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    Two (ELDERLY WHITE) men stabbed in wild NYC subway attack by (BERSERK BLACK)
black suspect Wild video has emerged of a bizarre stabbing on a Queens subway in which two men were attacked by a knife-wielding stranger, police said.

The partially caught on video brawl began on the 7 train when the suspect, Patrick Chambers, 46, shouted at two elderly men sitting across from him, “Why aren’t you home with your kids?” police said.

Chambers then pulled a blade, allegedly slashing and stabbing the men, who are both in their 70s. The mayhem erupted about 7:25 a.m. on July 5 as the train rolled through Sunnyside. Footage shows the bloody tussle after it began, with the victims on the floor of the train. A woman can be heard shrieking in the background along with a man yelling, “Get off the train!”

The apparent stabber, clad in a black baseball cap, gray tank top and slacks, appears to kick at the men on the floor before walking away to the other end of the subway car — only to return to one of the men, jabbing him at least once with the knife, the clip shows.

Eventually the attacker leaves the train car and a conductor walks through. One of the victims then holds up his bloodied arm for the camera. Both attacker and victims wore face masks to protect against COVID-19. The victims were removed to Elmhurst Hospital in stable condition. The attack comes amid a wave of increasing violence, mostly shootings, across the city. Chambers was arrested and charged with two counts of assault, two counts of menacing and criminal possession of a weapon, which cops recovered from the suspect, police said. - (Black-on-White)

    (Mixed African-american) charged with murder over driveway slaying (of white girlfriend of his black convict brother in jail)
 Just after Amanda Hoglund was gunned down in a driveway on Clarmarnic Drive, one resident called to say there was someone dead in her driveway. “I know who shot her,” the resident said. “It was Martrell Weaver. One of my sons seen it.”

Weaver, 23, was charged Friday with murder, possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon and a charge enhancement, using a firearm in the commission of a crime where death results. He eluded police until this week when he was taken into custody Tuesday in Mansfield, Ohio, plotting his next move in a wooded area. He is being extradited from Ohio, according to the Allen County prosecutor's office. After the public shooting of Hoglund about 5:15 p.m. June 24, Weaver roared out of the driveway in a 2013 black Jeep Patriot. About 45 minutes earlier, witnesses said, Hoglund was at the wheel as she and Weaver left together, according to court documents. At the scene, residents reported the two arrived at the Clarmarnic Drive home arguing, then they both got out of the car. Weaver shot her once and then stood over her and shot three to four more times, they said.

Police found two live rounds stamped F.C. 9 mm Luger near her body and two spent shell casings with the same stamp, court documents said.

Five minutes after Weaver left the scene, he was involved in a hit-and-run crash at North Anthony Boulevard and Crescent Avenue. A woman who witnessed the crash followed the black Jeep to the 3400 block of Kirkland Avenue and saw Weaver get out of the Jeep, grabbing a black backpack.

While a police dog attempted to track Weaver on Coliseum Boulevard East close to Hobson Road, a witness saw him walk behind a home on Kirkland Avenue, describing him down to the clothes he was wearing, his silver earrings, his black backpack and the black and gold handgun in his hand, court documents said. A security guard at Intellectual Technology on Coliseum Boulevard East reported to police that Weaver was seen walking through the firm's parking lot, talking on a cellphone. Detectives knew Weaver headed for Ohio after interviewing the woman, who said she picked Weaver up at Hobson and Coliseum at Chapman Place Assisted Living. He had a black backpack, pulled out a gray gun and “manipulated it,” then shoved it back into his backpack, court documents said. He told her he “was leaving for Ohio and that he was turning his phones off.” When police searched the Jeep, they found a 9 mm live round in plain view on the Jeep's front seat, stamped with F.C. 9 mm Luger and a spent shell casing with the same imprint, court documents said.

Weaver knew Hoglund through his incarcerated (black) brother, Vincent Weaver, according to Brandon Winston, owner of Truth Ink, a tattoo parlor on Lima Road, where she had returned to work and was being trained to be a manager. Winston said he and friends from Truth Ink tried to separate Hoglund from the Weavers.
- (Black-on-White)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    Florida Attorney General calls for investigation of abortion center linked to Pornhub trafficking case of minor
black suspectThe girl’s trafficker took the girl for an illegal abortion in an attempt to cover up his abuse which he filmed and posted to pornhub
TALLAHASSEE, Florida, July 10, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has called for an investigation of an abortion center that provided an abortion to a 15-year-old girl who became pregnant in the course of being repeatedly assaulted and filmed in videos that were eventually uploaded to Pornhub. The girl’s trafficker took the girl for an illegal abortion in an attempt to cover up his crimes.

Attorney General Moody now wants to know if the abortion center failed to report “abuse or neglect” of the minor and if such failure did “enable the further exploitation of the victim in this case.” “From the report, it does not appear that detectives nor the Department of Children and Families received any report of abuse or neglect from the provider. [...] More troubling to me is the fact that it appears that a thirty-year-old unrelated male took a minor to the provider and no report of abuse or neglect was apparently triggered,” Moody wrote in a June 4, 2020 letter to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The letter was obtained by LifeSiteNews. 

(BLACK) Suspect Christopher J. Johnson has been charged.

  • 58 porno videos of 15-year-old girl lead to Davie, FL negro’s arrest; also impregnated her
  • 58 porno videos of 15-year-old girl lead to Davie man’s arrest
  • Suspect arrested after missing teen girl was spotted on Pornhub
  • “White Girl Moans Black Lives Matter”
    Outwardly, Pornhub has joined large companies such as Amazon, Twitter, and Nike in the corporate rush to put out public statements that condemn racism. @Pornhub, the site’s popular Twitter account run by Aria Nathaniel, wrote that “Pornhub stands in solidarity against social injustice,” and encouraged people to give to organizations such as the Bail Project and the NAACP. The site also promised to donate $100,000.

    Around the same time, Pornhub saw the rise of a new subgenre: Black Lives Matter porn. One such video is called “White Girl Moans Black Lives Matter While Getting F*cked #BLM.” Another is “Black Anal Matters.” There is also a subcategory called BLM protest that mainly shows Black men penetrating white women during a supposed Black Lives Matter protest. Some of these women have “BLM” written on their backs, while others are in jail cells being penetrated by Black porn performers dressed as police officers. In a classic marriage of racist themes, one video purports to show a “black lives matter thug choking out a white cop daughter.”

    Wesley Chapel homeowner fires on three (BLACK) intruders, killing two of them
black suspectsblack suspectWESLEY CHAPEL, FL — Two armed intruders were shot dead and a third was wounded when a homeowner fired on them early Friday, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

The homeowner said he was inside his home playing video games when at about 12:43 a.m. he heard the glass of his laundry room door shatter, according to a sheriff’s report. He saw an arm reach inside to unlock the door. Then the homeowner said he saw a masked man walk in and aim a gun at him.

The homeowner said he grabbed his Glock 9mm pistol, which was just a few feet away, and fired several times at the intruder. He saw the intruder fall down, the report said. Then a second masked intruder entered the house, and the homeowner said he fired at him, too. That intruder also collapsed.

The masked men were aiming their weapons at the homeowner when they were shot, said Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco. The homeowner said he then saw a third intruder enter, the report said. The homeowner started firing again, but said his Glock jammed. Then he said he grabbed a Kriss Vector 10mm semi-automatic rifle, but didn’t fire it. The third intruder had run away.

The homeowner said he called his neighbor for help and told him he had just shot two intruders. While the homeowner was on the phone with 911, he said, he heard his neighbor yelling outside: The neighbor had detained the third intruder, who was wounded, at gunpoint in the front yard. The homeowner went outside to help.

“The victim advised he shot all three intruders because they were armed and forced entry into his home and he believed they were going to kill him,” said an arrest report. When deputies arrived, the two intruders were pronounced dead at the scene. The third was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

He was identified as Jeremiah Tramel, 19, and was still in a hospital on Friday, according to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. The two intruders who were killed were Luis Casado and Khyle Durham, both 21.

When he heard gunfire, Tramel said he went into the home and ended up getting shot, the report said. Nocco said investigators asked the homeowner why he may have been targeted. He told them he posted a lot of photos of his guns on social media and that may have been the reason why. Nocco said he appears to know the intruders, but did not elaborate. “This is not a total random situation,” he said. The sheriff said the intruders who died have histories of violent crime.
  • VINE, America’s number one victim notification network identifies the suspect as black

  •     Police Searching For 2 Black Suspects After Robbery At iGenius Phone Store In Northeast Philly

        Warrant shows paid cover-up by black NFL footballers Baker, Dunbar
    black suspectsFriend of NFL stars DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar accused of orchestrating $55,000 pay-off 'to silence victims of their armed robbery' after records reveal damning social media posts, video footage - Two NFL stars accused of robbing four Florida partygoers at gunpoint have found their legal woes mounting, after police produced transcripts of conversations and a video seemingly showing attempts by a friend to pay off the four men who were allegedly robbed.  The pair, both from Miami, were allegedly at a cookout in Miramar, Broward County, playing cards and video games when a fight broke out.   Baker, according to police, flipped over a card table and then 'whipped out a semi-automatic firearm', and began directing Dunbar and two others to start robbing the guests at the gathering.

    Report: Search Warrant Shows Cover-Up for DeAndre Baker, Quinton Dunbar in Armed Robbery Case

        Two Hispanic Texas officers shot and killed while responding to an Hispanic domestic disturbance call
    Two officers in McAllen, Texas, were shot and killed Saturday when they walked up to the door of a home where assaults had reportedly taken place, the police chief said.

    Edelmiro Garza, Jr. 45, an eight-year veteran of the McAllen Police Department, and Ismael Chavez, 39, a two-year veteran, were killed before the gunman fatally shot himself, said Chief Victor Rodriguez.

    "They go to the door of the residence," Rodriguez said in a news conference. "A person who was a suspect of the incident met our officers at the door and shot both officers as they stood there." Neither Garza nor Chavez had time to radio for help or pull out their guns, he said. "Our officers did not draw their weapons, did not fire, never stood a chance," Rodriguez said. Other officers who arrived confronted the gunman near the house and ordered him to put his weapon down. "At that point in time, he raises the gun and shoots himself," Rodriguez said. He was identified as Aldon Jaramillo, 23, who had a police record for alleged assault, drunk driving, fleeing from officers and possession of marijuana, Rodriguez said.

      Reputed MS-13 gang member hit with charges over 2012 murder

        HISPANIC Tampa man faces charge of attempted murder in Dover shooting
    DOVER, FL — A 30-year-old Tampa man was arrested after a June 29 shooting, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday.

    Jose Manuel Zayas shot and wounded the victim at about 6:30 p.m. at an unidentified address on San Diego Lane, deputies said.

    The Sheriff’s Office did not release the name of the victim, say if they knew Zayas or what circumstances led to the shooting, or why the arrest was announced 10 days after Zayas was taken into custody.

        Disgraced 'jewish' young girl defiler Jeffrey Epstein's Ghislaine Maxwell filmed US politicians with underage girls, former pal claims
    Ghislaine Maxwell once boasted she had video of two “high profile” US politicians, along with other powerful figures, having sex with underage girls, claims a former jewel thief who described the disgraced socialite as a nymphomaniac.

        Detroit PD video shows dead nigger storage fired on kwops; monkeys and their lovers chimp out

        8 arrests made during Friday protests after Detroit police fatally shoot (black) man
    Detroit police chief: Video shows killing of man by officers was justified shooting

        San Francisco tech CEO steps down from company, enrolls in 'anti-racist program' after tirade against Asian family

        'Red' De Blasio doubles down on support of Marxist Black Lives Matter protests in NYC

        The United States once had the most powerful Military in the world
    All downhill since Truman integrated the army in 1948
    Madeline Swegle makes history as US Navy's 1st Black female fighter pilot 

        Alabama Five Guys employees who reportedly refused to serve cops have been fired or suspended, restaurant says

        Jackie Lacey, the first black DA from Los Angeles, is the target of Black Lives Matter

        Portland, OR Police: Arrest made after hammer attack on federal officer

        Biden’s family racks up arrests for drugs, drunk driving — but no jail time

        Twitter suspends dozens of white nationalist accounts that spread Christchurch shootings conspiracy theory
    The pan-European group calls for a “remigration” of Muslims from Europe and spreads an (alleged) conspiracy theory claiming that white people are being eradicated.

