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    ‘Total disregard for life’: Sheriff says wanted (black) man went on killing and sexual battery spree in Polk County
black suspectWhite victimTaiwan Blandin is still at large and considered 'armed and dangerous'
POLK, CO. Fla. (WFLA) – Investigators released disturbing new details Wednesday in the murder of an elderly woman in Polk County. A manhunt for the suspect is still underway.

Deputies say 30-year-old Taiwan Blandin killed the 80-year-old woman in Frostproof on Tuesday. The daughter of the victim spoke with 8 On Your Side and identified her as Peggy Schiering.

In a news conference Wednesday, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said a “bizarre” and “tragic” chain of events started early Tuesday morning in Fort Meade.

Judd says it all started when Blandin broke into a home in Fort Meade while an 18-year-old girl was asleep inside. The victim told deputies Blandin was standing naked in front of her when she woke up and told her he was going to sexually batter her. The sheriff says Blandin then pulled a knife on the girl, put it to her throat and made her perform oral sex on him.

“He rounded up four firearms from the residence as well,” Judd said. “Two handguns and two rifles.”

Blandin is then accused of “hog-tying” the victim, wrapping her in a blanket, putting her in his car and taking off.

“She said they left Fort Meade and went toward Frostproof,” Judd said. “And she said before we got to Highway 27, he turned on some dirt roads that she didn’t recognize…and he stopped at a dirt path.”

When Blandin stopped at the dirt path, Sheriff Judd says he got out and opened a gate, then got back in his car and drove behind some bushes to a mobile home that was not visible from the road.

The victim told deputies Blandin then went to the front door of the mobile home and knocked.

“She said an elderly lady came to the door with white hair. They had a conversation and (Blandin) went into the residence with her,” the sheriff said.

At that point, deputies say the 18-year-old had freed herself and got into the front seat of the car to take off back toward Fort Meade. She told deputies she pulled into the neighbor’s yard across the street from where she lives so she could use their phone. Blandin still had her cell phone on him, deputies say.

The 18-year-old said just moments later, Blandin pulled in driving the red van she saw outside the elderly woman’s home in Frostproof. Judd says Blandin jumped out of the car and started shooting at the girl, who started running away.

“While he’s shooting at her, he shoots an 81-year-old lady sitting in her wheelchair. It hits her in the foot,” Judd said.

Blandin then jumped back into his own car and took off, Judd says.

When detectives got to the scene to start investigating what happened, the 18-year-old told them she knew who Blandin was. Judd said during his news conference the girl told them Blandin went to school with her boyfriend.

Deputies were then sent to the home where Blandin allegedly took the red van. When deputies got there, Judd says there was smoke in the house because Blandin tried to set it on fire.

When they got inside, deputies say they found an 80-year-old woman who had been shot twice and killed.

“After he executed her, he piled plastic bottles and some kind of cloth on top of the stove and turned the stove on in an effort to set the mobile home on fire,” Judd said.  (more details at link)
- (Black-on-white)

    3 (blacks) charged after (White) South City man fatally shot during attempted carjacking
black suspectblack suspectblack suspect White victimWhite victimSOUTH ST. LOUIS ( – Three people from East St. Louis were indicted in the March death of a South City man. Police unshot wound in the 3400 block of Iowa shortly after 9 p.m. on March 18, 2019. Authorities believed Sapone was shot during a robbery.

Last week, Demario Hunter, 33, Keombra James, 25, and Surrayah Hill, 21, all of East St. Louis, were indicted by a federal grand jury in connection with Sapone’s death. They were each charged with attempted carjacking resulting in death, murder in the course of a crime of violence and possession of discharge of a firearm in furtherance of a crime. Hunter faces an additional charge of being a felon in possession of ammunition.
- (Black-on-white)

    A Month Later, (WHITE) Victim Of Brutal Minneapolis (BLACK PACK) Robbery Unable To Work, Drive A Car
black suspects White victimMINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A relative of one of the victims of the brutal robberies in downtown Minneapolis this summer says her brother is still suffering from a concussion and unable to work or even drive a car.

Brendan O’Brien was out celebrating his birthday on Aug. 17 when he was attacked and robbed by a group of nine cowardly feral fatherless black savages near the intersection of 5th Street and Hennepin Avenue.

black suspectsWidely-viewed surveillance video shows the robbers taking O’Brien’s phone and wallet, repeatedly punching him in the head, and leaving him unconscious on the sidewalk after a kick to the face.

“My brother now has to deal with symptoms of brain trauma that include migraines, memory loss, inability to drive, operate machinery and unrelenting anxiety,” his sister, Lily O’Brien, wrote on a GoFundMe page.

black suspectsThe family is seeking donations to offset medical costs and any unforeseen expenses relating to Brendan O’Brien’s injuries. So far, the family has raised more than $11,000.

Minneapolis police arrested 20 people in connection to the surge in robberies downtown this summer. Of those 20, 18 have been charged.
- (Black-on-white)

    Cops bust BLACK serial subway perv for ‘terrorizing’ transit workers
black suspect The NYPD has busted an alleged serial subway creep who masturbated in front of transit workers — a week after Mayor Bill de Blasio echoed an NYPD call to ban rail recidivists.

Cops nabbed 31-year-old Derel Rice — who has a long rap sheet of subway sex crimes — for trapping an MTA worker inside station booths and masturbating in front of their window, police said.

“He’s a menace,” Sgt. Christopher O’Connell, commanding officer of the Transit Special Victims Squad, told The Post.

“He’s terrorizing booth clerks. He holds them hostage in their own booth, they can’t leave because he’s standing there,” he explained. “He’s literally terrorizing these young women as they go to work.”

    (black) Attacker busted at scene of stabbing in Bronx subway station
black suspectA man was stabbed inside a Bronx subway station during the Tuesday morning rush, police said.
The attack happened just after 9 a.m. on the mezzanine level of the East 180th 2/5 station, police said.
It was unclear if the victim knew his attacker, who was busted at the scene, authorities said.
A photo posted to Twitter shows horrified bystanders standing over the unidentified victim — his shirt and jeans soaked with blood — as a police officer helps tend to his wounds.
The victim was transported to St. Barnabas Hospital in stable condition, according to cops.

    Fort Wayne officer won’t be charged in fatal shooting of man with Negro name, Shaquille Kelly
black suspectblack suspectA Fort Wayne police officer who fatally shot a man following a police chase won't face charges in the shooting.

The Allen County Prosecutor's Office said Tuesday that Officer Chris Hawthorne's fatal shooting of 26-year-old Shaquille Kelly was justified. Kelly was fatally shot May 22 after a police chase ended when he crashed his car.

Prosecutors said Kelly exited his crash-damaged car carrying a handgun and that Hawthorne "reasonably believed that force was necessary to prevent serious bodily injury or death to himself and other officers."
Prosecutors said testing found that a .45 caliber handgun found near Kelly's body had his DNA on it.

Melina Dominquez, the mother of Kelly’s four (illigitimate) children, tells The Journal Gazette she believes Kelly was pulled from the car and shot.

    BLACK Woman stabbed fiancé, left him in car outside hospital to die: authorities
black suspectA callous New Jersey woman stabbed her fiancé in the chest and gave him a lift to the hospital — but left him outside in the car to die, prosecutors said.

Ciara Williams, 27, knifed Dennis Power, 35, during an argument in their Brick Township apartment Sunday afternoon, Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer announced Tuesday. Williams drove him to a local hospital and quickly returned home before police arrived, Billhimer said.

Hospital staff found Power unconscious but breathing inside the car, prosecutors said. It was unclear how Williams got home, prosecutors said. He was rushed into the facility, where doctors tried to no avail to save his life.

    (black) Man stabbed to death in Fairfield home; (red-headed? black) girlfriend held on murder charge
black suspectA man was stabbed to death Thursday afternoon at a Fairfield home and his girlfriend in now charged in his murder.

Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies and Fairfield firefighters responded at 2:26 p.m. Thursday to a home in the 300 block of 52nd Street in Fairfield. They arrived at the house and found
a black male unresponsive. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Chief Deputy David Agee said detectives determined the man’s death resulted from an argument with his girlfriend. During the dispute, the victim was fatally stabbed. The girlfriend, authorities said, called 911. She was still on the scene when authorities arrived and was taken into custody. Later Thursday, detectives obtained a murder warrant against 28-year-old
Jammie Hughes.

