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by H. Millard © 2016

Why do believers in the Teachings of Arman believe we are not to interfere in the ways, the lives, the business or the fates of other kinds of humans and that we should be indifferent to them?

Ultimately, our belief is based on a command from God to not interfere and to be indifferent to other kinds of humans. That's all the explanation that is needed for most  true believers. God said it.  It is the law. Period.  And, while, as here,  God usually gives his revelations in short statements and commands and doesn't give long explanations, we are encouraged to try to fully understand what God wants by using our reason. We are active participants in making the world a better and more righteous place and we are God's way of doing it through us--through our unique DNA Code. We are selected.  We are God's hands in the level of existence in which we exist. And, as intelligent beings, God wants us to use our brains to understand so our faith and our resolve are strengthened based on reality, not on childish myths.

We believe that all distinct peoples have the sovereign right to be as they are without the interference of other distinct peoples even if these others mean well.  Each distinct people has the obligation and the responsibility to find its own way by itself alone.  Each people must face its own misfortunes and live or die as fate will have it. We should not interfere or intervene and we should remain indifferent.  We must mind our own business, and our own business is White business.  Arman teaches the importance of the concept "self" and especially in its positive aspects for us as  in self-reliance, self determination, self-esteem, self-improvement, self-help and so on and this relates to this law against interfering and in being indifferent.  Simply put: Mind your own White business and let non-Whites mind their own non-White business. God often works in subtle ways to fulfill His will.  He controls the size of populations and other matters through nature.  Droughts, floods, earthquakes, diseases, wars and more can be considered God's work to control population sizes of different peoples.  Whites must not interfere. Let God or nature work it out with no White interference in the fates of other kinds of humans.  Just butt out, Whitey, and mind your own White business.  You may be your brother's keeper, but your only brother is White. Take care of your White self and your White people and let others do the same for themselves and their kind. Let God or nature determine the fates of peoples and do not butt in.

The so-called help that is often given by misguided Whites to other distinct peoples often harms more than it helps in the long run. And when studied with modern science it is evident that most such help isn't out of a sense of compassion but is out of a neurotic need on the part of the helpers to get some fixes of brain feel good chemicals.

There are also those we disparagingly call Great White Mothers, Great White Fathers and Lord Jims who are subconsciously motivated by feelings of racial, cultural and moral superiority which we call noblesse oblige racism. These neurotic people who are most often White, sadly, usually think that all humans are the same under different color skin and by this they really believe that all humans are White inside and that because of racial discrimination or bias against darker peoples by Whites, these non-Whites are being kept from letting their inner White person emerge.  This is an absurd and childish view of the way nature works.

Lastly, we believe in eternal gene wars aka eternal gene struggles or natural selection,  in which genes of those who can breed with those who are starting to evolve along different paths (branching off) and who can produce viable offspring with them, pose an existential danger to the full evolution of those that have started to branch off and cause the branching off ones to blend back in with earlier forms.  This means, in our case, that non-Whites--Blacks, Browns, Yellows, Reds-- can destroy the White genome by mating with Whites. God forbids Whites to miscegenate but He does not forbid other kinds from miscegenating so long as there is no White involved in the miscegenation.  That is one of the special laws and  obligations that God has put on us and no others and which is intended to allow us to evolve naturally along the best trajectory for our kind so that we may  help purify the world and make it holier and to grow ever closer to God as He truly is through the expansion of our pure DNA Code.

We must add that the teachings do not say that we are superior to other kinds of humans, just that we are different and have a different destiny and rules and laws and obligations and responsibilities put on our shoulders that other kinds don't have on theirs. Some might  even suggest that we are being treated more strictly by God because of the special things demanded of us. But, this is our fate as the selected.

Evolution works by a constant branching off as organisms head toward being new species--and it works that way with humans also.  We do not argue with  the relatively settled scientific belief that all humans started in Africa and spread out from there and that the original humans were Black and before that, apes. Our reason tells us we had to start somewhere and it doesn't much matter where we started.  But we go back even further and say that  all life that we know about on Earth evolved from that first molecule that made the leap from so-called non living minerals to so-called living minerals that we call life. Ever since then, there has been a natural and normal branching off into millions of different types of life. Whites are one of those branchings and we believe that we are selected to become the new human type that will naturally replace earlier types.  We have this via revelation. The details of this, we do not know, but we trust in God.