        NYPD cop placed in headlock while trying to break up Bronx crowd, video shows - (language) - (obscene negro ooking)

        Virgin Mary statue vandalized with graffiti in NYC

        State Dept. warns Americans in China of risk of detention, interrogation: report
    “Security personnel may detain and/or deport U.S. citizens for sending private electronic messages critical of the Chinese government."

        TIERNEY REAL NEWS FOR 7/21/2020

        (tiny extract....)
    Rudy Giuliani says Black Lives Matter is run by 3 Communists & financed by a terrorist, Susan Rosenberg, that he convicted in 1985 -- whose 58-year sentence for blowing up Federal buildings was commuted by Bill Clinton.

    BLM is a money laundering front for the DNC & the global Communist Party. Giuliani says BLM will be revealed as a terrorist, anti-white & anti-Semitic organization - just like its partners in CAIR, ANTIFA, Black Bloc, Occupy, YLF & JBGC.

    10 July 2020

        Police Search For (cowardly subhuman black) demons In Beating Of Elderly (Hispanic) Man At Lancaster, CA Grocery Store
    suspooks LANCASTER, CA (CBSLA) — Police are searching for two suspects involved in the beating of an elderly man at a grocery store in Lancaster on Wednesday. Roberto Flores Lopez, 82, was using the bathroom at Superior Grocers on East Avenue J when a man attacked him there, according to his family. He suffered a broken jaw, a broken nose, and several fractures.

    “He’s in pretty bad shape,” Francisco Orzorico, Lopez’s son, said in a press conference on Thursday.
    Community members said the violent attack will not be tolerated in their neighborhood. “That is not the way people are to be treated in our area,” said Lancaster resident Henry Hearns.

    On Thursday, investigators released photos of the alleged suspects in the incident.
    The first is a black male, around 20 to 25 years old. He is approximately 5’8″ and 250 lbs.
    The second suspect is a black female adult, last seen wearing a multicolored short/romper and a black face mask with red lips.
    The man allegedly attacked Flores and robbed him. The female is believed to have accompanied the man into the store. Both were last seen running from the store. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Esswein with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department at (661) 948 – 8466.

        (BLACK) Man in critical condition after being shot by Longmont police after he pointing what looked like a pistol at the officers
    Man pointed what appeared to be pistol at officers, police say

    black suspectThe Denver Colorado Post reports that Longmont police shot a man early Friday morning after he reportedly pulled a BB gun designed to look like a pistol on officers.

    The man, who has only been identified as a 26-year-old Black man from Illinois, is in critical condition at Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland after being airlifted from Longs Peak Hospital in Longmont.

        BLACK NYC man accused of sex trafficking teen girls out of hotel near JFK

  • VINE, America’s number one victim notification network identifies the suspect as black

  •     After (black) man tried to rape woman in pond, algae helped solve case, Orange deputies say -(subscription required)
    black suspectOrlando Sentinel
    A forensic botanist helped solve a kidnapping and attempted rape in the Waterford Lakes area by linking algae on the victim's and suspect's clothes to a retention pond where the man dragged her, the Orange County Sheriff's Office said Thursday.

    Patrick Jamiz Howard, 30, was booked into the Orange County Jail on May 15. He faces charges of kidnapping with intent to inflict harm or terrorize and attempted sexual battery.
  • VINE, America’s number one victim notification network identifies the suspect as black

  •     Man dies after being shot during convenience store robbery a Black or Latino male, in far northeast Dallas

        Detroit police release video of officer involved shooting of BLACK man who pulled gun first
    black suspectDETROIT (FOX 2) - Detroit police have released video of the officer-involved shooting that left a man dead at McNichols and San Juan. The video appears to show the suspect interfere with the arrest of another man and pull a gun, firing at police.
    (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO) A young man who's been identified as Hakim Littleton was shot and killed by officers after he apparently pulled out a gun and fired twice at close range on an officer. Detroit Police Chief James Craig said he fired twice at the officer and that it was a miracle, the officer was not struck. Three officers returned fire with four shots, and Littleton is said to have kept firing at the officers as he fell to the ground, shooting two more times, but missing police.

        LOCO ANTI-WHITE RACIST HISPANIC 'targeting a White person' killed motorcyclist, prosecutors say
    The victim, Phillip Thiessen, was a Marine veteran and former law enforcement officer
    Police in Fond du Lac, Wis., say a 27-year-old man intentionally slammed his pickup head-on into a motorcyclist because he was “targeting a White person,” leaving the rider dead last week, investigators said Thursday.

    Daniel Navarro allegedly swerved his father’s 2004 Dodge Dakota pickup into the victim’s path without braking on July 3, Fond du Lac Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt said at a news conference Thursday.

    Authorities identified the deceased as 55-year-old Phillip Thiessen, a Marine veteran and former Virginia police officer who had retired from a career with the Wisconsin Department of Justice, where he’d investigated crimes against children. After his retirement in 2018, he volunteered at the local food pantry.

    Investigators arrived at the scene to find Thiessen’s body, witnesses trying to render aid, and Navarro standing nearby waiting for deputies, authorities said. When a patrol sergeant arrived, the sheriff said Navarro stated he had intentionally slammed into the motorcycle and passed a field sobriety test. Navarro allegedly targeted the motorcycle due to the rider’s race and the fact that injuries in such a crash would likely be fatal, Waldschmidt said. Navarro was unhurt.

    A criminal complaint said Navarro told investigators that he had been “poisoned” by friends, co-workers and neighbors and that he could hear neighbors making “racist comments through the walls.”  His purported antagonists were all “Caucasian,”  and he claimed they were targeting him because he is “Mexican.” Navarro allegedly chose his target because “White people drive motorcycles,” especially Harley-Davidsons.

    He also claimed he wanted to go to prison to be “free from the people that harass him in his home,” according to Waldschmidt. Investigators said they filed homicide and hate crime charges, adding that although the attack was targeted based on race, Navarro did not know Thiessen was a retired member of the law enforcement community.  - (NNN Hatecrimes)

      World reacts to Turkey reconverting HISTORIC CHRISTIAN CATHEDRAL into a satan-worshiping muslim mosque
    UNESCO, Greece, Cyprus and church leaders among others express concern about changing status of the sixth-century site.

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared Istanbul's iconic Hagia Sophia open to Muslim worship on Friday after a top court ruled the building's conversion to a museum by modern Turkey's founding statesman was illegal.

    The UNESCO World Heritage Site in Istanbul, a magnet for tourists worldwide, was first constructed as a cathedral in the Christian Byzantine Empire but was converted into a mosque after the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1453.

    Islam is not a religion but a criminal conspiracy dedicated to the murder, enslavement or blackmail of all non-muslims (infidels, kafirs)

    Israeli flag
    The Philadelphia Eagles penalized unknown black footballer who posted anti-Semitic quotes he attributed to Hitler on Instagram

        Missouri couple who defended home have rifle seized during police search: report
    "[They said] that they were going to kill us," Patricia McCloskey told Hannity on Monday night. "They were going to come in there. They were going to burn down the house. They were going to be living in our house after I was dead, and they were pointing to different rooms and said, 'That’s going to be my bedroom and that’s going to be the living room and I’m going to be taking a shower in that room’.”" The couple said protesters also threatened to harm their dog, which was outside the home at the time.

    'We'll paint it again with better paint': CityS removes 'Defund the Police' mural on Water Street
    The city worked with activists and others to paint "Black Lives Matter" at the intersection of West Locust Street and North King Drive. Meanwhile, the Common Council has asked the city budget office to examine what a 10% reduction to the Milwaukee Police Department budget would look like.

        COLUMBIA, S.C. — Counterprotesters said a passing driver pointed a gun at them Friday and said "All Lives Matter,"
    as competing groups gathered in front of South Carolina's capitol building to mark the five-year anniversary of the state's removal of the Confederate battle flag from Statehouse grounds.

        Police seeking (homeless) N.Y. couple accused of racist attack on 'black desk clerk' at Connecticut hotel that was caught on video
    They are accused of attacking Crystal Caldwell, a Black desk clerk, at a Quality Inn on June 26 after complaining about a lack of hot water in their room.

        Chicago: Bricks thrown at Hispanic alderman’s home, neighbor’s garage set on fire: ‘This is gang intimidation'

        Tucker: City of Seattle tells white employees to work on undoing their whiteness
    White employees were informed that their so-called 'white' qualities were offensive and unacceptable.

        Goya Foods CEO won't apologize in face of boycott, backlash for pro-Trump remarks: 'Suppression of speech'
    “We were part of a commission called the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative and they called on us to be there to see how we could help opportunities within the economic and educational realm for prosperity among Hispanics and among the United States,” Unanue told "Fox & Friends." Unanue said that the United States is the second-largest Hispanic country in the world behind Mexico.

        Retired cops launch PAC to help elect pro-police candidates

        Oklahoma pro-police group launches petition to oust Norman mayor, council for cutting funding

        PRO-WHITE NETWORK has links to various PRO-WHITE sites - [Including New Nation News - thanks]

    9 July 2020

        BLACK AFRICAN Driver, 27, who hit (white 'female') Seattle protesters, killing one and injuring another, is charged with vehicular homicide and remains in custody on $1.2million bail
    black suspect
    BLACK AFRICAN Driver who hit QUEER LGBT-XYZ protesters in Seattle, killing one, charged with three felonies
    Dawit Kelete is a US citizen originally from Eritrea, in Africa, and lives with his parents in Seattle, Browne said, adding that they’re very religious.
    BLACK AFRICAN Dawit Kelete Accused of Running Over (white lesbo-queer) Seattle Protesters
    - (
        Dawit Kelete, suspected CIA-USAID, ‘Playboy Assassin’ in Seattle high speed ramming (His social media)
    The CIA has flooded American campuses with the sons of Somali pirates, warlords and high ranking al Qaeda operatives. Sometimes it backfires just as with the Saudi pilots who started murdering US Naval Aviators.

    black suspect

        (black) Security Guard Charged With Murder In Shooting Of Gardena Market Customer Not Wearing A Mask
    black suspectsGARDENA (CBSLA) — A security guard who authorities say shot a man Sunday night outside a Gardena store — after they fought over him not wearing a mask — has been charged with murder, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

    Umeir Hawkins, 38, and his wife, Sabrina Carter, 50, both of Los Angeles, were arrested Monday in connection with the murder of 50-year-old Jerry Lewis of Gardena. Lewis was pronounced dead Sunday evening at a store in the 2300 block of Rosecrans Avenue.

    Lewis was also known by his rapper alias “Madd Head.” He gained popularity in the 1990s and for one of his songs, “Pimp’n Ain’t Ez,” which was featured on the “Beavis And Butthead – Do America” soundtrack.

    Police say Hawkins was an employee of the store Lewis had visited while waiting for a tow truck. According to the DA’s office, Lewis had tried to enter the market without a mask and started arguing with Hawkins. Lewis left the store, then returned and began physically fighting with Hawkins.

    (The black female) Carter, who had been waiting in the parking lot for Lewis to finish work, armed herself with a handgun and intervened in the fight by pointing it at Lewis and other customers, according to Gardena police. As Lewis walked away from the store toward his vehicle, police say Hawkins took out a second firearm and shot Lewis as he was walking away.

    According to the prosecutors, both Hawkins and Carter were convicted in 2013 for assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury. Hawkins has been charged with murder, and both he and his wife are also facing a count each of possession of a handgun by a felon.

        (black) Mom claims racism behind prosecution of crazed black man who stabbed his (white female) roommate in the 'chest'
    black suspect This much everybody can agree on: something was wrong with 29-year-old Donte Epps on Oct. 4, 2019, when he attacked his female "roommate" with a 9-inch knife in their Buena Park apartment.

    Dangerously agitated, Epps said something about trying to protect his roommate, but then stabbed her in the chest and continued the assault even after police arrived, according to those close to the investigation.

    Epps, who has a real estate license and worked selling luxury cars, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and has been in jail nine months on $1 million bail while his case works its way through a court system slowed by COVID-19.
    Epps’ mother, Terronda, inisists he was overcharged and treated unfairly. And, she says, the reason is simple: “He’s a Black man who has an offense with a white woman at a time when we have a nation in the midst of racial unrest. … I believe he was racially charged.
    - (Black-on-White)

    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
    (Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

        (black) Fugitive Ex-Con Shot Dead By US Marshals In Paterson Was Wanted For Ex-GF's Killing
    black suspectA fugitive ex-con killed during a shootout in Paterson early Wednesday was wanted by the NYPD for the brutal beating death of his sometimes-girlfriend on a Harlem street.

