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    South Africa horror as white farmer activist beaten to death with hammer
black suspectWhite victimA SOUTH African farmer activist who spoke out against brutal attacks on the the country’s white farmers has been found dead.
Annette Kennealy, 51, was founded with multiple wounds to the body on her land in Limpopo province. Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe, a police spokesman, said: “Family members tried to call her without success, until one of them went to investigate. “On arrival he found the deceased inside the house.”
The victim was staying with an employee on her farm in the town of Louis Trichardt when she was attacked. A friend is said to have found her body lying in a pool of blood.
Ian Cameron, head of the Community Safety division of AfriForum, a group that represents the rights of the white Afrikaner minority, said Ms Kennealy had been attacked with a hammer and iron rod.
She was outspoken about farm murders. In her last Facebook post, she shared a link claiming that ten farm attacks, including one murder, had been reported in four days.
Police spokesman Col Moatshe said a 40-year-old man had been arrested.
He added: “The suspect will appear before the Louis Trichardt Magistrate Court soon.”

Attacks against South Africa’s white farmers are on the rise with some victims being tortured with electric drills, blowtorches and bleach, according to reports. Research by Afriforum, a group which champions the rights of the country’s Afrikaner minority, released earlier this year said assaults on the farms shot up 25 percent last year. - (Black-on-white)

Go to the banks of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River, all set about with fever-trees

    (black) Deonte Baber gets 18 years to life in prison for murder of (White man) Jamie Urton
black suspectWhite victimCINCINNATI — A judge sentenced the man convicted of shooting and killing Jamie Urton to 18 years to life in prison.
Deonte Baber, 27, murdered Urton on March 24, 2017 after Urton accidentally hit a 4-year-old boy while driving on a Walnut Hills street.
Urton stopped the car, and the child’s father, Jamal Killings, allegedly beat Urton before Baber shot him. Judge Patrick Foley sentenced Baber at 11 a.m. Wednesday. Both Urton and Baber’s families were in the courtroom; both families declined to address the judge.
Foley said the situation was a “horrible crime,” noting that Urton stayed on scene after the crash and was killed for it.
- (Black-on-white)

    LAPD Releases Dramatic Video Of Hispanic Officer Being Ambushed by Black ex-con 'Curley', Frightening Gun Fight
black suspect LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)  — The LAPD on Friday released video of the ambush in April of one of their officers.
The officer survived the attack. So did his assailant. The video — showing a gun battle between the suspect and the officer on the night of April 20th — is no less harrowing. The officer is shown chasing the suspect and out of nowhere, another suspect shoots the officer at point blank range. It is both violent and vivid.
It was the moment officer Enrique Trujillo’s body camera captured him coming face-to-face or face-to-gun-barrel, with 39-year-old Curley Lee Duff.   
About one minute following the intense gun exchange, officer Trujillo collapses — the moment captured on security video and his own body cam. His partner is heard getting excited. There’s some cursing and calls for a tourniquet, and “right now!”
Officer Trujillo is also told to “hang on.” The suspect has been charged with the attempted murder of a police officer. The LAPD says he also has an extensive criminal record.

    (black) Man charged with child rape after missing 12-year-old found in Memphis hotel room
black suspectA man has been charged with child rape after he was found by police in a hotel room with a missing 12-year-old girl, who he allegedly found online for sex. Memphis police say Logan Willoughby, 36, was found Wednesday in a hotel room on the 3400 block of American Way with the girl.  He has also been charged with solicitation of a minor. The girl told police that Willoughby contacted her through an online advertisement and requested that she perform oral sex. She was paid $70, the affidavit said.  The affidavit alleges Willoughby waived his Miranda rights and told police he paid the 12-year-old for sex.

    (black) Man charged with pimping woman in northwest suburbs of Chicago
black suspect ARLINGTON HEIGHTS (Sun-Times Media Wire) - A West Side man has been charged with promoting prostitution in the northwest suburbs.
Gabriel Johnson, 31, is charged with one felony count each of promoting prostitution and being an armed habitual criminal, according to a statement from the Cook County sheriff’s office. About 7 p.m. on Thursday, members of the sheriff’s Vice Unit conducting an undercover operation learned Johnson was profiting from “acts of prostitution” by a 24-year-old woman at an Arlington Heights-area hotel, the sheriff’s office said.

     NYPD cops thought obese negro Eric "I can't breathe" Garner was ‘playing possum’: testimony
black suspect

    Interracial couple charged with abuse after baby tests positive for drugs
WEAKLEY COUNTY, Tenn. — A man and woman previously arrested on drug counts now also face child abuse charges after a baby tests positive for drugs. Jennifer Barner and Daniel Thomas were arrested May 14 when deputies with the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department executed a search warrant at a Dresden home. Investigators found methamphetamine, marijuana, hydrocodone pills, Valium pills, digital scales and a loaded 9 mm pistol, according to the sheriff’s office.
The Department of Children’s Services took two children from the home who were then given a hair follicle drug test. One of the children, who is younger than a year, tested positive for amphetamine, methamphetamine, cocaine, benzoylecgonine and marijuana, according to a news release from the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department.
Barner and Thomas will now be charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect, according to the sheriff’s department. Those charges are pending in General Sessions Court.
Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks
Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL and a DEADLY DANGER to your FAMILY and FRIENDS)

    After 12 years, DNA helps NC deputies solve notorious cold case of a grandmother’s rape
black suspectWhite victimIn July 2007, an 80-year-old grandmother was tending flowers in her front yard when a passing car slowed down and backed up, making her uneasy.

She moved inside, then answered a knock at her locked screen door. A man outside offered to clean her carpets, which she politely declined. When he offered her a card with her number, she opened the door to accept it — a moment’s mistake.

Before he left that day, the attacker raped his elderly victim, barricaded her in the bedroom and told her he was going to take a shower, promising to kill anyone who arrived. When the grandmother managed to slip free of the cords that bound her and push her way out, her attacker was gone, but he had taken the $5 bills she was tucking into family birthday cards.
It took 12 years. (for the DNA match to be triggered) Last month, a jury in Warrenton convicted Michael Steven Elder, 54, of rape, kidnapping and a string of other felonies, sending him to prison for 27 to 33 years.
The victim died in 2015, never knowing that anyone had been apprehended for the crime.

    ILLEGAL ALIEN Hispanic Phoenix man  accused of having sex with, impregnating 11-year-old girl
PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- A 20-year-old Phoenix man is accused of having sex with an 11-year-old girl and allegedly getting her pregnant.
Carlos Jacinto Cobo-Perez faces felony charges of aggravated assault and sexual conduct with a minor. The investigation started back in November of 2018, when the victim was found with a hickey on her neck.
Police say the girl told her mom she was "in a relationship" with Cobo-Perez. The girl told police Cobo-Perez had "kissed her on the lips on multiple occasions" and had given her a hickey on her neck.

In a police interview, Cobo-Perez admitted kissing the girl multiple times and giving her the hickey back in November.
Cobo-Perez told police he knew "their relationship was wrong," according to the police report. He also agreed to stop the relationship and have no further contact with the victim.

“He kept insisting. She's an 11-year-old girl. He’s 20. Almost 21. But he said he already knew what he wanted. He got in her head, and she fell for it easily,” the victim’s stepfather said about Cobo-Perez. Six months later, on May 17, a pregnancy test revealed that the girl was pregnant. According to the police report, the girl then told police that she and Cobo-Perez had sex, and that he is the one who got her pregnant.
In a letter written by Cobo-Perez (which has been translated from Spanish), the suspect said "he knows he could go the jail for having a relationship" with the girl, and that "he does not care if he goes to jail," according to the police report.
Police say Cobo-Perez is in this country illegally. - Round em up - ship em out! - SEND THEM ALL BACK!


  UPDATE: AMBER Alert canceled after missing girl, suspect are found in Arizona
Sandra Rios-Chavez has been located in Surprise, Arizona and is waiting to be reunited with her family, according to the Surprise Police Department. Miguel Rodriguez-Perez has been taken into custody.
An AMBER Alert has been issued for an abducted teen in Jerome.
According to Idaho State Police, Sandra Janet Rios-Chavez, 17, is in danger.
The suspect is Miguel R. Rodriguez-Perez, 18.
Idaho State Police say Rodriguez-Perez forcibly abducted Rios-Chavez at 6 p.m. Sunday at the Wendy’s parking lot.
Rios-Chavez is Hispanic, with black hair, brown eyes, is 5’3″, and weighs 122 pounds. She was wearing a Wendy’s uniform.
Rodriguez-Perez is a Hispanic man with black hair, brown eyes, is 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds. He has tattoos on his left and right arms.

    MS-13 victim unearthed in Long Island shallow grave: cops
The number of MS-13 victims whose bodies have been found in Nassau County since 2016 now totals 11, officials said, most buried in shallow graves throughout Nassau County,”

The discovery of the body came was the result of an investigation that led to the arrests of four MS-13 members for the 2017 killing of 19-year-old Julio Gonzales-Espantzay. He was hacked to death with machetes after being lured to the Massapequa Preserve with the promise of marijuana and sex, police said.

    Inside Elton John’s first marriage — to a woman
“Halfway through the ceremony, the minister was saying a prayer and behind him, a cockroach crawled up the wall”

Less than a week before he had proposed, Elton John allegedly had a threesome with an ex-boyfriend and a male prostitute.
In a 1976 interview with Rolling Stone, he had admitted to being bisexual, and his homosexual affairs were well known in music circles, sources told The Post.

    Disgraced jewish husband of Hillary Clinton's Muslim girlfriend 'Huma' - Anthony Weiner turns up to register as sex offender
Ex-Rep.-turned-teen-sexter Anthony Weiner showed up in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday to register as a sex offender. Weiner, 54, strolled into 100 Centre St. in the early afternoon and headed to the NYPD’s Sex Offender Monitoring Unit. The estranged husband of longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin was inside the 14th-floor office for about 20 minutes. Officials took his picture, fingerprints and a DNA sample, and he was registered as Level 1 sex offender.

    Drag Queen Who Read to Kids at Houston Library Is Convicted Pedophile
A drag queen who read stories to children at a Houston public library last year is a convicted pedophile considered to be at risk of repeating his offense — a fact uncovered by parents opposed to “Drag Queen Storytime,” not by library officials, law enforcement, or the supposed watchdog news media.

According to KHOU, which was informed of the story by a group of pro-family activists calling themselves MassResistance, “A media spokesperson for the library confirmed one of the program’s drag queens, Tatiana Mala Niña (Tatiana “Bad Girl”), is Alberto Garza, a 32-year-old child sex offender. In 2008, he was convicted of HOMOassaulting an 8-year-old boy.” He was sentenced to five years’ probation and community supervision. The Texas Sex Offender Registry says Garza is at “moderate” risk of reoffending.

    Hispanic anti-White racist Richard "Ay!" Carranza held ‘white-supremacy culture’ training for school admins
Spanic anti-White racistCity Department of Education brass are targeting a “white-supremacy culture” among school administrators — by disparaging ideas like “individualism,” “objectivity” and “worship of the written word,” The Post has learned.

