Ourselves Alone

by H. Millard © 2011

"Homeless Jack said, "People in my faith know that  we are the new Whites--a new people born out of the old--we are born anew after we have awakened to the truth. We are born anew by choice and we have brought ourselves anew into this world from the rotted and empty husks of our corrupted forbears and those still living among us who walk through life in a sleep-like state.
"Each form of life has its own path that is different from others. That also goes for different kinds of humans, man." 
"But, it's a little more complicated than that, because there is not just one path for each form of life, but many. In the first instance, these paths are largely determined by the genetic code that has made the life form. But there are choices made daily and there are accidents of fate that cause paths to change.
"Most people blindly take paths without even knowing that they are taking them and that there are others that they could have taken or can take.  They are not conscious.
"We, on the other hand, have selected our path from the many that are possible for us. It is a path toward greater consciousness and it is achieved via our DNA and the changes that we can help bring to it by following this faith.
"Organisms are programmed out of the box.  Certain parts of the program kick in at different ages and when triggered by certain events and circumstances.
"That is why our way works.  We seek to change the environment internally and externally to trigger certain parts of the program that might otherwise only be triggered by accident and then be lost because of a lack of awareness of the change. 
"By triggering the right parts of our code, our bodies will secret hormones and other substances in certain ways to cause additional changes. This will move us higher and open us up to the mutations that we need to move from our present status as a sub-species to being a full species no longer capable of breeding with other kinds of humans.
"You see, man, you and I and all the millions of our people ain't worth nothin' unless we breed and breed right.
"Ain't you fed up with the self-indulgent jerks among us who are concerned about 'finding themselves' or who say stupid things like they don't want children because it would affect the quality of life of these sad sack childless ones. Their lives?  Their petty little meaningless lives? Screw them. They're weak seeds, man, at least many of them are. Others are just misinformed or have been conditioned to believe wrong things.
"Look, our purpose is to be a link in the chain.  We are to expand always and contract never.  That means we are to have as many children as possible during our lives, in our image, and we're to do it even if we have to break the false laws, rules and mores of our corrupt society. 
"Our laws are from the First Cause, man.  They can never be wrong.  Human made laws that conflict with these natural laws from the First Cause are wrong at best, and evil in many cases.  Our laws are natural laws.  We didn't make them up. We discovered them and in some cases The First Cause revealed them to us.
"We can either follow man or follow the First Cause.  That's the choice, man.  It's very simple and it's very clear.  There's no reason to be confused or befuddled.
"But, this ain't so much about us as individuals as it is about the Code that we carry.  That Code inside us, man, that's the real us.  That's what survives the death of our bodies.  That's what goes forward if we have many children, but only if we have them with our kind and with no other kinds.
"This is my faith man.  It is for Ourselves Alone and for no others. We're the only ones who have the right DNA Code to take this path.  But, we need to choose to take it." 
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