    A loaded 9mm handgun was found near the body of Malik Canty, a 36-year-old Bloods gang member, after he was taken out by members of the U.S. Marshals Service NY/NJ Regional Fugitive Task Force in a second-floor Hamilton Avenue apartment at 6:30 a.m., state Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal said. Canty had exchanged gunfire with his pursuers before he was killed, responders said.
    A SWAT team then made entry into the apartment, where his body was found, they said. No responders were injured.

    Canty, who’d been released from prison last June after serving three years on a weapons conviction, was wanted on a murder warrant for the death of Renee Campbell, 31, who was beaten into a coma on West 127th St. near Lenox Avenue last Oct. 2.

    Campbell, who worked as in customer service rep at the Whole Foods in Manhattan’s Union Square, remained on life support before dying eight days later. She left behind a 4-year-old daughter and 8-year-old sonboth of whom loved ones said she had with Canty. Surveillance video captured her being punched repeatedly in the face, the NYPD said. Canty fled, leading to a search for him that ended Wednesday morning.

        (black) Chicago Man Who Fired Gun Into Murder Victim’s Grave During Burial Service Sentenced to 15 Years in Federal Prison
    black suspect

    CHICAGO — A Chicago man who fired a gun into the grave of a murder victim during his burial service has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison.

    During the Nov. 22, 2017, service at Evergreen Cemetery in Evergreen Park, Elston Stevenson drew a handgun and said words to the effect of, “You ain’t [expletive]. You got what you deserved.” Stevenson fired a single shot into the grave of the deceased man, who had been murdered two days earlier.

    Stevenson then waved the gun in the direction of the mourners as he fled the service. He was arrested a short time later near the entrance of the cemetery.

    Stevenson, 57, pleaded guilty to one count of illegal possession of a firearm by a previously convicted felon. U.S. District Judge John J. Tharp, Jr., imposed the 15-year sentence July 1, 2020, in federal court in Chicago.

    “When a felon brings a loaded gun to a populated area and uses the gun to threaten and endanger strangers, this conduct will not be tolerated,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Cornelius A. Vandenberg argued in the government’s sentencing memorandum. “The mourners were all in the immediate vicinity of the defendant when he produced the loaded weapon and were placed in danger by the defendant’s reckless firing of the weapon into the gravesite.”

        (black) Chicago man, 41, who 'stabbed his grandmother, 96, to death with a pitchfork and injured his mother, 73, after demanding money'
    black suspect A Chicago man has been charged with murder and attempted murder for allegedly stabbing his 96-year-old grandmother to death and injuring his 73-year-old mother with a pitchfork.

    Dujuan Randle, 41, appeared in court on Thursday and was ordered held without bond on charges of first-degree murder and first-degree attempted murder in connection to Tuesday's deadly attack which was sparked by a row over money.

    According to the Chicago Police Department, Randle was taken into custody before 11.30am  just minutes after he stabbed Myrtis Jackson, 96, and his 73-year-old mother outside the home they all shared.

    Randle allegedly used a pitchfork to stab both women multiple times, killing the 96-year-old Jackson
    Sources say the suspect has a history of mental illness.

        New video of BLACK sex assault suspect in Washington Heights

        Retailers nix coconut milk from Thai suppliers that use monkey slave labor

        (black) Suspect in East New York double murder arrested in West Virginia
    black suspectCops caught the suspect in an East New York double homicide, barricaded in a house down in West Virginia, police sources said.

    A wig-wearing Charles Hernandez, 47, allegedly used an AR-15-style rifle to gun down a man and woman on Van Siclen Avenue near Livonia Avenue around 12:30 p.m. Saturday, according to police. Hernandez, in a blond wig and blue trench coat, allegedly fired of 27 rounds, striking Chioteke Thompson, 23, in the face and Stephanie Perkins, 39, in the back, according to police and video of the incident. Both died at the scene.

        (black) Chicago man charged with murder in beating death of 1-year-old boy
    black suspectChicago authorities have charged a 23-year-old man with murder in connection with the beating death of a toddler earlier this week on the city’s South Side.

    Michael Robinson allegedly pummeled the 23-month-old boy just after noon on the 4200 block of South Calumet Avenue Tuesday, punching him multiple times in the face, police said.

    Antwun Gayden, the victim, was pronounced dead at Comer Children’s Hospital a half hour after the incident.

         Officials: Two Black Men Indicted For Gun Shop Burglary In Delaware
    black suspectsOn July 7, 2020, a federal grand jury indicted Nahsiem McIntosh, 21 years old, and Derris Lloyd, 35, both of Wilmington, Delaware, for offenses related to the May 31, 2020, burglary of the American Sportsman, a federal firearms dealer in Newark, Delaware.

        Teen’s Facebook Message To Mom Thwarts HISPANIC Whore Trafficking Ring, 8 Men Arrested
    MALVERN, Pa. (CBS) — A 14-year-old’s Facebook message, “I don’t want to be here anymore,” helped investigators dismantle a human trafficking ring in Malvern, and ended in the arrests of eight men — the three alleged ringleaders and five men who paid to have sex with the victims.

    Authorities charged 34-year-old Dimas Omar Cornejo Hernadez, also known as “Adonys,” 25-year-old Franklin Rivera Mendieta, also known as “Mono,” and 33-year-old Josue Sibrian Sanchez, also known as “Sibrian,” with running a corrupt organization that engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity, including trafficking minors, involuntary servitude, criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, rape, involuntary deviated sexual intercourse, promoting prostitution and other related offenses. The alleged crimes happened between February and May. Investigators say the men were holding a 14-year-old girl against her will and forced her to have sex for money with as many as four to five individuals per day, at three different locations in the township. Citizenship status of the Hispanic suspects has not been reported in this news article...

      ICE deports illegal immigrant linked to El Salvador terror groups
    Authorities say Saul Alberto Benavides was a member of the transnational criminal organization known as the 18th Street Gang.

      HISPANIC Mother located, arrested in 1993 killing of 3-year-old girl in East Palo Alto
    Suspect, now 54, fled to Mexico shortly after Yvani Sanchez died at Stanford Hospital and had been sought since

    A woman who left the country shortly after her 3-year-old daughter was found mortally beaten in East Palo Alto in 1993 has been located in Southern California and arrested in connection with the killing, authorities said.

    Yolanda Ortega, 54, was tracked to a shopping-center parking lot in Oxnard and arrested late Tuesday afternoon by agents with the U.S. Marshals Service, according to East Palo Alto police. 

    Investigators say that 27 years ago, Ortega and her husband fled to Mexico in the wake of the death of 3-year-old Yvani Sanchez, who was found unresponsive at an apartment complex in the 2300 block of Ralmar Avenue just before noon on June 28, 1993.

    Israeli flag
    Julian Edelman, a (caucasoid) Jewish NFL star, responds to (negroid) DeSean Jackson's anti-Semitic posts
    Even though we're talking about anti-Semitism, I don't want to distract from how important the Black Lives Matter movement is
    and how we need to stay behind it. I think the Black and Jewish communities have a lot of similarities."

        Black Lives Fecal Matter' painted in front of Orange Man's Tower on 5th Avenue

    When the minority-majority elects a communist with a negro wife to be Mayor of New York City
    he gets away with being able to use mostly NOT-black taxpayer funds to paint vile black supremacist GRAFFITI on public street
        De Blasio heckled as he paints ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural at Trump Tower
    Mayor Bill de Blasio was greeted with a few jeers as he showed up to help paint a giant Black Lives Matter mural on Fifth Avenue outside Trump Tower on Thursday — with a couple of angry onlookers shouting “douchebag de Blasio” upon his arrival.

    The mayor joined first (negress)  lady Chirlane McCray, the Rev. Al Sharpton, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) to fill in the letter “L” with yellow paint for what some critics, including President Trump himself, have called a political stunt. When he arrived around 11:30 a.m., two or three men shouted “douchebag de Blasio” at Hizzoner as he crossed the street.
        NYC Black Lives Matter marches can continue despite large-event ban, de Blasio says

        Melrose, MA Mayor grovels for sign that said 'all lives matter'
    The mayor of a Massachusetts town apologized Wednesday for an electronic road sign saying “all lives matter” and vowed to find out why the message was displayed. Melrose Mayor Paul Brodeur ordered the message, which said “the safety of all lives matter,” to be taken down immediately, he tweeted Wednesday. The electronic sign was put up on Main Street and appeared to belong to the Melrose Police Department, according to the photo that Brodeur posted.

        Ark. mammy ooks niglet, 6 wuz kicked out of Christian daycare center for wearing BLFecalM t-shirts

        Video shows (dark) man spray graffiti outside Manhattan courthouse as NYPD cops watch

        Man who dumped trash on lawn over Trump flag arrested in New Jersey

        WATCH: Vancouver kwops to investigate tire marks on LGBT Queer crosswalk as 'gesture of hate'
    "Co-opting a symbol traditionally beloved by young children to reframe it as a symbol for pride in men having buttsex with each other, then brainwashing by woke bureaucrats to force it upon their community to “own” the western Christian male, only to be enforced by cops."

        Young Americans willing to give up First Amendment rights to avoid offending others

        PATRIOTIC HEROES alter Black Lives Matter RACIST GRAFITTI  outside of Chicago to say 'All Lives Matter'

        Columbia mural highlighting diversity vandalized with racial slur, reward offered

        Trump: Supreme Court ruling a 'witch hunt' and 'hoax'

        Richmond's Confederate Soldiers and Sailors statue dismantled, latest monuments to come down


    Man strikes Black Lives Matter protester with vehicle on Long Island: police - man falsely claims to have been hit

        Unknown worthless black footballer Apologizes for Gay & Anti-jew slurs

        Chinese Professor charged over scheme to use $4M in US grant money to conduct research for China
    A criminal complaint alleges that Song Guo Zheng was a participant in a Chinese Talent Plan, a program established by China to recruit individuals with access to foreign intellectual property
    Professor arrested during alleged attempt to flee US with computers, phones, USB drives
    Another U.S. professor "with strong ties to China" has been arrested and charged with allegedly lying about his ties to the communist country.

    Song Guo Zheng, who the Justice Department described as a "rheumatology professor and researcher," allegedly used more than $4.1 million in federal research funding to help advance China's capabilities with regard to rheumatology and immunology. The Justice Department alleges he then failed to disclose to the U.S. government that he held employment in China while conducting U.S. taxpayer-funded research as a researcher at multiple universities in the U.S., including Ohio State University.

    According to the government's announcement, Zheng was arrested in Alaska just after deplaning a chartered flight that had landed in Anchorage. Zheng was allegedly getting ready to board another chartered flight to China carrying "three large bags, one small suitcase and a briefcase containing two laptops, three cellular telephones, several USB drives, several silver bars, expired Chinese passports for his family, deeds for property in China, and other items."

        Canadian Connection to George Soros’ Revolution

    George Soros, U.S. citizen of Hungarian birth, is one of the wealthiest men in the world. Over the past three decades, he has distributed over $32 billion, worldwide, through his Open Society Foundations. The budget for 2020 alone is $1.2 billion. Soros’ Open Society is active in 120 countries, working through national and regional organizations, and also with opposition political parties in order to undermine pro-life and pro-family governments, such as those in Poland and Hungary.

    The purpose of this funding is to create a revolution to change the world through a radical, liberal agenda. Soros wants to decriminalize drugs and prostitution, strip gender of its biological basis, eliminate national borders, abolish the traditional family, promote abortion and indoctrinate children with a liberal ideology.  (More....

      Objective Naming (of Muslim terrorist antichrist threat to the world)
    To reason well you need to use the right words and names. Words with “fuzzy” meanings lead to fuzzy thinking. In dealing with Islam we need to use words that come from Islam--words found in the Koran, Sira and the Haidth. As an example, use the word “jihad”, not “terrorism”.

    One of the advantages in using the right words is that if opens a new way to persuade others. When you use the right words, it causes new thoughts in the person you are talking to. 

    This is one of my best lectures. - by 
    Bill Warner PhD

    8 July 2020

        (black) Man accused of stabbing (a NOT-black) victim for staring at him in Brooklyn bodega
    black suspect Police have released surveillance footage showing a suspect stab another man for allegedly staring at him inside a Downtown Brooklyn bodega. The attack occurred last Monday night at about 11:30 p.m. inside Metro Finest Deli on Schermerhorn Street near Bond Street, cops said.

    The still-at-large (black) male suspect was captured on video stabbing the victim several times near the store’s front counter. Police said the victim was stabbed once to the shoulder and once to the head.
    As the victim falls to the ground, the video shows, his attacker also kicks him.
    The victim was taken to Methodist Hospital in stable condition, police said.

