As transcribed by H. Millard (c) 2014

Arman, known as The Teacher, said....

"You shall not move higher to closeness with the First Cause or to become the Superman by belief alone. The Sacred White Path requires three things: Right Blood, Right Belief and Right Action.  We are White by the fundamental processes of evolution and this putatively gives us Right Blood and puts us in the evolutionary position where we are  commanded to, and where we must, use our will to evolve genetically, spiritually and biologically to become a new species that is incapable of having children with those who are not our White kind and to continue evolving and expanding our kind forever along the White Path. With Right Blood comes our sacred responsibility to be the vessels that will improve and uplift life itself; genetically, spiritually and biologically, to be closer to the First Cause. This sacred responsibility put on our shoulders by the First Cause through and due to the evolutionary stage we have reached--as the distinct and unique White human kind, different from all others--puts us on a collision course with the forces of non-existence. These forces of non-existence are ultimately characterized by non-motion, cold, darkness and silence and have their corresponding  analogs in humans who are not our kind.  The forces of existence which we represent in human form are characterized by motion, warmth, light, sound. Non-existence is, when there is no action and no struggle to be.  Existence is when there is action and struggle to be and to become more."

Generally, the Teacher means this:

The Teacher  uses the term Superman (the Teacher uses the term for both male and female and in a singular, plural and collective way) in the sense that this new being is to be born of us and out of us alone and is above the present species of humans in that he  is healthier, more intelligent, has more cunning, more intuition, higher consciousness, is immune to some diseases, and  he isn't  concerned with the morals and ethics of other kinds of humans as he makes his own morals and ethics based upon his mission to expand always, contract never and to evolve ever higher. He has overcome  lesser human nature to become more.  He is less emotional and more calculating and cares only that he, and especially the DNA code he carries, shall  improve and expand to fill all of existence until it is his DNA code that wins the struggle for survival, for dominance, and for life in a higher state genetically, spiritually and biologically.  He doesn't care what other forms of humans think of him any more than he cares what a monkey might think of him and he thinks and cares not all  about other forms of humans and practices strict non-interference and indifference to these other forms of humans. He is alien to them and they are alien to him. These other forms of humans are not his kind and they are not his concern except as they may pose a danger to him, and in this case he must prevent this.  They have their destinies and he has his. The highest  purpose of  other organisms, including other forms of humans is to serve the cause of evolution,  and to help him evolve life itself, through him, ever higher.  This Superman is not the end of evolution, but is just the next step for humankind. The term Superman is often used by the Teacher and True Believers precisely because it is a loaded term, is an attention getter, and draws people to read about him. If those drawn to read about the Superman have the right make-up--the right Blood-- they may then feel called to follow the White Path upwards.  This is a good thing, because those who are evolving higher are helped when there are many others also evolving. And, to the casual reader who misunderstands the concept and plain words, let's be clear:  the Superman  cannot fly, does not have superhuman strength or abilities.  He is simply the next step up from primitive humanity and in his purest form he cannot bear children with the rest of humankind but only with his own kind.  In his best form he has subtle mutations that make him better adapted to survive our present Dark Age and breed his kind alone as he moves up the graduated scale to become more.

It needs to be emphasized that the term  Superman is used in two ways by the Teacher. The first way is to describe those among Whites now living or who have lived in the past who through the power of their minds and wills have moved higher within the present DNA code while not reaching full biological reproductive separation from other humans.  This, presumably, includes all pure Whites now living who take the White Path.  The second way the term is used is to describe the next evolutionary jump for Whites in which we have diverged enough from other kinds of humans that we do achieve full biological reproductive separation from them and will not be able to bear viable, fertile offspring with them, or they with us, and this will end the gene flow that now exists which threatens our existence as a distinct and different kind of human and which can cause our upward evolution to stop. In this second stage, our evolution will speed up as we diverge ever more and ever more quickly from other humans and eventually naturally replace them just  as present humans have replaced apes.

