Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023


In the beginning, went forth the ancient spinning Essence, called the Code, to bring somethingness to nothingness, to bring light to dark, to bring warmth to cold, to bring life to the lifeless; and in it is the never ending and overpowering impulse to Be, and to Be More. In our species, each new child receives 23 chromosomes from its father and 23 from its mother.

These 46 chromosomes we carry, contain approximately 3.1 billion pairs of the four chemicals that make up DNA, which are usually abbreviated as A,T,C, G. These also make approximately 20,000 to 25,000 genes that give us our internal and external characteristics.

To be our kind requires that you receive all of the above from two parents of our kind who are the children of two parents of our kind who are the children of the two parents of our kind, and so on. This information is essential to a full understanding of our philosophy, our belief system, and our world view.

RELIGION 1: A set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, esp. when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs. (

RELIGION 2: A religion is a system of human thought which usually includes a set of narratives, symbols, beliefs and practices that give meaning to the practitioner’s experiences of life through reference to a higher power, deity or deities, or ultimate truth. (Wikipedia)

PHILOSOPHY: Investigation of the nature, causes, or principles of reality, knowledge, or values, based on logical reasoning rather than empirical methods. (The Free Dictionary)

SCIENCE: (From the Latin Scientia, meaning “Knowledge”) refers in its broadest sense to any systematic knowledge-base or prescriptive practice that is capable of resulting in a prediction or predictable type of outcome.

WORLDVIEW: In both senses also called Weltanschauung. 1. The overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world. 2. A collection of beliefs about life and the universe held by an individual or a group.

BELIEF SYSTEM: Beliefs relate to religion, customs, values, attitudes, ideals, and world views. A Belief system includes the beliefs and values shared by members of a racial, ethnic, or social group as well as those held by individuals. Belief systems develop over time and often reflect the ideology, religion, politics, social structure, and economic activities of a particular group. Beliefs influence all decisions including economic ones.

MORALITY: Concern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong. Also refers to a code of conduct put forward by society, some other group such as a religion or a code accepted by an individual for his or her own behavior.

The whirlwind goes before them. It is the Sacred Spiral in its various forms: Swastikas, fylfots, spirals, DNA and in spinning galaxies in space are a few examples. Existence does not have neat dividing lines. Various things overlap, are layered on, and butt up to other things in a dynamic and constantly moving, twisting, spinning, spiraling dance of everything in existence. In trying to understand existence, philosophy touches religion and religion touches science. Allthree seek to answer questions about existence and they necessarily blur the lines, because existence and the ways of existence are never static.

The teachings are given in various modes of expression for different needs. They include fiction, non-fiction, parables, metaphors, science facts and more. This section is called The Spiral Path. It has commentaries, visions, revelations, miscellaneous facts and other material including definitions of words and the way we use them. It is considered as a supplement to The Guide, which is both on this site and in paper book form. Some will call this religion and they’ll be right. Others will call it philosophy and they’ll also be right. It is also a a way of life, a path and a belief system.

If this is somewhat confusing, just consider it to be similar to what is found in Quantum Mechanics where subatomic particles can be particles and waves at the same time and at least some of them seem to be changed just by being observed. You are the observer. What do you see? If you see religion,then that’s what it is. If you see philosophy, that’s what’s here. If you look again, it may be the other of the two. Whichever one you see is correct and right, and no one can say that what you see is not what you see or that what you believe is wrong. When they look, they see with their eyes, not yours and when they believe they do it with their brains, not yours.

Arman is The Teacher and he is charged with the sacred duty of receiving the revelations and divine inspiration and promulgating them. He is the only one so charged, but he authorizes others to study and teach others, so long as they do not deviate from the Teachings, so as many of our kind of human can be awakened and take the path higher as possible.

For us, this is a belief system that answers the big questions and gives us a way of living that we believe is right, just, correct, and in tune with the principles of existence. This system holds that while at some level of existence everything is made of the same basic vibrations, waves, and subatomic particles and then the same atoms, molecules and chemicals, it is not the sameness that is important but the differences asbranchings occur. This system also says that there is an underlying field or skein of existence that can’t be seen.

