By H. Millard (c) 2022


By H. Millard (c) 2022

William Luther Pierce is the creator of the modern version of Cosmotheism and all awakened Whites are encouraged to read his booklets on the subject and to join the organized church that he started or one of the other exclusively White faiths that may differ in some aspects but which put Whiteness above all else and which condemn White miscegenation.

In his speech "Our Cause", Pierce said:

"All we require is that you share with us a commitment to the simple, but great, truth which I have explained to you here, that you understand that you are a part of the whole, which is the creator, that you understand that your purpose, the purpose of mankind and the purpose of every other part of creation, is the creator's purpose, that this purpose is the never-ending ascent of the path of creation, the path of life symbolized by our life rune, that you understand that this path leads ever upward toward the creator's self-realization, and that the destiny of those who follow this path is godhood."

Those of us who follow Arman's Teachings would agree with the above and Arman believes that Pierce as well as many others, including Adolf Hitler, Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Darwin, George Lincoln Rockwell, Ben Klassen (and too many others to mention both living and dead) was touched by the Creator and that Pierce as well as these others were then sent on their life's mission to discover and bring the truth to Whites in their own way in their own day and that the essential message has always remained the same no matter who was bringing it and no matter the words and methods that they used in bringing it.

That essential and unchanged message is this: Whites are selected by the Creator to fulfill His/Its wishes and this includes the command that Whites are to remain a separate people for all time and not miscegenate and that we must help with our evolution upward as defined by the Creator. This means we are to become more pure "White" and that we will develop larger brains (this is already happening right now), stronger bodies, and that our DNA will change more so that we can no longer bear viable children with any non-Whites and that we are to have as many pure White children as our bodies will allow before we die.

Arman's Teachings do not conflict with the true core teachings of Hitler or Pierce or the many others who have done the Creator's work and they are ...

1. Very specifically White and very specifically only for White people.

2. Very specifically for full White evolution biologically/genetically into a new species.

3. Based on revelations and inspiration that ultimately come from the Creator.

4. Presented in the way we actually talk today. 5

. Very direct and do not mince words.

6. Very specific in stating that the Creator, God-As-He-Truly-Is, is a living Being without a body as we know bodies and who exists in the cosmos in the quantum level of existence that is full of waves, rays, energies, forces and that He/It is everywhere at the same time and has a personality, intelligence, will, purpose, consciousness but that He must obey real laws of physics many of which we as humans do not fully understand and that He/It often works through various natural processes of nature including the processes of evolution which include survival of the fittest and natural selection but that He also practices divine selection and that's how and why He/It selected Whites over all other kinds to cross the threshold into full specieshood as a new species of human that will no longer be burdened with being able to contaminate our DNA code by bearing children with non-Whites.

And, this means in more concrete terms that we believe Arman, as the result of an experience with a pillar of light (and more) that descended on him as a young teen was somehow changed and thereafter received and still receives messages ultimately from the Creator and that the core of these messages is that the Creator has specifically selected not all humans, but only White humans (aka ARYANS, aka White people of European descent no matter where they were born or live) for His/Its special purposes which involves us evolving not only our minds as in acquiring cosmic consciousness but also in our DNA code so that we become a new human species that will in the fullness of time replace Homo sapiens just as Homo sapiens have replaced all earlier human species.
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