Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2012


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022

Your biological link to the Divine is via the White genome (aka Right Blood or White DNA Code). You are born with it if both of your birth parents were fully White. It is an essential and basic part of you and is as inseparable from your body and brain as are all your other White features including White skin, White facial and body features, White ways of thinking and so on. It is in your strands of DNA that are in most cells in your body and which make you the unique individual you are, but also which make you part of the unique White people.

However, this born biological link to the Divine is largely dormant unless you turn it on by consciously recognizing it as a reality of your being and by having Right Beliefs and Right Actions. It is also a little like a muscle in the sense that it gets stronger and better when it is developed.


The Divine often expresses Himself in nature and the various types of natural living things. You are part of that expression. You are the human type born with this internal link. His ways for you are written in your White DNA Code. That is where His "words" are found. He speaks through the flesh and blood that you are made of.

You are His holy books and His temple walking and living. You need to understand this and consciously live it. It will do wonders for you once you shake off that sleep-like state of not knowing the truth of who and what you are and what your purpose is in life and the fact that our true laws come from God, not from man.

It is God's laws for us that are to be obeyed. These laws are natural laws and do not change at the whims of any humans in any age.

God-As-He-Truly-Is (God or GAHTI for short) is real. He exists in the subatomic realm. His mind doesn't need flesh and blood like ours does and, instead, is based on subatomic particles, waves, rays, forces, subatomic energies and even the things that underlie these and which we may never fully understand. He is sentient, has intelligence, personality, will, emotions, purpose.

God has selected Whites. He has given us free will to choose right from wrong. If we choose right, He is on our side. If we choose wrong, He is not on our side.

God wants Whites to multiply White only.

God wants Whites to evolve.

God commands Whites not to mix or mate or socialize with non-Whites.

God commands Whites to remain a separate people in all ways, in all places, for all eternity. God wants Whites to win the eternal gene wars and be the highest form of life wherever we live.

God wants Whites to focus on what He wants us to do or not do, and not on Him per se. He doesn't want us to be as little children needing him to do everything for us. In part, this means that God wants us to be self-reliant, be adult, take care of ourselves, do everything to advance White people in all ways. At the same time, he does want us to pray twice a day and to ask him for guidance and to follow his commands, laws and rules for us.

God's basic commands, laws and rules for us can be summed up as: remain separate, never mix or mate with any non-whites and replicate ourselves by having as many pure White children as possible.

God says Whites are selected based on their White genome much more than on other factors and this means that even if some do not follow all His commands, laws and rules passed on via Arman and have different religious views, so long as they follow his basic rules of remaining separate, never mixing or mating with any non-Whites and replicating themselves by having as many pure White children as possible, then they are in tune with Him no matter these disagreements on other religious points and their "denominational" differences in the basic White Religion that is in our White genome and not in the genomes of any non-Whites.

God is with those who believe in Whiteness over all.

God, to repeat, commands us to be self reliant and to consciously evolve ourselves. by following his commands, laws and rules for our kind alone.

Ask of everything: "Is this good for White people?" Then act for what is good for White people alone.
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