remains in the Dallas County Jail. He’s charged with aggravated assault on a public servant. SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    Crips gang member convicted in deadly hookah lounge shooting
Larry PagettFederal jurors have convicted a high-ranking Crips gang member for a murder inside a Brooklyn night club.
Larry Pagett, 39, was convicted Wednesday of a single charge of murder in-aid-of-racketeering for the Aug. 28, 2015, shooting of rival Chrispine Philip. Pagett, a known leader of the Eight Trey Crips street gang, now faces a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment. Prosecutors said Pagett fatally shot Philip, a member of the Folk Nation crew, inside the Buda Hookah Lounge because he blamed him for the death of a fellow gang member. Video shown at trial showed Pagett firing shots into the crowded club, hitting Philip.

    DEFILED white female as seen on some stupid TV soap-opera is filing for divorce from some black basketballer - ADULTERY
 It’s over again for Larsa and Scottie Pippen. The former “Real Housewives of Miami” star filed for divorce from the basketball star.  Scottie previously filed for divorce in 2016, but they tried reconciling after she was spotted out with (negro 'rapper') Future. The case was eventually dismissed in 2017. It’s unclear when they decided to split again, but Larsa, 44, was spotted without her wedding ring while hanging out with French Montana this weekend. Scottie, 53, tied the knot with Larsa in 1997 and they have four children together. Their daughter Sophia was recently eliminated on “Dancing With the Stars: Juniors.”

    Public School brainwashing and programming in Minority-majority New York City
mud suspect Number of knives confiscated in city schools up 20 percent from last year
Urban Dictionary: mumblypeg  - Definition 1 of 2 or more - Getting the knife in your foot is an automatic win.
Mumblety-peg - Wikipedia - Mumblety-peg is an old outdoor game played using pocketknives. The term "Mumblety-peg" came from the practice of putting a peg of about 2 or 3 inches into the ground. The loser of the game had to take it out with his teeth.
How to Play Mumbley Peg | The Art of Manliness
 - Mumbley peg was an insanely popular schoolyard game in the 19th century among boys. It was right up there with marbles and jacks. In fact, Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer, Detective, mentions “mumbletypeg” as being a favorite game with the children at old Tom’s school.

    'Gay' Goodyear Queer Faggot Homo Sodomite NAKED tied up, stabbed after online hookup goes wrong
GOODYEAR, AZ - A Goodyear man was stabbed and robbed after an online hookup turned violent.
Goodyear Police report that on October 23, they responded to a home near Cotton Lane and Lower Buckeye Road. The homeowner called police saying he was "naked, tied up and bleeding." When police arrived, the victim came out of the home wearing only a bath towel. He allegedly told police that one of the two suspects involved in the incident was still in the house, sleeping.
Police arrested 31-year-old Jeremi Philip Taylor after a struggle with a K-9 officer.  The victim told police that he and a friend found Taylor and the second suspect, 29-year-old William Huffman, on a dating site called 'HookUp.'
The four spent the evening together while they smoked meth. At one point, the victim was tied up as part of a HOMO-sexual act -- but that's when things reportedly turned violent.
(more adjective details of the queer sex party at link...)

    Canada: African Driver Kicks Queer out of his Cab
‘It’s hard to feel helpless’: Toronto man claims he was kicked out of taxi for being gay
A Toronto fag said that he was kicked out of a taxi cab Thursday night after mentioning his sexual orientation to the driver. Travis Paul said he hailed a cab after going out for a drink with a few friends. He said he started a conversation with the driver and mentioned his boyfriend. “About $10 into the fare, he just kind of said ‘you don’t have to worry about the fare’, this is where you can hop out kind of thing,” he said.

Israeli flag
  • Suspect arrested for scrawling ‘Kill all Jews’ in synagogue
    Sources said the man was also caught on surveillance earlier Friday setting a rubbish fire at a second synagogue in Williamsburg. He was wearing the same jacket during both acts of vandalism. Both incidents are being treated as hate crimes.

  • Homeless Hispanic man busted for soup kitchen stabbing at synagogue
    Cops busted a homeless man who they say stabbed a person in line at a soup kitchen at a Midtown synagogue.
    Ruben Caballero was caught Thursday evening at a nearby church and charged with assault after he allegedly knifed the other man in the back at the Central Synagogue on East 55th Street near Lexington Avenue just before 7 a.m. the same day.

