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    (black) Cop-killer sentenced to life in prison in (White) officer's death
black suspectSHREVEPORT, La. – Caddo District Court Judge Ramona Emanuel formally sentenced Grover Cannon to life in prison Thursday in death of Shreveport police Officer Thomas LaValley, 29.

LaValley was killed Aug. 5, 2015 while answering a disturbance call.
A jury from East Baton Rouge Parish convicted Cannon of first-degree murder on Nov. 23. The jury needed a unanimous decision to give Cannon the death penalty.  Emanuel reminded Cannon's counsel they have 30 days to appeal. His attorney said they have already filed a motion to appeal.
Cannon has always said he is innocent; however, he did not speak at Thursday's sentencing.
Ed Blewer, the lead prosecutor, said Cannon will stay in the Caddo Correction Center until the state Department of Correction transfers him. Blewer said its highly likely Cannon will end up in the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola.
- (Black-on-white)

    (black) Man sentenced to life without parole for June 2016 beating death of 73-year-old (White) man
black suspectblack suspectPITTSBURGH — Life without parole and an additional 10 to 21 years in prison: that was the sentence handed down Monday morning in the case of a man convicted of beating a 73-year-old in McKees Rocks to death in June 2016.
Brandan Frazier, who was 25 at the time of his arrest, was convicted in the killing of Benito Nicoletti.
Police said Nicoletti’s body was found after his family asked officers to check on him. The medical examiner ruled his death a homicide as a result of blunt force trauma to the head. During Frazier’s trial, jurors were shown pictures of the victim’s wallet, key fob and credit cards found in an alleyway in Stowe Township. Jurors were also shown clothes worn by Frazier that were covered in blood. The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office was originally seeking the death penalty in the case, but backed away.
- (Black-on-white)

    Worthless piece of (black) scum Stabbed Deli Owner To Death After Checking On Job Application, Stealing Tip Jar
black suspectAUDUBON, N.J. (CBS) — A suspect is behind bars in the stabbing death of a deli owner in Audubon, Camden County. Court documents say Jerry Pastore, the owner of the Shamrock Deli, was allegedly killed by a teen seeking a job at the deli on Friday afternoon. The deli reopened Monday following the deadly stabbing. They are closing two hours early this evening so employees, family and the community can come together and mourn. “It’s horrible, terrible for the guy and his family,” one person said. According to court documents, Pastore was allegedly killed by 18-year-old Dyheam Williams, who had applied for a job at the deli. Witnesses told police a teen who had stopped by several times in recent weeks came by again to check on his job application. He allegedly got into an argument with Pastore, then stole the tip jar and ran outside. Pastore chased after him and a struggle ensued. Williams then allegedly stabbed Pastore nearly a dozen times, causing the 57-year-old man’s death. - (Black-on-white)

(Black) Gangster is charged with shooting dead girlfriend of rapper Momoh who wrote song featuring Nipsey Hussle and had just posted a clip of hundred dollar bills spinning in a laundry dryer after signing a recording contract

    (black) Suspect Jailed Twice in Weeks before Murder, Previously Convicted in Manslaughter Case
black suspect A reported gang member previously convicted of aiding and abetting manslaughter has been arrested in connection to the north Minneapolis New Year’s Eve murder of a real estate agent.

Minneapolis Police announced the arrest on Friday of Cedric Lamont Berry, 41, in connection to the death of Monique Baugh and he’s been booked into Hennepin County Jail on probable cause murder.

Baugh, 28, who was killed on New Year’s Eve, was found in the alley of the 1300 block of Russell Avenue North in Minneapolis after police responded to a Shotspotter activation. Baugh was found with duct tape on one wrist and suffering multiple gunshot wounds. She was pronounced dead a short time later.

  • Minn. Realtor Killed by Suspect Accused of 'Setting a Trap' Before Shooting Her in Alley
    Police in Minnesota have charged a man with murder for allegedly killing a 28-year-old mother-of-two, who was shot in the face in a Minneapolis alley on New Year’s Eve. Monique Baugh, a respected realtor, was found dead — shot three times — in an alley in the Willard-Hay section of the city. Officers were dispatched to the area after a gunshot detection system alerted them to three gunshots.
    Cedric Berry, 41, was charged Monday with murder in connection with her death. Berry is also charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting earlier that day of Baugh’s boyfriend, an area rapper known as Momoh.
  • Rapper Momoh shot & girlfriend killed in diabolical scheme by ex-con - (Black Youtube)

    Mom Who Dreamed of Running Hot Dog Stand Is Stabbed and Left to Die in Front of Okla. Hospital by her black 'boyfriend'
black suspect dead girlfriendA 40-year-old Oklahoma man has been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of his girlfriend, a mother of three who was left to die in the bushes in front of a hospital, say authorities.

On Sunday night, Clyde Marquette Fields was arrested after the Jan. 4 death of his girlfriend, Roshauna Deshae Ray, 40, the Guthrie News Leader reports. No formal charges have been filed against Fields, the outlet reports.

    (black) Suspect in deadly New Orleans Walmart shooting faces murder, attempted murder counts
black suspectA 21-year-old man is facing counts of murder and attempted murder after New Orleans police say he fatally shot an employee at a Walmart store in Gentilly and wounded another person there Monday night.

Police on Tuesday identified the accused killer as Kentrell Banks. While officials haven’t identified the man slain at the store in the 4300 block of Chef Menteur Highway, friends said the victim was London McKnight, 28.

    MEXICAN-surnamed KILLER of young blonde pregnant female cheerleader sentenced for killing his sex-pal & their preborn
SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) A Mishawaka teen who pleaded guilty to killing his pregnant classmate and her unborn child was sentenced Tuesday.

Aaron Trejo was sentenced to 55 years for murder and 10 years for feticide. The sentences run consecutively.
Seventeen-year-old Breana Rouhselang's family reported her missing just hours before her body was discovered behind a Mishawaka restaurant in December 2018. She and Trejo were students at Mishawaka High School.
Police say she was six months pregnant with Trejo's child. Investigators say Trejo admitted he killed her because she told him about the pregnancy too late for an abortion. Trejo pleaded guilty to murder and feticide in October and faced more than 80 years in prison.

    Virginia MS-13 member, 27, is facing the death penalty for ordering the killings of a 17-year-old rival and his 14-year-old friend - as a defense lawyer blasts Trump for using the case to appear tough on illegal immigrants
Elmer Martinez, known by the alias "Killer," is accused of ordering the kidnappings and murders of two minors in 2016, according to court documents. Martinez has pleaded not guilty.
The move comes after the Trump administration announced that it would restart federal executions in July. The Supreme Court temporarily blocked a series of executions slated for early December, pending a final decision from a lower court.

  HISPANIC NYCHA employee Frankie Corchado shot boss Charles Newton at housing project over disciplinary argument

  Mexico Upset by US Plan to Send Mexicans to Guatemala

  Mexico reports over 61,000 people missing, discovery of 873 burial pits amid raging drug war

    Obese Strongsville Catholic priest facing child porn charges moved to Geauga County after five days ‘in limbo’ in Cuyahoga County Jail
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A Strongsville Catholic priest accused of possessing child pornography was released from the Cuyahoga County Jail on Tuesday and transferred into the custody of the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office, according to court records. The release came nearly five days after 'Rev' Robert McWilliams posted 10 percent of his $50,000 bond, and one day after his defense attorney filed a motion asking the court of appeals to force the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department to release him from custody.  McWilliams’ mother posted his bond.

    Hunter Biden is 'biological and legal father' of child with former stripper, judge rules
Hunter Biden, the son of presidential candidate Joe Biden, is the "biological and legal father" of a child he fathered with an ex-stripper, an Arkansas judge ruled Tuesday, contradicting the younger Biden's previous denials that he had any role in the pregnancy. In an order establishing paternity, Independence County, Ark., Circuit Judge Holly Meyer noted that the results of DNA tests indicated Biden was the father "with near scientific certainty," and instructed the Arkansas Department of Health to issue a birth certificate listing Biden as the father of 29-year-old Lunden Alexis Roberts' child.

Israeli flag
Israel in uproar after chief rabbi calls ex-Soviet Jews ‘religion-hating’ communists
Yosef was heard denouncing “communist, religion-hating goys,” referring to gentiles.
“Hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of goys came to Israel under the Law of Return,” he protested at a rabbinical gathering last week in Jerusalem. Yosef, one of two Israeli chief rabbis who are public officials working for the Ministry of Religious Affairs, told the audience: “There are many, many non-Jews here, some of them communists, hostile to religion, haters of religion. They are not Jews at all — goys. Then they vote for parties that incite against the ultra-Orthodox and against religion.”

Who or what is "Avia Napa"? 
Ayia Napa (Greek: Αγία Νάπα), romanised Agia Napa, is a tourist resort at the far eastern end of the southern coast of Cyprus.
Reputational damage in 2019/20
    Ayia Napa false rape claim protesters: 'We believe you'
As the British teenager was sentenced, women's rights groups from Cyprus and Israel gathered outside the Supreme Court, chanting that they believe her rape claim. The 19-year-old was given a four month suspended sentence and ordered to pay €148 (£125) in legal fees.

She was found guilty of public mischief for recanting her claim that 12 Israeli men raped her in a hotel room in July. The woman said Cypriot police had made her falsely confess to lying about the incident - something police have denied.(redbox headline)
“Abstain from all appearance of evil.”

    Teenage British neo-Nazi jailed for planning terrorist attack

    Sentencing Set for (WHITE) Officer Aaron Cody Smith Found Guilty of Manslaughter (of Black man) Gregory Gunn

    CNN agreed Tuesday to settle a lawsuit with Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann.
    BREAKING: Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann Gets Settlement From CNN After $275 Million Lawsuit

    Virginia Beach passes resolution to make itself a Second Amendment sanctuary
in anticipation of gun control legislation it expects to see passed into state law, since the legislature is now controlled by Democrats,
and the sitting governor, Ralph Northam, is also a Democrat.

