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The answer is that of course we have a right to exist. 

We have that right because we do exist. No person or group of people or nations or religions or anyone or anything else has a right to give us our right to exist or to take it from us.

But, it takes effort to continue to exist White.  In nature, the default is cold, darkness, stillness, soundlessness, lifelessness. They are in the absence of effort.

It takes effort to have heat, to have light, to have movement, to have sound to have life. 

So too, it takes effort for us to remain the White people on a planet full of non-White people.  Or to put this a different way, it takes two Whites--a White male and a White female to make a new White child. But it only takes one non-White and any other non-White or one non-White and one White to produce a non-White child.  Thus, to make a White child requires effort because a White can't simply have sex with any race and produce a White child, but only with a White to produce a new White. To make a non-White child doesn't require effort. Any male and female combination will work.

As I've written before, Jews--that is, the Jews who haven't strayed from original Jewish teachings--say that to be a Jew one must be born of a Jewish mother. Thus, there is a genetic requirement to being a Jew.  A Jewish woman and any other  Jewish or non-Jewish man can produce a Jewish child under Jewish law.  Jews also claim to be chosen by God.  And, while many Jews try to downplay this genetic requirement to their claimed chosenness and say their chosenness is because of a covenant (read contract or agreement) with God, the genetic requirement is the essential element of this supposed closenness even if secular and less religious Jews try to  deny it in order to fit in with modern sentiments and not be called supremacists or racists.

It is not so easy for us Whites.  We are bound to a much  higher standard: It takes both a White female and a White male to produce one of us. Just a White female or a White male won't do it. 

We are selected (and you can read this as natural selection or selected by God, and some of us say they are the same thing anyway), but we must also  select to do the right and good things to stay White and holy. Whites must be fully genetically White to be White. Our biology must be right first, then other things may follow.

Half-White genes and the other half some other genes doesn't work for us. God (or nature if you prefer) demands more biological purity from Whites.  And, the purity that is sought is not just ritual purity such as is spuriously obtained by washing one's hands or being dunked in water or repeating some nostrum.  Our purity must, in the first instance, be biological--genetic.  Our purity must be based on our sacred DNA Code. It is the only way.  We must be born with the right parts or it doesn't work anymore than a radio or computer will work if it is built with the wrong parts.  Try praying over that radio or computer with the wrong parts and see if it will work.  It never will.

And, our biological purity must then be activated by right beliefs and right actions that follow from those beliefs. Using a radio as an analogy again; the right beliefs and right actions turn on that radio and tune it in.

But evil doers are trying to get Whites to miscegenate in order to destroy us and pollute our DNA Code and break our genetic link to that which we call God.  You say you don't see it?  Well, did you expect the evil of genocide to come in looking like a boogey man or in the form of marching armies? This isn't a cartoon, but reality.

White genocide is coming in with happy faces and smiles and various public relations campaigns to cause Whites to think that all humans are the same and that it is thus evil for Whites to not mix and mate with non-Whites.  "You're not a racist, are you, Whitey?"  "Why just look at all the happy mixed race couples in ads and movies."

Of course, the same techniques used to get Whites to miscegenate were used by cigarette companies to get people to smoke. All the beautiful people smoked. And, they looked happy and were having a good time. So if you want to be like them, you should also smoke.

This type of conditioning works on far too many of us.  Finally, the government had to step in and force warnings on cigarette packs and do various other things including banning ads so that people wouldn't be deceived and be manipulated subconsciously into  doing something that was harmful to them.   We need similar warnings and laws about miscegenation for Whites. But, maybe it is going to take Divine intervention to step in and stop the evil of White miscegenation.  Maybe, Whites, as a whole, are too far gone to be able to save themselves by using their own reason and brains and maybe God (like the government did with cigarettes) will have to intervene.  

A modern day destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah or a new version of Noah's flood to destroy the evil and start over with a few holy Whites?  Is that where we are headed?  I hope not.

Such mixing and mating with non-Whites is bedroom genocide.  Again, it takes two Whites, a White male and a White female to make a new White child.  There is no other way.  To be a White, one must have the alleles that make us White both from one's father and from one's mother.  One allele won't do it.  A White and a non-White who mate can only produce non-White children because such children will be missing about half of the genes that make Whites White.

Sadly, we see some Whites getting the existential danger to our existence all mixed up with side issues.  For example, they will say we shouldn't mix and mate with Blacks, but Asians are okay because they're mostly polite, smart, nice looking, ambitious, mostly non-violent, etc.  What Whites who say this don't understand is that the danger to us as Whites comes from ALL non-Whites.  What we must preserve and advance is our WHITENESS.  We are in eternal gene wars. If we lose our genes we are no longer us.  Going Yellow, Red, Brown or Black doesn't matter--they are all non-White.  All deviations from our White DNA Code destroys us as Whites.

If we Whites have the right to exist, do we also have the right to remain pure White?

"Pure" is a relative term and we know that all humans have various parts of their DNA codes that are from previous forms of life going all the way back to that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to the minerals that we call life.  And, those who want to destroy Whites will often make fun of the term pure in the hope of convincing gullible Whites that since we are not pure in the absolute sense of the term, we should have no compunction against miscegenating.  Don't fall for it. That way lies the destruction of your family line through bedroom genocide.  That way lies the end of your White line and your family's devolution back to darker forms.

Whites have the right to exist AS Whites, and to do what is necessary to accomplish this.  We are a sovereign people no matter where we were born or where we live.  We carry our nation and our faith within us.  It is one with our White genome and is inseparable from us unless we miscegenate and turn our family lines non-White.  We have the right to self-determination and to self-preservation and self-advancement and all other positive "self" values that we choose.

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