    NEGRESS who trespassed into Bronx Zoo lion’s den identified

    Black teen vandals smash windows at jewish synagogue - others attacked Orthodox jewish woman - ripping off wig
black suspectsGovernor Andrew Cuomo directed the State Hate Crimes Task Force to investigate.
Mayor Bill de Blasio also condemned the crime on Twitter.

    Deported Mexican Homo Brooklyn soccer coach gets four years for molesting 9-year-old boy
A serial sexual predator will spend four years behind bars for molesting two underage children, including a nine-year-old boy he coached in a Midwood soccer league.

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Barry Warhi hit 41-year-old
Pablo Pineda with a four year prison sentence and five years’ post-release supervision on Wednesday following his guilty plea to abusing the two children earlier this month, according to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office.

While working as a youth soccer coach from July of 2017 until April of the following year, Pineda repeatedly molested a child athlete in the bathroom of Friends Field on Avenue L and E. Fourth Street, according to prosecutors.

The pedophile’s scheme lasted until the victim’s mother found text messages from Pineda on the child’s phone asking the boy to go to the movies without telling his mother, authorities said.

    (Mexican surnamed) Tyrell Escobar bolts from Queens court after judge revokes bail

    (Hispanic surnamed) Homeless man Ernesto Valerio fatally stabs Hispanic mother of his children in Bronx shelter
The homeless woman, 19-year-old Enilies Calix, died in the shelter, 
Citizenship status of the Hispanic suspect has not been reported in this news article...

    Mexico intercepts 2 trucks crowded with 243 migrants
Mexican authorities say they have intercepted two trucks carrying 243 migrants in crowded conditions in the southern state of Chiapas.
A government statement says the vehicles were discovered in two separate incidents by federal authorities.
The migrants were from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, and 46 were minors.

    Michigan school resource officer sentenced to 1 year in jail for sexually assaulting 3 high school students
Former Lansing Police Department Officer Matthew Priebe, 35, pleaded no contest 
convicted of sexually assaulting three female students.

  Anti-jewish attacks of jewish boys shock Australia
A Muslim student reportedly forced his 12-year-old Jewish classmate in Australia to kneel down and kiss his shoes while calling him a "Jewish ape," in one of two appalling anti-Semitic bullying incidents shocking the country. In the other one, a 5-year-old Jewish boy was allegedly harassed for weeks by other children in his school's bathroom for being circumcised, and was called a "dirty Jew" and a "Jewish cockroach," according to The Sydney Morning Herald.
However, the school treated the case as bullying and not as an anti-Semitic incident, local media reported.

Israeli flag
Israeli accused of child abuse in Australia to stay in jail
Australia wants Malka Leifer extradited to face 74 charges of abusing students while she was principal at a Jewish religious school in Melbourne. Prosecutors say she is feigning mental illness to dodge extradition. - "In the news"

    A Virginia police officer who turned in a driver wanted by ICE is returning to full duty

    Black Detroit police chief fires back on (muslim) Rashida Tlaib's suggestion to only hire black facial recognition analysts

    Psycho-fanatic far-left CNN refuses to run Biden-Ukraine ad by Trump campaign

    Diversity of jury seen as key factor in officer’s conviction
...the jury composed largely of people of color and women sentenced Guyger to 10 years in prison, ...prosecutors and defense attorneys likely realized there would be a huge public outcry if the jury turned out mostly white.   (riots and looting)

    Jury to decide the fate of a WHITE former Georgia officer who killed a naked, unarmed BLACK man
(CNN)For the second time in a week, a jury will decide the fate of a former police officer charged with murder for killing an unarmed black man.

Jurors are excepted to begin deliberating on Friday in the case against former Dekalb County, Georgia police officer Robert "Chip" Olsen.  Olsen, who is accused of killing Anthony Hill, a 26-year-old US Air Force veteran of the Afghanistan war. Hill was naked and unarmed at the time when Olsen shot him in the chest and neck in March 2015.

Olsen, who is white, faces several charges, including two counts of felony murder and one count of aggravated assault.
Hill's shooting led to protests in Atlanta that mirrored nationwide demonstrations over race, policing and excessive force in recent police killings.

    Satanic terrorist black-masked far left Antifa hit with backlash over 'granny-bullying' after blocking elderly woman
Antifa took a public-relations hit this week in Canada after activists blocked the path of an elderly woman using a walker as she tried to enter an Ontario college for a talk featuring a conservative politician.

The “anti-fascist” protest group was widely denounced over a viral video showing three masked protesters standing in the woman’s way Sunday as she slowly tried to cross the street, accompanied by her elderly husband, while the activists shouted, “Nazi scum! Off our streets!”

    Gabrielle Walker Climate Scientist: denier of basic physics

    Catching up on some news headlines posted in last week
  • Tragic Bronx cop Brian Mulkeen killed by friendly fire: NYPD - September 30, 2019
    White victimHeroic Bronx police officer Brian Mulkeen was killed by friendly fire from his fellow cops — but maintained grasp on his service weapon to the bitter end of his struggle with an ex-con, the NYPD announced Monday.

    “This is a tragic case of friendly fire,” Police Commissioner James O’Neill said during an afternoon press briefing. “But make no mistake we lost the life of a courageous public servant solely due to a violent criminal who put the lives of the police and all the people we serve in jeopardy.”

    Mulkeen, 33, was shot twice amid his life-or-death struggle with reputed gangbanger Antonio Lavance Williams early Sunday in the borough’s Edenwald Houses, but it was initially unclear whether he was shot with his own service Glock, struck by rounds from other officers or both.

    Now, investigators have concluded that he was only ever struck by friendly fire as he became the second cop shot dead in the line of duty this year — and the second by errant NYPD bullets.
  • Bronx cop-shooting perp Antonio Lavance Williams’ life of crime - September 29, 2019
    black suspectThe man who set off a deadly chain of events that left NYPD Officer Brian Mulkeen dead was more than comfortable on the wrong side of the law, sources said.

    Antonio Lavance Williams, a 27-year-old convicted felon and reputed gangbanger, had at least three prior arrests across the Empire State — and was on probation for a 2018 drug bust — when he and Mulkeen were killed during a struggle over the cop’s service weapon Sunday, according to police sources.

    Catching up on some news headlines posted in last week

2 October 2019

    Black arrested for the murder of a (white) woman last year in Greensboro
black suspectWhite victim GREENSBORO, N.C. — An arrest has been made in a 2018 homicide in Greensboro, according to a news release from Greensboro police.

Jeremiah Brown, 23, of Greensboro, is charged with first-degree murder and was also served with felony warrants unrelated to the homicide. On Dec. 12, 2018, officers came to 2004 Veasley Street where they found Krystal Dell Avery, 32, dead at the scene. An investigation revealed Avery’s death was a homicide.

Brown was taken into custody on Thursday and is being held in the Guilford County Jail with no bond allowed. - (Black-on-white)

    (black) Man Cries as Court Convicts Him of Kidnapping, Raping and Murdering 81-Year-Old South Korean Woman
black suspectA defendant reportedly cried out in denial as a California jury found him guilty of kidnapping, raping and murdering an 81-year-old woman in 2012 last week.

Jonathan Jackson, 36, attacked and dragged El Cerrito resident Sun Yi Kwon into a secluded area in Richmond, where he raped and severely beat her in the early morning hours of Jan. 28, 2012.

Kwon, who was taking a morning walk at the time, died six months later after an episode of pneumonia, which prosecutors argued to have resulted from the attack.

Jackson was linked to the crime in 2016 after an investigation revealed that semen found on the scene contained his DNA.

    LGBT black Ex-San Fernando Valley Wrestling Coach Gets 71 Years in Prison for Sexually Abusing 9 Young Boys & Girls
black suspectA former San Fernando Valley youth wrestling coach was sentenced on Tuesday to 71 years in prison for sexually abusing juvenile athletes, prosecutors said.

Terry Terrell Gillard, 58, of Sylmar was found guilty back in May of 47 total counts, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. The 37 felony charges included 28 counts of procuring a child to engage in a lewd act, and multiple counts of lewd act upon a child, and oral copulation of a person under 18.

Jurors also convicted Gillard of 10 misdemeanor counts of child molestation, prosecutors said back when he was convicted. The trial lasted seven weeks. The 71-year sentence handed down by the judge included credit for time served. “And now Mr. Gillard must pay the price for what he has done," said Judge Hayden Zacky. "Mr. Gillard … did transition from mentor to monster.” Prosecutors previously said the defendant faced a maximum sentence of 82 years in prison.