It also holds that everything in existence is “pulled” two ways: towards the center and away from the center. The first pull, might be thought of as being a little like centripetal force, i.e. things are pulled toward the center which is where the mass of any particular type of thing, including species of living organisms, are clustered. This is because everything begins with a single point which is, by definition, the center, and expands from there and also because those things that are not different from others in the same class of things tend to be found in the greatest quantity near the center, both statistically and in actuality. In life, it is an agglutination of the DNA mass around the center.

The second force might then be likened to centrifugal force which causes things to move outward and away from the center and become different.

If we continue with these terms from physics we might say that we thus see centrifugal force as a little like evolution and differentiation and centripetal force like devolution or sameness.

Actually, the terms centripetal and centrifugal break down very quickly when we deal with life, but perhaps they do help with the idea that this system is for the few who have moved away from the center of the gene mass of humanity and who are evolving in different ways from the basic human model. To evolve is to not conform to the mass.

We also, sometimes refer to this differentiation and evolution as being a little like the process of distillation whereby some small fraction of the mass of liquid in a beaker will leave the mass of the beaker and may stay separate if conditions are right, or fall back into the mass of liquid in the beaker and blend back in if the small fraction does not “struggle” to remain separate.

This is not the path for everyone, and not everyone will have the prerequisite knowledge or open mindedness or genetic code necessary to follow this path. That’s why it is called Our Way For Ourselves Alone.

We believe that we’re living in a Dark Age of mind numbing conformity and that one must question the orthodoxy of this day in order to try to answer the big questions of existence and break away from the mass

delusions of this day that are even more harmful than the old flat world beliefs of the past. Not everyone will agree with our answers. That is also the way of existence and evolution. Differences are important to the workings of existence. We do not want to erase the differences, but to increase them and let them flow as they should.

This religion/philosophy humbly tries to answer the big questions and it does so in a way that we believe works with human psychology. It uses science, fiction, parables, metaphors, images and symbols and other devices to try to convey the basic messages both on a conscious level and also on a subconscious level.

THE BIG QUESTIONS OF EXISTENCE What are some of the big questions of existence?

Why are we here? What does it all mean? Is there a God? Does life have a purpose? What happens when we die? How did existence begin? What maintains existence? Is existence all just an accident and meaningless or is there a purpose? Why is there such a variety of life? How did that variety come about? Why did it come about? What is good and what is evil and why is one considered good and one evil? Are humans important to existence? If so, why? Are there actual or ritual things we can or should do to influence or please a god or gods or other forces for our benefit? Are humans really different from other animals or are we just another branching off from that first DNA molecule that formed millions of years ago?

These questions are not unique to us. Humans have been asking and trying to answer these and similar questions since they could first think abstract thoughts. For evidence of this, look no further than to all the religions and their variants that are now in existence and all the religions that have come and gone over the centuries as well as all the secular philosophies that have also tried to answer these questions.

There is a sort of cosmic emptiness or loneliness that comes over many humans that causes them to search for meaning and for what is real and authentic. These things are natural and are a side effect of having brains that can wonder about meaning. Those who have these feelings are often struck by the fact that we humans live very short lives and they want to know if there is more to it than just the few years we have, or is our existence just meaningless?

Many find comfort in various religious doctrines that tell them that their bodies don’t mean much anyway and that it is their eternal soul or spirit or any of a number of similar concepts that matters and that this inner “real you” doesn’t die but gets rewarded or punished depending on how they lived or what they believed, and that it is often transported to heaven or a similar location if they’ve been good, or to hell or some punishment region if they’ve been bad.

Of course, there has never been one iota of proof of such an inner spirit or soul, and this leaves many, who have more than the simple faith that they often learned as children, looking for other answers.

We believe there are answers, and that they involve the way existence is structured and how our DNA relates to all of existence.


Yes. Unlike most other belief systems, we believe that the principles of cosmic evolution are found throughout, and infuse, all of existence including living organisms, and we believe that there is a spinning, spiraling physical code within everything (its essence), which we also call the DNA code or the genetic code, that exists that makes every thing what it is.

The basic core of the code is the same everywhere, but it unfolds that which has a remarkable plasticity that allows it to be malleable. We believe it is self-creating, self-replicating, self-evolving, self-organizing and self-ordering due to the spinning, as it seeks to fill all space with itself inside everything in existence that it has created and as it seeks to evolve ever higher.