        12-year-old BLACK animal charged for attempted rape in Queens
    black suspectA 12-year-old boy was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly attempting to rape a woman in Queens, cops said.

    The boy, whose identity has not been released due to his age, has been accused following a 37-year-old woman into her Ridgewood building at Gates and Cypress Avenues around 8 a.m. Monday. Once inside, the boy allegedly shoved the victim to the floor and attempted to remove her clothing. But the woman fought back and the pre-teen ran out of the building, according to police. The kid has been charged with robbery, assault, burglary, sex abuse, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. Police originally believed the suspect was between 20 and 30 years old.

        NYPD probes link between Bronx slayings and fatal drive-by shooting of black father holding 6-yr-old daughter's hand
    black suspectblack suspect Two men were killed in a hail of bullets in a Bronx apartment-building hallway — and the NYPD was probing Tuesday whether it was revenge for the fatal drive-by shooting of a father walking with his 6-year-old daughter just hours before, police sources told The Post.

    Two gunmen cornered Joel Baba, Eghosa Imafidon and a third man — identified by locals as Baba’s brother — in the hallway of a Claremont building at about 8 p.m. Sunday, according to cops. Harrowing surveillance footage released by the NYPD shows the shooters converging on the three men in the building on East 171st Street near College Avenue. As one of the assailants ascends a flight of stairs toward the victims, his partner approaches down the hallway, each firing at the trapped trio as they tried desperately to get into an apartment for safety. After opening fire from a few feet away, one of the gunmen closes in to unload again from close range at the already writhing victims, then runs off, the video shows.
    Ramos bemoaned the now-constant violence gripping the city, exemplified by a Fourth of July weekend that saw 49 people struck by gunfire — 10 fatally — and a week that saw 101 shot, the most in a seven-day period since June 1995.

        (surly black) suspect who was victim in Queens NYPD chokehold video busted in Bronx
    black suspectThe Brooklyn man whose caught-on-camera arrest went viral last month — leading to a cop’s arrest for allegedly using an illegal chokehold — has been arrested himself, police said.

    Ricky Bellevue, 35, was arrested near the 42nd Precinct stationhouse in the Bronx shortly before noon Tuesday after he allegedly slashed a man’s face with a box cutter after making anti-gay statements, according to police.

    Police said Bellevue cut the 27-year-old victim while the two fought over the man’s bag.
    Cops said they were alerted and took Bellevue and the second suspect, a 28-year-old man who has not been identified, into custody. The victims were treated at the scene, police said.

        (black) Gun Violence Continues To Plague black Philadelphia As At Least 7 (most likely black) People Shot Tuesday Night

        Black Brooklyn man busted for stabbing pharmacy staffer during robbery
    black suspect A knife-wielding Brooklyn man was arrested on Wednesday and charged with repeatedly stabbing a drugstore employee while attempting to rob a Canarsie pharmacy last year, federal prosecutors said.

    Rayvaughn Williams, 24, walked into Canarsie Plaza Pharmacy at around 12:45 p.m. on Aug. 12, 2019, and told an employee behind the counter he was there to pick up a prescription, according to the criminal complaint.

    When the worker could not find the prescription on record, Williams took a knife out of a dark plastic bag he was toting and ordered the employee to fork over some cold hard cash, the complaint continued.  After the terrified worker then tried — but failed — to open the cash register, Williams leapt over the counter and began plunging the knife into the worker.
    The employee survived the harrowing attack, which was captured on several store security cameras, the complaint said.

        Wild video shows black woman steal pedestrian’s sneakers, strip naked in NYC
    black suspectGood Samaritans shouting “call the police” took down an unhinged woman on their own after she attacked another woman and stole the victim’s sneakers — but they couldn’t stop her from stripping down to her birthday suit after the encounter, bizarre online video shows.

    The wild incident unfolded on bustling Brighton Beach Avenue between Brighton 3rd and 2nd streets in the Brighton Beach neighborhood on Sunday at around 1:40 p.m., authorities said.

    In viral footage posted to Twitter, the violent woman – who police said suffers from bipolar disorder and was off her medication – can be seen assaulting a woman lying in the curb lane and attacking another man as he tried to intervene.

    The victim down on the ground can be heard calling out for help as mentally ill woman then rips off the victim’s sneakers, prompting bystanders to yell out for the police, the video shows. The emotionally disturbed woman proceeds to put the pilfered shoes on her own feet and whacks another bystander who tried to get the sneakers back before a man ultimately body-checks her, knocking her to the ground, according to the footage. A man, who the unhinged woman assaulted moments earlier, then repeatedly hits her over the head with a bag as she’s on down the sidewalk and the FDNY appears on the incident, the clip shows.

    In a separate clip posted to Twitter, the emotionally disturbed woman is seen taking her clothes off, getting completely naked and walking through traffic on Brighton Beach Avenue with her arms wide open. Once she got to a traffic median in the street, she can be seen wildly shaking her head and body.
    According to cops, the woman — whose identity was not released — was taken to Coney Island Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

        HISPANIC Queens Man charged after ‘stabbing his girlfriend 14 times in front of her daughter before slashing himself’
    A MAN was charged with murder after he allegedly stabbed his girlfriend 14 times in front of her daughter — before stabbing himself in the torso several times.

    Carmelo Mendoza, 41, got into a fight with live-in girlfriend Yaqueline Collado, 45, in the Queens borough of New York City on Friday, police said.   As the two argued, Collado told her 19-year-old daughter to go to her room to avoid the scene. The daughter went to her room, but soon heard Collado screaming her name — and when she rushed out, investigators said she saw Mendoza stab her mom. Mendoza allegedly stabbed the woman, who reportedly owned a local beauty salon, 14 times in the neck, chest, and torso. Authorities said that when Collado’s daughter — whose leg was slashed in the process — pushed Mendoza to the floor, the 41-year-old got back up and continued to stab his girlfriend. When cops arrived at the scene around 2.20am on July 3, Mendoza was seen “slumped over Collado, the pair in a pool of blood, and a kitchen knife nearby.”

        HISPANIC Umatilla County commissioner candidate Jonathan Lopez confesses to writing racist letter
    HERMISTON — A racist letter that recent Umatilla County commissioner candidate Jonathan Lopez claimed was left anonymously in his mailbox was written by Lopez himself, according to Lopez and Hermiston Police Chief Jason Edmiston.

    On Monday, July 6, Edmiston said in an email that Lopez had confessed he wrote the letter. Edmiston said the case would be forwarded to the Umatilla County District Attorney’s Office for review for initiating a false report, a Class A misdemeanor in Oregon.

    “From the onset, this alleged incident has been thoroughly investigated,” Edmiston wrote in an email. “Our investigation has shown that Mr. Lopez wrote the letter himself and made false statements to the police and on social media. The end result is a verbal and written admission by Mr. Lopez that the letter was fabricated.”   - (NNN Hatecrimes)

        Race mixer Mary Kay Letourneau,  who raped and later married a mud-race student, dead at 58
    Mary Kay Letourneau — the former Washington state teacher who became infamous for her sexual relationship with a 12-year-old student she later married — has died of colon cancer. She was 58.
    Attorney David Gehrke, who represented her in the case that shocked America, said Letourneau had been battling Stage 4 cancer.   “It was expected but sad anyway,” he told KOMO-TV. “She was a good person.” In the summer of 1996, Letourneau was a 34-year-old married mother of four when her relationship with sixth-grader Vili Fualaau turned sexual.
    Dangers of interracial dating 

      Muslim so sympathetic to muslim terrorists -  Ilhan Omar paid $878K in campaign funds to new husband's consulting firm
    CONFIRMED: Ilhan Omar married her brother to get him into the United States, defrauding U.S. government and taxpayers - 02/22/2020

        Former Bucks County ROMAN CATHOLIC Priest Francis Trauger Behind Bars - Guilty To HOMO Molesting Two Altar Boys
    DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — A former Catholic priest from Bucks County is now behind bars after pleading guilty Wednesday to child sex abuse charges. After his guilty plea, Francis Trauger, a former Archdiocese of Philadelphia priest, was ordered to spend one-and-a-half to three years in jail.

    The 74-year-old wore a mask, suit and tie and had nothing to say walking into the Bucks County Courthouse Wednesday afternoon. Back in November, Trauger was accused of molesting two boys at St. Michael the Archangel Church in Tullytown, not far from Levittown. The abuse happened between 1993 and 2003, according to Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub. “No one is above the law, even those who commit their wicked crimes against our most vulnerable, our children. Even if that was decades ago in the name of service to God,” Weintraub said.

    At the time of the abuse, Trauger’s victims were altar boys, ages 11 and 12. But both victims came forward last year, likely motivated by the 2018 grand jury report that revealed the names of 300 priests who were accused of sexually abusing more than 1,000 children.

        SUV driver runs over bicycles, through NYC Black Lives Matter protest

        Harvard, MIT sue Trump administration over international student visas
    Elite leftist brainwashing institutions happy to take money of foreign spies, terrorists and disease carriers

        Scrabble to ban slurs, other offensive words from official tournaments
    Hasbro will also change game rules to prohibit use of slur words.
    Scrabble community mulls banning racial and homophobic slurs

        (Proof that Black Lives don't matter to BLM, they tore down of a statue of Frederick Douglass.

        Christopher Columbus Statue At Cooper River Park In Pennsauken NJ Removed Overnight
        Christopher Columbus Statue Removed From New Jersey’s Capital City - will rename Columbus Park

        Jackson, Mississippi, votes to move statue of Andrew Jackson from City Hall

        Video shows man thrown out of California restaurant for racist tirade against Asian family
    Tech CEO Michael Lofthouse has since apologized for shouting anti-Asian comments at a family

         (Drudge) reports: Billionaire John Paulson rips elite Spence school for ‘anti-white indoctrination’

        Philadelphia To Waive All Protest-Related Code Violation Notices Issued, Mayor Jim Kenney Says - all rioters 'get out of jail'
    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia will waive all protest-related code violation notices issued from demonstrations between May 30 and June 30, Mayor Jim "BANANA-NOSE" Kenney said Wednesday. The approved Law Department and Office of Administrative Review recommendation include disorderly conduct, failure to disperse, curfew violations and related offenses.

    More than 750 citations were issued.  AND ALL GET A 'GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD - ALL FINES WILL BE REFUNDED

    “My decision to wave these violations is not a statement on the validity of the individual citations,” Kenney said in a statement. “Rather, it is a recognition of the core concerns that caused thousands to demonstrate on the streets of Philadelphia. In waiving these notices, I recognize that those issues are vitally important, that the pain of those marching is very real, and that their message — Black lives matter — needs to be heard every day until systemic racism is fully eradicated from this city and nation.”

    The mayor said anyone who was issued a CVN between May 30 and June 30 and hasn’t paid doesn’t have to anything. Anyone who was issued a CVN and has paid can contact OAR for a refund at 215-567-2605.

        NYPD limits retirement applications amid 400 percent surge this week

        Multinational companies are calling out injustice everywhere—except in China - too busy kissing black lives fecal matter behinds
    The past few months have seen a wave of companies speaking out on social issues and injustice. They’ve flocked to social media to condemn racism in solidarity with the protests against police killings of Black Americans. They’ve pledged to halt advertising on Facebook through July to rebuke the social media giant for its role in enabling hate speech online. Some have pressured the NFL’s Washington Redskins to change its name, which they call disrespectful to indigenous Americans.

    But there’s an escalating human rights crisis where companies have remained silent.  Totalitarian Communist Red China.

        Study shows ancient contact between Polynesian and South American peoples
    New genetic research shows that there was mingling between ancient native peoples from Polynesia and South America,
    revealing a single episode of interbreeding roughly 800 years ago after an epic transoceanic journey.

        Good Morning from Tierney & Maggie,  REAL News Updates (7/8/20)

    Secoriea Turner, 8, was shot dead after a group of BLM terrorists fired into her mom's car on July 4th in Atlanta, Georgia. BLM was having a bloc party & doing donuts around the Wendy's they torched to make an "autonomous zone" for Rayshard Brooks & Turner was trying to find a parking space.

    50 other people were shot dead in BLM gang warfare in Atlanta that night. That's what happens when
    you DEFUND the police & let the Black Panthers rule the streets.

    Rayshard Brooks is the convicted child beater who died at Wendy's after he stole a cop's taser, smashed his head into the pavement and turned it on him to avoid arrest & another prison term.