Between 1991 and 2017, Gillard abused nine young athletes whom he met through coaching at John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley and at the Boys and Girls Club of San Fernando, according to a DA's news release from May.

The victims were seven boys and two girls, all between the ages of 11 and 17 at the time of the abuse.

    (black) Iowa City man accused of sexually abusing 15-year-old girl
black suspectIOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - An Iowa City man is charged with 3rd-degree sexual abuse after he allegedly had sex with a girl who was 15 years old at the time.

Police said Ishmael Carter, 31, of the 100 block of S. Scott Boulevard, and the victim met on Tinder and developed a relationship. At one point, Carter reportedly uploaded a video to the internet, which showed him and the victim being intimate.

The abuse happened between July 23 and Aug. 29 of this year.  Authorities examined phone and Tinder messages to show the two did carry on a relationship and were at Carter's home several times.  Carter admitted to having sex with the victim once and thought she was 20 years old. The victim told a third party that she and Carter had sex three times, two of which were against her will.

    Robbery suspect allegedly shot BLACK fellow thief while pistol-whipping duo’s victim
black suspectTwo men in Queens were allegedly robbing another man at gunpoint — when one crook fatally shot the other in the head while pistol-whipping the mugging victim, police said Wednesday.
The pair approached a 38-year-old man outside a building on 160th Street near Tuskegee Airmen Way in Jamaica around 1:15 p.m. Tuesday and told him to hand over his $225 necklace, police said.
One of the suspects pulled out a gun and told the man, “You want to live?,” according to police.
He then snatched the necklace and began pistol-whipping the victim.
During the struggle, the robber’s gun fired and hit his fellow thief, 24-year-old Tyrell Simms, in the head, officials said.
Simms was rushed to Jamaica Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The armed man, 46, was in police custody Wednesday and is expected to be charged in both the mugging and the shooting, sources said.

    Corn-rowed BLACK Man fatally shoots teen brother as cops arrive: authorities
black suspectA Long Island man fatally shot his teenage brother inside a parked car, police said.
Suffolk Country police responded to a call that Dimitri Robert, 27, was threatening family members with a gun outside a home on Judith Drive in Coram on Tuesday night, officials said.
Just as cops arrived, Robert hopped into a car parked outside the house and shot his 17-year-old brother, Devontay, who was sitting in the passenger seat, police said. The medical examiner pronounced Devontay dead at the scene.
Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him.

    (BLACK) Five Guys Manager Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teen Girls Who Worked for Him
black suspectblack suspectA manager at a Montgomery County Five Guys restaurant is accused of sexually assaulting at least two teen girls who worked for him and forcing them to expose themselves so that he could take pictures and video. He's now on Montgomery County's Most Wanted List, according to investigators.

    AFRICAN-american Wanted For Attempted Luring Of Teen Girl Walking Home From School In Galloway
black suspectAuthorities describe the suspect as an African American man in his late 20s or early 30s, with scruffy facial hair. He was wearing a white T-shirt with writing on it. He did not have any conversation with the girl, police say.

    BLACK Woman sneaks into Bronx Zoo's lion den, appears to taunt animal - safely from behind a 14-foot deep moat
black suspectTHE BRONX (WABC) -- A bystander's Instagram videos show a woman who apparently climbed into the lion's exhibit at the Bronx Zoo and taunted the male animal as it looked on.
The zoo said it received a report of the incident Saturday, and thankfully, there were no injuries.
The zoo said it has a "zero-tolerance policy" for this type of behavior.
"This action was a serious violation and unlawful trespass that could have resulted in serious injury or death. Barriers and rules are in place to keep both visitors, staff, and animals safe," the zoo said in a statement. The woman's identity is currently unknown. The NYPD is in contact with the Bronx Zoo, and the zoo is in the process of filing a criminal trespass report.
DO NOT WORRY - the negress is SAFELY behind a 14-foot deep moat - she is in no danger!
The park told police that there is a moat with an approximately 14-foot drop between where the woman was standing in the video and the lion.

    (black) Mom charged for twirling baby, blowing smoke in her face on Facebook Live
black suspectA Tennessee mother was arrested for twirling her daughter in the air with one arm while blowing smoke in the baby’s face during a video that was livestreamed on Facebook.

Tybresha Sexton, 24, was charged with child abuse after police busted the mom at her Chattanooga home on Sunday after several people reported the shocking clip to the authorities.

“[I] didn’t want that fu–in’ baby anyway,” Sexton allegedly told responding officers, according to her arrest affidavit obtained by WTVC.
Cops said Sexton’s breath smelled like booze and there were several liquor bottles lying around her apartment.
A shocking 43-second clip of the livestream, posted by another user, apparently shows Sexton lighting up with one hand and casually holding up her 1-month-old with the other. It’s unclear what she was smoking.
At one point, she can be seen shaking the girl, while viewers urge her to stop.
“She gone kill that baby,” one person wrote.

    Alleged accomplice charged in $258,000 heist at JFK Airport
black suspectblack suspectAn alleged accomplice was charged Monday in the theft of more than $258,000 in cash that was supposed to have been loaded onto a Miami-bound flight from JFK Airport.

(NIGERIAN NAMED) Emanuel Asuquo Okon, 32, of Queens, was accused of serving as the driver who picked up the loot and hauled it away after a Delta Air Lines worker allegedly swiped it on the airport’s tarmac last week.
There was no mention of whether the stolen money had been found when Okon was hauled before a judge in Brooklyn federal court on Monday afternoon.

It remained missing as of Thursday, when Delta Ground Services worker Quincy Thorpe (pictured) of Brooklyn was busted in the brazen heist.

    STACEY DASH - Cops Admit Race Error On Arrest Report ... SHE'S NOT WHITE!!! - (because of computer limitation)
The officers who arrested Stacey Dash believed the actress was hispanic, but labeled her as "white" on their final arrest report. Dash -- who has an African American father and Mexican American mother -- was arrested on a domestic battery charge in Florida on Sunday after an incident with her husband. After the police report was issued, many noticed it labeled her race as "white." The spokesperson says reports do list a Hispanic option if a deputy fills it out by hand, but most use their computers, which do not give a Hispanic option.

  Police bust 2 Muslim-named contractors for bribing city buildings inspector
Brooklyn residents Ismail Mohammad Hassan, 22, and Mohamed Ali Hassan, 50, were both slapped with a felony charge of bribery in the third degree Monday after they allegedly were caught red-handed, the city Department of Investigation said.

    ‘Despicable Me’ costumed actor fired for flashing (supposed) white power symbol in photo with kids
black suspectUniversal Orlando has fired Gru from “Despicable Me” for throwing a white power symbol in a photo with two biracial kids, according to a report.
The unidentified actor was in costume posing alongside a Minion with a 2-year-old boy and his 6-year-old sister, who has autism.
Their mom, Tiffiney Zinger, told USA Today that she only noticed later that the kids’ movie character was making an upside-down “OK” symbol, which the (Jewish) Anti-Defamation League recently added to its list of hate symbols.

  • ADL, Antifa and Koch: Toxic Anti-Trump League - .By Michelle Malkin October 02, 2019

    The Anti-Defamation League is a joke.

    Once a respected civil rights organization dedicated to fighting extremism and hate against Jews, the ADL lies in bed with violent antifa extremists and perpetuates hate against political opponents. The "progressive" group is now a brazenly partisan character assassination outfit headed by Jonathan Greenblatt, a Clinton/Obama operative and former George Soros-funded operative, whose contempt for President Donald Trump trumps all.
  • ADL now an openly Sodomite Activist organization


1 October 2019

    (black) Man charged with murdering Collinsville woman in Castle Point area
black suspectWhite victimST. LOUIS COUNTY — A St. Louis County man has been charged with fatally shooting a woman Friday evening in the Castle Point area.
Rashad J. Manning, 39, of the 10400 block of Lord Drive, was charged Saturday with first-degree murder and armed criminal action. Police say Manning fatally shot Amy Wiseman, 34, of the 600 block of North Morrison Avenue in Collinsville, about 9 p.m. Friday. She was found fatally shot in the 10200 block of Duke Drive. Manning was not in custody Monday. He was ordered held without bail. Police provided a booking photo of Manning from a previous arrest. - (Black-on-white)

    Prominent (White) doctor was visiting when hit by 'stray' bullet fired by fatherless soulless black beast in uptown
black suspect White victimCHARLOTTE, N.C. - The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said a teenager accused of shooting a prominent doctor in uptown Monday afternoon has been arrested.

