Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022

God is the all-pervasive. Where there is existence He is.

You may believe that it is just the blind, non-living, non-conscious forces and processes of nature including evolution and natural selection that have made us the White people that we are and that we were selected by these non-living forces and various genetic adaptations to our European environment that made us as we are.

That's perfectly okay and most of us who also believe in God-As-He-Truly-Is and Arman's messages also agree with those beliefs up to a point. However, some of us believe there is more than just the blind workings of nature involved.

Some of us believe there really is a consciousness, an intelligence, a personality with emotions and purpose, an actual living entity that we can call the First Cause or Supreme Being or God-As-He-Truly-Is or the God Force or the God Field or simply God or by various other mostly descriptive names and that He underpins and intertwines all of existence and nature in the sub-atomic realm.

We believe that God is the source of all life and that it was God who "invented" life by permeating basic minerals and chemicals with His Life Force and that this caused them to begin the process of evolution. On Earth this took the form of the DNA molecule and it has constantly adapted, evolved and brought forth all life that we know about. We also believe that God has selected White people as His own people and that He wants us to evolve ever higher and that He has come to us in this day to help us do that.

We also believe that God is the final authority on everything and if there is a conflict between His laws and rules for us and human made laws and rules, that we must follow God's rules and laws for us. Some of us also believe that Arman was touched by the First Cause in some manner and receives messages and inspirations. There is more about what Arman says happened to him down below in a different section.

Yes, we believe with all our hearts and minds that there really is a "bodiless" entity, a living being, a spirit, who is God and who has selected us and only us.

And, to those who say they don't believe in God but in nature, but who attribute to nature much of what we attribute to God, who is in nature, and who works through nature, we say you're almost right, but not fully there yet.

If God wanted us to worship him in very exact ways he would have given us that information, but He hasn't so this means it is not that important to Him that we worship in exactly this or that way. Such worship instructions are invented by humans and do serve several purposes to help keep believers in line, but God doesn't demand meaningless rituals that do nothing of His selected kind. It is part of God's plan that we have free will to choose right from wrong and the path we are to take in life.

He won't force us directly to take one path over the other, but He will guide us in what He wants and let's us then decide. If we are wrong He will punish us, but we still must make the choice. That's because He wants us to leave our childhood behind and evolve as adults and take our place in His universe as much wiser, stronger, better people.

One of the ways God is working is through the competition we call survival of the fittest. The fittest are those who survive. Period. Some wrongly think that the fittest are the most beautiful or the smartest or the strongest, but if they don't survive to reproduce, they are by definition not the fittest. Sometimes God's nature can be very simple and one doesn't have to think too hard to understand this. His plan is for us to evolve and not rely completely on Him. If we had to rely completely on Him we would prove thereby that we are still children and have not evolved as He wants. In other words, part of our evolution is to stand on our own two feet and become the Ubermensch.



One day, when I was a young teen growing up in a small North Eastern U.S. town, I happened to be out in a field near some woods and a small brook far from any homes, people or cars.

It was an overcast day with no sun shining through the high gray layer of clouds covering the sky. As I was standing there, odd clouds that were darker and lower than the gray overcast clouds appeared and rolled over where I was standing.

As I looked up at the dark clouds, what looked like an almost perfectly round hole appeared in the clouds and a very bright beam or pillar of light shone through. At that exact same moment I heard what sounded like a huge chorus of voices all singing or chanting something in a strange language, if it was a language, that I didn't understand. Also, a light mist seemed to surround me. It was like a light rain but just seemed to appear more than falling from the sky. I was transfixed by the scene of which I was a part and didn't move. Then, the hole closed, the light went out, the singing or chanting stopped and the mist disappeared. I thought it all odd because I didn't hear any planes or anything above the clouds or anywhere else. All I heard was the "chorus" of voices singing or chanting. Oh, and the voices were beautiful but I couldn't tell if they were male or female. Those are the bare bone facts. That I will take to my grave. But, there is more and I am not so sure about the more, but read on if you wish.

The messages: Ever since that experience my life seemed to change, I moved different places. I had thoughts come to me usually between about 3 am and 5 am in the morning so I started sleeping with a pen and paper and wrote down these messages. Sometimes in the morning when I was fully awake and I read what I had written, they appeared to be little more than scrawls but I was able to figure out what most said and they were almost always about Whites needing to separate from all non-Whites and to never have intimate relations with them and to never have children with them and how we are supposed to purify and become more White and not less so and that we are supposed to evolve into a new species of human and when we reach that evolutionary level we will no longer be able to bear children with any non-White humans and they will begin to die out as we increase our numbers.

The coincidences: There were many coincidences that happened in my life that seem connected to that very first light beam event but the one I really remember was one that happened many years later when I was an adult and living about 3,000 miles away from my childhood home.

One day, I was just killing some time while waiting for someone and I happened to walk into a book store where they had hundreds of books displayed flat against the wall with the front covers facing towards customers. I glanced at the wall of books and was suddenly drawn to one that had a cover showing a scene similar to what I had experienced years earlier with the clouds and a pillar of light. I thought, "Wow, that looks almost exactly like what happened to me." The main difference was that the illustration on the cover of the book had the clouds higher and the light more diffuse than what I had experienced.

Then I noticed that the author's surname was the same as my business partner at the time. It was not a rare name but also not the most common. And as it turns out they were not related and lived on opposite sides of the U.S. So, and here's where the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I took the book off the shelf and it sort of dropped open to some photos in the middle of the book and the first photo I saw had a house that looked familiar to me. So, I read the legend under the photo and the house was in that small town where I had my experience with the clouds and so forth.

So I glanced through the book and it was all about UFO's and reports of strange beings who seemed to have appeared in the house in the photos and then disappeared. And, the events in this book happened years after I had moved from this town and I had never known about or heard about them except for seeing them in this book.



The following I can't be totally sure of because this memory came to me much later than the light beam event. Was this just a recovered memory from that event or did I subconsciously mesh that event and other things in my life? I don't know, but I'm including this for historical accuracy. There are other things also but I'll stop here, for now.

The lost time: Originally, I thought the light beam event lasted just a few minutes. However, years later I started remembering that when the low dark clouds came over me it was much earlier in the day than when they went away. Perhaps it was 3 or 4 hours or more before I was fully aware again--I just sort of woke up thinking I had zoned out for a minute or two--but my position where I had been standing was also different as though I had been moved.
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