Eagle - cockroach


The  Eagle swooped down and said to the Cockroach, "You are a despicable creature and you are hated by humans.  You live everywhere, you eat anything and you breed like crazy.

"I, on the other hand, am loved by humans.  I am so noble and beautiful that many humans use me as a symbol for themselves and their nations."

The Cockroach replied, "I don't care what humans think of me.  They are not my kind.  I don't exist for their pleasure.  You think you're noble and above me in the big scheme of things?  You're a fool.  You and your kind  are dying out.  You only eat certain things.  You only live in certain places.  You don't breed enough.  You are not a symbol worth copying. You are death walking.

"All individuals die.  I will die. You will die.  The difference is, Mr. Big Shot Eagle, that I will live on in the many offspring that I have brought into the world who have my DNA  Code within them.  When you die, you will cease to exist and your DNA Code will die with you.  You might as well not have lived at all.

"However, it is not you or I as the  individuals that we see every day in our normal lives that are most important, Mr. Eagle.  It is, in the first instance, the Core DNA Code within that  is truly important.  It is the Core DNA Code that has transformed so-called non-living minerals into what we know as life.  All life is the manifestation of  the Core DNA Code and its particular variants that make each of us different in our everyday reality. So, in the second instance, what is truly important to each form of life is its particular variant of the Cord DNA Code.  Your DNA Code variant makes you a particular type of Eagle, mine makes me a Cockroach.

"Some particular DNA Code variants produce dead-end creatures like you, Mr. Eagle, who have specific adaptations, and such creatures are always on the verge of dying out as we live in a dynamic universe where everything changes because everything is moving.  Such creatures cannot compete when changes happen.

"And, some particular DNA Code variants produce dead-end creatures like my kind who have general adaptations.  Now, bear with me, Mr. Eagle, and I will explain why we are both dead-enders in our own ways. It is a sad knowledge that I possess for both of us.

"We Cockroaches do eat just about anything (and relish it all)  and we do live just about anywhere (and are very comfortable) and we do produce many more just like us (gotta love those children) as we expand our particular DNA code.  We are the survivors, but we are also trapped,  Mr. Eagle. You and your kind are  losers because you cannot genetically adapt to ever changing conditions so you can survive and prosper. We Cockroaches, on the other hand, are losers precisely because we can survive without having to genetically adapt.  You see the problem, do you not? No? Well, I will explain in due course

"Now, Mr. Eagle, you spoke of humans, so here's something about them and especially about White humans.  Many of them are ignorant of the ways of existence, and they, like you, fail to see that they must adapt and they must breed like us Cockroaches if they are to survive as a distinct life form and if they are to ever fulfill their highest possible destiny which, ironically, is to go extinct as they are now and to become a new species of human that is  incapable of breeding with other kinds of humans that still walk the Earth long after they would have died off had White humans not intervened to feed these other humans and to medicate them and take care of them, just as they are taking care of you and your kind, Mr. Eagle.

"We Cockroaches know, with a cosmic sadness, that while we have survived for millions of years pretty much unchanged, that we are not the end all and be all of evolution, and it is precisely because we haven't had to change that is our problem.  We are both trapped, Mr. Eagle. Your kind will die out.  My kind will continue to live, but we won't evolve. We're perfect as we are. We long for challenges that will force our particular DNA Code to change in order for us to survive so that we can become more, so that we will become more intelligent and more conscious,  but we continue to meet all challenges without evolving.  It is sad, in the long run.

"You see, Mr. Eagle, evolution requires change, not stability.  Mr. Eagle, you will go extinct--truly extinct--because you are not able to evolve to meet changing conditions because of your special adaptations.   And, we Cockroaches will not go extinct, for the same reason--we cannot change to a higher form, because we are perfectly capable of meeting most changes in the environment just as we are.

"But, back to White humans, Mr. Eagle. The hope of expanding and improving their particular DNA Code lies with those few White humans, who have the so-called racist gene and the brains to understand these things and who can consciously adapt and evolve if they do the right things.  It is this sub-set of White humans--the ones with the so-called racist gene-- who will break out of the trap and who will their own evolution, and who will go extinct as they are so that they can transform themselves into a new species that is just a little bit stronger, a little bit healthier, and a  little bit smarter than other humans.

"You see, the White humans with the so-called racist gene have already started changing from other White people.  They have a mutated gene that will lead to other mutations, and if they breed like us Cockroaches, they will spread their mutations to other White family lines. Oh, they look just like other White humans, but that's the way it is with most mutations--they are subtle and often internal, but they are also very real. Their major survival advantage is that their racist gene helps them avoid miscegenation and even close contact with darker humans. These mutations are changing the particular DNA Code that they have just a few letters at a time, but the ramifications are going to be Earth shattering if all goes as we Cockroaches believe they will in the fullness of time.

"And, these few ones, the White ones with the so-called racist gene--have the power to bring about their own further mutations.  They have a plasticity of their DNA Code that is part of their mutation, and they just need the information on how to use that plasticity to make the right changes. They need to know how to use their minds to will their own evolution in the right direction. 

"It is these White humans, the ones with the so-called racist gene, that are on the threshold to a new type of human that will be born from them. These new humans, this new species, will eat just about anything, live just about anywhere and they will breed their kind like we Cockroaches breed our kind, but the difference is that they will be able to use their brains to keep evolving ever higher.

"You look at me, Mr. Eagle, and wonder how I know these things  about destiny, and I say to you, there is more to existence than you or I will ever understand, but  I tell you that what I know, I know, and it is true and this knowledge comes from that which brought somethingness to the nothingness and which programmed that first molecule of DNA--that cornucopia of life itself--to endlessly and tirelessly bring forth and tinker with life in order to eventually  fill all of existence with a life form that understands the meaning of existence and which is the master of all of existence and which is as a god to creatures that have not evolved to such a level.


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