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by H. Millard © 2012

"It was cold yesterday," said Arman, "so I put on a warm jacket when I went outside.

"Out on the streets, just about everyone else also had on warm jackets.

"How did all of us know to wear warm jackets?  Had we received a directive from D.C. to put on warm jackets?  Were we somehow all tied in with each other via mental telepathy? Nope and nope.  We, all of us as individuals, individually decided to put on warm jackets at about the same time. 

"Why?  It's because all organisms, including human beings, seek comfort.  We automatically put on warm jackets because they made us more comfortable than we would have been had we not put them on.
"This was so because our senses (which we have so we can survive to breed) sent signals to our brains letting us know that being warm was a better tactic for survival as individuals than being cold. And, most of us obeyed those signals and didn't override them by deciding to not wear a jacket.

"We, each one of us as individuals, took care of ourselves.  We didn't wait for someone else to tell us what to do.  We just did what was best for us personally.  It was the natural thing to do and every individual organism is programmed to do what is necessary to survive and be comfortable. That's a  basic part of the genetic code of life and is found in all healthy organisms. It's a simple stimulus/response mechanism--or survival program--designed to help the organism survive so it can expand its kind.
"However, as we dig deeper into this, we must consider the power--for both good and bad--of the individual human brain to override our internal programs, including our survival programs, which it may do based on ideas that have seeped into the subconscious.
"This overriding can be good if it leads us in the right direction of expanding always and contracting never, but it can be bad if we have been brainwashed or conditioned to believe falsehoods that are harmful to us or if we have in some way internalized the wrong messages intentionally or unintentionally that lead us away from expanding always and contracting never. 
"Humans could, for example, override their desire to put on a coat when it's cold. That would be an incorrect overriding as it might put the individual's survival in question.  Most people can see the truth in this, but when we get to things such as our reproduction, many don't clearly see the truth of nature and they override their natural survival program that says they must not only reproduce but that they must reproduce their own kind and not other kinds and they must have as many children as physically possible and they must avoid dangerous situations that would shorten their lives and thus end their breeding.
"Because so many of our people have internalized false ideas about the nature of existence and our reproduction, we see them using contraceptives, intentionally holding down their birthrate, practicing celibacy or homosexuality or engaging in miscegenation.  These are all perversions of the natural individual instinct to produce as many children in your image as possible so that your code expands. But, it's even worse than a perversion; It is a form of self-genocide and an erasing of the true self, that is found in the genetic code, from the future and for all time.  These perversions often wipe out what has been an unbroken chain of ancestors leading to each of us alive today and they are an affront to the First Cause.
"It helps to understand our teachings in this regard by realizing that we believe the proper long view emphasis of who and what we are is not focused on the manifested individual organism (the you who you see in the mirror), but on the individual's internal genetic code, which, in our kind of human, we call Code A.
We believe that it is our genetic code that must survive and thrive. We, as the manifestation of that code, are its means to survive and thrive just as it is our means to survive and thrive. We further believe that our genetic code survives and thrives by us breeding true and by expanding the code by having as many children with our code as is humanly possible. 
"But here's the thing to know about this: Since the genetic code and your manifested self are one, taking care of yourself first, in your everyday life, also usually automatically takes care of your genetic code. 
"Inasmuch as you are the manifestation and personification of that code, it would be a mistake for anyone to think that we do not value the individual as some might wrongly believe from  an incorrect or incomplete reading of our teachings.  In fact, the opposite is true.  We value the individuals of our kind, precisely because they carry the code and the code is the essence of our people. It is in me, and it is in you if you are our kind and it is in all of our kind.  But it is in no other kinds. We are born with this code--this recipe--that makes us who and what we are.  It is the only way to get it.
"We believe in individualism, but we define it to mean natural genetic code individualism and we understand that the code is bigger than us as individuals and it is the code that must survive. If our code survives, then we survive.
"A basic principle of natural genetic code individualism and survival is that each of us should do what is best for ourselves.  And, in this day, we might generally give a nod to other living things by including an ethical footnote  'so long as we don't harm any other organisms, unless harming them is necessary for the survival and expansion of our kind's genetic code.'  

