Divinely inspired messages revealed to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022


Divinely inspired messages revealed to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022

All praise to God-As-He-Truly-Is and to His selection of Whites as His people.

Have no doubt that there are evil forces that hate God-As-He-Truly-Is and His selected people, Whites. The evil forces want to exterminate all Whites and replace us with non-Whites. The darker and less White the better is what the evil forces want.

The evil forces try to exterminate Whites in many different ways, always focusing on their main goal of exterminating all Whites and using any and all methods to reach this goal.

The evil forces are pleased when Whites help them exterminate Whites by not having White children, by aborting White babies, by practicing homosexuality, by using birth control, by attacking other Whites, by putting off mating and having White children, by not starting to have White children as early as possible in one's life, by siding with anti-Whites against Whites, and you name it. Nothing is off limits to the evil forces that are anti-God, anti-justice, anti-goodness, anti-science, anti-freedom and anti-White so long as it helps with their goal of exterminating Whites.

One of the subtle ways the evil forces use to exterminate Whites is by trying to convince Whites to not explicitly identify as White but by our ancestral homelands. Thus, the evil forces like it if we say something like: "I'm Irish American or English American or German American, etc.,"while never saying "I'm White." This alienates us from our most important identity: Whiteness. A better way to say such things would be to say something like: "I'm a White Irish American or "I'm a German American White." Always, always, always include "White," in your identity. Drive the haters of Whites nuts.

It is our White genome that links us to all other Whites no matter what ancestral nation we came from or where we were born or live. We are linked invisibly to each other much as quantum entanglement links certain subatomic particles to each other even when they are separated over large distances. The link is stronger the more pure is our White DNA Code (aka Right Blood or White Genome)

And, by not identifying as White it keeps Whites from organizing effectively as Whites and for Whiteness over all else. And it even has some Whites then fighting against their own best interests (which are White interests) by fighting against their fellow Whites who do identify as White: "Yeah, you're just a White racist and a Nazi or White Supremacist and I hate people like you." Huh? People like you? I'm just like you if you are White. We are both White and our interests lie in knowing this and organizing in all ways as Whites for the benefit of Whites. We are a distinct people. Our real religion is White. Our real nation is White. Our primary identity is White.

Another thing the evil forces do is encourage Whites to mix and mate with non-Whites so that the evil forces can use White eggs and White sperm and mate them with non-White eggs and non-White sperm to produce non-White children and also at the same time produce fewer fully White children. These non-White children born of this miscegenation are often more attractive to other purer Whites and thus they can often mate with these purer Whites and spread their non-White genes into the White genome.

How many ads or movies or TV shows do we see each day where we see Whites being married to or romancing with non-Whites and especially with Blacks? It's anti-White propaganda following in the footsteps and using the same psychological tricks of ad campaigns such as those in the 50's to make people think smoking cigarettes was cool, and it is to to get Whites to make miscegenation by Whites look natural, normal, cool, and desirable. It is none of these things. It is selling "cancer" to our White genome. It is evil and it is aimed at subconscious triggers in our minds to corrupt the White genome and leads to our extinction. Such mixing and mating by Whites with non-Whites and especially with Blacks truly is the extermination of Whites and Whiteness. If you do not have two fully White parents you are not White. It is no more complicated than that.

The childhood of humanity has ended with the messages received by Arman and the awakening of White believers in God-As-He-Truly-Is and His selection of us. We are commanded by God-As-He-Truly is to put Whiteness before all else, to separate from all other races and to multiply our kind to our fullest ability. God-As-He-Truly-Is is the enemy of the evil forces that want to exterminate Whites, but he won't fight all our battles for us because we must prove that we are capable of surviving and thriving and multiplying our White kind and evolving into the new kind. Just as we won't do everything for our children, and we try to teach them rights from wrongs and they have to choose on their own, God-As-He-Truly-Is won't do everything for us other than teach us the most important rights from wrongs and we have to choose on our own.

We are the adults among unawakened, sleep-walking Whites on this planet and we will be the next evolutionary step for mankind with the help of God-As-He-Truly-Is. Our highest destiny is to become a new species of human no longer burdened with being able to bear children with any non-Whites. However, there is no free ride for us. God-As-He-Truly-Is will not do for us what we must do for ourselves. His help will usually be more subtle and will often take the form of advice and guidance. He won't fight our gene battles for us. That would defeat His purpose. That is up to us. We must prove that we are worthy and are the ones that can evolve as He wants.


God-As-He-Truly-Is has come in our day with clear messages to help us see the evil forces so we can help ourselves to save ourselves from them. It is an evolutionary truism in which the rule is that the most fit will survive and the most fit means the ones who survive.

Many Whites don't understand this and think that "most fit" means the strongest or the smartest or the best looking. This is a mistake in thinking because the "most fit" is actually defined backwards and means the "most fit" are simply the ones who survive and this is so even if they lack those qualities of strength, intelligence and being the best looking of their kind.

So, right now, every human on the planet is the most fit in their family lines simply because they are here and alive. Now, if those alive today fail to have children of their own, they can no longer be called the most fit. That is, their unique and particular genotypes (their unique mixture of genes in their genome) are no more. Meanwhile, those who have enough children who survive to breed will go into the future with versions of their particular genotypes. In simple terms, parents pass on their characteristics both seen and unseen to their children. Those who don't have children don't pass on their characteristics so they are not fit.

Remember, each human has 46 chromosomes, 23 from each parent. Those chromosomes are in our cells and have a total of around 6 billion nucleotide base pairs (about 3 billion from each parent). Those are the DNA Code (A,T,C,G-contained on a double helix spiral. Certain areas of this helix are called genes) that Arman often speaks about. So, in a general sense, each of us has some differences among those 6 billion nucleotide base pairs and thus we are all a little different in many ways. Now, if our differences somehow give a survival advantage or in some way spread in the population then those differences may become the fittest among some populations. This is essentially what happened with the advent of White skin and also blue or light colored eyes in many Whites in northern latitudes.

As far as blue eyes go, they started about 6,000 to 10,000 years ago when one person had a mutation (a difference in the way a few DNA letters were arranged) in those 6 billion nucleotide base pairs and ended up with blue eyes which spread to many others in Europe. So, in many White populations blue eyes are the fittest color of eyes. The principle is the same for all other body features. God-AS-He-Truly-Is wants to make sure we are the most fit and that we prove it by surviving and thriving and multiplying our kind while purifying and perfecting our kind and by not miscegenating. If we do it right, in time we will see a new White type emerge from those of us who do these things and this new type will continue our journey to becoming a new White species replacing all other kinds simply because we will be the most fit.

Arman says true believers in the Teachings are more likely to survive while Whites who are sleep-walking through life and not knowing their true basic identity is White may not survive.

Ask of everything: Is this good for White people? Then, act for what is good for White people.
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