    Three weeks ago, the Atlanta Mayor, Democrat Keisha Bottoms, who wants to be Biden's VP, called the cop a murderer and fired the Atlanta police chief. Now, desperate to fix her mistakes after the little girl's death, she called for BLM to get out of town.

    Secoriea's parents addressed BLM: "They say Black Lives Matter. You killed your own, you killed your own this time."

    The Mayor finally caved: "Enough is enough. We are doing each other more harm than any police officer on this force. We've had over 75 shootings in the city over the past several weeks. You can't blame that on Atlanta Police Department.”

    Georgia's Republican Governor didn't believe Atlanta's Democrat Mayor would handle it so he sent in the National Guard. Suddenly the Mayor tested positive for COVID-19 and went into hiding.


        In win for Trump, Supreme Court allows plan for religious limits to Obamacare contraceptive coverage

        (RACIST AND OBSCENE) Vermont Black Lives FECAL Matter roadway GRAFFITI defaced, state police say

        Proposed rule would deny asylum, humanitarian refuge on public health grounds - MIGRANTS IMPORT DISEASE

    7 July 2020

        (White) Woman killed at Motel in "Execution-style" murder by pair of blacks
    black suspectblack suspectA woman was fatally wounded at about 11 a.m. Monday, June 29, at the Esquire Motel, 6145 N. Elston Ave., according to the 16th (Jefferson Park) District police.
    Officers responded to a call of a person shot and discovered a 36-year-old woman with a gunshot wound to the back of the head in room 19 where she was later pronounced deceased, according to police.

    The woman was identified by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office as Sarah J. Donohue, age 36, of the 6100 block Middlerose Circle, Louisville, Ky. The death was ruled a homicide, the examiner said.
    A 64-year-old man reported that two people knocked on the door and that shots were fired at the woman and a second witness from a different room reported that the men fled in a black Volkswagen sedan, police said.
    Detectives were still on the scene in the afternoon on Monday and a drug transaction may have been a factor but it is undetermined why the woman was shot, police said

    One of the men was described as black, age 28 to 30 and 350 pounds, and wearing a brown knit sweater and black jeans, police said.
    The second man was described as black, age 28 to 30, and wearing all dark clothing.
    - (Black-on-White)

    Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

        Arrest warrant out for (African-American, colored, black, Negro, nword) Davijon Robinson in relation to Princeton, IL shooting
    black suspectPRINCETON, Ill. (KWQC) - The Princeton Police Department has announced that an arrest warrant has been issued for Davijon Robinson, 18, of Kewanee, Illinois in relation to the shooting that occurred in Princeton, Illinois on July 1, 2020.

    On Wednesday, July 1, Princeton Police responded to the Hillview trailer park on Hillview Drive at approximately 4:15, where it was discovered two people had been shot.

    Police have identified a victim who succumbed to his gunshot injuries as Caleb Conrath. He was transported to the hospital after first responders rendered medical aid, but later passed away.

    A second person was transported to the hospital. Police say they suffered a non-life threatening gunshot wound. Police believe Davijon Robinson, 18 is connected to the incident. According to Princeton Police, witnesses provided a description of the “offender” and the vehicle he was a passenger in. Police said witnesses described the driver and indicated which direction the vehicle was traveling. Police determined the passenger might be from Kewanee, and area agencies were notified to be on the lookout for a vehicle matching the description. “Several minutes later, the Kewanee Police observed a vehicle matching the description coming into their town,” said Princeton Police.

    According to police, officers took ‘evasive’ action and drove the suspected vehicle into a wooded area, but its occupants fled on foot. Police said further investigation determined Robinson was the passenger and that the driver was a juvenile male. Police were unable to locate any of the vehicle’s passengers a search of the area by multiple law enforcement agencies. According to the Princeton Police Department, information on charges will be released at a later date.

    Anyone with information on Robinson’s location is asked to call the Princeton Police Department at 815-872-2351 or Bureau County Crime Stoppers at 800-939-6929. Police said there is a reward of up to $1,000 for any tips that lead to the arrest of Robinson.
    - (Black-on-White)

    Deliver me, O LORD, from the evil man: preserve me from the violent man;

        (White female) ER nurse beaten with cane in unprovoked attack inside Bronx subway station by evil black bloodthirsty beast
    black suspect An emergency room nurse heading home from her shift over the weekend was brutally beaten with a cane inside a Bronx subway station in an unprovoked attack, police said Monday.

    Irina Langdon, 53, was on the mezzanine in the 149th St.-Grand Concourse No. 4 line station about 11:45 p.m. on Saturday when a man attacked her without warning, cops said. He struck her multiple times with a cane in the head, arms and ribs.

    Two Metropolitan Transportation Authority workers called 911, and Langdon was taken to the emergency room at Lincoln Hospital — where she had been working earlier in the night in the pediatric department. The attacker ran out of the station and is being sought by police.

    Langdon’s daughter Diana Lee, 23, said her mother was back at work Monday — but was shaken up by the assault.
    “She definitely remembers the attack. I think her memory of how the guy looked was a little fuzzy because she was in shock,” said Lee. “Now we’re just trying to figure out a way to provide her with something she can use to keep herself safe. In New York, there are so many limitations. Taser, pepper spray — you’re not allowed to use any of those.” Police released surveillance photos of the suspect wielding the cane, his shirt apparently spattered with blood. He’s believed to be between 30 and 40.

    Lee said her mother was put in the emergency room with a patient who had also just been beaten with a cane. That assault happened in front of the hospital moments before the assault on Langdon, the daughter said. “This is the second time she was attacked,” Lee said of her mother. - (Black-on-White)

        (black) Man Who Sucker Punched (white) 12-Year-Old Dancer Charged with Felony Assault
    black suspect The scumbag who sucker punched a 12-year-old boy dancing on a sidewalk has been charged with 2 felonies, but cops are still searching for him.
    Cedric Charles Moore Jr. has been charged with felony assault in the second degree and felony child endangerment in the first degree due to the age of the victim and the violence of the act ... according to cops in Cape Girardeau, MO.
    Cops say they were able to ID Moore after seeing video footage of the unprovoked attack that went down Friday a little after 11:30 PM. Cape Girardeau PD says officers have been to Moore's home and various other locations he is known to frequent, but they're getting no cooperation from the his friends and family. When they do find him, Moore's bail's already set at $50k cash only.
    - (Black-on-White)

        (Black) Biracial student charged with murder says he was standing his ground
    black suspect
    The state NAACP and other civil rights agitators say a homicide case pending in Southeast Georgia shows that the state’s controversial “stand your ground” law doesn’t apply equally to Black people.

    William Marcus Wilson, a biracial, 21-year-old college student, faces felony murder and aggravated assault charges in the June 14 death of a white, 17-year-old high school student, Haley Hutcheson.
    The attorney said that males in the pickup hung out the windows, yelling a racial slur at Wilson, calling his white girlfriend an “(n-word) lover,” and screaming, “Your lives don’t matter.” The Silverado then tried to (allegedly) run Wilson’s smaller Ford Focus off the road, according to Johnson. When Wilson (allegedly) heard something strike his car, he shot at the truck, Johnson said.

    Twenty pages of investigative records on the case, released by the Statesboro Police Department and based mostly on accounts from passengers in the Silverado, describe two to three shots being fired, then a final bullet going through truck’s rear window and striking Hutcheson, who was in the center of the back seat, in the head. Hutcheson died later at East Georgia Regional Medical Center.Wilson turned himself in to police on June 17 and has been held in the Bulloch County jail since then.

    Statesboro police, though, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution last week that evidence including uninvolved eyewitness accounts pointed away from a “stand your ground” scenario, in which people in fear for their lives can legally respond with lethal force.Lead investigator Capt. Jared Akins said if evidence had showed Wilson shot in self defense, that would have been discussed with the district attorney’s office. “At this point in time, what the evidence points us toward is that there was an altercation that led to a shooting, and that shooting led to her death,” Akins said. “And the shooting itself is an aggravated assault.”
    - (Black-on-White)

    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

        3 (blacks) arrested in fatal shooting of (white) 20-year-old woman in Kenmore
    black suspectblack suspectblack suspectAuthorities have arrested and charged three males, including two juveniles, in the Friday killing of a 20-year-old woman shot in broad daylight in Akron’s Kenmore neighborhood. Within 30 minutes of officers finding Janine Surgen, 20, unresponsive near the corner of 27th Street and Waterloo Road, police on the other side of Akron pulled over a white Kia near Canton Road and East Market Street. The car matched a description of the vehicle witnesses said was involved in the shooting.

    Inside, officers said Jaleel Bryant Sojouner, 25, was driving. Calvin (triggerboy) Thompson, 16, sat in the front and Xaxier Tolbert, 17, in the back. All three were arrested. Police believe Thompson pulled the trigger. He’s been charged with aggravated murder.

    Investigators say Sojouner was in some kind of "relationship" with Surgen.
    - (Black-on-White)

    News link courtesy of   Richard Boyden Web --- Boyden Blog --- Boyden Radio
    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

        Judge denies bail for (black) ccused getaway driver in shooting of 7-year-old
    black suspectBail was denied Tuesday for the accused getaway driver who allegedly shuttled gunmen from a West Side block after a 7-year-old girl was fatally shot during a violent July 4 holiday.

    Reginald Merrill, 33, of the 5600 block of West Washington Boulevard, was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated battery in the death of 7-year-old Natalia Wallace, police said. He was alleged to be the getaway driver and authorities said they were looking for three other suspects. Merrill was taken into custody a little more than two hours after the shooting, police said, driving a car matching the description of one used in the shooting, which also injured a man.

    Natalia, a resident of Chatham on the South Side, was on the sidewalk just after 7 p.m. Saturday in the 100 block of North Latrobe Avenue, when a vehicle pulled up and people got out and started shooting toward where she was, police said in an early report.

        Gwinnett police arrest bug-eyed black man suspected of robbing gas station at gunpoint
    black suspectA Lawrenceville man has been arrested by Gwinnett County police and charged with several crimes related to the armed robbery of a gas station late last month.

    Christopher Demetrius Gates, 31, was arrested and booked into the Gwinnett jail Saturday. He was charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, theft by receiving stolen property, forgery, possession of methamphetamine and a traffic citation.

    The robbery took place June 26 at the RaceTrac at 3405 Sugarloaf Parkway in Lawrenceville. The employee who called 911 said a man came into the store around 11:30 p.m. He allowed a couple to go in front of him in line before stepping to the counter. Once the register was open, the man pulled a gun on the employee and demanded all the cash in the register.According to the incident report, the employee said Gates came into the store regularly and that the RaceTrac employees thought he might be homeless. The employee described the gun as a long-barreled revolver that appeared old and rusty. The robbery may have been a crime of opportunity; the store employee told police that not long before the incident, a couple of other regular customers had purchased multiple cartons of cigarettes with cash. The cash register, which usually holds about $80, was filled with more than $600.Gates is being held without bond.

        Police Searching For Black Man Who Used Awning To Break Into North Philadelphia Property

        Disturbing video shows moment two black men are fatally shot in the Bronx

        How the US caught flashy Nigerian Instagrammers 'with $40m'

        (Black) Birdwatcher not cooperating with investigation into (Whtie) Central Park ‘Karen’
    The man at the center of the Central Park ‘Karen’ fiasco has said he will not cooperate with the Manhattan District Attorney’s investigation, according to a new report. Christian Cooper, told the New York Times on Tuesday that Amy Cooper, 41, has suffered enough since the May encounter that destroyed her career and reputation. Amy Cooper was charged on Monday with falsely reporting an incident in the third degree. “On the one hand, she’s already paid a steep price,” Mr. Cooper, 57, told the paper, referring to the criminal charge. “That’s not enough of a deterrent to others?”

    The avid birdwatcher added, “Bringing her more misery just seems like piling on.” “So if the DA feels the need to pursue charges, he should pursue charges. But he can do that without me,” he said, adding that greater principles are at stake.

        (Black) Suspect who was victim in Queens NYPD chokehold video busted in Bronx

        Falls Co. Patrol Deputy held at knife point during attempted carjacking by criminal dark-skinned man
    black suspectMARLIN, TX — A Falls County Patrol Deputy was held at knife point during an attempted carjacking Saturday night.
    Damon Demarquis Vanderbilt of Marlin was arrested and transported to the Falls County Jail charged with aggravated assault on a public servant. On July 4th at approximately 11:00pm, an individual armed with two knives attempted to carjack an on duty Falls County Patrol Deputy in the parking lot of Falls Community Hospital.

