America split

by H. Millard © 2010

There has been talk in the press recently about how the U.S. has become a two-class society based on the fact that half of the population pays taxes and the other half doesn't.

As true as this may be, there is an even greater divide: America is split between a White class and a non-White class.
Anti-White bigots and haters bemoan this divide, but nature tells us that such a divide is natural, and if Whites are to pursue their highest possible destiny and evolve even more from the masses of humanity, from which they emerged perhaps a mere 20,000 years ago, the divide must increase.
Evolution is all about divergence and branching off and it might be thought of as being a little like distillation.  First there is a mass of humans, then a small portion leave the mass like droplets of vapor leaving a distillation flask in a lab.  If the few drops remain separate, they remain different and continue down a different evolutionary path. But, if they are poured back into the flask from which they originated, they just become the same as the rest of the contents of the flask.
With organisms, including humans, this constant divergence and branching off by the few is, in a sense, a natural competition to be the most dominant or on the top of the heap or the highest in any environment or circumstances. Those with adaptations that are better suited for a particular environment or circumstances will become dominant in that environment or circumstances just by the automatic workings of natural selection. 
Nature doesn't care who wins or loses.  That's up to us. And, the reason it is up to us is because we have reached a point in our evolution where we can understand these things. With understanding comes the responsibility to take charge of our own destiny or forever be blown about by the vagaries of blind evolution.  We must now act and live consciously.
It's also interesting to note that this struggle is not only played out in things we see in the wilds or in labs, but it is also seen in our everyday human lives in every type of competition we engage in, including the sports games we observe or play which we arrogantly think we invented or engage in solely as a matter of our free will, but which are actually part of our DNA program filtered through our brains as we think up ritual games as a reflection of evolutionary processes and the struggle to be and to be more.
There really is a bigger, but more basic or more underlying, picture to existence than is usually talked about.  We humans are far too convinced that what happens right now or what has happened in the last few thousand years is supremely important.  In fact, a few thousand years is nothing.  We need to focus on the long view of history.  We need to understand that we have diverged from other humans as evolution works itself out, and that our highest destiny is to continue to diverge, not blend back in.
And, even though White haters and bigots want to blur the lines, the division is real and is caused by nature and will always exist so long as there are Whites and non-Whites.
Of course, this division is not what the White haters want. In fact, they have been working hard for decades to cause miscegenation, abortion and low birth rates for Whites so that there are no longer any Whites in America or on the rest of the planet. They want us to blend back in with the humanity that we have branched off from.  If one wanted to engage in Biblical imagery, one might say that the White haters are doing the work of Satan by keeping Whites from evolving ever closer to God.(NB: Isn't the best trajectory of evolution toward higher consciousness?  And, isn't higher consciousness the same as moving closer to God i.e. to a greater understanding of existence?)
Anyway, back to the mundane. Statistically speaking, White America is pretty much as it has always been. It has low crime, high education, efficient cities, good schools, a relatively high quality of life. You know this is true.  Just look at the statistics from areas that are mostly White. They are, usually, nice and safe places to live. And, this even includes White areas that may be less wealthy. There is very little crime in such places.
And, statistically speaking, non-White America is mostly the way it has always been also. The statistics are there for anyone to see.
Now, to be very clear about this, when we speak of White vs. Non-White America we are doing so in terms of statistics and not in terms of individuals.

Clearly, the statistics do not apply to every individual in the two classes. And, the two classes can even be broken down further, but this would take us down a very long road that would require a deeper discussion about evolution, adaptation, mutations, etc. that is better left for a book length presentation.

Still, if you read between the lines of this talk about two classes in America based on who pays taxes, and its general public acceptance as being true, and then when you factor in the demographics of crime and other statistics you begin to understand that more and more White Americans are starting to have their consciousness raised to the point where they are beginning to understand that many of the problems we see in our nation--the high violent crime rate, the failing schools, the abundance of takers instead of producers--are not really White problems at all and that White America is still pretty much the same as it has always been.

The difference now--starting several decades ago--is that non-White problems have been made White problems by being integrated into a sort of make-believe, plain wrap, one size fits all society that demands that we not notice--speaking statistically, again--that many of the "inner"characteristics of human beings are externally coded by nature.

But, this goes far deeper than just human behavior. It is so throughout nature.

It cannot be any other way. Genes 'R Us is the basic rule of all living things. Race is to humans as breed is to dogs as variety is to flowers.

The sooner that we, as human beings, understand this simple basic rule of nature about genes, the sooner will we be able to start solving some of society's problems so that all peoples will be able to live happy productive lives.

If we continue to ignore the truths of nature, we will forever be throwing money at problems in the wrong way, and the problems will never go away because we will continue trying to force different peoples into a mold, that has largely been based on a model of humanity that tacitly holds that Whites are the basic model human and all other peoples are just darker skinned White people who simply need to be around Whites for some of that inner Whiteness to emerge.

If we pretend that all humans are the same, we are simply showing a lack of intellectual rigor, or cowardice, or both. President Obama called for a national dialog on race. Why hasn't that happened? The answer is that it hasn't happened because of a fear of being called names by bigots and haters if we honestly discuss this subject.

Remember, it is not about this or that group being better or worse than others as these terms are used in everyday speech. In nature, and humans are part of nature, there are no better or worse groups of anything. There are just differences caused by different adaptations and mutations which allows nature to fill every niche with life that will be comfortable and profitable in that niche. That's what evolution is all about. That's what it has always been about.
Finally, more and more Whites are convinced that they must remain a separate people and not blend back into the masses of humanity if they are to evolve in the best direction; which means to have general adaptations, rather than narrow specific adaptations, that will lead to ever higher consciousness and the ability to fill all niches with their kind. To some, this is also a religious path.  And, as human beings, it is their natural right--simply because they are alive--to choose and take what they think is the best path for themselves.  
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