As revealed to Arman and related to H. Millard (c) 2022


As revealed to Arman and related to H. Millard (c) 2022

QUICK OVERVIEW: The revealed Teachings are for Whites alone and are God-As-He-Truly-Is's instructions on how to live as His selected kind so that we can do His will at our level of existence which includes our evolution into a new species of human.

SOME OF WHAT WE BELIEVE IN: In God-As-He-Truly Is, in Whiteness, in our selection, in our evolution, in separation from other kinds, in the messages received by Arman, in living righteous lives, in not harming ourselves or others, in having as many White children as our bodies can provide, in sanctifying, improving and purifying ourselves, our kind, and our living areas and lands, in following God's laws for our kind alone, in Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action, in religious, social, national, personal and group freedom, in being free to live only among our own kind with no other kinds among us, in the ability to practice our faith completely alone or by joining with others.

A PRAYER: “All praise to You, Lord . Thank you for selecting me and my kind. Please give us light, strength and courage when our task is difficult. Please help keep our Right Blood on the Sacred White Path with Right Belief and Right Action. Let Your Spirit fill us and help us every minute of every day. Help us to live your instructions to us even if we sometimes have doubts and question our faith and when many around us do not live your instructions and seek to harm us by ignorance, apathy, word or deed. All glory and praise are Yours.”

RIGHT BLOOD, RIGHT BELIEF, RIGHT ACTION--THE SACRED TRIAD & PRAYERS: Prayers give us the strength and confidence we need to overcome life’s challenges, difficulties and doubts and they help remind us of who and what we are and how to stay on the righteous and narrow Sacred White Path that we have been selected for and called to take by God-As-He-Truly-Is (GAHTI for short).

Prayers are part of the Right Belief and Right Action in the triad of Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action.

If you keep GAHTI and His instructions for our kind alone in your daily life, you will realize how life can be wonderful and happy and full of purpose with no aimless drifting and you will face life with a seriousness but also with the ability to laugh at difficult times and youßr own foibles knowing that you are in the right and that you are a good and decent person doing what the real God wants you to do by living right and White.

Even if you are a sole practitioner, and no matter where you are--even if you are in prison or the military or in circumstances that are less than completely free--you will know that you are doing what is right no matter what others may think or do. You will have a level of quiet and unshakable confidence but not arrogance that will keep you on the sacred White path and always doing good and never doing harm to yourself or others.

OUR WHITE FLESH AND BLOOD ARE HOLY: And, what about this Whiteness that Arman says is central to what God-As-He-Truly-Is wants?

Haven't you heard from false religions that our flesh and blood are not important and are even evil and that we have some sort of internal raceless soul or spirit that is the real us? Well, if that's what you've heard, it is wrong. And, it is stupid. Don't believe that nonsense.

The internal "soul or spirit" part of us is not raceless any more than the external part of us is raceless. Our whole being is from our DNA Code with its genes. That is the source of the person we see in the mirror.

While earlier peoples knew that there must be something inside of us that is the source of who and what we are, they called it an inner spirit or soul, simply because they had no idea of DNA or genes. Now, we know about DNA and genes--they are the source of our inner spirit or soul--they are not raceless at all, but are entirely based on our race which is to say they are from our flesh and blood and in us as White people they are White to their core.

In knowing these things about our so-called soul or inner spirit we understand that our flesh and blood are not evil and are not things to be overcome; they are the external manifestation of our internal DNA and genes and they are one with our DNA and genes. We are our DNA and genes. All the things we were born with--our skin color, etc.-are an important part of who and what we are and they are the product of our DNA and genes. Our souls or inner spirits are White. They give us our race. They are one with our race. They are not different from our race. They are not raceless.

Our DNA carries its code all through our bodies. Even a single skin cell--which we all shed constantly--can tell the race, gender and much more about the person who sheds that cell. It is the code and the blueprint that makes each of us.

Our internal feeds our external and our external feeds our internal. We must work to improve, purify and strengthen our flesh and blood just as we work to improve, purify and improve our internal DNA and genes. In doing so, the spiritual essence which arises from our DNA and genes shall be improved, purified and strengthened.

METHOD LIVING: In our Method Living we imitate and surround ourselves with images and other things that have something to do with that which we wish to become and this causes changes internally. We try to feed all five of our senses. And, the internal changes then feed back to our external beings and cause changes.

It is a loop and it is to be entered both externally and internally. An analogy is to Method Acting. When a method actor wants to react on screen to being shot he may use his emotional memory of getting in a shower and being hit with a stream of cold water. His facial expressions and body will react much as though he had been shot by a bullet.

With right belief, you will be able to overcome all your fears and anxieties, and actually cause real positive changes to your body internally through the power of your mind and your belief. Remember, it is your mind that controls your body, but your body also controls your mind in a feed-back loop just as the mind of GATHI controls existence itself. So above, so below. In these things there is also a male principle and a female principle.