    Wisconsin reintroduces bill to make English the official language of state
At least 27 other states have passed official language laws.

    China imposes harsh new rules governing religious groups in 2020

    Indiana man incompetent again for trial in gruesome cannibal killing
A southern Indiana man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and eating parts of her body has once again been found incompetent to stand trial in the 2014 slaying.
JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. -- A southern Indiana man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and eating parts of her body has once again been found incompetent to stand trial in the 2014 slaying, months after his first trial ended in a mistrial. An agreement between Joseph Oberhansley's defense attorneys and Clark County prosecutors stipulates that he is to be transported to a state hospital for competency restoration, based on two evaluations filed in December by psychiatrists.  Oberhansley, 38, is charged with the 2014 rape and murder of Tammy Jo Blanton, 46, whom he’d been in a relationship with months before her gruesome killing, in her home in the Ohio River city of Jeffersonville, just north of Louisville, Kentucky.

     93-year-old Robert Thomas was “upset at the management because of water damage and flooding within his apartment” and fired off three shots inside the complex’s leasing office, two of which struck a victim, according to Assistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman.
The surveillance footage shows Thomas talking with a man before reaching into his coat pocket and pulling out a Glock .9mm handgun. At one point, Thomas fired a round through a computer inside the office, police say. The woman then convinced Thomas to let her leave the building. After the woman stepped outside, police said the surveillance footage showed Thomas firing one shot at the man, who collapsed to the ground writhing in pain. Thomas later stood over him, extending his arm and firing a second round at him.

    Catching up posting headlines...

6 January 2020

    Two (KILLER blacks - named 'BLACK') charged, (White) victim identified in deadly Cordova shooting
black suspectSSHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — A man was shot and killed Saturday in Cordova, and two men were charged in his death.
The Shelby County Sheriff's Office said deputies were on the scene of the shooting in the 6900 block of Lagrange Circle South around 8:30 p.m. One person was shot at the scene and taken to Regional One Hospital in critical condition. Around 10 p.m., the sheriff's office said the person died from injuries at the hospital. Shelby County authorities identified the victim as Kaleb Wakefield, 26.

Chauncy Black, 18, and Timothy Black, 20, were charged. Jail information lists the charges for both men as reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon and tampering with evidence. - (Black-on-white)

    (black) Violent repeat offender (with stupid hackneyed negro name) accused of raping jogger granted bond, AGAIN, by judge
black suspect ATLANTA — A judge has granted bond again for a repeat offender charged with a violent crime.
Police have arrested and charged D'Shawn Garrison, 17, with numerous crimes, including rape and aggravated assault.
Garrison is currently in the Fulton County Jail, but Channel 2’s Michael Seiden learned that a judge reinstated his bond in November. The following month, (aspiring career criminal) Garrison wrote a letter to his attorney saying he's ready to get out because he wants to go back to school, get a job and fight the charges against him.

Now, the woman he's accused of raping is fighting back. - (WHITE FEMALE VICTIM - SEE VIDEO AT LINK)
The mother of two, who has asked us not to identify her, told Seiden that she feels like she's being victimized again.
"It was just a vicious attack, and I think he would've killed me, eventually. I probably had a few more minutes left in me," the woman said. “I kind of feel like maybe I’ve done my part and everybody else needs to do theirs now.
“He was wearing an ankle monitor when he attacked me. I don’t know how many crimes this kid has to commit before they actually keep him in jail,” the victim said. - (Black-on-white)

    (black NIGHTMARE) Suspect indicted in 2019 Hoover home invasion, sex assault
black suspectThe suspect in a 2019 home invasion and sexual assault in Hoover has now been indicted. A Jefferson County grand jury on Dec. 6 issued multiple felony indictments that were made public Monday against 33-year-old Mario Derrell Slaughter. He is charged with second-degree kidnapping, first-degree sexual abuse, second-degree burglary, receiving stolen property, theft of property, breaking and entering a vehicle and breaking and entering a vehicle.

The victim reported at approximately 3 a.m., she awoke to find a black male standing in the hallway of her residence,  He told her that he had a gun and threatened to harm her if she did not comply with his demands. The suspect took items from the victim’s purse and then sexually assaulted her before ordering her to leave the apartment with him.

    Capital murder retrial set for (black) son accused of killing (black) parents in Bellaire-area home
black suspectAntonio Armstrong, Jr. was 16 when police say he gunned down Dawn Armstrong and Antonio Armstrong, Sr., a former NFL player. Now 20, he will sit for a new trial after his first resulted in a hung jury in April.

Armstrong’s capital murder trial lasted weeks but ended without a resolution. Dozens of witnesses brought forward testimony about the crime scene, a possible alternate suspect and the teen’s troubles at home.

Jurors ultimately couldn’t decide whether Armstrong killed his parents, who owned a small chain of fitness centers. They were found on July 29, 2016, fatally shot in their bed with pillows covering their faces. Police found a gun and a threatening message on the kitchen counter, but the home showed no signs of forced entry.

Investigators said they were certain Armstrong was the only possible culprit. He called authorities to report an intruder but deactivated the home’s alarm system to let Houston police inside. Doors and windows at the family’s three-story townhouse were also locked from the inside, according to testimony.

    "BAD, BAD, LEROY JONES" - Long Island man charged for shooting at cop while fleeing crash scene
black suspectLEROY JONES
Custody Record
Gender: Male
Race: Black

  • VINE, America’s number one victim notification network identifies the suspect as black

  •     Black Chicago woman killed 2 young sons in horrific attack, prosecutors say

        (black 'aspiring rapper') DaBaby Arrested in Miami and Charged With Battery
    black suspect

        Clever, creative, artistic innovative Negro Mississippi men tried cashing in lottery ticket after gluing on the winning numbers
    black suspectsTwo men in Mississippi wanted to claim a $100,000 lottery prizes so bad, they glued the winning numbers onto a losing ticket, authorities said.

    Odis Latham, 47, and Russell Sparks, 48, both of Columbus, tried to claim the scratch-off winnings at the lottery headquarters in Flowood on Monday, Mississippi Lottery Corp. spokeswoman Meg Annison told the Clarion-Ledger.

        Report from 'Darkest Africa': Mombasa is a coastal city of Kenya along the Indian Ocean - 
    Pastor Elisha Misiko aged 55 stabbed his wife at the pulpit during the church service at the Ground for Jesus church.  Te deceased pastor called his wife to the pulpit as the service was going on and stabbed her in the presence of the shellshocked congregation. Their bodies are lying at Coast general mortuary waiting for postmortem as police begin investigations.  (Apparently there were disagreements over money and alleged infidelity).

        (black ILLEGAL ALIEN) Islamic religious leader in Texas arrested on charges of sex crimes against children
    black suspectAn Islamic religious leader was arrested in Houston last week on charges of sex crimes against children under the age of 14, authorities said on Monday.

    Mohamed Omar Ali, 59, has been charged with one count of sexual assault of a child and three counts of indecency with a child, the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

    Ali, a Somali national who was living in the U.S. illegally, was a well-known imam in the Islamic community and taught through Texas and the U.S.  - Round em up - ship em out! - SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    Detective Michael Alexander said Ali gained access to the alleged victims by earning the trust of their families who invited him over to teach their children the MUSLIM Quran.  The sheriff’s office has accounted for four victims, who were all minors at the time of the assaults, which started in 2013.

    Sheriff Troy Nehls has called Ali’s alleged crimes “sickening” and “an abuse of power.”

    Ali was booked into the Fort Bend County jail Friday on a $125,000 bond.
    Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    has reportedly placed a hold on Ali because of his illegal immigration status.

          Britain's most prolific INDONESIAN SODOMITE rapist spent 12 years drugging and assaulting young men -- until one woke up
    mud suspect (CNN)The most prolific rapist ever caught in Britain, who spent more than a decade luring dozens of intoxicated young men to his apartment before drugging and homosexually assaulting them, has been sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty in four separate trials.

    Reynhard Sinaga was found guilty of 159 counts of sexual offenses against 48 different men, and must serve 30 years before he is considered for release. Police said the true number of his victims is likely to have been higher, having found evidence linking him to assaults on as many as 190 different people.
    Details of his campaign of assault were suppressed while trials were ongoing, but can now be published.
    Sinaga, 36, approached men in the early hours of the morning outside nightclubs in Manchester, striking up a conversation and offering them somewhere to sleep or promising them more alcohol.

    Originally from Indonesia and born to a relatively wealthy family, Sinaga was a churchgoer who studied various university courses while living in Manchester, PA reported. He had been living in the UK on a student visa.
    - Round em up - ship em out! - SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    His thesis was entitled "Sexuality and everyday transnationalism. South Asian gay and bisexual men in Manchester," PA reported.

    Warning, the details of the testimony are graphic.
        Police release gruesome details in Michigan LGBTQ-RST-XYZ Queer Faggot Sodomite Homo Grindr slaying
    QUEER CANNIBAL KILLER Mark Latunski, who met hairstylist Kevin Bacon on Grindr, was charged in Bacon's murder and mutilation.
    Police have released the gruesome details in the Christmas-week slaying of gay hairstylist Kevin Bacon, whose body was found on Dec. 28 at the Michigan home of suspect Mark Latunski. Latunski was charged with murder and mutilation last week in connection with Bacon’s death. Bacon, 25, was last seen on Christmas Eve, when he told his roommate he was leaving to meet a man he had connected with on Grindr, the popular gay dating app. Later that night, the roommate received a text from Bacon saying he was having fun and might not make it home that night. When Bacon did not appear at his parents’ house on Christmas Day, he was reported missing.

