Find Inner Peace and Your Purpose in Life by Being Who You Were Born to Be and By Becoming What You are Destined to Be

Our God is the God your god would worship if your god were real.

Welcome to this brief introduction to The Teachings of Arman and thank you for taking the time to read this.

We often refer to Arman as The Teacher and we will continue on with this term here.

The Teachings present a peaceful, righteous and meaningful way of life for those who truly understand, and this way of life puts followers in tune with the ways of existence and helps them understand that they are important and that their lives have meaning and purpose. The Teachings also  show the way to constant personal improvement and evolution.

The most important thing to understand immediately is that The Teachings are based on revelations and inspiration but are backed up or seconded by nature and true science and the knowledge that evolution is real and that as a result, different types of living things are different from other types of living things.  Some of us look at The Teachings as religious in nature, others look at them as secular.  Both views are welcome.

Nature (used here as a synonym for Life Force)  is a frugal and tireless engineer of life and never stops tinkering with life and has constantly made changes in life from the time that first molecule of DNA came into existence from so-called non-living minerals and created the living minerals that life is.  The differences in living organisms should not be ignored and this especially applies to different types of humans.  We often say race is to human as breed is to dog as variety is to rose to indicate something of the way things are and must be.

We believe that at least some of  our kind (maybe hundreds of millions) of White humans have been selected for a special role in existence as a result of our particular line of evolution that has caused us to branch off from the masses of humans. If you feel called to fundamental messages behind The Teachings, you are probably one of the selected.  If the fundamental messages behind The Teachings leave you completely cold, you probably aren't. But, there are exceptions. Given the incessant anti-White conditioning in our present Dark Age, there are those among us who are good people but who are deceived by the propaganda of the Blenders who want Whites to hate themselves and other Whites and commit their own bedroom genocide via miscegenation. Many of those Whites who are deceived may simply need to be gently deprogrammed and taught the truth so they can rid themselves of false beliefs so they can learn to love themselves and their kind; which is a natural part of the self-preservation instinct of all mentally healthy organisms.

Some of the most devout and religiously oriented among those who follow the True Path taught in The Teachings believe that our selection was by the First Cause. Those among us who are more secular may simply believe that we are the product of natural selection.  It doesn't matter which you believe. Both views are welcome, and this is so because true religion and true science are never in conflict and in our system it is more important how you live than the details of your beliefs.  

To be selected, primarily means to us to have the right DNA code, with the "right parts." We call this DNA CODE A and it is one with our Whiteness.

It should be noted that everything in existence including all organisms have some sort of code that one can only see in its fullness by going very deep and small.  However, it is often manifested in the outward appearance of an organism as well.

On Earth, the code for organisms is usually found in DNA, but some viruses have their code in RNA.  And, it may be in other chemicals on other planets. Behind the DNA (and RNA) and the chemicals is a mystery that can be called the Life Force (which we sometimes just call Nature). The Life Force wants to expand itself, and it does it via DNA (and RNA). It is the ghost or spirit in the DNA which the religious among us believe is sort of a spark from the First Cause. We think of the Life Force as spirit or a force that is from and operates as an invisible something from the subatomic part of existence.  It is that which is behind, life.

DNA is programmed by the Life Force to automatically grow, multiply, expand, adapt and evolve to make all the forms of life that we are aware of on Earth (again, with the exception of some viruses). As the DNA tirelessly engineers and tinkers with organisms to cause them to expand their kind it serves the purpose of the Life Force to expand and evolve life. DNA builds on what went before and what works to overcome obstacles and to fill every possible niche where it can find energy to continue the processes necessary to the life of the organism, often on a trial and error basis and it makes each type of life what it is and gives each type of life abilities that are unique to each type of life and different from other types of life; even different from closely related types of life.

The Teachings are not for everyone because not everyone is the same, and this system relies on the particular DNA code that makes White people, White people. The Teacher, teaches that the reason many religions and religious-like systems and philosophies don't work is because they have false ideas about the ways of existence and nature and in relation to humans they try to shove all humans into a one size fits all universal model, sometimes out of simple ignorance and sometimes out of prejudicial thinking about the nature of life and evolution that causes them to deny the reality of differences. Some of these misguided people think that they are being nice or kind by claiming all humans are the same.  The reality, however, is that they are being just the opposite and they are denying the uniqueness of humans and the fundamental forces of evolution and the reality of life itself, as it truly is.