The shooting happened just before 4 p.m. near Trade and College streets.

Police said a fight in an alleyway of the EpiCentre led to gunfire, and a man nearby was hit by a stray bullet. That victim was identified as Dr. John Holaday.

“I see a guy laying on the ground,” CMPD Deputy Chief Gerald Smith said. “The way he was laying was telling me something wasn't right."

MEDIC said Holaday, 75, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Police called his condition grave.

A witness said he saw a group of what he believed to be teens run from the area where the shooting happened.

Police said they detained several subjects of interest immediately after the shooting. On Tuesday morning, police said 16-year-old Raheem Shacklette had been charged with attempted murder, possession of a stolen firearm and possession of a firearm by a minor.

Officials said Shacklette had just come to Charlotte from Georgia and the gun he used had been stolen there.

Three others have also been charged in this case. CMPD said 20-year-old Ulondis Edwards, 19-year-old Hazeem Shacklette and a 17-year-old have been charged with simple affray, which means a fight with at least one person in a public place that disturbs the peace.

Deliver me, O LORD, from the evil man: preserve me from the violent man;  - Psa 140:1

    (wild rat's nest haired black bushman)  arrested after carjacking, kidnapping South Florida family returning from Disney
black suspect White victimNORTH MIAMI, Fla. - A man sought in connection with an armed carjacking that turned into a kidnapping was arrested Monday in North Miami.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said  Jaquay Jean was taken into custody in North Miami after an extensive search.
Jean, 21, was wanted in connection with an armed carjacking that took place Sunday afternoon in Martin County.

A family returning to South Florida after visiting Walt Disney World stopped at a Mobil gas station just off Florida's Turnpike at exit 133 in Martin County. That's when the suspect approached the family's car and pointed a gun at Joanne Sagona's daughter.

"The guy yanked her out of the car and was fighting with her and she did not want to go," Sagona told Local 10 News.

Surveillance video shows a struggle ensued between the driver and the suspect, who was eventually able to drag the woman out of the car. Her brother got out of the car during the struggle.

The suspect then got in the driver's seat and drove away while Sagona and her 6-month-old grandchild were still in the car.

"I was like, 'How do I survive?'" Sagona said. "I said, 'OK, please pull over. Stop. I will take the baby, get out and you can keep going.'"   - (Black-on-white)

    BLACK Brute sucker-punches elderly woman in Brooklyn, breaks her jaw
black suspectA violent creep sucker-punched a 71-year-old woman, breaking her jaw, while she was walking on a Brooklyn sidewalk, police said. The suspect walked up to the victim on New York Avenue near Lefferts Avenue at about 5:30 p.m. Sept. 19 and cold-cocked her, according to video released by authorities.
The woman was knocked unconscious and collapsed to the ground, cops said. She was rushed to the hospital, where it was discovered that she suffered a broken jaw and needed stitches to close a wound on her mouth.

    (suspicious anemic black person) Elijah McClain’s dies in police custody - black Family Wants Answers 

    Black Man who sucker-punched elderly woman in Brooklyn in custody

    Cops raid SODOMITE Bronx perv’s secret HOMO sex studio, find missing boy
A Bronx man accused of luring a missing teen to his apartment was caught red-handed with a secret sex studio in his home after cops tracked the missing teen there, police and law enforcement sources said.

Michael Barreto, 31, was arrested at 6 a.m. Tuesday when police stormed his apartment. 
Inside the apartment, cops found hidden cameras pointed at the bed and various sex toys.

The Special Victims Division had gotten wind of Barreto’s sick misdeeds over the last few days while cops were searching for a 15-year-old boy, who ran off from a Kips Bay facility.  Barreto, who is expected to face sex-crimes charges, allegedly abused the boy over a two-month stretch, At one point, Barreto masturbated while touching the teen’s privates and told him “I want to f–k you,” cops said. The teen told cops he pushed him away and ran off.

    Mouseketeer death: Handyman charged with killing (Sodomite) Dennis Day found unfit to stand trial
Dishevelled and scruffy Daniel James Burda had worked as a handyman for Dennis Day and Day’s queer "husband", Henry “Ernie” Caswell, 88, at their North Pine Street house and later stayed there in exchange for helping the elderly men, local police and a friend of the couple previously told The Oregonian/OregonLive.

    (White female) Ex-Dallas Officer Who Killed Black Man In His Own Apartment Is Found Guilty Of Murder

    PC MADNESS: Virginia teacher sues school after being fired for not using "transgender" student's pronouns

    PC MADNESS: New York City bans term 'illegal alien,' institutes fines up to $250K

    (Hispanic? - Native American?) Man charged with killing boy in effort to get the demon out of him
A man who claimed that a demon had possessed his son, and needed to be expelled in an exorcism, has been charged with killing the boy by pouring hot water down his throat and holding him underwater.

Pablo Martinez, 31, who lives on the Pascua Yaqui Indian Reservation near Tucson, has since been arrested for the death of the 6-year-old boy and charged with first-degree murder.

30 September 2019

    (Adulterous black) African Man Convicted of Killing (fornicating Egyptian migrant) Girlfriend Who Wanted to Break Up
black suspectA man who once owned a security company in Alexandria, Virginia, was convicted Monday of killing his 35-year-old girlfriend.

Daniel Kankam was convicted Monday in the murder of Somaya Hussein Ahmed. A jury sentenced him to 26 years in prison.

Ahmed had tried to break up with Kankam, but he killed her after raging that she had disrespected him, prosecutors said.

He killed her in her home in the unit block of South Van Dorn Street in Alexandria, Virginia, on Jan. 11.
Ahmed was starting to live her dream in America after coming from Egypt on an asylum claim. She worked in security at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and had a second job with Kankam's security company. He was married and had two children, but the two became romantically involved.

The relationship was abusive almost from the start, prosecutors said and a friend told News4.

"I'm gonna kill you if you go out," her told her, according to her friend.
Ahmed's roommate found her dead, with a single gunshot wound in her mouth. - (Black-on-female-sex-pocket)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    (Black) Man charged with murder after (white) Taylor mother found dead in secluded Dearborn field
black suspectDEARBORN, Mich. - A man has been charged with murder after a Taylor mother was found dead in a secluded Dearborn field, according to authorities.

Sherry Ann Kietrys, 34, of Taylor, was found dead around 7:45 a.m. Friday in a field near Paul Street and the Southfield Freeway in Dearborn, police said.  Kietrys was pronounced dead at the scene, and authorities investigated the discovery as a homicide.

"She came home from work," said Cecilia Cummins, Kietrys' mother. "She took a long bus ride home from Downtown Detroit and was let off at Warren Avenue and Southfield Freeway, and from there she had to walk a couple of blocks to get home to her children."

An arrest warrant was issued Monday for James Lamont Lindsey, 40. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

- and yet ANOTHER white female victim of her black sexual fornicator)

black suspect37-year-old Brandy Hammons died in what police called a domestic violence crime.
Police said they have arrested, Salaam Farid Gregory, 31. He is being held without bond until formal charges are made through the District Attorney’s Office.
- (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    Lying black (female) 6th grader who claimed white classmates cut off dreadlocks made story up, family says
black suspectA Virginia sixth grader who claimed three of her white male classmates held her down and cut off her dreadlocks is now saying she made up the entire story.

Amari Allen, an African-American 12-year-old who attends Immanuel Christian School in Springfield — a private school where second lady Karen Pence teaches art — reported the alleged incident last week. She told several media outlets that three boys at school pinned her down and cut off her hair, and local police opened an investigation.

"They said my hair was nappy and I was ugly," she told WRC-TV. "They put their hands over my mouth. They put my hands behind my back. And they started cutting my hair and saying it was ugly."

But on Monday, her family released a statement saying the accusations made by the 12-year-old girl had been fabricated.
 - (New Nation News HATE HOAX & 'hatecrime' page)

    (black) Suspect Killed In Hunt Valley Towne Center Stabbing Incident Had Previous Assault, Burglary Convictions
black suspectHUNT VALLEY, Md. (WJZ) – Baltimore County Police have identified the suspect in the Hunt Valley Towne Center stabbing incident as 31 year old Jamaal Ramone Taylor of the 6000 block of Amberwood Road.

