Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022


Racism: A Belief that races are real and different from one another and are similar to breeds in other types of animals.


Would you look at the face of the Creator? Look at a spiral galaxy. Look at a Swastika. Look at water draining from your kitchen sink. Look at DNA. Look at the motion of atoms. The face of the Creator is everywhere in existence itself. The Creator is not static or listless. He does not sit passively around contemplating His navel.


If you have read many of the Divine messages that I have been given to spread, you may have have noticed that I almost never criticize other religions or races in hateful ways. I may from time to time comment on various aspects of them to point out why the path revealed to our kind alone is the correct one for White people but that's about it.

The reason I don't engage in so-called hate speech is because the path I'm on and which you can also be on if you wish and if you feel called to is because it is not about hate but about love for the Creator--God-As-He-Truly-Is and our kind alone. And, it is commanded of us by the Creator.

In other words, the so-called White racism or racial beliefs that we are commanded to have are at their core spiritual or religious rather than political or purely social at their core, but there is an overlap because our spiritual and religious beliefs touch all aspects of our lives every minute of every day.

To be clear, these views and ways and this path are commanded by the Creator. They are not based on hatred of other races or political systems or other such things. And, they are not man made.

It doesn't matter if some consider other races or certain individuals of other races as dumb or criminal or evil or devious. And it doesn't matter if some consider other races or certain individuals of other races as beautiful, brilliant, wonderful, polite, great company, fun to be around or anything else. It is still forbidden for those on this pure White path to mix or mate with them. It is what the Creator wants that is important and we are, to repeat, commanded by the Creator, as the ones He has selected, to never mix or mate with other races and to always in all ways stay separate from them and stay as White as possible forever.

The Creator, who seems to only reveal what we need to know and no more at any time, but who is cognizant of our inquiring minds and the age in which we live knows that He needs to tell us more than just "do this or I will punish you" --we have evolved past that child-like stage--and has thus revealed that His plan for our kind alone and the reason we must remain separate for all time and never mix or mate with any non-Whites is because He has selected us alone to evolve into a higher form of human, a new species, and any mixing or mating with non-Whites can take us in the opposite direction, that is, mixing and mating with any non-Whites can cause us to blend ourselves away, to lose our White genes and devolve and be absorbed by the non-White masses and cease to exist as Whites and not evolve as the Creator wishes.

As His selected ones, the Creator does try to guide us along the right path, and does look out for us to a degree, but we must be the ones to take the right path and we must avoid the many wrong paths.

Whites are the latest model of humans on this planet. Just as human engineers come up with new models of airplanes we are a new model human. We are no longer the model of an airplane invented by the Wright brothers. The Creator--the Great Engineer of existence, evolution and life--has invented us as a later evolutionary development and for this reason many of our particular White genes are recessive and this really means that they are more quickly changeable and plastic, but the downside of this plasticity is that they can be overruled by older forms of genes for these same features that make us White. And, this must be avoided. If we mate with any non-Whites we lose the Whiteness in our family lines and we have in effect failed to replicate ourselves as the Creator demands and have used our sperm and eggs to produce non-White children not White children. If we even mix socially with non-Whites we can pick up pieces of their DNA that they (and all living things) discard simply by their presence.


About the Creator

The Creator is a force for good and for evolution but there are opposite and evil forces that do not want us to evolve and want us to devolve by blending in with other races. And there are also natural mindless forces that naturally pull towards decay, disintegration, collapse, passivity, torpidity, quiescence and dormancy that are the natural state of matter when there is no energy exerted by the movement, turning, spiraling, twisting forces that are exerted by the Creator to create, maintain and then destroy as He wishes.

Some hold that the ground of existence which is a mindless, directionless, latent, non-dynamic and unsown field, which is ever invisibly pregnant with life, energy and force and is nature without consciousness, mind or personality is what should be considered as the Ultimate.

We say there is more. We say that the Creator is this ground of existence--in the sense that it is His body, much as our brains are part of our human bodies but our bodies with out our brains have no consciousness, etc. In other words, in the ground of existence there is a mind and the mind is the Creator. It is the consciousness and intelligence of the ground of existence but is one with it. The Creator has personality, direction, will, purpose, assertiveness and emotions such as love and anger. We are evolved to have similar aspects.

The Creator is able to use the elements found in the ground of existence in a physics that is found in the subatomic realm to do things that may seem miraculous to us.

The Creator is invisible to us but is never static and we say we can see the "face" or the "hands" of the Creator as He causes the ever present circling, cycling, turning, twisting spiraling forces found throughout all of existence that we see when they are acting upon matter. And, we repeat, that is why images of spirals, fylfots and Swastikas are holy to us. These images are not static but represent the movement of the Creator.

These circling, turning, spiraling, twisting forces are within all of creation and all life including us as White humans. Our DNA is wound up like a wind up clock the moment we are conceived. This is the life force within the inert minerals that make up all life. So long as the spring/DNA within us has energy, we live. But eventually, like a wind up clock, we unwind and lose that energy that is found in the windings of our existence. Then, our bodies collapse and revert back to the inert minerals that make them up and are part of the ground of existence from which they emerged by the actions of the Creator.


The Eternal Gene Wars

There is no malice or hate in the eternal gene wars. They are part of the design of existence itself and are necessary for natural selection and evolution.

Many non-White genes are dominant over White genes. This is because Whites have diverged and mutated away from those with those earlier genes and our divergent, mutated genes are newer and more plastic and must compete with older genes that are more solidified and not as subject to change.

Whites are the new model human on this planet. We are a later evolution and as a result of our newness our genes are more malleable and easy to change and this is why you see so much variety among Whites. Look around you at other Whites. You will see many colors and textures of hair and many colors of eyes and many other variations but all within the White model of humans. This is because we are evolving very fast and our internal gene wars are selecting features to see if they will become dominant in time or will give way to other features that give us more of a survival advantage.

One way we are evolving very quickly is that our White skulls are getting longer top to bottom. Why? Because our brains are getting larger and nature has chosen this longer head type to let our brains grow larger.

As you perhaps know, when we are born we have two soft spots on our head. The front one is the anterior fontanelle and the one on the back of our head is the posterior fontanelle. The fontanelles are just gaps in our skulls so our skulls can compress as we pass through the birth canal without killing our mothers.

We have now reached the limit of how the fontanelles can work but since our brains are getting larger the longer skull workaround was needed for our larger brains because women's' birth canals are not evolving to allow wider heads.

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