    Caballero, 48, got into a squabble with another person in line and when a 54-year-old man tried to intervene, he stabbed the man in the back and then took off on a bicycle, cops said. Police found him a short distance away at St. Bartholomew’s Church on Park Avenue near East 50th Street. The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Police say Caballero, who is also homeless, has over a dozen prior arrests dating back to 1995 including for criminal trespass, weapons possession, robbery, assault and marijuana possession, officials said.

  • White Philly Officer Used 'Poor Tactics' in Deadly Shooting of Black Unarmed Man and Will Be Fired
    A Philadelphia police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man in the Germantown section of the city last year will be fired, Police Commissioner Richard Ross announced Wednesday. Ross said Officer Eric Ruch Jr., 30, was not justified in using lethal force when he shot Dennis Plowden, 25, on the night of Dec. 27, 2017.
    Plowden allegedly accelerated, striking the passenger door of a police car and hitting an officer. He then continued down Nedro Avenue at a high speed, police said. The officers then spotted the Hyundai across the street and saw Plowden, who was unarmed, sitting on a sidewalk with his hand placed in his jacket pocket. The officers aimed their weapons at Plowden and ordered him several times to show his hands, officials said. Ruch then fired one shot, striking Plowden in the left hand and the head.

    The Fraternal Order of Police released a statement regarding Officer Ruch. “We will represent officer Eric Ruch Jr. against these latest allegations," they wrote. "Our attorneys will gather all the facts of the case and appropriately defend the officer.”


  • Brits in Benidorm at risk from illegal booze trade: 'Dirty' cocktails sold on beaches
    Officials in the Spanish resort, visited by millions of UK holidaymakers each year, have been trying to crackdown on the illicit trade.
    The drinks sold on popular Levante Beach are made in alleyways before being flogged to thirsty tourists.
    As well as preparing them in unhygienic conditions the unlicensed sellers are thought to be using substandard alcohol in the drinks. Vendors then hawk them to sun-seekers on the beach.
  • Prison for illegal Benidorm beach brawlers
    Two men have been arrested and sent to prison following a fight which broke out in Benidorm between illegal beach sellers and local police. A third person has also been detained for being involved in the assault on the police officers when he was identified at the entrance to the courthouse.  As the police officers were questioning the men a number of other vendors arrived to join them. Witnesses say that about 20 people were involved in the fight.

  • Texas Man Wanted To Rape, Kill, Eat Florida Girl
    TITUSVILLE, Fla. (CBSDFW.COM/AP) — A Florida sheriff says a 21-year-old Texas man told an undercover deputy he wanted to “rape, kill, and cannibalize” a child. Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey told news outlets that Alexander Nathan Barter posted an online ad about trying “necrophilia and cannibalism and see how it feels to take a life.” Ivey says an undercover deputy who also works for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement saw it and offered Barter a child. “This is somebody that actually, when he was arrested, showed up with a knife and bags to take the body parts out.” The Sheriff said Barter is, “One of the most sick, disgusting and demented people I believe I have ever had the unfortunate nature to be involved with.”

1 November 2018 

    Philadelphia: 2nd member of radical black cop-killer group MOVE Freed on Parole
black suspectsWhite victimA second member of the radical group MOVE — a black liberation group founded in West Philadelphia — has been released from prison on parole.

An attorney for MOVE member Mike Africa announced his release Tuesday via Twitter. In June, Debbie Africa was the first member of the so-called “MOVE 9” to be paroled.

Nine MOVE members were convicted of third-degree murder in the 1978 death of Officer James Ramp. They each were sentenced to 30 to 100 years in prison.

The confrontation came after police tried to evict the group from its Philadelphia headquarters. A second eviction attempt culminated in the 1985 police bombing of MOVE headquarters that killed 11 people and destroyed dozens of homes. - (Black-on-white)

    Dallas police searching for armed (RUTTING BLACK) serial rapist targeting apartment complexes
black suspect Authorities in Dallas, Texas are on the lookout for an armed suspect that may be linked to three separate aggravated sexual assaults. The assaults occurred at three different North Dallas apartment complexes, all within eight and a half miles of each other. The latest victim was inside her apartment when the suspect knocked on her door and solicited work, before pushing his way into the apartment and sexually assaulted her, Dallas Deputy Police Chief Thomas Castro said at a Thursday press conference.