Police say three people were stabbed at Hunt Valley, Wine Liquor and Beer during an altercation with Taylor.
Two people were also stabbed at neighboring businesses. All five victims suffered non-life-threatening wounds and were transported to local hospitals for treatment. “The suspect was first threatening people, then had a knife, then was stabbing people and fleeing from the location,” said Jennifer Peach, Baltimore County Police spokesperson.

Police say Taylor fled from the shopping mall and then was shot and killed at the intersection of Shawan Road and McCormick Road after he refused to comply with officers demands to drop the knife he was holding. “He was armed with a knife and our officers were forced to discharge their weapons, that resulted in a critical injury to the suspect,” Peach said.

    Nigerian police rescue 19 young women forced to have babies
Nigeria has a high incidence of syndicates that keep young women to produce babies for sale

    (black) Mayoral hopeful Eric Adams breaks ethics rules again while hitting up donors
black suspectBrooklyn Borough President Eric Adams violated city ethics laws while hitting up fat-cat donors to attend a major fundraiser last week — five years after being scolded by city investigators over the same thing.

The office of the borough president — and now presumptive mayoral candidate — sent out an e-mail blast to more than 23,000 people Sept. 16 asking them to attend Wednesday’s annual gala.

    Drugged-up black Hispanic on "angel dust" leads cops on Manhattan car chase
black suspectA driver who told cops he was high on angel dust led police on a 30-block chase that left six people hospitalized on Sunday morning, officials said. The mayhem began when cops received a call for a Grey Nissan Ultima that side-swiped two unoccupied parked cars on 61st Street and 1st Avenue around 9 a.m., cops said.

Soon after the initial call, another pair of cops discovered the runaway driver — 25-year-old Anthony Garcia of the Bronx –– driving northbound on 88th Street and York Avenue — but when Garcia reached 96th Street and the FDR Drive, he collided with three moving cars, police said. Garcia ditched the car and fled on foot, but he was eventually arrested

 Garcia was uncooperative and slurring his speech, claiming he was on the drug “PCP

    Argument over food led SAVAGE BLACK panhandler to attack stranger with rock in West Nashville
black suspectNASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A panhandler assaulted a stranger with a rock over the weekend in West Nashville because he wanted more food than the victim would give him, Metro police say.

Officers responded Sunday morning to Tennessee Avenue near 44th Avenue North where they located a woman with a bloody face, standing next to her car with its windows busted out.

According to an arrest warrant, 49-year-old Rusha Spencer told the woman he was hungry, so she gave him food. When Spencer asked for more food, the paperwork states the victim refused, so Spencer picked up a large rock and threw it at her face, injuring her.

Spencer then reportedly used the rock to break out the windows of the victim’s vehicle and ran from the scene of the attack. He was tracked down a short time later at Delaware Avenue and 42nd Avenue North, police said.

    (A heavy built big butt) BLACK Woman Wanted After Stealing $650 From Ogontz Day Care

    Female Florida school secretary arrested for sending graphic sex video to 14-year-old boy
A Florida school secretary has been arrested for sending a graphic video of her pleasuring herself to a 14-year-old student, according to cops. Heather Matheison, 25, was busted in New Port Richey after the young boy sent his mom the X-rated video he allegedly received on Snapchat, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said.

    Trump Raises Idea of Arresting House Chairman Schiff for Treason
The president questioned whether the leader of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, had acted illegally in the way he described Mr. Trump’s call with Ukraine’s leader.

Israeli flag
Who is the TREASONOUS leader of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff?
Schiff was born in Framingham, Massachusetts, the son of Edward and Sherrill Ann (Glovsky) Schiff.[1] He was raised in a Jewish family, and moved to Danville, California, during high school.[2] He graduated from Monte Vista High School[3] and received a political science degree from Stanford University and a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School.

    Vegan activist gets punched in face inside pizza joint

    FEDS CAN’T CENSOR: ASK BIG TECH TO DO IT FOR THEM -  by Jared Taylor of American Renaissance

The Department of Homeland Security wants private companies to censor the internet to fight "white supremacy." Jared Taylor of American Renaissance lays bare the false assumptions and phony statistic that are supposed to justify this end run around the First Amendment.

ADL report analysis:

    Catching up on some news headlines posted in last week

29 September 2019

    (White) Hero cop killed in Bronx during hand-to-hand struggle with (black) armed suspect
black suspectWhite victimA hero NYPD officer was fatally shot early Sunday during a desperate, hand-to-hand struggle with an armed suspect just after midnight on the grounds of the Edenwald Houses in The Bronx.

Officer Brian Mulkeen, 33, a six-year veteran of the department, did not survive three gunshot injuries, Chief of Department Terence Monahan told reporters at Jacobi Hospital, where doctors had worked to save his life.

Sources said Mulkeen had been shot in the head, chest and legs as he and the suspect wrestled on the ground.
The suspect, too, was fatally shot. “Five officers at the location fired their service weapons, striking the man,” Monahan said.
The fallen officer’s last words, recorded by his body-camera as he wrestled on the ground with the suspect, were “He’s reaching for it! He’s reaching for it!” Monahan told reporters. Moments later, “numerous shots” were fired, he said. - (Black-on-white)

  • White hero cop killed in Bronx during hand-to-hand struggle with also dead negro
  • Antonio Lavance Williams: 5 Fast Facts You (may find of interest)
    Antonio  Lavance Williams, 27, is the man police say shot and killed New York Police Officer Brian Mulkeen in the Bronx in the early morning hours Sunday, New York media reports. Williams last address was in Binghamton, New York.

    Police said Williams was on probation for drug charges until 2022. Armed with a.32-caliber revolver, Williams struggled with Mulkeen who had tried to question Williams when he took off running. Officers pursued Williams and a “violent struggle” ensued. Mulkeen is heard saying twice on body worn camera footage that the suspect was going for a gun.

    Five shots rang out and Mulkeen was struck three times. He was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx where he was pronounced dead. The New York Daily News reported that Williams’ gun was not fired and police believe the man took and used Mulkeen’s own weapon in the killing.

    Williams, born in 1992, has an adult criminal history dating back to 2011 according to reports and records.

    26-year-old BLACK man charged in west Belleville shooting (of a White woman)
black suspectWhite victimThe St. Clair County State’s Attorney’s office issued first-degree murder charges Saturday in the fatal shooting of a woman at a home in the 3900 block of South Park Drive.

Dominick C. Mohead, 28, of South Park Drive in Belleville, was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Kristine M. Gibbons, 54.

Gibbons, who was publicly identified Saturday, lived on First Street in Belleville, according to authorities.

Police discovered her body when they were called to the South Park Drive house for a wellness check at 7:04 a.m. Friday. A man had surrendered to officers in the front yard, and police announced they weren’t seeking additional suspects.

The Belleville Police Department said in a statement Saturday that Gibbons is believed to be a friend of Mohead’s family. Any motive for the shooting was unclear, they said. Mohead does not yet have an attorney, according to St. Clair County court records.

- (Black-on-white)

    Second black man charged in connection with shooting of (White) Illinois trooper
White victimBELLEVILLE — A second man was charged Monday in connection with the death of Illinois State Police Trooper Nick Hopkins, even as more information came out regarding the criminal past of , charged with fatally shooting Hopkins last week.
The St. Clair County state’s attorney said (UGLY EVIL-EYED BLACK) Al Stewart Jr., 19, hid a .40-caliber Glock handgun after the shooting and possessed marijuana with the intent to distribute.

Hopkins was married, had three young children and had been a trooper for 10 years.
- (Black-on-white)

    (black) South Carolina man arrested in (black female) US Postal Service worker's slaying on mail route
black suspectWhite victimA 22-year-old South Carolina man has been charged with killing a U.S. Postal Service worker who was on her delivery route when she was shot to death.

Trevor Seward was arrested Saturday and accused of murdering 64-year-old Irene Pressley on Monday in Andrews, S.C., according to reports. She was shot several times in her truck while working her mail route.

Mourners erupted in cheers when they were told about the arrest at Pressley’s funeral Saturday, WCSC-TV reported.
A witness reported seeing Seward with an AR-15 type weapon a short time before Pressley was killed, according to the station.

