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A PROPER PERSPECTIVE by H. Millard © 2013

I am a White person.  This is my most essential identity. All other identities come after this.  I am as I was born to be.  I have no interest in other peoples. They are not my kind. I profit not at all by their existence.  I believe in non-interference in the destinies of non-Whites.  They can live or die as is their fate and I won't butt in. They have their paths and we Whites have ours. These paths  should not be mixed or blended

In the philosophy and religious views that some of us have, it is important to put things in proper perspective to help us understand the meaning of life  and to clearly see what is most important and what is not so important. In our view, many of our kind have gone astray from the correct path, and, in fact, are on paths of personal and family destruction.

Existence requires struggle and effort.  Non-existence requires no struggle or effort.  It is like this with White people. It takes struggle and effort to remain White.  It would be far easier for us to just blend in with non-Whites--to not seek out White mates, to not try to have White children--to just stop existing as White people. And, that is what weak seed or brainwashed Whites are doing as they either have no White children, too few White children or who miscegenate. They are on the path to non-existence as they give up the struggle and effort to be White and as they blend in with non-Whites.  By contrast, we Whites who understand something of the ways of existence and evolution consider such blending in with non-Whites as evil because it destroys our White DNA code and stops our evolution along the White path that we believe is not only the best for our kind but which some of us also believe we have been  commanded to take by what we call the First Cause (you may say nature, and that's okay with us). We believe that it is our sacred duty to stay on the White path and to expand our kind.  There can be no compromise in this.

We Whites have branched off from other humans due to the fundamental forces of evolution that are one with existence itself.  We have become a distinct people.  We look different from other peoples, because we are different.  We must not try to erase the differences, but increase them.  Our highest possible destiny requires that we become more White (meaning have more of all of our different characteristics) not less White. This highest destiny is for us to evolve to become a separate species incapable of bearing children with non-Whites.  We are the new model human on this dark planet,  but we will remain so only if we avoid gene flow from non-Whites to us.

Non-Whites are a danger to Whites simply by their presence and even if they don't have any intentions of harming us.  Germs also don't have any intentions of harming us, but they do.  Just as germs can infect us and cause sickness and death, so too can the genes of non-Whites "infect" us and cause sickness and death.  And, when we speak of sickness we also mean mental illness that causes some Whites to not even care about their survival and who may even be trying to obliterate themselves because they hate who they are.   Whites who have become sick and weak must be told the truth and they must heal themselves and deprogram themselves from the evil that will lead to their destruction.  They must become strong and they must have confidence in who and what they are and not apologize for being who and what they are. This healing begins with our minds and we may all need some measure of healing in this present Dark Age.  We must first think correctly and then act correctly.  We must rid ourselves of false thought patterns and false morality.  We must strip away the false ideas that harm us.  We must understand the true lessons of nature (nature meaning all of existence, not just what we see in fields and forests of Earth). We must understand a little about evolution, because this is essential for a full understanding of why there are even White people at all and what we must do to ensure that we not only survive but prevail.

And, we must adapt to an ever changing world, but in adapting, we must not lose our identity--our White identity--we must strengthen it.

One way of thinking about our evolution is to analogize it as being a little like distillation.  A small amount of liquid is purified and leaves the larger body of liquid a drop at a time.  Those drops of purified liquid can stay separate or they can drop back into the liquid they came from.  If they do drop back in,  they cease to be separate and pure and just become part of the original liquid.  We Whites are the human version of those drops of liquid that have left the larger body of liquid. If we miscegenate, we drop back into the larger body of liquid and our evolution is thwarted.

The DNA code

What is it that makes us, us?  Is it our body?  Our brain? Well, yes, but there is something that is behind these that is more essential.  It is our DNA code, which is also known as our genotype.  In humans, this DNA code is made up of approximately 3.2 million combinations of the four "letters" of DNA--A,T,C,G which in turn give us approximately 20,000 genes which are further organized on the 46 chromosomes that are normal for our species.

We get half of our chromosomes from our father and half from our mother.  When two Whites mate, the child that is produced is White.  If a White and any other race mates, the child is not truly White (no matter what he or she looks like), because that child will always have 23 chromosomes and around 10,000 genes from the non-White parent. It takes 46 "White" chromosomes with all 20,000 of our genes to truly make a White person.  Yes, it's more difficult to make a White than a non-White.   A child of a White and a non-White is never half White and half something else.  He or she is one hundred percent non-White. You can't mix Black paint into White paint and expect to have White paint or half Black and half White paint. And, while we are not paint,  and this example is simplistic, it does illustrate my basic point which is that we Whites must remain White and not allow ourselves to be mixed and blended with non-Whites.

And, speaking of this term White as in White skin.  It is essential to our beings.  It is not a trifle and its importance is not to be minimized.  There are many reasons for this, including our belief that our White skin is important for allowing in the sun's rays along with various cosmic rays to cause mutations that will help us evolve into a new species.  The general way it works is that the rays change the order of some of our DNA code or in other ways knock things about in the code.  Sometimes the mutations are harmful, sometimes they are good.  Then, natural selection works to select the fittest for the niches in which we live from among the available types. Over time, If the mutations are bad, they will be eliminated.  If they are good, they will spread. We believe that Whites are the most mutable of peoples and we point to the wide variety of hair and eye colors and other characteristics among our people as evidence of this mutability.