    Court documents revealed what police discovered when they arrived at Latunski's home in Morrice, Michigan, 23 miles from Bacon’s home outside the city of Flint. Upon their arrival, Michigan State Police were granted permission by Latunski to enter and search his home. During the search, they found Bacon “hanging deceased and naked from the ceiling.” After the grisly discovery, they placed Latunski into custody, and during an interview, Latunski “admitted to the murder of Mr. Bacon.”

    “Mr. Latunski stated he used a knife, stabbed him in the back one time, then slit his throat.” “Afterwards, Mr. Latunski stated he wrapped rope around the ankles of Mr. Bacon, and hung him from the rafters on the ceiling.”

     Latunski admitted to mutilating and consuming part of Bacon’s body

        Walnutport Priest Removed From Ministry After Allegedly Photographing High School Wrestlers From Behind
    NORTHAMPTON COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — A Walnutport priest has been removed from ministry after the Diocese of Allentown says he was observed taking photos of high school wrestlers from behind without their knowledge. Rev. Monsignor Thomas A. Derzack was also banned from diocesan school events and properties.

    The diocese says the 70-year-old Derzack was seen photographing the high school wrestlers during a tournament at the Bethlehem Catholic High School on Dec. 27. Derzack allegedly was taking photos of the wrestlers from behind as they were waiting to compete. Police were notified of the incident by a spectator and Derzack agreed to delete the photos after speaking with an officer before leaving the tournament, officials say.  Derzack was removed as a precaution, the diocese says.

    Israeli flag
    Harvey Weinstein Is Charged With Sexual Assault In Los Angeles, As N.Y. Trial Begins

        "SNOWBALL RAGE"? - Kids were throwing snowballs at passing cars — then police say one of the drivers shot them


        "Conspiracy Corner" - About 52,400 results on Google
    Why do people believe in 'conspiracies'?

    Beatles conspiracy theories

    Well "conspiracy" does occurs 10 times in 10 verses in the King James Bible

    Bad stuff happens. If the conspiracy can just be made public - and the person or group behind it can just be exposed...
    Then 'poof'!!!  the righteous indignation of the awakened public will bring them to Justice and the Sun will Shine!
    Also, if we can source all this despicable terrible evil stuff on those that are most likely
    puppeteering these atrocities..  tar & feather them?

    ‘The puppet master is dead’: Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani’s power, and why his death is such a big deal
    The U.S. has pursued him for decades — his operations within Iraq since 2003 have killed more than 600 American personnel.

        The Quds Force (Persian: سپاه قدس‎ sepāh-e qods)[3] is a unit in Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) specializing in unconventional warfare and military intelligence operations. Responsible for extraterritorial operations, the Quds Force supports non-state actors in many countries, including Lebanese Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, Yemeni Houthis, and Shia militias in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

    Analysts estimate the Quds has 10,000–20,000 members. The Quds Force reports directly to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei. It was commanded by Major General Qasem Soleimani until he was killed by a U.S. drone strike at Baghdad International Airport on 3 January 2020. 

    5 January 2020

        Pawtucket police arrest (grotesquely tattooed interracial black-white sex couple) in woman's killing
    black-white-killersPAWTUCKET, R.I. (WJAR) — Pawtucket police said Thursday that they arrested two suspects in the shooting death of a 54-year-old woman.
    Police responded to 100 Baxter St. at about 8:15 p.m. Wednesday and found Cheryl Smith with multiple gunshot wounds to her chest. Smith was pronounced dead at Rhode Island Hospital. Police said they arrested two suspects at a hotel on George Street.
    Jack Doherty, 23, of Albany, New York, and Shaylyn Moran, 18,
    of Pawtucket, face charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy and will be arraigned Thursday afternoon in Providence District Court. Police said Doherty had a 9mm handgun.
    An NBC 10 News crew observed officers removing what appeared to be marijuana plants from the Baxter Street home. - (Black-on-white)

        TRESPASSING Black arrested in case of negro-named black man shooting an innocent White man who was walking his dog 
    black suspectRussell County Sheriff Heath Taylor announced the arrest of Deondra Jones, 20, of Macon County in the Dec. 30 shooting death of 63-year-old Randolph “Randy” Cannon of Hurtsboro.

    The suspect allegedly shot Cannon several times Monday morning while the victim was walking his dog. Taylor said the shooting happened after Cannon approached Jones in his car, which was parked near the victim’s property on Shady Grove Lane. Taylor said Jones confessed to the crime after his arrest.

    Jones also had a woman in the car with him, but she has not been charged in the case. Taylor declined to name the passenger. “This was a random situation,” Taylor said. “Deondra and the female were talking and parked when Randy walked up on them.” Jones allegedly got out of the car and began shooting at Cannon and chased him down the road until the victim died. - (Black-on-white)

        3 (African-American, colored, black, Negro, nwords) arrested after Fiesta Bowl fan kidnapped, robbed and shot
    black suspectblack suspectblack suspectblack suspectA man is recovering after he was kidnapped, robbed and shot in Phoenix on Sunday, police say.

    Court documents say a man was sleeping in his Jeep Wrangler parked at an apartment complex near Baseline Road and 44th Street early Sunday morning after having an argument with his girlfriend.

    The victim, identified in court records as Anthony, says a 'man' wearing a ski mask knocked on the window and said Anthony was parked in his parking space. The victim partially rolled down the window and the man then pointed a pistol at his head and ordered the victim to get out of the vehicle, court documents say.  Two other 'men' wearing ski masks showed up and they forced Anthony in the backseat of the Jeep.

    They drove Anthony to an ATM and forced him to take out money. They then drove him to the area of 71st Avenue and Greenway Road and told him to get out of the Jeep and walk away backward.  Anthony told investigators that's when one of the men pointed the gun at him and he turned around and ran. He ran east towards 71st Avenue.

    He was shot in the lower back as he was running away, court documents allege. Anthony told police he believes shot toward him six to eight times.  

    Anthony ran to nearby homes looking for help. A person called 911 and Anthony was taken to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery, police reported.  Investigators say the suspects took Anthony's phone and the Jeep. Police were able to trace his phone and found the Jeep parked in front of a home near Carver Drive and 21st Street.

    Police say the three suspects were still inside the Jeep when they arrived. The suspects sped away through the neighborhood until they eventually stopped near 20th Street and E. Euclid Avenue.

    Police arrested Roderick Jabri Smith, 18, and two juveniles.  - (Black-on-white)

    “Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.”

        'A cold, hard, callous cowardly act':  Man in wheelchair says he was robbed of his rent money by a heartless, soulless black thief
    black suspect He says he's nearly blind in his left eye and couldn't see the thief coming.
    PHOENIX — Police are still searching for a man seen on surveillance video stealing money from a man in a wheelchair at an ATM inside a QuikTrip near Indian School and 32nd Street earlier this month. The victim said he never saw it coming.
    "I'm blind in my left eye I didn't see this guy," he said.  In the video a man in a gray sweatshirt and gray pants stands behind Steve at an ATM. When the money comes out, the thief jumps in front of him and grabs the cash. "I put it in my hand and he ripped it out of my hand and took off running, " Steve said.   After a brief struggle, the suspect took off in a Blue Kia Sportage.
    "I was yelling, 'Help, help, help," Steve said. n all, Steve said the man stole $660 – his rent money. 
    "I've still got to pay the money back, and it's going to take me about two years to take that money back"
    Steve is on a limited income after a broken hip robbed him of the use of his legs. He is also nearly blind in his left eye.
    He didn't think someone would sink so low to try and take advantage of him.
    "I was in shock and I was mortified," he said.   - (Black-on-white)

    Go Fund Me page was set up to help Steve. - "This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations." (Exact amount stolen $660 was raised)

    “Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.”

        (black) Inmate who escaped during Mississippi statewide lockdown still on the run
    black suspectsOne inmate is on the run and another has been captured after authorities discovered the pair missing during an emergency count at 1:45 a.m. Saturday at Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman.

    Officials said the Mississippi Department of Corrections K-9 and Emergency Response Teams are still searching for Dillion Williams, 27, and that David May, 42, has been captured.

    The Mississippi Department of Corrections tweeted just before 3:30 a.m. that David May was in custody. Further details weren't immediately released. Prison officials said both men are black males of medium build with brown eyes and black hair.

        Police IDs (killer HISPANIC) "person of interest" in fatal hit-and-run crash in Bay View: ‘You need to come forward’
    MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are seeking the public’s assistance in locating a person of interest regarding the fatal crash that occurred in the Bay View neighborhood on Tuesday, Dec. 24. It comes on the same day family and friends are attending a visitation for the victim, Jamie Hanson.

    The person of interest has been identified as 44-year-old Manuel Salazar-Gutierrez.  He is 6'1" tall, 250 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.
    He has several tattoos including "Zacateca" across his abdomen.

    Hanson (her friends called her James) was walking her dogs near Howell and Dover in Milwaukee's Bay View neighborhood around 8:15 p.m. Tuesday. Witnesses describe a vehicle driving up on the sidewalk -- and striking Hanson before taking off.

    • Family identifies woman killed in Christmas Eve hit-and-run in Bay View
      Jamie Hanson, known as James, was walking with her two chihuahuas around 8:15 p.m Christmas Eve, when police said an SUV speeding down Howell near Dover struck James and took off, knocking over a light pole in the process.
      Hispanics get drunk - very often MEXICAN ILLEGAL ALIENS get drunk - drive into American pedestrians (HIT) then RUN

      Female suspect known as ‘Little Devil’ to be tried as adult in grisly MS-13 slayings

      American family attacked in Mexico, child killed

      7 men detained in connection to killings of (Mormon) American women, children in Mexico

        EGYPTIAN (or Saudi Arabian - Muslim) Uber driver imprisoned for abusing passenger to face trial after trying to 'silence' victim
    mud suspect A former Uber driver in Illinois who was sentenced Friday to five years in prison for sexually abusing a passenger will stand trial this week on charges that he also tried to hire someone to “hurt or silence” the victim, according to a report.