    Alleged MS-13 members charged with murder in 2 deaths
MINEOLA, N.Y. — Two alleged MS-13 gang members have been charged with murder in separate killings of two teenagers who were hacked to death in New York.
Josue Figueroa-Velazquez and Kevin Lopez-Morales were arraigned on a grand jury indictment Friday in the deaths of 15-year-old Angel Soler and 19-year-old Josue Amaya Leonor on Long Island. Both pleaded not guilty. Soler’s body was found last October and Leonor’s was found May 30. Prosecutors say both victims were killed because they were perceived to be enemies of MS-13. Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas says the victims were lured to the woods by the defendants and other gang members and “ruthlessly” hacked to death.

    MS-13 gang violence is ‘unbridled’
The bloodthirsty MS-13 gang is even worse than authorities initially suspected — with a command structure akin to the Mafia and members who’ve set a new standard for viciousness, the outgoing head of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration’s New York Division said Tuesday.

“Law enforcement did not realize how sophisticated they were at first,” Special Agent in Charge James Hunt told The Post in an exclusive interview one day before his mandatory retirement.

“Their command is structured and controlled a lot like organized crime.”

About 10,000 MS-13 members are spread across the United States, with more based in Central America — where the gang originated — and even Europe and the Far East, Hunt said.

“They have a leader who is based in El Salvador, and everybody all over the world answers to him,” he said.

President Trump began warning about the danger posed by MS-13 during his campaign for the White House, and claimed this week that gang members were hidden in the migrant caravan now heading to the US through Mexico.
“They like cutting people up, slicing them,” Trump said during a rally in Texas on Monday.

    (Illegal) Immigrant pizza guy allegedly attacked wife after she asked for divorce
The illegal-immigrant pizza deliveryman who was detained by ICE at an Army base in Brooklyn over the summer allegedly got physical with his wife after she told him she wants a divorce, she told police.

Sandra Chica shared the revelation with cops Friday when her husband, Pablo Villavicencio, was arrested over the alleged domestic violence incident at their Long Island home, according to court documents.

    Trump says he may send up to 15,000 troops to border - to stop illegal migrant, criminal and terrorist INVASION

    No, The Fourteenth Amendment Does Not Authorize Birthright Citizenship
mud suspects It is clear that the framers of the Fourteenth Amendment did not intend individuals not subject to the full and complete jurisdiction of the United States to be included as citizens.

  • News darkie Al Roker fires back at killjoys who called his Halloween costume ‘racist’
    black suspect“Today” show weatherman Al Roker is under fire for dressing up on Halloween as Doc Brown, the quirky — and white — time machine inventor in the “Back to the Future” trilogy. Some social media users asked why it was all right for him to dress up as a Caucasian character, while NBC canceled his colleague Megyn Kelly’s show after her controversial blackface comments.


  • Police Investigate Photo of VIETNAMESE Philly Officer in Blackface
    An investigation is underway and a Philadelphia police officer is now on desk duty after a photo of him in blackface surfaced on social media. The photo shows Officer Hung Nguyen, a 22-year veteran, wearing an Afro and in blackface. The picture sparked outrage after it was posted on Facebook. Police became aware of the image late Tuesday night and confirmed it was Nguyen in the picture. They’re now working to determine who created the image.

  • Black female candidate says trooper ‘profiled’ her while campaigning
    A black candidate running for Connecticut’s House of Representatives says she was racially profiled by a state trooper while out campaigning — and told she needed a permit to talk to constituents, according to a report Thursday. Ernestine Holloway was stopped by the trooper while out knocking on doors with a dozen campaign volunteers last week in Middlefield. He (ALLEGEDLY) told her that she needed a peddler’s permit.