The Teacher often uses, as an example of differences, a radio and radio waves.  There are radio waves all around us all the time, but we can't hear them unless we have a radio receiver that has all the right parts.  The Teacher says that's a little like our DNA Code A that is one with our Whiteness.  It is unique to our people and it is different from the DNA codes of other peoples.  Our DNA Code has the right parts to tune into the infinite and puts us on the threshold to a jump in evolution. And, thinking in terms of radios again, we can say, for example, that radios and toasters are both unique and different but one is not superior to the other.  They are just different and have different purposes. It is so with different types of humans.

When some argue that "God" has made all humans  the same, The Teacher replies that this is simply not true.  Our eyes tell us we are different. Statistics of various abilities tell us we are different.  True science tells us we are different. Why believe we are the same?  We are not the same.  We may have all evolved from that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from non-living minerals to the living minerals that we are, but that does not mean we are the same.  Trust your eyes.  They're usually right. Whites have diverged from other types of humans and we are the new model on this planet. That's the way nature works.

It is important to understand that we do not claim any superiority of our kind of human over other kinds.  We simply say that we are different and that this is the way evolution always works--it starts with an organism and begins changing it and having it adapt and evolve and this causes it to diverge from others of its kind. We believe that all human kinds must be allowed to follow their own evolutionary trajectories without being absorbed, assimilated or blended away.

You may say that you're a White Atheist so you don't know if you belong here?  Well, you do belong here and you are welcome here.  In your two word self-identification you said that you are White.  That's the most important thing. Your identity as a non-Jewish White person of European ancestry is what is essential before all else. You say you don't believe in God. That's okay. You probably believe in science and nature.  We also believe in science and nature.  You don't like the word God?  Some of us have a problem with it also.  Just call it nature.  You say that you follow some other explicitly White religion or White philosophy or social teaching?  That's okay with us.  The essence of The Teachings about humans is Whiteness. You may have other ideas about how we came to be or the nature of ultimate reality or about other details. Again, that's fine.  So long as you believe in Whiteness before anything else, which means in the broadest sense that you believe that what is good for Whites is good and what is bad for Whites is bad.  It also means that you are against miscegenation and mixing and anything that will hold our White birthrate down and you are for everything that will help us purify and increase our births and our numbers.

We also believe in cosmic evolution and organic evolution, so if you believe in these also we think you're on the right track because these things are intertwined with and are inseparable from our belief system.  Now, when we say "cosmic evolution," some may think that sounds  like a Hippy New Age idea.  It is not. What it means is that all of existence, including our universe and everything in it, is moving and spinning and this creates change and change leads to evolution both in the largest things in existence and in the smallest things.

Please be skeptical and please question everything that we believe. The Teacher says we should all be skeptical, that's why we have brains. This system welcomes White skeptics and the True Path can be walked in a completely secular way with no reference to a divinity. Why?  Because living right--living White--is more important than actual and particular beliefs in this system. Your life style is your belief. You are living it. We also welcome those among us who are naturalists in the sense that Charles Darwin was a naturalist.  We point out that millions and millions of humans for many hundreds of thousands of years looked at nature and didn't understand.  Then, on December 27, 1831, Charles Darwin sailed on the HMS Beagle and he understood.  He was 22 years old.  Be like that. Look at nature (meaning all of existence) and understand what we understand. Notice differences, notice similarities. Find out why different organisms are different. Why does some organism have a certain type of feature and not another kind of feature. In finding answers to these things you too will become a naturalist and will become more convinced of the correctness of The Teachings.

Each individual is important in this system.  This is not just an empty statement. We mean it. You are the essence of this faith, meaning the DNA Code A that you carry is sacred to us and has a connection to the ultimate (no matter how you define the term). We look at you and we see in you the purpose of our existence, just as we see it when we look in the mirror at ourselves.  We are one people, we White ones.