    Ahmed Tawfeeq, 29, of the Chicago suburb of Elgin, was convicted in November of criminal sexual abuse, attempted sexual assault, promoting prostitution, aggravated battery and unlawful restraint.

    The conviction stemmed from a June 2017 incident in which Tawfeeq picked up a woman in his car. On the way home, he asked her “if she had any interest in being a prostitute,” prosecutors said. He then turned off the Uber app and attacked her in a parking lot, according to investigators.

        RUSSIAN (migrant?)  Radoslav Boev burned in ‘drug lab’ in Manhattan  kitchen 

        Police search for suspect in murder of trans activist in Oklahoma
    Authorities were searching for a suspect after a transgender activist was found shot and killed in McAlester, Oklahoma, while on his way to pickup a taxi fare.

    Dustin James Parker, 25, was found dead Wednesday with the windows of his car shot out after a 911 caller reported gunshots in the early morning, NBC affiliate KJRH of Tulsa reported. McAlester Mayor John Browne reassured the community that law enforcement was doing all it could to find a suspect.

        De Blasio intervened in prosecution of accused anti-Semitic attacker Tiffany Harris
    Mayor de Blasio intervened in the prosecution of an accused anti-Semitic attacker — leading to her lock-up in a psych ward — because she was generating negative publicity for his administration, The Post has learned.

        LESBIAN JAPANESE Massachusetts professor arrested for attacking coworker with fire poker, authorities say
    A Massachusetts college professor was arrested and charged for allegedly attacking a coworker with a fire poker, leaving her with severe injuries.

    Rie Hachiyanagi, an art professor at Mount Holyoke College in southern Massachusetts, was arraigned over the weekend on several charges, including armed assault to murder a person over 60, for allegedly attacking a colleague at her home over the winter break, prosecutors said.

    Hachiyanagi, 48, is accused of assaulting the woman with a fire poker, a rock and garden shears, according to the Northwestern District Attorney's Office. The attack took place on Dec. 23 or 24 at the victim's home in Leverett, located about 40 miles north of Springfield, the office said.

    The victim told police that Hachiyanagi showed up at her home uninvited and revealed that she had romantic feelings for her, according to a police report obtained by Boston ABC affiliate WCVB.

    Hachiyanagi allegedly said "she loved her for many years and she should have known" before attacking the woman, WCVB said, citing the report. Hachiyanagi told police she didn't remember anything after 6 p.m. that day and she has a medical condition that includes multiple concussions that affect her memory, according to WCVB.

    Bible   For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:


    4 January 2020

        (White) Owner of Shamrock Deli in Audubon fatally stabbed (by black petty thief and man killer)
    black suspectAUDUBON, N.J. - On January 3, 2020, the owner of Shamrock Deli in Haddon Township, Jerry Pastore, was fatally attacked after confronting a shoplifter who stole the tip jar from the deli.   Pastore was found mortally wounded across the street from his deli by police responding to reports of a stabbing around 4:50 p.m. Friday. - (Black-on-white)

        The Police Department said 29-year-old Paighton Houston was last seen "leaving a Birmingham bar with two heavyset black men"
    That same night, she told her coworker she was with strangers. No one heard from her again after that text message.

    black suspectblack suspectAbout 14 days later, the Alabama police found a dead body in a shallow grave by Hueytown, and they later identified in a statement that the body is, in fact, Houston's. - (Black-on-white)
    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
    Warning: Do NOT leave a bar with two "heavy-set" black men
    Do not leave a bar with any black man
    If you are a single White woman - do not go to a bar by yourself
    if you are a single white woman at a bar with friends - do not take your eyes off of your drink - it will be drugged

        (black) Springfield man charged in death of (white) 19-year-old 'girlfriend' found 11 days after she went missing
    (new white sex pocket for negro)SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A Missouri man was charged Friday with killing a 19-year-old woman whose body was found more than a week after she went missing.

    Lonnie Leroy Williams, 32, of Springfield, faces one count of first-degree murder in the death of Mackenna Milhon. Williams’ girlfriend, 23-year-old Olivia Vega, was charged with tampering with evidence. It wasn’t immediately known if they had attorneys who could speak on their behalf.

    Milhon’s body was found Monday afternoon outside a home north of Springfield. She had been reported missing Dec. 20.  According to a probable cause statement released Friday, Williams told investigators he stabbed Milhon once in the neck after she slapped him inside a car because he didn’t have drugs for her. He said they both got out of the car and he stabbed her three or four more times after she continued to slap him. She stumbled between two buildings and fell and Williams held her until she died, according to the statement.

    Vega allegedly burned Williams’s bloody clothes, the statement said.

    Milhon was the first baby of the millennium at Cox South in Springfield when she was born at 1:08 a.m. on Jan. 1, 2000.
    - (Black-on-white)

    • Missing Missouri teen’s friend charged with first-degree murder in her death
    • Lonnie Williams Charged With Murder of MacKenna Milhon
      The probable cause statement shows that MacKenna Milhon had contacted her mother, Rachel Crook, with a text message around 1 a.m. on December 20, 2019 stating that she had been raped. A phone call took place between the two around 2:14 a.m. where Milhon said she was in Lampe, Missouri or Blue Eye, Missouri, but the call was disconnected. Crook reported MacKenna missing on December 22, 2019. Investigators reported that Milhon was dropped off the Kum And Go at Kansas Expressway and Norton Road. Milhon was then picked up by the accused killer, Lonnie Williams, and they drove around together. Initially, Williams told police that he had stopped to have sex with Milhon on an alleyway before dropping her off at Atlantic and Main around 1 a.m. on December 20, and that was his last contact with her. Police then say they interviewed a man on January 1, 2020, who said he was at a residence that Williams shared with Olivia Vega, and he saw Williams come into the house with bloody clothing and a knife. This man he and Vega took the clothing and knife to a location where they burned the clothing and that Vega disposed of the knife.

      Williams was interviewed a second time where after initially denying contact with Milhon, admitted killing her. He said that he had stopped at the intersection of Farm Road 88 and State Highway H, and before getting back on the highway, claimed Milhon had started hitting him because “he lied to her about having drugs for her.” He claims that’s when he picked up a knife from the floorboard of the car and stabbed Milhon in the neck.
    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
    (Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)
    Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

        (White) Father & 14-Year-Old Son Report Their Car Was Stolen (by pack of three VICIOUS blacks) After Attack Under Bridge
    black suspectblack suspectblack suspect MCKEES ROCKS (KDKA) — A father and his 14-year-old son are recovering after they were allegedly attacked the day after Christmas.

    Glenn and Justin Woods alleged they were beaten under the McKees Rocks Bridge and had their car stolen on Dec. 26, 2019.

    Glenn Woods apparently spotted a table that appeared up for grabs along Munson Avenue and picked up his son from their nearby home to help him put the table in the car. Justin Woods says as they were carrying the table to the vehicle, three males approached them and began making conversation before they unexpectedly attacked Glenn Woods. The 14-year-old tried to help his father. “They picked me up and threw me on the floor and punched my jaw two times,” Justin Woods said. He has bruises on his face and staples in the back of his head.

    Glenn Woods spent over four days in the hospital with severe injuries. “His entire face is basically broken,” said Glenn Woods’ daughter Jodie Woods. “Broken nose, broken cheekbones, bruising all over his face. He’s home now and suffering from severe headaches.”

    After the attack, the three (black jackals) allegedly drove away in the family’s car. McKees Rocks Police say they still have not been able to locate the car and the suspects were three black males wearing all black. The car is a blue 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier with license plate JNL9946. - (Black-on-white)

        Suspect in Amber Alert arrested in connection to Sherwood double homicide
    Napoleon Haire,   arrested after an Amber Alert,  is a suspect in the double homicide in Sherwood.
    SHERWOOD, Ark. — The Sherwood Police Department has charged two people in the double homicide from Friday morning, one of which was involved with an Amber Alert that was issued on the same day.
    Police say that officers arrived on the scene at 4:54 a.m to a house at 103 Markhaven Street in Sherwood in regards to a welfare concern.

    Officers found a woman, Britney Alyse Bell, lying in the driveway unresponsive and was pronounced dead at the scene.
    Police also found a man, Steve Lutman, inside the home while trying to secure the area. He was also pronounced dead at the scene.

    A neighbor to Lutman had known him for 8 years. Norman Swope said he watched their kids when he and his wife had to work and they seemed normal, but recently their behavior started to change. "They had been normal, but everything from odd purchases of firearms to very odd interactions with my neighbor. It's hard to say what's really been going on," said Swope.

    Two people were arrested in connection to the case Friday evening.

    Police arrested 20-year-old Brandi Purtle and 33-year-old Napoleon Haire, but are still looking for 26-year-old Gabrielle Hill.
    They forcibly made entry into the home to steal property. During the incident, Lutman and Bell were killed and a child was taken.

    Haire was involved in an Amber Alert after a 6-year-old was reported missing Friday morning. He was arrested at the Quality Inn & Suites in North Little Rock and the child was found safe.

    Haire has been charged with capital murder, aggravated robbery, theft of property and endangering the welfare of a minor.  Purtle has been charged with endangering the welfare of a minor and hindering apprehension.

    Police say the 6-year-old was the child of one of the two people that was killed. - (Black-on-white?)

        (ugly black one-eyed nightmare sex beast) St. Petersburg man accused of burglary and sexual battery
    black suspectST. PETERSBURG — Pinellas County Sheriff’s detectives arrested a 59-year-old St. Petersburg man Jan. 2 after he reportedly broke into a home and sexually battered a 72-year-old woman.