31 October 2018

     2 nig-teens charged with assassination in shooting death of retired St. Louis WM police sergeant, 67
black suspectWhite victimblack suspectsblack suspectBoys, 15 and 16, charged in juvenile court with murder of retired St. Louis police sergeant ST. LOUIS • Two teen suspects have been charged in juvenile court with murder and robbery in the death of a retired St. Louis police sergeant who was killed during a botched robbery Monday. A 16-year-old, believed to be the gunman, was charged with second-degree murder and attempted first-degree robbery. Another boy, 15, faces the same charges plus tampering with a motor vehicle and resisting arrest after he fled police in a stolen SUV. A juvenile court judge will determine whether the teens should be certified to stand trial as adults for the crime. That decision could take weeks or months. The 16-year-old was arrested Monday at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, where he was dropped off with a gunshot wound to the wrist, sources said. Police say he was injured in a shootout after he tried to rob retired St. Louis police Sgt. Ralph E. Harper that morning on a residential street near Tower Grove Park. The other suspect arrested after the SUV crashed, Julian Mathews, 17, was not involved in the robbery and shooting of Harper, police said.  - (Black-on-white)

    Second black man arrested in (White) NC trooper's shooting death
black suspectblack suspectWhite victimWhiteville, N.C. — A second man was arrested early Tuesday in the shooting death last week of State Highway Patrol Trooper Kevin Conner last week in Columbus County, authorities said.
Chauncy Askew, 18, of Chadbourn, was apprehended in Loris, S.C., following an extensive manhunt, Columbus County District Attorney Jon David said during a news conference. He was being held without bond in Conway, S.C., awaiting extradition to North Carolina, where he will be charged with first-degree murder, David said. - (Black-on-white)

    Mom of White man killed in BLACK coach’s deadly attack rips prosecutors
(Black) Jamill Jones, 35, was arrested for allegedly punching (White) Boca Raton resident Sabor Szabo in the head - he died.

    Black criminal Thugs mug man shopping at Macy’s Herald Square
black suspectsTwo men sucker-punched a shopper inside Macy’s Herald Square location in Manhattan — and then took off with his bags.
The 46-year-old victim told cops he was trying on clothes in the Tommy Hilfiger section at the West 34th Street store around 5:45 p.m. Saturday when one of the crooks took his bags. The man and a second mugger acted as lookout fled down an escalator and he gave chase. That’s when he was punched in the face.

    (black from DARKEST AFRICA) Arlington Bus Driver Arrested After HOMO-Sexual Incident With Male Student
black suspectAn Arlington school bus driver is facing charges after being accused of having a sexual encounter with a student on his bus, police say. Chima Lemael Kalu Nsi, 21, was arrested Tuesday on a felony charge of improper relationship between an educator and student. The incident was reported to have occurred on Sept. 27 while the driver was taking the student from one school to another while the two were alone on the bus, police said. The student, a 17-year-old boy, reported what happened to a friend and the friend notified police, said Lt. Chris Cook with the Arlington Police Department. The arrest warrant outlined a sexual conversation between Nsi and the student where they discussed homosexuality and what the other liked. . SEND THEM ALL BACK! - (after switft trial by jury of peers and castration)

    Black Sports: (black) Rutgers football player charged in murder plot
black suspectA Rutgers University football player allegedly plotted to murder two members of a friend’s family, prosecutors said Tuesday. Izaia Bullock, 22, was dismissed from the Scarlet Knights after being charged with two counts of attempted murder and conspiracy Tuesday by Middlesex County prosecutors. The footballer on Monday “initiated a plot to murder the family members of an acquaintance,” prosecutors said. The intended victims aren’t affiliated with the university and weren’t injured, officials said. Bullock is being held at the county prison pending an initial court appearance in New Brunswick.

    2 shot, 1 killed passing out political fliers on Detroit's east side
black suspectDETROIT (WJBK) - Two people passing out fliers were shot, one fatally on Detroit's east side Tuesday night. A male and female, both in their 20s, were passing out get out to vote fliers in the 6000 block of Drexel at the time of the shooting at about 6:30 p.m. The man was fatally wounded by the suspect, according to Detroit police. The female is hospitalized in stable condition. Investigators said the suspect was a black male about 5 feet, 6 to 8 inches.  Detroit police say the shooting was not random, that the victim had a dispute with someone in the neighborhood. The man was shot twice in the stomach and the woman was wounded in her legs and buttocks"It was a black male with a gray hoodie," said Capt. Gary Sroka, Detroit police. "About 5 feet, 6, 5 feet 8, ran up on them and started firing." The suspect fled northbound..