    The assailant approached the deputy from behind and held a knife to his throat and demanded the keys to his patrol unit, according to the Falls County Sheriffs Office. When the Deputy refused to comply, the suspect attempted to remove the Deputy’s gun from his holster, at which time a physical altercation between the suspect and the deputy ensued. The Deputy was able to call for assistance on his radio while fighting with the suspect, and the suspect was subdued and taken into custody.
    The suspect identified as Damon "Demon" Demarquis Vanderbilt of Marlin was arrested and transported to the Falls County Jail charged with aggravated assault on a public servant. The Falls County Deputy received only minor injuries and was able to return to duty.

    News link courtesy of   Richard Boyden Web --- Boyden Blog --- Boyden Radio

        (black) Brother of Little Rock mayor arrested after stealing car with two children inside: police
    black suspectThe brother of an Arkansas mayor was arrested Monday night for allegedly stealing a car with two children inside, a report said.

    Darrell Lamont Scott — brother of Little Rock mayor Frank Scott, Jr. —  hopped into the car as the engine was running in the parking lot outside Baptist Hospital, according to KATV.
    “Don’t worry, I’m the mayor’s brother,” Darell, 31, told the children’s parents after grabbing one of the kids’ cellphones to speak to them after the abduction. Scott is accused of driving with the kids to McCain Mall in North Little Rock, where he was later arrested in the parking lot, the report said. He was charged with kidnapping and theft of property.
    Mayor Scott addressed his sibling’s arrest in a statement posted to Twitter.

    Israeli flag

      Ghislaine Maxwell has copies of Jeffrey Epstein sex tapes, ex-friend says
    “If Ghislaine goes down, she’s going to take the whole damn lot of them with her.”

        ICE says foreign students (spies and sleeper terrorists)  taking online-only classes in the fall can't remain in the U.S.

        University of California at Berkeley - appoints first AFFIRMATIVE ACTION BLACK President - making him a MILLIONAIRE
    A physician who recently stepped down as president of Ohio State University will become the University of California’s 21st president and its first Black leader, taking over the $37 billion system at a time of extraordinary upheaval and financial disarray because of the coronavirus pandemic. Michael Drake, 69, who will earn $890,000, about the same as at Ohio State, has deep roots at UC and California. He served for nine years as president of UC Irvine until 2014, earned his medical degree at UCSF, specializing in ophthalmology, and took his undergraduate degree at Stanford.
    Drake also joins UC at a time when the university system may have an opportunity to admit far more students from underrepresented ethnicities than it has been able to do in decades, since voters approved Proposition 209 in 1996. The law made affirmative action illegal in public hiring and university admissions, and at UC, the admission of Black students has remained at roughly 4% ever since

        Martinez, CA White Couple Charged With Hate Crime Painting Over BlacK Lives Fecal Matter On Street
    MARTINEZ (CBS SF) — The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday it would be charging the man and woman caught on camera vandalizing the Black Lives Matter mural on July 4 with multiple misdemeanors including a hate-crime charge.

    The District Attorney said 42-year-old Nichole Anderson and 53-year-old David Nelson, both Martinez residents, would be charged with three misdemeanor counts including a hate crime for their alleged actions over the holiday weekend when Anderson covered up a Black Lives Matter mural with black paint and Nelson directly aided in her alleged criminal conduct.

    Both defendants have been charged with the following alleged offenses:

    Violation of Civil Rights
    Vandalism Under $400
    Possession of Tools to Commit Vandalism or Graffiti

    There have been additional incidents at the site of the mural since the vandalism. On Sunday evening, a 30-year-old Martinez man was arrested on suspicion of brandishing a loaded firearm and possession of a loaded and concealed weapon after an argument with another person at the downtown mural, police said.

    Witnesses told police the suspect Joseph Osuna yelled, “All lives matter” as he drove past the mural. Police said Osuna then stopped, got out of his vehicle and started arguing with one person in a group at the mural site. During the argument, police said, Osuna brandished a .22 caliber revolver at that person. Police later found that revolver to be loaded.

    "Trump Supporters" Deface Black Lives Matter Mural in Martinez CA

        Black female democrat mayor of black Atlanta criticizes White Republican governor calling in National Guard
    Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) on Tuesday criticized Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) after he issued an executive order deploying state National Guard troops due to an escalation in violence in the city.

    Speaking on ABC's "Good Morning America," Bottoms acknowledged that the coronavirus pandemic and instances of police brutality had produced a "perfect storm of distress" in Atlanta and other parts of the U.S. in recent weeks. But she said the city and officials at Georgia State Patrol never felt the "need for the National Guard to come in" to address the situation.

    One of the incidents involved the fatal shooting of an 8-year-old girl. Secoriea Turner was shot and killed on Saturday while sitting in a car near a Wendy's restaurant that was the site of a police killing that helped fuel escalating tensions in the region.

    Turner's death prompted an emotional plea from Bottoms for residents of the city to end the violence, with the mayor noting that the city has reported more than 75 shootings over the past several weeks. The Atlanta Police Department also reported another fatal shooting of a 53-year-old man near that same Wendy’s on Sunday.

        Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds says her driver who struck (Black) Black Lives Fecal Matter domestic terrorist 'acted appropriately'
    black suspectGov. Kim Reynolds said a state trooper who was driving her from an event last week "acted appropriately" when he hit a Black Lives Matter protester who was blocking the driveway of the business she was leaving.

    "I do feel like the driver acted appropriately," Reynolds said Tuesday at a news conference in Urbandale.

    She said she believes the 'protester', Jaylen Cavil, an organizer with Des Moines Black Lives Matter, "acted inappropriately" by stepping in front of her SUV as it was leaving the parking lot. Cavil was not injured by the collision.
    "As we were leaving the vicinity, the individual sped up and stepped in front of the vehicle intentionally and you cannot block traffic as we’re leaving an event," Reynolds said.
    This BS black agitator, domestic terrorist wants to restore voting rights to BLACK EX-CONVICTS to help him take power.

    Iowa is the only state left in the country to impose a lifetime ban on voting for people with felony convictions, only allowing individual appeals to the governor's office. The law affects nearly 60,000 Iowans, including nearly one in 10 African-American adults. Reynolds' office did not reply to a request for comment before deadline. 
    BLBSM wants all their BLACK MURDERERS AND RAPISTS to be able to vote for a BLACK MARXIST REVOLUTION!

    Reynolds (a 'RINO' republican) previously has pushed state lawmakers to amend the Iowa Constitution to restore voting rights for these black felons, but Senate Republicans have thwarted the efforts.

        Long Island man allegedly drives SUV into pair of Black Lives Matter protesters
        Two more car ramming attacks target Black Lives Matter protests
    Violent incidents in New York and Indiana follow a deadly car ramming in Seattle – and other vehicular attacks at recent protests

        Pentagon draft policy would ban Confederate flag displays

        New York's Attorney General Ordered The Black Lives Matter Foundation To Stop Collecting Money
    Following a BuzzFeed News investigation into donor confusion between the California-based foundation and the Black Lives Matter movement, authorities are stepping in.

        Unknown black footballer apologizes for posting 'anti-semitic' quotes attributed to Hitler, Louis Farrakhan on Instagram
    This happened after Jackson appeared to spend considerable time listening to controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has been accused of anti-Semitism, and posting quotes and photos from the minister’s recent speech.

        Worthless and Unknown black basketballer said he left Penn State over coach's 'noose' comment as if anybody gives a dead rat's ass
    Former Penn State basketball player Rasir Bolton said he transferred from the Pennsylvania university after head coach Patrick Chambers made an (alleged) comment about a noose.  I am a young BLACK man FIRST."
    Chambers was talking to Bolton about how he could help relieve some of the stress the athlete was under and said, “I want to loosen the noose that’s around your neck," the outlet reported. Bolton wrote on Twitter that he confronted Chambers about the remark and reported it to his academic advisor.

        7 in Portland face federal charges in weekend looting, arson, attacks on officers
    “The courthouse has been subjected to threats; aerial fireworks including mortars; high-intensity lasers targeting officers’ eyes; thrown rocks, bottles, and balloons filled with paint from demonstrators while performing their duties." All seven defendants were released pending a trial, though only four of them, including Rowan Olsen, 19, Andrew Steven Faulkner, 24, Christopher Fellini, 31 and Cody Porter, 28, are actually from the city of Portland. The other three defendants are Shant Singh Ahuja, 28, from (INDIA) Oceanside, Calif., Gretchen Margaret Blank, 29, from Seattle, Wash., and (FOREIGNER) Taimaine Jame Teo, 24, from (MAYLASIAN, SINGAPORE, VIENTNAM or THE PHILIPPINES) Eugene, Ore.,

        JK Rowling joins 150 public figures decrying 'cancel culture'

        Police in Indiana investigating (alleged) gang assault of Black man caught on video

        Newton, MA police investigate after man interrupts protest, speeds through crowd
    The unidentified man, who wore a surgical mask, shouted down a 15-year-old speaker at the protest, yelling out, “Do all Black lives matter?” When the crowd responded yes, he shouted, “What about the unborn Black babies?” according to video posted online and eyewitness accounts.

      Muslim woman files discrimination charge after she says a Target Starbucks barista (allegedly) wrote 'ISIS' on her cup

    (could be a fake hatecrime created by lying muslims to gain sympathy and power to take over the country)

        FBI Director Wray warns of Chinese hacking, espionage threats against American companies
    FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday warned of ongoing Chinese counterintelligence threats to American companies and health care groups, saying that Chinese espionage cases had increased by 1,300 percent over the past decade.

    “We are conducting these kinds of investigations in all 56 of our field offices, and over the past decade, we have seen economic espionage cases linked to China increase by approximately 1,300 percent,” Wray said during an event at the Hudson Institute. “The stakes could not be higher, and the potential economic harm to American businesses and the economy as a whole almost defies calculation.”

    Wray said the threats were so widespread that all of the FBI’s field offices across the country were working on cases around Chinese espionage and that the FBI opened a new Chinese counterintelligence investigation “about every 10 hours.”

    “Of the nearly 5,000 active FBI counterintelligence cases currently underway across the country, about half are all related to China,” Wray said. “At this very moment, China is working to compromise American health care organizations, pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions conducting essential COVID-19 research.”

    “If you are an American adult, it is more likely than not that China has stolen your personal information.”
        Virginia man charged with fraud for allegedly selling Chinese-made body armor to US military, feds
    A Virginia defense contractor allegedly sold Chinese-made body armor to the American military and federal agencies under the guise that they were actually made in the U.S., Hong Kong and other countries, according to the Justice Department.

    A federal grand jury in Maryland indicted Arthur Morgan, 67, of Lorton, Va., on federal wire fraud charges Monday. He is the CEO of Surveillance Equipment Group (SEG), which markets electronic surveillance equipment and body armor for law enforcement and the military, according to its website.

        CIA article declassified about Yuri Bezmenov - Deception Was My Job

        Trump administration gives formal notice of withdrawal from WHO


        Mississippi county board votes to keep Oxford Square's Confederate statue
    Monday night, Lafayette County Supervisors in Mississippi voted unanimously not to move the Confederate statue from Oxford Square.
    The vote happened in a meeting where the issue was not on the agenda.
    Fox 13 spoke with one supervisor about the vote and to an Ole Miss football player who organized a march to push to remove the statue. According to Ole Miss linebacker Momo Sanogo (from MALI (in the bowels of Western Africa), the statue paints Lafayette County unfairly.

    6 July 2020

        (black) Baton Rouge teen says he 'wasn't thinking' after shooting visitor dead at BBQ, arrest records
    black suspectAn 18-year-old told authorities he "just wasn't thinking" when he pointed a rifle at another teen's head and fired it during a Fourth of July gathering at his parents' home, according to the affidavit filed in his arrest.

    Janosch Belle was booked Sunday on a count of suspicion of negligent homicide. Deputies arrested him at his home in the 4000 block of North Fuller Place where his family had been holding a barbecue the day before, records show.

    Belle told investigators he invited a guest to his bedroom to show the person his assault-style rifle, which he proceeded to disassemble and load before pointing it at the victim's head and firing, authorities said. The victim, 18-year-old Thomas Edelen, of Baker, suffered fatal injuries and died at the scene, according to the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office. Officials said two other families were in another room of the home when the shooting happened.