    (black) Man accused of kidnapping, raping woman in Raleigh
black suspectRALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Wake County man was arrested Thursday after he allegedly grabbed a woman by her backpack, dragged her into his vehicle and raped her, according to warrants.
The incident happened near NC State's Centennial Campus.

Mario Lee Meadows
, 31, of Wendell, is accused of kidnapping and rape. He made a first court appearance Friday. Officers found Meadows' vehicle on Brigadoon Drive, but when they approached him, he sped off, with the woman in the vehicle, hitting one police vehicle and almost hitting three other officers.

Investigators chased after Meadows and his red Nissan Pathfinder until he stopped on Avent Ferry Road near Chappell Drive. At that point, Meadows and the woman got out of the SUV. The 34-year-old woman reported she was raped, in addition to being kidnapped.

The search warrant said the suspect said he knew the victim and had been talking to her through an app and text messages. However, the victim said she didn't know him.

    BLACK Philadelphia Police Officer Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges From August Incident
black suspectPHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia police officer has been arrested and charged with sex crimes, officials say. Authorities identified the officer as 28-year-old Novice Sloan, with the 17th District, on Saturday night. Sloan was arrested Friday for an incident that took place on Aug. 8. The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has filed sexual assault charges against Sloan. Prosecutors and police released few details about the incident but confirmed the victim was a woman. Officials believe there could be more victims.

Sloan has been charged with sexual assault, indecent assault and simple assault. He was arrested Friday and arraigned at the Criminal Justice Center Saturday.

    (black) Colonial school board member accused of HOMO boy-rape sex crimes involving young boys
black suspectNEW CASTLE, Delaware (WPVI) -- A member of the Colonial School District Board of Education has been arrested by New Castle County police on sex charges involving at least three juveniles, according to authorities.

Ronnie Williams was taken into custody on Friday and is charged with second-degree felony sexual abuse of a child by a person of trust, second-degree felony rape without consent and other related sex charges.

"This information is very unsettling and we are all saddened for the alleged victims," Superintendent Dr. Dusty Blakey said in a statement. In court documents obtain by Action News, the three victims are young boys.

    AFRICAN Brooklyn lesbian who ran unlicensed day care arrested for child sex abuse - (Zambian surname)
black suspectA Brooklyn woman who ran an unlicensed day care has been charged with molesting two children ages 12 and 6.

Prosecutors at the Saturday arraignment of Carolyne Chiyonkoma said she was driving near her Crown Heights home on Sept. 20 when she lured the 12-year-old into her van by offering her $10; she then groped the child’s breasts.

Police busted Chiyonkoma after a search of the neighborhood uncovered the van. It’s unclear how Chiyonkoma, who also works as a hairdresser, was then connected to the second alleged victim and a series of attacks at her unlicensed day care from 2016.
Chiyonkoma allegedly held the 6-year-old in her lap and molested the child several times at the day care.

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Mat 18:6

    (black) Woman used model’s photo to scam 71-year-old Kenner man with dementia out of $25K, police say
black suspectA Texas woman is accused of using a phony photo of a model to bilk more than $25,000 out of a 71-year-old Kenner man with dementia.

Lenora Turner, 63, was booked with felony theft and exploitation of the infirm, said Lt. Michael Cunningham, spokesman for the Kenner Police Department.

The victim’s daughter contacted police after she realized that his bills were not being paid, Cunningham said. She also discovered that he had been depositing large amounts of money into another person’s bank account.
 Neither the victim nor his daughter knew Turner. Detectives aren’t sure how she targeted the man, but they allege she tricked him into sending her $25,862.

    (black) Employee accused of sexually assaulting 9-year-old student at Brooklyn school
black suspectBEDFORD-STUYVESANT, Brooklyn (WABC) -- A school employee hired to work for kids with special needs is accused of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl in the basement of her Brooklyn school.

Police said 28-year-old Kevin Lemon allegedly abused the girl multiple times inside P.S. 59 on Throop Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant last June. The child told her great-grandmother, who alerted police. Lemon was arrested Friday night at his home and faces several charges, including sex abuse and forcible touching.

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Mat 18:6

    Negro complains about being fired from grocery co-op for playing loud negro music - accused of being an “angry black man” 

    Black cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal Case Poised for New Hearing, Reopening (White) Widow's Wounds
black suspect White victimWhite victimThirty years after her patrolman husband was killed in a traffic stop, Maureen Faulkner agreed to a 2011 deal that lifted the convicted killer's death sentence in hopes it would end his appeals and let his death row celebrity fade.

Now, with the case revived again, she fears there's no finality in the criminal justice system. And the city of Philadelphia is poised to revisit one of its most contentious murder cases: the 1981 slaying of 25-year-old white police Officer Daniel Faulkner and the chaotic trial of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the ex-Black Panther and radio journalist convicted of gunning him down.

"It's not fair that I have to do this, just to be slapped in the face constantly with this case, over and over and over again," Maureen Faulkner, 62, told The Associated Press this week. "I'm in a mental prison." - (Black-on-white)

black suspectLegendary Ghanaian ‘Sakawa Boy’ In The U.S Arrested After Scamming Unsuspecting Ladies Out of $2.1m In Just 3 Years
Talk about representing the African motherland overseas! A Ghanaian man in the U.S faces up to 20 years in prison after scamming over 30 women out of $2.1m in just 3 years of operations.

Rubbin Sarpong, 35 years of age, is alleged to have told these ladies that he’s a U.S soldier stationed overseas who has been awarded gold bars by the military. He then managed to get them to send him large sums of money which he promised would be returned to them once he returns to the U.S. The BBC reports; Sarpong worked with some accomplices in Ghana to carry out the scam. He reportedly found his victims on sites such as, Plenty of Fish and

One of his alleged victims reportedly killed herself after transferring $90,000 to Sarpong. He flaunted his wealth on social media to enable him catch more fish.

    Four people shot dead in east Texas; black suspect arrested
black suspectAuthorities arrested a suspect on suspicion of murder after four people were found shot to death in an east Texas apartment on Sunday, police said. In a statement, Beaumont Police identified the suspect as Lively James Sutton, 22.

The victims were identified as Bobby Wyatt, 39; Shannon Sutton, 23; Alvin Lee Bellard, 32; and Elijah Rideau, 33, all of Beaumont.

    HISPANIC NYPD cop Juan Jimenez arrested on sex charges involving 12-year-old girl
A New York City police detective who monitored sex offenders was arrested Friday on sex-abuse charges involving a 12-year-old girl.

Detective Juan Jimenez, 37, allegedly groped and tried to kiss his daughter’s friend inside his Brooklyn apartment building, the New York Post reported, citing police.

According to court documents, Jimenez grabbed the child by the waist and "attempted to kiss (the girl) about the mouth and grabbed (her) buttocks with (her) hands." The girl reported the alleged incident and officials launched an investigation, police said.

    HISPANIC Man Javier Garcia accused of driving through mall will face terrorism charge, officials say
A man accused of driving an SUV into a shopping mall near Chicago will face a state terrorism charge. Police in Schaumburg, Ill., said in a press release the Cook County state's attorney approved the charge for Javier Garcia, 22.

Under Illinois law, a person who has caused more than $100,000 in damage to a property with five or more businesses can be charged with terrorism, the AP noted, adding that Garcia also faces a felony charge of criminal damage to property.
Authorities believe Garcia acted alone, and no motive has been determined, the release said.

    HISPANIC Navy senior chief Alexis Barbosa-Vazquez faces multiple sex crimes charges - (oldnews August 30, 2018)

    City says TWICE DEPORTED ILLEGAL ALIEN killed by police in case of mistaken identity had no constitutional rights because he wasn't a citizen
(CNN)An attorney for a city in Mississippi said in court documents a man who was shot by police in a case of mistaken identity has no Fourth or 14th Amendment protections because he was not a US citizen.

Ismael Lopez was shot and killed at his mobile home in July 2017 after police mixed up his address with that of a man wanted for domestic assault. Murray Wells, an attorney representing Lopez's family, said an investigation commissioned by his firm revealed that Lopez died of a single bullet to the back of the head.

In June, Lopez's family filed a $20 million wrongful-death lawsuit in federal court against Southaven, the city's police chief and the officers involved in Lopez's death.

In response, an attorney for the city filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit on September 4, saying Lopez had no Fourth or 14th Amendment protections because Lopez was an "illegal alien" at the time of his death.