A presentation slide obtained by The Post offers a bullet-point description of the systemic, supposedly pro-white favoritism that Schools Chancellor Richard "Ay!" Carranza claims must be eradicated from the DOE, and provides just one insight into his anti-bias training efforts.

The list — derived from “Dismantling Racism: A Workbook for Social Change Groups” by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun — names more than a dozen hallmarks of “white-supremacy culture” that school administrators are expected to steer clear of.


    China unveils 600km/h maglev train prototype
(CNN) — A new floating bullet train capable of hitting speeds of 600 kilometers per hour (about 372 miles/hour) is one step closer to reality in China. On Thursday, the body prototype for the country's latest high-speed magnetic-levitation (maglev) train project rolled off the assembly line in the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao.
Developed by the state-owned China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) -- the world's largest supplier of rail transit equipment -- the sleek-looking train is scheduled to go into commercial production in 2021 following extensive tests.

24 May 2019

    (black) Antioch church shooting verdict: Emanuel Samson guilty of first-degree murder
black suspectWhite victimEmanuel Kidega Samson planned and carried out a brutal mass shooting that killed a woman and terrorized her Antioch church — leaving its members with scars seen and unseen — a jury ruled Friday after less than five hours of deliberation.

The unanimous jury of 12 Nashvillians found Samson, 27, guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Melanie Crow, who was walking through the parking lot of Burnette Chapel Church of Christ with her Bible and sermon notes in hand when Samson shot her three times in the back and once in the face.

Samson also was found guilty on 42 other charges, including attempted murder for injuring seven other church members, three counts of civil rights intimidation and 24 counts of aggravated assault.

The verdict was a resounding victory for prosecutors, who said at trial that Samson, who is black, planned to kill 10 white churchgoers in retaliation for a 2015 church shooting in which nine black worshipers were slain.

Samson's credibility with the jury likely took a hit when prosecutors played recordings of him and his girlfriend laughing about the shooting and the victims less than a month later during jailhouse phone calls. - (Black-on-white)

    (black) Congressman Elijah ‘Crooked’ Cummings And Spouse Being Investigated By The IRS
black suspectAccording to Tom Anderson, director of NLPC’s Government Integrity Project, who uncovered the violations, “Rep. [Elijah] Cummings is demanding President Trump’s tax returns and financial records. It looks like he has some tax problems of his own.”
Cummings was once heavily in debt — in part due to hefty child support payments to his first wife and two other women he had children with.

While Congressman Elijah Cummings reserves his vitriol for all things Trump and he insists that the President should be impeached and removed from office, it appears Rep. Cummings has his own dirty secrets he’s careful to keep hidden.

    (black AFRICAN) Uber driver charged with kidnapping third woman
black suspectPITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh Uber driver charged with holding two women in his car against their will is facing additional charges after police say he kidnapped a third woman on the same night. Richard Lomotey, 36, is charged with kidnapping, unlawful restraint, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person.

The third woman didn't immediately report the incident to police until she heard through mutual friends that this happened to several other women the same night.

The victim told police she was leaving the Galaxy Nightclub on Kelly Street and saw a vehicle with an Uber decal on the windshield. She got into the vehicle, gave the driver $10 since she didn't use the Uber app, and told him where to go.

Court documents allege Lomotey began asking about her relationship status, was holding and grabbing her wrist and locking the car doors. The victim told police she became uncomfortable and the pair began to tussle because she wanted to leave the vehicle. That's when the victim said her shirt and bra were ripped, and she was so afraid for her safety that she jumped out of the moving vehicle along Frankstown Avenue. Lomotey stopped, but then drove off.
- Round em up - ship em out! - SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    (black) Man Accused Of Robbing Dozens Of Women In Dating Scam Arrested, Police Searching For More Victims
black suspectCANOGA PARK (CBSLA) – The Los Angeles Police Department is warning women about a scammer preying on lonely hearts.  Police have arrested a man who is using romance to woo women out of their money across the country, and have charged him with multiple felonies.
According to police, Wilson Jackson; aka Debonair Jackson, aka Syncere, and so on, has been using multiple pseudonyms in an online romance scam.
Police said that Jackson met women online, convinced them to fly to Los Angeles, and then stole their credit card info, ID’s, and social security numbers, while they were sleeping or out of the room.  Jackson would then ask the women for loans.

    3 DARK COMPLECTIONED Armed Home Invaders Rob Philly Couple on The Way to Son’s Graduation
black suspectsAn exciting day turned into a terrifying one for a Philadelphia husband and wife who were preparing to travel to their son’s college graduation when they were robbed by armed home invaders.
The 59-year-old woman and her 72-year-old husband were leaving their home on the 300 block of South Camac Street Thursday around 4:30 a.m.  Suddenly they were approached by three gunmen. “Approached my husband. Asked at gunpoint for him to come into the home where we were held and the house was ransacked,” the woman said. The suspects stole the couple’s cellphones, wallets and money. The robbers then fled in the couple’s vehicle which they later abandoned about a block away. Two of the suspects are described as men between the ages of 20 and 25, both standing 6-foot-3. At least one of the suspects had a dark complexion, short hair and was wearing black and gray tights, according to police.

    (black) Man arrested for rape and exploitation of a disabled person
black suspectAUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- A man wanted for rape and exploitation of a disabled adult is now in custody.

Officials say Elbert Butler, 62, was involved in a crime against a disabled person on May 21st.

Details remain limited.

    3 BLACK Men Sentenced To Decades Behind Bars For Violent Bucks County Home Invasion
black suspectsDOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — Three men will spend decades behind bars after a horrifying home invasion in Bucks County. A judge sentenced them Thursday for the attack that happened two years ago.

The violent home invasion happened in Newtown while two parents and their two daughters were home asleep in the early-morning hours of August 2017. The father, Yoni Nedav, spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News about how the attack changed their lives forever.   “I’m happy but I wish this never happened,” said Nedav.

Prosecutors say 26-year-old Raymond Daniels, 25-year-old Brandon Davis and 42-year-old Sadeen Jones broke into their home and pointed a gun at the head of a 12-year-old girl, who pleaded for her life as the men demanded her parents give them cash and jewelry.

The men made off with nearly $50,000 in cash, plus nearly $115,000 in jewelry and other items. The pain of the ordeal is still difficult for the family, like Nedav’s wife, who didn’t have the strength to go to today’s sentencing.

“She doesn’t even want to come close to this area,” said Nedav. Their little girl is still too afraid to sleep in a room without her parents, but the men were sentenced today and will each spend minimums behind bars ranging from 30 to 70 years. Jones had the longest sentence as he’ll spend 70 to 140 years in prison.

    Suspected (Black) Bloods gang member busted for attacking elderly man
black suspectA suspected gang member was nabbed Thursday morning for beating an elderly man unconscious in a random attack behind a Bronx charter school, police and sources said.

Tyekeem Wright, 19, was arrested around 12:30 a.m. for attacking the 71-year-old behind South Bronx Classical Charter School III/IV on Third Avenue in Morrisania, cops said.

Wright — who lives next door to where the attack happened — repeatedly hit his victim in the face with an unknown object, police said. When the man collapsed to the ground, Wright continued pounding him until he lost consciousness.

Wright, who police sources said is a suspected Bloods gang member, was charged with assault and harassment and quickly retained a lawyer, cops said. He boasts at least 10 previous arrests from 2016 to 2019, including for robbery, public lewdness, criminal possession of a weapon, grand larceny and resisting arrest, records show.
  • Elderly man beaten in broad daylight behind Bronx school by worthless criminal mouth-breathing Negro
  • NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The NYPD is asking for your help identifying the suspect who assaulted a man in the Morrisania section of the Bronx. It happened on May 1 at a building on Third Avenue and East 167th Street.
    Police say the suspect approach the 71-year-old victim from behind and beat him in the face with an unknown object until he was unconscious. The suspect then took off. The victim suffered a swollen eye and cuts to his face. He was taken to Lincoln Hospital for treatment.

        (black "smirk-a-jerk") Suspect Arrested in Rash of Subway Brake Pullings That Disrupted Thousands
    black suspectA 23-year-old Brooklyn man with what police call a penchant for causing havoc was arrested Friday morning, suspected of being the serial subway brake puller.

    Isaiah Thompson was arrested at home just before 12:30 a.m. Friday after an outside tip. Authorities say a sergeant also recognized Thompson, who is well-known to police after 17 prior arrests.

    Police believe that on at least three occasions this month alone, Thompson rode the back of various subway trains in Manhattan, got into the operator's car and pulled the emergency brake.

        Negrows are to banks what flies are to feces
    black suspectBlack Female Suspect Wanted In South Philadelphia Wells Fargo Bank Robbery
    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The FBI and Philadelphia Police are asking for the public’s help identifying the suspect responsible for robbing a Wells Fargo Bank in South Philadelphia. The robbery took place at the Wells Fargo Bank located at 2710 S. 3rd Street at approximately 12:05 p.m. on May 1. Police say the suspect entered the bank, approached the counter and gave a threatening note to the teller. The suspect is described as a African American woman in her early to mid-20s, approximately 5-foot-2 and thin built.
        Infamous ‘Broadway Bandit’ has struck again: FBI
    black suspectHe should be rotting in prison — but instead he’s back for an encore.
    The crook known as the “Broadway Bandit” for sticking up a series of banks around the Great White Way in 2017 just got out of the slammer thanks to a paltry prison sentence — and has already returned to knocking off financial institutions, according to the FBI. Two years ago, brazen robber Jamie Frierson pulled off five bank heists — largely around Broadway in Midtown — in a two-week span that scored him the infamous moniker along with around $11,500.
        Officials nab ‘Broadway Bandit’ suspected of robbing two Bronx banks
    black suspectIt was curtains for the ex-con known as the “Broadway bandit” on Tuesday, according to the NYPD, which said authorities arrested the man wanted by local and federal authorities for robbing two Bronx banks
    “APPREHENDED – Fugitive Enforcement Division investigators working with their partners in NYS Parole apprehended Jamie Frierson this morning in the #Bronx. Frierson was wanted for 2 Bank Robberies that occurred this month in the Bronx.

        J’Ouvert shooter gets over 17 years in death of promising student
    black suspectThe man who drunkenly shot a 22-year-old woman in the face, killing her, during Brooklyn’s 2016 J’Ouvert celebration was sentenced Friday to 17 and 1/3 years prison by a judge who blasted the gunman’s “idiocy” and “stupidity.”
    “In one selfish act of idiocy you destroyed an incredibly bright future,” Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Donald Leo told Reginald Moise. Family members of victim Tiarah Poyau audibly sobbed throughout the emotional proceeding.

        3 (blacks) arrested after allegedly stealing more than $35k from Home Depot, Lowe’s
    black suspectsEAST BATON ROUGE PARISH, La. (WAFB) - Three people have been arrested for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of high-end lawn equipment from Home Depot.
    Officials with EBRSO say on April 1, they were contacted by an employee at Home Depot about two men and one woman stealing from multiple store locations in the parish. Detectives were able to immediately recognize the suspects because they worked multiple cases involving them in the past. Detectives were told the suspects stole multiple pieces of high-end lawn equipment (edgers, leaf blowers, pressure washers, trimmers, etc.). 