    Wilbert Stephen Henderson was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on one count of lewd and lascivious battery upon an elderly person and one count burglary to an occupied dwelling. Bail was set at $15,000. Detectives say during an interview, Henderson admitted to entering the residence, to placing his hand down the victim's pants, and that his intent was to have intercourse with the victim.

        (black female Jamaican Native) Former Olympian claims she was fired from Stony Brook over ‘demonstrably false’ complaints
    black suspectA former Olympian claims false student complaints that she was abusive got her canned from Stony Brook University.

    Janelle Atkinson-Wignall, 37, is suing the state university in Brooklyn Federal Court over her dismissal as head swimming coach of the program, which was relaunched in 2017 under her direction. Hopes for a smooth start quickly sunk, she charges.
    “It’s been a nightmare,” said the single mom, who competed in the Olympics for her native Jamaica in 2000 and 2004.

    Students dropped out of the program, administrators micromanaged her work and the remaining swimmers “were not prepared for the level of commitment required of competition at the Division 1 level,” according to court papers.
    The waters really got rough as athletes complained of abuse from their coach.

    One student, Tess Stepakoff, claimed in the school newspaper Atkinson-Wignall berated them as “weak” and “not enough.”
    “We were cursed at and screamed at during every practice for months. As our physical and mental health declined, we were told to get over it,” she wrote. A second student told the web site Atkinson-Wignall forced students to compete while ill and ignored their injuries.

        (black) ‘Insane Crip Gangsters’ allegedly forced sex slave to get their names tattooed on her body
    black suspectTwo gangbanger brothers who are part of a Brooklyn-based outfit called the “Insane Crip Gangsters” have been charged with forcing a woman into prostitution who they made get their names tattooed on her body, according to court records.

    Gladimir “Sleep Boss” Thomas, 31, and Ronald “Roco Da Boss” Thomas, 27, were hauled before a judge on Friday in Brooklyn federal court on sex trafficking charges. Both pleaded not guilty and were ordered detained.

    Prosecutors allege that, in addition to the tattoos, the Thomases deprived their victim of food and sleep between 2014 and 2018 to make her have sex with johns solicited through social media accounts. The victims was described as a single mother.

        (black) Man wanted for sexually assaulting, robbing woman on Red Line train: police
    black suspectThe man exposed himself to a woman riding a train and demanded she perform an “perverted sexual act"
    Police are looking to identify a man who allegedly sexually assaulted and robbed a woman Thursday on a Red Line train on the North Side.
    The woman was riding a train about 9:57 a.m. northbound towards the Morse station when the man allegedly exposed himself to her, Chicago police said. He struck her several times as she tried to move to another train car.

    He touched the 24-year-old inappropriately and demanded she perform an “inappropriate act,” police said. The man got off the train at Morse after taking her belongings. - (VICTIM LOOKS WHITE)

        (black) Houston man, 39, 'shot dead his black 33-year-old fiancee during argument near her home just days after he proposed
    black suspect
    • Kendrick Akins, 39, was arrested by Houston police on Saturday evening 
    • Witnesses say he shot Dominic Jefferson, 39, near her home at around midnight
    • Shooting took place during argument that erupted in apartment parking lot 
    • One neighbor heard arguing and ran to help Jefferson, but Akins allegedly fired gun
    • Akins allegedly shot Jefferson and then fled the scene before police arrived
    • On New Year's Eve, Akins posted video on Facebook showing marriage proposal

        Murder Rate Skyrockets in Chester, PA where 73.99% of the population is African American

        Philly's Homicide Count Hit 353 last year... - Philadelphia Has Gone To Hell In A Handbasket

        (black) Oregon woman, 23, 'ripped Muslim student's hijab off her head before stripping naked and rubbing it over her genitals
    black suspect
  • Jasmine Renee Campbell, 23, allegedly ripped a Muslim woman's hijab from her head at a light rail station in Portland on November 12
  • According to court documents, Campbell then choked the woman with the religious garment
  • Campbell subsequently stripped naked and rubbed the hijab on her exposed genitals before shocked bystanders called police
  • She has now been indicted on hate crimes by a grand jury, but failed to show in court on Friday and a warrant is now out for her arrest

  • LOL These 13 Trolls Looked Super Dumb on Muslim Women’s Day

        HISPANIC South Carolina prison escapee on loose for 40 years nabbed in Delaware after drunk in public arrest
    A South Carolina prison escapee was back behind bars on New Year’s Day after spending 40 years on the lam. Jose Romero was part of a prison work crew when he took off on Dec. 13, 1979, with seven years to go on an 18-year-old prison sentence for armed robbery, according to reports. He was apprehended Wednesday in Dover, Del., where he was living under the name Arnaldo Figueroa, Dover police said Thursday. He became a fugitive when he was 24.

      UK: Convicted MUSLIM terrorist sent back to jail after taking selfie on secret phone
    A convicted terrorist has been sent back to prison after police discovered a selfie on his secret phone.

    Ahmed Aweys, 34, from Chadwell Heath, east London, received a 25-month jail sentence in January 2018, for three charges of disseminating a terrorist publication.

    He was made the subject of a terrorism notification order as part of the terms of his release on licence in August, 2019.

    But in September, police found he had used an unauthorised bank account belonging to his sister to receive three Department for Work and Pensions payments after applying for universal credit.

    When police went to arrest him, they found he also had a second phone he had not declared to police, the Old Bailey, in London, heard. 

    What Universal Credit is. Universal Credit is a payment to help with your living costs. It's paid monthly - or twice a month for some people in Scotland. You may be able to get it if you're on a low income or out of work. Whether you can claim Universal Credit depends on where you live and your circumstances. If you live in Northern Ireland,...
    Curious facts: In the United Kingdom - the government pays out-of-work Muslim Terrorists
    Britain: Muslim Polygamists to Get More Welfare Benefits

    Israeli flag
    (Jewish) Man's Apple watch proves he lied about anti-Jewish Semitic stabbing in West Bloomfield
    WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. (FOX 2) - Police are crediting technology for helping them solve the case about a man who said he was stabbed in an anti-Semitic attack December 15.

    Sean Sammit said he was attacked as he left a synagogue that day in the Jewish community in West Bloomfield. But police say he made up the whole story - and that they found out thanks to the information on his Apple watch.  Sammitt is a former employee at Temple Kol Ami on Walnut Lake Road. West Bloomfield police say Sammitt claimed a man shouted anti-Semitic comments then stabbed him as he left work. Sammitt told police he fought the attacker off and drove himself to Henry Ford hospital.

    But police say his story didn’t add up, and a thorough search of the parking lot found no evidence. That’s when they analyzed Samitt's Apple watch and looked at his heart rate when Samitt claimed the attack happened. Investigators say it was normal and should have been higher. But the watch showed before the attack that Samitt's heart rate was elevated.  That led police into the synagogue, where they say they found bloody tissues and a knife Samitt used to stab himself.
    Sammit is now charged with filing a false police report. Why he allegedly made up the attack is still unknown.

    "Society has to come together and we have to let people know that we don't tolerate this," said Rabbi Lopatin. "We don't tolerate exploiting the police, we don't tolerate exploiting anti-Semitism, and we don't tolerate anti-Semitism and hate."

    Police say Samitt's stab wound did not need stitches. -
    (Alleged 'Hate Crimes'

    Israeli flag
    Police looking for sicko who spat on woman in yet another anti-Jewish Semitic attack

    Israeli flag
    Seagram’s liquor heiress Sara Bronfman-Igtet may get a hefty payout from the sale of three properties used by the Nxivm sex cult
    that were seized by the feds, according to new court documents.

        New York City School Brainwashing Czar Richard 'Ay!' Carranza lays out first pieces of new anti-hate crime curriculum
    The first set of new lesson plans calls on teachers to lead classroom discussions about the Holocaust and the dangers of discrimination and bias. The brainwashing study plan will at first be focused on Jewish students in majority Jewish New York neighborhoods. While the Holocaust is already a part of city history curriculums, the chancellor said new material will zero in on hate speech and discrimination.

        Meat Loaf Says Greta Thunberg Has Been ‘Brainwashed,’ ‘Forced’ To Push Climate Change Alarmism
    Additionally, her parents were caught wearing Antifa gear on social media,

        New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news

        Schaston Hodge, black man killed by white Texas troopers, was shot 16 times

    3 January 2020

        Alabama police find body in search for missing (White) woman who sent worried text after leaving bar with 2 (BLACK) men
    black suspectblack suspectInvestigators searching for a missing Alabama woman who texted she could be in trouble after leaving a bar with two strange men last month said Friday that they had unearthed a female body in a shallow grave, according to a report.

    The grave was discovered in the backyard of an apparently vacant home in Hueytown by investigators looking for 29-year-old Paighton Houston, who was last seen in Birmingham on Dec. 20.

    Officials said the intact body was wrapped in some sort of fabric, the Birmingham News reported.
    Houston, of Trussville, left the Tin Roof bar with the TWO BLACK men and later texted a friend saying “she didn’t know these people and she was in trouble,” according to reports.   - (Black-on-white)
    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
    (Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

        Police arrest (African-American, colored, black, Negro, nword) primate accused of raping woman in Cleveland’s Edgewater Park
    black suspectCLEVELAND, Ohio — Police located and arrested a man accused of hitting a woman in the face with a rock and raping in her at Edgewater Park, a Cleveland Metroparks spokesman said.

    Ambus Shephard Jr., 26, is charged with rape, felonious assault and kidnapping. Cleveland Metroparks spokesman Jeffrey Tolman said Shephard was arrested on Friday and that authorities expect to release more information about his arrest later in the day. Shephard is accused of kidnapping a 24-year-old woman about 1 p.m. Dec. 29 from the Burger King on Detroit Road near West 75th Street. He hit the woman in the face with a rock and dragged her into a wooded area at the park, according to police. He raped her in the woods, according to police.

