By H. Millard (c) 2021


By H. Millard (c) 2021

Good Altruism/Bad Altruism

In all things, what is good for Whites is good and what is bad for Whites is bad. We must be particularistic White and not universalist human.

Our White altruism is a pretty good survival strategy for our White kind when we only live among our fellow Whites. It has us help out those of our kind. Doing so might help them live long and be able to have more White children and this is a help to us as the more Whites there are the better it is for us.

The problem today is that when our formerly almost all White societies and lands are flooded with non-Whites, too many Whites mistakenly view non-Whites as the same as Whites and pour their altruism out on non-Whites. This is not good for Whites and is always harmful for White interests either in the short or long term and aids the enemy in the eternal gene wars.

The wrong headed universal and anti-evolutionary and anti-self-interest altruism practiced today by too many Whites comes from the false idea that all humans are the same as encapsulated in this idiotic statement that too many Whites seem to mouth as though they are dolls with a string on the back of their heads and when it is pulled out comes this nonsense: "There is only one race, the human race." Absurd! Such a statement is anti-evolutionary, anti-White and just plain wrong scientifically.

In addition, once they practice their altruism with non-Whites the wrongly altruistic Whites may feel they've done enough for humanity and not help their fellow Whites.

And, some Whites have subconscious notions of superiority such that they will drive right over their fellow Whites to help non-Whites because they believe their fellow Whites either can and should help themselves or that Whites in need are some how defective and shouldn't be helped at all. And, these self-superior Whites often want to nurture non-Whites as though the non-Whites are at best like little children and need the Great White Mommy and Great White Daddy to teach and help them or at worse that the non-Whites are like abandoned dogs and cats and need Whites to care for them.

The short term problems with such universal altruism can be seen in crime stories of Whites being attacked, raped, robbed, murdered by non-Whites who were helped either directly or indirectly by Whites who are failing to be and stay White in all ways, always.

The long term problems mean we may help the nonwhites to survive to produce more of their kind of children (meaning their genome) while we feel crowded and produce less of our kind of children and this can have effects hundreds and thousands of years into the future. With enough of this going on, in the future people may look back and wonder where all the White people went.

"Gosh, weren't those white people nice though? Gee they helped my ancestors breed more Black ones like all of us now alive. Say, where did those suckers, er, nice white people go?"

Prevent that future with no Whites from happening by living completely and exclusively White right now and by purging your mind of universalist ideas about humanity. Do what is right, do what is White.

Eternal Gene Wars

Remember, we are in eternal gene wars that are also eternal race wars which are a natural and needed part of evolution. They will never end and shouldn't end, so learn about them and live right and live White.

These eternal, natural and necessary gene/race wars started when life itself started. The gene/race wars are just the never ending and necessary competition, between different genes and then genomes and then the individual life forms made by those genomes and finally of groups of the same life forms, to dominate and become the only kind of their particular kind to exist. Natural selection is a milder and slightly different term for gene wars.

The process is the same throughout all of life, but what is important to us as White humans is to focus on the process in human terms.

For starters, it may help us to understand this by pretending that genes can "want" something to happen. Thus, Black skin genes want to defeat White skin genes and be the only skin color genes. And visa versa. Same for genes for brown hair versus genes for blond hair. And, genes for this or that type of nose, lips, ears, body type and so on all want to defeat the genes for other types and be the only kind in existence. Again, and to be clear, these genes don't really have the ability to "want" as we normally use the term, however, this competition is really an essential and innate part of how they are "programmed" by nature (or God, if you prefer).

This competition starting at the gene level exists in all levels and even in things that we don't normally think of as being gene related.

For example, we have sports competitions which are substitutes for and fulfill our innate need to compete to be the best on a gene level. Same with actual armed wars. They are substitutes for or sublimations for gene wars.

In other words, nature works with some very basic principles and the principles remain the same even if we substitute different contexts.

Gene wars are natural. It is how natural selection and evolution work. We must learn to love them and we must learn to do what is right for OUR genes, OUR genome, OUR race and not help the genes, the genomes, other races compete with us because this is the path to genocide and extinction for Whites. We must compete as best we can, and other kinds must be left alone to compete as best they can. We must win the gene wars.

Here's how one very bright scientist put it:

"Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e. those they can breed with]. They must avoid predators and other dangers. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations. This is the essence of natural selection." -- Francis Crick (Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the shape of DNA) Emphasis added.

Note that Crick was clear that the competition is "especially with other members of their own species." This is what the gene wars are all about. Whites must compete against all non-Whites and breed only White otherwise we will be absorbed or blended away and there will be no more White people. It is other humans who are our genetic enemies, not other kinds of living things, because other kinds of living things can't mate with us and produce offspring and thus can't use our White eggs and White sperm to breed non-Whites and cause our genetic extinction and genocide.

The Great Replacement/The Browning of America

Lately we're seeing talk about the great replacement and the browning of America.

The Republicans and conservatives paint the great replacement/the browning of America solely as attempts to elect more Democrats or liberals. This may be PC, but it is only tangential to the real truth.

The real truth is that the great replacement/the browning of America is the replacement of White genes, the White genome and White people.

It is the playing out of the gene/race wars right before our eyes.

The changing of street names from White names to non-White name and the destruction of statues of Whites and in some cases replacing them with statues of non-Whites is just part of the replacement/browning of America.

Too many Whites are remaining silent about this as they are seeing their own genocide and extinction unfolding slowly before their eyes. Perhaps the best metaphor about this is the one about the way to keep frogs from jumping out of a pot in which they are being cooked by turning up the heat a little at a time so they don't know they are being boiled alive.

Whites need to metaphorically jump out of that pot; and the pot in which we are being boiled is one that is full of non-Whites. The heat is being turned up a little at a time on Whites by slowly increasing the pressure on us to mix and mate with non-Whites and by increasing their numbers in our midst.

To win the gene Wars we must stay White and we must replicate ourselves as ourselves and not as any others. Some of us believe this on many levels including on a religious level, and that's discussed elsewhere.

Ask of everything: "Is this good for White people?"
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