The code is sensitive both to the interior and exterior environment and to changes in both and is able to adapt to survive and expand. The code seeks to be in every niche where it can possibly survive. The code’s program is to expand always, contract never; to be and to be more. In living organisms, at least on Earth, we believe the code is carried in the DNA (and also sometimes in the RNA). We believe, if has not been made clear already, that the shape of DNA reflects the shape of the First Cause, i.e. spinning, twisting, turning, spiraling.

We also believe that because our outward characteristics are created by our code, that we can and must help steer our evolution in the direction that has been revealed as best for us by observing outward characteristics and by seeking change in the revealed direction. Thus, in a general sense, we have a window into the code by what we can see with our own eyes. And, just as we are made by the code, we can change the code (usually over generations but sometimes much sooner) so that we move higher as the individuals we are but also in our descendants.

The problem is that just as we can steer our genetic lines in the right direction, we can also be deceived and steer them in the wrong direction.

The right direction leads to the light which is closer to the First Cause and enlightenment and is evolution. The wrong direction leads to the dark, away from the First Cause and to less understanding and is devolution. This steering has spiritual aspects and physical aspects and results in changes to the DNA code. The choice for us is to do the right things to move higher or to fall back to lower states that we evolved out of.

To be clear, we do not believe it is possible for us to reach enlightenment, higher consciousness, God consciousness, oneness with God, or any of the terms that are used to describe the move up, except through improving the physical and we believe that we can improve the physical first by using our brains and following the Teachings.

We do not believe that flesh is evil or is to be overcome or that there is a raceless spirit or soul within as the terms spirit and soul are often used. We believe that our particular code was made manifest in us when the correct 23 chromosomes of a male and the correct 23 chromosomes of a female joined to create us asindividuals who are part of a group, a family, a tribe, a race, a subspecies of individuals who share the particular general code of our people, which we call Code A, to distinguish it from the codes of other peoples. We believe the Teachings are for our kind of people only and that one must have Code A, to even really feel the Teachings at a very deep level. In other words, anyone can read the Teachings, but they won’t vibrate correctly unless one has Code A and will just be an intellectual reading exercise rather than a religious experience in which one starts to feel a closeness with the First Cause simply by internalizing the Teachings and doing what they teach.

The general nature of the code is made manifest in our outward appearance in our major characteristics that make us different from other peoples.

Among these major characteristics is white skin which is essential to who and what we are and is not a trifle, as is so often believed in the present Dark Age. Next come various other characteristics such as bone structure, hair texture and all the rest that make us, us.

Many people are confused about white skin. They mistakenly think of it as though it is paint that is put on as an afterthought. In fact, however, skin (of whatever color) is the largest organ in the human body. It is not like paint at all, but is essential to the nature of the human being. This can be explained scientifically up to a point, but there is also much that science does not yet know about the importance of skin color and how white skin is necessary to tune into the First Cause and pick up the vibrations of existence.

We believe that our code (as do all codes) vibrates with a certain frequency that is harmonious with the codes of those who share our general code (those with the correct 46 chromosomes). But we also believe that because of the particular “parts” of our code that are different from codes of other humans due to where evolution has brought us, that we vibrate differently–a different frequency–with the First Cause than do other humans. We also believe that this frequency is interfered with by the presence of conflicting codes and that this creates disharmony.

As to the big questions of existence, which are primarily humancentric–after all, it is humans who are questioning–we do not believe these questions can be fully answered unless one starts right at the level where existence begins; presumably with the emergence of vibrations, subatomic waves and particles and even going back behind them to the point where we find a something that created itself out of nothing.

Thus, we do not begin with humans or human races to understand humans and human races, but far upstream where the source is found. And, while the big questions are primarily humancentric, the answers often are not, and despite what many other belief systems may teach, this one sees humans, not as a special creation, but just one of the evolutionary branches that started with that first DNA molecule. We have become increasingly “more” than other organisms because of our evolutionary path and trajectory.

We have evolved to be able to ask these questions and seek answers and do all the things that humans have done and can do that other organisms on this planet cannot do, and above all, we have the ability to be able to guide our own evolution ever higher–which believers must do.

What of God? In our view, “God” or, as we often say, the First Cause, is the self-created. He must, by our definition, be the one before which there was absolutely nothing but empty darkness with no movement, no vibrations, no subatomic waves or particles, no energies, no forces, no heat, no light; absolutely nothing, seen or unseen, in existence anyplace.

