Homeless Jack

by H. Millard © 2008,2009

"Hey, man," said Homeless Jack, "here's another paper I got from a guy who says he's trying to boil down Arman's teachings into a primer or short manual": 

Before there was anything, all was dark and all was cold.
Then, the Self-Created created Himself from out of the nothing.
Ever since then, all has been spinning and expanding and moving and changing in our universe as the self-created expands Himself ever outward into the nothing and devours the nothing and fills it with His something.
Believers say that Arman teaches an all encompassing and complete religious belief system and religious philosophy based on revelations and backed up by true science that they use to guide their lives in all ways. They emphasize that it is a complete world view that touches every aspect of their lives including their daily living, their politics, their world view, etc. They also say that Arman's teachings are never in conflict with true science.
Because of their beliefs about cosmic evolution which also includes evolution on Earth, human evolution, DNA, genotypes, phenotypes, genes and related subjects, believers say that some misunderstand the teachings and wonder if  believers hate others.  The short answer, say believers, is that they don't hate anyone. They say their attitude is more one of indifference to others. They want to leave others alone to their own fortunes and they want to be left alone to theirs.
Believers say that they are trying to live their lives as they believe they should be lived, as they believe God commands them to live them, and free from the intrusion of others. They also say that they are trying to prevent the genocide of their people. They believe they carry the sacred code within (more about this a little further on).
Some ask why these believers believe that God demands that they  isolate themselves from other peoples and why they say they are commanded by God to bear children only with their own kind. The short and  ultimate answer is that they believe this has been revealed by God and that it is His unchangeable law for all time and needs no further explanation. God demands it and they believe that they must obey God even when His laws and rules may conflict with transitory human rules and laws which are often invented by evildoers who hate God and who want to substitute what humans may want for what God wants. 
The longer answer to the above question refers to revelations about genocide and a coming bottleneck and emergence of a new people on the other side, and many other matters. These things are studied and discussed in greater detail in the longer teachings of the faith.
Nothwithstanding the assertion about revelations being the final answer. Believers also often give rational, scientifically based explanations of many of their revelations including why they believe God wants them to remain a separate people joined by right blood, right belief and right action.
Believers say that a basic law of existence is to struggle to expand your kind and never contract.
They say that this is the same throughout the universe both in living and so-called non-living things.  They point to the so-called Big Bang in which a singularity began expanding and is still expanding; and in expanding is creating all that is in the universe. 
This belief in constant expansion leads to their beliefs that they should have large families, no abortions, live as long as possible, no suicides, marrying only their own kind, and a welcome acceptance of polygamy and other types of relationships that lead to producing the most children in the image of the genotype of the believers in the shortest time possible so that they expand to fill all niches and all lands with their people. It also leads to their beliefs about never putting oneself in danger before one has had many children to carry the code after one dies. 
Believers accept the notion that the basic principles underlying the Big Bang, black holes, subatomic particles and other universal phenomena of existence are also found in life itself which began with a few inert chemicals that became DNA (the living version of the Big Bang) and which then created a single cell to help it expand and that the DNA kept changing and multiplying that single cell to eventually create ever more complex life forms.
They also point out that their people are separated from all other peoples by many adaptations and mutations that make them a unique people, but that if they mix and mate with other peoples they will lose these adaptations and mutations and  will lose what makes them unique and their expansion (among other things) will stop.
They believe that not only must they maintain their differences from other peoples but increase them in some specifically revealed directions in order to fulfill their destiny which is to be the carriers of the code that emerges on the other side of the bottleneck in which billions of humans will die. 
 Only a few will get through the bottleneck to the other side to repopulate this and other worlds with their code. Those who emerge on the other side will be a new species of human born out of the believers. Believers believe that they alone are the special people selected by God to be the ones who fulfill this part of His plan and that their specific mutations and especially their white skin is essential to God's plan.
Believers say it is important to understand that  the internal code they carry--sometimes called Essence or simply genotype or even genes or chromosomes or DNA or the internal spiral (The words are not always used precisely, but for believers each conveys some aspect of the terms soul or spirit, as used in other religions, but each has a physical element not usually found in these two other terms)--is more important than the individual beings we are as a result of the code spinning us into existence as the individual human beings we are. 
 In other words, they believe that the real us is inside us but it is not a spirit that must overcome the flesh.  It is our DNA that makes our flesh so that our flesh can reproduce our genotype.  We are the outward manifestation of our code.  The code "spins" us into existence and so long as we mate with our own people, the code will carry on into the next generation and remain intact. To be clear, believers do not try to overcome the flesh and do not treat it as evil or an impediment. They believe their flesh is a reflection of the sacred code and is an outward sign to guide them.
Specifically, believers believe that they must combine 23 "white" chromosomes from males of their kind with 23 "white" chromosomes from females of their kind to produce a new one of them and to keep the code moving forward and upward as God demands.  They believe if they mate outside of their kind, that they destroy the code, offend God, and remove themselves from the path open only to the righteous and which can not be opened or walked except with 46 "white" chromosomes. 
How does one follow the teachings of Arman?  Those who are called from within should seek the truth in all things, study true science and true nature and live the right type of life.  
Arman says the minimum things believers should do are:
1. Bear the sacred symbols (fylfots/spirals) as close to the skin as possible at all times. Could be tattoos, brands, rings, necklaces even just a piece of paper in a wallet). The fylfots always have a hub in the center of the trailing arms.
2. Wear plain dark comfortable clothes made of cotton if possible that are suitable for physical work.
3.  Have as many children as physically possible in the image of the genotype of the people.
4.  Pray at dawn and sunset and ask to be guided in the right way.
5.  Seek out and study the teachings and live the life.
"So, Jack," I ask, "how many believers are there?
"Got me, man. There's nothing to join so there's no way of knowing. Hell, Arman and I may be the only ones.  Maybe we're the singularity in flesh. Hey, here's my new tattoos." 
 With that, Jack rolled up his right sleeve and showed me a series of small tattoos (each could probably be covered with a quarter) starting at his shoulder level and going down to his bicep. They were all done with blue ink and looked home-made or prison-made. 
One was a four armed rounded fylfot with a hub in the center. Then further down were a couple of spirals and over to the side was a small thing that looked like DNA and next to it were the numbers "46." They were all separate. One was over here and another over there. Sort of jumbled. 
I guess if I had wanted to stare at Jack's arm a while longer I might have seen a pattern as to how the individual objects were placed, but perhaps there was no pattern; or maybe the pattern was known only to Jack.
"Those look pretty much like what you have on your ring" I said, as I mentioned the ring he had shown me months ago and which he was still wearing.
"Yup," he replied.  "I decided to make sure I'm never without the symbols so I went with the tats."
"I'm still not sure about what it is that Arman teaches," I said.
"He teaches everything, man. See, everything is spinning and everything is changing and everything is part of it. This puts everything in conflict. If you want to be one of us, just struggle to be more like what we are and have as many kids as possible in our image and display the symbols and dress like us, man. Live your life and don't disobey God and do the other things Arman has written down.  Expand the code man. Multiply it.  Do that and nothing else and you'll be blessed."
"Is this a real religion, Jack?"
"You bet it is.  It's a real and true religion of God--as He really is.  It's not one of those false and evil man at the center religions that try to be trendy. I believe in what Arman teaches with every cell in my body."

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