    Belle told detectives he had been drinking, and investigators found marijuana stems and paraphernalia in his room, according to the affidavit. The gun wasn't reported as stolen, and Belle told deputies that he bought it, a sheriff's office spokeswoman said.
    When asked why he fired the gun, Belle told deputies: "I just wasn't thinking."  Belle remained at the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on Sunday with bond set at $10,500, according to the online jail roster.
    - (Black-on-White)

        (Black-hearted black hispanic) Lacombe man indicted for murder of (white) girlsexfriend
    black suspectCOVINGTON, La. — A St. Tammany grand jury has indicted a Lacombe man in the murder of his sleep-in girlfriend.

    The District Attorney's Office says 26-year-old Fernando Randolph Cortez was indicted on a charge of second-degree murder. Cortez is accused of stabbing his girlfriend, Sandra Aldridge, to death.

    According to the Sheriff's Office, Cortez called 911 just before 4:30 a.m. Friday, April 17, to report that he had stabbed his girlfriend and himself during an argument at their home in the 27000 block of Charlotte Street in Lacombe.

    Investigators said deputies found the body of Cortez's girlfriend in the home. The St. Tammany Parish Coroner's Office identified the woman as Sandra Aldridge. Cortez was at the home when deputies arrived, becoming combative with the deputies, which forced deputies to use non-life-threatening means to subdue him, officials said. The Sheriff's Office said Cortez received treatment in a hospital for his non-life-threatening stab wounds, which he told deputies were self-inflicted. He was taken to the St. Tammany Parish Jail once he was released from the hospital. - (Black-on-White)

    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
    (Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

        “F**k You Cracker A$$!” – Peaceful Protest: BLM Thug Harasses, Threatens White School Kids on Their Trip to DC (VIDEO)
    A racist black lives matter thug was recently filmed harassing, screaming at and threatening white children on a trip to Washington DC.
    This was absolutely disgusting.
    So will the left defend this too?
    Or will they ignore it like the rest of the rioting, looting and beatings?
    The disgusting verbal assault took place in Washington DC over the July 4th weekend.

        Nearly 80 People Shot In Chicago, 15 Of Them Killed, In July 4th Weekend Violence Since Late Friday

    The Democrat told CNN Monday that a perfect storm of events converged upon the Windy City, which had 87 shootings from Thursday through Sunday during the holiday weekend.

        No protests 5 kids, aged 6 to 11 shot dead 4th of July weekend by jigros

         (BLACK) 22-year-old suspect in custody in Riverchase Galleria mall shooting
    black suspect HOOVER, Ala. (WBMA) — The Hoover Police Department announced 22-year-old Montez Moses "Miracle"  Coleman of Birmingham was arrested as a suspect in the Riverchase Galleria mall shooting on July 3 that killed one and injured 3 others. Police said Coleman has been charged with Capital Murder in the shooting death of 8-year-old Royta De'Marco Giles and 3 counts of Assault 2nd degree. According to Hoover PD, officers on the scene were alerted to a male running through the parking deck of the Hyatt Regency Hotel with a firearm.

    Coleman was located by authorities and taken into custody.
    Upon investigation of the incident, police said the suspect got into a verbal argument with a group of males on the first level of the mall, near the food court. During the argument, police said the suspect armed himself with a 5.56 caliber pistol and fired towards the group of males and gunfire was returned. Police said they believe no one involved in the initial argument was injured and all four of the victims were innocent by-standers caught in the crossfire.

    • Riverchase Galleria shooting: Man charged in death of 8-year-old Royta Giles Jr.; other gunmen sought
      The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office Saturday night issued a capital murder warrant against Montez Coleman in the slaying of Royta Giles Jr., Hoover police announced Sunday. Coleman is also charged in the wounding of a juvenile girl, an adult male and an adult female, all innocent bystanders when a gunfire erupted July 3 near the food court on the first floor of the state’s largest mall.

        Mother of  (BLACK) 11-year-old shot and killed in DC speaks out
    black suspectDavon McNeal was shot and killed Saturday at a community cookout his mother organized in Southeast.
    "We’re protesting for months, for weeks, saying, 'Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter,’” said paternal grandfather John Ayala. "Black lives matter it seems like only when a police officer shoots a black person. What about all the black-on-black crime that’s happening in the community?"

        Violent July 4th Weekend In Philadelphia Sees At Least 21 People Shot, 5 Homicides

        31 People Shot, 7 Dead, Including 6-Year-Old, During Violent July 4th Weekend In Philadelphia, Police Sources Say

        Fourth of July weekend shootings result in the deaths of at least 6 (BLACK) children
    black suspectA group of (black) American families and communities are in mourning Monday following shooting incidents over the Fourth of July weekend that resulted in the deaths of six children – the youngest just 6 years old.

    The fatal incidents come as shootings are on the rise in places like New York City – and continue to persist in Chicago, where a girl attending a holiday party was among the recent victims.

    “Tonight, a 7-year-old girl in Austin joined a list of teenagers and children whose hopes and dreams were ended by the barrel of a gun,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said on Twitter late Saturday following the death of Natalia Wallace, who police say was fatally shot in the head while standing on the sidewalk at her grandmother’s house during a Fourth of July party around 7 p.m.

        BLM Protesters SHOOT An 8-Year-Old Girl in Atlanta!

        Deputies release photo of four persons of interest in deadly nightclub shooting that left two dead, eight wounded
    GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) The Greenville County Sheriff's Office says they're actively investigating after two people were killed and eight others injured in a shooting along White Horse Road early Sunday morning.

    According to a media release, a deputy was traveling along the roadway around 1:50 a.m. when they observed a disturbance at Lavish Lounge.

    "We didn't get a call," Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis said. "A deputy was literally driving by here and saw the commotion and had the courage, with probably one hundred people in the parking lot, to pull in and find out what was going on." 

        Arrest Made In Shooting Death Of 17-Year-Old Blackestball Star Brandon Hendricks
    black suspectNEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Police have arrested a suspect in the shooting death of 17-year-old who had just graduated high school.

    Brandon Hendricks was shot in the neck on June 28 outside an apartment building on Davidson Avenue near 176th Street in Morris Heights after some sort of argument. He died at the hospital.

    Police said they arrested Najhim Luke, 22, who they had been searching for.

        (Black) Suspect Arrested in Death of (Black) Arkansas Trans Teen Brayla Stone
    black suspectPolice in Sherwood, Ark., have arrested Trevone Miller, 18, on a charge of capital murder in connection with the death of Black transgender xxxx Brayla Stone.
    Miller was taken into custody Thursday and was being held in Pulaski County Jail, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports. Stone, 17, of North Little Rock, was found dead in a car in Sherwood June 25. Police have not released any information about its cause of death, and the county coroner declined to provide any details to the newspaper until an investigation is complete.
    Police say they so far have no evidence indicating Stone’s death was a bias crime.

    News link courtesy of   Richard Boyden Web --- Boyden Blog --- Boyden Radio

        HISPANIC Girl, 13, killed in violent California carjacking by HISPANIC hoodlum
    A 13-year-old California girl died tragically after she and her three siblings became the victims of a violent carjacking, authorities said. Isabella Cortes was killed Sunday afternoon in Pico Rivera, Calif., they said.
    The carjacking involved a Toyota minivan belonging to her parents.
    The vehicle was stolen as Isabella and her siblings, a girl, 18, and boys, 11 and 8, were sitting in the vehicle waiting for their parents to pick up food from a restaurant, according to reports. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office identified the carjacking suspect as Jose Aguilar, 26.

    Deputies said the minivan's engine and air conditioning were running when Aguilar tried to steal it.
    They said he jumped in and ordered Isabella and her siblings to get out but then sped off down the Whittier Boulevard without giving them the opportunity. Isabella’s sister fought briefly with Aguilar and then she and the 11-year-old were able to get out, Lt. Barry Hall said, KTLA-TV reported. They either were pushed out or jumped out, he said. Hall said moments after that the 8-year-old was ejected as the minivan was going 45 to 50 mph, and Isabella was ejected as it was going even faster.

        Egyptian man accused of smuggling ancient Egyptian artifacts through JFK in dirty suitcase
    mud suspect A Brooklyn man was indicted for allegedly trying to smuggle hundreds of Egyptian artifacts stuffed inside dirty suitcases through JFK Airport — including some nearly 4,000-year-old relics, federal prosecutors announced Monday.

    Ashraf Omar Eldarir, 47, was caught at the Queens airport in January allegedly carrying three suitcases filled with 590 antiquities covered in foam and bubble wrap, federal prosecutors said.

    Israeli flag
    Silver Surfer as Rabbi Eliezer? (Superman comic book artist) Stan Lee book unmasks superheroes’ Jewish roots

        Marxist dupes destroy Christopher Columbus statues over Fourth of July weekend

        Ohio town declared ‘Statuary Sanctuary City’ offers home to sculptures

        Amy Cooper, white woman who called police on Black (alleged) bird watcher in NYC, has been charged

        Jimmy John’s Fires Employees Involved In Making Noose Out Of Bread Dough

        Everyday words and phrases that have racist connotations

        7 Russian men arrested for making Nazi salutes, yelling racial slurs at black family at an Oregon beach
    Police arrested Ruslan Tkachenko, 22; Antoliy Kachankov, 28; Andrey Zaytsev, 28; Gennadiy Kachankov, 30; Yuriy Kachankov; 30; Oleg Saranchuk, 45 and a seventh man who refused to disclose his identity.

        Time capsule believed to contain Gen. Robert E. Lee's button and a hair from his horse found under a Confederate monument

        Outrage after California bans singing in churches amid coronavirus pandemic
    "For the last several weeks, tens of thousands of Marxist sheeple have been gathering outdoors in cities all across California and they have been screaming and chanting and protesting, and all the while state officials are encouraging them as they do this," Feucht said.

        What is Momentum? - (A psyops Marxist indoctrination and training center to turn idealistic fools into 'useful idiots')
    Momentum is a training institute and movement incubator. We give progressive organizers the tools and frameworks to build massive, decentralized social movements.

    Organizations are simply vehicles to achieve purpose. Our purpose is huge: challenging the institutions and policies that uphold capitalism, racism, and patriarchy.

        [The Insidious Tentacles of] "Momentum" uses Saul Alinsky Model to teach BLM


    5 July 2020

    Front Page for  5 July 2020 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

        Armed Black Domestic Terrorists Challenged Whites To a Racial Shootout in Georgia's Stone Mountain (Confederate) Park

      black suspect Black Lives Matter protester, 24, dies in hospital one day after a hit-and-run driver plowed into a criminal crowd on an illegally closed Interstate Seattle highway while a second demonstrator remains in hospital with serious injuries
    black suspect WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT
    Summer Taylor, 24, died in hospital Saturday evening after being hit by a car during a protest in Seattle Fellow demonstrator Diaz Love, 32, was also struck by the white Jaguar and remains in a serious condition in hospital
    The pair were protesting on a closed-off section of the I-5 in Seattle
    The Black African driver of the car, Dawit Kelete (from the CONGO)  was later caught and arrested  He has now been charged with two counts of vehicular assault.

    CRIMINAL Protesters had shut down the interstate for 19 days in a row.
    Washington State Patrol Capt. Ron Mead emphasized that the freeway is 'simply not a safe place' for pedestrians, and said he hoped protesters would cease what he termed 'unlawful behavior' in blocking the interstate.

    - (Black-on-White)

        Philadelphia highway shut down as CRIMINAL protesters block Federal interstate highway



        BLACK Protester Dies After Getting Hit By Car In Bakersfield, California - (obscene negro language) - JUNE 6, 2020
    BAKERSFIELD, California — A man who was hit by a car while protesting Wednesday night has died, Bakersfield Police confirms.
    His family confirms Robert Forbes, in his mid-50s, was marching between California Avenue and Oak Street on June 3.
    At around 10:23pm, Forbes was hit by a vehicle — an incident caught on video and shared widely on social media.
    According to his family, Forbes was brought to Kern Medical Center, where he remained in critical condition for three days. He succumbed to his injuries Saturday morning. His nephew, Robert Lewis, believes Forbes was hit intentionally by the driver.
    This has been largely disputed by witnesses and police. “Several community members have posted on social media regarding their beliefs and statements that the pedestrian in this incident was struck intentionally. The investigation is still open and officers are still seeking additional witnesses and video evidence,” the Bakersfield Police Department said in a statement released Thursday.