The city also said Lopez was a convicted felon "for a crime of violence" while in the US, and did "not have the same rights as legal or resident aliens."
"If he ever had Fourth Amendment or Fourteenth Amendment civil rights, they were lost by his own conduct and misconduct. Ismael Lopez may have been a person on American soil but he was not one of the 'We, the People of the United States' entitled to the civil rights invoked in this lawsuit," a city attorney wrote in her motion.
In the conclusion, the city lawyer says, "Federal civil rights are not civil rewards for violating the laws of the United States."

Lopez had previously been deported twice and re-entered the country without permission, according to a Mississippi Bureau of Investigation report obtained by the Commercial Appeal in Memphis. He had been arrested on domestic violence and DUI charges in Washington State in the 1990s, according to the report.

Khan’s London: 16-strong Knife Gang Singles Out White Victims

A 16-strong knife gang targetted a group of young athletes in London’s Finsbury Park, robbing and threatening to kill the three white people in the group but telling the black people with them “You’re good.”
The six victims, while walking home through the eponymous park, found “They were being tailed by one of [the gang] on a bike,” recalled Adrian Klemens, a coach at the Dynamic Sports Academy, in comments reported by the Islington Gazette.

“Then there were 16 of them. They circled them and picked one [of the victims] off to the side and said: ‘Give me your phone or I will stab you — put in your Apple Pay password’,” Klemens continued.

Out of our group three were white and three were black and they said to the black guys: ‘You’re good,’ and just attacked the white guys.”

The coach suggested that the forces of law and order have a weak to non-existent presence in Finsbury Park, located in a multicultural area best known for its links to radical Islam.
Curiously, the Islington Gazette provided no description of the suspects, despite the attack’s racially-charged overtones.

    Retired Allentown Priest Says He Sexually Abused Minor In 1980s, Diocese Says
ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — The Diocese of Allentown says an 87-year-old priest recently said he sexually abused a minor in the 1980s. Stephen J. Halabura has been barred from ministry.

Halabura was ordained in 1961 and retired 11 years ago. Since his retirement he had been serving as a substitute priest.

After he notified officials of the abuse in May, the diocese investigated and found the account to be credible. The matter has been referred to law enforcement.

    HISPANIC Catholic priest Rev. David Mendoza-Vela, sentenced to prison for molesting teenager
DUBLIN, California (AP) - A Catholic priest who pleaded no contest to sexually assaulting a Northern California teenager for more than a year has been sentenced to nearly five years in prison.

KPIX-TV reports the Rev. David Mendoza-Vela, was sentenced Friday.
Prosecutors say Mendoza-Vela began molesting the boy in June 2016 when the victim was 14.

The 42-year-old priest was originally charged with 30 counts of lewd acts on a child. Twenty-five counts were dismissed as part of a plea deal. Mendoza-Vela, who has since apologized to the boy, must register as a sex offender and stay away from his victim for at least 10 years.

    Catching up on some news headlines posted in last week

  • Black NYPD cop who ‘provided security’ for El Chapo’s wife busted for dealing cocaine
    An NYPD cop who moonlighted as a bodyguard for El Chapo’s wife broke down in tears during a jailhouse interview Friday, in which he insisted he had no idea who he was working for when he took the job and that he quit after one day when he found out. “I had never seen that woman and never saw her again,” Ishmail Bailey, 36, who’s now jailed on first-degree coke dealing charges, exclusively told The Post of working for the drug kingpin’s wife, Emma Coronel Aispuro.

    Catching up on some news headlines posted in last week

28 September 2019

    Video shows fatal (cowardly black-on-White 77-year-old victim) shooting outside Detroit liquor store
black suspectWhite victimblack suspectDETROIT - Detroit police are searching for two (cowardly cold-blooded black killers) wanted in connection to the fatal shooting of a 77-year-old man who was leaving a business Saturday night in the 16200 block of Schoolcraft.

Police said the man was leaving the business just after 11 p.m. when he was robbed and shot. He died from his wounds. The shooting was caught on store parking lot surveillance video (watch above). Police are looking for two people who are shown in the video.

Both suspects are described as black males, and both of them were armed with a handgun. One of them was wearing a light colored baseball hat with a white brim, a dark colored hooded jacket with light stripes on the arms, and black and red gym shoes.

The other suspect was wearing a knee-length black jacket with a hood and black boots.

The victim has been identified as Lewis Putrus, 77. He was leaving D & D Liquor Land on Schoolcraft around 11:07 p.m. Saturday when he was shot and killed. The Midwest Independent Retailers Foundation is offering a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for Putrus' murder. There was no reason to kill this 77-year-old grandfather of 10.”

- (Black-on-white)

Deliver me, O LORD, from the evil man: preserve me from the violent man;  - Psa 140:1

    Police: (Black) Suspect identified in deadly Lexington shooting (of white man he knew)
black suspectWhite victimLEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington Police say they are looking for a man wanted in connection to a deadly shooting. According to police, 21-year-old Jeremy Jovontae Jackson is believed to have shot 51-year-old Carroll Martin.

They think that Martin and Jackson knew each other.

Lexington Police say officers were called to Florence Avenue around 9:15 a.m. on September 15, where they found Martin in the road with multiple gunshot wounds. He was taken to a hospital where he died.  Anyone with any information about Jackson is asked to contact Lexington Police.
- (Black-on-white)

    (black) Georgia man shot by police kidnapped and killed his (white) wife; 2 others stabbed investigators say
black suspectnegro lover - murdered by her black 'husband'TOCCOA, Ga. —A kidnapped woman was found dead and two other people are hospitalized after being stabbed in an attack at a home in Toccoa, Georgia, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

GBI officials said the incident was first reported Monday about 9 p.m. when agents were requested by the Toccoa Police Department to assist in an investigation of a double stabbing and kidnapping at a home on Mill Street.

Police responded to a 911 call and found Nancy Johnson, 66, and Robert Maxwell, 64, injured and another woman, Patricia Hall who was visiting the home, missing, officials said. Both Maxwell and Johnson were taken to area hospitals for treatment.
Maxwell is in critical condition, officials said.

Investigators said Patricia Hall, 49, was kidnapped from the home by her husband, Kenton Deshaun Hall, 48. Johnson and Maxwell were temporarily housing Patricia Hall at the time of the stabbing, GBI officials said.

According to GBI officials, there’s a chance Hall was fleeing her husband at the time of the stabbing and seeking shelter with Maxwell and Johnson. Agents from the GBI, Toccoa police and Stephens County Sheriff’s Office deputies searched through the night for the man and his wife.

Patricia Hall was found dead in the 300 block of Franklin Street just after daybreak, officials said.
Her body was taken to the GBI Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy, officials said.
A person recognized Hall and called police Tuesday afternoon, GBI officials said.
Police responded to an abandoned factory on West Spring Street in Toccoa, GBI officials said.
According to GBI officials, Hall was brandishing a knife and officers fired two shots, one striking Hall.
Warrants have been issued for Kenton Hall, who faces charges of murder, two counts of aggravated assault and kidnapping, officials said.

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS * Black males very often murder their white female sex objects
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    (Hispanic Latina Female) NYPD officer injured, (ex-convict black) suspect killed in Staten Island shooting
black suspect CLIFTON, Staten Island (WABC) -- An NYPD officer was shot and a man was killed during a domestic violence call on Staten Island Monday.
The shooting happened just before 8:45 a.m. at 20 Prince Street in Clifton.
The officers were responding to the domestic violence call and looking for 39-year-old Gregory Edwards at the time of the shooting.

A woman who had filed the complaint called police to say she had seen her assailant.
Police Commissioner James O'Neill said that the officers moved the woman a block away after she pointed out the suspect to police. Police called for backup. The four responding officers then attempted to arrest Edwards, but the NYPD says he resisted arrest.
The suspect had already been hit with a Taser, when he pulled out a nine millimeter pistol with his finger on the trigger.

"The suspect immediately became combative with the officers and violently resisted their efforts to place him under arrest," said O'Neill. "During the struggle, an NYPD taser was deployed, hitting the suspect's back. The man pulled out a gun and the officers -- showing no hesitation -- grabbed his hands to direct the muzzle away from everyone."

The suspect fired two shots. One of the officers fired three shots and the suspect was killed.

    MATRICIDE, PATRICIDE, FRATRICIDE - NEGRO gets life for killing parents, brother - DISMEMBERED BODIES
black suspectAn Augusta man who killed his parents and younger brother and then tried to frame a friend pleaded guilty Friday. Judge John Flythe imposed a sentence of life in prison without parole.