Our personal DNA code is unique to each one of us.  It has made us unlike any other human beings--even if we have an identical twin, we are different. Yet, even with the differences, we are recognizable as a part of the human group that we call the White race.  Yes, we are like snowflakes, each one different, yet each one the same, on a broader scale, as those like us who are also snowflakes.

By thinking of ourselves in terms of the DNA code it helps us put things in perspective.

When we speak of our survival, what we, who think as we do, primarily mean is the survival of our DNA code. And, of course, the DNA code is not like a little robot riding along inside us.  It is one with us, so its survival is dependent on the survival of us as the individuals we see in the mirror.

We all die.  Our bodies wear out . But, if we have done what nature screams out to us to do--MAKE MORE LIKE YOURSELF!- we will survive in the DNA code  in our children.   This is to say that  our essence--that which is most essential to who and what we are--carries on in our children, but it does not carry on if we mate with non-Whites and it ceases to carry on in any of our children who do not also have children like us. it also dies out and we are evolutionary dead ends if we do not have children who survive us and who  breed true.

Our primary duty in living

What is our primary duty in living?  it is to breed. To make more like ourselves.  And to do that we must survive.  With this in mind it follows naturally that we must not try to be heroes or to risk our lives in false causes. And any causes that do not further our DNA code are false causes.  Graveyards are full of dead end heroes. There are no values or morals or nations or causes that are worth anything if our DNA code dies with our untimely death.  To survive, we must make more like ourselves and to make more like ourselves we must survive.  Our personal survival is paramount.  Our future depends on it. The dead don't have children. Death before dishonor is a cliché that is used to manipulate our young to die for mixed nations and false causes.  Death is never honorable.  Life is what we want.  We want to live as long as possible to breed as much as possible.  This is the way to fight the enemies of our kind. If you must put your life in danger, don't ever do it unless you have had many children to carry your DNA code on into the future.  Don't be a deadender.

As you probably know, we humans are various percentages the same as all other organisms on the planet that we know about (except some viruses).  That is, when you look at our DNA code, it has lots of the same code sections that you will find in everything from a banana to a chimpanzee.  Why is this the case?  It is because we are all ultimately descended from that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to the living minerals that we call life.  That DNA molecule was and is programmed to survive, adapt, evolve and expand always.  It fulfills that program by constantly tinkering with life to bring forth the best suited organisms for every niche and environment.  If there is water, it adapts to invent fish and other organisms that not only live in the water, but love living in the water and prosper there.  If there is an atmosphere, it creates birds.  If there is land, it creates organisms that love the land and prosper there.  And, so it goes.  If there is some possible source of energy to sustain the life processes, the DNA molecule will find a way to invent some form of life that will take advantage of that energy.

And, as it invents different forms of life, always building on what went before, it sets up an eternal competition to find the best adapted for each niche.  The competition is usually strongest among closely related organisms, and this is true also of humans.  The strongest competition we Whites have for our survival is with other humans.

Now, most of evolution is automatic.  Lower animals (and even many humans) don't think in the terms I've outlined here.  But, we Whites must start thinking in these terms.  Some of us believe that we have reached a point in our evolution where we must help guide our future evolution or we risk going extinct.  And, the most important thing we can  do is increase the number of White people and we must never stop increasing our White population. No matter what else we also do, we must breed to our maximum.  This is why some of us do not believe eugenics is the way for us.  With eugenics, attempts are made to just  breed the best and brightest.  We believe this can hold down the population of Whites.  We believe that we must breed Whites so that we teem and so that we fill all levels of society and all jobs and functions in society.  We want White janitors and White scientists. We want White farm workers and White farm owners. The way to do this is to breed to our maximum and not worry about trying to breed the best and brightest.  We believe so long as we just breed White, that nature  will  sort things out in our favor.

Each of us is unique and it is our duty to try to spread our particular  unique DNA code and expand it as much as possible by having as many children as possible.  Each one of us carries whole armies and civilizations within our bodies just waiting to be turned into living, breathing White people.  We just have to mate to let them out.  

And, about  competition.  I am in a friendly competing with all other Whites to try to make sure that my particular White DNA code becomes the primary White DNA code. I want all Whites in the future to find me in their family trees.  And, whether any other Whites know it or not, they are also in this competition--each and every one of them. Of course, if  you are White and you have more children than me and thus spread your  DNA code more than me, it won't upset me very much, because I am a part of all Whites and all Whites are a part of me. But, our competition with non-Whites is naturally  less friendly, again, whether anyone realizes it or not. We are trying to be the dominant human and they are too. It is completely natural and the way nature has set things up.  

It is up to each one of us Whites to take personal responsibility and to compete to our fullest so that we are the dominant human type and so that our highest possible destiny of being the new human type no longer capable of breeding with the old humans is realized.  Whether we know all these things and take charge of our future or not, evolution will keep going on.  By taking charge of our future, we can help ensure that we are not the kind that is eliminated, and be very clear about this, some will be eliminated.  It is the way of existence and evolution.


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