It should also be noted that the Teacher frequently uses "White" in describing our kind and the path up.  This is intentional and is an indication that our Whiteness is essential to us.  It is not a trifle.  And, when the Teacher uses White he means both our color and our other characteristics that make us a distinct and unique people.

And specifically, the Teacher means this about the three things required to take the path:


By Right Blood (sometimes just "Blood"), the Teacher means that we must, before all else, and as a necessary prerequisite to evolve on our revealed path, be born of a White mother and a White father who were also born of a White mother and a White father who were also born of a White mother and a White father and so on back generations.  And, the Teacher also uses the term blood to mean the DNA code that we uniquely carry which we often refer to as DNA Code A, to distinguish it from other DNA codes. The Teacher also refers to DNA Code A as the Essence.  So, it is Right Blood that is necessary and Right Blood is White Blood. Just as with a radio or an automobile or a computer, the right parts are needed.  And, DNA Code A has those right parts.  However, there is a hidden mutation called the "racist gene," (actually a part of the White DNA Code--with spiritual and biological elements--that is stronger in some of us and weaker in others) that is needed.  But, Blood, is not enough.  It is dormant unless it is activated.  Again, like a radio or automobile or a computer, blood (DNA Code A) is the hardware and it must be turned on or started up to work. The Teacher emphasizes that it is a revealed and fundamental truth that one of the signs carried on the bodies of those who have the right parts to evolve higher is White skin.  It is not a trifle as many people believe, but is absolutely essential and none but those who possess it, and the other White signs, and genetic background, have the right parts.  This is both a spiritual and a biological truth. We believe the reason we must have White skin and  Whiteness may have to do with our ability to mutate faster than others and thus undergo rapid, jump-like evolution, and that it, in purest form, is a sort of "antenna" to tune into some of the frequencies of the First Cause which permeate all of existence.


By Right Belief (sometimes just "Belief"), the Teacher means that we must believe in Whiteness and in the basic ideas that he teaches.  The Teacher says that the Teachings he gives, while given in our everyday words, are nonetheless revealed, are not the product of man and are genuine and are the only way to move forward up the path to becoming more, and to being closer to the First Cause.  Arman does say, however, that other Whiteness philosophies and religious views--even those that are atheist--that differ from the Teachings in various details but which still have at their core the essential beliefs about Whiteness and our need to expand, improve and evolve, will also help those with the Right Blood move up the path, although the path will not be as quick or as surely taken as by those who follow the Teachings and are True Believers. Proper belief about Whiteness starts the process to  turn on and  start up the machine that is our bodies. It causes us to make the right choices in life.  It starts the internal machinery of releasing hormones and chemicals to transform us.  Arman says we should be naturalists and observe nature and everything around us, because the ways of existence are there right in front of us.  Arman repeats often that a belief in Whiteness is a primary and  essential belief and such a belief is the key to understanding the big questions of existence as they relate to us.  Arman believes that the First Cause is what others may call God, and he says that our God is the God that other gods of other religions would worship if they were real.  However, Arman also says that one does not have to believe in the First Cause as a god to be a believer in the Teachings.  The truth of our DNA code--our Whiteness--exists as a reality and is not subject to belief in a god of any kind and one may simply believe in Whiteness, evolution, nature and the ways of existence and one can still take the path.


By Right Action (sometimes just "Action"), the Teacher means all the things that flow from Right Blood and Right Belief that lead us to live the way we should live and do the things we should do.  This means that we must live consciously and be aware and awake and to live White each second of each day all the days of our lives. The Teacher says that those who want to take our path must also do other specific things to help them on their way.  Among these is the bearing of spiral symbols and next to, in, or on the skin at all times and to pray morning and night.  And, by prayer, the Teacher means that one only needs to say something like "Thank you for life and for letting me live another day to do the work."  The Teacher eschews formulaic prayers for the most part. The heads of believers both male and female should be covered during prayers.