Ryan Jones, 32, had faced capital murder charges, but District Attorney Natalie Paine agreed not to seek a death sentence to honor the wishes of the family, she said. The attorneys left it up to Flythe whether Jones’ sentence would be with or without parole.

Sometime between 9 p.m. May 20, 2013, and 8 a.m. the next day, Jones killed Edna, Roosevelt and Russell Jones by shooting each in the head. He then dismembered their bodies and set the remains on fire behind Deer Chase Elementary School.

Russell Jones, 20, was visiting his 64-year-old parents as the family began gathering for a sister’s wedding, Paine said. When Jones’ older brother couldn’t reach his parents by phone, he called a friend in the sheriff’s office to ask for someone to check on them.

After the killings, Jones rented a hotel room to clean up and went to work as usual, Paine said. He later visited a friend’s home where investigators found a note: “We sent you a message.” They also found a gun that was later determined to be the murder weapon, Paine said.

    2 (black) Suspects Indicted in Murder of Camden Councilman's Grandson
black suspectblack suspectTwo men already arrested in the death of a Camden, New Jersey, councilman's grandson were formally indicted Tuesday by a Camden County jury.
Brandon Beverly, who has been accused as the alleged mastermind behind the kidnapping and murder of Curtis Jenkins III, and Jalen Carr, have already been charged.
Beverly, 32, and Carr, 22, remain jailed in the June 30 death of Jenkins, 20, whose grandfather is Camden City Council President Curtis Jenkins.
They both were indicted for felony murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, conspiracy and weapons charges for allegedly breaking into a home and stealing a cellphone that was later used to demand a ransom payment from Jenkins' family before the victim was shot to death. 

    Black NBC10 Reporter and Anchor Dray Clark Charged in Domestic Assault Cases
black suspectDray Clark, an NBC10 reporter and anchor, was arrested Friday and charged in a domestic-related assault involving his girlfriend, police said.
Clark, 41, is charged with 16 crimes including simple assault, making terroristic threats, harassment and theft.
A woman described as Clark’s girlfriend told police that an argument outside Clark's Chester, Pennsylvania, home late Thursday escalated and Clark struck her several times, put his hands around her throat and choked her, according to a police criminal complaint.

The woman told police she later agreed to enter Clark’s home because her young son was there. Inside the house, the criminal complaint said, Clark again escalated physical violence and choked the woman. The police report filed Friday mentions that Clark was arrested last weekend in Wilmington, Delaware, and accused of beating the same woman.

    Police say they found bag of women's underwear  ‘trophies’ at home of (black) sex assault suspect arrested at Austin airport
black suspectAUSTIN (KXAN) — On Thursday evening, the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force arrested a man wanted for sexual assault and burglary with intent to commit sexual assault during a July 27 incident. Details from his arrest affidavit reveal he had a trash bag in his home filled with women’s underwear which Austin police say likely were “trophies” collected from previous crimes.

According to the U.S. Marshals, Ivan Wallace, 58, was arrested at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport after receiving information that he may have boarded a flight from Chicago O’Hare to Austin. Undercover officers with the U.S. Marshals, the Austin Police Department, and Airport police trailed Wallace until he reached baggage claim.
She said she was asleep in her bed when she felt someone touching her. When she opened her eyes she said she saw a strange man lying next to her.
Officers also found the black trash bag filled with 11 pairs of women’s underwear and eight bras.

    Police release sketch of horrible grotesque nightmare negro suspect in Sept. 19 southeast Austin attempted sexual assault
black suspectAUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Police Department has released a sketch of the man accused of trying to sexually assault a woman at a southeast Austin apartment complex on Sept. 19.

According to APD, the suspect attempted to assault a woman who was walking at the Saratoga Apartments on 6307 Bluff Springs Road.

The victim told police she was walking in her apartment complex when she saw the suspect. In a nearby breezeway, he then grabbed her by the back of her robe and tried to pull her down to the ground, but she was able to fight and free herself.

The suspect tried to grab her again, and punched the victim in the face multiple times, police say, but she was ultimately able to free herself and run away.
The suspect is described as:

Black male
5’8″ to 6′ 0″ in height
Dark eyes
Dark complexion
Bald or very short dark hair
Last seen wearing a blue short-sleeved shirt
Hairy arms
Tattoo under one eye, about the size of a quarter in diameter

    (black) Simpsonville man had images of himself engaged in sex acts with 8-year-old, warrants say
black suspectSIMPSONVILLE, S.C. —Investigators with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office have arrested a Simpsonville man who they say had images of himself engaged in sex acts with an 8-year-old child, and investigators believe there is another victim. Brian Sturdivant, Jr. 31, is charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, third-degree criminal sexual conduct and five counts of first-degree exploitation of a minor. Investigators began their investigation on Aug. 9 after getting information regarding the possible exploitation of a child. During the course of the investigation, investigators found numerous images of Sturdivant engaged in sex acts with a child, who was 8 years old at the time.

The investigation revealed that there is another victim who has yet to be identified.
Investigators believe the incident(s) took place during the summer of 2016 and that there might be additional victims.

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Mat 18:6

    (black) Greenville man sexually assaulted girl under 8 years old, warrant says
black suspectGREENVILLE, S.C. —An Upstate (negro) is accused of sexually assaulting a child under 8 years old, according to an arrest warrant. Mims Alexander Camm, 51, is charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor and third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor. The warrant said that between Feb, 16, 2016, and Feb. 16. 2018, Camm had sexual intercourse with a victim who was between 6 and 8 years old.
The warrant said Camm knew the girls age at the time.

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Mat 18:6

    Philadelphia Police Searching For Black Suspects Who Assaulted, Fired Several Shots At Man With Special Needs 

    Black Female Suspects Spend Thousands Of Dollars On Credit Cards Stolen From YMCA Locker Room

    Philly:  Black Man Punches 71-Year-Old Recreation Center Employee Multiple Times In Face, Steals Cellphone

    76-Year-Old New Jersey Woman Tricked Into Giving Away $125,000 to Online NIGERIAN "Boyfriend"
black suspectA 76-year-old woman was tricked into giving $125,000 to a man who pretended to be in a romantic relationship with her, New Jersey police said.

The victim, who was not identified, believed she was in an “online dating relationship” who she met on the app OurTime. The man allegedly asked her to pay him $125,000 to cover fees to enter the United States, become a resident and continue his relationship with her, the Evesham Police Department said. The woman secured a loan through her bank and gave the man access to an account where she deposited the money.

Evesham investigators tracked the suspect down using ATM cameras. Sulaimon Kadelu, 30, of Old Bridge Township, was charged with 2nd-degree theft and 2nd-degree money laundering. OurTime did not respond to a request for comment.

    Robert Solis (This Sikh Cop-killer has a MEXICAN surname) - 5 Fast Facts You (may be interested in)
HOUSTON (KXAN) — The man accused of fatally shooting a deputy with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office during a traffic stop on Friday has been arrested, HCSO announced Friday night.

According to KPRC in Houston, Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal stopped a vehicle and one of the two passengers got out and shot the deputy at least twice. Gonzalez said it was in a “ruthless, cold-blooded way.”

The man has been identified as Robert Solis, 47, according to HCSO. Solis had an active parole violation warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon dating back to January 2017, HCSO Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.
  • Citizenship status of the Hispanic suspect has not been reported in this news article...

    ICE arrests 82 illegal immigrants in sweeps across New York

    45 Illegal Immigrants Arrested During Raid In Philadelphia, ICE Officials Say

    Portland, Oregon: Man charged with threatening a woman based on her skin color

    NEW YORK City bans calling someone an ‘illegal alien’ out of hate

    Massive sculpture of imaginary black horseman by NIGERIAN artist who painted (African) Obama portrait

    Catching up on some news headlines posted in last week

    FBI Working With Local Authorities To Track Down DEFORMED MUTANT BLACK Serial Bank Robber In Delaware Valley
black suspectBROOMALL, Pa. (CBS) — Local and federal authorities are asking for the public’s help tracking down a serial robber. Police say 39-year-old Michael Wheeler robbed four banks in the past two weeks in Delaware County and Delaware and is under investigation for three other bank robberies in the region.

The FBI is teaming up with the Marple Township Police Department, Delaware State Police and Middletown (Del.) Police Department to find Wheeler.

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