Nature has a way of balancing populations and helping  the most fit survive.  And, it does this by killing off large parts of populations through all sorts of natural disasters, diseases, wars and just plain bad luck for some. There is no thinking involved on the part of nature, it is just an ever turning grindstone.

The hot item in population control in the news right now is Ebola.  It is an African disease, just like AIDS. 

The Ebola virus is a predator that feeds on human beings as it attempts to do what all organisms try to do: survive and spread its DNA (sometimes RNA ) code to fill all of existence with itself so that there is no competition for resources that it needs.

As you may know, Africa has a rapidly expanding population of what really should be called earlier model humans and it is in such settings that nature begins the culling process.  Perversely, we see many weak seed Whites rushing  in to try to save people from dying in Africa, while often out of the other sides of their mouths these same Whites whine about too many people on the planet.   So these weak seed Whites then hold down their own White births, but help non-Whites have more births. It's nuts.

We Whites really do have too many weak seed pathological altruists among us.   I call them Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers.  These sad sacks believe that they must mother and father all non-White humans, so they constantly butt into the fortunes and the destinies of non-Whites.  And, eventually, these stupid Whites are hated by those they try to help--but, really, their help is just a way for these Whites to get a psychological rush about being kind and compassionate people helping the poor non-White brother and sister to learn to become White inside their dark outer skin. Of course, it doesn't work.  Genes are us.

Instead of letting nature take its course, these White pathological altruists run in to save non-Whites.  And, those who are saved, then make more like themselves and their population increases and they are then a danger in the eternal gene wars for Whites who must at some point fight against those whose  genes are trying to wipe out White genes.

The best policy for Whites is to practice strict non-interference in the fates and destinies of non-Whites and to be indifferent to their fates.  Let these non-Whites take care of themselves, or not, as the case may be.  Let them be self-reliant and try to survive without White help.  Let them go extinct as the earlier forms of humans that they are.

Let it be said that there are no free rides in nature. Each individual and each type of human must be self-reliant and struggle to survive and expand its own kind only. That is the way of nature. That's the natural law.  Interfere with this natural law and you may go extinct.  Dogoodism is too often misplaced by weak seed Whites who should be helping Whites survive and expand and they should not be helping our completion survive and expand.

Now, at this point, someone is sure to pop up and say, "Well, Whites often get medicine and medical help from non-Whites, are you saying that Whites shouldn't take such help?"  The answer is: of course not. Each distinct people should try to survive however they can.  They should not simply die rather than trying to find a way to survive.   The point I'm making is that if a distinct people can find a way to overcome the grinding wheel of nature, then they should take it, however, what we see too often is that Whites rush in to save non-Whites instead of letting them try to save themselves.  Wisdom lies in just letting  each distinct people practice self-reliance and do for themselves what they must do.  And, if they can't save themselves, then they should go extinct.  Again, there are no free rides in nature.  Struggle to survive and expand your kind or die off.  It's simple, it's fair and it improves life.

Just to be clear, this group survival of our kind--the non-Jewish White kind--and that's the only kind I am concerned with, starts with your personal  survival and expansion of your particular strain of our common White DNA code. You are important.  You have a purpose. Your life means something. You are an individual with individual responsibility, but you are one of us. Your happiness, your welfare, your survival, your breeding are important to the rest of us, because you and we are one. We are the White family and the White tribe.  We Whites are joined by common DNA, and some of us are further joined by common beliefs and common actions. You must breed. You must not become a dead end.  You  must do whatever is necessary to survive and expand.  You must not wait for the crowd to form or for groups of Whites to wake up and agree with you or to agree with you and validate your beliefs and actions. Your personal ethics and morality must be based on your personal survival and the expansion of your particular White DNA code.

Your next highest goal after the survival and expansion of your personal DNA code is the survival and expansion of the DNA codes of those closest to you genetically and then this widens to include all non-Jewish Whites--but it must never include those who are not our kind.  You must do whatever it takes to survive and breed.  Remember, it is your DNA code and the common DNA code you have in common with all other non-Jewish Whites that is important.  You must not dishonor your parents and your ancestors by remaining childless or by having too few children.  You are the present link in your family line between the past and the future.  Do not be a broken link.  Do not go to the grave before you have had as many fully White children as possible.  Your only stake in the future of this planet is through your fully White children.  Nothing else matters. Nothing else gives you a stake in the future.  If your DNA code does not go forward, nothing of you goes forward. You can be rich and famous and write books and do things to make you a so called great person while you live, but if your DNA does not go forward, it is all for nothing in the long view of history.

I'm also  telling you right now that we Whites are mutating and evolving faster than other peoples, but we need to live intentionally and consciously to evolve along the right path for us.  And, the right path for us is the White path.  There is no other right path for us. None.  In order for our evolution to work most efficiently we need to breed like rabbits.  We must not be overly selective in our mates.  If they are fully White, they are alright.  Every White person of the opposite sex is a potential mating partner for you.  Every fully White person of the opposite sex is someone who can help you expand your DNA code.  There is no other way.  You need fully White people of the opposite sex to fulfill your destiny and to be an unbroken link.  Your DNA code depends on you finding and mating with the opposite sex of our kind.  But do not miscegenate.  Your White seeds and White eggs are to be pure and they are not to be polluted and corrupted and made impure by mixing with the seeds and eggs of other kinds of humans.  Such mixing is an abomination and it is evil.  All gene flow from other kinds should be avoided as though it is a deadly virus that will kill you.  Because it will. It will kill your White DNA code and it will take you off the best evolutionary path and make you a dead end.  It will make your family line non-White and this destroys your White family line. if you allow your DNA code to become polluted by gene flow from other kinds, you will have no stake in the future. You and your parents and your ancestors will go extinct.

There are things that you should not do in the community of our kind. You should not kill, steal, cheat, lie, deceive.  You must be a good person and not do evil things. These are rules for living among our kind.  These rules do not exist outside of our kind for us.  In dealing with those outside of our kind, it is best to be a good person, but you are to always do whatever is necessary to survive and expand your DNA code and the common DNA code of our kind alone.  Do not be a hero--graveyards are too full of Whites who died too young and often without having bred first.  Do not be as them.  Do not have a false sense of honor. "Death before dishonor," is a stupid  value. "Survive at all costs to breed" is a proper value. Do whatever it takes to survive and breed.  If you must lie, cheat, steal, deceive, run away from danger, or do anything else to survive and expand your DNA code and our common White DNA code, then you must do such things. This is true honor.  It is not cowardice to get away from danger as fast as possible. Take wisdom in this. This is the law of nature and you are part of nature. Dying is never in your or our best interests.  We believe in life and living it as long as possible and as happily and fruitfully as possible.

It is righteous and moral to survive and expand your DNA code.   Whatever you do that puts you in personal danger so that you may be prevented from surviving to breed is immoral and evil  Always act in the self-interest of yourself and your DNA code and the DNA code that you have in common with other fully White Whites. If you must take welfare in order to support a large family of Whites, then do it and do it proudly.  There is no honor in keeping your family small just so you don't have to take aid from others.  That is false thinking.

Don't be a weak seed.  Strength begins in the mind.  Wrong thoughts weaken you, right thoughts strengthen you. Know that you are a good person and that the White cause is just and moral.  Know that we are in eternal gene wars and the ones who spread and multiply their genes the most win.   You are on the right side of all this is good and right and just when you believe, live and act in accordance with who and what you were born to be.  Seek happiness within the context of Whiteness and seek to live a long and very fruitful life.  If you are poor in material things, but have many fully White children, you are rich beyond compare. 

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