    Rutting black sex predator beast sneaks into Las Vegas apartment, tries to sexually assault children
black suspectA man entered an east valley apartment through a window early Monday and tried to sexually assault two sleeping children, according to Metro Police. The girls woke up and screamed, which prompted their father to enter the bedroom and Michael Harris to flee, police said. The 28-year-old suspect, who then entered another nearby apartment but was fought off by a resident, was arrested after a foot chase with officers, police said.  An investigation determined that the girls' father saw Harris allegedly removing the shirt of one of his daughters, police said.

    Teacher getting groceries from car forced into apartment, sexually assaulted by black, negro, colored "African-american"
black suspectCLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Clayton County police are trying to find the person they say raped a woman in her apartment while her son was in another room.  The victim, a teacher, said last week that the man forced her back into her apartment at the Battle Creek Apartments and raped her. According to authorities, he held a knife at her throat and raped her while her 5-year-old child was in another room. He then threatened to kill her and her child, she said. For the past several months,  Police have been searching for the black man who is accused of attacking five women over a two-year span all across Clayton County.

    Police Looking For (obscene rutting black throwback)  Campus Creeper Touching Himself In Front Women Near UCLA
black suspectblack suspectWESTWOOD (CBSLA) — Police are seeking the public’s help in finding a man who has been terrorizing a neighborhood off the UCLA campus in Westwood by "touching himself" in front women. They’ve released a composite sketch of the man some students believe is becoming more brazen with every incident.

The man has been spotted "touching himself" at least four times since August 30. The last incident occurred on October 23. Police said he has been seen masturbating inside different vehicles after asking to speak to women. He has been seen around Midvale Avenue and Strathmore Drive, an area teeming with students. The suspect is described as a black male, 20-35 years old, bald or with short hair, no facial hair, and wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants or sweatshorts.

    (black) Woman arrested for deadly beating over slice of pizza in San Francisco
black suspectSAN FRANCISCO (BCN) - A 39-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of fatally beating a man with a metal cane after an argument that was apparently over a slice of pizza in San Francisco last month, police said Monday.
Jamila Moore, a San Francisco resident, was arrested in Stockton last Tuesday for allegedly killing 65-year-old Harvey Grosser in the first block of Sixth Street early on the morning of Sept. 6, police said. Officers had responded that morning and found Grosser suffering from a skull fracture. He was taken to San Francisco General Hospital but succumbed to his injuries there days later.
  • VINE, America’s number one victim notification network identifies the suspect as black

  •     (black female) Judicial candidate got off easy for DWI bust when black politician intervened
    black suspectsA Manhattan district court is about to get a new jurist who hasn’t always been sober as a judge. Jeanine R. Johnson, 39, running unopposed for a slot on Harlem’s 10th Municipal Court, got off easy after a DWI bust in 2014 when her boss, then-Assemblyman Keith Wright, intervened. And she’ll have Wright, now Manhattan’s Democratic Party leader, to thank for her elevation to the bench, critics say. “The party leader can just make the judges,” said judicial activist Gary Tilzer. “It is as ugly as you can imagine.” 

        3 MEXICAN NATIONALS and a spanic female - Police Seize Over $1 Million Of Heroin In Major Drug Bust
    BENSALEM, Pa. (CBS) — The Bensalem Township Police Department has seized over $1 million of heroin in two separate investigations in Bucks County. Three Mexican nationals were arrested after investigators from a joint team raided an establishment on Oct. 27. The members of that team of Bensalem investigators and DEA Task Force seized two kilos of raw heroin. The heroin was hidden in a speaker box, according to officials. All three men were arraigned and sent to Bucks County Prison.
    Emilio Ornelas-Jacobo, Daniel Guillen, and Julissa Gonzalez
    were arrested during that bust and were arraigned.  On Oct 16th Julissa Gonzalez, was arrested with a kilo of raw heroin.