Our branching off, so far, has  caused us to evolve along a different path and became White and this makes us different in many more ways than skin color.  We are on our way to becoming  a separate species which means we will no longer be able to have viable offspring with non-White humans--this is what God wants--but evil doers want us to blend back in with darker humans and cease to be a separate kind.  This is abhorrent to God who is the God of evolution as much as He is the God of nature and everything else. The flooding of White lands with non-Whites is part of the evil  plan to destroy all Whites and to keep us from evolving into a new species.  Those who hate Whites, want all Whites to blend back in with non-Whites and cease to be White.  This flooding of our White lands with non-Whites along with the constant propaganda making big lies claiming that all humans are the same  are calculated moves by the haters of Whites and God to have us engage in bedroom genocide--miscegenation--and to use our White sperm and eggs to produce non-White offspring and not produce pure White offspring. This is more than just an attempt to corrupt Whites as individuals; it is also an attempt to diminish the amount of pure White DNA Code on the planet.   Pure Whites are one with their pure White DNA Code and it is this pure White DNA Code that goes on in this world after our deaths in the pure White children we produce. The more pure Whites, the more pure White DNA Code and the holier the Earth.

Remember, while Orthodox Jews believe that they have been chosen and that the only real Jew is one who is born of a Jewish mother, we believe that we have been selected and that to be pure White, one must be born of a pure White mother and a pure White father.  Thus, our selection by God is more rigorous than the supposed chosenness of Jews--it takes two pure Whites to make another pure White.  There is no other way. No conversion is possible. One is born pure White or one is not.

We believe that Whites must separate out from non-Whites and that our lands must be completely White and that they are made non-holy if other types live in our lands.  We believe that if our lands reach a certain point of being non-White, that they will be destroyed. Our teachings state that the very presence of non-Whites among our kind is a danger to our kind and this should not be allowed.   Of course, in modern society, we often find ourselves in situations where we can't be completely separate.  Still, we must do what we can to separate out, even if we must only separate out in the midst of others. And, if we can separate out politely and without being offensive about it, that is for the good and is right. However, we must not let others force us into non-separation or force us to live among others if we don't want to do so.  We are expected to use our common sense in this as well as in other things in society. God wants us to live long and happy lives while producing as many pure White children as possible.  It is through increasing the sheer mass of the White DNA Code that we do God's will and commands for us in its most important aspect.

Just as we believe in individual rights, individual responsibility, and the reality that the individual is sovereign, we also believe that groups of like individuals (races) have rights to ensure the rights, the  safety, the identity, the integrity, and freedom of the individuals of the group. The individual protects the group and the group protects the individual.

The center of our religious life is our home.  Our religion is a family religion and our home is our religious sanctuary.  Other faiths may say similar things, but they usually fail to teach the true significance of the genetic component of what a family is.  In fact, most try to gloss over this fact.  We do not.  We understand that we are a family because we share very common DNA codes.  And, we understand that we are a distinct people because we are an extended family that still shares common DNA codes but with slight differences.  We often say that we Whites are all like snowflakes-- each different and unique, but each is White and each one is part of the same type--the White type.

We believe that the details of one's belief are secondary to the way one lives. One can even deny a belief in God and still be religious in our way if one lives as we live and does the right and good things.  Action is always more important than beliefs and words. If one lives as a pure White, has many pure White children, and puts Whiteness above all else, one is worshiping God even if one doesn't believe in God. And, God won't mind. He has a lot of self-esteem and doesn't need humans to constantly give Him confidence and feelings of importance. Do what He says and you're on the right track.

We believe by following the Teachings that we will be the last ones standing in the gene wars and that we will evolve biologically and spiritually closer to God and become a new species that replaces corrupt mankind. We are the ones selected for this and we are to be the most moral and ethical of all peoples in furtherance of the will of God. Just as present humans have left the apes behind, and as the apes left earlier forms behind and so on and so on going back to the first molecule of DNA, so too will we leave present humans behind. We are a major branching off and we are evolving even as you read this.

Our God is the god the gods of other religions would worship if they were real.

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