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 "Hey man," said Homeless Jack, " let me tell you a little more about Arman's teachings.
"Arman says that we have to think in terms of "our people" and "not our people," if we are to head off our extinction, expand our kind and prosper. 
"But, you won't understand what he really means so long as you have an incorrect mind set that holds that the person you see in the mirror is the whole of the essential you. 
"See, Arman repeatedly says that if you start your thought process by thinking about yourself as the complete organism you are, this gets you off the correct path and then leads you to think about human races in an incorrect way and leaves you open to having false ideas planted in your subconscious by those who want us to blend back in with the rest of humanity. You have to start your thinking way up-stream from this.
"A good place to start your up-stream thinking is by realizing that 'you'--the person in the mirror--are a manifestation of your DNA code. That DNA code is the core that has spun out that person you see in the mirror.  But it's not as though the unique DNA code you carry has an existence separate from you, because it doesn't.  You and it are one. It "projects" you from within every cell of your body. You need it to exist and it needs you to exist in the form it has within you and as you.
"People in other religions talk about a raceless, usually non-physical or non-material soul or spirit that they believe is the real person and they believe that it inhabits a body that is often considered evil and a burden on the soul or spirit.
"They're wrong, man, and they've been wrong for centuries.  You are the real you and the DNA code that has made you and which is inside you is the part of you that goes on after your death if you've had children in your image who survive you. And, remember, the DNA code is physical and material and it's not raceless. 
"You also need to understand, man, that the DNA code inside all life that we are aware of, including us, is the offspring of that first DNA molecule that came into existence. The basic DNA code is about as close to something immortal as we're going to find on Earth.  It just keeps spinning out life in myriad forms.
"But once that life is spun out in whatever form it takes and however different or similar it is from other life forms, it is up to that life form to struggle to compete and try to dominate as much of existence as it can.  This struggling is an automatic process and is seen in the organism as a will to comfort. With the differences, nature also gives all organisms means to defend themselves in the struggle--often, 'tooth and claw.'
"However, one of the side-effects of our human version of 'tooth and claw'--our brain--is that we can think about such things.  This being the case, it appears that we have been given the keys to guide our own evolution, but they are keys that must be used or we will devolve.  In a sense, nature has kicked us out of our mother's basement and told us to make our own way in life as fully functioning adults. 
"So, what are we to do?  Well, we must understand the natural way of existence and we must realize that whether we live or die as individuals is less important in the larger scheme of things than whether or not we expand ourselves by having as many children in our image as possible.  By having as many children in our image as possible, we expand the code that we carry. That is the goal of the DNA code that makes and sustains us and that is the purpose of all life.
"What if you have children outside of our people or if you have no children?  Your code does not go on, man. It's like I told you before.  A human male contributes 23 of his 46 chromosomes to a new child and a human female also contributes 23 of her chromosomes to that child so that a child is born with the 46 chromosomes that is normal for our species.  Those chromosomes carry our DNA code.  If you mate outside the people--outside your race (race is actually a sub-species), the child who is born does not get the full complement of 46 chromosomes of our people. In other words, you do not survive if your DNA code does not survive.
"You don't have to overthink this, man.  Nature has made your eyes the king of your senses so you can usually tell who is like you and who isn't. Your eyes are connected to your libido and to your survival instincts for a reason.  If you're a mentally healthy person who has been deprogrammed from the genocidal beliefs of society today, just trust your eyes and you'll be okay under most circumstances.
"In fact, your brain is automatically programmed to tell like from non-like.  It's a survival mechanism.  One glance at another and you can usually tell--at least subconsciously--if they are like you or not. 
"But, here's the rub, man. Society is trying to condition you away from this survival mechanism.  Society is trying to convince you that such things as physical appearance are superficial.  This is an error in thinking. Don't buy it man.Trust your eyes and you'll be safer. And, by trusting your eyes you may live longer to breed more and expand your individual version of the code.
"Okay, now I'm gettin' pissed off,  because this makes me think about the numbnuts who try to minimize the importance of our white skin. You've heard these dimwits saying things like "Skin color doesn't matter," or "I just happened to have been born white," or "We're all the same under the skin."  Well, that's all BS, man.
"You know where they're going wrong?  They're equating skin color to paint. And, they're dead wrong. Skin color isn't sprayed on some samey-same universal human blank coming off an assembly line like its an automobile.
"Our skin color is an integral and essential part of who and what we are, and it comes from within.  It is part of our unique code and is just one of many differences we have that are taking us on a different evolutionary path to a different destiny if we make the right choices in life.
"So, 'looking like us' starts with white skin.  Then it involves bone structure, eye color, hair color and type and on and on.  We're not clones of each other so there will still be plenty of differences, but the basic similarities are there so that anyone with any intelligence will usually recognize like from not like. Just look, man.  Just look.
"You with me so far? The real us is the genetic code that we carry. It is the code that makes us who and what we are and it is that code that is passed on to our children if we have children with those like us. It is the code that gives us life beyond the death of our particular body.
"Nah, this ain't some ego kind of thing.  It's nature and nature's way for life.   Nature's prime command for life--all life--is to make more like itself.  
"Nature constantly tinkers with the basic code that reads:"life," so that the code will be able to expand in some form of life that is comfortable and able to prosper in every niche and every environment. But it isn't the fact that we all started with that single molecule of DNA, that is important to us on this level of existence, but the fact that we have evolved into different types.  It is up to us to see that our type expands--no one or anything else will ensure that.
"Okay, man, let me back up a little and make a picture for you while leaving out all the minutiae.  Millions of years ago, some so-called non-living chemicals somehow got mixed together and formed a DNA molecule.  Now, this was and is a remarkable molecule because it endlessly "eats" other chemicals in order to expand itself so that it can fill all environments and niches with itself. 
"But, how does it do this?  This way: it has the remarkable ability to change parts of itself to adapt to different conditions. If there's water, the DNA will adapt and bring forth organisms  to carry it and to live and prosper there.  If there's land, it will adapt to bring forth organisms to carry it and to live and prosper there. If its, hot, cold, rainy, dry, whatever, the code will change so it brings forth life that will carry it and  will be comfortable and prosper. The DNA code is eating its way across the universe, man, and as it does so it is transforming so-called non-living chemicals into life forms that can carry it.
"Just how changeable the code is, still isn't known, but as far as the Earth goes, we find life of some type living and prospering in just about every niche possible. That means the basic DNA code is still here after all these millions of years.
"Humans are just one manifestation of that DNA code that started millions of years ago and as with all life, we continue to evolve. 
"However, as I just told you, humans have reached a point where we can think about these things.  Arman says that because we have reached this point, not only can we think about these things, but we must think about them and we must, in our own interest, start guiding our own evolution.
"I'll tell you more next time, man.  But for now, remember to breed to your fullest and start eating your way across the universe to expand your DNA code.  It is nature's way."
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