        HISPANIC New Jersey Woman Yolanda Torres, Allegedly Embezzled $400,000 From Bucks County Employe
    HAMILTON, N.J. (CBS) – A New Jersey woman is facing charges for embezzling more than $400,000 from her employer in Bucks County. Authorities say 43-year-old Yolanda Torres, of Hamilton, stole nearly $440,000 from Shu Dental Laboratory, where she was hired as a bookkeeper in 2016. Authorities say Torres issued herself unauthorized business checks and allegedly gave herself several raises.

    Nearly two decades ago, Pennsylvania regulators were confronted with evidence that a well-regarded pediatrician had fondled the genitals of two small children during office visits. Instead of holding him accountable, regulators let the doctor keep his medical license. He went on to molest at least a dozen more young patients, victimizing children right up until the time of his arrest in January, prosecutors say.

    Now, as Dr. Johnnie "Jack" Barto sits in jail awaiting trial on sexual assault charges involving more than 30 children, his 1990s-era patients and their parents say the state Board of Medicine failed to stop him when it had the chance and bears responsibility for what investigators are calling a "pervasive and prolonged pattern of abuse." Police, prosecutors and Barto's own colleagues also deserve blame for looking the other way, they say.
    Her mother, Kelli Bowman, who was also in the exam room, said Kelsey gave a sudden jerk, and she saw Barto's hand on her daughter's vagina for at least a minute. Bowman grabbed her daughter and left. Afterward, she said, Kelsey cried and said the "mean doctor touched me on my monkey."

        Roman Catholic bishop steps down over decades-old sex abuse claim  - "Our Lady of the Pedophile Priests"
    A Catholic bishop in the Bronx has “stepped aside from public ministry” after church officials deemed a decades-old claim that he sexually abused a minor “credible and substantiated,” the Archdiocese of New York said Wednesday.

    The allegation of “inappropriate behavior” was lodged against auxiliary Bishop John Jenik, of Our Lady of Refuge, by a single person and investigated by the archdiocese’s Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program, according to a letter from Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

    The accuser was a teenage boy in the 1980s when he allegedly was abused by Jenik, sources said.

    • Nurse fired for blackface Beyoncé costume
      A nurse at a Missouri hospital lost her job after using blackface to dress as Beyoncé for Halloween. Shelbi Heenan posted a photo of her in the racist costume to her Facebook account on Monday alongside her boyfriend, also in blackface, dressed as Jay-Z, KCTV reported. The photo quickly circulated online and by lunchtime, St. Luke’s hospital in Lee’s Summit released a statement saying Heenan was no longer an employee.

      (Might someone need to set up a 'gofundme' page so that this martyr has enough money for food and rent?) 


        CAMBODIAN CHINESE Irvine City Council Candidate Caught Dropping Off Mom To Panhandle
    IRVINE (CBSLA) — Controversy after a city council candidate is caught on camera leaving his elderly disabled mom on a city sidewalk to panhandle and beg for money. It’s angering plenty of people in the tourist hot spot of Laguna Beach who wonder how Irvine City Council candidate Dave Chey has the nerve to drive his 86-year-old mother to their town several nights a week to collect money from strangers.

    30 October 2018 

        2 feral fatherless black jackals in custody for the shooting death of retired St. Louis police sergeant
    black suspectblack suspectblack suspectWhite victimST. LOUIS ( -- Police have taken two juveniles into custody in connection to the shooting death of retired St. Louis Police Sergeant Ralph Harper. According to authorities, a 15-year-old male and a 16-year-old male were both taken into custody and remanded to juvenile court Monday. Further, the investigation revealed that 17-year-old Julian Mathews, also taken into custody, was not involved with the incident. He was however charged with tampering and resisting arrest. His bond is $30,000 cash-only. Harper, 67, was shot around 7:30 a.m. Monday. He was parking his car along the street when he was approached by a gunman. Harper and the gunman exchanged fire before the gunman fled in a black SUV. Harper was taken to Barnes Jewish Hospital and was "unconscious and barely breathing" while being transported to the hospital, according to police. During a press conference around 10 a.m., Police Chief John Hayden said Harper had died. “This is very close to home because I knew the sergeant personally and we all are mourning together,” Chief Hayden said. - (Black-on-white)