    A woman walking her dogs along the beach spotted the woman after her dogs ran in to the woods. She ran after her dogs and spotted the woman covered in blood walking out of the woods. Metroparks police searched the woods and found the woman’s jacket, her cellphone, a pair of underwear and a clump of bloody hair.

        ‘We have to do better,’ judge says after hearing about black child killed in Birmingham tribal gun battle
    black suspectA Jefferson County judge said the city has to do better, after a court hearing about a 5-year-old who died in a hail of gunfire between family members last month.

    Rickkia Allen, 29, is charged with capital murder in the Dec. 7 shooting death of Ta’Narius “TJ” Moore Jr. Following a preliminary hearing Friday morning, Jefferson County Circuit Judge Alaric May sent the case to a grand jury for possible indictment. The child’s father and namesake, Ta’Narius Moore Sr., was shot to death in Collegeville on May 10, 2017.

        The Pristine Northwest State of IDAHO has been desecrated and defiled by a FREAKSHOW negro and two of his 'HO's
    Police: Trespassers arrested in Meridian had drugs, forged checks
    MERIDIAN, Idaho — Three people are facing felony charges after investigators say they were caught with drugs as well as ID and debit cards stolen during a string of burglaries.

    Eighteen-year-old Emma Cornelison, 36-year-old Richielle Curtiss and 27-year-old Byron Butler, all of Pullman, Washington, were all taken into custody in Meridian Thursday.

    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
    Hook up with a black man - he is going to commit a crime and you are going to get arrested with him.
    Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

        (Black) Rapper DaBaby arrested on battery charge in Miami robbery investigation

        (black) Suspects In Fatal Laptop Theft From Oakland Starbucks Face Murder, Manslaughter Charges
    black suspectsblack suspectOAKLAND (CBS SF) — The two suspects arrested in connection with the theft of a laptop in Oakland’s Montclair neighborhood and subsequent fatal collision Tuesday are facing multiple charges including murder with special circumstances, according to authorities.
    On Friday, the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office charged 22-year-old Byron Reed of San Francisco and 21-year-old Javon Lee in connection with the homicide of 34-year-old Shuo Zeng.

    According to the Oakland Police Department, Reed was charged with special circumstance murder and second-degree robbery, while Lee was charged with involuntary manslaughter and second-degree robbery.

    The theft occurred at around 11:30 a.m. at the Starbucks location in the 2000 block of Mountain Boulevard. The victim, an adult male later identified as Zeng, was working on his laptop when the suspects snatched his laptop and ran outside. - (Black-on-yellow)

        Oakland laptop theft victim ID'd, 2 BLACKS charged in death of Chinese man that ran after thieves and dragged by their vehicle
    OAKLAND, CA (BCN) - Two convicted robbers were charged Friday for their roles in the death of a man who died after trying to get back his laptop computer, which was stolen Tuesday while he worked in a coffee shop in Oakland's Montclair district. The Alameda County District Attorney's Office charged Byron OJ Reed Jr., 22, of San Francisco, with murder and the special circumstance of committing a murder during a robbery. Javon Lee, 21, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and both men were charged with second-degree robbery. The robbery in the 2000 block of Mountain Boulevard, shortly after 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, ultimately claimed the life of 34-year-old Shuo Zeng. He was taken to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries but died there a short time later, according to police.
    According to Zeng's Linkedin profile, he was a native of China, graduated with a degree in physics from Sichuan University and got a doctorate at Kansas State University.

        (black) Perv caught naked in room with toddlers, gets beaten by kids’ dad: cops
    A suspected child molester who was visiting family members in Virginia this week was found naked in a room with two toddlers and ended up getting beaten by their father, authorities said.

    Police in Spotsylvania County arrived to a “chaotic scene” when they responded to a disturbance at the Richmond-area home early Sunday morning, the local sheriff’s office said in a news release. The commotion began when one of the residents went to check on his two small children, ages 2 and 3, and caught an out-of-state relative naked from the waist down in the kids’ bedroom, police said.  When the father asked what the man was doing there, the perv pushed him out of the room and locked the door, according to a news release. But the suspect, 60-year-old Mark Stanley, would soon regret the move. Police said the father forced his way into the room and began beating the naked creep, who was visiting from North Carolina.

        Dead black 'celebrity' drug addict and child abuser Michael Jackson accusers win OK to take their abuse allegations to civil trial

        Photos show White officer brutally beaten after (black Blood) inmate attack in NYC jail

        Black man Michael Hall arrested for murdering Dion Gumby in Rockaway Beach

        Cops hunting for black man accused of raping 18-year-old in Queens
    black suspectCops are hunting for a rapist who attacked an 18-year-old woman in Queens after offering her a ride, the NYPD announced Friday. The teen was walking in St. Albans near 199th Street and 120th Avenue just after midnight on May 1, 2019, when she got in the assailant’s car, police said. Instead of driving her where she needed to go, the man drove her to a nearby location and raped her, cops said. The woman was treated and released at an area hospital at the time and decided to report the incident to police on Thursday.

        (black) Man surrenders after 4-hour ‘hostage situation’ in Harlem
    black suspectA man wanted for harassing and attacking his ex-girlfriend surrendered to police after a four hour standoff in Harlem on Friday morning. Glennie Snyder, 58, had been holed up with his ex-girlfriend in an apartment at 2253 Third Ave. with a loaded firearm and was eventually talked out by his girlfriend’s daughter, a relative and his parole officer.
    Snyder showed up at the apartment Thursday night and refused to leave and refused to allow her to leave, police said.
    He’d already been wanted for attacking her back on Dec. 2, when he stole her phone and dragged her by her mouth and her teeth, causing the teeth to be knocked out, cops said. She had an order of protection against him, police said.

        (black) Man accused of fatally stabbing friend's dog, tying it to a tree - suspect found hiding in bathtub
    black suspectHOWARD CO. MD (WBFF) — Howard County police have charged a Windsor Mill man who they say killed his friend's dog and tied the animal to a tree. Police say, 26-year-old Corey Jones is charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty. According to officials, the incident happened on December 30, on Town and Country Boulevard in Ellicott City. Police say, the dog was found dead, tied to a tree with its throat cut. Officials believe the dog tried to free itself before succumbing to its injuries. Police were able to locate the apartment where the dog had been in the care of friends of the owner.

    Jones was found hiding behind a shower curtain in the bathtub, according to police.

      black suspect
    Black Man Charged In New Year’s Day Machete Attack At Wife’s Bethlehem Home
  • VINE, America’s number one victim notification network identifies the suspect Shakime Riddick as black

  •     (black) Texas man, 42, who was convicted in a fatal 2010 stabbing is exonerated after DNA analysis leads to arrest of another black
    black suspect
    • Lydell Grant, 42, was freed on bond last month following new analysis of DNA 
    • Grant served seven years of life sentence after he was convicted of murder 
    • He was convicted of stabbing to death 28-yr-old Aaron Scheerhoorn in 2010 
    • But now investigators believe that 41-year-old Jermarico Carter is the killer
    • New DNA found under Scheerhoorn's fingernails pointed to Carter as a suspect
    • Authorities tracked down Carter in Georgia, where he was arrested 
    • Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said Carter admitted to killing victim

        (cornrowed black) woman with tattooed neck held on $10K bond for alleged anti-Semitic attack in Brooklyn
    black suspectA Brooklyn woman charged in one of Wednesday’s reported anti-Semitic attacks in New York was held on $10,000 bond at her Thursday arraignment.

    Jasmine Lucas, 24, pleaded not guilty at her Brooklyn criminal court hearing on charges including second-degree robbery as a hate crime and second-degree assault for allegedly roughing up a Jewish man in Williamsburg on Wednesday afternoon.

        Police: (black) New Castle County Man Accused Of Poisoning Coworker’s Drink With Chemical In Newark
    black suspectNEWARK, Del. (CBS) — A 50-year-old New Castle County man has been arrested after police say he attempted to poison a coworker after an argument. Police in Newark announced the arrest of Curtis Malloy on Thursday in connection to an incident from April 10, 2019. Police say Malloy poured isopropyl alcohol into a coworker’s drink after they got into an argument at a business on the 300 block of Markus Court in Newark. Investigators say the woman did not drink the beverage after she noticed a strange smell similar to “Pine-Sol cleaning solution.” Malloy resigned after the incident. Malloy was arrested on Monday. He’s facing one count of felony adulteration.

        Judge keeps Tessa Majors stabbing suspook Zyairr Davis locked up, sets trial date

        Judge keeps Tessa Majors (black)stabbing suspect Zyairr Davis locked up, sets trial date
    black suspect

        United Methodist Church looks to split over LGBTQ-SODOMITE and other abominable perverse and filthy issues
    Church leaders worked with an expert mediator to draft a proposal, to be voted on in May 2020, that would split the UMC into pro-LGBTQ and anti-LGBTQ denominations.

      MUSLIM Terrorist knifeman, 22, wearing a fake explosive vest and 'shouting Allahu Akbar' is shot dead in Paris after stabbing three people and 'killing a 56-year-old man who was trying to protect his wife'

        (Obese Black MUSLIM female troublemaker) Chicken Express employee says she was told to leave because of her 'hijab'
    Coleman said she converted to (the Middle-Eastern Terrorist Cult) Islam in August and was hired by Chicken Express in October. She said she told her co-workers she would start wearing a hijab soon. But when she started wearing it on Monday, she said, she was not welcomed by her co-workers.
    Stefanae Coleman said the store manager called and apologized, so she returned on Tuesday. But "as soon as I walked in, I could feel the tension," she said. She said that although the store manager had then asked for her help re-writing the employee handbook so it wouldn't include discrimination, she ended up asking the store owner if she could go home because her fellow co-workers were not supportive.