    The following people were arrested:
    Fredricka Jackson, 28 - Booked May 24
    Mark Seymore, 31 - Booked May 24
    Nathaniel Vessel, 34 - Booked May 15

        Three "Hispanics" Arrested for Robbery, Deadly Beating in Isleton
    White victimISLETON — Investigators have arrested and charged three people after a man was beaten in Isleton back in February and later died from his injuries.

    On Feb. 10, a pedestrian was injured in Isleton in what was initially reported as a hit-and-run, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office. California Highway Patrol officers arrived at the scene and found the victim, Steven Schmidt, but they were unable to find any evidence of a crash.  Schmidt was taken to a hospital, where he died nearly a month later.

    During their investigation, the sheriff’s office determined Schmidt had actually been beaten and robbed back in February by Etuate “Horse” Faiva, Manuel “Lil Manny” Hook and Antoinette Jiminez.
    The sheriff’s office reports Jiminez was arrested Thursday and charged with robbery.

        Prosecutors file aggravated murder charges against Hispanic man accused of shooting homosexual driver on I-84
    White victim(KUTV) — Within 24 hours of a shooting on a northern Utah highway, prosecutors filed aggravated murder charges against the suspected shooter as authorities continue a manhunt to find him. Jonathan Mendoza Llana, 45, faces one count of aggravated murder and one count of attempted aggravated murder, both first-degree felonies.

    Gwyther is survived by Matt Gwyther. The two were married the day gay marriage
    became legal in Utah, according to a statement from Matt Gwyther.
    He was a strong advocate for LGBTQ "rights"...

    • WM, 50 shot to death in Utah for no apparent reason by a mestizo
    • Police say L.A. man murdered Salt Lake motorist for no apparent reason
      SALT LAKE CITY — A manhunt continued Thursday in Idaho for a man who authorities say shot and killed a motorist in Utah without warning and for no apparent reason.

      "There is nothing that (the passenger) has told us that leads us to believe there was any interaction prior to the shooting," said Utah State Bureau of Investigation Lt. Ryan VanFleet.

      "Nothing that we've been able to uncover so far indicates a road rage incident or any previous interaction."

      Dennis Gwyther, 50, of Salt Lake City, and another man were driving on I-84 from Utah to Boise, when the shooting happened about 8 p.m. Wednesday. VanFleet said both men work in the airline industry and were headed to Boise for work. According to his Facebook page, Gwyther worked for SkyWest Airlines as a flight attendant.

      By Thursday afternoon, the Box Elder County Attorney's Office formally charged Jonathan Mendoza Llana, 45, of Los Angeles, with aggravated murder and attempted aggravated murder, both first-degree felonies. The charges come as authorities continued to search for Llana in Idaho.

      Wednesday night, near Snowville, Box Elder County, in the Rattlesnake Pass area, a semitrailer was attempting to a pass another semitrailer, briefly causing a slowdown of traffic as the semis were side-by-side on the two-lane road, VanFleet said.

      Just as Gwyther, who was driving a Range Rover, got past the semitrailers and traffic began to open up, a silver Volkswagen Jetta pulled up next to them and the driver shot at the Range Rover, VanFleet said.

      Llana fired multiple shots into the vehicle, according to charging documents.

      Gwyther was killed and his passenger was injured. An off-duty paramedic who was also on I-84 stopped to help, but VanFleet said there was nothing he could do.

    • Dennis Rowley Gwyther, age 50

    • LGBTQ "Family" of man killed in apparent unprovoked shooting on I-84 shares statement of grief

    • Citizenship status of the Hispanic suspect has not been reported in this news article...

        San Jose Police Arrest HISPANIC Veterans Memorial Vandalism Suspect Martin Ruiz Vivanco
    The San Jose Police Department arrested Martin Ruiz Vivanco, 39, Thursday on suspicion of vandalizing the Veterans Memorial on May 6.

    Vivanco is believed to be the person responsible for spray painting the moniker "Snip" on the memorial located on Park Ave and Almaden Boulevard.

        5 Catholic priests charged in Michigan sex abuse investigation
    As part of the state's investigation into sexual abuse by Catholic clergy, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced Friday criminal sexual conduct charges against five priests in Michigan.

    "Some of these clergy ... preyed on young children," Nessel said at a news conference about the men who were priests at the time of the alleged abuse. She said the five cases were the "tip of the iceberg" as investigators continue to track down hundreds of tips on abuse by Catholic priests.

    In some of the incidents, the priests mixed their sexual activity with references to Catholic beliefs or committed the acts during Catholic rituals such as confession, according to allegations in affidavits.

    In other cases, the priests plied children with drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and alcohol before sexually assaulting them, allege prosecutors and police. In one case, a priest is accused of threatening to kill his victim if the boy reported the abuse.

    • Timothy Michael Crowley is accused of fellatio and sexual penetration with a 10-year-old boy, plying him with alcohol and cigarettes. He threatened to kill the boy if he reported the incidents, said the affidavit.

      "On multiple occasions, Crowley provided JOHN DOE with cigarettes and alcohol and forced JOHN DOE to watch pornography depicting homosexual sex," read the affidavit. "Crowley would masturbate himself in JOHN DOE's presence."

      While serving as an altar boy, the boy would stay the night with Crowley in his bed, according to the affidavit.

      "On at least one occasion, Crowley forced JOHN DOE's head down onto Crowley's penis, causing Crowley's penis to penetrate JOHN DOE's mouth," said the affidavit.

        Orange County Methodist pastor charged with molesting 7 children, some as young as 5 years old
    SANTA ANA, Calif. (FOX 11) - An Orange County pastor is due in a Santa Ana courtroom Monday on felony charges of molesting seven children ages 5 to 15.
    John Rodgers McFarland, who has been the head pastor at Orangethorpe United Methodist Church in Fullerton since 2014, was arrested on a warrant Thursday charging him with seven counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor younger than 14 and four counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor 14 to 15 years old. The 56-year-old Fullerton resident is accused of molesting the children between 2003 and 2017, according to the Orange County District Attorney's Office, which did not release the genders of the alleged victims. In San Diego County, McFarland was arrested and charged in December with molesting a girl younger than 14 in Escondido between 2012 and 2013.

    • PARANOID PSYCHO FAR-LEFT "White-Nationalist-PHOBIC Chicago Teaching/Brainwashing staff go bonkers

      Chicago high school spends $53,000 to reprint yearbooks after staff discovered photos of students making white nationalist hand gestures

    • Oak Park and River Forest High School halted the distribution of its yearbooks when staff found 18 photos of students making an upside-down OK sign
    • Students of 'various races, ethnicities, genders and grades' flashed the symbol
    • The hand gesture has become associated with the white supremacist movement
    • It has been used by self-described racists including the accused shooter in the New Zealand mosque attacks in March and participants in Unite the Right rallies
    • The Chicago school said it is not making presumptions about why the students flashed the sign, which can also be used as part of the harmless 'circle game' 
    • But the school decided to remove the photos and reprint the yearbooks for $53k

    • Boston museum sorry for racist 'no watermelons' remark
      Marvelyne Lamy said staff had followed the black and other minority 12 and 13-year-olds, yelling at them not to touch exhibits while ignoring white groups.
      She claimed staff told the group: "No food, no drink, and no watermelon."
      In a statement, a museum spokesperson said the employee in question said they told the students,
      "No food, no drink and no water bottles" were allowed inside the galleries.



    23 May 2019

        (black) Brandon Howell gets 5 life sentences for killing 5 WHITE people in south Kansas City in 2014
    black suspectWhite victimKANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Jackson County Prosecutor's Office says that convicted murderer Brandon Howell will spend the rest of his life in prison, getting five life sentences on Thursday for a 2014 killing spree in south Kansas City.

    Howell, 38, was convicted in April by a jury on all counts of first -degree murder he faced for beating two people to death and shooting and killing three others on September 2, 2014. His sentences are consecutive, and he'll never be eligible for parole.

    The killings happened on Woodbridge Lane, near Wornall Road and Blue Ridge Boulevard. The victims were 86-year-old Ann Taylor, 80-year-old George Taylor, 88-year-old Lorene Hurst, her 68-year-old son Darrel Hurst and 69-year-old Susan Choucroun. - (Black-on-white)

        In Danish tourist's killing near New Orleans East hotel, (black) woman booked with murder
    black suspectWhite victimPolice have arrested a woman suspected in the deadly shooting of a Danish tourist in New Orleans East last week, authorities announced Thursday.
    Brandy Myles, 36, faces a count of second-degree murder following the slaying of Poul Hansen, 44, who was found dead early Saturday from a bullet wound to the head in the 4200 block of America Street.  First responders recovered Hansen's body a few blocks away from a Super 8 motel on Chef Menteur Highway where he and fellow motorcycle riders from Denmark were staying during a trip across the United States.  Without elaborating, police said they identified Myles as a suspect in Hansen's killing. She was initially taken into custody in Jefferson Parish in an unrelated case and then transferred to New Orleans jail, where she was booked with murder, police said.  Myles faces mandatory life imprisonment if eventually convicted of murder.

    Hansen belonged to "Blood of Heroes," a motorcycle riders' group composed of Danish war veterans, according to a social-media post. He had shared dinner with some compatriots before he separated from the group and was reported missing.
    Though he was found dead the next morning, Hansen wasn't identified until Monday.  An attorney for Hansen's family said the victim was missing some of his belonging, making his loved ones suspect that he died at the hands of a robber.  - (Black-on-white)

        (Pack of evil black) Murder suspects called (White) EMU wrestler ‘sweet meat’ easy target in gang robbery, prosecutors say
    black suspectsWhite victimPITTSFIELD TWP., MI – Christopher Marsh Jr. was “sweet meat,” an easy target to rob, according to text and social media messages between five alleged gang members accused of robbing and killing him a year ago, prosecutors say. “Tell him you got 400 for two zip. He sweet meat,” wrote Charles Robertson, who is charged as a co-conspirator in Marsh’s death, in one of the messages.

    Robertson, 19; Karon Hadden, 19; Deandre Hinton, 18; Camron Williams-Evans, 19; and Garvin Crout, 19, all were bound over to circuit court after a lengthy preliminary examination Wednesday, May 22, before 14B District Court Judge Charles Pope. The five men allegedly worked together as part of a gang, identified during the preliminary exam as OTF900, to set up a meeting to buy two ounces of marijuana from Marsh and rob him that day, police said. The men each face 11 felony counts in connection with Marsh’s death. All five are charged as co-defendants in the shooting death of Marsh Jr., 19, of Ypsilanti Township, who was found wounded about 9:30 p.m., April 28, 2018, outside Glencoe Hills Apartments in the 2100 block of Glencoe Hills Drive. He was taken to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, where he died from his injuries. They are charged with felony murder, armed robbery and conducting a criminal enterprise, as well as eight additional weapons-related and conspiracy charges.
    - (Black-on-white)

    Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

        (black) Suspect in FDNY savage beatdown of White firefighter defending elderly couple claims he didn't do nothin
    black suspectblack suspects White victimThe teen accused of attacking an off-duty FDNY firefighter who told them to stop harassing an elderly couple on the Upper East Side claimed Thursday that he and his pals are the real victims.