The Teachings are pretty common sense and you may already live the most important aspects of them even though you've never heard about this system.

The Teacher says that if you are one of us by birth, which means that you were born of a White mother and a White father, that you already have one of the three basic requirements to fully take this path.  These three basics are Right Blood (aka Right DNA code--what you are born with); Right Belief (belief in Whiteness; and Right Action (living Whiteness).

The Teacher says that you should live your life for yourself and seek to be happy.  By living your life for yourself he means that you should understand that "yourself" is more than just the person you see in the mirror and includes your DNA Code.  It needs to be emphasized that your DNA Code is one with you.  It is the recipe, the blueprint, the plan to make you, but it is more than just you and has a taxonomy. It starts at the most general level with the program "life," and then branches off into all the forms of life that exist or which have ever existed (As far as we know but with the possible exception of some viruses which rely on RNA instead of DNA.  We may also discover life on other planets that use something different than DNA or RNA as the source, and that's why we say there is a life force within DNA and RNA that seeks a way to exist and expand). 

When the DNA Code particularizes down to you as an individual, it is very specific.  But back up a little and you come to your close relatives then your not so close relatives and so forth and ends up with your species, subspecies or race. We believe that Whites would be classified as a separate species except for the fact that we can breed with other types of humans and we further believe that this reliance on this breeding ability to define a species may be scientifically wrong.  At any rate, and for the time being, we can accept ourselves either as a subspecies (preferred term for us) or as a race, rather than occupying our time arguing over the definition of a species.  In time that will work itself out. But remember, every word used by humans is a made up word.  Nothing in existence comes with a name tag.  Species is simply a word made up to distinguish like from non-like and like with like.

The Teacher  teaches  that your purpose in your ordinary day to day life is to be happy and to have a sense of well being and a feeling that all is right and that you are where you should be and are doing what you should do and that you are a good and decent person who is a part of a unique and distinct people and that you are a contributing part of cosmic evolution and the ways of existence that is larger than any of us. The Teacher says to live and work in your own best interest and don't be altruistic toward other kinds of humans.

And, the Teacher says this purpose you have can stand alone with no belief in a god or gods or anything supernatural. It is enough to believe in what is demonstrably real: nature, or as we say in a more general definition: the ways of existence (which are the ways of nature and all natural laws).

It is important to live consciously and to seek one's personal happiness no matter how one chooses to do so as long as one does no harm to oneself or others.  And, if you are like many of us, you may want to delve deeper into the so-called "human condition," and as you do so, you will find this leads to even deeper areas about the ways of existence and the why and how of existence and your personal place in existence and why it is so important for you to find partners of the opposite sex who will join with you to produce more like yourself.

The Teacher says that each of us must individually take personal responsibility for our lives, for our breeding, for our improvement, for our advancement and for our evolution. No one can do it for us.  Each person must make the effort.  One must develop self-reliance, self-discipline and learn that your destiny is up to you individually and personally.  There is no crowd to hide behind and you shouldn't try to find one.  Stand on your own knowing that you are a good and decent person and that you have a right to believe and live as you alone choose so long as you do no harm to others.  This is your natural right by nature.  And, you also have the right to spread your beliefs to others if you so choose or keep them to yourself if that is your wish. You are the boss of yourself.

To the most pious and devout, this system is everything in their lives and they live their beliefs every minute of every day.  To others, it is just a common sense and secular way of living--living intentionally and consciously with constant personal improvement in mind and trying to be a good person doing no evil.

It is important to emphasize again and understand that nature doesn't evolve sameness, but constantly causes organisms to diverge and separate.  This is why you'll often read of  new species of various organisms being found.  How did all these new species hide from us for so long?  Easy, many of them truly are new.  They have diverged from earlier species of their general type.  And, with this in mind, the Teacher says that we'll never end counting species, because there will always be new ones evolving and others going extinct.

