4 horses

by H. Millard © 2009

"Hey man," said Homeless Jack, "I've been reading some articles that back up what I've been saying for years.
"Let me just give you the straight scoop from these articles to chew on:
"The Population Reference Bureau says that the world population is going to grow to 7 billion by 2011 and the vast majority of that growth will be coming from non-White nations. They say that 97 percent of the growth will come from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.
"They also say that almost 8 out of 10 youth in the world today live in Africa and Asia.  That means these places have the most breeders. And, they ain't White, man.
"Here's a real grim stat. I also read that between 1900 and 2100, the proportion of Whites will have gone down from 30 percent to 3 percent.  See, man, we're fading away.  We're dying out as a distinct people. We've got too may friggin' yuppie asexuals among us who don't want to have kids. Friggin' Dodos. Last of the Mohicans.
"This already dark planet is going darker.  We're the few and the far between people, and many of our people aren't even aware of this crap and are more concerned about material things than having kids.  It's like we got a whole race of hippy-dippy, yuppie,  dingbats traipsing through the friggin' tulips instead of having kids. 
"How many insipid and vapid White people do we hear each month talking about how the Earth has too many people so these Whites have decided to not have any children. Friggin' morons. You don't hear too many non-Whites talking about not having kids, 'cept maybe the Chinese, and they have so many people anyway it doesn't matter too much if they limit their family sizes.
"Look, man, we need a rebirth of White folks.  We've gotta get past all this fear of being called racists and White supremacists and all the rest and we have to breed like rabbits. It's about our survival. It's the only way. You don't stop your genocide and extinction by dying out. We need to start crowding ourselves with ourselves. 
"You know, man, White folks seem to feel crowded very easily.  Kinda makes us uncomfortable.  So, before birth control, when Whites were teeming, they'd get uncomfortable and would do things to regain their comfort.  They'd invent ways to get comfortable again, or they'd move away and start White colonies. Nah, they didn't call them White colonies, but that's what they were.
"Unfortunately, they'd also start wars with each other, but that was because we didn't have mass transportation and stuff like that.  Now if we crowd ourselves--and with a little consciousness raising-- we'll probably start wars with others instead of with ourselves to find more elbow room. See, we don't even have to think about this.  It's like a Lemming instinct.  The population gets to a certain level and our brains get subliminal messages that change our hormones and cause emotional and psychological pressures that reach a certain point and then are relieved with wars or famines or moving to other lands or other things to make us comfortable again.
"I mean we don't often say that we're looking for more room and more space, but that's what our subconscious is reacting to and that's what sends us forth and that's what causes many wars.
"See, at the present time, progress has caught up with us and it's working against us by bringing in people unlike us to our lands. Our natural instincts tell us that they are not our people, but the orthodoxy of the present Dark Age conditions us to believe that these others are just like us but with minor things such as different paint jobs. It's nonsense of course.
"Anyway, because we subconsciously view all these others as the same as us--and of course they do fill the same life niche as we do--they contribute to our  feeling of being crowded. So in reaction we have fewer of our own children while the others without our sensitive sense of crowding just keep having as many children as usual. The result is that we become an ever shrinking percentage of the human population, while their numbers just keep increasing.
"Then, because our mating choices with our own people are limited, some of us mate with the others and produce their children, not our children. This is so, because it takes two of us to produce one of us, but this isn't the case with the others.  Just one of them mated with one of us produces one of them.
"To put a point on this, man; the fact is that too many of us think all humans are fungible, so if this non-White family down the street has eight kids, we wrongly figure that they've done the job for us and that their kids are our future and we don't have to have any kids.  This is nonsense. Only our own kids are our future. And, only our people have our genotype and phenotype. 
"Look, if we start crowding ourselves again, mass transportation will work for us instead of against us. Why? Because then, we'll be the ones forcing our ways into other lands and taking them over instead of having them forcing their way into our lands as is going on now. Get it,man? The ones with the most children win.  The larger the population of your genotype and phenotype, the more you'll expand.
"Whatever happens, I think somehow  things are going to work out as Arman says, man, and we're not going to become extinct, at least not all of us.  Some of us have very strong survival instincts. Arman says we're coming to a bottleneck and most humans are going to die off and only a few--and I don't know if he literally means "few" or whether he means thousands or millions--are going to emerge on the other side of the bottleneck. But, Arman is pretty clear that the vision he had was of our people alone surviving to evolve higher.
"Oh, and he says that what he means by our people surviving is less about us as individuals and more about the DNA genotype we carry within that builds our phenotype.  So, it's like our particular DNA code will survive for some reason.  Don't ask me why or how, man, I'm just telling you what Arman said.
Adam and Eve exit the garden"It's kinda like that Superman movie where the baby Superman was put in a space ship and sent away from the dying planet.  Except, Arman says what we're sending forth is our DNA, but we're not putting it in a space ship.  We're just reproducing and sending our DNA into new people like us.  We carry entire armies within our bodies, man.  Women are limited in the number of children they can have, but men can have thousands and thousands of children.  One man with many woman can save our people, man. One Adam and a thousand Eves can repopulate the Earth on the other side of the bottleneck.
"Anyway, Arman figures that the Big Guy in the sky is pissed off about the way the planet has been going, and about humans taking the wrong path. They now worship man and have invented a version of God that is like a hippy who doesn't care what anyone does.
Apocalypse"The Big Guy doesn't like it, man. I figure he feels as though he's being defamed.  And, he don't sue, man. God ain't got any lawyers.  He just wipes out evil-doers in a big way. Floods, fires, wars, famine, disease,you name it.  He has some tricks up his sleeve. Watch out for the Angels, man. They ain't like those cherubs on St.Valentine's Day cards. Make sure they see the signs on you, on your vehicles, on your skin, on your clothes, on your homes.
"If Arman is right, the Big Guy is coming to scour things and start over with the few. Sort of a new Adam and Eve, like I just said,man, but with differences."
"So, what does Arman say we should do?" I asked.
"He says, think right, live right, don't do evil, breed to your maximum in your image by combining the right 23 and 23, and keep the signs with you all the time. He also says it wouldn't hurt much to look inward and ask for guidance for a few minutes at  dawn and dusk."

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