    “He assaulted my friend and I had to defend my friend,” lied Damir Johnson, 17, as he was led into Manhattan Criminal Court for his assault arraignment, wearing a white T-shirt with a black and gray Reebok design.

    The teen — who is also named in court documents as “Diamar Johnson” — was earlier walked from the 19th Precinct station house, where he faced jeers and hard stares from about 75 uniformed FDNY members.

    Johnson was allegedly among a dirty uncivilized black animal pack of a half-dozen teens hassling an elderly couple on East 86th Street near Second Avenue on Saturday morning, authorities said.

    When an off-duty smoke-eater saw what was going on, he stepped in and told Johnson and his friends — two boys and three girls, who a source said are not expected to face charges — to knock it off.

    But instead, they turned their attention to the firefighter, with Johnson allegedly knocking him to the ground then punching and stomping him, leaving him with a concussion and several broken teeth, cops said.  - (Black-on-white)

        (black) Man arrested, accused of exposing himself on numerous occasions in Fort Collins
    black suspectFORT COLLINS, Colo. — Police in Fort Collins have arrested a 20-year-old man who is accused of exposing himself on numerous occasions over the last several weeks.   Fort Collins Police and Colorado State University Police( CSUPD) had been investigating recent reports regarding a man in a red car who would drive up to victims and expose himself, a release from Fort Collins Police Services(FCPS) says. The suspect, later identified as Wyatt Johnson, would allegedly drive up to a victim and ask for help. When they approached his vehicle, the victims saw that Johnson was exposing his genitals, the release says.  


        NEGRO pretentiously named "SUPREME LIFE" by his most likely unwed baby momma gets prison for super bowl slay
    black suspectsMOUNT HOLLY — A man convicted in the stabbing death of another man after a fight in New Jersey during celebrations over the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl win is now headed to prison.
    "Supreme Life" received a 20-year term Wednesday.
    The 57-year-old Lumberton man was convicted in March of passion provocation manslaughter and attempted murder charges that stemmed from a fight that started after a remark by his son about the Eagles in February 2018. Life had said he stabbed 26-year-old Moriah Walker, of Brooklyn, in self-defense.

    • Father and son accused of stabbing New Yorkers indicted for murder - Posted Apr 26, 2018
      A grand jury has brought murder charges against a father and son accused of stabbing two New York men during a fight in February. Supreme Life, 56, and son Antoine Ketler, 33, got in a fight outside their home on Coriander Drive in Lumberton on Feb. 4, the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office announced.

        Philadelphia: Remembering (black 'liberation') MOVE bombing 34 Years Later
    black suspectsblack suspects(Wiki) -- MOVE is a black liberation group founded in 1972 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by John Africa (born Vincent Leaphart) and Donald Glassey, a social worker from the University of Pennsylvania. The name is not an acronym. The group lived in a communal setting in West Philadelphia, abiding by philosophies of anarcho-primitivism.[1] The group combined revolutionary ideology, similar to that of the Black Panthers, with work for animal rights.

    The group is particularly known for two major conflicts with the Philadelphia Police Department. In 1978, a standoff resulted in the death of one police officer, injuries to several other people, and life sentences for nine members who were convicted of killing the officer.

    In 1985, another confrontation ended when a police helicopter dropped a bomb on the MOVE compound, a row house in the middle of the 6200 block of Osage Avenue. The resulting fire killed eleven MOVE members, including five children, and destroyed 65 houses in the neighborhood.[2] The survivors later filed a civil suit against the city and the police department, and were awarded $1.5 million in a 1996 settlement.[3]

        Judge: Cosby Accusers' Testimony Pointed to 'Signature' Crime
    black suspectThe judge who presided over Bill Cosby's criminal case said he let five other accusers testify at the sex-assault trial because their accounts had "chilling similarities" that pointed to a "signature" crime.

    A jury last year convicted Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004, after hearing from her and the five others. Cosby, 81, is appealing his conviction based on the women's testimony and other key rulings by Montgomery County Judge Stephen O'Neill.

    Cosby began serving a three- to 10-year prison term in September at a state prison near Philadelphia.

        Murder Rate Skyrockets in Chester, PA where 73.99% of the population is African American
    black suspect
    ‘Bullets Don’t Have Names’: Child Shot At Mother’s Day Party In Chester

    Chester Police Offering Reward In Search For Suspect Who Shot 5-Year-Old Girl, Woman During Mother’s Day Party

        (black) Davenport man and woman arrested after 2 children fall from house window
    black suspectblack suspectAn investigation into two small children who fell out of a second-story window has led to the arrest of a Davenport man and woman.
    Daria Imani Marion, 24, and Desmond Mardell Grasker, 26, were booked into the Scott County Jail late Wednesday morning on charges of neglect or abandonment of a dependent person, possession with intent to deliver marijuana and failure to affix drug stamp. Online jail records show they both are being held on a $20,000 bond.

        COLORED FDNY firefighter turns himself in for allegedly assaulting girlfriend
    black suspectAn off-duty FDNY firefighter was arrested Wednesday morning for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend inside her Inwood apartment, police said.
    Brian Chevalier, 30, turned himself in to police shortly before 9 a.m. for allegedly knocking his 26-year-old girlfriend to the ground and kicking her around 8 p.m. Sunday inside the apartment in the area of Dyckman and Payson avenues, police said. Police said children were believed to have been present at the time of the incident.

    Chevalier — who sources said is assigned to Engine 95, which is also in Inwood — was charged with assault and acting in a manner injurious to a child. His arraignment is pending in Manhattan court.

        BLACK LI dad busted after taking daughter to park, trying to sell crack
    black suspectA father on Long Island was arrested after taking his daughter to the playground on Wednesday afternoon — to sell crack. Chaleek Williams, 25, was cuffed in front of his 2-year-old child at about 4 p.m. for allegedly trying to sell the drug outside of Oxhead Road Elementary School in Centereach, police said. Williams was also carrying MDMA — commonly known as ecstasy — and became combative with police as they tried to arrest him, according to cops. The would-be drug-dealing dad is facing six charges, including criminal possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest. He’s expected to be arraigned on Thursday.
  • VINE, America’s number one victim notification network identifies the suspect as black
  • Centereach dad tried to sell crack at playground with toddler, police say

  •     (black) Nurse arrested amid sexual assault investigation
    black suspectPHOENIX — Phoenix police say a (black male) nurse has been arrested in connection with a patient who gave birth after a sexual assault at Hacienda Healthcare.
    The victim, an incapacitated woman who is 29 years old, had been at the facility since she was 3 years old.
    A licensed practical nurse at the facility, 36-year-old Nathan Sutherland, has been charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of vulnerable adult abuse. According to court paperwork released Wednesday, Sutherland "worked around the victim and treated her on numerous occasions and thus had direct access to her for an extended period of time." Police were originally alerted of the incident when staff at the health facility called for help when a patient gave birth to a baby who needed immediate medical attention.
    Officials collected DNA samples from male employees at the facility through court orders.

         BLACK Woman threw hot coffee on McDonald’s worker during fight: cops
    black suspectA Baltimore woman threw a cup of hot coffee on a Brooklyn McDonald’s worker Thursday morning after the employee asked her to take her feet off the restaurant furniture, police said.
    Christine George, 69, was sitting inside the McDonald’s at the corner of Fulton Street and Flatbush Avenue Extension shortly before 4:30 a.m. when the 24-year-old worker asked her to remove her feet from the restaurant chair. The women began arguing and the dispute turned physical, with George tossing her coffee in the direction of the employee’s upper body, cops said.
    The victim was taken to the Brooklyn Hospital Center with burns to her face, neck and chest, an FDNY spokesman said.
    George, who has no previous encounters with the NYPD, was arrested at the scene and charged with assault for the attack.

        (black) NH man (with 'attitude') accused of sexually assaulting teen girl arrested after year-long investigation
    black suspectblack suspectMANCHESTER, N.H. (WHDH) - Police arrested a New Hampshire man Tuesday following a year-long investigation into the alleged sexual assault of a now 15-year-old girl.
    Rohan Donaldson, 43, of Manchester, N.H., was arraigned Tuesday on two counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault in connection with crimes against the teen who police say was known to him. The court ordered that he be held until his probable cause hearing on June 5 in Hillsborough Superior Court – North.

        (black) Man who strangled barista gets 6 to 10 years in prison
    black suspect ANN ARBOR, MI – A Whitmore Lake man accused of strangling a barista to the point of unconsciousness a year ago was sent to prison late last month. Washtenaw County Trial Judge Carol Kuhnke sentenced Zachary Armond Campbell on April 30 to six years and three months to 10 years in prison after he pleaded no contest to the lesser of his two felony charges, court records show. Campbell, 20, of Whitmore Lake, was accused of strangling the 22-year-old woman April 11, 2018, while she was working at the Peaberry Bean & Beats Cafe, 152 Barker Road, in Whitmore Lake. The barista called police about 8:30 p.m. that evening to report the incident that occurred about 30 minutes prior, police said. She told police she’d been unconscious until she made the report.
    Campbell was identified and arrested within 10 minutes, police said. He was charged with one felony count each of assault with intent to murder and one count of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder
    The barista knew Campbell from his previous visits to the café. It is unclear what spurred the attack.

        (black with stupid negro name) charged with kidnapping & rape after holding two teens hostage & setting home on fire
    black suspectMEMPHIS, Tenn. ( -  UPDATE 5/23/2019: 44-year-old Phennix Givens is charged with 2 counts of especially aggravated kidnapping, aggravated rape, aggravated assault and arson.

    According to a police affidavit, a 17-year-old boy and 15-year-old girl were walking in the area of Frayser Blvd and North Watkins on Tuesday around 10 p.m. when Givens approached them asking if they wanted to make some money.  The teens agreed, but, once they arrived at a house in the 3300 block of Riney, Givens pulled out a knife.

    Once inside, Givens made both of them take off their clothes.  He then forced the girl to the floor sexually assaulting her.  He forced the boy to the attic after stabbing him in the leg with the knife.  He forced the girl into his bed, then he fell asleep.  Once Givens was asleep, the girl went and helped the boy down from the attic, they escaped the house and was able to flag down a Shelby County School security officer.

    When Memphis police officers arrived to the house, Givens answered the door with a knife.  He eventually put he knife down, went back inside and set fire to the house. Givens was arrested when he tried climbing out of a bathroom window.

        Police Arrest (black) Suspect In Serious Stabbing In San Francisco’s Parkmerced Area
    black suspectSAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Police arrested a man connected to a stabbing earlier this month in San Francisco’s Parkmerced area, which left the victim with life-threatening injuries, police announced Wednesday. The stabbing happened May 9 in the 400 block of Arballo Drive, according to police. Officers had responded to a stabbing there and when officers arrived, they found a 48-year-old man bleeding uncontrollably from the neck. He was taken to a hospital, police said. Officers learned the victim had been stabbed after he had gotten into an argument with another man, identified as 65-year-old Mitchell Graham of San Francisco. During the argument, Graham allegedly pulled out a knife, swung it and then stabbed the victim in the neck. Graham then dropped the knife and fled on foot, according to police.