Now, the above information about evolution is important to our ways because The Teacher teaches, and it is worth repeating, that we White humans are diverging from the rest of humanity; we are a different kind and our evolutionary trajectory--if we consciously stay on it by living righteous and just lives in accordance with the Teachings--is to become an even newer kind. This is nature's highest way for us.  However, the Teacher says that there are forces that  are harmful to us and which act to blend us back in with the rest of humanity and keep us from evolving and diverging along a separate path to full specieshood--which is one of our goals.  It needs to be said here that we believe in rapid evolution and rapid speciation.

How does this relate to finding personal happiness for you?  The Teacher says that being who and what you were born to be--the genetically determined person--with our unique DNA code we all share as White people, is important to our happiness.  We must be, as we were born to be.  We must not try to deny our uniqueness and our differentness, but go with the flow of evolution that has led to us being the unique people that we are now, joined together by a DNA code that makes us one distinct people, but with individual differences. The Teacher says that like snowflakes we are all different in minor details but we are all still snowflakes and are recognizable as snowflakes.

To be truly and deeply happy--to feel comfortable, to feel a warm contentment and to have a feeling of just rightness and being, without excessive stress and unhappiness we must first be genetically happy.  That is, we must consciously connect with our genetic essence that lies at the core of our beings.  We must not try to deny it and we must not try to be like other types of humans, that is to try to be something that we are not. A swan trying to be a duck will always be unhappy and a duck trying to be a swan will also always be unhappy.  DNA codes in living organisms are important.  Do not deny them.

We must be us.  We must be authentic.  And, the Teachings help us understand exactly what that means and what is actually part of our essence and what isn't but which is often layered on over our authentic selves by false religious and social ideas that may actually be harmful to our purpose in life.

This talk of a genetic link to our happiness goes against the current orthodoxy, but it is real. Do not try to deny it. Only we can take the path that is opened by our DNA code and no others can. We sometimes refer to the DNA code as the essence or as the right parts or as DNA Code A.  It is a physical part of us.  It contains the template or blueprint or recipe that made us. You can use any of these terms or similar ones. The point is the same. We begin with our DNA code. This code is evidenced by our physical characteristics, our intellectual characteristics  our emotional characteristics and our spiritual characteristics that make us the unique people we are.  Of course, our DNA code, if we could go even further back behind it would take us to the place where non-matter turns into the matter--which some might call the realm of the spirit, and which is where the vibrations, waves, forces and energies of existence evolve into matter first as the constituents of subatomic particles and then subatomic particles followed by atoms and so forth, including the matter that makes up our DNA. For most  purposes in our thinking about these things, we start most of our practical thinking with the physical DNA code that is manifested in the physical elements of DNA.


You can believe as we do or not.  It's your choice. There is nothing to join.  You don't send anyone any money.  Those of us who follow this path live just like everyone else, but we are, perhaps, more aware of the importance of our particular version of the DNA code and we try to have it survive and expand by having as many White children as possible and by quietly living Whiteness.  We avoid mixing and mingling with other kinds of peoples, but we usually do it discretely and politely.  We avoid miscegenation like the plague.  We bear symbols of various forms of the fylfot and spirals next to our skin as a reminder of who and what we are and what we believe. We ask of everything: Will this help White people or not?  We generally wear dark, work type clothing and live simple but not ascetic lives. We try to be good and righteous people and we do not interfere in the business of non-White peoples. We have our destiny and they have theirs and we are indifferent to them and neither help nor harm them if they do not bother us. We believe in listening to that still inner voice which we believe comes in some manner from or through our particular DNA Code A.  We try to speak softly and we practice the Golden Rule.  We do not shout our beliefs from the rooftop, but share them with others if we feel they are receptive and have good hearts and minds and are our kind of people. We believe in life and in living as long as possible.  We do not believe in putting ourselves in danger and we eschew false heroism.  We believe too many of our young people are deceived into risking their lives in false wars and for false reasons, and we believe that none of us should die without having a sufficient number of children to carry our DNA code into the future.

One of our goals is to have a land or lands that are exclusively for our kind and no other kinds. This will fulfill a command we have to not mix with others and to speed up our evolution ever higher since it will stop gene flow.  Until that is realized, many of us must simply separate in place as best we can.

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