        (BLACK) Princeton man charged in fatal interracial shooting (of aWHITE man)
    black suspectWhite victimPRINCETON, WV (WVVA) UPDATE: Police in Princeton have identified the man killed in a shooting over the weekend. The shooting took place around 3:00 p.m. on Sunday outside home on Kee Street. Jason Dean Varney, who lived at the residence, was pronounced dead at the hospital.
    Jan Williams, 25, of Princeton has been arrested and is expected to be arraigned on Monday.
    Williams is currently being held in Southern Regional Jail. - (Black-on-white)

        Four black 'African-Americans' have been arrested in shooting death of a (White) Duson man
    black suspectsblack suspectblack suspectWhite victimDontrell Clark (18) and Zyshonne Rubin (18) along with two juveniles, have been charged with first degree murder in connection to the death of a 29-year-old Ethan Smith.
    According to police, Smith was found shot outside his Duson home Friday evening just after 6 p.m. in the 400 Block of Toby Mouton Road.  He died Saturday, police said.  The two juveniles who were arrested as a result of this investigation names are being withheld because of their age, police said.  All four individuals have been charged with first degree murder, police said.  - (Black-on-white)

        2 (dark-skinned, nappy-haired, rutting negros) identified in drugging, gang-rape of 14-year-old girl by multiple men in Houma
    black suspectsHOUMA, La. — Two men are accused of being involved in the rape of a teenage girl by several people in September in Houma, police said. The rape was reported Sept. 5 and involved a 14-year-old girl, the Houma Police Department said in a news release. Detectives determined the victim had been drugged and raped by several people, officials said.
    Aronderick Washington, 33, and Jarred Johnson, 31, were identified as two of the suspects. Johnson was arrested Friday on a charge of second-degree rape. Officials said he was booked into the Terrebonne Parish Criminal Justice Complex. Washington is still being sought on an arrest warrant for second-degree rape.

        (rutting black) Man accused of attacking several female joggers at park arrested
    black suspectblack suspectMONROE, Ga. - A suspected sexual predator accused of attacking women who were jogging in a Walton County park is off the streets and in police custody. The Monroe Police Department teamed up with the Walton County District Attorney's Office after investigating three different attacks over the last 48 hours. Good Samaritans put a stop to one of the reported assaults at Felker Park in the city of Monroe on Sunday evening, after hearing a woman screaming for help, police said.  “The victim was allegedly forced to the ground and physically assaulted,” police said in a news release. “The attacker was scared away by witnesses coming to the victim's aid after hearing her screams for help.” The latest incident happened on Monday morning and hours later, an off-duty investigator with the District Attorney's Office spotted the suspect roaming around the park. Investigators arrested Deonte Branch. The chief said two of the three victims went to the police department, where they identified the suspect as their attacker.

        Birmingham black indicted in rape, stabbing, robbery of 23-year-old Jefferson County woman
    black suspectA 39-year-old Birmingham man has been indicted on a half-dozen felony charges in a May attack on a young woman who was ordered to undress, raped in the passenger seat of her own vehicle and stabbed multiple times before she was able to escape in downtown Birmingham and run for help.

    A Jefferson County grand jury on Friday issued six indictments against 39-year-old Courtney Karrone Austin, according to court records made public Tuesday. He is charged in a May 23 assault that left a 23-year-old Jefferson County woman with a punctured lung and other knife wounds to the neck, leg, and hand.

    Austin, initially arrested by Birmingham police on May 24, is indicted on charges of first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy, first-degree robbery, and attempted murder. He also is indicted on third-degree robbery and third-degree escape after authorities say he stole a UAB employee’s vehicle while he was escaping from police custody at the hospital in June.

        (black) University of Delaware Footballer Accused of Attacking 77-yr-od Driver Who Ran Into His J-walking Family Member
    black suspectPolice arrested a University of Delaware football player accused of attacking a driver who into his family member.
    Khory Spruill
    , 19, of Clinton, Maryland, was arrested and charged with assault and criminal mischief. Police say the ordeal began Saturday shortly before 8 p.m. when Spruill’s family member, a 42-year-old woman, was crossing the roadway on South College Avenue in Newark, Delaware. As she was walking, she was struck by a vehicle. Police say she was not in a marked crosswalk.  After the crash, the driver, a 77-year-old man, exited the vehicle to check on the woman. Spruill allegedly attacked the driver and punched him in the head and face multiple times. He then struck and damaged the driver’s vehicle, police said.