THE REAL GOD: As written before, a little understanding of the Divine, GAHTI, is important to a proper belief. He is not as imagined in many of the false religions. He is in the Quantum level of existence which is the ground of all existence and which IS wherever there is something that exists even if unseen. His "body" is the cosmos and all of nature and existence just as we have a body. His mind, is a product of His "brain" and His brain is in His "body" just as our mind is a product of our brain and our brain is in our body. Our brain is one with our body. So too is GAHTI one with the cosmos. And, lest you be confused by one of the false religions, know that He has no son.

The analogies of GAHTI being similar to computer technology and radios and whatever break down as we try to think about GAHTI, but they still help us, as the intelligent beings that we are, to think about Him and worship Him as He truly is.

He has intelligence, personality, will, purpose, desires. And, most importantly for us, He has selected us for His special purposes which includes us evolving ever higher both in our flesh and blood and in our consciousness.

WHAT DOES GAHTI WANT? He has selected White people for His purposes which includes having us separate from all other races and evolve along a purely White path. This is our major purpose. He is the Great Teacher and He wants us to follow His teachings even more than He wants us to have an unshakable belief in Him.

Everything else is detail.

Why are Whites selected? Because we are the newest version of Homo sapiens. We are the ones--the only ones-who can cross over the threshold into a new and improved species of human that will be as much different from present day humans as Homo sapiens are different from Neanderthals.

We use the term "race" to describe Whites as being different from other types of humans because that is the term that most understand, however, we believe we are actually a different subspecies or even a different species already even though we can still have viable offspring with other types of humans

Our evolution started billions of years ago along with all other life with the first minerals that joined together to be self-replicating while adapting and evolving and through the eons GAHTI has selected and sifted and distilled life until we evolved. Now, we are leaving behind Homo sapiens.

All the thousands of words we have been given to spread are for this purpose and are instructions, sometimes written as fiction and sometimes as science and sometimes in other forms.

He has selected us and us alone--White people--for his purposes. But, His selection is an ongoing selection and sifting or distillation process such that not all White people are going to make it over the threshold into the new species of human that GAHTI wants us to become. Many millions are going to go extinct before our complete speciation by any definition of the word species happens.

Those among us who miscegenate will not make it. Those who do not follow GATHI's simple and direct instructions will not make it. They are no longer our kind because of their actions. So too with Whites who do other things that go against GATHI's plan for us.

HOW ARE WE TO LIVE? At its most basic, we are to remain a separate people for all times. We are to never miscegenate. We are to avoid as much contact with non-Whites as possible. We are not to harm ourselves or others. We are to be good people. We are to have as many White children as our bodies can provide. We are to think often of our purpose and of GATHI.

We are to honor our ancestors and the "saints" of our people who have furthered the work of GATHI in one way or another. We are to be a free people and to be honest and self-reliant. We are to cause no harm to ourselves or others. We are to honor all life. We are to speak softly and politely. We are to ask of everything: Is this good for White people? We are to dress plainly. We are to bear the symbols. We are to pray morning and night. We are to have small shrines. We are to help our kind and only our kind. We are to not be fooled or tricked by the evil doers who want us to hate those among us who have in the past and who now do the work of GATHI.

WHAT IS THE BASIS OF THESE TEACHINGS? The Teachings are the messages and inspiration received by Arman ever since he had his experience, written about many times before, with the beam of light and the sound of a chorus of a multitude of voices.

Arman says that experience seems much like a UFO experience, but that he saw nothing in the sky but odd low clouds and the beam of light coming through them and he heard nothing but the chorus.

He also says that if it was a UFO experience he still believes that whoever or whatever was in the clouds on that day was sent by GATHI to do whatever it was they did to Arman...maybe changed his DNA slightly or implanted thoughts in his brain or opened a channel, or whatever, and he's received the messages and inspiration (and had odd experiences) ever since.

Arman says the messages have always repeated the same basic things over and over but have been written about in different ways and they are that White people have been selected by God-As-He-Truly-Is to be the next step for mankind and are to evolve as the replacements of earlier forms just as Homo sapiens have evolved to replace earlier forms, but that we have reached the point in our evolution where we must do the right things and avoid the wrong things to make it so, and that's why Arman has been given the instructions to give to other Whites.

Arman says he believes others have also received these messages and that some well known figures from the past also received them but may not have received them completely or didn't understand them fully but that they acted on them in their own ways, thinking they were their own thoughts, and many did help with GATHI's plan for us and dedicated their lives to doing His will even if they may not have realized the ultimate source of their beliefs and the actions that grew from those beliefs.

He believes Adolf Hitler was one of those who received similar messages and that this is why the Germans at that time embarked on programs to improve and help Whites evolve. Others, such as Nietzsche, Ben Klassen, William Pierce, George Lincoln Rockwell and many, many others too numerous to list here may also have been so touched by GATHI either for a few moments or for a longer time and they were changed thereby.

The thing that they all seem to have in common is that they felt compelled, even obsessed, to go against the evildoers and anti-Whites to do things that help with the various aspects of White improvement and evolution. Arman says he believes they were touched by or infused with the Spirit of God-As-He-Truly-Is, just as He is now.

And in regards to Adolf Hitler, it has been written that at times--as when he was giving speeches--he seems to have been taken over by a higher force that spoke through him and that was why his speeches were so compelling. That higher force was the spirit of God-As-He-Truly-Is.
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