What are some of the actions and ways of life that the Teacher teaches?  He teaches that we must avoid all miscegenation with any non-Whites. That we must purify our DNA code. That we must have large families.  That we must avoid alcohol, drugs and other substances that can cause us harm, and we must avoid danger that might harm us or shorten our lives or keep  us from breeding to our fullest.  That we must not use birth control, that we must separate from the world of others, as best we can, even if we can only separate psychologically and socially right where we live, that we must be self-supporting and self-actualized and responsible, that we must not mix with other kinds, that we must hold the right thoughts, that we must help others of our kind but no other kinds, that we must method live--that is, that we must imitate the next step for man--the way actors take on roles. The Teacher calls this technique "method living."  If we are to become more, we must believe the part, look the part,  live the part, act the part, dress the part,  and we must never be out of character even for a minute.  This helps our minds release the right chemicals and energies to help us transform.  Correct actions help correct beliefs charge the correct blood in a constantly spiraling feedback loop in which each of the three raise the level of the others. Actions are more important than specific beliefs, but the right actions are dependent on having the right general beliefs.  One must live our faith.

The Teacher says that any of our kind who wish to follow the  Path can do so just by doing so.  They do not need to be validated or be given permission by anyone, including Arman. Each of us has the power within us.  Each of us is in charge of himself or herself.  We believe in the power of One. Each of us is One. Do not wait for others or for a crowd of believers to form in which you can hide.   It is up to you.  Not tomorrow, but right now, today and every day..  One simply needs to learn as much as one can about our ways and follow them, quietly and privately or more publicly if one so desires.  We believe in not being strident or pushy about our beliefs, but we also believe that it is important for us to gently expose our ways to those who have not yet awakened so that they may, in their own time, understand that this is the way of existence for our kind alone and it is the way to eternal life through our DNA Code A and the way to enlightenment and spiritual and physical holiness.

About Arman

Arman is a White male who started receiving revelations/inspiration after an unusual incident that happened when he was a teen. At that time, Arman was standing in a small rural and deserted field near some woods and a  stream on the edge of a small town when some unusually dark, low, and fast moving storm clouds suddenly moved over the field and Arman's head.  As Arman looked up at the clouds, an almost perfect circle opened above his head and a beam of  light, that looked like sunlight, shone through onto Arman.  At the very moment the clouds opened, Arman heard the sound of what seemed to be an ever increasing chorus of what eventually sounded like hundreds of voices singing with increasing intensity in what may have been a  language, but he did not recognize it and says that he's not sure it was a language at all.  He says it sounded like voices being used almost as though they were musical instruments and they seemed to be repeating a simple unknown phrase or series of musical notes or sounds over and over but with increasing intensity and building towards a crescendo. The voices singing were unusual in that it was hard to tell if they were male or female.   Then, the clouds closed and at that very moment the sound of the voices also stopped.  Arman believes that either something was planted in his mind during that incident or that something was opened or activated in his mind or his DNA.  Nothing exactly like that has ever happened to Arman again, but he believes that whatever did happen during that experience set him on a particular path to teach a message that has gradually unfolded over the years.  Was it a UFO?  Arman has stated that he never saw or heard anything in the sky other than the clouds, the light and the singing.  He has also said that there were no nearby homes, buildings, cars or people that might have produced the singing.  Arman did not and does not use drugs or alcohol so they weren't a factor.  He has never had any sort of brain injury and he has never been diagnosed with any mental or emotional problems or mental  illness and has always functioned completely normally in society.  So, being a rational person, Arman says that he simply doesn't really know the source of what happened on that day and usually leaves it at that and simply tells the facts as he experienced them. Arman does say, however, that he believes what happened to him was caused ultimately by what he calls the First Cause, whether working directly or indirectly.

As a matter of record about Arman and his Whiteness: Arman has blue eyes and had blond hair as a child. In addition to genealogical research conducted by Arman's family  that shows he and his family are of Northern European descent with no Jewish blood, Arman took a DNA test that confirms he is of 100% non-Jewish White European descent. The DNA test revealed that he is about 42% descended from the British Isles with the rest from various other northern European nations including, but not limited to, France and Germany.

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