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- (updated 23 June 2015)

To correctly understand the struggle Whites are in for our survival, we must first understand the real nature of the struggle and not be distracted with side issues. 

If we want to prove things for ourselves and not simply rely on the words or others, including my words, we must, each of us, almost become amateur naturalists and scientists and we must study and understand as much as possible about the ways of  existence.  Then, we must be able to see reality as it really is and act accordingly. And, it is this last thing that is most important-- we must  act and put into effect, in our daily lives, what we have learned.  We must be good and righteous people and we must do no evil or harm, but only good. Studying and understanding are  useless unless they lead to a righteous way of life that is in accord with what is true and real.

I will say to you now, and very clearly, that the real nature of our struggle--as living organisms--and as White people--is not about politics or religion or national identities, and it doesn't even begin in our everyday world that we clearly see around us each and every day.  These are all secondary issues. Rather, our struggle begins at the DNA level of existence  in what I  call the  gene wars.  The well known term "natural selection," is similar in meaning to gene wars, but it's not a complete synonym. Gene wars are going on in all organisms all the time. This is an essential part of evolution as life adapts to ever changing conditions and as nature constantly tinkers with life to expand life itself.  The gene wars are not wars in the conventional sense at all.  they might even be called the gene struggles or the gene completions or gene contests.

I won't argue with you, here, about what  caused life to come into existence from so-called non-living minerals to become the living minerals that we call life. You can say it was God or you can say it was the forces of nature. I don't care. For now,  these are irrelevant because we are here and the ultimate cause is whatever it was and is.  Believe as you wish. However,  I must add that if your beliefs reject the basic concepts of true science and the reality of  cosmic and earthly evolution and the belief in Whiteness--that is, that  we have a right to exist--before all else, well, then you will not understand our struggle for survival or how we must live to not only survive but  thrive and expand our kind and win the gene wars.   And, ask yourself this: Don't we have a right to exist?

You must fully understand that the gene wars are constant, eternal and are necessary for evolution. They are not something to be feared, but they are also not something to be watched passively--not anymore.  We must, each of us personally, engage consciously in the gene wars if we hope to win them.  And, our struggle in the gene wars really  is both individual and collective.  But, don't wait for the collective White population to form so you can hide and ride on the efforts of others.  You must engage as an individual so you and your family line will win, no matter what the larger White population does or doesn't do. This means you must live right and you must expand your family line by having as many children as possible.

Luckily,  we now live in an age where computers and computer terms along with our current knowledge of DNA and genes give us  ways to think about life in new and meaningful ways that might help us make sense of it all.

Life itself, can be thought of as being somewhat similar to a computer program full of various  computer codes. The source code or most basic  program  codes for "life."  This  program causes so-called non-living minerals to become the living minerals that we call life.   And, there are subprograms that help life adapt and change to meet new challenges.  And, there's  a program  running in the background that reads "seek self-awareness."  And, so on and so on. As  life has changed and adapted to continue to survive and expand into every possible niche were some form of energy can be obtained to fuel the life processes, some forms of  life have evolved to have higher intelligence, awareness and consciousness.

Now, the program  "life" doesn't care which form of life comes into existence or goes out of existence, because it is the same code, at the basic level "life" that is identical in all particulars in every organism that has ever existed.  At this level, a  bacteria is the same as a human.  DNA is DNA and genes are genes.  So, as long as various forms of organisms exist, "life" is happy at this very low and most basic level of the program.  Life simply wants to fill all of existence with life--any kind of life.

Living  organisms don't have to actually do anything consciously to continue life but simply act naturally and according to their instincts because there are defaults in the program and much code in it that makes decisions for living organisms when living organisms don't make their own decisions.  Our instincts are the defaults in the program. Hold this thought.

Fast forward now to human life, and White human life in particular.

White humans have branched off from earlier forms of humans.  When we Whites were mostly the only people in Europe, the eternal gene wars still raged on.  We simply  fought brother and cousin wars which were--when you scratch the surface--the means of nature to refine the White type even more to see which versions of the White code were the most fit.  That really is the cause of human wars--it is the genes fighting for dominance and to eliminate all other versions of similar genes and replace them.

We have these gene wars right in our own bodies as genes for all of our body and mental features struggle for expression against those that also code for those features but in different versions.  So, for example, in some nations, genes for, say, blond hair have essentially wiped out genes for other color hair.  It is the same with eye color, ear shapes, body types, mental faculties, etc.  Everything about us as individuals as we look in the mirror show which genes won the gene wars within our bodies.  It is the same with the way we think.

Today, we Whites are having our lands invaded by hordes of alien genes--carried by non-White humans.  Those genes are, by nature, struggling right in our own gene pools to become the only genes there, and our genes are doing the same thing. This is nature. This is evolution.

In the gene wars, there doesn't need to be any evil intent or any intent at all on a conscious level.  The genes are just automatically trying to survive, dominate and replace opposing versions and they never stop doing this. This is part of the program for all genes.  Those among us who hold false utopian dreams of a day when all humans will join together in peace and harmony are delusional.  It's not going to happen. The gene wars are eternal, and they must be so because that

is the way evolution works. 

In Europe, because of the cloudier, rainy weather and less sunlight, the genes for White skin long ago won the gene wars and became the dominant type of genes for skin color in Europe.  Our white skin lets in  more sun to produce more Vitamin D and it does other things as well, but that discussion is for another time.

If we Whites are to continue to exist, we are going to have to understand the nature of the gene wars and we're going to have to become active in our attempts to survive  by living intentionally and consciously, or we risk having the defaults in the program eliminate us. 

If we do nothing and let nature run its course, it becomes a crap shoot for us.  Remember, "life" doesn't care which form of organism it is in. Life in a worm is the same as life in a man.  It is uswho must care.  For our benefit, we must be the organism that spreads life.  We must take charge of ourselves and our destiny by winning the gene wars against the genes that want to replace us.   They are our  opponents even if they mean us no harm and even if they may like us.  Just as germs that can kill us, mean us no conscious harm, they are our opponents.  It is the same with non-White humans who carry their non-White genes that can replace us and which want to replace us out and which will never stop trying to replace us.

We must take charge of ourselves and our evolution and consciously strive to become fully a  new species of human that is incapable of bearing children with others kinds  That is where we will find the greatest safety and the least danger to our kind.  When we can breed only with those like us  with no gene flow from others we will be on our way up the evolutionary ladder toward our highest possible destiny and with no danger of being assimilated back into the masses.

So, here, dear reader,  you have read another essay.  What does it mean?  It means absolutely nothing if you just read it and don't live it.  But if you've gained some insights or maybe have had some of your own insights reinforced such that you now will live as you were born to be and strive to expand your family line by having as many pure White children as possible, then this it does mean something.

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NB: The anthropomorphism of "life," DNA and genes is used here  for clarity and brevity


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