By H. Millard (c) 2022


By H. Millard (c) 2022

The king of the five basic human senses is sight.

Touch, hearing, smell, taste are also important, but they are secondary to sight.

We know that sight is the king or primary human sense because it is linked to our sexual desires and our sexual desires are linked to our reproduction and our reproduction or the making more like ourselves is nature's primary purpose for us to be alive.

Our sight also helps us avoid dangerous things, situations and people. And our sight lets us invent, learn, drive cars and do just about everything else we do. Without sight we are very limited. Trust your eyes and you'll be safer, deny your eyes and you may not live very long.

Some of us believe this is all ordered by the Divine, but if you don't believe in the Divine your belief in science and nature may still keep you on the right track if you understand science and nature correctly.

Again, we perceive and experience the world primarily by seeing it. Your common sense tells you this.

And, you can see that some people are not White and do not have White features. They may have different eye colors or shapes, different hair colors of textures, different nose shapes, different head shapes, different lip shapes and sizes and so on.

They simply do not look like Whites. They do not look like us. You know this from your sight. Trust it. Mating with them does not make more like us. Such mating is wrong.

But, the Blenders--those sicko, evil doers who want to blend all humanity into one type want to convince you that you should not believe your eyes.

They tell you that skin color doesn't matter and that we're all the same but with minor differences that you should ignore. They want you to think about skin color as though it is like paint applied over completely identical automobiles coming off the assembly line. They are wrong.

Your skin is the largest organ in the human body and the color of your skin comes from within your DNA Code. Your skin color is not an afterthought, it is essential to who and what you are.

These one world types, these evil Blenders aren't just trying to create one worldwide nation and economy, they want one religion (with certain allowable minor differences) and they want one human type.

The human type they want is not White. They want to eradicate Whites because they know that whites are very different from all other races. We are the latest evolutionary development and we are the replacements for all other races. They know this instinctively even if they can't or won't state it this way. They know if our White population grows and stays separate that we will eventually replace them.

The one type of human they want to create is a sort of Tan Everyman. The Tan Everyman will have dark skin, dark eyes, dark hair and non-White features. The Blenders want to get rid of White skin, and all White features. They want no one to have light eyes, light hair, and so on. Everything that characterizes the best and purest of Whites and that is the opposite of what the Tan Everyman will have is hateful to them.

To accomplish their genocide of Whites they want us to blend ourselves away. Mass executions, gas chambers and such can result in people waking up and charging the evil Blenders with crimes against humanity so the preferred method of our genocide is to tell us to not believe our eyes and then convince us to mate with non-Whites and produce non-White children.

Some of us Whites have religious beliefs that demand that we separate from all other races and never mate with them.

These deeply and sincerely held religious beliefs will help keep us safe and they are a stronger glue than mere social or political views because some of us also believe that these religious beliefs come from God-As-He-Truly-Is and are not from any humans.

We believe that God-As-He-Truly-Is, is now taking a more active part in ensuring that we see the truth and do what He wants, which is to have us remain White and evolve along a purely White path.

We realize, however, that not all Whites will believe and that many will be lost and will turn their families non-White and cause the devolution of their lines. All we can do is try to tell them the truth in ways that they understand and will keep them from committing their own genocide.

And, we say if some Whites come to the same basic beliefs that Whites must remain separate and increase our births through means other than religious beliefs that this is fine. It is the message that is important and not the messenger.
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