        CANADA: black gets 50 years of free room and board for brutal murders
    black suspectA man convicted of killing a Calgary mother and her young daughter will have to wait 50 years before he has a chance at parole. A jury found Edward Downey guilty last year of first-degree murder in the 2016 deaths of Sara Baillie, who was 34, and five-year-old Taliyah Marsman.
    The convictions carry an automatic life sentence, and Justice Beth Hughes has decided Downey must wait 50 years before he can ask the parole board for release. The Crown had sought 50 years before parole ineligibility, arguing the brutal and deliberate nature of the murders were aggravating factors. - (Canada)

        (black) Louisiana woman, 19, 'fired a gun at a man after he refused to perform oral sex on her
    then stole his shotgun and Playstation as he fled by jumping off the second floor balcony'

    black suspect
    • Anneisha Speed, 19, is accused of firing two gunshots at a man who refused to perform oral sex on her after the two had spent the day together in Baton Rouge
    • The victim said Speed asked him to perform oral sex, which he declined, and she then pulled out a black .40 caliber handgun and said if he didn't, she'd shoot him
    • The victim said he grabbed her wrist, she fired a shot and then he jumped off the balcony to avoid being shot at again as he heard another shot being fired
    • Police were called and the victim identified Speed, who later admitted to also stealing a shotgun and Playstation console from the victim's apartment
    • Speed was charged with second-degree attempted murder, illegal discharge of a firearm, gun theft, resisting an officer and obstruction 
    • Speed was released from East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a $17,000 bond

        DARK HISPANIC 27-Year-Old Man Arrested For Raping Woman Inside Her Apartment, Police Say
    NEWARK, Del. (CBS) – A man has been arrested after sexually assaulting a woman in Newark, Delaware, police say. The incident happened inside the victim’s apartment on O’Daniel Avenue, around 8:40 a.m. on Saturday.
    Police say 27-year-old Luis Rivera, of Penns Grove, New Jersey, began physically and sexually assaulting the victim after unlawfully entering her apartment.


      5 HISPANICS indicted in Wisconsin accused of forced immigrant labor - kidnapped and forced Mexicans into slavery
    MILWAUKEE – Federal prosecutors indicted five people accused of forcing 14 Mexican (illegal aliens) to work in farms in Wisconsin "by means of serious harm and threats of serious harm."

    Prosecutors said in a grand jury indictment unsealed Tuesday that the workers "were victims of a severe form of human trafficking," had their documents seized to prevent travel and were shielded from detection by being hidden "in buildings and other places." The indictment provides scant details about the abuse the men suffered.

    The indictment alleges the defendants recruited the immigrants, all Mexican men, and got them agriculture work visas under the pretense they would work in Georgia. Instead, prosecutors say the defendants brought them to Wisconsin farms, where they worked from July 2016 to Nov. 10, 2016. The indictment doesn't say where in Mexico the men were recruited and the victims are not named. Their current status is not mentioned in the court documents.

    The indicted are: Saul Garcia, 49, Saul Garcia, Jr., 26, Daniel Garcia, 28, Consuelo Garcia, 45, and Maria Remedios Garcia-Olalde, 52. They face several charges, including forced labor, trafficking in peonage, slavery, and involuntary servitude. One of the men is also accused of trying to influence the testimony of two of the victims to the grand jury.


      HISPANIC NYPD ‘brothel cop’ Ludwig Paz pleads guilty to running prostitution, gambling ring
    A former NYPD detective and his wife both pleaded guilty to masterminding a multimillion-dollar prostitution and gambling ring with the help of seven current police officers, officials said Wednesday.
    Ludwig Paz, 51, who was assigned to the NYPD vice squad, copped to two counts of attempted enterprise corruption and one count of third-degree promoting prostitution, acting Queens District Attorney John Ryan said. Paz is scheduled to be sentenced in June. His wife, Arelis Peralta, pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted enterprise corruption and was sentenced to 364 days in jail.


      Mexican surnamed Bronx man busted with arsenal of guns, phony police badges
    A Bronx man was busted with an arsenal of weapons, including several rifles and an Uzi, and fake police badges after he allegedly strangled his wife, police said Wednesday.
    Charles Figueroa, 47 — who is employed as a sanitation worker in Westchester — was first reported to cops on May 14 after he and his wife got into a fight and he allegedly locked her out of their Bronx home, police said.
    When the wife managed to get inside, Figueroa allegedly pulled her by the hair and strangled her, according to cops.

        Hispanic Ex-Harlem teacher Christian Toro who hid explosives in home gets 6 years in prison
    One of the twin brothers who were busted last year for keeping bomb-making materials in their Bronx apartment — a former Harlem Prep teacher who enlisted the help of students to make explosives — has been sentenced to nearly six years in prison.

    Christian Toro, 28, and his twin brother, Tyler Toro, were busted in February 2018 with bomb-making materials in their Pelham Bay apartment that included explosive powder, a strip of magnesium metal, the key ingredients for a substance used in incendiary bombs and a box of fireworks.

    During a search of Toros’ apartment, federal agents also found a jar with gasoline and styrofoam mixed together — which they say can be mixed to make improvised napalm. The feds also say that Christian Toro paid minor students from his school $50 per hour to remove the explosive powder from fireworks and that he had a sexual relationship with one of the students when she was 16 years old.

        Police search for driver suspected in Utah highway killing
    mud suspect BOISE, Idaho – Police in Idaho were searching Thursday near a small town for a man suspected of shooting and killing a motorist along a desolate stretch of interstate highway in Utah.
    Jonathan Llana, 45, of Los Angeles was being sought near Burley after crashing his car during a chase by authorities, Idaho State Police said, describing him as armed and dangerous. Officials said they didn't know a motive for the shooting Wednesday night on a stretch of Interstate 84 called Rattlesnake Pass in northern Utah.

    Victim Dennis Gwyther of Salt Lake City and a passenger were traveling in a Range Rover from Salt Lake City to Boise, Idaho, for work, Utah State Bureau of Investigation Lt. Ryan Van Fleet said, Llana owns a silver Volkswagen Jetta that Idaho troopers pursued until it crashed into a canal along Interstate 86, Van Fleet said. The driver ran and authorities were searching for him Thursday, with the assistance of a helicopter, officials said.   Llana is considered armed and dangerous.

      Netherlands wants tribunal to try some Islamic State members
    UNITED NATIONS – The Netherlands is calling for the establishment of a tribunal to prosecute members of the Islamic State extremist group responsible for "mass atrocity crimes."

    Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok made the proposal at a U.N. Security Council meeting Thursday on the protection of civilians in conflict, saying there must be accountability and an end to impunity for violations of international human rights and humanitarian laws.

    He said Islamic State fighters responsible for mass atrocities should be prosecuted, preferably in the region, and if feasible by "an ad hoc or hybrid international criminal tribunal."

    "I am fully aware of the complex obstacles on our road towards this goal," Blok said. "But we have to keep in mind: Justice is a prerequisite of lasting peace and security."

        Filthy Philadelphia Opens First LGBTQ-Friendly Permanent Housing Residence For Young Sex Deviants

        Female Teacher had sex with 16-year-old male student in SUV behind hotel
    A 16-year-old boy told state police that a gym teacher in upstate New York sent him nude photos before having sex with him in a car behind a hotel, court records show.

    Lindsey M. Halstead, 29, was arrested Tuesday on charges of sexual misconduct and endangering the welfare of a child after the teen told police he had sex with the former Waterloo High School teacher in Seneca Falls, state police announced.

        LESBIAN New Jersey woman charged in sex assault, murder of 70-year-old woman
    OLD BRIDGE, New Jersey (WABC) -- A New Jersey woman has been charged with the aggravated sexual assault and murder of a 70-year-old woman.
    Caroline Beckert, 40, of Old Bridge was arrested and charged Thursday with first-degree murder, aggravated sexual assault in the first degree, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose in the second degree in the murder of Joann Cullinan, 70, of Old Bridge. Cullinan was found dead inside her home at the Glenwood apartments Wednesday night. Police have not yet revealed how she died. Beckert is currently being held in the Middlesex County Adult Corrections Center. She's due in court Friday in New Brunswick Superior Court.

    The two women were “acquaintances,” according to the affidavit.

        Dallas selling statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee
    (text of news story) 





    • Fascist symbols, rhetoric, salutes on the rise ahead of Italian EU vote
      The leader of the right-wing party leading in the Italian polls, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who has attracted the admiration of European far-right leaders for his anti-immigrant, anti-Islam stances, makes a show of dismissing extremist labels and the existence of fascist ideology on the Italian political spectrum.

    22 May 2019

        (EVIL pointy-headed black) Florida Man Charged In Deaths Of Elderly (White) Canadian Couple Staying Pompano Beach
    black suspectWhite victimPOMPANO BEACH (CBSMiami) – Deputies have charged a man in the deaths of an elderly couple back in March. Deputies say 28-year-old Quinton Johnson is facing murder charges. Johnson was already behind bars in connection to a separate shooting and robbery. Deputies say Johnson killed 80-year-old Marc Gagne and 78-year-old Rita Gagne at their home on Birdie Lane. According to the arrest report, Johnson beat the couple to death after breaking into their home.  He is now facing multiple charges, including first degree murder. - (Black-on-white)

        BLACK Man Arrested For Gunning Down Longtime Transgender Advocate On North Philadelphia Street
    black suspectPHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A man has been arrested in the murder of a longtime transgender advocate in Philadelphia. Police say 28-year-old Troy Bailey was arrested Monday for gunning down Michelle “Tamika” Washington, a transgender woman, on the 3400 block of North 11th Street. Washington was shot multiple times, early Sunday morning. Smith also added that the shooting is not being investigated as a hate crime.

        (black) Man Arrested After Teenage Girl Asks Kentucky Fried Chicken Employees for Help,   She Was Abducted and Held
    black suspectA North Texas man police believe abducted an underage girl was arrested after she told workers at a fast food restaurant that she was held against her will and sexually assaulted, police say. The juvenile girl was reunited with her family Tuesday after she ran into the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on Boyd Road and told an employee that she needed help and that she was being held captive. co-manager Shannon Cates said.

    Cates and fellow manager Lynci Cedillo began to comfort the girl as they locked the doors of the restaurant and called police. "I immediately jumped in, grabbed my phone and the cops were here in less than two minutes," Cedillo said.

    The girl told responding police officers that 24-year-old Diamond Marquis Williams left her in the car while he went into a pawn shop across the street. Azle police officers then quickly located and detained Williams. The girl said she met Williams on Snapchat and was taken from the Fort Worth home she shares with her parents five days ago.

        (black) Milwaukee man arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting victim he forced into truck
    black suspectMILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A DNA match led investigators to a man wanted for sexual assault.
    Joseph Keys is behind bars on $160,000 bail. Keys allegedly kidnapped a woman on March 2 near 15th and Meinecke. According to the criminal complaint, the victim was walking when she saw a red truck circling the block around her. The woman saw the truck on six separate occasions during her walk. At one point, the driver allegedly rolled down the window and said to the woman "hey baby, can I get your number?"