    "I just didn't want to be in that environment," she said.

    (Nothing satisfies those brainwashed cultists short of all of you prostrating yourself in worship of their bloodthirsty pagan 'god).

    Probably didn't really want to work as she could get pregnant and live off welfare.


        County GOP Official in Delaware Steps Down Under Fire for Using Gay Slur
        white Baton Rouge man arrested after making threat to shoot up mall, using racial slur during  call to New York newspaper
    Grzybowski was involved in an altercation with several African American males while at the Crossgates Mall in New York on Xmas Eve.
    Grzybowski reportedly admitted to making the call and leaving the message after consuming too much alcohol.

    • "MAN BITES DOG" Naked Florida man, high on meth, bites K-9 dog, assaults officer: report
      Deputies reported hearing “strange noises” when searching the yard and eventually located Watts, naked and covered in dirt, lying in what appeared to be some shallow body of water. Watts’ behavior was described as manic by the two responding deputies who said he paced “back and forth laughing” while making “bird noises.” The two responding deputies, along with five backup deputies and a K-9 handler with his dog Casper, found Watts in the woods. He was on his “hands and knees and began to growl like a dog.”   Casper was given the command to apprehend Watts but the deranged man “leaped, grabbed Casper by the head and bit Casper’s ear as he drove Casper to the ground.” Eventually, the dog broke free and bit Watts in the head.


    2 January 2020

        United Kingdom: Once a White Christian Country on whose Empire the sun never set...  Now... Muslim Mayor of London
    Hoards of brown immigrants from Pakistan and India - hoards of black african savages rape and plunder...

    black suspect Teen, 19, raped by monster at New Year’s Eve party after ‘drink spiked’
    A TEEN was raped at a New Year's Eve party by a monster who spiked her drink as she partied with pals at a pub.
    Melody Maxwell, 19, was subjected to a 50-minute horror attack by 28-year-old Obi Forgive in Corby, Northants.
    The student was lured away by the fiend after he reportedly spiked her drink and attacked in an alleyway. Horrifically, after the assault, Forgive returned to the streets to hunt for further vulnerable victims to prey on. In June this year, Forgive was jailed for 11 years for the violent rape in the early hours of January 1.
    Genetics student Melody has now bravely waived her anonymity to reveal her nightmare ordeal.
    She told The Sun Online: “Officers think I was spiked as I have no memory of the night.
    “I’m glad that I can’t remember what happened.
    “I don’t want to be a victim, instead I want to show that you can move on from such a horrific attack.”
    “That’s the last thing I remember.”
    Hours later, Melody found herself in her mum’s car with a blanket around her shoulders and her knickers around her ankles.
    Her purse, bag and phone had disappeared.
    In June 2019, Obi Forgive, 28, of London, appeared at Northampton Crown Court and denied raping Melody.
    Investigators told the court that Forgive had searched for women who were drunk and that Melody had likely undergone a 50-minute attack.
    Forgive had tried to conceal evidence of his actions by changing his clothes before returning to nearby clubs, hunting for more victims.
    He was found guilty of rape and jailed for 11 years - with the judge ordering him to serve a further five years on license and be placed on the sex offenders’ register for life. Forgive, who was born in Nigeria, will be deported once he is released from jail. - (Black-on-white)

    Round em up - ship em out! - SEND THEM ALL BACK!

        Police arrest second (black) suspect accused of running from (White) Hendersonville officer killed on I-65
    black suspectblack suspectHENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — A second suspect was arrested Tuesday connected to a chase on I-65 that left a Hendersonville Police officer dead.

    Hendersonville Police Officer Spencer Bristol, 31, was killed Monday night after being hit by a vehicle while chasing a suspect across I-65, investigators say. 
    According to Hendersonville detectives, Emani Martin, 19, was allegedly with Kevin Jordan, 19, completing drug deals throughout the Goodlettsville and Madison area just before the chase started in Hendersonville. Officer Bristol chased their vehicle before it crashed. Jordan stayed in the car and was immediately arrested, but police say Martin ran away from the vehicle and sparked a foot chase across I-65. The chase ended when Master Patrol Officer Bristol was hit by a passing vehicle.

    Investigators found Martin and arrested him without incident with help from Metro Police. Martin is charged with evading arrest and criminal responsibility for reckless endangerment.

        (black racist?) Louisiana man arrested, accused of killing 3 (White) homeless people
    black suspectBATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Authorities in Louisiana announced Thursday that a man has been arrested in connection to the deaths of three homeless people.

    Jeremy Anderson, 29, was arrested and charged with two counts of first degree murder and one count of second degree murder, Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul told news outlets at a press conference Thursday. Paul said evidence found inside Anderson's home helped link him to the murders.
    The first two killings happened on Dec. 13 when Christina Fowler, 53, and Gregory Corcoran, 40, were found fatally shot underneath an overpass, huddled in blankets beside an empty shopping cart. On Dec. 27, investigators discovered 50-year-old Tony Williams shot to death on the porch of a vacant home about two blocks away from where Fowler and Corcoran were found. Paul said Anderson lives two blocks away from where both shootings occurred. - (Black-on-white)

    Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

        Las Vegas Police Arrest Black (pimp or white-slaver) After Apparent Kidnapping of white woman Caught on Doorbell Camera
    black suspect black suspectAn apparent kidnapping in Las Vegas just after midnight on Jan. 1 was captured on a Nest home surveillance camera showing a distressed woman unsuccessfully trying to escape a man who was chasing her, according to video released by police. The footage above is distressing.

    The video, filmed at 12:48 a.m. on Jan. 1 at a home near Warm Springs Road and I-215, shows a crying woman running towards and banging on a door, pleading for help. A man exits a white sedan, and quickly runs up behind her before throwing her onto the ground and kicking her in the stomach.

    “Get in the car,” he says, as she struggles. The man proceeds to drag her by the hair towards the same car before driving off.

    The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police had requested the public’s help in identifying the victim and assailant; the agency said in a statement emailed to TIME that 23-year-old suspect, Darnell Rodgers, had been arrested on Jan 2. because of tips provided provided by the public. Rodgers has been charged with kidnapping and domestic battery. - (Black-on-white)

    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
    (Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

        Pawtucket police arrest (grotesquely tattooed interracial black-white sex couple) in woman's killing
    black-white-killersPAWTUCKET, R.I. (WJAR) — Pawtucket police said Thursday that they arrested two suspects in the shooting death of a 54-year-old woman.
    Police responded to 100 Baxter St. at about 8:15 p.m. Wednesday and found Cheryl Smith with multiple gunshot wounds to her chest. Smith was pronounced dead at Rhode Island Hospital. Police said they arrested two suspects at a hotel on George Street.
    Jack Doherty, 23, of Albany, New York, and Shaylyn Moran, 18,
    of Pawtucket, face charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy and will be arraigned Thursday afternoon in Providence District Court. Police said Doherty had a 9mm handgun.
    An NBC 10 News crew observed officers removing what appeared to be marijuana plants from the Baxter Street home.

    Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks
    Dangers of interracial dating
    Hook up with a black man - he is going to commit a crime and you are going to get arrested with him.

        (black) Man arrested after ripping other man’s testicles during fight, police say
    black suspect BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Deputies arrested Corey Jones after he allegedly ripped open another man’s testicle sac during a fight Tuesday, Dec. 31. Crews were first dispatched to the scene in the 8500 block of Leake Avenue in reference to the incident. Once there, they learned the victim returned to the home after “a bad day at work” and engaged in a verbal argument with Jones.  The victim told investigators the two began struggling. As the fight continued the victim’s testicle sac was torn open, leaving a significant laceration. Investigators noted that the injury will likely require stitches and leave a permanent scar. Jones was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a charge of domestic abuse battery with serious bodily injury.
    --- (If this was 'DOMESTIC ABUSE' -- were these two 'roomies' in a homosexual sodomite relationship???)

        (black) City correction officer charged with fatally shooting his uncle
    black suspectblack suspectA New York city correction officer was busted on murder charges for allegedly gunning down his uncle on the Upper West Side on New Year’s Day, police said Thursday. Cops say the off-duty officer, Cardell Gadsden, 30, and his 37-year-old uncle Steven Gadsden were inside a car with another man on Manhattan Avenue and West 107th Street at around 9:45 p.m. Wednesday when the relatives got into a spat.
    The argument between the uncle and nephew escalated and spilled out onto the sidewalk where Cardell allegedly blasted Steven in the chest, killing him, before walking away, police said. Medics rushed the victim, who lived on West 114th Street, to Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

        NYPD hunts for black man who attacked mom, son in Bronx subway station
    black suspectA man attacked a mom and her young son inside a Bronx subway station, police said Thursday.
    The assault unfolded when the mom was walking with her 8-year-old son on the subway platform at the Elder Avenue station in Soundview at around 12:40 p.m. on Dec. 23, cops said. Authorities say the man first tried to hit the child, but the boy’s mom intervened and stepped in between them. Moments later, the man slugged the mother in the right side of her face before he fled the subway station, police said.

        NYPD releases video, photos of (blak) man wanted for questioning in Harlem killing (of man in 'by-the-hour' hotel)
    black suspectThe NYPD released photos and video Wednesday of a bespectacled man wanted for questioning in the fatal shooting of a 27-year-old at a hotel in Harlem on New Year’s Eve.
    Richard Hall was found around 11:15 p.m. Tuesday with multiple gunshot wounds on his body in a hallway at the New Ebony Hotel on West 112th Street about two blocks north of Central Park near Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, police said.
    The victim was a guest at the hotel, according to an employee who answered the phone at the hotel, which rents rooms for the night and by the hour.
    Police want to question the man seen in the photos wearing a maroon du-rag and a coat with a white fur lined hood.
    (Victim most certainly a black man as the hotel is a 'black' hotel used by prostitutes and 'johns')

        BAD, BAD MAMMY - Two Small Children Killed, Two Adults Critically Injured In Apparent Murder-Suicide Attempt 
    black suspectCHICAGO (CBS)– A baby and a toddler are dead, after a (black) mother attacked her family, and then jumped from an 11th floor window in the South Shore neighborhood on Thursday.