The nothingness was just all cold all dark and all still. These three characteristics require no effort. They exist in their non-existence when there is no something; when there is no light, no heat and no movement.

We believe that such a time existed when the temperature was absolute zero, and there was no light either visible or invisible and thus in the absolute zero temperature there was absolute darkness and absolutely no movement. There was also no sound.

We believe that the First Cause–God–struggled to come into existence and struggles still to remain in existence against the nothingness and we see this struggle as infusing all that exists.

We sometimes visualize this as a flame in the dark. That flame struggles to be and to be more. It requires effort to even exist. The darkness all around requires nothing. It just is. There is a struggle for light to exist in dark. There is a struggle for heat to exist in cold. Dark and cold require no effort or struggle. They just are when nothing else is and when nothing struggles to be. Without struggle, all would return to dark and cold.

In our belief system, we see basic underlying forces, laws and rules as well as very simple things repeated over and over and we hold that everything is simple; only the explanation is complex.

Again, we do not begin our belief system with man or even with life, but at the very beginning of existence. We see man as part of the constant expansion that started with the start of our universe and we see the forces, the laws, and the rules out there as also being right here on Earth and right in the flesh of living things. Man–at least in his major components–is a predictable step along the trajectory of existence.

At the heart of our answers, as far as life is concerned, is the sure knowledge that what is most important is the spiral molecule of life: DNA. We see DNA as the real us and the “creator” of who and what we are. And it is our DNA that carries us into the future if we make the right decisions in life. We believe that DNA was created by that primal code that was sent forth by the Self-Created–the First Cause–and in this regard the code can be thought of as a basic principle of existence.

One must understand, however, that we see the physical DNA as being the result of a hidden template or hidden spirit that created the DNA and which is within DNA and which is a spark of the First Cause. This spark that causes DNA cannot exist, as it is, without the physical DNA. That spark brings matter, in this case DNA, into existence, but it would flame out without the physical DNA that it created. There are mysteries here.

To be clear, in this belief system, we see the essential aspect or element of all life not so much in terms of the finished products that you see around you–trees, birds, fish, humans, etc.–but in terms of the DNA inside that life that builds that type of life.

The DNA within, is the code made manifest for that type of life and is the essence of that life. All DNA owes its existence to that first DNA molecule that caused life to emerge from so-called inert minerals and chemicals, and that first DNA owes its existence to the code that caused it to unfold and be.

It is DNA that survives our deaths if we have passed on our DNA to children in our image. That code within is the recipe and formula for making you. It is you. Change the recipe and you change the finished product. And with DNA, very minor changes often have very major effects. If we are not in touch with our DNA code, we are alienated from our true self and we are filled with an emptiness that causes some to constantly search for meaning in things that are meaningless.

But, we do not worship DNA, and if DNA did not exist at all,we would still speak of the essence or code within each thing that makes that thing what it is. Thus, we recognize an essence or code within so called inanimate objects such as rocks, etc.

And, speaking of rocks. Humans often wrongly think of them as being inert. They’re really not. Inside, the atoms are moving about and spinning as they are in everything that exists. Existence requires the spinning.

Nature is a frugal designer and engineer and it works largely through trial and error, like an inventor in a garage, to make life that will not only be adapted to various conditions but which will be comfortable and like those conditions and prosper. It is as though nature says “Here there is nothing but water. I will now take the basic DNA code and make some minor changes to a letter here and there and engineer life that will prosper in water. Over here, there is nothing but a sandy desert, I will take that very same DNA code and make some different minor changes to a few letters and engineer life that will prosper in a sandy desert.”

Like an engineer, nature has limits as to what it can do with any particular life form and it must leave out some things if it puts in other things. Each package of life has a certain size, and you just can’t fit everything in. Give a fly quick reflexes by hard wiring its wings to its brain, and you must leave out higher brain functions. And so it goes with all life.

Even though nature constantly tinkers with life, it doesn’t do the unnecessary for long. It doesn’t put tail fins on snakes or give birds gills. Why not? Because they’re not needed. The general rule is form follows function with constant tinkering to design life that will survive in different and changing environments and which will constantly improve as needed and expand or die off. Nature is never done with what it has designed. It will keep tweaking all life forms whether they know it or not.