    The victim allegedly ignored the truck and was near an alley entrance when she felt someone pulling her back by both of her arms.
    According to the criminal complaint, the victim was then dragged into the red turck and the driver forced her to do sexual acts. The driver then told the woman that he was going to take her home to his cousin. When the truck pulled up to a gas station, the victim ran inside and called for help. DNA from the victim matched Joseph Keys.
    Keys is now charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, and second degree sexual assault.

        (black) Richmond man armed with small ax confined, controlled woman
    black suspectRICHMOND, Ind. — A Richmond man allegedly threatened a woman with a small ax to control her and force her to perform a sexual act on him. Chris Lavar Mays, 38, of the 5100 block of South Eighth Street remained in the Wayne County Jail early this week on a $35,000 bond.  The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office formally charged Mays with Level 3 felony criminal confinement with a deadly weapon, Level 6 felony sexual battery and Level 6 felony battery causing moderate injury.  Mays is a habitual offender because of previous felony convictions for dealing cocaine and possession of methamphetamine.

        (black) Man sentenced Friday for sexually abusing woman while committing a robbery in 2017
    black suspectblack suspectAn Iowa City man who sexually abused a woman while committing an armed robbery in 2017 was sentenced Friday to up to 75 years in prison and must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.
    Sullivan Pierre Smith-Berry, 26, was sentenced on three counts of first-degree robbery, one count of second-degree sex abuse and one count of first-degree burglary.
    "The case was absolutely terrifying for the victims," said Johnson County Attorney Janet Lyness. "They didn't even feel safe to come back to Iowa City for his sentencing."  He is required to serve a minimum of 35 years in prison and once eligible for parole, he'll be required to report to a parole officer for the rest of his life.

    According to police complaints, a second man, Earl Lee Riley Jr., 30, was allegedly part of the Nov. 3, 2017 incident. He is awaiting trial and his next hearing is scheduled for June 21. He faces the same charges.

        (black) Florida Man Arrested For Abusing Dog Who Later Became ‘Deputy Chance’
    black suspect LEE COUNTY (CBSMiami) – A Florida man is under arrest and charged with animal cruelty in connection to the abuse case of a dog found with his mouth-taped shut and dehydrated in February.  The dog later becoming part of the Lee County Sheriff’s office in Fort Myers. Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno announced the arrest of 18-year-old Oscar Lee Thompson III on Monday as "Deputy Chance" (Dog) stood by his side at the podium. Chance was found Feb. 26 roaming through a Fort Myers neighborhood with red electrical tape around his mouth. Chief Marceno described the dog as “near death.” Fingerprints lifted from the red electrical tape and an anonymous crime stoppers tip helped lead investigators to Thompson, said Chief Marceno.  “Over 70 percent of the people who abuse animals will eventually abuse a human being,” Marceno said. “If you hurt an animal in this county you will go to jail.” Shortly after his rescue, Chance, a Florida cur breed, was adopted by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and became a mascot for the department. He was deputized on March 7.

        (black) Chattanooga man (not a nice person) pours boiling bleach on girlfriend & man - Is this adultery and/or fornication?
    black suspectCHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Chattanooga Police are charging a 37-year-old man after an affidavit says he poured boiling bleach to wake a man and woman, and attacked the man with a hammer.
    Johnny Dewayne Dortch is charged with aggravated domestic assault for the incident, which police say happened on May 5th at a home on Wilson Street. The woman told police who arrived on the scene that Dortch woke her and another man up by pouring boiling bleach on both them, and attacking the man with a hammer.

    The affidavit says Dortch had been living with the woman for the past few weeks, but had not been at home in the moments leading up to the incident. The woman told police he used her house key to get inside. The affidavit says investigators noticed burns on the woman's face, neck, head, shoulders and back, and saw burns and abrasions on the man, too.
    The man told investigators he didn't fight back
    , and instead told him, "let's just talk," according to the affidavit.
    The man told police he was not interested in pressing charges, because "he understood why Dortch was angry."

         FBI arrests Negress (former DeKalb Coonmissioner) Sharon Barnes Sutton on charges of extortion and bribery
    black suspectDEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A federal grand jury has indicted former DeKalb County Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton on charges of extortion and bribery.
    The indictment accuses Sutton of soliciting two $500 payments to support a $10 million contract on a county sewer treatment plant. Sutton's alleged crimes date back almost exactly five years, which raises questions about whether prosecutors moved now because the statute of limitations was nearing.

        BLACK Ex-footballer Kellen Winslow Jr. rape accuser claims ‘he threatened to kill me’ 
    black suspectVISTA, Calif. — A female hitchhiker who accused former NFL player Kellen Winslow Jr. of raping her after he picked her up testified Tuesday that she did not flee or defend herself because the muscular football star had threatened to kill her.
    Winslow’s attorneys said the two had consensual sex and suggested she had a drinking problem. They said she has given inconsistent statements and lied to the jury about being sober for 30 years, pointing out that she has been arrested 11 times for public intoxication.
    The woman, identified as Jane Doe 1, is the first of five accusers expected to take the stand.
    Winslow is accused of raping three women and exposing himself to two others. All are expected to testify.

    The 55-year-old Jane Doe 1 described in detail how Winslow drove her to a shopping center parking lot after picking her up in March 2018 and then raped her in his vehicle. “He threatened to kill me, and I really believed that he would have,” she testified.
    Winslow’s attorney Marc Carlos in cross-examining the woman asked if she remembered taking the witness stand at a preliminary hearing in July and pointing at defense lawyer Brian Watkins when asked to identify her attacker.
    Winslow and Watkins are both black. - (Well maybe the black lawyer also raped the victim :)

        In 2016 Oregon, Blacks Represent 1.9% of the Population of the State and 35 Percent of Homicide Suspects


      Woman, 74 kidnapped, attacked by dog, repeatedly raped in San Francisco by Manuel Jesus Amador
    Hispanic Man drags 74-year-old pedestrian into San Francisco home, rapes her over 5 hours, police say
    A 74-year-old woman on a morning walk in San Francisco was grabbed and dragged into the home of a man, attacked by a pit bull, held captive for five hours and repeatedly raped before being left semi-conscious on the sidewalk, investigators said.
    - "You’ve reached your monthly article limit". 
    • Citizenship status of the Hispanic suspect has not been reported in this news article...

        (white) Oxford Police officer arrested in (black) Mississippi mother's killing - was "possibly involved in sexual relationship"
    OXFORD, Miss. (WREG) -- An Oxford Police officer has been arrested in the case of a 32-year-old mother who was found dead in Oxford on Sunday. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is looking into the case of Dominique Clayton as a homicide. MBI investigators arrested Matthew Kinne after an investigation that began Sunday. He was charged with murder, MBI said. Kinne is being held in the Panola County Jail pending his court appearance.
    Jeff McCutchen, interim chief with the Oxford Police Department, said that early on in the investigation, it was found that Kinne, a four-year officer with Oxford Police, was possibly involved in a relationship with the victim.
    A family member said that Clayton's body was lying on her bed and there was a lot of blood on the back of her head.

    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    Israeli flag
    • Health Department closes Queens yeshiva (Jewish school) amid measles outbreak
      This closure brings to nine the number of Jewish Othordox schools and daycare centers hit
      for failing to enforce the city’s measles crackdown. Much of the outbreak remains concentrated in neighborhoods home to the city’s insular Orthodox communities where anti-vaccine conspiracy theories have lowered inoculation rates, authorities say. More than three-quarters of the cases, 399, are in hard-hit Williamsburg, which is home to a large Orthodox community.

    Israeli flag
    • 3 women accused of accepting over $850,000 in bribes from affordable housing applicants in Coney Island
      CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn (WABC) -- Three women who were in charge of selecting buyers who applied for high-demand co-op apartments in Brooklyn are accused of accepting approximately $874,000 in bribes from candidates.
      The Brooklyn District Attorney's office said 71-year-old Anna Treybich, 66-year-old Irina Zeltser, and 38-year-old Karina Andriyan, all from Coney Island, were named in a 78-count indictment in which they face several charges, including conspiracy, larceny, falsifying business records, and degree commercial bribe receiving.
      Between 2013 and 2019, the suspects allegedly conspired to steal and sell the right to purchase 18 apartments worth a total of $5 million at Luna Park Housing Corporation in Coney Island.
      The bribes, in turn, were allegedly used to support the women's lavish lifestyles, which included luxury apartments in Florida and dozens of designer handbags, fur coats and jewelry, according to the DA's office.

      For example, Zeltser was accused of accepting $93,000 to help a person purchase a specific apartment by saying the tenant of record was her sister. To do this, Zeltser allegedly altered the person's birth certificate to reflect that her mother's name was Ida and her identity was Jewish -- just like the tenant of record.




    21 May 2019

        (black DEMONIC KILLER) sentenced to DEATH for murdering (WHITE) couple at Cleveland car dealership
    Joseph McAlphineJoseph McAlphineMichael and Trina Kuznik CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The man convicted of killing a couple who owned a car dealership in Cleveland was sentenced to death by Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Brian Corrigan on Tuesday.
    Joseph McAlpin was sentenced for 10 charges, including two counts of aggravated murder, stemming from the deadly robbery in April of 2017.

    On May 16, the jury assigned to McAlpin’s trial deliberated for approximately 30 minutes before recommending the death sentence as punishment. Judge Corrigan honored the jury’s recommendation by finding capital punishment fit for McAlpin’s crimes. The death sentence will now be appealed directly to the Supreme Court of Ohio.
    McAlpin was convicted in April of killing Trina Tomola, Michael Kuznik, and their dog at the married couple’s car dealership, Mr. Cars, on East 185th Street in 2017. The couple’s son found their bodies later that evening. Several cars and cash were also stolen. McAlpin represented himself throughout the trial, which began on March 18. 

    Family of the victims did not want to address McAlpin in open court during Tuesday’s sentencing, but Cleveland Councilman Michael Polensek was willing to speak. He referred to McAlpin as “a demonic killer” that terrorized the North Collinwood neighborhood. “This crime on Good Friday not only devastated the family and tore that family apart, but devastated the community,” Polensek exclaimed passionately.