    One 2-year-old boy – identified as Jontavious “John John” Newell – was found unresponsive in a bathtub, while police say the other – identified as 7-month-old Amir Newell – was thrown from that same window. As CBS 2 Investigator Megan Hickey reported, police said it was a difficult case for them.

    They also found Aleah Newell’s 70-year-old grandfather, identified by family as Cadell Walker.
    He’d been stabbed and was also taken to the U of C Medical Center in critical condition.

    If Aleah Newell survives, authorities are expecting to file charges.

        (Hispanic) Bronx murder suspect Mathew Torres arrested trying to flee to Dominican Republic
    A murder suspect was picked up trying to flee to the Dominican Republic through JFK airport Tuesday, according to a law enforcement source.

    Mathew Torres, 27, was charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon for his alleged role in the shooting death of (black man) Devon McFarlane in Mott Haven Dec. 27, according to a criminal complaint.

    “The defendant acting together and in concert with another did cause the death of Devon McFarlane by shooting him with a loaded firearm,” the complaint alleged.

        ILLEGAL ALIEN Asylum seekers in Arizona sent across border back to Mexico

    Philadelphia has 'existential crisis' over dreaded BLACKFACE
    A Mummers group was thrown out of Philadelphia's annual New Year's Day parade because at least one member marched down South Broad Street in blackface. Froggy Carr, a wench brigade that dressed in orange-and-black colored costumes in what was apparently a motif honoring the Flyers mascot Gritty, got booted from the parade competition for best outfit design. (PC Grinch) Mayor Jim "Banana Nose" Kenney tweeted that the man's face paint was "abhorrent and unacceptable."

    What's a 'mummer' - Mummers have their roots in the past, tracing as far back as ancient Egypt. - Mummies?
    one who goes merrymaking in disguise during festivals....

        White NYPD cop who broke into black woman's home, threatened her, resigns from force

        A black woman says Ulta worker told her she was 'too dark' for makeup in store

        Founding fathers never discussed wall of separation between church and state
    “It’s something that the courts and anti-religious groups created to keep religion out of our public square,” says John Bursch, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom.

    Enter Jefferson a decade later, in early 1802, now in the White House and being battered by his political enemies, the Federalists. Publicly pious and eager to show it, they promoted days of fasting and prayer and wanted Jefferson to follow John Adams’ lead and proclaim them from the newly opened White House. He fired off a letter to the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut, in which he laid out his vision of “a wall of separation between church and state.”
    Indeed, he says, two days after he wrote the letter, he attended a prayer service held in the chambers of the House of Representatives. Jefferson would attend similar services “constantly” throughout his presidency, Mr. Hutson wrote.

    1 January 2020

        'Help, He's Gonna Kill Me!' Woman Kidnapped At Knifepoint, Forced Into Van With Cage In It, Cops Say
    black suspectAlabama authorities rescued a woman who had been kidnapped at knifepoint after a quick-thinking witness called police—leading to a wild chase and tense stand-off before the suspect was apprehended.

    Around 2:45 p.m. Sunday, a witness called Brookside Police to report a kidnapping in progress after seeing a man trying to drag a woman into the woods, according to a statement from police.

    The woman was bleeding from the head and face and screaming “Help, he’s gonna kill me!” police said. After the witness stopped, the alleged kidnapper—later identified by police as Sean E. Sanders—forced the woman into a white van and sped off with the witness following behind in pursuit, according to police.

    The witness called police and was able to provide authorities with a vehicle description, license plate number and the direction the vehicle was traveling. Two Brookside patrol units saw the van passing an area church and attempted to stop the suspect, but he fled, leading police on a wild chase with more units joining the pursuit.

    After blocking the van at Mt. Olive Road, officers saw an “injured female victim bleeding from her head being held against her will” and who had been “forced to the floorboard.” The officers tried to enter the vehicle, but Sanders allegedly fought them off and rammed a police unit as he once again fled in the white van.

    Tactical response units were called in to assist and officers were able to bring the van to a stop using a “rolling roadblock” that barricaded the vehicle. Police said Sanders tried to run over a Brookside police officer in a final attempt to flee, but the officer shot into the van, disabling it and ending the chase.

    The van came to a stop in the front yard of a nearby house, but the suspect was able to crawl into the back of the van with the victim leading to a tense standoff with police for more than 35 minutes as the woman screamed for help.

    Police said the van was equipped with a cage in the back, blankets covering the windows and chains locking the doors from the inside.

        (black) Convict ‘crept into nursing home, stripped naked and sexually assaulted patient, 88’
    black suspectLusean Arline reportedly crept into Balboa Healthcare Inc, right, and assaulted an elderly patient. That woman’s family is now suing the care home for negligence. A convict crept into a nursing home through an open door before stripping naked and molesting an 88 year-old woman, a lawsuit claims. The unnamed victim’s family has filed a $50million claim against Balboa Healthcare Inc in San Diego over Lusean Arline’s alleged October 2019 sex attack.
    Arline, who had recently been released on parole for an unspecified offense, is said to have been seen climbing on top of his alleged victim with no clothes on. The 49 year-old was spotted by his alleged victim’s roommate ‘Louise,’ a hearing heard last month, with Arline reportedly fleeing after Louise sounded the alarm.

    The victim’s daughter says she was told her mother had been taken to a local hospital later the same day, according to the lawsuit.  It says the woman arrived at hospital to discover her mother had a broken arm, and was in an emotional state.

        (black AFRICAN with Kenyan surname) Johnston County senior living facility worker accused of raping resident
    black suspectSMITHFIELD, N.C. (WTVD) -- An assisted living facility worker is charged with raping a 79-year-old woman who lived at the facility where he worked.
    According to the Smithfield Police Department, officers were called to the Brookdale Senior Living facility on Berkshire Road around 3 a.m. on December 19 to investigate the assault.

    Joseph Ngigi Kariuki, 47, an employee at Brookdale Senior Living, was arrested and charged with second-degree forcible rape. Kariuki is in jail on a $100,000 bond. - Round em up - ship em out! - SEND THEM ALL BACK!

        (black) Man Wanted In Connection To At Least 7 Sex Assaults In Hamilton Heights
    black suspect

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are searching for a man in connection to at least seven sexual assaults in Harlem. Investigators have released surveillance images of the suspect. The seven incidents happened between Dec. 5 and Dec. 14.Police say he’s groped the women and, in some cases, has pushed them against a wall or to the ground. All the victims are between 22-36 years of age.According to investigators, five of the assaults happened on West 147th Street, while the other two happened on West 145th Street.

        Indiana police arrest (black) man with marijuana purchased in Illinois
    black suspectMichael L. Peavy

        (black) Middlesex County man arrested in Secaucus with loaded handgun: police
    black suspectSharome Neals

        Philly: 16-Year-Old Boy In Critical Condition After Being Shot In Mouth by BLACK suspook

        Police Searching For Black Suspect Who Fired At Least 5 Shots At 21-Year-Old Man In North Philly

        Three Black Suspects Wanted For Stealing $55,000 Worth Of Jewelry From Store In Philadelphia Mills

        (black) Hate crime suspect Tiffany Harris arrested for third time in one week
    black suspectTiffany Harris — arrested and released twice in three days after being charged in separate misdemeanor assaults in Brooklyn, including on a trio of Orthodox Jewish women — was arrested a third time on New Year’s Eve.

        The two African American women approached the 22-year-old Hasidic victim in Broadway Triangle
    where they began taunting him with anti-Semitic slurs, the law enforcement source said.

    Two female attackers yelled “F— you Jew” and “I will kill you Jews” at a Brooklyn man
    before shoving him to the ground when he tried to film their anti-Semitic screed

        Man shot dead inside the New Ebony Hotel in the (Negro) Harlem hood near Adam Clayton Powell Blvd (named after black politician)
    The victim was a guest at the hotel which rents rooms for the night and by the hour.

        Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and Walt Disney looked like 'brothers' and could have 'passed for white'
    Due to his father's achievements, Powell grew up in a wealthy household in New York City.
    Because of his mixed European ancestry, Adam was born with hazel eyes, fair skin and blond hair, such that he could pass for white.
    Later, apparently trying to bolster his black identity, Powell would say that his paternal grandparents were born into slavery. However, his paternal grandmother, Sally Dunning, was at least the third generation of free people of color in her family. In the 1860 census, she is listed as a free mulatto, as were her mother, grandmother, and siblings.... 

    Curious that Obama's white mother's name was Stanley Ann Dunham  (sort of similar to
    Sally Dunning)
    (Another 'Sally') Sarah "Sally" Hemings was an enslaved woman of mixed race owned by President Thomas Jefferson.


        The "Anti-jewish Defamation League and hate crime awareness collective NGO" wishes to inform you retarded racists that
    “We Wuz Kangs” is a racist catchphrase

    and collection of memes directed at African-Americans and other people of sub-Saharan African descent.

     - google image search for "We Wuz Kangs"

        Companies with unsubstantiated Native American heritage awarded $800M in federal minority contracts: report

        White nationalist Augustus Sol Invictus arrested in Florida
    A (goat) blood-drinking white nationalist who ran for US Senate in Florida in 2016 was arrested Monday for kidnapping, domestic violence, and possession of a firearm used during a crime.

    31 December 2019

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