Unlike other life forms, humans, and believers in particular, knowthat life is constantly being tweaked, and believers know that we have reached a point in our evolution where it is best if we take a conscious part in the tweaking of us if we are to move in the right direction that has been revealed.

In fact, we believe that we have crossed a threshold that demandswe now steer the course of our evolution, but mostly in subtle ways by the choices we make in life. It is up to us as individuals to use our free will (such as it is) to make the right choices. This is especially important in our mating choices and in our reproduction. We believe that we must resist gene transfer from other humans and that we must only mate with our own kind to produce only our kind of children and in great numbers.

Nature also gives all living things certain ways and characteristics to survive and prosper in the competition for existence. Sometimes, those certain ways and characteristics don’t work or the living things with those certain ways and characteristics aren’t changed fast enough to adapt to ever changing circumstances and they become extinct. Humans have been given a large brain as our tooth and claw, and so far it has proven to be a better tool for survival than actual teeth and claws. But, things change. They always do.

The human brain is both our greatest asset and our biggest problem. On the one hand, it has helped us reach this point in our evolution where we can, if we have correct thoughts, see the way forward, but at the same time it has allowed us to overrule some of the important default programs that were built into us by the First Cause as expressed in nature.

One of those important default programs is to bear as many children in our image as possible. But many of us have been deceived and do evil in this regard. We’ve come up with various ways to hold down our population and get around the default program. We have birth control, abortions, family planning, acceptance of homosexuality, miscegenation. We have taken a very short view of history in doing these things and we have taken a false view of the struggle and competition that helps bring forth the best type to survive and move forward.

Instead of understanding that only children in our image further our DNA, many have now been conditioned to believe that any children anyplace on the planet are somehow “our”children. By so thinking, we justify holding down our own fertility rate–of our code–as we fail to see the differences in people and instead lump all humans together in one basket as “our people.” This then often leads some of us to accept other false ideas such as the belief that there are too many people on the planet. Then, some of us think we’re being socially responsible by not having any of our ownchildren. By doing this, we’re not helping with a supposed overcrowding problem, but are just making ourselves extinct. We are engaging in suicidal genocide.

Evolution doesn’t just work on flesh. It also works on our thought processes and ideas as we think, study, learn, change and adapt and as our ideas struggle for existence and compete with other ideas. Call it survival of the fittest ideas. It’s also important to note that this concept of struggle and competition is inherent in all of existence and it exists right within our bodies as our various gene variations (alleles) struggle and compete with each other for expression.

On a genetic level, eye colors, hair colors and hair textures and all of our other characteristics struggle and compete with different versions within us to reach expression in the person created by the genes. Look in a mirror and you’ll see which versions won this struggle in your body. Blue eyes? They won over other color eyes in you. Brown hair? It won over other color hair. Straight hair? It won over curly hair. Free ear lobes and not attached ear lobes? Ability to curl your tongue? They won out over other gene posibilities in you. And so it goes for everything about you.

If you don’t understand a little about DNA, you cannot understand life. And, if you don’t see in the spiral of DNA both the smallest and largest things in existence and everything in between, then you don’t understand anything about existence.

Some people who try to deny evolution and argue that God created everything as stated in the Bible also argue that randomness could never organize the clock-like complexity and actions of the universe, so there must be, in their terms, a clockmaker–God.

We find this to be a weak argument for the existence of God. The answer to all the organization of existence is simply that it is self-organizing and is caused by the constant spinning, turning, rotating, spiraling of everything in existence. The spinning is critical to existence itself. Stop the spinning and existence stops. It is the engine of construction and destruction and the great carousel of reality. With every spin, there is change.

Our argument for the existence of God, we’ve already stated: That which created itself and eventually everything else that arose and will arise from the basic skein of existence as it continues to spin and spiral to fill all of nothingness. This is the great impossible mystery and man may never fully understand it. How can something come from absolute nothing? The question will drive you mad. The logical answer is that something came from elsewhere to the nothing to create something, but if this is the case, then we have to look for God in that elsewhere and the elsewheres behind that one. Thus, it may be that the so-called Big Bang was not the first creation, but could be a second or third or one of millions of creations. This is to say, if the Big Bang that created our universe, came about from something already in existence, even sub-atomic waves and particles, then it did not start all of existence. But, if it was that which created itself out of absolute nothing, then there is where to look for God.

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