        Police identify black student killed after shooting at Butler High School by fellow black student
    black suspectMATTHEWS, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) - One student died in the hospital after being shot at a local high school in Matthews Monday morning, according to authorities. The shooter, who has been confirmed as a fellow student, is in custody.  The shooting happened at Butler High School located at 1810 Matthews-Mint Hill Road around 7:10 a.m. just as school began. The lockdown at the school was lifted around 9:15 a.m. Police have identified the victim as 16-year-old Bobby McKeithen, a sophomore at Butler High School. The shooter has been identified as Jatwan Cuffie, also 16, according to Matthews police. He is charged with first degree murder.

        ‘Which one of these niggers do you want me to shoot?' 
    black suspectThat 25-year-old has been identified as Tyree Williams of Darby. Police now consider him an “enforcer” for the gang.
    Darby Borough Police Warning Public About ‘Six Block Boys’ Gang In Delaware County

        Houston Zoo exhibit evacuated after chimp smashes glass window
    black suspectHOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Houston Zoo was forced to evacuate its chimpanzee habitat Monday morning after one of the animals smashed an interior panel of glass. Zookeepers rushed to get chimpanzees into their indoor housing after the incident around 11 a.m. The zoo says they will remain indoors until the glass can be replaced. The walkway through the African Forest has been reopened after being closed to zoo visitors during the incident. Monday's incident comes on the heels of a situation nearly a year ago, when a gorilla escaped her barrier and got into the hog exhibit. 


        Poverty rate soars among minority-majority NYC schoolkids

    Hispanic students comprised the highest percentage of city public school students this year at 40.5 percent, followed by black students at 26 percent, Asian students at 16.1 percent,
    and white students at 15 percent.


        Rider University Security Officer and Volunteer Fire Captain Accused of HOMO-Sexually Assaulting 3 Teen Boys
    A college security officer and volunteer fire captain is accused of sexually assaulting three teen boys a month after he was arrested for allegedly having explicit conversations with a teen boy online.
    Alan Berman, 58, of Bordentown City, New Jersey, is charged with sexual assault, endangering the welfare of a child and showing obscenity to a minor. Investigators say Berman sexually assaulted three teen boys between the ages of 12 and 15 inside his home. He also allegedly gave marijuana to one teen, showed pornography to another and allowed five teens unrestricted access in his home to a handgun, ammunition and magazines. One of the teen boys also claimed that another boy pointed Berman’s loaded firearm at him.


    • Indiana woman greets family by calling their child the n-word, police say
      An Indiana woman is accused of writing a racist note targeting a black child who was moving into a new neighborhood with his family, using a racial slur and telling them, "THIS IS A WHITE NEIGHBORHOOD."
      When investigators questioned Cantwell on Oct. 18, she admitted that she had written the letter because she was angry, suggesting that, throughout the years, black people held her father at gunpoint, stabbed an uncle and beat her sister. Cantwell told police that she delivered the note and toilet-papered the house out of "rage" and that "I was trying to vent," according to court documents.
      When asked whether she regretted her actions, Cantwell told police, "yes and no."
    • Woman arrested for leaving racist note for new family in ‘all white neighborhood’
      According to a GoFundMe campaign for the family, the boy is biracial, but his age is unclear.



        Chinese military secretly placing scientists in U.S. universities
    The Chinese government is engaged in campaign of secretly enrolling the nation’s prize military scientists in Western universities to gain expertise in such areas as “hypersonic missiles and navigation technology,” according to a new report from a think tank tied to Australia’s defense ministry.

    The report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute claims the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has paid for “more than 2,500 military scientists and engineers to study abroad,” with many of them hiding their official ties to China’s defense community.

    A key focus of Beijing’s program, the institute suggests, is to place the scientists in universities located in the so-called “Five Eyes countries” — parlance referring to the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

    “Dozens of PLA scientists have obscured their military affiliations to travel to Five Eyes countries and the European Union, including at least 17 to Australia, where they work in areas such as hypersonic missiles and navigation technology,” states the report published this week.

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