         (Black serial rapist) Bill "Jello-man" Cosby still in the news

        Black Man tased by NYPD cops outside Nathan’s in Coney Island

        Dozens shot, at least three killed on violent July 4th weekend in NYC: cops

        Nine shot, one fatally, in (Black) Baltimore over holiday weekend

        2 dead, 8 others injured in shooting at (black) Lavish Lounge in Greenville County, deputies say
    black suspectGREENVILLE, S.C. — Two people are dead and eight others injured in a shooting at a Greenville County nightclub, according to Lt. Jimmy Bolt with the Greenville County Sheriff's Office. The victims have been identified as Mykala Bell, 23, of Greenville and Clarence Sterling Johnson, 51, of Duncan. Both were taken to a hospital and pronounced dead. Bolt said just before 2 a.m. two deputies were driving on White Horse Rd. and saw a disturbance at Lavish Lounge. He said the deputies called for emergency back-up after hearing gunshots from inside the building. Multiple deputies, along with Greenville City Police and Highway Patrol, responded to the scene. Lewis said the shooting could be gang related.

        75 shot, 14 fatally, over Fourth of July weekend in (BLACK) Chicago so far

        Protesters vandalize Georgia Department of Public Safety headquarters in Atlanta

        Anti-american sock-puppets burn US flag in front of Trump Tower in NY and White House in DC chanting ‘America was never great’
        ‘F**k the American flag’: WATCH BLM protesters stomp on & BURN US flag outside White House (VIDEO)

        Kansas newspaper's cartoon equating governor’s mask mandate with Israeli flag Holocaust stirs controversy
     The cartoon, posted Friday on the Anderson County Review's Facebook page, depicts Gov. Laura Kelly wearing a mask with a Jewish Star of David on it, next to a drawing of people being loaded onto train cars. Its caption is, "Lockdown Laura says: Put on your mask ... and step onto the cattle car."
    Israeli flag
    The Jewish imperative of the coronavirus crisis – opinion

        (NEGRO) Frederick Douglass statue in New York vandalized on anniversary weekend of 'What to the Slave is the Fourth of July' speech

        Catholic priest in Indiana suspended for comparing Black Lives Matter to "maggots"
    "The group Black Lives Matter is a Marxist front organization,"
    he said. "This is a call, as well as what Father Ted was saying, for people to wake up to what Black Lives Matter the organization is doing. They're using race to destabilize and to divide this country over race during the time of a presidential election."

     "They are wolves in wolves clothing, masked thieves and bandits, seeking only to devour the life of the poor and profit from the fear of others. They are maggots and parasites at best, feeding off the isolation of addiction and broken families, and offering to replace any current frustration and anxiety with more misery and greater resentment."

        Margaret Sanger launched the Negro Project in 1939 aimed at “helping Negroes to control their birthrate” while advocating for a federal “population bureau” to police reproduction. She worked with prominent Black leaders such as W.E.B. DuBois and Mary McLeod Bethune but also spoke in 1926 to a Ku Klux Klan women’s auxiliary.


    4 July 2020

        SC deputies searched for a 15-year-old (white) girl missing since June 26; (dirty old black) man arrested in connection to case
    black suspect Deputies said Lilith Donelle Currier left her grandfather’s house on Irvin Jumper Street June 26.
    “Based on what investigators have pieced together at this point, Lilith was picked up by a (dirty old black sex predator) named Korraye Ford,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said in a news release. “We’re not sure where they went from there or how long they were together.” Deputies said they arrested Ford, 39, for contributing to the delinquency of a minor on Wednesday. Deputies  said Ford arranged to meet Currier after he convinced her to leave her guardian.
    Update: Missing Lexington 15-year-old girl found alive.
    LEXINGTON, S.C. — Lexington County deputies say a missing 15-year-old girl who hadn't been seen in a week has been found safe. Lilith Donelle Currier was located in Fairfield County Friday night. Her family was on their way to pick her up. Officers say Currier wasn’t with Ford when we arrested him, and (the lying negro) told them he doesn’t know where she was.
    - (Black-on-White)

    Dangers of interracial dating
    Certainly hope that she didn't pick up an STD or get pregnant

        UPDATE: 3-year-old (possibly mixed-race) boy found safe after abduction (by alleged father)
    black suspectA 3-year-old boy who was reportedly abducted by his father Friday evening at a Roswell apartment complex has been located and is safe, police said.

    Ameer Williams was returned to his mother about 10 a.m. Saturday, Roswell police spokesman Officer Sean Thompson said. An Amber Alert was issued for the child overnight after police said he was kidnapped at gunpoint from the Oaks at Holcomb Bridge Apartments. Authorities are still searching for the boy’s father, 48-year-old Kenya McQueen. Officers responded to an aggravated assault and kidnapping at the Roswell apartment about 10 p.m. Friday, police said.

    Editor note: last name of boy (Williams) does not match last name of alleged father (McQueen) - so boy is most likely illegitimate or mother married man named Williams and he adopted his new step-son - or the mother was a rabid feminist and didn't want to take the baby-daddy's name or give it to the offspring. 

        (black) Brenika Lott slapped, choked, hit 5-year-old goddaughter; capital murder case
    black suspectORANGE — DEVELOPING: Probable Cause Affidavit for arrest of woman in child's death accuses her of pushing her goddaughter, slapping her, choking her, hitting her with multiple objects and kicking her. Investigators say Brenika Lott claimed the child's injuries were due to dust mites.
    Brenika Lott, 32, is charged with Capital Murder in the death of Daviana Landry, 5. Lott is jailed on a $1 million bond. Investigators found Landry's body Friday at a home in the 700 block of 10th Street in Orange at about noon Friday. They arrested Lott Monday.

        Seattle PD arrests prominent CHOP (black domestic terrorist) leader
    black suspectSEATTLE — Seattle police on Thursday arrested a prominent leader of CHOP, the protest zone they cleared Wednesday. Multiple sources identified the man arrested after a brief chase from Capitol Hill to I-5 as a protest leader known as "River"*.
    He was among the CHOP leaders who met with Mayor Jenny "Summer of Love" Durkan last week.
    Late Thursday, a Seattle Police Department spokesperson wrote to KIRO 7 that officers arrested a 21-year-old man for possession of stolen property and eluding and booked him into the King County Jail. One in custody after wanted felony suspect fled from police near Broadway and Madison. Suspect arrested near I-5/James. Officer-involved collision during the incident, but no significant injuries reported at this time. Some road closures on I-5. More info as it becomes available.


        NYC Police release photo of (black) man (with stupid negro name)wanted for questioning in shooting of young black basketballer
    black suspectPolice have identified a man wanted for questioning in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Brandon Hendricks.

    The NYPD released a photo late Friday of Najhim Luke, 22, and asked for the public’s help in finding him.

        Two (black) 'men' arrested, accused of attempted robbery, damaging store in Troy
    black suspectTROY, NY (WRGB) Troy police say two men were arrested, accused of trashing and robbing a Troy store. Police say on Sunday afternoon two men entered the 4 Corners Grocery at 2901 6th Avenue and attempted tom purchase tobacco products. When the clerk asked for identification, police say the two refused to provide any and them began to damage the store. Investigators say one of the men then claimed to have a gun and demanded all the Iphones in the store. The two men fled after the clerk dialed 911. Police say the men also had an altercation with another man outside the store.
    Police say that 24 year old Tyreek Mansell and 18 year old Joshua Rodriguez were later located and taken into custody. No weapon was found, according to police, however they were possessing a half an ounce of cocaine. Investigators say they also had over $5,000 in their possession.

        Bloody wave of violence plagues NYC overnight, at least 1 dead 
    Here’s what happens when Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD turn a blind eye to illegal fireworks on city streets — a bloody start to the Fourth of July holiday.

    The wild incident that left five people stabbed erupted at around 1:22 a.m. Friday at St. Mary’s Park in The Bronx when a man started shooting off fireworks, police said.

    The man, 24, blasted one too close to a group of men inside the green space — either deliberately or by accident — sparking an argument that turned bloody, cops said.
    Shootings soar 205% after NYPD disbands anti-crime uni
     It’s an anti-crime wave.  Gun violence exploded across the city after the NYPD disbanded its anti-crime unit of plainclothes cops on June 15, with three times as many shootings in the last two weeks of the month over the same period in 2019, police stats show.

    And the shocking rise in gunfire — to 116 incidents from 38 between June 15 and June 2, a 205 percent increase — meant scores more victims were hurt or killed by bullets this year over last year.

    Gunshot injuries skyrocketed to 157 from 47 in 2019, a 238 percent increase.  With a total of 205 shootings during the month, it was the bloodiest June in 24 years — going back to 1996, when the NYPD logged 236 incidents, the department said.

        NYPD video shows (Negro) looters making off with $1.5M in clothing from SoHo shop
    black suspectPolice have released surveillance footage showing these fashion-conscious looters making off with $1.5 million in clothing from the high-end Soho  store Celine.

    The video captured at least six still-at-large looters grabbing pricey merchandise at the store — where blouses go for $1,700 — at about 11 p.m. on May 31, according to police. In total, the Wooster Street store lost a total of $1,511,000 worth of merchandise, police said.

        HISPANIC NY man charged with raping 14-year-old girl days after his prison release
    An upstate New York man raped a 14-year-old girl just nine days after being released from prison, police said.

    Luis Torres, 21, was arrested while on parole late last month after the teen victim told investigators he raped her at a Syracuse home in February — just nine days after he was sprung from prison for stabbing a mall employee in 2017, Syracuse.com reports. Police said in court documents cited by the outlet that Torres, of Syracuse, then had sex with the girl on two other occasions between late February and early April. Torres, who was taken into custody on June 26, remained held without bail Friday at the Onondaga County Justice Center on charges of second-degree rape, endangering the welfare of a child and violating his parole, online records show.

    Torres had been on parole after being convicted of second-degree assault in a December 2017 attack at Destiny USA, a mall where police said he stabbed an employee at Syracuse’s Original Caramel Corn Shoppe after stealing a bag of chips. He was later sentenced to two years in prison, Syracuse.com reports.

        NYPD arrests demonic HISPANIC suspect in slashing of (unarmed) 2-year-old boy in stroller
    Cops have arrested a suspect in Wednesday’s slashing of a 2-year-old boy in a stroller, police said Friday.

    Anthony Gonzalez, 35, is facing charges of felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon, cops said. Police did not give any details of the circumstances of his arrest.

    The 35-year-old allegedly slashed the youngster in the face while a nanny was pushing him near West 110th Street and Morningside Drive around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, cops said.

        Judge Orders Philadelphia To Preserve Frank Rizzo Statue After Supporters File Lawsuit
    The city removed it form Thomas Paine Plaza last month during nationwide protests over police brutality.

        "I believe this woman may be racist because the family in front of her is white.
    Me and my grandma are Hispanic and she started telling me about my distance and harassing me and my son once I started speaking Spanish to my grandma," Mora said. Special ed teacher who coughed on 1-year-old in yogurt shop fired from school district
    "Racist' woman 'purposely' coughed on baby in Bay Area, mom says

        Two criminal (BLM-marxist-anarchist-duped) protesters in Seattle seriously injured after being struck by car on closed highway

        Putin: Rainbow flag at US Embassy in Moscow 'revealed something about the people that work there'

        Alleged molotov cocktail tosser blamed attack on black people
     The white Catskills woman who allegedly attacked the NYPD with a molotov cocktail during the height of the George Floyd protests in the city claimed three masked black people pressured her into the explosive act, according to new court documents.

    In a series of recorded video interviews, Samantha Shader, 27, admitted she threw the device, court papers say — but said she did so at the behest of a two black men and a black woman and that she felt compelled to comply because she was “the only white person in the area,” Shader said.

    She even offered detailed descriptions of their appearances.  The man who handed her the bottle, she said, was a  unknown black suspect(s)unknown black suspect(s)unknown black suspect(s)“thicker guy” with “skinny dreads.” The second man was smaller and wore a hat, while the woman was thin with “poofy hair,” and all wore dark clothing and covered their faces with dark colored bandanas, she allegedly told investigators. The man in dreads told her “they were going to prove a point.”

        De Blasio installs ‘BLM’ mural in Harlem a day after bailing on Trump Tower event

        (HALF-WHITE) Colin Kaepernick rips 4th of July as ‘celebration of white supremacy’

    Is Colin Kaepernick bi-racial?
    *biological father – African-American, including Ghanaian
    *biological mother – Bohemian Czech, Irish
    He was adopted by white parents, Teresa and Rick Kaepernick.
    His biological father was African-American. His biological mother, Heidi (Zabransky) Russo, is white.
    The surname Kaepernick is German.

    29 June 2020

    Front Page for 29 June 2020 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

        Keep our neighborhoods SAFE - keep our neighborhoods WHITE


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