"This principle of genetic code individualism starts within each individual then spirals out in ever increasing circles from each individual.

"First, you must take care of yourself. That's the smallest circle.  Then, you must take care of your family, your extended family and then others who are genetically similar to you. This finally expands to include all non-Jewish White people of European descent.  When you follow this principle, as correctly taught and understood, you are benefiting yourself, because those in the larger circles share significant and essential parts of your genetic code with you. 
"Many decades ago, this series of ever expanding circles could be based pretty much on geography.  That is, before the modern Dark Age that plagues us now, those who lived in your neighborhood, your town, your county, your state, your nation and in most of Europe, were pretty close to you genetically. When you were true to each of those geographic divisions you were still being true to your genetic code because you were all related as cousins. If those in these geographic divisions thrived, your general genetic code thrived automatically.
"But of course, there is much more to this. When Europe was still primarily White, there were brother and cousin wars. While those wars killed off many of our people by our people, this was a natural part of nature trying to find the most fit among us. And, while we may not like such brother and cousin wars, at that time in the past, as just indicated, they were natural.  Today, that must change.  Now, we have enemies who threaten our survival who are not our brothers or cousins and we must turn the cannons outward from our code, instead of inward as in the past as nature was causing us to do fine tuning of our code.
"Part of our present problem is that the zeitgeist of this evil and Dark Age blender era in which we live tries to ensure that people genetically unlike you live near you.  This means you can no longer just be reflexively true to geographic divisions. To do so might (but not always) harm your genetic code because such loyalty is artificial and is not based on the genetic code. 
"Of course, there are exceptions. If, for example, your blended town has a flood or other catastrophe, you would, for your own survival, join with those genetically unlike you to save the town. You would do so  because that benefits you and it helps you survive to breed true some more. There  would be no false or misplaced altruism in such a case. Each individual must use reason and must be clever to know what is best for  the survival and benefit of his or her genetic code.
"Just to be clear. The difference between this natural genetic individualism and some other definitions of the term "individualism"  is that in our concept of natural genetic individualism, we emphasize the genetic code over the  manifested individual that you see in the mirror. That person you see in the mirror is the outward manifestation of the code, but that person will die at some point.  If that person had lived right and bred right, the code he or she has will carry on into the future. And, the individual will live on within the code so long as the code continues and is not infected by gene transfers from other kinds of humans.
"Natural genetic individualism is part of what we teach and it flows naturally from our most basic beliefs about the nature of existence and our place in it. 
"These are some of the things that I believe and which I teach.  If you are our kind, you are most welcome to study them and also follow them. 
"The Teachings are a religion (to some), a philosophy (to some), a world view (to some) and a guide (to some) to living a better, a happier and a more productive life that has purpose and meaning, no matter the circumstances you find yourself in.  
"The Teachings are about peace and not harming other living things, but they're also about following a path that is open to us as a result of the evolutionary twists and turns that have led to who we are as a distinct people. They are about the ways of existence.
"Some religious people call themselves the People of the Book and they find meaning in their religious books.  We, by contrast, are the People of the Code and what we are and how we should act and live and what we can become is written within every cell of our being. All the words we use to teach are just to explain this and the way we fit into the big picture of existence.  As we often say: Everything is simple; it's only the explanation that is complex.
"But, whether you take this path or not is completely up to you. You, as an individual, must choose this path for yourself if you wish. There's nothing to join.  There's nothing you have to pay.  There's no fealty to any other individual. There's really no demand on you at all, except to read and study and think about these things and then live them as an individual if that's your choice. Just follow your brain and your heart, because they are guided by your code, and if it calls you--if you think these things make sense, and maybe answer some of the big questions of existence--then welcome."
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