    Two additional suspects, Jerome Diggs (left) and Andrew Keener, are also charged in connection with the murders.
    Jerome Diggs, left, and Andrew KeenerKeener pleaded guilty and testified against McAlpin during his trial, saying McAlpin was the gunman and mastermind behind the deadly robbery.  Keener was scheduled to be sentenced this May, but the proceedings were delayed until a later date after his attorneys requested closure in McAlpin’s legal process first. Diggs has a pretrial court appearance scheduled for June 3. - (Black-on-white)

        Deputies arrest black ex-convict with stolen gun, 2 white women with him with drug stuff  during Chico traffic stop
    "feets don't fail me now!"CHICO, Calif. - Butte County sheriff's deputies arrested three people and recovered a stolen firearm during a traffic stop early Monday morning. According to the Butte County Sheriff's Office, a deputy initiated a traffic stop around 2:23 a.m. on Monday in the area of East 1st Avenue and the Esplanade in Chico.  The deputy asked one of the occupants to exit the vehicle.  While he was searching Shelton Wardsworth, 31, of Chico, the deputy said he became noticeably nervous and fled on foot.  ("feets don't fail me now")

    While running, he ran into another deputy and a struggle ensued. The deputy he ran into noticed Wardsworth had a gun in his pocket. The deputies were able to detain him and secure the firearm.  Wardsworth was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, felon in possession of a firearm and possession of stolen property.  Authorities determined that the gun found in Wardsworth's possession was stolen.
    Two additional people in the vehicle were arrested.  Shatana Goods, 30, of Chico was arrested on possession of drug paraphernalia and an additional warrant. Andrea Reichenbach, 44, of Oroville, was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.
    Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

          BLACK FAGS: Maysville resident found guilty of raping child
    black suspectQuonshe Brimmer, 25, was found guilty of first-degree statutory rape, first-degree statutory sex offense and taking indecent liberties with a minor in Onslow County Superior Court on Thursday. Brimmer was sentenced to a 39-to-48 years in prison. Brimmer, who identifies as a transgender woman, will serve the sentence at the North Carolina Department of Public Safety Central Prison for male detainees. The sex offenses occurred over several months in 2010, according to Assistant District Attorney Kaelyn Avery. The victim was between 5 and 6 years old at the time.

    “This was a really long time coming for this family,” Avery said of the case. “To see the relief on their faces ... it’s something that I’ll always remember.” According to Avery, the jury deliberated for an hour and a half before reaching their verdict of guilty on all three counts at approximately 4:15 p.m. Presiding Judge Phyllis Gorham sentenced Brimmer on the three charges to be served concurrently, according to Avery. Brimmer was also ordered to lifetime registration as a sex offender. Brimmer was already serving time for failing to register as a sex offender in a previous case,

    • Tranny buck found guilty of raping child
    • Man accused of posing as underage boy to extort $500 -

        Jury finds (black African immigrant, refugee and/or asylum seeker) a former Somali colonel,  responsible for torture
    black suspectblack suspectVirginia -- A jury has found a (black migrant) who once served as a colonel in the Somali Army responsible for torturing a man more than 30 years ago as part of a government campaign to repress its perceived enemies.

    After three days of deliberations, the civil jury on Tuesday awarded a $500,000 verdict to Farhan Mohamoud Tani Warfaa, a member of the Isaaq (EE'-sock) clan in northern Somalia. Warfaa came to the U.S. and testified at the trial last week. He said he was 17 years old when he was rounded up in a mass arrest and beaten and hogtied during interrogations. Finally he was shot and left for dead, but survived. Yusuf Abdi Ali, who now lives in Alexandria, acknowledged he was a Somali colonel but denied torturing Warfaa.
    Another black African most-likely muslim Somali a WINNER! in the Black-Victims-Sue-2-Get-Rich Sweepstakes

        (black) Man accused of attacking, sexually assaulting woman as she took out recycling - caught because sperm DNA on file
    black suspectDENVER — A man has been charged in connection with the rape and assault of a woman in her own home, a release from the Denver District Attorney's Office said. Jerome Lucas, 34, is accused of attacking the victim on the afternoon of March 24 as she walked back inside her home after taking out her recycling. Lucas punched her in the head several times, which caused her to fall to the ground, the news release said. The victim told investigators that he asked for her money and her good jewelry, prosecutors said. He tied her up, gagged her, and then raped her. Afterward, according to prosecutors, he barricaded her front door with her couches then stole her car and fled.

    The victim went out her back door and got to a friend’s house where 911 was called. She was then taken to Denver Health Medical Center for treatment. A DNA profile was obtained from evidence taken from the scene and a CODIS hit resulted in a match to Lucas, the news release said. On April 25, 2019, Lucas was apprehended by Portland Police and U.S. Marshals on and extradited back to Denver Police. 

        (black) Sexual predator accused of armed sexual assault on victim
    black suspectTALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — A convicted child sex predator is back behind bars in Tallahassee after deputies say he knocked a victim unconscious and sexually assaulted her while holding a machete knife to her throat.
    Leon County deputies responded to the Dollar General on Blountstown Highway in regards to a sexual battery that occurred on Friday. Deputies say the the incident occurred near Jackson Bluff Road. When deputies arrived on scene, they noticed the victim had multiple scratches on her chest and neck, along with a swollen jaw and bruises on her hip. The victim told deputies that she and Raymond Brown, 66, were arguing, when he hit her in the head and knocked her unconscious.  Documents say the victim then woke up to Brown spanking her on the hip with a machete style knife. The victim also told deputies that her underwear and shorts were removed.

    The victim said Brown was behind her on his knees while he sexually assaulted her. Brown then held the knife to the victim's neck while he continued to assault her. Minutes later, the victim was able to kick the knife out of Brown's hand and break free. Shortly after, Brown grabbed the victim's neck and began strangling her. Eventually, the victim said he let her go and began destroying her belongings with his knife. Brown also threatened to kill the victim if she left or called the police.

        Police nab (black) suspect in violent Colonial Heights abduction, sex assault
    black suspectCOLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WRIC) -- A Chesterfield County man has been arrested and charged in connection with a violent sex assault that occurred earlier this month in Colonial Heights.  Police said the crime occurred in the early-morning hours of May 2 after they were called to the 200 block of Archer Avenue at 5:30 a.m. for reports of a suspicious female.  Once on scene, officers found the woman in the woods; she was visibly disoriented and injured.

    She later told police she had met an unknown man in Petersburg earlier in the evening and agreed to join him at a restaurant in Colonial Heights. Later that night, the two left the restaurant and drove to 241 Archer Avenue -- better known as Archer Avenue Pavilion.That's where the woman says the man robbed her of cash and both physically and sexually assaulted her. She was transported to VCU Medical Center with injuries that were described as non-life threatening. Based on the description provided by the alleged victim, police were able to identify the suspect as 52-year-old Michael F. Gholson of Chesterfield County.

    Gholson was taken into custody on May 16 after members of the U.S. Marshal's Capital Region Fugitive Task Force located him in the 700 block of Marks Alley in the City of Petersburg. He's been charged with rape, sodomy by force, malicious wounding, abduction and grand larceny. He is being held without bond at Riverside Regional Jail.

        (black) South Jersey Mom Indicted For Smothering 13-Month-Old Son While Impaired On ‘Opioid-Based Drug’ 
    black suspect(mother is black)LUMBERTON, N.J. (CBS) — A Lumberton woman has been indicted on a homicide charge after she killed her 13-month-old son when she passed out on top of him after using drugs, according to prosecutors. Thirty-three-year-old Antoinette King was indicted on charges of manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child for smothering her son, Jeremiah, on Jan. 19. Authorities were called to King’s home that day for a report of an unconscious woman and baby. Investigators say King was found by a relative inside the home lying on top of Jeremiah. Both were unresponsive. An investigation revealed that King had been drinking alcohol and had also taken an opioid-based drug. King was revived using Narcan, but Jeremiah could not be revived and was pronounced dead. An autopsy revealed the cause of death to be compression asphyxia.

        Police Searching For Two BLACK Men, Three BLACK Women After Afro-migrant Victim Gunned Down In Philly Apt
    black suspectsblack suspectsPHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia police are searching for two men accused of gunning down a man at his Southwest Philadelphia apartment last month. Police are also looking for three women who were with the victim at the time of the deadly shooting and were then seen fleeing the scene with the alleged shooters. The shooting happened April 9, just after 11 p.m., at 7700 Lindbergh Boulevard. Surveillance video shows the moment the two men arrive at the apartment and fatally shoot 33-year-old Nana Opoku (FROM GHANA IN DARKEST AFRICA) The women are then seen running out. Police say they all left with the offenders in a gray Chevy Malibu.

        NBC, CNN don't reveal suspected killer of 12 elderly women is illegal
    black suspectWhite victimNBC and CNN omitted the fact that the suspected serial killer of at least a dozen elderly women in Texas is an illegal alien, with the former skipping coverage of the mass murderer altogether.

    Billy Chemirmir – a 46-year-old former healthcare worker – had already been charged with capital murder in March 2018 in the death of Lu Thi Harris, 81, but was indicted on Tuesday for 11 additional deaths: five in Collin County and six more in Dallas County,” the Daily Caller reported. “Court records show that Chemirmir – a citizen of Kenya living illegally in the United States – allegedly smothered his victims with a pillow and then robbed them …” Both CNN and NBC have not indicated the illegal alien status of the killer, with the former passing up to story altogether.

        BLACK Suspect at center of NYPD cop’s death proclaims innocence, asks judge for a ‘ride home’
    black suspectWhite victimA career criminal who’s accused of causing the friendly fire death of an NYPD cop — by robbing a cellphone store with a fake gun — stunned a packed courtroom on Wednesday when he asked the judge for a “ride home.”

    ”I had nothing to do with any of the incident that I’m here for today. I had nothing to do with it. Can you just give me a ride home? Or call me a cab? I had nothing to do with this,” Christopher Ransom said during an appearance in Queens Supreme Court. But instead of a chauffeured drive, Ransom got a stern warning from Justice Kenneth Holder.

        Black Sports: Ex-basketballer Lamar Odom admits using fake penis to pass Olympics drug test
    black suspectAlso in the memoir, Odom admits that he began cheating on Kardashian soon after the wedding.
    “I couldn’t keep my d–k in my pants or the coke out of my nose,” he writes, blaming the “lethal cocktail” of sudden celebrity, his diminishing NBA career, and his addiction.
    In 2015, the former LA Lakers star overdosed at a brothel near Las Vegas during a five-day sex-and-drug binge, and nearly died.

        NYPD: Off-Duty Firefighter Attacked By (feral black pack of jackals) After Defending Elderly Couple
    black suspectsblack suspectsNEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An off-duty firefighter tried to be a good Samaritan and instead ended up in the hospital. The NYPD said he was brutally beaten by a group of (feral fatherless black) teenagers and now cops are trying to track them down.  The hunt is one for three boys and three girls believed to be between the ages of 15 and 17. The group was deliberately cutting in front of an elderly couple, making it hard for them to share the sidewalk.
    John Mongiello, a 38-year-old off-duty FDNY firefighter, allegedly told them to cut it out. Police said he was then punched, pushed to the ground and hit repeatedly.  Mongiello was beaten so badly he suffered a concussion and his teeth were broken. He was taken to Columbia Hospital, Cline-Thomas reported. - (Black-on-white)

        (black) Man meets Alpharetta woman on dating site, defrauds her out of $80K, police say
    black suspectGwinnett County police are looking for a man they say defrauded an Alpharetta woman out of more than $80,000 after meeting her on a dating website, telling her he was a millionaire and convincing her they were in love.

