H. Millard

By Very White and unapologetic H. Millard (c) 2015

With all the attacks on Whiteness on our streets and in the media,  the above question should be asked by every White person.

And, if you agree with me that we Whites do have a right to exist--and that right is ours because we do exist--then the next question becomes: Do Whites have the right to exist AS Whites? 

In other words, is it alright to want to be White, to remain White, and to like White culture and White ways?  Is it our right to exist as explicit Whites and to be as we are born to be and to become all we can become and to be perfectly happy and proud to be White and to never apologize for who and what we are?

And is it okay to want to live among other Whites, to send our kids to schools that are all White, and to marry only other Whites and to only have White children? 

And then one must ask: If we Whites have a right to exist, then is it okay for Whites to work for our survival, our continued existence and our expansion and for our own best interests as Whites?

Another question then pops up: What does it mean to survive and exist as Whites?

Some people say that they are the people of the book, by which they mean that they find their people hood in religious books.  To me, that's artificial. Where are they in those books?  Books are just words on paper. There is no life in them.  

People hood is not written in books, it is written in DNA, which is the code of life. It is in DNA that a people is created and maintained. The Book of Whiteness is within us in every cell with a nucleus in our bodies.  It is written small within and written large without.  What we are within is seen without.

So, how do distinct peoples survive to exist and expand?  By making more like themselves.  It is no more complicated than that.  A people that is full of life and spirit breeds more like itself.  A people that is decadent, dying and on the way to extinction does not make more like itself. Those in this latter group are like whipped dogs lacking in the life force itself as they simply wait for death and non-existence. Don't be like them.  Be ever full of life and hope for the future. Avoid weak-seed Whites who refuse to breed or who miscegenate. Spit! They are full of death and decay even thought they know it not. The stench of death is all around them. Flee from them lest they infect you with their yearning for non-existence.

Nature doesn't care which living organisms live or die.  It is up to the living organisms themselves to ensure that they live. So I repeat: To live and to exist, one must have children like oneself. And, in the case of Whites it means we must have only White children.  No other kinds will do for our survival and existence. We must breed only with our fellow Whites.

I've had people full of religious altruism and moral codes that they have had placed on them by people of the book ask me why I don't care about people other than Whites.  My answer is always that I practice indifference and non-inerference with non-Whites.  They are not my people and they are not my concern.  I don't butt into their business. 

And, while it is true that each of us is a part of everyone else and everything else on certain levels--we are all minerals, for example, and we all have DNA--I am most fully me within people of my own kind--White people.  And, my survival into the future depends on my family line remaining White.  If my children fail to breed or  miscegenate part of my DNA code will be absorbed back into the non-White masses and that part of me will no longer exist as White and I will cease to exist (in DNA form) in my most fullest Me-ness--my essential Whiteness.

Nature screams out to all types of organisms: Make more like yourself or go extinct.  Are you listening?  Are you doing?

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