    Police have a warrant for the arrest of John Martin Hill, who is charged with theft by deception. The 35-year-old is also accused of defrauding women in the same way in four other states, authorities said.
    “During their short romance, he convinced her that they were in love and wanted to buy a house together,” Gwinnett spokeswoman Cpl. Michele Pihera said. “They went house-hunting and selected a home they were interested in.”
    Within a week of knowing one another, Hill and the woman agreed to get married, Pihera said.
    She gave Hill more than $80,000 to put toward the purchase of the house and to buy furniture.
     “Following the exchange of money, the suspect ceased all contact,” Pihera said.

        University of Alabama Police charge (black) man with sexual extortion
    black suspectA man from Georgia is facing four felony charges after three women reported he threatened to distribute explicit photos of them. Micheal Antonio Downing, 22, was arrested April 16 after three women reported him to University of Alabama Police. All three said Downing contacted them through Instagram messages and offered either $350 or $450 to talk with him on FaceTime. All agreed, according to court records. Once the FaceTime video chats were underway, he offered the woman more money to expose themselves, police said.

    All three women told police that Downing took screenshots from the video chats and later messaged them from another account, threatening to distribute the photos to their friends and family if they didn’t meet with him and engage in sexual activity. Two of the women called police at that point. A third met him in a parking deck on campus. Downing deleted three photos of the woman after that encounter, she told police, but he threatened to distribute others if she didn’t meet him again. That’s when she contacted UAPD.

        (black) Family defends black man arrested for setting Tommie the Dog on fire
    black suspectRICHMOND, Va. -- The wife of the man accused of setting fire to Tommie, a dog found tied to a Richmond park fence, said the public started to threaten her children in the hours after her husband's arrest.

    "People [are saying they're] going to burn my apartment, people were going to burn my children, hang my kids, burn my kids alive," the woman, who asked her name not be made public, said. "I just don’t understand."

    Jyahshua A. Hill, 20, appeared in court Tuesday for his arraignment hearing on a felony animal cruelty charge.

        Niggers And Cars Don't Mix - Medley
    black suspect
        2-Year-Old Girl Critically Injured in NJ Hit-and-Run, Officials Say
    black suspect A 2-year-old girl was struck by a pickup truck when she was crossing the street to go to church on Mother's Day, her family and officials said. The driver fled the scene, but hours later a 26-year-old Newark man was arrested and charged in the case, officials said.
    Eno Itoro was critically hurt, but she is expected to survive, her father Jameson Itoro told NBC 4 New York as he returned from the hospital. "She’s alive and that’s all I need,” Itoro said.  Eno suffered multiple rib fractures, a double collapsed lung and lung lacerations, Ambrose said.
    Romane Errol, Sr., was arrested and charged with causing serious bodily injury and driving without a valid license, said Newark Public Safety Director Anthony F. Ambrose. It wasn't immediately known whether he had an attorney. 

        Newport Beach Yoga Studio Alleges Ex-basketballer Dennis Rodman, Others Stole Clothing and 400-Pound Crystal
    black suspectA Newport Beach yoga studio claims former NBA star Dennis Rodman entered the business twice in two days this week and helped other people, including a former employee of the studio, steal more than $3,500 in merchandise, including a 400-pound amethyst crystal.
    Ali Shah, who with his wife, Ariana, owns Vibes Hot Yoga at 100 W. Coast Hwy., said he watched the events unfold on live security video. Shah said a man whom he identified as Rodman walked into the shop with a former Vibes employee and another man and woman just before the shop was scheduled to close at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.
    “It’s clear as daylight,” Shah said of the security footage.
    Read the full story on - (subscription required after a few 'free' reads)

        (Mex-mestizo) Truck thief stabbed 75-year-old (White) woman and squatted in her home: Sources
    Mex-mestizo thug-scum criminal White victimHOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A 19-year-old man who police say confessed to stabbing a woman to death at her home stole the victim's money to go to the store and returned to eat while she was dead, law enforcement sources said.
    Houston police said Marco Cobos was arrested Monday for capital murder in the death of a 75-year-old woman, who neighbors identified as Etta Nugent.
    Cobos had been sleeping in a stolen truck in the area of the 8100 block of Neff Street for at least two days prior to the stabbing.
    Cobos returned to Nugent's home, where he ate around the woman's body, sources added. He also apparently used Nugent's credit card to pay his cell phone bill. Cobos attempted to return to the woman's house, and that's when they found him. Police said he later confessed to the stabbing.

    • Citizenship status of the Hispanic suspect has not been reported in this news article...

        Mex-spanic Man, Isidro Pacheco, blamed ‘brain surgery’ after allegedly stabbing wife to death
    A Queens man was charged Tuesday for allegedly stabbing his wife to death and bashing her with a cutting board — and tried to blame his “brain surgery” for making him snap.  Isidro Pacheco, 56, turned himself in at the 103rd Precinct in Jamaica on Monday after wife Isabel Galeano, 44, was repeatedly stabbed while cooking in their home on Atari Lane that day, cops said.
    Pacheco allegedly plunged a kitchen knife into his wife’s back — also cutting her hand — while bashing her with a wooden cutting board, sources say. “Why did you do that?” he told cops she pleaded in Spanish while under attack. First responders arrived at the house at 2 p.m. Monday after a 911 call of an attack in progress. Isabel was rushed to Jamaica Hospital but died from her wounds at 7:45 a.m. Tuesday, police said. After turning himself in to cops, Pacheco allegedly told them he attacked her “because I had brain surgery,” sources said.

        Queer Faggot Homo Headline: Amended sex abuse suit filed against W.Va. Catholic diocese
    WHEELING, W.Va. – West Virginia's attorney general is accusing the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston of failing to publicly disclose allegations of sexual abuse against a Catholic school teacher. Attorney General Patrick Morrisey announced an amended lawsuit Tuesday against the diocese and former Bishop Michael Bransfield, who resigned last year. A diocese spokesman didn't immediately comment on the complaint. It accuses the diocese of keeping secret a 2006 report on sexual abuse allegations involving a teacher in Kanawha County. Morrisey says an internal investigation alleged the teacher used alcohol and prescription drugs to gain a teenage student's trust before multiple incidents of abuses occurred.

        Queer Faggot Homo Headline: Longtime Transgender Advocate Gunned Down On North Philadelphia Street
    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A longtime advocate for the transgender community was shot multiple times and killed on a North Philadelphia street on Sunday. The body of Michelle “Tamika” Washington, a transgender woman, was found on the 3400 block of North 11th Street, shortly after 5 a.m. Police say Washington suffered gunshot wounds to the head and body. It was transported to Temple University where she was pronounced dead. Philadelphia LGBT officials were heartbroken over Washington’s death.

    “I am devastated by the senseless murder of yet another one of our trans sisters. Tamika was a brilliant and outgoing member of Philadelphia’s transgender community, known for her advocacy and mentorship, and she will be profoundly missed. The epidemic of violence that continues to plague the transgender community—disproportionately impacting trans women of color— is heartbreaking, frightening, and infuriating,” said Amber Hikes, the executive director of Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs.


    20 May 2019

    Front Page for 20 May 2019 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

        (black racist) Suspect aimed to kill at least 10 white churchgoers
    black suspectWhite victimNASHVILLE, Tenn. – A prosecutor said Monday that a black man charged with fatally shooting a woman and wounding seven people at a Nashville church aimed to kill at least 10 white churchgoers and cited a 2015 massacre at a black church in South Carolina.

    Nashville Deputy District Attorney Amy Hunter made the comments during opening statements in the trial of Emanuel Kidega Samson, 27. Prosecutors have said they're seeking life without parole for Samson, who faces a 43-count indictment, including a first-degree murder charge, in the September 2017 shooting at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ.

    Members of the church packed the courtroom, at times becoming emotional when attorneys and witnesses recounted a Sunday filled with chaos, tragedy and heroism. The shooting rampage killed 38-year-old Melanie L. Crow of Smyrna, Tennessee. She was shot in the church parking lot, and dropped her Bible and notes from a recently concluded worship ceremony that had just concluded, Hunter said.

    Samson, who used to attend the church, is black and the victims are white. Hunter explained that a note in Samson's car cited white supremacist Dylann Roof's massacre at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015. It also referenced the red, black and green Pan-African flag, sometimes called RBG.

    "Dylann Roof is less than nothing," the note read, Hunter said. "The blood that 10 of your kind will shed is that of the color upon the RBG flag in terms of vengeance." The note included an expletive and ended with a smiley face, Hunter said.

    "This state will prove beyond all reasonable doubt that on Sept. 24, 2017, this defendant, Emanuel Kidega Samson, went to the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ with the intent to murder a minimum of 10 white churchgoers on that day," Hunter said. "You won't have to take the state's word for it though."

    Hunter also said the calamity revealed a "true life hero."

    Churchgoer Robert Caleb Engle has testified that during the rampage, he twice confronted the gunman, who was wearing a tactical vest and a motorcycle-style mask with a clown smile on it. Engle said he was pistol-whipped three times in the head. At one point, he pushed the gun back on the shooter and a shot fired, striking the gunman and sending him to the ground.

    Engle said his father kicked the gun away, stood on the shooter's hand and told Engle to go get his gun out of his truck.
    Engle came back with his weapon, put his foot on the shooter's back and stood guard until first responders arrived.

    A judge's order had kept many details of the case secret until trial. - (Black-on-white)

    • R.I.P. Melanie Crow Smith
      Melanie Crow Smith
      is the 39 year old woman that was killed on Sunday during a shooting spree at a church. Melanie was a resident of Smyrna, Tennessee. Melanie was a single mother of two children, a girl and a young boy. According to reports, Melanie’s children said Melanie loved cooking, scary movies and her faith. In an interview, Melanie’s daughter told the reporter that she usually goes to church with her mother, but on Sunday she attended a different church.

        (black) Man charged with murder in deadly stabbing of (White) Tampa bus driver
    black suspectWhite victimTAMPA, Fla. — A man charged for resisting arrest following the deadly stabbing of a HART bus driver now is accused of murder.
    Justin Ryan McGriff, 35, was placed in police custody because he fit the description given to officers after the stabbing, Tampa police said. He was charged with first-degree murder Sunday. McGriff, believed to be a passenger on the HART bus, is accused of stabbing the driver just after 4 p.m. Saturday near Nebraska Avenue and Locust Street. The suspect ran off the bus and toward Interstate 275, where police found him based on a witness' description.
    - (Black-on-white)

        (black) Suspect in custody after (black) woman found in Detroit dumpster
    black suspectDETROIT (FOX 2) - Police have arrested James Quill Cockerham in connection to the case where a 27-year-old woman was found in a Detroit dumpster.  Officails (sic) said Cockerham was arrested in the 8000 block of Stoepel on Saturday afternoon. The Detroit woman who was killed and left in an apartment's dumpster on Wednesday was Elizabeth Candice Nichole Laird, who was studying to be a nurse before she was brutally murdered. Last Wednesday, police were called to Parkview Towers and Square apartment building on reports of blood in the elevator. They discovered the body of Laird, known by friends and family as Candice, in a dumpster located near the 1600 Block of Robert Bradby Drive. Family friend Michael Hines said she was an all-American girl who was sweet and full of hope and life.

    Front Page for 14 May 2019 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

    14 May 2019

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